Saturday, December 27, 2008

Welcome to the Machine

This blog is deliberately constructed in a way as to avoid a "slick"
formatting, the use of images, fancy artwork & easy to read posts.
The above article in the link will explain why this is so; we live in
a world that is degrading into a Matrix robotic consciousness at a
fast rate. People think they "deserve" to be entertained & amused
to death, even by reading about the deepest intricacies of existence.

Most people seem to be only able to watch Videos, where all things
are illustrated in image & sound presentations; others cannot even
read an essay, they can only follow the story-line in a novel. Most
can only digest the news on TV, which are of course just fairy tales
and cold lies from corporate newsletters passing as "information".

However, when you are reading this blog ('reading' already defines
you as a minority these days) the actual content is not to be found
so much in the posts, as it is to be found in YOUR EFFORT to grasp,
decode, and comprehend the 4D riddles I propose as the origin of
this devolved 3D "reality", as mixture of 'real' & 'staged context',
no different than how we fabricate a 'natural habitat' for the animals
in the local Zoo.

In other words, your own personal ability to steer away from the
utterly childish 7 to 10 year old prevailing social mentality, and try
to truly explore a different reality -(which of course is this one, 'cept
you've been indoctrinated to see it differently, by believing in the Zoo
as "real")-, just by making the effort to read the blog, is what is at
play here.

No one will save you, save yourself and start practicing here. If you
cannot even read a blog like this one that is designed to be elliptic &
hyperbolic, synchronic & resonant, where you have to do the work
of finding the hidden jewels, do you seriously expect to be competent
to "understand" a much more complex and deceiving "reality", now
do you...,?

Look at yourself in the mirror and say these words aloud: "REALITY
CHECK". You truly think that you "know" what this reality is -and

worse-, what it is about...? Really...?

What makes "you" different from the citizen described in the link...?
It is time to start realizing that there's a few qualities that are sorrily
missing from this reality: like being Brave, or being Truthful, or like
showing a little Effort beyond the physical effort you display every
day, that constitutes your reality. An effort in the Psychic and Soul
departaments of existence -so to speak-, I mean.

The world approaches a pivotal Point of No Return, where Humanity
is divided/split in 2 camps, those who are magnetized by all "this" 3D
here, and those who are making the effort to distance themselves

from the False Illusion of their own fictitious "identities".

You are not splitting from something "out there", but from the illusion
of your OWN SELF; it is your imaginary "I" that keeps you grounded
to this Matrix and all its incoming disasters. Only those who are able
to veer away from their own false self-identity and engage in a new
union with higher realms, will be able to make the transition; like for
example those reading this humble blog. This blog requires that you
leave your mental self-referencing luggage behind; for the 1st time to
many, this blog is not about "me" or "you" as this world sees these.

In order to read it, you have to necessarily take a step into the Great
Beyond; beyond your own "self", that is. Maybe -just maybe-, that is
where your true hidden self is to be found. That higher self you keep
hostage and "incommunicado", gagged and starved, repressed and
tortured; that higher self you exile and wage war against, constantly
batter & abuse, put down and mock, demonize and fear of.

Humanity at large basically faces the conundrum to either continue its
childish existence at a 7 to 10 psychic level, or simply ... GROW UP.
Most insist to the point of dementia, in living out the same kid they
have been taught to believe is "who they are"; these will find the
Matrix realm they dwell in will become progressively degraded and
hellish, the more so the more they keep insanely clinging to their
self delusion of "identity". Things in this realm, will definitely not
become better, but much much worse. Those who coldly calculate
that is is good-business to play the game here and sell-out, will come
to a radically different assessment rather sooner than later.

Where do you stand...? Who are you truly...? Where are you going...?
Will serving the system provide you a sustainable existence...?

These questions you will find elliptically answered in this blog, but
only if you care to dig and find them. Being brave is not a physical
venture as the media portrays it; it is a Psyche & Soul quality. Are
you ready to be Brave...?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Party-Pooper Economics

Stephen King -managing director of economics at HSBC- states:
"Everything else stems from this: shortages of credit, worries about
bankruptcy, monetary hoarding, and recessionary fears. We are
witnessing a catastrophic breakdown of trust within the financial

It helps to see the big-picture, regarding the "Breakdown of Trust":
it is true as King writes, that "The huge investments in paper assets
in recent years were ultimately used to fund investments in parts of
the economy which were never likely to boost long-term growth",
thus we must keep a keen eye on WHAT exactly we are doing with
all that money. This mean we must take a more critical fresh-look at
which sectors the economy is growing towards, as a social trend: for
ex. Medical Care.

We could argue that medicine is essential, yet unhindered "growth"
in the medical field does not translate into Productivity necessarily,
after all this increase is the result of 2 RECESSIVE FACTORS:

(1). An exploding health crisis in the population
(2). A higher cost of medical care.

The bottom-line fact is that since 1980 on, the world has been going
in a recessive-economy direction
, focusing on "papers" of financial
gain (not Productivity itself) and on sectors such as Law (lawyers
and judges) & Law Enforcement (jails, security, police, etc.), with
an emphasis on Medical Care & Pharmaceutics, all of which are by
definition Non-Productive sectors, they require that some sort of
BREAKDOWN must occur for them to become "needed"; it could
be argued that financial papers of gain do not abide by such, yet as
we all know too well, it's not for nothing they have been labeled
"Weapons of Financial Destruction".

Then came 2003 and the push for Wars, another unwelcome guest
to the recessive-economy sector list. Thus the main cause of the
crisis, is that the economies have been shifted from Productivity to
high-yield profiteers of breakdowns of any kind.

There is top-money to be made in a phony "War on Drugs" that
merely increases the value of drugs themselves, a disfunctional
sector of society that contributes excessively to Crime, which
in turn calls for more police and judges/lawyers/jails/security;
top-money to be made in phony wars, top-money to be made in
the collapse of health in humans, etc etc etc. You get the idea.

Of all these, police are the least to worry about in economic terms,
they are what they are, and are not to blame on any of this, after
all police workers do not make any exorbitant wages, now do they?
Indeed perhaps the only sector within this group that does not
seem to massively profit of the increase in these sectors, are the
police workers who by and large are like any regular worker.

A productive society is one that invests in the sort of technologies
that change the world, not in supposedly "solving" breakdowns in
the human/social system
; the war on drugs, or the wars abroad
not even solve anything at all, as they claim. The "drug" problem
is a result of Prohibition and of ignorant fundamentalist views,
who actually induce the problem, since the moment a truly serious
drug legalization properly administered and monitored is enacted,
the "drug" problem would vanish.

A sound medical system is one that interacts with the rest of the
energy/labour/transportation/manufacturing sectors, in order to
prevent a health crisis, not one who merely profits after-the-fact
on the health crisis. Therefore a real Public-Prevention medical
system is more productive, yet less profitable; if the political elite
has chosen to go for Profit instead of Productivity, then the current
crisis is but the predictable outcome of such disastrous decision.

The same logic can be applied to all things pertinent; we have been
ruled by an elite that does not do the job and does not seem to care
if they do it well, or do it at all. This is the problem behind the
current crisis, and this the essence of the Breakdown of Trust.

This is not a technical issue loaded with intricate jargon and hard
to figure out mechanisms; if the consider the Energy sector into
the same equation, we shall conclude exactly the same. While in
2000 it was feasible and time-was-up to invest in a sound change
of energy resources into sustainable/cleaner technologies while
there was an economic surplus and general trust in the system
to do such, the same elite chose not to, extending the same oil
paradigm which is nothing else than an accident waiting to happen
and plain bad news for the planet. The problem then, was not
'technical', it was a decisional disaster on the part of the elite.

What is happening is that the world cannot continue to function
consistently and sustainably, under the same elite; this is what
is truly happening, the bottom-line conundrum.

