Monday, September 29, 2008

The End of TV "News"

TV news sold us an Obama/McCain 2008 presidential debate as "the"
historical debate of the century... then we were treated to a moronic
doze-off B-movie bore of the century.

After the failed Wall St. Bail-Out, all TV channel "news", be it CNN
or FOX or NBC or what have you, have been displaying a variety of
interviews with Congress representatives and experts, all of which
practically without exception just represent the bitter side of the
losers, those who SUPPORTED THE BILL.

At no time those who defeated the Bill, have even been on

Can you imagine a Superbowl night where all TV cameras are given
to just the loser team to whine and complain...? So we the public
thus, switch off the TV channels, in the self-evident awareness that
neither of the candidates (both supporters of the defeated bill), nor
the entire leadership of both parties, a little less than half of
Congress, and the entirety of corporate TV news media, -not to
mention the presidency of course-, give a damn about We-The-
People, or about elemental fairness at large. Even when we kick
their butt, they will still royally ignore us. Whether they win or
lose a game, only their team & supporters will be on the "news".

Wow what a "surprise"that is...!? Gee, we are "so" shocked...!?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Debating the Yawn

A fundamental conundrum faced the home viewer watching the 1st.
Election 2008 presidential debate: should I fall asleep right now, do
it midstream, or maybe then fall asleep towards the end...?

If you didn't yawn or experience uncontrollable narcoleptic seizures,
you're a certified insomniac. This "debate" could have put back to
sleep a bear coming fresh out of winter hibernation.

The "historic" night as announced by TV pundits, turned out to be
more like a bureaucratic 0-0 tie in a fiasco soccer game between
Greece and Turkey.

The only sign of veritable animosity being McCain's epileptic eye
blinking while staring into any secret spot except contender Obama,
you the constituent were treated to a royal lesson in extreme civility
by a bowing Obama, cavalierly repeating "John is absolutely right"
over & over again, every time "John" blinked more than usual.

In turn, one was to remind oneself that this was not a bad B-movie
but a real-life event of -yes- historic proportions. Appropriately
by automatic reflex, one would avoid yawning, like a catholic kid
after confession avoids looking at a girl's legs. At any rate, sooner or
later bowel movements would take their course and impel one to
the bathroom, feeling guilty of perhaps missing the crucial part of
a night to forever remember as the night nothing happened at all.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sasquatch & the R.E.D. Button

Almost a year ago I emailed a bunch of my friends the following You
Tube link of a pathetically laughable Lauren Caitlin Upton "Miss Teen
S. Carolina" beauty pageant answer, widely circulated in the web. I
did not quite know then why I got so irked by this; NOW I KNOW...
I was simply being the psychic. And compare it with the next You
Tube link of Sarah Palin answering a question by Katie Couric:
(I just miss the subtitles as well...).

Please observe the synchronicities with Sarah Palin; she was crowned
"Miss Wasilla" and "Miss Congeniality" -also the title of a film series
starring Sandra Bullock- in Alaska (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):

[ "S. PALIN" = 71 = LAUREN ]
[ "LOUISE" = 81 = "A L. CAITLIN" ]

To the list of famous females Palin has synchronicity memes with
-as I listed in my previous article "Lois Lane (Louise Palin) does
Washington"-, we must add Sandra Bullock as Miss Congeniality:

{ conge NIAL ity } PALIN

Am I the only one scared of "Lauren Caitlin Upton" as Vicepresident
having access to the Red Button of terminal weapons...? Considering
that John McCain is sort of halfway dead -fact is his medical records
are longer than a thousand pages, recurring cancer amongst his
conditions- the sheer prospect of potentially Palin replacing him as
President, gives the expression "chills & a cold sweat" a terrifying
new Armageddon meaning.

This is a Wasilla stone-age mentality self-righteous fundamentalist
with delusional ideas of a "godly" mission, that presented herself to
the world ritually clothed in RED, down to the shoes. We already
know 911 was a ["Code" = 27 = " RED"], { worlD tradE centeR }.

I don't like the name Wasilla neither, as it reminds me of Vlad Tepes
Dracula's kingdom of Wallachia, and even more strikingly so the
name of the famous female vampire called CAMILLA. "Wasilla"
is like a blend of "Wallachia" & "Camilla".

Never mind that Sarah Louise Palin was a Miss Congeniality that left
the 6000 thousand people town of Wasilla-Alaska with a debt of $15
million after as Mayor she built a massive Sports Complex...!? Now we
are talking the possibility of the planet's demise; I don't relish a type
of a Cultural Sasquatch to even remotely be close to the Red Button.

Could it be that Palin just was placed as Governor of Alaska, in order
to "spike up" the controversial H.A.A.R.P Project in Alaska, that so
many conspiracy researchers blame for Weather-Manipulation and
even Mind Control on a continental scale?

