Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our LANGUAGE is Encrypted

Our current modern English language is vastly superior to any, and also
has developed exponentially ever since its inception, when in less than
200 years, it did away with the supremacy of the then prevailing French
and the clerical/administrative/scholarly Latin, in Occident. It is so well
suited for Music, it surpasses any other by a long shot, and that in part
explains the music boom of our country and England since the 30’s on.
Sir John Dee during the reign of Elizabeth I, started some really strange
explorations in language, leading to his “Enochian Alphabet“, that he
claimed he used to communicate daily with other-dimensional entities.
Writing all missives to the Queen under the famous “For Your Eyes Only”
later popularized by writer Ian Fleming in the Bond series (2 eyes and
spectacles forming the 007). And he designed/wrote all the Laws for the
Colonies, that are pretty much the current law here to this day. Around
that time the “Shakespeare” series of works began to surface; it’s dead-
obvious The Bard authorship was but a clumsy cover. “Shake the Spear”
was actually a PROJECT, composed of the same high-caliber team that
conducted the Bible translation to English. Isaac Newton was part of that
cache, and indeed he wrote a book about the Book of Revelation (currently
available for sale if you search); he actually developed Integral Calculus
as part of his obsession with DECODING the Bible (Prob/Stat), since it was
no secret amongst the esoteric elite, that the Scriptures are encrypted texts.
Any serious Rabbi will tell you the Torah contains “4 Layers of Meaning”,
the literal is but the surface onion-peel. In other words, a Kabbalah text.
Kabbalah resurfaced big-time in Europe at that very time, and both the
“Shake-Spear” and “Bible” projects, were part of that revival. And these
Projects were meant to advance the English Language to the top, and make
it the undisputed best tool of development. A lot of fringe researchers claim
English is “downloaded” idiomatics, brought from more advanced dimensions,
and/or a more advanced PAST. At any rate, John Dee was definitely working
along these lines. Thing is, a guy I know discovered the following key; if you
use the “Std. English Gematria” (a=1, b=2,…, z=26), by number of letters:
[ ONE TWO SIX = 144 ]
[ FOUR FIVE NINE = 144 ]
[THREE SEVEN EIGHT = 144 + 26 ] {God=26}
This type of hidden keys would CONTAIN FRACTALS in “numeric form”,
supposedly imbuing English of a multi-dimensional “Harmonic Resonance”:
[ 73 = Britain = United = Kingdom = Crown ]
[ 73 = Egypt = The Nile = A River = Corner = Stone ]
Main goal of the Joint-Project of the “Shake-Spear” and “Bible” team, was to
create a “DIRECT=CIPHER” fractal-connection between Egypt and the new
Anglo-Saxon world, via Language. However laughable to some this might
be, I don’t recall ever seeing PYRAMIDS on the American landscape. Yet
there’s one in the Dollar Bill, with the Independence date engraved in it.

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