Other factions within the elite are merging up and coalescing,
while there are others who do not trust any faction whatsoever,
because things are more terminal on a day-to-day basis for them.
There is a general "Back To Basics" approach that is gaining
ground, and the only defining trend is how many people on any
level of the planet, are getting acquainted with such, as opposed
to the propaganda of "same old, same old" that the media keeps
spewing out in makeover schemes of the same paradigms.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

On Simulated 3D "Realities"

In Theater, there is a Stage and Mise-En-Scene backgrounds, upon
which the Actors play roles in a Script with meaning. By analogy, in
3D "Reality", we acquire an "identity" (a ROLE) by inhabiting for a
while here a GENETIC SUIT, and get involved in LIFE-SCRIPTS
with a supposed meaning, against the "Contextual Background" of
a Staged-Reality that "fills-in" the environment. Yet most of the
times, you end-up living someone else's Scripts, representing a
false-play in a fabricated reality that only energizes others.

The only aspects of this Illusion that are "real", are those who have
Meaning, and connect via Fractal Resonance/Synchronicity with the
higher dimensional realms, and with our Higher Selves (that are the
real "I" behind the illusory role identities we play here). Everything
else devoid of Synchronicity/Resonance with the 4D or 5D realms
-that is not a Fractal of those-, is basically computer simulation as

The 3D "reality is not a "Continuous" field; it is FRAGMENTARY
and a "blend" of Projection & Simulation, in varying degrees.

This 3D realms open up to the 4D in general, they can be viewed
from the 4D in many angles and cognitive perspectives. The 4D
establishes "Organic Fractal Links" to the meaningful aspects of
the 3D realms, that can be either positive or negative.

The Fill-In aspects of the quantum-computerized Matrix that are
devoid of meaning, do not even imprint a Memory, they dissolve
into the Bits they came from; this is why you will not be able to
remember "how" you ate or bathed or the infinite irrelevant
operations of "sustenance", from years back. You will only be
able to remember them, when they became attached or part of
a meaningful activity.

The Illuminati basically just SELLS 3D REALITY through Media
and famous character figures, pumping up these Fill-In segments
of the Matrix, inflating them to cosmic or godly proportions, such
that they SUBSTITUTE for the real meaningful aspects of life;
they construct ideologies and philosophies of "pragmatism" that
FILL-IN SEGMENTS, imbuing them with a "Sense of Reality".

Because these aspects are Simulation, they can be theatrically
managed and altered at will; thus they place themselves within
these bits, building an elaborate universal context around these,
that substitutes & simulates the real-reality; needless to say,
they do such in order to place themselves high on the pecking
order at all moments, role-playing the "WINNERS".

But it is all a... F-I-C-T-I-O-N. This is why ideologies place an
preposterously inordinate amount of attention on the menial &
illusory fill-in aspects of "life"; politics and economics are made
to believe we depend exclusively on the material 3D in order to
"exist", therefore they inseminate a fraudulent Cause-Effect
linear logic unto the Psyche, that is no different than the most
absurdly false fundamentalist creeds & superstitions.

The Illuminati simply IMPOSE a LINEAR cause-effect view
of how to "attain things", through massive Indoctrination and
"Education"; yet it is all false, make-believe, it is a theater magic
trick performed on the asleep Consciousness of the masses.

The truth is, only they are allowed to play the "Winners", if they
ever allow anybody else, it is only to give credibility to the illusion;
the hidden object of the simulation, is to gain unfettered access to
your Consciousness, which is the ONLY "REAL RICHES" in this
deviant game of deception. The actual booty and bounty is your
own Psyche, a source of continued Psionic Energy, the Kundalini
life-force. Every single time you focus your attention or belief
unto their names/logos/figures/events, your are transferring
Psionic energy from you... to... them.

If this Psionic Energy is firmly linked to the Source -the higher
dimensional selves-, it is protected and not "vampirizeable" so
to speak; as soon as your Consciousness ventures in the shady
areas of 3D-Belief, becoming mesmerized by the Linear Logic
antics of their ideologies, fixed on THEM (as opposed to your
inner higher selves), you become PREY. The entire 3D reality
staged game of working/succeeding/attaining engrandisement
in purely material/power terms, is merely a BAIT. The actual
game is to get YOU in Psionic terms, to FOCUS on their contrived
& staged "realities", as if they were "truly real" and worthy.
When this film "Zeitgeist Addendum" speaks of a philosophy of
SCARCITY that is hidden behind the "Economy" currently at
play throughout the world, they have pierced the "Veil of the
Illusion", and looked at the naked Mise-En-Scene of the staged
theatrical background. Of course it is all based on Scarcity, that
is how only "some" have, and most others never get to. But that
is not how reality truly is, that is how the Staged ILLUSION of
the 3D simulation has been structured to play out.

The Illusion has been structured to function as a Vampire Setting,
where the only way to "acquire" anything or to "win", is through
provoking the opposite result on the many who become poor or
"lose"; One Man's Heaven Is Another Man's Hell. This is NOT how
reality works, this is how they have built the Simulation to do so !

And they are perfectly able to do such, because the aspects being
used to this end, are precisely those aspects of "3D Reality" that
actually DO NOT EXIST AT ALL, those aspects that are basically
quantum computer fill-in simulation. The way they suck you into
the Matrix simulation, is by making you believe into all this as if
it was truly real, which they accomplish in 2 ways:

(1). Making you feel this is the only" reality that exists.
(2). Making you believe this is "godly appointed" & "great".

The moment your Consciousness realizes this is utterly devoid of
any meaning whatsoever and definitely not important at all, much
less related to "God" on any level, and that this is but one slanted
alter-reality in a universal Multi-Dimensional field of Realities, then
you are out of the illusion. You have internalized the perceptiopn
of "Couterfeit-Reality", the crucial fork in the road to awareness.

Therefore the 1st. step in the Awakening process, is to dispute the
2 basic claims; start by disputing that their "reality" is important
or crucial to existence, & that it's endowed with "divine" attributes
or part of a godly "plan". Start by questioning what a "winner" is;
conversely question what a supposed "loser" is. Start by realizing
that having riches means you most probably will not have inner
riches, that material riches are there for people lacking in virtuous
qualities, to "compensate" by simulating they are so important and
more advanced, but that this is simply a lousy trick; that riches are
there for spiritually-poor people, to "buy" the illusion they "are
something" to be commended for, no different than you buy/rent
a tuxedo to appear "elegant".

Think there are riches everywhere, only you have been conditioned
to think they are either not riches at all or not available to everyone,
suplanting them by propaganda with things you can never have by
design, and that are not really needed.

You can follow by applying the same higher rationale to Power and
to Fame. Pretty soon you'll apply the same to any field of the Illusion,
be it money/power/fame/religion, etc. Welcome to the Awakening.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

In this my July '08 post, I explored the hidden history of the Solar
System, albeit a catastrophic one. It seems the "TRIAD" Planets
Mars/Earth/Venus share a common Displacement origin, affecting
the original extinct Planet Maldek (now as the asteroid fragments

The current hip-view trend of "Men are from Mars, Women are
from Venus", might have deeper innuendos. The Greco-Roman
& universal name for Mars -MARTE-, provides the key:

MARTEVENUS contains "EVE" and "MAN"


Observe the neat symmetry, how "RTEVEN" at the center act as
short form of "REVELATION", while at both ends "MA" and "US"
serve as short form of "MA-ry"(new Eve) & "jes-US" (new Adam).

While "MA" & "US" can also be seen to mean "USAM" , which is
short for "Uncle Sam". As I exemplified in the previous Part 1 & 2,
the Big-Secrets are hidden in plain sight within Language; we have
heard the church song "Pilgrims of Emmaus", a christian theme of
We have also read how in the Matthew 1:23 it is written that "Jesus"
was the prophesied "Messiah", since his name "Emmanuel" means
"God With Us"; yet his name in the story was NEVER Emmanuel...!
("Immanuel" is another form of "Emmanuel"):


Thus "EMMAUS" seems to be an acronym for "MARTEVENUS",
as well as the implied "ME-SSIAH" term; the word "EMMAUS"
seems to be precise shorthand for "ME-ssiah MA-rte Ven-US"...!
Even the code-name "MATTHEW" refers to "MARTE".

