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VESICA PISCES in your wallet
As to this very crucial construct, we know ancient Pythagoreans
had already established a [ 265 : 153 ] Ratio as to the [CD : AB ]
in the pink figure of the above link. Beyond doubt, the christian
Gospel simply disguises this reference, using a "story" where
Jesus miraculously helps the Apostles to fish in large quantities,
indicating a remnant of "153" fishes. Now:
{ (1 x 1 x 1) + (5 x 5 x 5) + (3 x 3 x 3) = 153 }
However, the ancient Greeks also incorporated GEMATRIA
into their wisdom (Name/Number correspondence). Previously
in "Our Language Is Encoded", I wrote how English is precisely
worded to contain Gematria keys (a=1, b=2, ... , z=26):
[One Two Six=144] [ Four Five Nine=144] {26=God}
[ Three Seven Eight = 144 + 26 ] -by number of letters-

The key Vesica Pisces ratio "265/153" is encoded as well:
[ One Five Three = 131 = "A Vesica Pisces" + 1 ]
[ Two Six Five = 153 - 1 ]

We find 2 further associations to the expression:
[ Vesica = 59 = Dragon ] [ Pisces = 71 = Orion ]
Incredible attention has been reserved to anything related to the
Vesica Pisces in the English language; the christian incorporation
of the Sybil oracle is well-known, rendering "ICHTHUS" as the
"Fish" name whose initials declare Jesus as Our Saviour & God.
This symbol can be seen in the rear of cars today, either with
a "Jesus" written inside it, or as a Yellow Ribbon sign for war
soldiers (in the shape of an elongated "Alpha" greek letter, i.e.
the center of the Vesica Pisces). Besides "Alpha" being the most
generic form of mind-programming, when we translate "Vesica
Pisces" into English we observe (it means "Fish Bladder"):
[ Fish Bladder = 88 = ICHTHUS = 88 = Bloodline ]
Even more remarkable is the fact that some crucial high-profile
names seem to refer directly to the Vesica Pisces. Both Judaism
and Christianity started to coalesce under the wings of Emperor
Caesar Titus Flavius VESPASIANUS. Conspiracy researchers
place him as the beginner of the project to blend the myriad of
polytherist cults of the empire, under the monotheism of a new
Christianity that 3 centuries later would be formally launched by
Emperor Constantine, as the end-result of that succesful project.
[ VESPASIANUS = "VESI_A P_S__ S" ] (fill: ca, i , ce)
Even the official location-state for the new church hints at it:
[ V-AT-ICA-NU-S = "V__ICA_____S" ] (fill: es, pisce)
Our modern day credit-card system, uses the Vesica Pisces
conjoined double-circle as its LOGO, while the name "VISA" is
all too obviously a direct reference to "VESICA", even more so:
Many codes are embedded here:
{ Mastercard = 102 = Windsor} { Visa = 51 = Gotha }
Saxe-Koburg-Gotha is the Windsors real last name, of course.
{ Card = Drac }
If the expression "Master Drac" appears a bit overly nazi or
orionite to your sensibilities, it might just be precisely that:
[ Master = 76 = Fuhrer = 76 = "April 20" ]
April 20 being Hitler's famous birthday, naturally.
[ Third Reich = 102 = Windsor ]
{Third=59=Dragon} {Reich=43=Mark} {Drac=26=God}
At this point you might consider reading my previous post titled
"Who Was Really Hitler?".
At any rate, one knows that from the earliest times, the famous
Vesica Pisces was identified as VENUS (VE...S...). To dispel any
doubt that the name "Vesica Pisces" was encoded in Latin:
[ v -ESIC - a ] while: [ p - ISCE - s ]
Do observe exactly the same 4 letters symmetrically centered.
This brings to mind the universal language of computers, called
the "ASC II":
[ ASCII = "...SICA" + I ] ( ASCII = 41 = Key )
It must not escape your eye, that the expression for "Titus
Vespasianus", for "Ichthus", and the motto of former Pope
JPII -"Totus Tuus"-, all share a common "TUS".
An occultic undertone of the "Vesica Pisces" is rarely mentioned.
Most write about it being a Yoni/Lingam symbol, the Sacred
Vulva, the geometric origin of the Labrys symbol (double-axe)
lately used by the lesbian movement -also a sign for Fascism-,
each Circle representing the Male & Female, and the UNION
or "Marriage" of these Ying/Yang and so forth. But it must
not be forgotten that there's a much deeper and easier to see
sacred meaning; the VESICA PISCES stands for the ECLIPSE,
when the circle of the MOON covers the circle of the SUN, and
the Dark is contained by the Light in the sky. Most people never
figure out the chances of the Moon disk being e-x-a-c-t-l-y the
same , much less even notice the fact itself: the chance of this
being "random" is nil. Thus some "gods" placed the Moon orbit
to precisely produce this same exact size effect. Observe:
As the ECLIPSE is archetipally seen as "THE EYE" event of
the Soul -the perfect circle of the Eye being the perfect circle
of the Sun/Moon- (and famously expressed by Pink Foyd in
"The Dark Side of the Moon" album's esoteric imagery), this
"theology" of "Evil & Good" coming into "UNION" as an occultic
"Marriage" during the ECLIPSE, has bee suggested by some
conspiracy researchers, as the real theology behind the facades,
where a master-race of other origins, plays BOTH "God" and
"Devil", extracting an advantage out of that Double-Circle
(Dark/Light) rigged position, while forcing humanity to "take
sides" on either. Others go to state that whe the Vesica Pisces
is called "The Eye" (even the Eye in the Pyramid), the smaller
ojival vertical shape inside the larger horizontal Vesica, might
be a literal representation of the vertical slit in the Reptilian Eye.
(Do a cursory internet search for Vesica Pisces and see the inner
slit for yourself).
Many books have notoriosuly proposed that the code name
"MARY MAGDALENE" (or "Mary" in general -any of them-),
is the Personification or Incarnation of the Vesica Pisces (or
at least it was the intention of the texts to convey this idea),
and we all know the Moon is the female, as the Sun the male:
[ MOON = 57 = MARY ]
The Moon's not only symbolically linked with the female gender
-as the Menstruation is ruled by the Moon-, just like the Moon
rules over the waters (Ocean is "Mer/Mar" where the name
"Mary" comes from). It doesn't take very long to actually
begin to suspect that the Moon might be an artificially placed
satellite -or maybe artificially relocated natural object-, and
the "gods" have been playing a psycho-sexual POLARITY
THEOLOGY in the form of deeply ingrained occultic images,
using the heavenly objects. Thaty might explains why the old
philosophers considered the "Vesica Pisces" just the beginning
of Creation (DYAD), a construct in a state of Anguish, and they
called it "The Lie", "Distress", and "Ilussion", arguing these 2
circles to be the image of the Conflict and Oposition inherent to
our 3D bi-polar consciousness, the DUALITY.
---Room for meditation, I suppose---.

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