Did the Usual-Suspects need the youngest and 1st. female, utterly
clueless Sarah Palin as Governor, to do as they please with this very
dangerous project? While this idea may seem too far-out, when we
do the Gematria synchronicity, it does stand up (rearrange letters):

(sort of like saying "Illuminati Nsa Haarp")

Thus besides the humor, every single synchronicity in Sarah Louise
Palin's name and life, leads to highly eerie and uncomfortable name
relationships to negative archetypes, and mass-media female icons,
even back to Nefertiti as I posted previously, with such intensity and
near-perfect matches, that her case goes beyond the mere casual, to
becoming a dark "loaded" figure. She acts out a dark female type,
in a re-enactment of Akhenaten's wife, becoming a Pharaoh herself,
with a starkly dangerous technological edge:


Nefertiti was placed as Pharaoh in this "emergency" period in Egypt,
and it seems this is the "intended fate" behind the Palin rise from
nowhere, the hidden agenda -not that it must come to pass, but as
a 'nice try', on the part of the Usual Suspects-.


In her 1st. interview with Katie Couric, she answered the simplest of
questions about why she had never even applied for Passport before
2006, in a strikingly hateful way against more learned and cultured
"A" CLASS RICH FAMILIES, with a thinly disguised hate for those,
as opposed to she -that had "2 jobs" and "could not"-.

What deeply revealing and dark lie this is; of course people that have
travelled are not all rich by any means, and culture does no come out
of "having money", it is INNER disposition. That a potential Vicepres.
-or even President by default- could utter this kind of lie, speaks of a
disturbing mental landscape; or at least of a lot of concealed Vermin.

As all Fascism is nothing but manifest Hate against the Learned, her
answer must be carefully reviewed in this context. Is Palin nothing
more than a Fascist expressing her Resentment against a world in
the middle of the Information Age, that is leaving behind her small
bubble ideas and beliefs, and expressing her cultural/geographical
Isolationism as a "revenge" against this more advanced/intelligent
world...? Her education is minimal, she lived her entire life in Alaska,
most of it in a 6 thousand people town "hunting moose", she was the
sports jock type, her religious views are plainly Fundamentalist, she
is highly Conservative and dedicated to procreating, all in all it reads
like the classic Resentment prototype.

Or at least it reads like a Cultural Sasquatch attempting to believe
that she is like a "New Nefertiti"
delusionally poised to avenge the
"damage done to her "kind", and "restore the world" back to basics,
-Sasquatch basics, that is-. Revert evolution, turn back the clock, do
the regressive move, rewind the tape and play "how we was".

You will notice every single time she is asked about her visible lack
of minimal qualifications, she skips the question, and deviates into a
rambling about her so "unique" experience, even laughingly so.
In other words, this is even worse than just another "Dubya" type,
dangerously close to have her hands over the Red Button, delusionally
believing in being the "Saviour/Protector" of Amerika -with a "K"
that is-. Feel free to enjoy the exposing videoclips:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And the Loot goes on...

And now, to add insult to injury, the Gamblers in Wall Street seem
intent on pulling off the biggest scam of all, a so-called "Bail-Out"
that is nothing else than the biggest theft ever. As the song says:
"And the Beat goes on", they are sure the american technocracy is
either too dumb or too scared to think straight, and see Opportunity
for more Stealing & Gambling, amidst the very crash.

If I was to rate the Bail-Out for sheer insanity -1o the maximum
level of dementia- then 10 it what this Bail-Out ranks. If enacted
it will pass on to history as the 3rd. most disastrous decision, along
with the previous also rushed-through by "emergency" insanities,
the War against Iraq, and the Patriot Act, in the post-2000 era.

In short, this Bail-Out is the final nail in the coffin. It's Looting at its
worst, trojanizing the Horse of Fear. Uncertainty is a bad thing, yet
there is nothing "uncertain" about the lunacy of this Bail-Out; it is
dead-certain the single-most preposterous move from this current
administration, to protect its financial network of pirates from too
much roadkill. They want to live on, and live on well by continuing to
loot and gamble forever & ever amen
, going into the same casino now
with a load of chips provided to them by the taxpayers, under the
faint pretext that this is "necessary" for survival of the system.
THEIR system, that is.

They, the same people that gambled Titanic securities straight into
an iceberg -because this was expedient to support an incompetent
administration, to create the ilussion of "prosperity"
-, want now
the taxpayer to finance them an extended leg of trip on the same

I can only comment as follows: Sick Bag Please...!? If you don't feel
like puking now, be assured you'll be puking tomorrow when the full
impact of the effects of this insanity register in your faltering brain.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Down Goes Amerika, to Homologue the Globe


This has been the secret mantra of the decade, nothing more than
carefully "Controlled Demolition" of the United States, necessary
for Globalism to truly become feasible. This actually symbolized for
all to see in the Twin Towers destruction.