Furthermore, the name "Immanuel"/"Emmanuel" appears to be
referring not to "Jesus", but to MICHAEL Archangel the heraldic
icon figure of the new coming "Golden Age" (Age of Michael):


The word "MAN" is also contained prominently in "EMMANUEL",
reaffirming the "MAN is from MARS" theme.
Once again Matthew 24:21 speaks of the "GREAT TRIBULATION"
of the End-Times/"Second Coming" of "Christ" (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):

[ REVELATION = 121 = SECOND COMING ] ("121" ~ "2012")

We know it's all encoded ciphers, because:
[ Apocalypse Revelation = 234 ]
{13x18 = 234} Rev 13:18

The word "REVELATION" obviously contains "NERO", just as the
word "APOCALYPSE" contains "(E)CLYPSE" (in correct order).
But it also suggests:


You don't need a Harvard PhD top spot these In-Your-Face codes,
they are right there in front of your eyes, hidden in plain sight. The
ECLIPSE theme set in "Jesus Crucifixion"s unusually dark & long
Eclipse, clearly a symbol for the incoming "2012 Eclipse" during the
so-called "Planet of the Crossing" (NIBIRU).
You may notice how
"Jesus" was "crucified" alongside "2 THIEVES", the "1 God" & "2"
"Thieves" hinting at "2012" (thi-EVE-es).

The layout of the "Crucifixion" is particularly illuminating; "Jesus"
(THE SUN) between 2 "Thieves" (2 EVES). In a date sense, this is
extremely accurate pinpointing, meaning: between Thanksgiving
Eve and Christmas Eve, i.e. "DECEMBER 21, 2012".

In a very broad cosmic sense, this speaks of the "1st. Eve" and the
"New Eve" of the future, meaning the 1st. Eve was inseminated by
Nibiru, while the New Eve will be inseminated after 2012, therefore
we are currently dwelling in an "IN BETWEEN 2 Eve's" position in
Time, i.e. between the supposed "1st Coming" and "2nd Coming"
of "Christ". But in the most middle-of-the-road sense, this speaks
of THE COSMIC ECLIPSE, as the SUN ("Jesus") stands between
2 STARS/Planets in 2012; I actually had a dream of this, watching
the "sun" as a TRIPLE Red/Orange conjoined Star, 2 of them then
separating towards the left.
Thus the "Crucifixion" scene is without the speck of a doubt a code
for what I am detailing here, since in at least 8 occasions the Bible
explicitly warns of "Jesus" coming like "A THIEF IN THE NIGHT";
Matthew 24:43 for ex. says "The Son of Man", this code for "The
"SUN of Man" ("The Light of this World"). That the "Scene of the
Crucifixion" is an archetype of the "2012" event, is obvious.

[ "TRIBULATION" is code for "NIBIRU" ]

This is why it is written that "Pilate" put an "INRI" sign on top of
the "Cross"; it is simply shorthand for "NIBIRU". Thus the parallel:

"REVE - LATION" (key name "EVE")
"TRIBU - LATION" (key name "NIBIRU")

The whole story then, speaks only of the "EVE TRIBE OF NIBIRU"
("Tribe" in spanish is "Tribu") rather than for the whole Humanity
at large. It is the story of extra-terrestrial Humans, coming to the
Earth after Maldek/Mars/Venus catastrophes, awaiting the repeat
of such by "2012" -whether this is an exact date or a generic time
marker of a window-span, is a separate matter-.

The "Great Tribulation" means "Earth Gravity Tribulation":
[ "GREAT" = "G + EART" ] ("G" is Gravity, universally)

Unless you have less than 2-inches of forehead and very slow in
the thinking dept., this clearly means that the "Second Coming" is
actually the Star/"Planet of the Crossing" NIBIRU, from where
the seed of Eve & Man originated; this the message encoded.
The effects of GRAVITY on Earth, are catastrophic:


Still having trouble seeing such obvious cipher...? Yet it contains
even more; the word "TRIBULATION" embeds "ALTITU"(de),
implying that the recipients of the coded message have to prepare
refuges in HIGH ALTITUDE PLACES, like Mt. Everest and such:


"Everest" here just an icon for the concept, high altitude mountain
ranges such as the HIMALAYAS or the ANDES, or the Rockies, or
the Swiss Alps, etc. Or perhaps Mt.McKinley (also called Denali) in
Alaska, the tallest peak in North America. Now any researcher of
conspiracy, knows the Elite has built underground refuges in the
Colorado Rockies, heavily protected by NORAD, while in Alaska
close to Denali it is well known there are missile defense bases and
also the HAARP secret project; perhaps this would explain "why"
Sarah Palin as governor of Alaska was vice-pres. candidate, a move
visibly geared towards 2012. It seems the Elite has been preparing
for the referred scenario, for a long time now, unbeknownst to the
common citizen, who will be left to fend for himself. This would also
explain the "Mystery" of why both the government as well as the
private bankers, have been incurring in demented DEBT, without
a foreseeable prospect of ever re-paying it; perhaps, they already
know it doesn't matter, because... something is coming in 2012,
yet massive amounts of money might have been secretly funneled
to make preparations for the Elite's places of refuge. Perhaps every
government in every country, has been engaged in the same tactic;
as to the Swiss Alps, isn't that the location of the most advanced
science project ever, the notorious LHC (Large Hadron Collider)
which many suggest, is secretly about opening a Wormhole portal
to other dimensions...? Could this be a case for Alternatives 1/2/3,
No. 1 to build bunkers in high mountains, 2 to leave the planet for
a while in normal space stations, and 3 to explore how to leave via
portals into other realms...?

Under this scenario, the role of Media and of Politicians, would be
to simply "Distract" the masses, while all this take shape.

Let us once again look at the "The Great Tribulation" expression:



In my Part 1 & Part 2 posts, I ventured in the notion that a part
of Humanity is actually a trans-migrational inter-planetary Elite,
whose ancestors (or themselves in previous incarnations) have
already experienced these types of terminal scenarios, and that
the main object of "religion" and such, is to transmit the crucial
information across millennia -hidden/disguised behind allegories-,
for them to prepare for the coming "2012" paradigm.
The SPHINX statue of a LION next to the Pyramids of Egypt, is
a LEO symbol, which apparently was built during the astrological
Age of Leo more than 10 thousand years ago, yet some say intends
to pinpoint to the "2012" paradigm, as a marker of some kind. If
we look at the word itself:

[ SPHINX = "P. SH. NI. X" ]

This could be a very short acronym for "POLE SHIFT" and for
"NIBIRU" Star/"Planet of the Crossing" ("X").

In a previous post regarding the "ALHIM" Code, I noted how the
transliteration of ALHIM (name of God in Genesis) into "ELOHIM"
is intended to obscure the "Alhim" hidden code. Observe how the
"ELO" addition is actually there to mean "LEO". Thus the Sphinx
as sign of Leo (the body of a Lion) seems to be an Antipodal ref. to
the Precession from the Age of Leo, to the coming Age of Aquarius:

[ LEO to AQUARIUS ] ("AL")

Let us now recap on the "IMMANUEL" cipher, tying it to "ALHIM":


The ciphers are not there only embedded in religious text, they can
be placed in high traffic public themes, like the car industry; the book
of Revelation speaks of a "Mountain of Fire" that falls into the ocean:

"FIRE / STONE" in the "GOOD / YEAR" of 2012, opening
the Age of Michael" -MICHELIN"-.
After all, it fits the "ARC"angel Michael (Arc = Car).

This means that people in-the-know within the Elite, have a penchant
for placing references to the "2012" paradigm, within businesses and
logos and such. It might seem laughable, but it's not; we just looked
at funny references in the business of "Car Tires", yet if we look into
for ex. "Cartier" the high-end manufacturer of designer leather and
jewelry apparel, we see just a massive focus on the color RED, which
is of course emblematic of both the "Red Planet" Mars, as well as
Nibiru the "Red Star" { }.

In a more direct astronomical-pun, we see the Olympics logo:
Which matches the same Nibiru "Eclipse" theme as the MasterCard
logo ("Card"/"Car"):
All of which it is widely known by now, are "Vesica Pisces" signs
(the name "VISA Card" is a pun on "Vesica"):

The myths surrounding the NIBIRU Star, speak of "12 Gods" that
come along with it; that so eerily matches the "12 Tribes" of Israel,
and the 12 points formed by the outer/inner intersections of the
lines in the so-called "STAR OF DAVID", that it's just not feasible
to deny it might be a NIBIRU symbol, in historical origin. A pattern
repeated in the "12 Apostles" within Christianity, and in the King
Arthur "12 Knights" of the Round Table, where the SUN & ZODIAC
imaging is accepted as such more explicitly.

Many have doubted the real racial existence of the jewish, saying
they might have been actually a "religion" that sought to portray
itself later as "race" of people; this argument has gained enormous
attention lately, even from within the jewish circles. The world is
just one big Melting Pot no doubt, yet the underbelly of the issue
might be that the Scriptures are not writing about "everybody"
identified as "jewish", but only about an ELITE within them. As
a matter of fact DNA-Tracing tests performed in the Middle East,
showed that only a tiny portion of the jewish people differentiated
from their supposed "enemy" arab neighbors (the "Kohanites" as
a branch descended from the Levite priest class -which were a
Tribe-, were the only ones recognizably different).

The "Star of David" seems more likely a direct reference to the
original "12 Gods" of Nibiru, from which the "12 Tribes of Israel"
were originated; when we look at the origin of the word "HEBREW",
it all becomes clearer.

"HEBREW" comes from the term "HABIRU" (or "Hapiru") which
in itself sort of says it all: { " HABIRU" ~~~ "NIBIRU" }.

The Old Testament scriptures, might have been an agenda to keep
these bloodlines "pure". If we consider that the prefix "HA" might
represent "HUMAN" -as opposed to "NI" which denotes "Nibiruan"-,
when "Nibiru" becomes "Habiru", this means a cross hybridization.
Of course there is no way to prove this, how could anyone? All I am
implying is, the linguistic and archetypal evidence, seems to suggest
this scenario.

In this way, when MicroSoft embeds the "Star Of David" (SOD) in
its "Win-DOS" system -usually just called DOS-, this is not to mean
they are "jewish" (!?), but someting much deeper along these lines;
it would not make any sense for them to do such, but it makes all
the sense in the world only within the context discussed here. After
all, "W-IN" carries prominently the NI-biru code, while "MicroSoft"
usually called "MS" stands for the Moon and the Sun, all in all a not
so hidden cosmic symbology.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh the Sphinx problem...

Finally almost in the year 2009 -third millennia-, "experts" come
to the same conclusion an 8 year old child would come to simply by
LOOKING AT THE statue: that the face of the Pharaoh was placed
there later and is not part of the original design.
Obvious anomaly in size, style, and what have you, make it a self-
evident fact, that the original statue was bigger in scope -the front
paws are enormous in comparison with the rest-, and that either
the original was not completed on top, or destroyed on top due to
catastrophic events and/or many thousands of years of decay and/
or pillaging, such that the current Lion Body/Pharaoh face is clearly
a later COMPOSITE, and add-on.
That official "academia" & "science" have to wait 'til now to arrive
at this utterly obvious conclusion, speaks volumes of the state of
censorship the elites maintain mankind in regards to acknowledging
previous much more ancient and more advanced civilizations.
Moronic "creationists" a-la Palin and retards in the same vein, still
keep pumping out the tired routine of "we are the first advanced
civilization on this planet", to satisfy the pressure exerted by all
the fundamentalist creeds that fear losing their grip on people if
it is exposed their chronologies are preposterously short and they
only speak of THIS current civilization's origins -if at all-.
Looking at the 1st pic, a small child would easily say: "Look pa,
they stuck a small face on top of the statue...!?". Nevertheless all
these pedantic paid-by-the-system academics, have been now for
centuries "ignoring" such elemental observation.
On the 2nd pic, a "computer reconstruction" image of the supposed
original design; like we needed a computer to figure this out.
Suppressing a much longer ancient history and previous advanced
civilizations, is the equivalent of denying the world is round, during
the 1400 and 1500's; yet these modern day Flat-Earthers, earn
comfortable salaries, working for 'respectable' universities; and
people still call our society "advanced"..., when this absurd type
of censorship rules rampantly..., and suppression of knowledge
passes for 'education'...?


Research in "Zeitgeist - The Movie" or in books by Acharya S. (D.M.
Murdock), show that the archetype of the "12 Apostles" is code for
the 12 Constellations of the Zodiac, the path of the Sun in the sky.
We find identical archetype as the "12 Knights of the Round Table"
in the Arthur / Grail tradition -the "Round Table" is the Solar Year
The world's secular power structure, is configured upon exactly the
same archetype template as the religious. The link shows how "The
Round Table" is the over-arching "Star-Of-David" encompassing
the 6 major organizations that run the current world order.

In other words, be it the "religious" (12 Apostles) or the "esoteric"
(12 Knights) or the "secular power" (Round Table Group), there is
absolutely no difference whatsoever; it operates exactly under the
same identical Template, a projection of the same hidden knowledge,
by the same exact elite, for the same ultimate purpose.

Any decent conspiracy researcher will tell you the optimal way of
disguising a conspiracy, is by HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT.

Question is, what's the ultimate hiding spot...? The answer is: it is
WITHIN LANGUAGE ITSELF. Author Philip K. Dick wrote about
his bizarre inner experiences, the most notable of which is what he
named the "VALIS" saga { },
a highly advanced Computer Interface that disguises itself as the
very surrounding context; his experiences with Koine Greek led
him to realize the underside of "reality" in Informatic terms. We
assume Language is an after-the-facts sheer instrument with
random structure and no meaning beyond the utilitarian, yet both
in ancient Sanskrit/Kabbalah or Gematria, as well as in Informatics,
Language is an ORIGINATOR of reality, it is a "Significant Hidden
Code" that acts as container of the divine (the program), of which
the external utilitarian linear language is but a reduced shell, a mere
disguise for higher-platform 4D operations: Synchronicity.

Just as in the Stanley Kubrick/Arthur Clarke film (also involving an
advanced computer) "2001 Space Odyssey", when moving 1+Space
in the english alphabet its name "HAL" becomes "IBM" (illustrating
how the shell hides the real wider meaning), when moving 1+Space
in the alphabet "VALIS" becomes "WBMJT", a hidden acronym for
many a high-profile code: such as the WB power dynasty, the "MJ"
supposed org in charge of et contact (MJ12, that pesky "12" again),
the "JT" of J-esuschris-T, etc.

You may be now wondering, what has any of this to do with the Pole
Shift theme...? See I already told you, best way of hiding something
truly sensitive, is in plain sight within Language itself. Philip K. Dick
"VALIS" as an advanced computer interface disguising itself as the
environment means that:

[ "WMBJT" = 68 = LANGUAGE ] (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26)

He stumbled upon the Big-Secret, no doubt. In my previous PART 1
post, I explained how the theme of the POLE SHIFT is hidden in the
name-codes of all things "PAUL" within Christianity, in symbiosis
with the polar "PETER", both ultimately token for the PINEAL and
the PITUITARY, respectively. The external 3D globe of the Earth
with its 2 N/S Poles connected by a long Pole line passing through
the center of the planet, is but the projection of the inner HEAD
chakra (Crown Chakra).

This is the "Inner Globe" inversely illuminated from within, via
firing the Pineal/Pituitary as THIRD EYE wormhole/portal/gate
where we enter the supra-dimensional Light Realm. When we are
able to fire-up the Pineal/Pituitary 2-Poles, our Brain links itself to
the Universal Mind (the Psyche) in 4D, and "linear language" thus
is alchemically transformed into a GEMATRIA resonant-synchronic
Higher Language, containing the Program-Codes of Existence.

If our INNER GLOBE gets mis-aligned, then this operation falls
into disarray, and we are not able to fully open up the Crown Chakra
that connects us to the higher dimensional realms. But the external
Earth Globe is a Resonant Holographic Projection of the very same
mis-alignment, thus when the Earth is tilted it replicates the inner
disarray within the Cave of Brahman at the center of the Brain orb,
where the Pineal & Pituitary lay.

Christianity as an allegorical preparation for the POLE SHIFT as
a Within/Without "re-alignment", has thinly concealed that "The
Birth of Jesus" was originally set inside a... CAVE, not a manger.

