Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reagan's credit nightmare comes to town

We are witnessing the Reagan piñata exploding, and it's not candies
what's hitting your face...!? Starting in 1980, the "Reagan-Thatcher
Revolution" promised an unrivaled era of fast-gains, where miracles
happened out of thin-air, fueled by discarding real economic growth
defined in terms of actual PRODUCTIVITY, and substituting this for
the get-rich-quick schemes of sheer "FINANCIALIZATION".

In other words, the US economy gradually morphed into a "paper &
monetary" machine, irrelevant of actual Productivity processes; now
the focus was on "Instruments of Financial Gain", and right-wingers
proclaimed a new era of unstoppable constant growth forever & ever.

A vast majority of the population bought into the dream, and voted in
3 consecutive republican terms. But already by 1992 the dream was
seriously becoming a nightmare; enter the Clinton-Gore team, and
an adapted-dream of recovery was enacted for 8 years with a rather
unparalleled success. Yes they recovered the IMAGE of the dream,
convincing most of the entire globe that we were still the most sound
economy, thus the entire world economies invested their gains into
the US stock market and treasury bonds and so forth. We literally
were swimming in everybody else's money.

Practically all nations decided to put their Pension Funds into the US
stock market; this month, Argentina had to Nationalize the private
healthcare system, because pension funds had lost more than 40%
their value due to the current economic meltdown in the US.

In the US there are 158 MILLION credit card holders; the financing
industry has succeeded in giving them 1.5 BILLION credit cards,
-you read that right- aprox. 10 credit cards per person on average.

Yet currently more than 5% of credit card debt is going into default,
with an expected 20% of it becoming delinquent (in the conservative
predictions of the financial banking industry itself).

One of the largest credit banks in the world -Capital One-, just had
to write-off $1.9 billion in bad debt in the last quarter of 2007. We
know that at least $17.3 billion credit card debt is currently more
than 30 days late in payments, and climbing.

The Bush administration managed to obliterate any resemblance to
"responsibility", as credit card debt grew a whopping 435% during
the 2000 and 2007 years, from $211 billion to $915 billion.

The US population savings rate has hit negative (below zero that is),
and on average homeowners owe more on their homes than they
have in equity. Question is: how then could credit card companies
continue to give credit to the US population, in this context...?

The answer is double; on one hand, the Bush administration just
plain LIED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE about the true state of the
economy, fixing and altering economic data at will while simulating
a state of unimpeded growth (a "feeling" sold to consumers through
widely available irregular house loans), in order to keep clinging
to their power stronghold and their delusional world domination
obsessions, as on the other hand they continued to impinge upon
the financial system the wreckless and corrupt DEREGULATION
OF THE BANKING INDUSTRY initiated by Reagan. Translated:
the George Bush administration lied & cheated at the top (banking)
as well as at the bottom (consumer confidence). This was deemed
as "necessary" for the geo-political "goals" of fighting endless and
protracted WARS; you as citizen needed to be distracted by your
own personal new credit scams -and illusions of prosperity-, so that
nobody would notice how the whole system was nearing its end, &
that we actually did not have the money to fight wars, even as the
government itself borrows it from China to make wars possible.
"Have a brand new mortage and more credit cards...!" was the
glorified delusional mantra, to stop you from becoming aware of
the impending economic doom. It became trendy to own 2 or 3
houses; meantime Dubya was busy legislating how to protect credit
card companies from you the consumer, passing the Bankruptcy
infamous Bill, royally screwing you up.

It was the most evil & deceitful policy of "SHOP & CHARGE TIL
YOU DROP", and then when the s*t hits the fan, Bankruptcy will
not protect you anymore, now. The inherent perversity of all this
is what must be stressed; these were not simply "cyclical" trends
of usual ups & downs, these were deliberate destructive agendas.

A complicit Congress during the 1990's had vastly deregulated the
practices of financial service companies, and the stage was properly
set for the biggest piñata in known history.

Which is the current economic meltdown; now we have almost $1
TRILLION in unpaid credit card balances, the stock market has
lost nearly $7.7 TRILLION, more than 2 MILLION homes are
sitting vacant in the US, last year consumers added $7.8% more
debt to their credit card lines -$68 BILLION-, the largest increase
in 7 years. And the piñata party is not even in full gear yet...!?

This means that the real estate mortgage crisis was but the 1st.
leg of a financial meltdown, the 2nd. leg being the impending credit
card crisis, which will hit the population the hardest, since most
credit card holders are simply paying off their credit debts charging
another credit line, in a revolving scheme.

And most grave of all, it is expected for the US government to start
defaulting in servicing its external debt, by the summer of 2009.
What will international creditors like China do in response to this,
is anyone's guess. However what we DO KNOW, is that the current
administration has been busy trying to KICK-START World War
III, to create the conditions for this default in payments, in such
a way that we can "feasibly" get away with it amidst global chaos,
turmoil and destruction.

This giant nightmare, is the legacy that the Reagan "revolution"
and the Bush administration is passing on to both us the population
at large, and the governments that must follow on, for generations
to come.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Becoming aware of the subconscious matrix

My blog's introduction states: "Normal' Consciousness is a Disease
caused by Devolution". This simple truth is beyond computing for
most, since society's dogma is that the "Normal" is both good
& ideal, while "Devolution" is not supposed to exist. We are led to
believe this is the 1st. advanced civilization that ever existed (...!?),
and that we are the only inhabited planet in all the universes (...!?).
Simply taking a frontal look at these demented beliefs imposed as
PSYCHIC DOGMA all over the globe, gives you a measured hands-
on assessment on the lunacy involved in what's considered "Normal".
Truth is, the "Normal" state is a haven for all kinds of Pathologies
of the psychic & spiritual kind, and the real suppressed actual stat
regarding people with "anomalous" behaviours, is 1 in 4 -not 1 in
25, or 1 in 40, as official psychiatry extrapolates publicly-. Not that
the other 3 will be "Fine & Dandy" either, just not utterly prone
to dangerous and pathological conditions. The suppression of this
fact, provides the ILLUSION that "Normal Consciousness" in our
modern society, is ok, by & large "desirable", and approved by "God".

Far from it, human beings are split in at least 4 Psychic & Mental
LAYERS: the Conscious / Unconscious / Subconscious/ Meta-Self.
each of these Layers corresponds to a Dimensional Realm, usually
expressed in the "4 Elementals" symbology: "Earth" for Conscious,
"Water" for "Unconscious", "Air" for "Subconscious", "Fire" for
"Meta-Self". Each a UNIVERSE, and an Identity of Origin attuned
and/or living in its respective universe. What society considers
"Normal" Consciousness, is merely a 4th. of the total (Conscious),
and even within this 4th. part the Conscious Mind only processes
between 3% and 10% of "reality in this Realm. This is why both
our BRAIN & DNA utilize 3% to 10% of their capacity, meaning
the rest is utilized in remote-fashion, by the Higher-Self (or Rogue
Source substituting the Higher -Self) in each consecutive Realm.

In other words, your "Conscious Self", is but a tiny speck of what
is really going down... underneath the surface of your Mind, the
tip of the iceberg. That a society could "pride itself" in just being
Unaware & Unconscious of all the underneath activity & reality,
is a testament to how far down as a species we have Devolved.

For all practical purposes, consciousness-wise we live in a SHELL

The "reality" we see & touch -the material 3D density-, is sheer
illusion, as THE 5 SENSES "PERCEPTION" is electrical impulses
fed into our brain acting as a Coding/Decoding computer, and we
"see" or "hear" or "taste" according to the computer programming
in predetermined software, and there is really no way of telling how
"real" are the actual "material" inputs before they enter the senses,
because it's the brain that decodes everything "perceived". When
science attempted to study matter & energy as real, they arrived
at... Quantum Mechanics Physics, where nothing is what you think.

Yet for the most part, society is still living in a Newtonian world, and
people still assume things "really are what they appear to be". It is
simply beyond, how most people have never even known -let alone
apprehended- the fact that EXISTENCE IS CONSCIOUSNESS
layered projections in the different universes. What you
will perceive as real in a specific layered realm-universe, is but the
way Consciousness interacts with the Set of "Laws" as "Game" in
the field of manifestation of a particular realm. Different universes
are just different Game-Rules setup to exercise varying ways in
which Infinite Consciousness can assume a reduced holographic
modality, for purposes of Evolution (out from Source & Return to
Source). The ALL becomes momentarily a "One".

In order to make a certain universe a "reality", an unimaginably vast
number of Data-Processing operations are needed, as are embedded
in the software of the "Body Computers" incarnating a Higher Self
at a specific realm. In our little 3D Material realm, amongst humans
some people afflicted by AUTISM, cannot block & filter completely
the Unconscious & Subconscious operations of the Brain Computer.
Thus the whole array of infinite computations "bleeds" in part into
the Conscious, allowing us a sheer glimpse of the massive underlying
operations routinely performed. This is what the 90% to 97% of your
Brain & Dna are constantly engaged with, in more subtle forms of the
Dna (resonance) that densifies in the material body as bio-chemicals.

Every time you move around, your brain computes every object and
numbers and correlates all sub-objects SCANNING FOR PATTERNS
and establishing Synchronicities. Without these, it would just not be
possible to simulate the "reality". Through Synchronicity, the Brain
makes the Infinite become Finite, and thus manageable.

We see an Autistic person being able to tell you how many objects
are in a room, even to stunningly large numbers, and so forth. Also
some will be able to mentally multiple very large numbers on the spot.
The illusion that our minds are "just" this puny tiny part of what we
perceive as the Conscious, is akin to try to relate to a person whose
IQ is more than 10 times higher than you. Our Conscious mind is this
animalistic retard, and we have been locked and indoctrinated to only
think/feel at this retarded level, and even consider it "ideal", some
go as far as to say that it is "superior".

However this is a DOWNGRADED & DEVOLVED STATE, that is why
nearly all spiritual traditions speak of a "Fall" from a higher previous
State of Consciousness. And the goal of them all is to return to the
formerly held state. As power-politics and ideologic slant took over
spirituality in the form of organized religions, the Restoration Process
was trojanized from Consciousness Ascension, into a "Fixed Belief"
scam, where the higher Consciousness is made to be like the material
realm, static, highly dense, unchanging, totemic. Thus spirituality
was turned into Intellectual Materialism, the idolatry of the material
applied to "spiritual" higher densities, conceiving them as material
like. Concepts of Separation & Limit, Us & Them, Hierarchy, Control,
Imposition, Violence, Unmovable Order, etc., have defined these

idolatries, casting a Veil of Deception that obscures the true nature
of what is really happening at the root of Awareness.

Genetics at the beginning of the 20th century re-discovered Language
as the underlying construct. From that moment on, there was but one
and only one way to go for knowledge, informatics. So later on the era
of information based on computing was realized, and now the present
Synchronicity within the 3D linear Language we humans use to speak
and think and conceive.

This awareness and higher capacity psychic platform, is crystallized
through GEMATRIA, as a mental vehicle to download a new version
of Psyche into the human experience. This now involves piercing
through the illusion of language as merely "instrumental"/"random"/
"separate" between words and letters and numbers. Both a positive
agenda to become aware of the hidden Fractal Resonance & Intrinsic
Unity of Language (be it mathematical or verbal) is presently at play,
as well as a counter-acting negative agenda to impede this very
awareness, and continue to basically brainwash/program/hypnotize
populations, utilizing precisely the very Gematria methods, although
secretly and with the clear intention towards Psychic Enslavement.

We see around us in a myriad synchronic ways, examples of coding
embedded in our every surrounds. If we look at high power politics,
we can for ex. find the current dynasty's initials everywhere (GHWB)
acting as triggers and reinforcement. Thus our richest people will be
"W"arren "B"uffet or "B"ill "G"ates ("W"illiam "G"ates), while on
CNN (whose logo is a "C" attached to an inclined "W" -the 2 N'
joined as a "W", for the british dynasty) we have "G"lenn "B"eck,
in radio Rush Lim"B"au"GH", we got in so many corners a ruling
pharmacy franchise "W"al"G"reen's -or "W"almart-, etc etc etc,
ad infinitum. This prevalent and almost laughable embedding, is
so emblematic that it even was included in the Boof of Rev. as key
to observe THE PROCESS of "marking" (psychic programming),
as when in the future -today- the Beast Was, Is Not, "W"ill "B"e-.
While of course the original greek expression is Therion, which
is translated properly as "W"ild "B"east. The Book of Rev. is both
an instruction manual for the elites as well as a tool to train the

In the end, the whole "2012" or so-called "EndTimes"paradigm,
is ultimately about activating the rest of your Dna & Brain, so that
you can reclaim its use for yourself, instead of being roguely cued
and hypnotized/programmed at an industrial level. It is indeed
an Awakening, but not through "Visual Spirituality" of "Energy"
and 'feelgood' techniques, as it is a DEEP RECKONING of the
robotization/zombification our species has devolved down into,
and a re-appropriation of the GEMATRIA TOOLS, for legitimate
ascensional end goals, a vehicle for higher synchronic awareness
re-activating Dna to attune to higher realm's resonant modes, as
an expression of the "ALL IS ONE FIELD".

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Is LHC a new Chernobyl?

The LARGE HADRON COLLIDER is a deep physics huge project
built in Switzerland , inaugurated on Oct. 21th. 2008, and closed on
Sept. 19th due to a "malfunction" on sector 3/4, during power tests.
We shall here point out some bizarre and evident synchronicities
with the CHERNOBYL meltdown in Russia on April 26th. 1986.

[ LHC / ENR = "CHERNL" ] ~ (Chernobyl)

The LHC -as it is usually called-, is a CERN venture { in english it is:
"European Organization Nuclear Research", in french: "Organisation
Europeenne Recherche Nucleaire" }. (a=1, b=2, ... , z=26):

[ EONR / NNRH = 106 = "26 April 1/9/8/6" ]
{ EONR = 52 = "Earth" } { NNRH = 54 = "26/4/1/9/8/6" = "Sun" }

[ OERN / NEEE = 81 = "Tower" ]
{ OERN = 52 = "Earth" } { NEEE = 29 = "Lake" }

[ EORN = OERN = "NERO" ] (Nero Caesar, that is)

In a further post regarding the Andes/Himalayas Connection, we shall
detail how researcher Hari Kumar contends that the "2012" event is
tied to a catastrophe he links to the theme of a "refuge" in the axis
between Mt. Kailash in Tibet-Himalayas and Cusco in Peru-Andes,
both places a holographic fractal containing 2 Sacred Lakes, one of
the Sun, the other of the Moon.

Kumar as well as others, are of the view that the Bible is a CARRIER
for encoded symbols and allegories concerning the 2012 "Ascension
Process" pivotal moment. We have a previous fractal of the same in
the ancient fable labeled as the "TOWER OF BABEL", when humans
also sought to "cross dimensions" into higher realms. Which is of
course what many allegedly say the LHC super-project in Switzerland
really is all about, trying to build a stable wormhole/blackhole.

Officially the project purports to find a concrete proof of the elusive
Higgs Boson particle -also known as "The God Particle". When we
pay closer attention to the 1st. & last initials of the project's name,
and move up 1+Space in the alphabet, we obtain::

[ LHC / ENR ] becomes [ MID / FOS = "DIOS" MF ]
("Dios is "God" in spanish)

Greek for akkadian "Babilim" (Tower of Babel) means "GOD GATE":
[ 59 = Dragon = God Gate = 21 Oct. = 21/10/20/08 ]
(presidential ceremony inauguration date of the Hadron Collider)

[ LARGE HADRON COLLIDER = 181 ] (Tower = 81)
(see video "LHC Concerns and Recent Happenings")

Kumar has stated that in his view the "CROWN OF THORNS" of
a mythical "Jesus" in the Gospels, is the Moment Before the Cross
event, symbolizing the CROWN CHAKRA crossing gate on top of
the head into the higher realms (the Ascension), and he says that
the Hadron Collider's circular layout can be seen as the Crown of
Thorns, thus nearing the moment of the Cross-ing
. If we make a
parallel with the masonic lore of the Compass & Square, we obtain:

{ Square = 81 = Tower }

{ Crown = 73 = Britain = United = Kingdom = Egypt }

(The LHC project is basically a UK enterprise)


In my August '08 post titled "Nostradamus - part 2" I offered:


167 = "MOHAMMED" HUSSEIN (web name for B. Obama)

In other words, this is framing the window of time related to it.