See, Globalism cannot become a full-fledged reality, while discordant
levels between nations persist. Disparity must be leveled-off, and
the USA was the biggest disparity of them all; this is what is called
“Homologuing", raising the level of 3rd. World nations to the Mid-
level nations, and lowering down the level of countries like the USA
unto a Mid-level nation.

The current incumbent's administration was installed to enact this
Controlled Demolition, and thus pave the way for a Centralized One
World Government, this was all along their secret agenda, disguised
with patriotic flag waving and deceiving speeches, designed to
distract and caress the ears. The real object was to bring down
America and turn it into a backyard sale, subservient to the new
global masters.

Europe has been already advancing by leaps & bounds towards that
goal, through the European Union. Latin America is now creating its
own regional block super-government, through their own bank and
currency -albeit not the puppet entity the globalists have in mind-,
therefore globalists are engaged in plotting to bring it down & replace
it with their own puppet block supra-government, starting with who
else?... Venezuela and Bolivia and Colombia, then Chile and the rest
of them -in their wishful thinking that is-. Just an example.


The idea is to unite large segments of the globe into Blocks, and then
Homologue them, in order to simplify the whole world “Homologuing“
process, because a 1-by-1 case would by nightmarish. After that the
respective Blocks can more easily unite into a Central Government
across the globe, ruled by one single currency. Thus obviously the
Dollar had to fall-from-grace as well, to facilitate this transition.

Individual nations were convinced to transform their independent
economies & productivity into an EXPORT/IMPORT model. This is
a heavily DEPENDENT ON OIL model, to transport all products big
& small throughout the planet, creating an unsustainable rise in Oil
demand, which is the bottom-line of the rise in Oil prices. Then this
induced stress on the global demand for Oil directly translates into
INFLATION in monetary terms, and this Inflation is concomitantly
aggravated by insane out-of-control printing of money, increasing the
money supply (necessary for the Dollar to fall in value).

Inflation is a form of TAX imposed unto the masses, to pay for both
the Devaluation of the Dollar and the Rise in Oil prices, both crystal-
clear deliberate agendas, enacted to force individual nations to seek
unity in Blocks of Nations, as an attempt to a "solution" for these new
highly fluctuating stresses that become the day-to-day norm.


In other words, unless the individual nations now coalescing into
Regional Blocks, cease to pursue the suicidal insanity of turning over
all their geo-strategic resources into the "World Trade" scam, there
is but no other way for the snowball to go, but down the hill, bigger &
bigger until only the imposition of a Centralized World Government
is called in to "solve" the growing crisis deliberately implemented to
this end-goal.

It is this demented Import-Export trade-it-all model, that stresses to
the limit the demand for Oil; without it, Oil would fall naturally back
to historically low price fluctuations. This would "liberate" a stressed
Oil price from being totally pegged to the Dollar or whatever currency
it is pegged to, thus halting the spreading of the Fall of the Dollar
contagion unto the energy sector. It is not unfeasible to once again
think of an oil-based specific currency, as a momentary means to
contain the damage. This and other possibilities, are presently out of
reach, due to the insane demand on Oil, stressed out to the max and
without room or freedom to wiggle. So number 1 Way-Out is to turn
back the clock on the Import/Export mania, and transition again into
a mix-model of Local & International Trade economies
, which is of
course the NATURAL WAY economies manifest, thus freeing the
Oil peak demand.

On the other end of the current catastrophic economic Armageddon,
to a dramatic loss of purchasing power caused by near-bankruptcy in
the middle class, their jobs constantly Outsourced everywhere

If you think in the most basic terms, this is the true cause of all
mortgage failures; whatever fluctuations the interest rate and all
the rest of monetary-casino market mechanics bring on, it is the
loss of jobs and wages and certainties and so forth, that render it
as totally impossible for the masses to keep their mortgages afloat.
Thus once again, Globalization as insane trading of Everybody/
Everything across the globe, is the real culprit. Because besides
mortgage and credit in general, Consumption is also affected in
multiple ways, configuring an economy trapped between a rock
and a hard place.

News won't give you this explanation; they will confuse and cloud the
issue with complicated rationalizations, but ultimately all the repeat-
wave economic Armageddon crisis are caused quite deliberately by
the Globalization agenda itself, in order to make it imperative to
Globalize even more, until the Apex point of "Total" Globalization
through a Centralized Government & one currency is accomplished.
The elite calls it "Creating Through Chaos", while the masons have
always called it "Order Out of Chaos".