In this way the "Birth" is token for "Firing Up" the Pineal/Pituitary
inside the Cave of Brahman in the Brain; it means esoterically that
we are "Born unto the 4D Realm". This is why "Jesus" is declared
to be "The Light of the World", this light being the INNER SUN
("Son of God" means "Sun of Godhead").

Jesus/Inner Sun through DEATH/REBIRTH realigns himself and
the world to the new "Kingdom of God", i.e. 4D & 5D realm reality.

This is the true secret esoteric teaching hidden within Christianity.
What about Language then, you may ask...? If we care to look at
the names involved in the overall religious allegory we will clearly
see the POLE SHIFT theme embedded yes, in clear plain sight...!:

Jesus has "12 Apostles" [ APOSTLE = "A POLE S.T" ]

In the "Gospel" [ GOSPEL = "G. POLE S." ]

They became "Bishops" [ BISHOP = "PO. SHI. B." ] (b=2)

{You will notice "BISHOP" is reverse of "PO. SHI. B."/Pole Shift 2}

The code hidden in plain sight within Language, speaks of a "Pole
Shift 2" in the year "12" (2012), it could not be clearer; this same
"12" number refers to the Zodiac constellations, indicating it is an
event involving the SUN in its Year Circle path. The famous date
of "December 21, 2012" occurs on the WINTER SOLSTICE, which
lies at the Southernmost tip of the Solar Circle in all representations.

The notoriously famous "SIGN OF CONSTANTINE" or "Chi-Rho
Sign" was not a miracle Emperor Constantine witnessed in the sky;
it was a code the elite inseminated into Christianity to mean "2012",
the RE-ALIGNMENT of the 2 Earth Poles, as it also realigns itself
with the Galactic Center. It is an INSTRUCTION ON WHAT TO
PERFORM ON THAT DATE. The greek "Chi" ("X" in english) and
the greek "Rho" ("P" in english), act as a Cryptograph for the long
pole "P" centered through the "X" which is 2012, the "Date of the
Crossing", this is the meaning of the "Cross".
It was also called the "Labarum" { Labarum = 68 = Language }.
The Prophecies of St. Malachy give the motto "De Labore Solis"
to the previous Pope John Paul II ("Pole 2"), a clear reference to
the Labarum sign, indicating: "The Sun is nearing the moment".
In the previous PART 1 post I explained how the preparatory
window-of-transition was from 1962 to 2012, when the Vatican
emblematically had 3 "Paul" (Pole) Popes: Paul VI, John Paul I,
and John Paul II -the current Pope acc. to Malachy, is the last-.

Traditionally this Chi-Rho/Sign of Constantine has been viewed as
a "PAX" message, as in Peace after Victory; this is the "P" Scepter
the Popes carry, as Peace-Makers. In our current days, the only
"PAX" we know is the "Pax Americana"; this expression was in a
deliberate manner inseminated Urbi-Et-Orbi into public politics,
in order to highlight that this is the era of the event:

[ "PAX" is meant to hide "Pole Axis" ]

The Piazza di San Pietro (St. Peter's Square) in The Vatican is an
elongated "ELIPSE" with an "X" on the ground marked by a POLE
-obelisk- in the center; this represents the SOLAR YEAR CIRCLE;
the Elipse is code for ECLIPSE, this in turn code for a "fading out"
of the 4D reality; the Obelisk is a Solar Clock keeper of the Times.
In an Eclipse the Moon (woman) covers the Sun (man); here the
"woman" is 3D humanity, fading out/covering the spiritual Sun
in 4D, this the negative aspect of the Pole Shift. This is the "death"
before the "rebirth"; the Obelisk on St.Peter's Square was brought
from ancient Heliopolis in Egypt, the City of the Sun. The elongated
Elipse can also be thought of as representing SOMETHING ELSE,
an eccentric eliptic orbit of another "Sun" that veers into the Solar
System; countless researchers have written on the Star NIBIRU
(a fading star/planet), that is all-too-clearly encoded in the "INRI"
sign on top of "The Cross of Jesus"; the "Stations of the Cross" in
the Rosary/Lent tradition represent a hidden constellation passage
of Nibiru, it seems. Thus we have an overt Moon/Sun symbol, yet
another occult Nibiru/Sun symbol, as to the "Eclipse" (of course
the Gospels include an abnormally long & dark total Eclipse during
the "Crucifixion"). In secular politics/warfare, NIB-IRu is encoded
in Osama BIN Laden, in this way pinpointing we are "in the time"
of passage, apparently. This "Planet of the Crossing" contains the
"RIB" of "Adam" from which "Eve" was "made", symbolizing the
NI-BIR-U origin/palingenesis. You may also notice how the public
org "UN" is NIBIRU's 1st & last initials, once again pinpointing to a
"Time of Return", perhaps?

The longitudinal axis coming in directly into the Cathedral is SPLIT
IN 2; the Piazza/Square is open symbolizing 2 "P"s facing opposite
sides. Each "P" means the PINEAL & PITUITARY, the prefix Pi"
means CIRCLE, the key to the Squaring of the Circle, as perfect
dimensional re-alignment in 2012.

Once again the sensitive crucial secret information is hidden in
plain sight within Language; the Cathedral was designed by none
other than BRAMANTE, while the Piazza/Square by Michelangelo.
He stands for the Age of Michael the Archangel (the Golden Age),
while "Bramante" holds the code:


{ "BRAMANTE" symbolizes "The Cave of Brahman" }
This is why "X-Mas" involves a PINE TREE (Pineal Gland is shaped
like a Pine Cone) & ornaments like "Lighted Pine Cones" are placed
on it, to represent a "Shining Activated Pineal 3rd Eye", it is all just
illuminati code; the "X-Mas" date December 24/25 symbolically is
"3 and a half days" after the Winter Solstice (between Dec 20 & 23),
it's all hidden code on the Dec 21- 2012 Pole Shift.

The 2 P's of the "PAX" are the 2 AXES (i.e. "AXIS") of Fascism,
(called the "LABRYS" sign, lately used by the lesbian movement
together with the Yoni-Lingam symbol), which must be traced to
the esoteric doctrine of the Temple of Solomon (Temple of Sol/
Temple of the Sun); these are the main "2 PILLARS", the "2 PI"s,
the 2 "P"s (2 POLES), the 2 Pituitary & Pineal ("Peter" & "Paul").

In the Bible they are expressed as "The 2 Lights" under which all
sacrifices are performed in ritual; thus you have the "2 Witnesses"
and the "2 Testaments"; the 2 Lights/Witnesses are the Pineal &
Pituitary, the re-alignment of which is brought forth on the Pole
Shift "2012". If you get the feeling the Bible is very masonic in
its symbols, it's because it is; the same Split is archetypally played
out in the 2 Branches of Masonry -the Scottish & French rituals-;
these were figured in the so-called "Cutting of the Elm" ceremony
at Gizors. They are played out in the division between Royal Arch
masonry & Templar masonry, as well (the Templar branch uses
the Bible as key).

The 2 Pillars are "JOACHIM" & "BOAZ", which I addressed in full
in a previous post; there I explained how Joachim is "JUPITER"
while Boaz is "SATURN" (in the Temple/template of Solomon):

[ "JUPITER" is "Zeus" is "Jesus" ]
[ "SATURN" is "Chronus" is "Satan" ]

The coded implication, is that the formula name "Jesus Christ" is
token for "Jesus Chronus" (or "Jesus Satan" or "Jesus Lucifer");
this is why the Gematria was arranged so that:
[ Jesus = 74 = Lucifer ]

The entire leadership was encoded to mean Management of the
TRANSITION FROM 3D TO 4D, symbolized as a "BRIDGE":

The High Priest of the Ancient Roman College of Pontiffs dating
at least to the 3rd Century BC, is where the Pope gets his title of
PONTIFF, it is an extant & actual Roman title, meaning "Bridge".
You will notice how the words PONTIFF & POPE carry the POLE
code, beyond a doubt.

In fact -it comes as no surprise now that you know the deal-,
most big titles/names carry the letter "P" for this very reason:

as in Pharaoh, as in Pyramid, as in Pentateuch, as in Prophet,
as in Philosopher/Poet, as in Politician, as in POLIS, as in Power,
as in Pentagon, as in Piazza(San)Pietro, as in Priest, as in Pastor,
as in Parish, as in Preacher, as in Pulpit, as in President, as in
Palace, as in Perfect, as in Pi/Phi, as in (Vesica) Pisces, as in
Penis, as in Pole (Shift), as in Peter/Paul, as in Pineal/Pituitary,
as in Pater (Noster), as in Parthenon, as in Patmos (Island), as
in Pentecost, etc. You get the idea... !

St. Peter's Square is a WOMB centered unto the Pole/Obelisk;
this is the oriental YONY/LINGAM symbol of the Union of the
Penis & Vagina (VA-tican/VA-gina). Inside the Cathedral and
under the Dome, lies the BALDAQUINO with the Altar inside
of it, surrounded by 4 SALOMONIC Columns (fluted or spiral),
an In-Your-face code for the Human DNA Genetic 4-Letters,
which of course is the real meaning of the TetraGrammaton
"Name of God" (YHWH, or IHVH); these columns represent
the spiral Double-Helix of the Dna. Currently most humans
have devolved into possessing only 2-Strand Dna; I think the
TetraGramaton symbol represents an agenda to embed a 4-
Strand Dna, by Hybridization -{the full 12-Strand "Star"
Dna, symbolized by the "12 Lost Tribes" of "Israel"}-.

The "Balda-Quino" means the PENTAGRAM (Quino), and you
may recall that the European Monarchies originated from the
myth of one King Merovech, born as a HYBRID CrossBreed
between a woman and a Sea Beast named the QUINOTAUR.
(scroll about 1/3 down, under title "Vatican Connection "); there
you see how ST. PAUL's Memorial is key to forming a landscape
Pentagram with the Vatican ("Pole" key); also you might want to
go to Google Maps & enter "St Peter's Square Rome", zoom-in and
observe how the central "P" Axis -horizontally- leads to/from a
Pentagram at the right, next to the river (the "Milky Way").

The extensive Pentagram symbology, I think refers to an agenda
of Hybridization AIMED AT THE 5D Realm; in other words, while
the "2012" Paradigm of Ascension involves a Pole Shift into the 4D,
the real attempt is by the 4D devolved ("Fallen Angels") exiled
from the 5D and higher realms, to CrossBreed with Humans, in
such a way that the dormant Dna of Humans has the potential
to leap into the 5D skipping the 4D realm altogether (some of the
humans, that is); the "Fallen Angels" might attempt to piggyback
on the Human Dna, to regain entry into the 5D again. I think this
is the underbelly goal of the CROSS-BREED programme since
ancient times; the word "CROSS" here means both the hybrid
programme, as well as the final moment in which the Ascension
occurs, at the so-called "Moment of the Crossing".

A prefiguring of this was established in the allegory of the RED
SEA CROSSING; the "Opening of the Blue Waters" means the

opening of the Human Dna (Red Blood) to receive the BlueBlood,
so that this external lineage Dna can CrossBreed with the Human
Dna, fine-tuning the process until the "2012" end-event.

The goal of these tran-dimensionals then, would have been to "re-
advance" and "re-evolve" man to the point that some men may
make it into the 4D Dna Resonance(where the same "Fallen Angel"
beings await in ambush), but ultimately to re-evolve some humans
to make it to the 5D, carrying within them the CrossBreed hybrid
Dna. In this way the Fallen 4D ones can begin to incarnate in the
5D realm once again. This a fine line to walk, since awakening Man
can become dangerous, as Man might find out about the agenda; the
trick then, to evolve Man "just enough" to facilitate the piggyback
Dna transition, but "not enough" to awaken the full Consciousness.

This highly negative view of a HIJACKED ASCENSION PROCESS,
is a possibility to consider seriously, because all the evidence seems
to suggest such. This implies that Humanity for the 4D Fallen Ones,
is nothing but a live Dna Reservoir, and they are simply managing
the Human Livestock, no different than we breed horses or dogs
or athletes.

Within this perspective, our 3D "Reality" would most likely be
just a MODEL, a Fractal Holographic Projection of another solar
system, set to act as an "Incarnating Experiment", in view
of the upcoming Dimensional Shift
. The Matrix thus would be a
Dna Lab, and the structure of the cosmos within the Matrix would
be a Holographic Fractal, a resonant reduced quantum fractal of
for example... the triple Sirius Star System.

Philip K. Dick wrote of VALIS as a "Reality Projector" computer
interface placed on "Earth" by Syrians to speed-up evolution;
this is interesting within the framework of possibility I have set
and proposed as possibility here.

Sirius A/SiriusB/Sirius C, could be "fractalized" as the Sun/Jupiter/
Saturn; this would explain the elite's obsession with these planets.
In fact both Jupiter & Saturn are almost gaseous STARS, lacking
only the igniting fusion to become one, or maybe were stars before.
It is most interesting how all MARRIAGES between man & woman
use the SATURN RING as ritual token, that is a fact, the marriage
ring was a Saturn symbol historically. The entire "jewish" Sabbath
prescription doens't make any sense, without this Tri-Fractal; the
Sabbath is Saturday, "Saturn-Day", of course. The Christian Book
of Revelation ends up with the Wedding of the Lamb, humanity
his Bride.

This strange scenario becomes more plausible as we realize that the
3 Pyramids of Egypt represent ORION'S BELT on the ground, thus
Orion's Belt could be a fractal of Sirius1/Sirius2/Sirius 3; it's eerie
that the emphasis of religion has been on the TRINITY. The same
fractal pattern seems to project itself dimensionally into the main
3 inner planets Mars/Earth/Venus, where life on them at some in
their history is a staple of so many ancient traditions.

Perhaps "MAN" may be a MARS creature, while "WO-MAN" might
be a VENUS creature (as it's hip to think now), and these find a
Hybridized existence on EARTH; in this way, the Trinity might have
a different blueprint, that of "Father/Son/Mother" or "Father/Son/
Wife", as... it... originally... was in Babylon, during the Nimrod and
Semiramis days.

Maybe each POLE SHIFT is an End-Of-Timeline of specific agendas
and they have beeen pre-set to do so. But this is all speculation of
a high degree, of imagination that is.

At any rate, the theme does not stop here at all, it indeed just shyly
begins at this point; to Voltaire this 3D Earth realm was a "prison
of souls" -what he referred to as the scum of the universe, serving
time here as correction or such-, others have suggested 3D Earth
being a "Training of the Will" facility (bootcamp by containment),
still others suggesting 3D Earth as merely a live Dna storage/lab
realm, thus justifying the large variety & number of species here.

However old sources on the american-native traditions, speak of
an original plan of incarnations on 3D Earth, with the purpose of
enacting "CHI Energy Transfer Contracts" of the soul, such
that another parallel reality in a higher dimension would use this
realm as Chi-Energy Reservoir, extracting Chi-Energy from it in
a complex series of Life-Contracts, where some agree to come here
regularly voluntarily to incarnate fot this purpose.

This is where things get truly interesting, conceptually wise; since
it is widely claimed the "original" plan of reality was HIJACKED
(not only once, but in serial mode), then it follows the intruders
stole the "CHI-Energy Harvesting Contracts" for themselves and
their own perverted use, establishing a negative type of Vampiric
FeedLoops; thus the need for Drama/uffering/Fear/Control, et al.

In this view certain specific 4D negative beings as inter-dimensional
Intruders/Pirates take hold of the matrix and change frequencies,
reconfigure patterns, set new traumatic goals, ultimately converting
the "soft" Chi-Harvesting/Transfer into a re-directed nightmare
for the 3D Earth human species. Part of this view, the notion that
the current pradigm becomes a terrible "FISHING" expedition
on the part of these inter-dimensional predators. Now wasn't this
the metaphor of the Gospels, that of "Fishing Men"...? A long list
of collateral themes and innuendos follow this line of reasoning,
which has been the long-held view within some circles. Some have
gone to lengths to warn of an incoming mass of inter-dimensionals,
arriving in gradual phases as time approaches 2012, basically to
"harvest" the human pool as food-source and incarnating vessels.
Some have spoken of a Quantum Time-Wave that carries these
here, in a series of minor preceding waves.

Others contend most ideology/religion/power structures were set
to turn humans into a more complying prey, particularly requiring
an acceptance/idolatry of SACRIFICE. At any rate, I believe this is
a line of questioning, that deserves wider scrutiny, don't you?

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I did not create this diagram, yet it helps to picture the frame of the
"Transitional Window" towards 2012. The 1st. phase from 1962 to
1987 had a very different mental imprint than our 1987 to 2012 current phase.
Most "fast change" relates to this window, and it is not ideology or
sheer social hubris, as conservatives often imply when they blame
"liberals" for everything that has "gone wrong" ever since. This
politicized view is the result of ignorance and lack of awareness of
the depth of the ASCENSION PROCESS taking place, involving a
true REALITY SHIFT, from 3D to 4D/ 5D. Blaming 'others' for
a Karma-Clearing transition, only proves the self-delusion.
I will not offer here any explanation for the many calendars that
clearly pinpoint 2012, such as the Tibetan and Mayan, it would
consume inordinate space, and you are able to research that all
by yourself, resources abound in the Internet.
Many codes have been set by the elite to establish the paradigm; I
have already mentioned in my previous posts how the universal
computer code known as "ASCII" encodes the "ASCension" Process.
However Christianity itself is secretly a super-large code for 2012;
the whole Death & Resurrection theme acts as a code template for
the Ascension Process centered around 2012, and the "Cross" is a
symbol/template for THE CROSSING FROM 3D TO 4D/5D.
A growing number of researchers have been warning that this has
a double-edge embedded agenda; a pro-Ascension public agenda,
with an ABORT/IMPEDE agenda hidden behind the curtains. In
this sense it has become more & more prevalent to hear now that
religion's secret goal is to "Push You Down & Hold You Back", in
Consciousness terms. This is understood as providing a FIXED
and RIGID low-frequency mindset, intrinsically unable to enter
the 4D realm, which is all shift/morph/change/evolve in a very
fast mode, constantly, by definition. A higher-frequency is the
way to achieve this state, and a Within/Without manifestation
is its hallmark; reality in higher realms is what you desire it to
be -instantly almost-, as there is much less Containment of the
Will through the low-vibe fixed/rigid matter of our 3D realm here.
Ideologies of the Mind that seek to copy the 3D matter state, are
thus labeled "Intellectual Materialism" (conservatism one of such),
while religions that seek to copy the 3D matter state are labeled
"Spiritual Materialism". They idolize the material fixed/rigid 3D
state, and make both the Mental and Spiritual realms akin to it,
constructing elaborate IDOLATRIES to this end, which entrap
the naive unto a frequency where the Absolute or Unchanged,
where the Fixed/Rigid, are considered "divine", when they are
actually the very opposite of it. In this way countless people are
trapped in the 3D and unable to transition into the 4D, without
realizing so, believing in an outer intervention to their "salvation",
instead of an inner morphing consciousness process.
Yet when we peek into the hidden codes, a much different picture
emerges; we have a christian public exoteric religion that teaches
doctrines elaborated by PETER & PAUL, which I demonstrated in
previous posts, are nothing but PITUITARY & PINEAL symbols.
"Tarsus" in the case of "Paul", illustrates the "T"-shape of the
Corpus Callosum which contains the Pineal Gland, this symbol for
the Corpus Christi in itself. The famous gospel passage of Peter
beginning to walk on water and then starting to drown in it, is but
a symbol for the Transition from 3D to 4D, and how consciousness
drowns in 3D unable to "navigate" the 4D.
The Pineal & Pituitary are the organic Wormhole Portals into all
higher dimensions, and the letter "P" of both (and the Pi number
implied) is no coincidence; the number Pi means the Circle (Earth)
as the letter "P" means the POLE. This is irrefutably seen in the
so-called "Sign of Constantine", composed of the shape of the letter
"X" joined with the shape of the letter "P" with a very long pole.
This sign is nothing else than an In-Your-Face archetype for the
SOLAR YEAR, the Cross marking the N/S Solstices and the E/W
Equinoxes, as the "X" marks the Beltane/Samhain/Lughnasadh/
Imbolc positions, while the long-pole "P" pinpoint the N/S axis of
the Summer/Winter Solstice, of December 21-2012.
I recommend surfing this website, that includes stunning graphics
of the Solar year archetype, for better comprehension. Attention
must be paid to the fact that these are typically "satanic symbols",
more than religious.
What is definitely at the bottom of this symbology, is Palingenesis,
an alchemist term to designate "LIFE FROM DEATH", which is
the hidden core of... Christianism. It is self-evident these were but
extant previous esoteric traditions coming from Egypt through the
Greek Mysteries, that is why the New Testament is entirely written
in Koine Greek, because it contains Greek Gematria extensively.
Goro Adachi makes the claim that the ritual figure of Sarah Palin
is a hidden cue for "PALINGENESIS", i.e. 2012 understood by the
elite as a Rebirth of the Phoenix process.
Religion has done its best to CONCEAL the ORIGINS of mankind,
in order to conceal the fact that some elites do not come from this
Earth, and they transmigrate through longer cosmic eras, passing
through planet Mars, just as they are passing now through planet
Earth. These elites have gone through "Ascension and Descent"
processes, through cataclysms and relocations. Their sources of
higher realms, know the cosmic cycles and the impending dooms,
and hide them within emblematic writings, be them mythology
or religion, so the few can access them across millennia "hidden
in plain sight" so to speak.
For ex. colors in Coats of Arms or in national Flags, are utilized to
signify CROSSBREEDING long-range programmes; in this way
you will see Red or Blue or Green etc, configuring an agenda of
bloodline hybridization (for whom knows what the colors mean).
Thus also STARS are used in Flags, symbolizing the Star-Seed
origins of the bloodlines, and their "colonies'' on Earth.
The last 2000 years were set to implement a "preparation" for the
2012 shift; "christianity" was used as a vehicle for encoding this
secret knowledge. The public outer shell of the religion constructs
doctrined based on... PETER & PAUL, particularly Paul. But if
you care to perceive, "Paul" is pronounced... "POLE"...! While his
original name supposedly was "Saul"; therefore the Gematria is
irrefutable as to the "P"OLE "S"HIFT", "P"aul/"S"aul".
The diagram at the beginning of this post shows a 1962 to 2012
window of transition; yet in 1963 Pope PAUL VI enters the scene
in a most clear "Paul/Pole" code. He is followed by John PAUL I
who only lasts 33 days, and is in turn followed by Pope John PAUL
II, a "POLISH" Pope to the surprise of all (Popes were typically
elite italians). Now the word "POLISH" is clear cipher of "POLE
-Goro Adachi and others have already mentioned this-.
As if to make matters even more self-evident, his St. Malachy
motto is "De Labore Solis", i.e. the SOLAR YEAR figure, however
under the sign of the ECLIPSE; this meant to mean the Pole Shift
is imminent and catastrophic.
See, the whole "Life from Death" alchemic/astrological symbology
of hidden Christianity, implies that the Sun goes into the Eclipse as
death, only to be reborn emerging after it again. But an Eclipse is
a normal event, therefore the 2012 Eclipse symbology means that
this time the Sun will go into a "different" type of "Eclipse", lasting
longer, and with catastrophic consequences on Earth. How long?
Say, how about as long as the Gospels write Jesus went down under
after having died -3 and a half days that is-, before "resurrecting".
Jesus is the SON /SUN of God, that is Eclipsed and goes through a
Rebirth/Resurrection; this is code for the Earth losing the Sun for
3 and a half days during the POLE SHIFT, on its transitional state
between 3D and 4D.
You'll find these 3 and a half "Days of Darkness" repeated in many
other more recent sources, such as the Padre Pio 'prophecy'. But I
would kindly suggest you read: 'elite sends a message', into this.
If any of this had any inkling of real truth, it would be easy to find
confirmation of the code in emblematic places, right? Well, how
about the center of the globalist agenda, The Temple in London;
none other than St. PAUL's Cathedral sits there, the "Millennium
Bridge" pointing directly to its central Dome, its eastern bordering
street appropriately named "New Change". Lots of "Paul/Pole"s in
all the right and high places, when you consider.
Which leads us to the age-old conundrum of the symbology of the
"ROAD TO DAMASCUS" upon which the story says, "Saul/Paul"
converted into Christianism, Jesus appearing to him in person. In
the context laid out here, "Jesus" represents the SUN; thus when
we read "Road from Jerusalem to Damascus", this certainly means
the POSITION OF THE EARTH within the Solar Year Circle Figure,
indicating a number of Degrees NE of the vertical "P" axis passing
through Jerusalem. This is a hint at the POLE SHIFT angle -or
something of the sort-, but this is a theme all by itself, worthy of a
full article.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Now You See It, Now You Don't

IGNAZ PAUL VITAL TROXLER was a physician & philosopher with
a political side, mostly based in Basil-Switzerland, who discovered a
so-called "Troxler Fading" visual effect in 1804.

In the link's moving figure , the purplish dots disappear from sight,
being replaced by the single moving green dot alone. Explanations
usually given to this common phenomenon, all vary according to the
specific example. If it involves changing/moving objects such as the
link's figure, then the explanation shifts to stating that "change" will
focus the brain unto itself, eliminating the "static/constant" objects,
in the same way the body's sensory apparatus always gets "used to"
a Fixed Stimuli, making it disappear from perception. That may be
the case of the absence of a Heart Pulse/Beating from our hearing,
or the rest of the stimuli that become "background noise", etc.

However, there are a variety of examples that defy any given logic,
as you can ascertain by yourself; take a common school notebook,
with standard horizontal writing blue lines, etched by 2 rose-colour
vertical lines on each left & right end. If the 2 vertical lines are not
bright red and more overpowering than the blue horizontal lines, it
is very easy to make the rose vertical lines disappear from between
any 2 horizontal blue lines, & then successively between the others,
until most of the rose vertical line will disappear from sight; all you
have to do is stare fixedly at the rose vertical line in between any 2
horizontal blue lines.

In another easy example, just stare at the grout-lines in between the
tiles on your shower/tub walls, they will disappear as well; or better,
stare at yourself in the bathroom mirror standing up unmoving. Just
avoid bright lights, go for soft lighting or natural lighting at a time of
the day of dim luminescence, for greater results. You can make your
face vanish -being "absorbed" by the background-, like in the film
"The Invisible Man"; don't be scared, you can do just the same with
specific parts of the clothes you're wearing, it's not 'You', it's a visual
anomaly at play, the Troxler Fading effect.

Many have experimented at staring at oneself in a mirror, even John
Lennon had a knack for it, by "seeing" morphing-faces in the blurred
mirror image of one's face (this even with brighter lighting).

Official science it seems, rather way too easily slips into the "all is
normal" mode, when trying to explain visual anomalies, be them the
run-of-the mill standard Optical Illusions (see website below) or the
anomaly here described, usually regarded as just another case of
such { }.

Nevertheless a much larger conundrum impendingly looms over these
examples, particularly the Troxler Fading effect in itself. All one has
to consider is the infamous Double-Slit Quantum experiment of old,
and the recent discoveries on how we get to "see", within the dark
cave inside the brain (you might prefer to watch these 2 videos at
the end perhaps, and then later recap the reading once again):
(be sure to follow this 2nd. link to its Part 2, as well)

The 2nd. link videos graphically explain how everything we "see" with
our "eyes" ONLY EXISTS IN THE BRAIN as electrical impulses, way
after the initial optical input of light imprints our eye retina; what

the brain does is "reconstruct" electrical impulses into a VIRTUAL
MODEL of the "reality" that supposedly exists outside, this is all we
truly "see", and it all happens inside the dark cave of the brain. The
video aptly considers the possibility that an interface computer input
could replace the "real" optical light input (or original computer source
altogether), and we could be "seeing" what a computer feeds us (or
what rogue computer interface sources feed us, altering whatever
the "original source" was, into whatever it leads us to "perceive/see"
as "real" out-there.

Now, if you combine the content of both these last 2 link videos, with
the anomaly discovered by Troxler, you might awaken to the bizarre
world of "virtual perception"; for one thing, it has clearly already
been proven that REAFFIRMING inputs such as Sound, when they
are coupled to the visual Troxler Fading effect figures, do compel the
brain to "see again" whatever the experimenter wishes to, in other
words the Sound-Cue becomes the "changing/moving" object cue, to
"restore" the sight of the fading objects in the Troxler effect.

Question is; only sound does this...? Can this be propitiated by say...
WORDS...? Or by... THOUGHTS...? Or by... iconic symbols...? Are

any "cues" apt to do this?

How about substituting sound by FREQUENCIES...? Will they compel
the brain to "see" what the cues tickle it to, while making disappear
into-the-background and from sight what is left 'out-of'cue'...?

In other words, the very real and easiest to detect anomaly of the so-
called Troxler Fading effect, leads into a very deep rabbit-hole, where
the nature of reality as perception comes under questioning.

It's so interesting how Troxler was a friend of none other than the
grand maestro himself, Ludwig Van Beethoven; and also how Troxler
had more than a couple of times "political problems" that forced him
to step down from jobs/positions leading to higher things
. We might
do good in considering the well-known presence of BOYCOTT coming
from the High-Powers-That-Be, both in Beethoven's case as well as his
very friend Troxler. Beethoven was beaten up in "preemptive boycott"
strategy by his father, which ultimately rendered him deaf; greatest
compose of all times beaten so that he would later become deaf...?

If you don't read something strange in this 'coincidence', this article is
not for you, go on and skip merrily along your delusional way. Ludwig
had other strange 'interferences', such as the ill-fated (preemptively
placed...?) woman he obsessed about, who by all means seems to be
the sister of one notorious Clemente Brentano, a lyrical poet that
went into becoming the transcriber/writer of the revelations of one
illiterate nun of later fame called Ann Catherine Emmerich, of vast
influence in later catholicism, or in the very revival of catholicism
should one say. This aborted romance is the subject of the famous
"Immortal Beloved" 1994 film starring Gary Oldman and Isabella
Rosellini, as recount of this fateful episode in Beethoven's life.

It seems to me the friendship between Beethoven and Troxler was not
irrelevant or purely random/accidental; the grand maestro Beethoven
was most definitely "unclogging" the human brain from millennia of
music devolution, while Troxler himself might have stumbled upon a
crucial realization, that all we "see", just happens in the brain, thus
there's no way of telling if the external visual inputs are truly "real"

or not; was he "unclogging" the naive induced beliefs in the-one
objective reality out-there, as espoused by Aristotle to Newton and
beyond into our present, that also encompassed the Church's view of
"only one reality" as totally objectively real -as single prelude to only
one Heaven- (besides the rather bizarre alternatives of Purgatory
and Limbo, as exceptions), just a well...?

It is clear after Socrates death sentence by poison, his disciple Plato
learned to speak in allegories and refrain himself from revealing the
deep secrets of the Greek Schools of Mystery to the initiated masses,
while in turn Plato's disciple -Aristotle-, actually went further and
determined "If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them...!?", teaching an
Objective Reality paradigm, which departed from the fundamental
paradigm in Plato's view of the this "reality" is a PROJECTION in
the CAVE OF BRAHMAN inside the brain -where the main Pineal
and Pituitary glands reside as "seats of the soul" (in the words of

On the other hand people Isasac newton himself was irrefutably an
Insider, a big one some contend, supposedly the Grand Master of
the Priory of Sion (or Order of Sion, from where the Rosicrucians
and Masons came), and certifiably an occultist and researcher of
the other-dimensional, member of the secret Francis Bacon team
which translated the Bible into English (King James I version) and
responsible for the writings signed under the "Shakespeare" nome-

Where people like Beethoven and Troxler synchronically re-opening
the THIRD EYE (Pineal) gateway to higher dimensional realities,
augmenting human consciousness and re-activating the wisdom and
knowledge of ancient times, this a threat to the system-controllers?
After all, most of the great classical music composers of the same
era were totally obsessed with the secret Pythagorean numerology
teachings of Greece, and decidely into Platonic research, this a fact
no one disputes today. Why was Troxler's observation conveniently
pushed aside for almost 200 years, and explained away in too easy
and superficial terms...?