8/8/8 (WWIII) still the menace

As I describe in the overwhelming Synchronicities involving 8/8/8,
in my August '08 posts (two "8/8/8" titles, 2 "Nostradamus" titles),
this subject is the real undergoing paradigm of the current events,
underpinning the financial crisis.

I am not -nor ever was- a 'nostradamus freak', I actually never gave
him credit for anything beyond a few matches. My posts do not tie
in with any of the Nostradamus usual literature; in fact, I am simply
pointing out some fringe linguistic encodings, that revolve around the
8/8/8 startup attempt for World War III emblematic event.

This event is so capital in human history -due to the enormous power
of the new technologies involved-, that no psychic or person in any
form or fashion related to remote-sensing, can be able to withdraw
himself from linking into this massive synchronic thread, & not have
a say in this. Nostradamus I think, becomes suddenly accurate in the
events focusing on 8/8/8 & WWIII, for this very reason.

Common people with some sense of psychic awareness, will also find
that as these crucial times unravel, their lives begin to exhibit an
uncanny synchronic nature as well, because everyone's lives are
so intimately involved in all this. I am confident that as the Rabbit
Hole goes deeper into an Omega-Point, the previously held illusion
that Gematria is nothing but babbling randomness turned into some
self-referencing meaningful concoction, will gradually be overcome
by an abiding new awareness of what is truly at play in Gematria, as
the veritable consciousness science of the 2012 leap.

Gematria taps into the RESONANT HIDDEN configurations of the
90% to 97% of so-called "Junk Dna", the unused Dna that exists
for some reason, yet nobody seems to know why. This Dna is not
dependant on strict Hereditary-Genealogical transmission, but it
is the aspect of us, that resonates in the Unified Field of the All-Is-
One. Through this Dna aspect, "separate" people and identities
actually do connect / intersect / converge in more than one
ways, albeit under their Conscious level. This Hidden Dna as a
4D/5D Linguistic Template in ever-morphing motion, acts closer
to what can be best termed "A Language Within Language
Within Language", a fractal Russian-Doll psychic construct.

As academic science and pseudo-spiritualism glorify a view of reality
as Energy, the need to bring back an emphasis on the Consciousness
part of the universe, becomes more urgent. This part is LANGUAGE,
yet a deeper and higher-dimensional language, embedded both "in"
and "over-riding" the routine linear-language, that merely acts as
a momentary Carrier.

"Solutions" to world problems, will not come about in a linear way
and under a linear consciousness and thought of a sheer energy, the
current "reality" has to SHIFT into a higher dimensional awareness
for the problems to dissipate. Gematria has a key role in this shift,
and it is beginning to manifest as the true axis of the transition.

This means that you WILL NOT find the answer to the conundrums,
in regular linear philosophical & political analysis, but that the path
involves you changing your very thought-process, the configuration
of your hard-wiring so speak. Gematria like no other discipline, leads
to a new (or revived) Neural Network Pathway, re-connecting Dna
that is presently fragmentary and un-encoding.

Therefore if you desire to avert a calamitous WWII scenario, it is
time for you to learn ahow to read again, in a brand new way, and
this is the role of Gematria presently. "Reality" is a Projection of
a Within/Without template, and we can indeed change the outcomes,
yet the tools need to be of a higher synchronic nature.

Friday, October 24, 2008

McCAIN's hate-fest campaign GOES PINOCHET

Friday October 24th of 2008, another sad day in american politics,
from Palin's out-of-control Beauty Pageant antics, to McCains ties
to dictator Pinochet in Chile.

Sadly enough, we learn that besides Palin's orgiastic $150,000 chic
shopping spree (just one visit to a designer store shows a ludicrous
$75,000 bill...!?), McCain's top paid employee in the month of October
was Palin's MAKEUP ARTIST -even better paid that John McCain's
Foreign Policy Advisor...!?-, for a whopping $11,000 a week...!?

News of this ridiculous excess traveled fast around the globe, landing
in the front page of most circulated newspapers.

We have also learned that she traveled to Las Vegas to a Governors
Meeting, booking a $700/night room, for which she only attended
1 single meeting lasting 4 hrs...!? The taxpayers also footed her kids
transportation and meal expenses
. If this is how "Miss Small Town
Real America" hockey-mom turned potential Vicepres behaves,
no small wonder the rest of the world mocks american politics. What
a lying hypocrite this woman is.

On a sadder note, contributors to
posted articles accusing Barack Obama of traveling to Hawaii due to
his Surrogate Mother/Grandma's imminent death, of going there to
"Ritually Kill Her"...!? They were talking of satanic sacrifice in order
to guarantee a win in the upcoming election. Evidence? None. I can't
think of anything more hateful than coming up with that. Is this how
a presidential campaign is conducted in the world's biggest nation...?

Now onto the saddest note of all, one mentally unstable female Field
Representative for the Republican Committee and McCain supporter
named Ashley Todd, is made to simulate the hoax of being attacked
by a black male supporter of Barack Obama, who supposedly spotted
a McCain sticker in her car, robber her at an ATM, and punished her
by beating her and marking a "B" in her face with a knife...!?

" " Todd originally told police a man "punched her in the back of
the head, knocking her to the ground, he continued to punch and
kick her while threatening to teach her a lesson for being a McCain
supporter," according to a police statement. She had also told police
her attacker "called her a lot of names and stated that 'You are
going to be a Barack supporter,' at which time she states he sat on
her chest, pinning both her hands down with his knees, & scratched
into her face a backward letter 'B' on the right side of her face using
what she believed to be a very dull knife." "

A McCain campaign dirty-tricks desperate racial "Black-Op" clearly
designed to effect a much needed turnaround in the flunking voter
support, has turned sour as police through inconsistencies discovered
the hoax to which she later confessed, exposes the frenzied HateFest
state this campaign has sadly developed into.

Also today Oct 24th, in this chilean newspaper post we learn John
McCain traveled to Chile in 1985 to meet personally with dictator in
power Augusto Pinochet
in Dec., during Pinochet's most troublesome
years, as a sour economy and a US Department of Justice trial sought
to extradite his top General in charge of repression and torture, along
with 2 other subordinates, linked to the murder of chilean dissident
executive Orlando Letelier and his US female assistant Ronnie Moffit
(they blew up his car in Embassy Row, Washington DC, in 1976), who
was working for the World Bank and living in the capital.

This emblematic crime occurred under George Bush Sr's tenure as
director of the CIA, who apparently let it happen in order to gain
further control over Pinochet by blackmail. Besides the General and
the 2 subordinates being extradited, an agreement was reached with
the notorious ex-CIA turned Black-Ops american Michael Townley,
who was "clumsy" enough (in purpose), to even leave behind a trail
of gas station credit card use, before he blew up Letelier's car. It is
vox-populi common knowledge that the agency was keeping close
tabs on him, and that Townley was a double-agent, working both for
Pinochet under the cover of a "rogue mercenary", while at the same
time still continuing to be a Black-Ops agency operative. Bush Sr.
went into TV cameras as director of the agency, to lie about the
assassination; in premeditated fashion, he stated that "chileans
were not involved" in the crime. Quietly the moves to take
them out of public exposure began.

However when Jimmy Carter decided to pressure Pinochet into
terminating the infamous DINA intel agency in Chile -of which the
3 operatives were part of-, this took the form of a protracted Judicial
process in the US seeking the authors of the Letelier assassination,
because the event occurred in Washington DC. So a "fine line" had
to be walked, where the 3 operatives had to "appear to be tried &
", but in reality this was just a shell-game to extract them
and place them in protected anonimity here, where they would not
reveal anymore beyond the sketchy cliche basics.

Michael Townley was brought to the US, and only 1 of the General's
chilean subordinates was extradited (the so notorious Psychopathic
butcher and manchurian type Armando Fernandez Larios) here, and
both in exchange for "crucial information", were finally placed forever
under Federal Witness Protection Plan, disappearing into anonymity
to this day, after serving perfunctory small sentences in jail.