This is the root-cause of the sell-out; by indoctrinating people that
the purpose of life is to become like everyone else by having what
everyone else has and no less, Globalism becomes the only vehicle
to achieve this artificial idiotic dream bubble.

China wants to be like America. America wants all that the chinese
can sell. Everybody wants the same phones and cars and highways
and restaurants and lifestyles, IRRELEVANT OF THE GEOGRAPHY

This is an aberrant lie; Nature is varied and localized in many ways,
nothing is uniform and not all is available to all. This false "Unity of
Mind" is just a way to sell Globalism unimpeded and unrestrained.
This lie was inseminated through decades of pushing people out of
the countryside and into mega urban metropolis where they become
dependent on mega corporations to feed and do anything. Once they
lose their Sense of "Unique Place & Unique Identity", they're meat
fodder for Globalism.

Truth is, Local Sourcing is optimal for Food & Water and even most
essential needs, such as... ENERGY...! Obviously people in big cities
must heavily depend on Oil & Industrial Gas & Electricity, however
in lower density environments, Energy can be attained through Ocean
Wave or Solar or Wind power, in combination to the traditional oil &
electricity ways of meeting needs. Big cities are by definition traffic
intense bottlenecks, and in the end all the "Economic Comparative
Advantages" of clustering in dense urban centers, are wiped out by
the stringent demands on industial energy sources, as well as the
need to solve the endemic bottleneck traffic and crime problems.


The main reason the Baby-Boomer cloud-9 mentality of procreating
'til kingdom come was pushed into place as the norm, was to create
CITIES. Once this was in place, Globalization was not an "If" but a
"When" only. Therefore the push-back to Decentralization and into
lower densities -intrinsic to less procreation and consumption-, is the
only real way of reverting the spiral towards global centralization in
the form of authoritarian rule.

While most of the educated classes have thus stopped procreating
in unsustainable ways, the lower classes are still indoctrinated to do
so via the mass mainstream media, and they in turn aggravate the
demand for Oil and stress the Money supply, through their obsessive
craving for all products they feel they "must" have. Presently it
is not a question of an "Oil & Carbon Footprint", but rather a
situation of "Oil & Gas Rape"...!? The demands are simply beyond

So this is the Time to stop pretending to want to be somebody you
ain't, simply because TV & Films teach to to be so. It is the Time
to live by lesser means, with lesser gadgets, and happy to be who
you are with the essentials that configure that, no more
. Nothing
will be solved, unless there is a strong change in MENTALITY, in
the lower classes particularly. "Education" is merely a tool to like
in machine fashion produce "professionals", without an emphasis
on the basic environmental and ecological perspective as to how to
live in a stressed planet. We don't need so much "professionals"
who know almost everything about almost nothing, what we need
is responsible educated people who KNOW HOW TO LIVE within
a sustainable environment, both culturally and physically. If they
have an academic degree or not, is irrelevant. After all there is a
thing called the Internet for self-education.

Globalism precisely strives to "solve" this acute educational failure,
a failure the elite intentionally has perpetuated because it yet again
gives credence to the "need" for "Total" Globalization as the only
solution. Globalism in essence is saying: "look, the situation is way
beyond control, and we must do this or else it's doom". By not being
aware that Globalism itself has been the tool to enact the very doom,
the whole discussion is slanted and rather pointless.


People like me have been predicting all this for a very long time, to
deaf ears. I predicted Oil prices past above U$125 for the year 2006,
already in 1999. Alright I missed by a year or so, but this is no reason
to have labeled me as clinically insane and telling me to go to a
shrink, like most professionals in the energy sectors did when I
told them so....!? In retrospective, who was nuts, huh...? Indeed I
warned about a year and a half ago about a "Bad Bad October 2008"
as pivotal moment in the downturn of the American Dream finances,
pinpointing real estate as the trigger problem of a much deeper
systemic condition.

I could go on boringly on a long list of fulfilled predictions, but the
point here is that another crucial element that needs to be fixed, is
to stop listening to the same false gurus -i.e. to the very same tired
deluded Technocracy
that got us to this mess-, and start paying
closer attention to what intelligent and better informed alternative
people are thinking and saying, for a change. Without this, what use
is there in even fathoming a way out of the continuous mess...?
There is therefore a need for a change in the dialogue, more than a
change in just the actors.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lois Lane (Louise Palin) Does Washington

We've all heard about the
studies that have shown
conservatives tend to react
or be far more impressed
by loud noises and bright
lights or colours. They also
exhibit a distinct tendency
to be utterly fixated on
SuperHeroes, subconsciously
that is-; this explains their
religious fundamentalist
proclivities, as well as their
penchant for big-fetish
power politics -the totemic
kind; strong words/gestures,
resolute baloney, but impressive in form and delivery, a perennial
addiction to hearing good stories instead of the truth about anything
& everything really, particularly in respect to politics & economics.
then your mind is mush the moment you just see or hear a favorable-
to-you (as you see it) Celebrity or SuperHero. You might think you
are logical/rational/pragmatic, but actually you are making decisions
at the level of an 8-year old fantasizing comics SuperHeroes and the
like without realizing it -subconsciously, that is-.

In this type of constituency -the impressionable kind-, democracy
is nothing but a pipe-dream, a dream conveniently manipulated &
triggered On-Demand by the Usual-Suspects, configuring a slanted
Post-Modern projection of staged illusions based on figure worship.
Take the new Faux-Figure manufactured to meet the impressionable
conservative voter crowd expectations, Sarah Louise Palin. On closer
inspection, her media construct has bits/pieces of MEMES belonging
to other highly visible figures, such as Hillary Clinton, Linda Carter
the powerful cartoonish WonderWoman, Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft,
Nefertiti the 1st. female Pharaoh, Linda Tripp & Monica Lewinsky,
Paris Hilton, Nancy Pelosi. We shall explain a little ahead these rather
obvious yet hidden to the Conscious Mind meme relationships, which
CONSTRUCT Palin's totemic allure, like puppet masquerade theater
of the absurd. In Sarah Louise Palin -as LOIS LANE-, Amerika goes
Comics in a literal sense, this is a low-point in mass manipulation.
The wornout phony "Man of the People" (in a fake ranch) routine is
by Gender-Makeover morphed into a Lara Croft Tomb Raider (see
illustration above, only designer spectacles missing), the videogame
-i.e. mind control- female figure most sold in history; in "real" life
as in Washington, Palin stands in front of cameras reading scripts
written by George W.'s speech-writer on tele-prompters, seemingly
convinced of herself being Nefertiti the wife of Akhenaten who later
was anointed Pharaoh herself, assured in her role of being the last
true reformer of the New World Order gone bust. One cannot but
think... "Dan Quayle revisited, what a goon".
It's hard to believe, but the right-wing elites do actually believe that
in this most perilous moment in our planet's history, they can simply
pull-off a Faux new Margaret Thatcher zombie, dreaming everything
will be for them (and us) a fine & dandy Back-To-The-80's normal.
Truly then I tell you, The-Inmates-Have-Taken-Over-The-Asylum.
So let's look at some of the most in-your-face memes embedded in
the Fox/Faux construction of a mythical Sarah Louise Palin barbie-
doll for a delusional repressed horny-toad conservative constituency.
Let's begin with the title of this very article:
[ "LOIS" stands for "LOUISE" ] while:
[ LOIS LANE = "S. ALIN + ELO" ] { S. Palin Elohim}
So SuperMan's (Elohim) girlfriend gets to go to Washington as Palin.
"LANE" of course is also pronounced "LAIN" (ALIN); therefore
"LOIS LANE" is nothing but "Louise Lain" (LOUISE ALIN).
But female make-believe Presidential Buster goons were already in
full right-wing manipulation regalia already by 1997's Impeachment:
The only 4-letter discordance's, eerily form the word "UTAH".
In other websites I have pointed out the similarities between the
Twin Towers 911 event and the 1997 film TITANIC, its 2 huge
chimneys representing the 2 towers, and the ship turning vertical
with lighted windows representing a tower falling down. The key
figure was acted out by KATE WINSLET, whose extremely obvious
pun to MONICA LEWINSKY went beyond the generic not-skinny
and extremely pale oval face with heavy red lipstick (they could
have been sisters), into their names:
[ LEWINSKY = K. WINSLEY ] (Kate Winslet)
Which of course in turn reminds one, announced in... 1997 also:
"Y2K" ~~~ as { "Why Two Key" } or { "World Trade K" }
reading as: [ World Trade 11 ] (K=11)
If we most simply read "Y2K" as "WTK" the clue emerges as
(a=1, b=2, ... z=26):
[ 119 = "WTK" + Prince ] [ 119 = "WTK" + WINS ]
So this eerie Impeachment/Titanic/911 synchronicity is clear:
In other words, Palin is merely the natural extension of the very
same Synchronicity: "Impeachment/Titanic/911/Palin", that is.
As in stranger than science fiction, we might illuminate on the fringe
fact that SYNCHRONICITY IN LANGUAGE comes from the Future
in Reverse Alternate TimeLoops; what we perceive in 3D as Future
is actually the 4D Realm impressing its concordances unto our linear
time reality, backwards (more evolved to less evolved always takes
a reverse/backwards linear-time flow direction). Linear Time is an
illussion, or as orientals have always taught: "The World Is Maya"
(The World Is An Illusion) -a Projection- using Plato's own metaphor.
What is Circular/Concentric in 4D, becomes 3D Linear successive in
our realm, but this is just an illussory appearance. LANGUAGE here,
serves as an acute example of this Synchronistic 4D principle. Thus
in the aftermath of the also...1997... Columbine School event -by 2
young guys, one called {Harris=Sarih+r} the other {Dylan = Dalyn},
i.e. [ "SARIH DALYN" ], involving lots of SONS & DAUGHTERS,
in a highly charged emotional shock trauma state of mind, during the
widely broadcast-ed long funeral, CELINE DION's song "My heart
will go on" from the flm "Titanic" was played over & over again:
Now at the 2008 RNC republican. Convention we see the unusual
sight of a full family of sons & daughters, even of toddler age. And
on cue, the entire conservative viewer audience goes nuts for Palin;
all a replay of previously embedded highly charged emotional past
experiences of this "Sons & Daughters" painful Columbine event.
Somebody somewhere, toying with impressionable people's minds.
Oh look... now the little girl licks her paw... and combs the toddler's
hair... wow ... Palin will REALLY PROTECT OUR CHILDREN...!
Seems all like highly detailed & staged/scripted make -believe,
taylor-made to the Stone-Age mindset of a many conservatives.
And here comes Linda Carter the WonderWoman, in patriotic Red
White & Blue, also in overdo hair & heavy lipstick, as Palin clone:
What about Angelina Jolie, also overdo hair and heavy lipstick ?:
Paris Hilton anyone...? They share the same full 1st. & last initials:
As well as sharing many other letters in their names of course:
Hillary Clinton such an obvious choice, was after her that Palin took:
And even the 1st. female Speaker of the House herself:
So we get to the ultimate female power icon, NEFERTITI herself,
wife of Pharaoh AMENOPHIS IV (also called AmenHotep IV as well
as Akhenaten), becoming a female Pharaoh, in place of Amenophis
(a=1, b=2, ... , z=26):
Observe the full 1st. & last initials of the Egyptian power couple:
("L" is the only letter missing)
If reading these insane bizarre Synchronicities doesn't give you the
distinct impression our 3D "Life is but a joke" as B. Dylan famously
sang in "All along the watchtower" , then you sport a really low level
of perception. The more you look into Encrypted Power Language,
the more our 3D linear Realm becomes akin to a crazy video-game
gone wrong, manipulated by halfway demented 4D negatives (most
likely seriously devolving), toying with human minds. Perhaps this
-the one toying, the programmer-, is what Dylan in drug induced
trance wrote about when he sang in the same song: "There must be
someway out of here, said the Joker to the Thief", the Joker that is,
(the Thief being your politico playing king of the hill). Accurate lyrics
for an other-wordly vision of a ghostly video-game like matrix; that
would explain the fascination this song had on Jimi Hendrix, or even
Neil Young who used to close his shows with it, repeating endlessly:
"There must be some way out of here", while breaking all his electric
Gibson guitar strings, pummeling it into a distorted feedback.
Now it's the End-Times Dementia kicking in big-time into scene,
each "GOVERNOR" (REV-elation) enacting the part of a comics
series SuperHero, from Arnold Scharzenegger in an almost literal
conscious sense, to Sarah "Lois Lane" Palin in a more subconscious
manner. And before that another Governor -Dubya-, was playing
the part of post-911 "Protector", while staging elaborate theatrical
landings on top of a sea-carrier dressed in full fighter jet pilot
uniform, in corny reenactment of the president flying a fighter jet
in the film "Independence Day", with a preposterous "Mission
Accomplished" sign for a war not yet ended years after. It is all
bizarre mind mass hypnotism performed upon the impressionable,
which most often than not turn out to be conservative naive blind-
believer-follower types, thus explaining why most encryptions and
meme subliminals target them.
Yes, we have a veritable constituency of impressionable Super-Hero
worshipping conservatives, acting on subliminal magnetism, turning
now a sickly mediocre and thinly disguised "mean" regressive Sarah
Palin, into a Cleopatra for the New World Order. This from the same
constituency crowd who fell victim to Dubya's father deliberate John
Wayne accent !?, who fell victim to Dubya's fake small-town cowboy
& ranch persona !?, the same crowd who never had a clue about J.
Edgar Hoover's gay cross-dressing secret life !?, while thinking of him
as the epitome of conservative virtuosity !? No kidding, this crowd
needs to urgently GROW UP and break the shell they're stuck in, or
the world will remain plagued by the retarded Sarah Palin types
forever and ever hunting moose and bear and procreating like there
is no tomorrow, in a ficticious Alaska where things are not Paradise,
but rather a Bridge To Nowhere.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Who is Clark Kent?

Rabbi Simcha Weinstein & novelist Howard Jacobson suggested that
the comics hero SUPERMAN was partly based and influenced by the
Old Testament figure of MOSES, as well as by other jewish elements.

In the story Superman was born as "Kal-El" on planet Krypton, then
raised as Clark Kent in earthly Kansas. Rather all too obviously Kal-
El resembles a jewish word meaning "Vessel of God". Philosopher
Nietzsche was the 1st. to coin the expression "Superman" as a fateful
omega-point of human evolution. Then Nazism would also make use
of the word as implying the racial superiority destiny of the Arian
stock, about to make a genetic leap from human to "SuperMan".

Weinstein & Jacobson had reasons; the 2 writers of this Superman
comics series were jewish -Siegel & Schuster-. The most emblematic
Hollywood actor to ever portray Superman was Christopher Reeves.
This lends credence to others who have seen Superman as a symbol
of both Moses and Christ. The name Christopher reminds one of the
word "Christogram", a short -often in Latin- way of abbreviating the
name for Jesus Christ, such as the well-known & extensively used
"IHS", or the so-called Sign of Constantine, -"XP"-.

As Moses in the narrative led the jews to the Promised Land, later
in the medieval ages one Christopher Columbus led the way out of
Europe into the New World of America, for christians. That the last
name "Reeves" would contain both the term "REV" (Book of Rev.),
as well as "EVE" (woman of Rev 12), appears to be no coincidence;
in fact the story goes that Christopher Columbus sailed in the ship
called "Santa Maria", along with ships the Pinta and the NiƱa. If you
count that is 3 Ships, just like the 3 crucified on Golgotha, just like
the 3 letters of the Christogram "IHS", often rendered with the 3
Nails of the Cross under the letters, all these very clearly allegories
of the TRINITY. The Trinity is the Pyramid on elevation view, as
the Square (New Jerusalem) in the plan view; the Pyramid therefore
represents the TRANSITION FROM 3D TO 4D.

We see the Egyptian Pyramid with a Triangle at the Apex in the One
Dollar bill, with the Independence year 1776 date written at the base
in Latin numerals. In some previous posts I've have explained how
the riddle of "Rev.13:18" is very easily decoded as:

[ 13 x 18 = 234 ] while { 234 + 432 = 666 }. Thus we can also add up:
[ 1776 + 234 = 2010 ]

This means that the year 2010 is generically encoded as a pivotal
"Beginning Apex/Aperture" point in the Transition from 3D to 4D.
In Masonry, this is symbolized as the COMPASS (Triangle/Female)
opening up to the SQUARE (Male), all in all just an occultic sexual
image of the StarGate Portal from 3D to 4D, within the Human Dna.
In other words, the advent of the... -you guessed it-... SuperMan.

The character Superman derives his power out of a crystal called
Kryptonite, green in colour. This can be seen as metaphor for Christ
Consciousness in the Human Dna, the green denoting the Reptilian
aspect of the Hybridization experiment within the human races.

[ CLARK KENT SUPERMAN ] is embedded with { SERPENT }

Tracing back the Old & New Testaments to the last Egyptian crucial
KeyStone of Pharaoh "Amen-Ophis IV" (or Amen-Hotep IV) who
was also called Akhenaten -which some render as "ARKENATEN"
(origin of the "Ark")-, we can see his name also clearly encrypted:


Which is just another way of conveying the same, since "OPHIS"
means "Serpent". As Pharaohs changed to Kings and Caesars and
lately to Presidents, we see the same encryption as prevalent:

[ PRESIDENT = SERPENT ID ] ("Serp" in reverse, then "ent")

As Akhenaten/Arkenaten or Pharoah Amen-Ophis IV instituted the
worship of the 1st. monotheistic god "ATEN", that explains why we
have key words containing this term ATEN, like in "COVENANT",
etc., in all things 'power' ever since.

In the Superman comic series, we observe how Clark Kent worked
for the "Daily Star" newspaper -symbolizing his star of origin-, then
went to work for the "DAILY PLANET" -symbolizing his new Earth
planet destination-, conveniently encoding his "God ATEN" nature.

Therefore rather obviously "Clark" means the ARK, while the full
name "Clark Kent" means ARKENATEN, and so everything else is
carefully made-to-fit into this secret code. The name "Krypton" for
the planet of origin means of course KRYPTOCRACY, the rule of this
elite that encodes all human language of interest. For instance Clark
Kent falls in love with female reporter "Lois Lane":

[ LOIS LANE = SION AL-EL ] ("Al-him" or "El-ohim")

"EL" is an ancient abbreviation of "EL ELYON", meaning "(God)The
Highest", and as such it appears a few times in the Old Testament.

Superman is reared on Earth as Clark Kent by the surrogate parents
"Jonathan & Martha", whose Christ-Incarnated metaphor is obvious:

[ "Jonathan" means JOSEPH ] as [ "Martha" means MARY ]

This symbolism becomes almost too apparent, when for example in
the famous dying scene Superman's father utters the Trinity words:
"Father becomes Son, as Son becomes Father".

Do observe how in this scene, while the father utters these words, in
the wall we can see the word "JASON", meaning: "JAHWEH's SON".

The hidden reptilian symbolism behind the Superman comics series,
is best contained in the prominent "S" within a TRIANGLE, that he
wears over his chest. The big "S" is made to represent the Serpent.

As a few notable researchers such as Sigmund Freud have stated,
Moses appears to have been based in the figure of Akhenaten. What
matters here in reference to this post, is the COLOURS Superman's
skin-tight robe convey: RED & BLUE. The Crossing of the Red Sea
allegory in the Old Testament, means esoterically the "Opening Up"
of the HUMAN DNA, to allow a hybridization with a new reptilian
genetic stream; the "RED" represents the Human Dna, & the "BLUE"
represents the reptilian Nephalim Cross-Breeds. These are usually
called the "Blue-Blood"s, in occultic lore. From the land of the Blue
Nile (the land of the Pyramids), the serpent race crossed the Red
Sea, implying this Blue genetic stream last came from Egypt, and
expanded East, anchored in the occultic figure of Akhenaten and
his monotheistic cult.

SUPERMAN'S CAPE is an obvious reference to reptilian royalty as
in the Draco; thus the comics superheroes merge, Superman is to be
understood as being Batman, this comics figure actually showing the
Draco wings literally. Thus we can see how the latest film "Superman
Returns", is deliberately named so to correspond with the "Batman
Returns" previous film.

Superman is actually Batman, & Metropolis is actually Gotham City.
The theme of wearing disguises, is about wearing huma Dna suits,
disguising the true reptilian cross-breed 4D heritage. This in essence
the real scope of both comics series.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Joke of the Month

Take George W. Bush, paste him with long rising hair, don him with
some chic designer glasses, splatter him with careful makeup and
heavy lipstick and what you get is... Sarah Palin...!?

With a matching IQ, and similar backgrounds in local gubernatorial
"hands-on experience", similarities extend to the Rangers Stadium
scandal, as to Palin's leaving a 6300 population village in the middle
of nowhere in Alaska with a 15 million dollar debt due to her 'bright'
idea of building a Sports Complex, for which she also did not assure
proper legal papers, resulting in a $1.3 million loss after a lost Legal
Domain lawsuit.

From there on the GOP's eye for potential superstar politicos took
her as pet-project, and the rest is history. Now the country and the
rest of the planet by extension, has to watch her on her 1st. live TV
interview preposterously lying about seemingly everything. Asked
about the Iraq war being called by her a Task of God (as George W.
had done before), all the hair & glasses & lipstick could not cover a
clumsy bold liar trying to explain what she said wasn't really what
you do think you heard her actually say.

Then came the historic lie; that Russia attacked Georgia -brace here
yourself-... UNPROVOKED. Interviewer incredulously asks her once
again: "...Unprovoked...?", she confirmed with a 2nd: "Unprovoked".

In the same interview she claims to be a "reformer" of the country.
Question is: how can a low IQ hockey-mom with a penchant for lying
& conniving (pulling strings to fire her sister's divorcing husband), be
in any shape or fashion a reformer? Post Modern politics have sank
to a new record low, by manufacturing made-for-tv & women's
fashion magazines "new leaders", whose lack of even minimal
credentials and phony nature is for all to see.

No, we didn't blink neither, in recognizing her as such. And yes, the
elites are laughing at us the electorate, by designating her, in this
but just the last example of utterly shallow power-image politics.
What does Gematria Numerology tell us of this latest scam?
(a=1, b=2, ... , z=26):


And here comes the unexpected twist:


She was born Feb 11, 1964 and became the 11th Governor of Alaska:

[ "Feb 11, 1+9+6+4" = 44 = GOV. = ANTI ]

Remember this the Joke of the Month, she is not the AntiChrist...!?

However, it is interesting how the first 2 letters of her married last
name "PALIN" match "PATMOS" Island (in Greece, where Book of
Revelation was supposedly written by John). Including John McCain
now, indeed we find that:

[ BEAST = 47 = JOHN = 47 = SARAH ]

[ REV. = 45 = DANIEL = 45 = ALASKA ]

Even more interestingly so, the first 2 letters of her name "SARAH"
also match "SATURN". