Wednesday, July 2, 2008

So you think you can tell Heaven from Hell

Did Hell appear after Heaven got corrupted, or Heaven appear after
Hell got sanctified…? In the Islamic regions, blowing yourself up in
enemy territory, takes you directly to Paradise they claim. In our
Christian world, you gotta volunteer for Crucifixion to truly be saved.
Well, I mean the real believers, not the usual HYPOCRITES that flaunt
in public their very “saved” credentials. Most often than not, Heaven
is just another form of Hell; sorry, I just can’t picture Paradise full of

Houston town is a sprawling mega city… where some young single
rock 'rollers tell me they struggle to get laid, it’s the new sex-drought
dystopia. Sexy chicks too busy prostituting themselves in Houston,
the city of “night activities” for the lonely corporate traveler. I
figure a starving single rock ‘n roller has zero chance of competing
for a piece of meat against the high purchasing power of corporate
passers-by. It’s called Market economy, Stupid!? The Market is the
real Saint Peter in the gates of Heaven/Hell.

Unless you’re married and thus sanctified and not involved in the
‘show me da $$$’ or-be-celibate jungle. Marriage is membership
into a SWINGING CLUB; once married, your chances of getting laid
all over the place increase astronomically. Serious national surveys
show 60% of women are found to admit cheating in Marriage. Duh…
whatdya expect to happen in a Swingers Club? Now to those hardcore
single males, I advise sporting always a date or girlfriend, women
compete unto themselves, and you’ll be soon flooded with passes
and telephone numbers the moment your date goes to the restroom.
Show up alone at a bar/club/party, and they won’t even notice you.
I’ve been on the Internet since 1997, heavily used it in the job, and
for intellectual purposes. It never occurred me once to access the
web for virtual sex. But lately, you really had to live in Zulu not
to hear about the "web stars" of the preteen craze. I'm so sure an
outstanding hypocrite as you never heard of popular names like
"Zhenya". You've been too busy swinging or hitting airport rest-
room stalls maybe....

So I decided to do a little research, which is trickier than said. How
could Aldous Huxley do all his research on Mescaline without trying
it? I had to get out of the daily “legal-purity” Paris Hilton/Britney
Spears media bombardment and take a little walk on the wild-side.
What Wild Side…? You gotta be kiddin’… Enter the Vlad Models from
Russia -with Love- website, and it’s hard to tell an early teen from a
total slut. Yeap, you just CAN’T TELL Heaven from Hell. It’s a full-
blown enterprise, just one set of pictures runs anywhere from 40 to
80 U$Dollars, only thing wild there, the wild amount of dollars they
cash in. Then comes Art Modeling Studios, etc. As we live in such an
Outstanding society, “we” would never produce such “crap”… but we
are its main CONSUMERS !? Authorities announced a crackdown
on the notoriously massive Usenet website archives, here our next
big scam: “War Against Pedophilia“. Follow the great success of our
Wars against Drugs/Crime/Illegal immigration et al, one has to
infer this “crackdown” will RAISE THE PRICE of the pics traded on
the web. Translate: big-time politicos and corporate high-flyers don't
want their rampant pedophilia lifestyle and perks, to be available “so
cheap” and practically in-the-open for anyone over the web. You know
the little Jon Bennet case was never about child-prostitution, cause
the media n-e-v-e-r ever mentioned it, and you know, the media tells
the truth and nothing but the truth…
Then come the Pirates, who hack and spread picture files for free,
most of them are just another form of Preview for the same mega
biz. Some of these young models look so used up, it's hard not to
imagine they’re not actually working prostitutes for the ultra-rich.
The poor masses get the No-Nude photo crumbs, while the big-
honchos get the real meal. How do these businesses prosper so
much one has to wonder? The answer always simpler than simple
PROHIBITION always creates the syndrome, and guarantees a
high price for the product. It worked for alcohol & drugs, we all know
the people making the big money in drugs are the bankers who get
to launder and re-invest all that dirty money ; yes, your very golfer
executive -and the politicos that provide them with the proper legal
immunity and protection-. So while in most of past official history
females were fit for marriage as soon as they were able to begin to
grow tits or ovulate -or even earlier than that, as you can still find
to this day in places like India, etc.-, in present Society the system
has created an impossible to sustain irrational “legal sex age” of say
18 and up. Never mind that teens are having sex from even 9 years
old on… Most “teens” today, have more mileage than I had up to my
late 30’s, and the teen unwanted pregnancies prove it, albeit all the
contraceptive pills available at large.
A case of “someone somewhere” as usual, making funny rules that
don’t work, because they’re not really designed to work, to only act
as a Prohibition incentive, raising the excitement and price of the
goods -teens-. I mean, reading the supposed visions of the ultra-
conservative Anne Katherine Emmerich of centuries back (Mel
Gibson’s Passion film was based on her writings), she talks how
the Virgin Mary “was 14 years old” when pregnant with Jesus. We
are raising a "FULLY EDUMACATED” young population of Men-
Child who still by and large behave like Pubescents, since through
“education”-, are pushing forward their rearing years onto 18 & up,
as college life still is education, more even if you add in a few post-
graduate years . All this under the guise of a certifiably lousy or at
least highly mediocre “education”. After those DISFUNCTIONALLY
repressed extended-teen years, will you Wonder young people binge-
drink themselves, then become married Swingers, and finally end-up
daydreaming about very young teenagers...?
If you add to the mix, that most Women are trained to Act & Perform
as but thinly disguised hookers -Gold Diggers-, will you wonder at
the notion that mature Men will seek an escape to all this insanity in
a quest for some Lost-Years in the land of the Innocence-Lost…?

Most of these repressed and deprived and dignity-abused Men, are
just victims of unnatural systems imposed by “modern society”.
Pedophiles are a different matter, and they are most often found in
high levels of biz and politics and religion (no, NOT “just” catholics).
The ones being caught are usually just the small-fish. But then again,
what is so different from “ideal” marriages in Hollywood, here divorce
usually happens after 2 years. Having a gorgeous body and a revered
personality -plus all the money in the world to satisfy the Female
gold-digging habit, don’t seem to make the slightest of difference at
all; it actually becomes a RECIPE FOR FAILURE in relationships .
'Tis being the situation, one has to ponder on why these dysfunctional
“ideals” are promoted as “the way to be” then.

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