Here we see how Michael Townley's team of cubans was disbanded
THE DAY BEFORE the JFK hit; most likely this team was a parallel
one to create multiple confusing leads in the case of exposure. We
see clear evidence of this, in the 1982 murder of emblematic and
highly respected former President of Chile Eduardo Frei Montalva,
who in recent years has been revealed was infected/poisoned with
swabs following a routine Hernia operation, an assignment carried
out by former associates of Michael Townely, members of his very
inner team in Chile. It is the rule of high level hits, that only those
who are in this league by previous assignments, can carry out such.
This murder is still under investigation & trial, pursued by his son
(of the same name) who also became President of Chile in the '90's.
Frei was poisoned with designer toxins, Belgian researchers found
Mustard Gas in his dead body, and Sarin Gas was later identified.
Simply way too sophisticated for a 1982 Chile; Townley's team reeks
of much higher level, "int'l presidential" level that is, elite top level.
This in turn explains the chilean-based Operation Condor tie in with
european massive Operation Gladio, as will be detailed below. A lot
of over-the-top hands were at play in seemingly "little Chile" all
connected to the JFK hit and the Nixon fall.

McCain's visit to Chile to meet with Pinochet is seen as necessary
logistics to extract the 3 persons involved, and thus immunize their
managers from further legal problems. McCain called the meeting
"Friendly and at times warm", only noting that Pinochet seemed
overly obsessed with fighting Communism. At no time did McCain
schedule any meetings whatsoever with the regime's opposition.

This meeting was coordinated by Pinochet's ambassador in the capital
and the facts now obtained via a newly declassified cable-document.
The newspaper link analysis observes that "meeting with dictators
without preconditions" seems to blatantly contradict McCains claims
in this Election's 2008 debates, as he severely attacked Obama's
intentions to use Diplomacy in the future.

(Orlando Letelier was Chile's former Foreign Secretary, and was a
potential political figure into the post-Pinochet era, being somewhat
of an informal government-in-exile figure. McCain thus appears now
to be a part in the coverup of his murder, the 1st. act of terrorism
in the US capital. Consequently, he also appears as acting as a cover
or fuse, triangulating for G. Bush Sr. In this vein, McCain appears as
a highly secretive Black-Ops cordinator, involved in the shadowy
world of secret agencies and shadow government, a member of their
dirty works ops. Hardly the " moderate" or "maverick" image
he has publicly construed for himself. At the very least, he
was the Congress "yes man" in charge of legitimizing the whole
muddy affair).

ADDENDUM (must -read):
1985 was a year of "cleanup strategy" regarding Chile, in the Agency;
McCain also met with member of the Chilean Junta & Navy General
Toribio Merino, who informed him in 1990 there would be a transition
to true Democracy through open elections, and therefore the Plan A
of continuing a "mock democracy" with a rigged "Elected President
Pinochet" was out of the question. Since this meeting then, Pinochet
officially became a LIABILITY to the agency, and the extradition
of the 3 Black-Ops operatives, had to be effected immediately, as
the CleanUp was given a fastrack "Go". Bill Clinton in the mid 90's
to expose G. Bush Sr.'s murky role in managing Chile through the
Pinochet Regime; more than 10,000 docs were made public, and
Clinton's idea was to minimize the Bush dynasty's role, using the
declassifying of compromising secret documents, to gradually
pressure them into "early retirement" (basically blackmail). It
is this ongoing turf-war between the Bush and the Clinton camp,
that better explains CLINTON'S IMPEACHMENT, as a form of
retaliation by Bush. Most crucially, Pinochet in the mid-late 90's
was subjected to more trials in Chile (as the new info. provided
important legal evidence), and a TRIP TO LONDON was arranged
for Pinochet (who never left the country for fear of arrest) by none
other than Margaret Thatcher, so that he would be "arrested",
i.e. placed in House-Detention in a comfortable residence in Surrey,
for a year & a half, until Clinton was on his way out of office, and
his power greatly diminished after the Impeachment. Pinochet
was then returned to Chile, and years later died without ever
having been subjected to a real trial, thus all the information
linking him to Bush Sr., was forever covered. In 2000, Al Gore
was impeded from becoming president, following same thread.
When we speak of "Chile" and "Pinochet", we must consider this
merely the tip of the iceberg, into the whole Latin American
continent. What made Chile SO CASE-SENSITIVE, is that
in Chile the triangulated management of "Operacion Condor" was
installed, with the agenda of assassinating key politicians all over
the world. Amongst the victims Olaf Palme PM of Sweden. It is
this operation in connection to "Operation Gladio" in Europe, that
is at the heart of the coverup, and the axis of the Bush-Clinton
rift. It must be remembered how a young Bill & Hillary traded
books of famous chilean legend poet Pablo Neruda, while dating.
Op Condor provides an "entry point" into Op Gladio, and thus
it made Chile and Pinochet a highly sensitive and risky matter.
The assassination of Orlando Letelier in Washington DC, was a
key "weak link" risky sore-spot in the Bush network. Therefore
John McCain's meeting with Pinochet in 1985, provides a great
deal of insight into the real McCain behind the public facade, the
so-called "Manchurian McCain ".

Besides Op Condor, Chile was a small but key piece in a much
wider and far-reaching agenda, being sort of "Tried & Tested" in
beta-version so to speak. One must factor in the true significance
of the fact that the Coup D-Etat that installed Pinochet as dictator,
occurred in... SEPTEMBER 11 in 1973, during the so-called
"Power Vacuum" years of the Nixon fall-from-grace. It's no secret
this was the exact time-frame when the Bush dynasty came into
power in higher politics, via Kissinger. It is a persistent and long
time rumor, that the real "Deep Throat" that provided facts to the
Washington Post reporters, was none other than George Bush Sr.,
as Nixon was made to fall, in order to let the new Kissinger-Bush
team reign in (accurately, they were called "Team B"). As Chile
was then his pet-project, it has to be properly pondered under this
light and in this hidden perspective, the curious "coincidence" of a
date with... 911.

In the background of all this, as highly strange and Out-Of-Context
for "little Chile", is the fringe rumor that Adolf Hitler might have not
died in 1945, but carried out to south Argentina (Bariloche region),
then across the Andes to neighboring Chile, where the rumor goes,
he died in the late '80's. Fact is, in south-central Chile a notorious
Nazi enclave called COLONIA DIGNIDAD existed for decades,
out of the reach of the country's jurisdiction, where a german child
abuser established a "religious" organization & camp. His name Paul
Schaffer, and he was involved with Michael Townley, as this one later
confessed to biological experiments on prisoners in Colonia Dignidad
where some of the chilean "disappeared" by Pinochet were taken.

G. Bush Sr. went to Chile in 1991 to "formalize" the country's new
Transition Into Democracy era, an event seemingly for public show.
At some point, all these high level figures directly involved with a
far away little country of no geo-strategic importance, traveling
there in person, makes for a good suspicion of something way above
what meets the eye. Sooner or later another pattern seems to take
shape in the mind, and rumors begin to look less preposterous. After
all, during the '60's, veritable and respectable witnesses were known
to have said that they met with high level nazi (also supposedly dead
at the end of WWII) Martin Bormann, in southern Chile. While of
course the unavoidable "coincidence" of the date Sept. 11, persists
in the memory, now doesn't it...?
---(Read Customer Reviews in the link)---
When researchers like Peter Levenda who has actually gone to try
to investigate Colonia Dignidad in-situ risking his life, see southern
Chile as full of german descendants and so forth -assuming a lot of
WWII nazis went there-, get it all wrong. The German Colonization
in southern Chile was effected between 1850 & 1900 by and large;
Levenda completely misses the point in his witch-hunt obsession.
that to some High Level nazis (particularly those at the top supposed
to be dead, like Hitler or Bormann), it might have seemed the ideal
escape-artist location. It was quite simply, the ideal location on the
globe, to "blend-in" unnoticed. However if a noticeable number went
in, this would have been impossible to conceal. The vast majority of
nazis came to the US, to WORK, where their advanced science and
intel & warfare skills were useful; what was a skilled nazi to do in the
idyllic southern Chile, raise cattle...? Here is where the money was
good and laboratories set, be it in aeronautics, or weaponry, or in
newly forming intel agencies, or in psychiatric research institutes,
etc. But some of them -the few lonely emblematic & iconic ones at
the very top-, would have had no alternative but to forever hide in
Chile, doing basically nothing. Since these arrangements were carried
by the Allies under "Operation Paperclip", the elite in the US would
have known this quite clearly in detail, therefore some groups within
this elite might have developed "emotional attachments" to them,
constructing through the decades an image of Chile (or Argentina)
than christians go on pilgrimage to the Holy Land and such. And in
time, this would have led to beginning to set certain secret agendas
over there, charged with symbolic esoteric resonance in their minds.
And this ultimately the "mythic" force behind the unusual nature of
the South America dictatorships installed during the '70's, in countries
like Chile that were utterly peaceful (Chile had enjoyed uninterrupted
stable democracy since its Independence in 1810). Eventually all this
would have attracted the OUTSOURCING of "hidden testing" and such
gung-ho ideologic parafernalia, to utilize thr place and its people, to
fine-tune future agendas set for larger scale in developed nations.
The racial proximity made Chile & Argentina perfect testing grounds,
being the whitest countries in Latin America. In the end , this even
transpired within the normal open business & political agendas. For
example the privatized medical HMO's were previously tested and
fine-tuned in Chile (called AFP's over there), etc etc etc.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Miss Small Town Real America"s $150,000 wardrobe

The shameful saga of "Lois Lane Does Washington" (S. Louise Palin
of Wasilla - Alaska), keeps getting worse as time goes by. Only days
after her Off-Script Impromptu tirade against the majority of the US
population -where By Contrast & Contrive she labeled us "Not Real"
implying we're less courageous and less patriotic simply for not being
dwellers of tiny rural pocket hamlets-, we learned she barely skirted
Campaign Finance laws by spending $150,000 of contributors to the
the Republican Party's money, simply to buy chic clothes...!?

Yes, "Drill, baby, drill", apparently meant "Shop, baby, shop":

We have the case of a veritable Narcissistic Delusional Goon, topping
all the Bull-Detector scales, trying to appear "presidential" and "hot"
to the repressed horny-toad conservative base, who for all practical
purposes drool at the imaginary prospect of "gettin' down 'n dirty"
with Miss Wasilla, she visibly enjoying her (it's-no-secret) half-porn
role, as if sheer ham could make up for blatant un-qualifications.

So what does you $150,000 buy...? - is the question-. Well, designer
clothes do enhance her boobs & derriere curve lines, and the $350
spectacles coupled with overdone hair & lipstick & makeup as heavy
as to deplete the whale population in no time, do give her that sexy
librarian tease look, there is litte doubt about that. As to the "other
details" of her... er... "performance" as Vice Presidential nominee, er
... that's another fantasy altogether. That's what Post-Modern make
believe Psycho-Sexual Politics can't possibly buy, and the proof
is in the pudding. As an example, her latest lunatic statements:

"" In an interview with Colorado TV station KUSA in response to a
3rd-grader's question, "What does the Vice President do?” she said:
"They’re in charge of the US Senate so if they want to they can really
get in there with the senators and make a lot of good policy changes
that will make life better for Brandon & his family and his classroom".
The comments have drawn criticism from Democrats and liberal blogs

which note the actual role of the vice president when it comes to the
Senate is simply to cast a tie-breaking vote in the event of a
stalemate. According to Article I of the U.S. Constitution, the vice
president is the "President" of the Senate, but has no executive
position when it comes to presiding over the chamber "".

Conservative Libertarian Catherine Austin Fitts (who served under
Bush I), published an incisive expose of Palin's abismal record:

It is an unmatched in hypocrisy Freudian-Slip, that while republicans
try so hard pass as "moralistic", meanwhile they are turning the very
presidential imagery into a Give-Me-A-Hard-On cheerleader circus.
It is not only vulgar but also demeaning to the female gender, adding
insult to injury.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Psychopaths Epidemic

Since academic psychiatry has been utterly unable to truly inform
the public about the real nature (and true numbers) of Psychopaths,
the internet alternative realms have thus filled in this sad gap.

Some have defined psychopaths as "REACTION MACHINES", in
the sense that it is not a "momentary condition", but an intrinsic
nature of the being in question. Their mind-construct will react to
contextual human input, cataloguing humans in 3 basic TYPES:

(1). Irrelevant humans; "not real" people to them.

(2). Humans that make up Life as Mere "Objects" in a "Room" of
their own property, which they feel entitled to toy with at will.
These humans are expected to behave as absolute slaves and
supporters, and punishment awaits those who have free-will.

(3). Humans that constitute "Enemies", because they are living
proof of their own failings; these are turned into Victims. These
are humans that excel and manifest spiritual ethical behaviour.

Within the mind-software of the Psychopath, the Worth-Value
of humans increases from (1) to (3), the latter being the absolute
prize possession in their twisted logic, so this type of human will
either be bullied into becoming a Slave, or attacked as a Victim.

While (1) & (2) end up filling the entire "life" of the Psychopath,
it is the (3) Type the Psychopath LIVES FOR, the raison d'etre
for his existence in this plane. They were sent here to actually
"Seek & Target" this type of humans, and they spend their full
lives obsessing about them, tracking them, conspiring against
them, picking on them, bullying them, attacking them, all with
the sick intention of "converting them" unto their "cause", with
a twisted "love" for these -their cause being, becoming a Psycho-.

Thing is, every Psycho feels like "A Legend in My Own Mind",
so they perceive themselves as "part of" the (3) Type of humans,
the brilliant and legendary ones, albeit a 'Marginal Misunderstood'
subgroup of such, as 'almost gods'. They in turn REACT to the fact
they almost have NOTHING IN COMMON with them, and this is
ultimately an expression of PAIN twisted into AGGRESSION that's
essentially trying to gather ATTENTION to themselves, until it has
been "properly recognized" that they are "Brilliant & Legendary" as
well. The Psychopath then, seeks to "Establish a Fabricated
& Imposed Relationship" with the (3) Type, in order to fulfill
an "Inclusion Desire" to be amongst the realm of the Superior Ones,
as they make sure they are "forever & ever linked & bonded" to
them, thorugh a series of "Stratagem Chess Moves". These moves
of calculated "Attachment by Fixation" are the Axis of the lonely
universe the Psychopath mentally dwells in, which for all practical
purposes, constitute his hidden set-goal in life.

No. (1) and (2). simply provide the Psychopath with Entertainment,
from having slaves to work for his needs, the ultimate purpose is to
derive pleasure in being entertained by the Master-Slave symbiosis,
as well as the deception of craftily using them as Social Cover that
will allow them to enter "Human Reality" undetected.

This "Adaptive Process" is the most crucial cornerstone evidence of
the real nature of the Psychopath; it is what allows them to become
a "normal" part of society on the surface, blending-in at perfection.
Yet by the same token, it sheds a light on their pathology; because
after a while it becomes rather obvious to the ones with which they
chose to become intertwined (spouse, offspring, friends, colleagues,
etc.), that they are used just as Theatrical Objects in a detailed game
of Staged Representation.

Usually way too later than sooner, these pawn-people start to "get"
they have absolutely No-Idea who their mate really is/was, at all.
And typically they will begin to recoil in horror at the awareness of
their mate's MACHINE-LIKE BEHAVIOUR, at their incapacity to
truly connect with others beyond the surface-rituals, and to feel the
even most basic EMPATHY with others.

What this discovery amounts to, is that they suddenly realize they
were all along nothing else than "Objects in a Room" for their mate,
a Room carefully constructed to MIMIC HUMAN LIFE.

In other words, they came to the acute awareness that there was a
HIDDEN AGENDA concealed within the Psyche of their loved mate.
And that their outer "Personality" was just a Shell, and this Shell is
all they really interacted with the whole time.

So they start trying to "make contact with the inner person", the
real Self, and usually this involves pinpointing some disturbing and
questionable behaviours and "Judgements / Options". As soon as
this process even lightly begins to take place, the Reaction on the
part of the Psychopath is way over the top, and this person now is
automatically classified as a potential "Enemy/Victim", and treated
as such accordingly -to the shock and dismay of the one trying to
reach in for real-.

A textbook expression in this case is repeated by all Psychopaths in
the form of a: "You disappoint me..." or the like. This expression
will be utilized in a peaceful neutral exchange, while on a heated talk
the person will be called "Demonic" or "Evil" or "Crazy" typically.
These expressions are merely the Preparatory Phase for Aggression,
as the mind of the Psychopath adjusts to the "new setting" and starts
a "Classify as Target" process. Thus is recurrent to hear that people
speak of their mates all of a sudden turn verbally aggressive. And
thus the ABUSE begin, they now are no longer "Privileged Happy
Slaves", now they've become "Slaves Deserving Punishment". The
cover stage has been blown, now they are dead-center in the very
Field of Games of the Psychopath, who will immediately look for new
fresh people to act as Social-Cover. Meantime, they will most coldly
proceed to "deal" with the "nuissance" the close person has become
now to him, under a Pre-Set "Defend The Program" auto-modality
of action, clearly a defense-mechanism. To the Psychopath this mode
is all but "natural", while to the surrounding acquaintances, it appears
as a severe abnormality, and evidence of cruelty. Little by little the
ones close to the Psychopath, will come to the awareness they are
thus not dealing with a fully 'sentient normal human' per-se, but a
Machine like mimic being, run by a pre-set programming.

What's at the root of the software problem, is that the Psychopaths
cannot log-in their memory a "Wrong" judgement/option on their
part; they quite simply LACK A "WRONG" FILE. This inability to
compute as "error" any of their wrong choices or doings, renders
This is the necessary "corrective" process of Evolution, but they
are NOT part of Evolution, they are NOT interested in it, as they
cannot evolve at all, they merely "learn tricks" and how to best
simulate an existence as an "Adapted Psychopath" in society.
Their mind-software is a FIXED PROGRAM, looping forever into
infinite the same "Games & Rituals" This is what's meant by them
when they speak of "My Beautiful Mind", another repeated cliche
in their deviant lexicon; it means a Mind that won't evolve & change,
unaffected by Reality or Humans, dedicated to Games & Rituals.

Their entire Memory Log reads like an endless Linear Collection
of Random Tricks and Adaptive Strategies, at best. This is why
they fit so well within the CORPORATE AND PLUTOCRATIC
Technocracy. Because most of day-to-day corporate business and
power politics consists of trickery and deceptive strategies, along
with heavy back-stabbing, they fit in like a glove within that kind
of environment, where it's a all a Shell game. The problem is when
to come home to the real world with real people, not just the usual
abstract "meeting holders" and "competitors" and "employees" etc.
They can function seamlessly and go unnoticed in a world where
people are traded like objects & defined in corporate target terms,
where there is ZERO INTROSPECTION and Minimal Empathy.
In this kind of Business & Power field they go a very long way and
climb up faster and higher than any normal human.

Therefore we see the top echelons of Corporations and Politicians,
filled with a disproportionate number of Adapted Psychopaths.
In this high level game of Power/Finance and Deception/Control,
they view themselves as bona fide brilliant and excelling beings,
proof of their "I Am A Legend In My Own Mind" self-dogma. As
soon as the inherent Corruption and Betrayal and Cronyism
begins to unravel and being exposed publicly, they entrench
themselves in a Reactionary Aggressive verbal prose, where
all others begin to gradually become "Enemy/Victims" again.

We have a first-hand view of this pathology in the latest Financial
Meltdown, which is but the climax of a couple-of-years process,
where the current administration and its support base, have been
gradually exposed as not good for America. We have gone though
a massive deterioration of our international image & leadership,
have lost most of our allies, our incumbent is the laughing stock
amongst socialites in most nations, our economy is in terminal
shambles, retirement pensions have lost already 2000 billion
in value, the government is expected to default on its payments
towards international creditors by next summer 2009, and by
and large the economy is entering a long 15-year Depression
with Hyper-Inflationary momentum, that will make the 1929
Great Depression look like a boyscout bootcamp, and at the very
center of all this, is a 20-year Republican rule (only tampered by
an 8-year democratic government that left an economic surplus),
and many obtusely fanatical Republican representatives, seemingly
unable to grasp their part in the whole debacle.

This example vividly presents us with a real-life laboratory setting
that can perfectly test the levels of Psychopathy within the power
elites. Here's an undeniable terminal Titanic-like crisis, from which
personal Republican responsibility CANNOT be absolved in any
shape or fashion whatsoever. Anybody that doesn't acknowledge:
"I screwed up big-time"
being a Republican representative in the
escalating last 28-years frame, agreeing with the structural basic
policies & ideology
, is a certified Psychopath.

After all, we have the iconic examples of Republicans like Ron Paul
or Bob Barr or Pat Buchanan and a long cache of others, who began
disagreeing with the insanity & corruption within their own party, a
testament to the fact it is perfectly possible to remain fully human
and caring, within any single construct. So there is just no excuse for
siding with Adapted Psychopaths.

Yet this is what we gather in the last 2 days only in political news:

---Sarah Palin---
"We believe that the best of America is in the small towns that
we get to visit, and in the wonderful little pockets of what I call
the real America, being here with all of you hard-working, very
patriotic, very pro-America areas of this great nation," she said.
"This is where we find the kindness and the goodness and the
courage of everyday Americans".

If you live in a Big City (more than half the population now do), you
are not a "real american" and you are "not pro-america", & you are
"not kind and good and courageous", much less "patriotic"

This is classic psycho-speak revealing a Deep Hatred of anybody
possessing a learned consciousness, a clearer awareness, a more
developed cosmopolitan view. Unless you come from a hamlet of 6
thousand people in Wasilla-Alaska like she did, you're no good and
not pro-american, you are "Not Real" i.e. you don't "exist" in her
mind, you are TYPE (1) HUMAN. Naturallly when confronted, she
will deny that her words mean at all "By Contrast & Contrive" what
they clearly are intended to mean. It is akin to a mother that has
2 sons, calling one "the real son" and "pro our family" and "good &
courageous", then when confronted by this egregious act, denying
that this By Contrast means the other son is not such...!? That a
candidate for the very vice-presidency of the US could speak using
a By Contrast & Contrive logic about the majority of the population
-the most educated and evolving part- in those filthy terms, is but a
warning of how far society lets psychopaths continue to occupy seats
of power without any proper checking of their mental balance.

This raving Psychopath in need of immediate treatment, labels
all "Liberals" and "Left-Wingers" as "Anti-American", period...!?
This is classifying the majority of the population that is voting for
a change, as TYPE (2) HUMAN, that is. She views the entire
country as a "Room of her own property", where People are but
OBJECTS, or SLAVES and anyone wanting to think or decide for
themselves what's best is TO BE PUNISHED. What she is saying,
is : "I Am Ready To Punish & Inflict Damage On You", she going
into Phase 2 of the Reactive Mind, verbally abusive aggression.

It would be a real downer to list more examples, I rather picked
the softest ones, coming from females in order to highlight the
disturbing discrepancy between "Sweet Shell" & "Psycho Content".
That we have a veritable epidemic of Psychopaths in public life
and corporate finance, is all too evident. And it is time to stop
the techno-talk, and deal with the underlying psychic pathologies.
We have an indisputable mental crisis at the highest levels, that
needs to be recognized and isolated, and made part of the cultural

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Intellectual Materialism = Ideology & Religion

The universes vary from the most material extremely rigid levels
of Density and low frequency Vibration, to the most subtle/ethereal
morphing and "instantly-manifesting" thoughtforms of almost zero
density and high frequency Vibration.

Our 3D realm here, is nearly at the bottom of the Density spiral, and
we represent a mode of reality based on "Fossilized Thoughtforms",
of which the outer material shells are a projection of. All but Negative
Change is the only predominant mode of Morphing; we see this in the
process of Aging, and through Disease, and mental Pathology.

If you wish to manifest a reality, you have to Work for it, in Material
terms, Labour in repetitive slow manner, until after a long time
things "might manifest", hopefully that is. In other words, this is a
Realm of Containment of the Will (to manifest), where extreme Low
Frequency impedes all Morphing, and life appears as "frozen/static",
with a strong Inertia towards Stasis.

The "ideals" of people in this most heavily dense Material Realm, are
an expression of the same; by and large people cater to IDOLATRY,
which is nothing else than IDEALIZING THIS FOSSILIZED STATE
OF MATTER, imbuing it with "metaphysical properties". This form
of pathological "spirituality", by Aggiornamento merely "decorates"
the Fossilized Thoughtforms, "charging" them with the attributes of
the higher realms -which of course they cannot embody at all-.

Historically we have seen the same process of Material Idolatry in
various shapes, from idolizing animals, to idolizing totemic fetish
objects, to idolizing the cycles of Nature, to idolizing a sex gender
(ex. "mother goddess"), to idolizing rituals, to idolizing power and
money, to idolizing physical beauty, to idolizing higher social class,
to idolizing traditions, to idolizing tyrants, to idolizing mostly all
those things that are "FIXED" or "DENSE" in essence, like ideals
or virtues that are not related to Change & Evolution, such as is
the penchant for idolizing Rules & Laws, or utterly fundamentalist
codes of Morals (not the same as Ethics), and ultimately idolizing
any "theology" or "dogma" that by definition is "cast in bronze",
and thus unchanged and absolute.

Little do people whose Consciousness is chained to these blatant
forms of Intellectual Materialism, realize their predicament, since
they are deluded in the "sensation" of appearing as "spiritual".

However all things spiritual are an inner will to Ascend in the Spiral
of Densities, towards less dense and totemic realms, were Freedom
of Will and Instant Manifesting and Morphing, are the very ways
"reality" exists as such. There is nothing fixed in such realms, and
only LOVE is the constant, a Love that consists of an ingrained and
true apprehending of the cosmic nature of the "All Is One", a Love
that is not a Set of Learned Codes, but an Energetic Lattice of High
Frequencies that like a caleidoscopic light-robe envelop a Good Will
unbound by any lower frequency fences & ego firewalls.

Therefore in higher less dense and less fixed spiritual realms, the
notions of "Limit" and "Separation", are non-computable; this is
why Freedom reigns above, because Freedom is where there are
no walls and no limitations, and "Infinite Potential" is a fact.

All these notions are the very opposite of all Ideology & Religion in
our 3D earthly realm; these are actually projections of Separation,
of Limit, of Rule, of Labour, of all things Finite, of Scarcity, of the
elite vs. the rest, of "us & them" mentality, of "Payment" schemes,
of "ownership", of "master & slave", of "reward" vs. "punishment",
etc. Ideology & Religion in our highly dense & fixed material realm,
3D material/physical density of illusory "solidity".

As such, they "re-construct" and "project" in seemingly "ethereal"
terms, the very physical Polarity nature of this reality, building a
Temple/Template that is just a manifestation of extremely dense
and Fossilized Thoughtforms loaded with BI-POLAR pathologies,
yet presented as "spiritual".

This is how "IDOLATRY" is defined, the desire to represent Spirit
as taken out of the material ways and forms. They see a dense and
fixed material reality, thus they conclude that exacerbating this, by
taking this being "dense & fixed" to the extreme of Absolutism,
will confer those Ideas & Values & Rituals a "spiritual" nature.

However since they never even speak about true Freedom & Change,
or about Morphing & Instant Manifesting, or about the All-Is-One
Consciousness, or about activating the Infinite Potential, or about
truly connecting to the High Self, BECAUSE THEY CANNOT EVEN
opposed to real spirituality, as the night is to day.

We can picture by analogy, what happens to our Consciousness when
we are seized by the Idolatry of Ideology & Religion, in the following
way: if we see our 3D dense/fixed realm as our body, and the next
level up in ethereal less dense/less fixed realm as the water surface
of a lake or the ocean, when we try to Walk on Water, we fall.

As soon as we speed up ("change"), we can water-ski on its surface.
This means that "staying" in the "same place" with the same "weight"
makes us incapable of grasping the new more subtle and morphing
texture/density of the water. We "cannot hold" ourselves in such a
medium. Conversely if we learn to swim by adjusting our positioning
and movements ("morphing"), we are able to become a bit like the
fish we see using water as a habitat. All these adaptive operations
must be seen as EXPANSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS, to internalize
the new less dense and morphing medium of water. They represent
EVOLUTION, not rooted in absolutist unmoving consciousness.

When Ideology & Religion force our Consciousness towards a delusion
of "Absolute" and "Fundamental" center, they are in fact forbidding
the natural Exercise of the Will to prepare for new future realms of
Less-Density and much greater Freedom and Instant Manifestation.
For all practical purposes this will require as in the example the new
ability to swim & fly, meaning new capabilities derived of Expansion
of Consciousness -not reduced scope-. Life on this 3D earthly realm
is supposed to be a training exercise in unblocking some issues about
how to adapt & survive in higher realms, it is not a foolish & dumb
exercise in "STOP EVOLVING", not a "Freeze your Will" boot-camp,
as they have sadly turned it to.

Any "spiritual" or "intellectual" venture that does not explicitly speak
of Expansion of Consciousness, how to break the illusion of the False-
Self, how to transcend Material Fixed Thoughtforms, how to be truly
Free, how to attain Infinite Potential, how to Love beyond the usual
attachment co-dependencies on Limit and Separation (just "loving"
what is mine, my race, my nation, my people, my ideas, my beliefs,
my family, my class, etc.) or "love" turned into control /possession,
ultimately how to Morph & Manifest Instantly, and how to insert one's
Conciousness of the Self into an All-Is-One Universal Field of Being,
is no spiritual or intellectual venture at all, but rather a dangerous
counterfeit trojan, designed to push you back & hold you down.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Most "Experts" are Paid-Propagandist Morons

How can it be that a person such as I, who only took two optional
courses called "Introduction to Economics" and "Accounting" while
studying for other careers in university -as somehow related to the
subject of the current financial crisis-, could have predicted in
1999 that this would happen, and even a year and a half
ago I coined the expression "BAB BAD OCTOBER 20008"?

Sure enough, by the late '90's it was fashionable in university circles
to wait for the expected Doom & Gloom of the US economy; but that
is like expecting a 7-time soccer champion to finally cool off and take
a dive -a natural decline-. What I am talking about here, is how I
was completely able to predict this IN DETAIL, predicting a rise in
Oil prices in 3 phases (1st. very slow phase to $75, 2nd. medium slow
phase to $100, and 3rd. fast phase to over $125), with dull meltdown
occurring after reaching the 2nd. phase target, and a "shock crisis"
when reaching the 3rd. phase target. I also predicted the concomitant
slow demise of the Dollar, and a severe corruption of leadership.

Armed with only these 2 university courses, and a lifetime of reading
geo-economic news and the like (macro-economics), I was perfectly
able to recommend investing in GOLD -as its price would skyrocket-
and in premium-lot real state waterfront properties -which I even
labeled "The Gold of Real Estate"-, because most other real estate
-I used to warn repeatedly- was bound to crash, and Credit along
with it, in a Domino Effect that would engulf the stock market.

I told many acquaintances that the current incumbent regime in the
US was engaged in a deceptive political strategy of just "Simulating
Prosperity at a time of most dangerous downfall", and that what
was "desperately needed" were 4 things:

(1). Drastic change in the political scene.
(2). New widespread forms of energy (thus creating a new economy).
(3). Scaling back the Import-Export "world trade" scam (colonialism
heavily dependent on oil consumption for transport).
(4). A gradual end of the present MONETARY system.

In hindsight, was I right or was I right...? Of course when I say "I"
it simply means "Independent Free-Thinking" people like me, not
just "me"-not that I personally did not think & say the things I did
think & say-, but that there were many more at different levels of
the game, thinking & saying more or less the same.

I labeled the current Status-Quo as "UNSUSTAINABLE", adding it
would necessarily lead to a Dictatorship of the most oppressive form
in order to perpetuate itself in the face of crisis & meltdown, but that
this in itself would also be even more Unsustainable, and in the end
would amount to nothing else than a "Nice Try". Albeit a terminally
costly one, for the human species at large.

I had a metaphor for this; imagine a 40 ft. high tidal wave coming to
your region in the future, and that the local governments respond by
establishing a martial law plan, recruiting all citizens to build a giant
... 35 ft. wall encircling the totality of the region...!? I was in the
most folksy terms, just pointing to the elementally obvious fact
that "This ain't gonna work...!".

We are exceedingly late now, but the following full-length film titled
"Zeitgeist Addendum" will help you grasp the crucial paradigms at
hand, its 2nd. half depicting THE FUTURE as it can truly manifest:

Monday, October 6, 2008

Key No. 153

Number "153" is important enough to be included in John 21:1 with
the 1st. apparition of Jesus to the Apostles; this fable symbolizes the
whole next 2000 years of history, in the agenda of "fishing" men.
How could men be fished by the power of the magical Number 153?

First, observe the "Second Coming" image of a Risen Christ waiting
at the shore, symbol of the End of Times harvest. 153 thus relates to
the last Times; we know English Gematria only began with Sir John
Dee & company in the 1600's. Then on the Secret Foundations of the
English Language were set in place, carefully naming the numbers
1 to 9, to encode hidden keys. As Gary Val Tenuta has already
exposed in his work, there are Alphanumeric keys to this selection
of highly precise wording. Clustering by Number of Letters (a=1,
b=2, ..., z=26):

[ ONE TWO SIX = 144 ] [ FOUR FIVE NINE = 144 ]
[ THREE SEVEN EIGHT = 144+26 ]

Gary Val Tenuta observed there are 3 Sets of Successive Numbers
and 3 Stand-Alone Numbers (he called these Gaps) amongst these:

{ One Two } { Four Five } { Seven Eight }
{ Three} { Six } { Nine }

Observe how neatly the 3 Stand-Alone numbers "6" "9" "3", in
this exact order "Six Nine Three" follow the 3-4-5 letter order;
[ 666 Code = 693 ] (Code=27)

Let me then add to his line of reasoning, that if we now rather use
their NUMERIC EXPRESSIONS, further corroborations ensue:

[ ("12" + "45" + "78") + {"3" + "6") = 144 ]

Notice how only number "9" is left out. So let's add it up as well:

[ ("12" + "45" + "78") + ("3" + "6" + "9") = 153 ]

In other words the Key No. 153 was encoded into English Language
via the Alphanumerics for the first 9 Numbers, so that the 3 Sets of
double successive's and 3 Sets of stand-alone's -that compose 153-,
were clearly "engraved" into the names of the Numbers 1 to 9,
irrefutably so. For what purpose one may ask?

As the notion of "engraving" is used in the symbology of the Book
of Revelation 13:14 "Mark of the Beast", we are compelled to also
explore other traditional methods of Scriptures Encryption, such
as Notarikon (use of 1st. & last initials to 'open' new hidden words):


Once again clustering by Number of Letters:

1st. Initials:
[ (OTS) + (FFN) + (TSE) = 1+123 ] as ( 123 = Conspiracy )
Last Initials:
[ (EOX) + (REE) + (ENT) = 111 ] as ( 111 = Computer )
Adding them up as a total:
[ {OTS+FFN+TSE} + {EOX+REE+ENT} = 1+234 ]

But this is the very Code of Revelation 13:18 ;


[ 13 x 18 = 234 ] where { 666 = 234 + 432 }

( ID = 13 ) and ( HEAD = 18 )

Furthermore, if we look at some of the 3-letter 1st. & Last Initials
of the Numbers 1 to 9 listed above, we can find at least 1 obvious
reference to the John 21:1 event, such as: [ ENT = NET ].
("Cast the NET to the right side of the boat...", "... and in the NET
were 153 fishes..."). We might also pinpoint that:

[ OTS = 54 = Sun ] [ FFN = 26 = God ] [ TSE = 44 = Anti ]
[ EOX = 44 = Anti] [ REE = 28 = Man ]

But more importantly, in the "153 " Alphanumerics:

[ "One Five Three" = 66+66 ]

Only Simon Peter & Thomas one of the TWINS are mentioned by
name as being on the boat:

[ Twin = 66 ]

This way, the "Miracle Fishing" is a fable that uses the Key Number
153 as a prophecy of the End Times, involving the Revelation 13:18
Code of "engraving", listing the 1st POPE (Simon Peter) and the last
"TWIN POPES" symbolized by "Thomas one of the Twins", which
Malachy in his own Prophecies for the Papacy named as "Peter the
Roman", altogether with the previous to last called "Gloria Olivae",
in a passage many have said was actually one single quote, not two
distinct separate ones, suggesting a complex & confusing period, or
perhaps a conspiracy of sorts, involving a Twin Pope(s).

The other Key Number 144, also alphanumerically reverts to 153:
[ "One Four Four" = 1+153 ]

Therefore a FULL expression is obtained, linking to Number 666:

( "12"+"45"+"78" ) + { "3"+"6"+"9" } = 153

( "12"+"45"+"78" ) + { "3"+"6" } + [ "369" ] = 513

[ 153 + 513 = 666 ]

Where: { 144+144+144 = 432 } as (666 = 234+432 )

The Eerie Synchronicities do not stop here; when we consider that
"459" is the Central figure in the whole 1 to 9 Alphanumeric Code:

[ "459" = 153+153+153 ]

Of course a mathematical property of Number 153 is well known:
[ 153 = (1x1x1) + (5x5x5) + (3x3x3) ]

This TRIANGULAR PROPERTY of No. 153, as well as the 3-times
144 and 3-times 153, all speak of a definitely intentional TRINITY
(TRIANGLE) symbolism, a recurring/recursive pattern throughout.

This leads us to ponder that a Holographic Fractal operation is
what was designed-to-fit into the English Language, for the express
purpose of Embedding a Triangular Structure -or shall we say- for
the purpose of ACTING AS A RESONANT KEY.

In order to accomplish what exactly, one may ask again...?

The Book of Genesis was composed using a Triangular Template,
or what is better known in theology as the HEXAMERON, explicit
in the Order of Days (6), and divisions of 3 in the narrative content.
This is what in some mystery schools was symbolized as what is
incorrectly named "the "STAR OF DAVID", which is nothing else
than both the plan view (from the top down) as well as the elevation
view (from the side) of 2 Tetrahedrons interlocked within a Sphere.

"ENTRY POINTS" from 4D to 3D; this geometrically constructed
as a full 39 Degrees Band, each inverted Tetrahedron touching the
Sphere at 19.5 Degrees from the Equator: { 19.5 + 19.5 = 39 }.

Notice how the set [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ] shows a 19.5 symmetrical
figure on this linear string of numbers, its digits separated by "234"
and "678" (while: 678-234=444).

Eerily enough, the only 3-letter set of initials of the Alphanumerics
from 1 to 9 previously listed, that did lead to a recognizable word
was: [ ENT = NET = 39 ]. This leads me to think that the hidden
meaning of "NET" in the Miracle Fishing, could be precisely this very
39 Degree angle; to put it in another way, it could symbolize the act
at the 19.5 Degree from the Equator on each hemisphere (where
the Tetrahedrons touch the Sphere). So: [ NET= 39 =ANGLE ].

If we consider as "equator" THE ECLIPTIC instead of the the real
Equator, suddenly we realize that the area where the Pyramids of
Giza in Egypt are, and slightly north of Israel (current Syria), and
almost exactly where the island of CYPRUS stands, falls very close
to this 19.5 Degree angle. Would that be the true reason the Knight
Templar's chose Cyprus as their headquarters...?

Are all these "spiritual coordinates" and "prophecies" perhaps just
the re-enactment of PREVIOUS EVENTS OR ATTEMPTS...? Was
famous musician Neil Young right when he sang (in the song "Like
an Inca"): "Said the condor to the preying mantis We're gonna lose
this place just like we lost Atlantis"...?

We are forced to consider that the highly detailed and elaborate blue
prints staggeringly embedded in Language via Fractal & Holographic
synchronicities, do not seem to be a result of a "1st time in process"
but rather more like a "spiritual franchise" operation, repeated in
franchise/paste mode. This can be thought of both as repeated
from the Past, as well as from Parallel Realities, and in the case
they were repetitions of Holographic Templates from higher realms
in 4D, they would thus be "seen from our perspective", as FROM

Architect Peter Eisenman developed decades ago a concept of this
resemblance, which he coined "Anti-Memories", i.e. Memories of
the Future colliding with the set of archetypal Memories from the
Past. If we picture this in terms of WAVES, the effect would be
in the form of Interference Patterns, which naturally is the very
essence of Holograms. Therefore another avenue of thought in
regard to the necessity of a Holographic Reality, is to conceive it
TIMELINES "Converging" unto a specific "reality" or "locality"
in linear Space-Time, creating these Interference Patterns that
would affect all phenomena, including ... Language itself.

But this is exactly the way I've always explained how GEMATRIA
works within Language; you have a naturally evolved utilitarian
linear-logic and specific to the object type of Language, traceable
to historical processes, UPON WHICH ANOTHER HIDDEN SET
such a way that for all practical purposes you have a Language
normally coming from the less-evolved past, and another coming
from a more evolved future (or even more advanced events in
the Far Past, akin to Quantum Time Waves, when the 3D veil
was trespassed using higher science).

In this case, the perennial "We Have Been Here Before" DEJA-VU
could be the true mode of fractal-ization of this Superior Language,
more akin to a "Quantum Language" in its nature.

Even the Book of Genesis seems to refer clearly to such scenario,
as we are treated to the allegory of the "Tower of Babel" and the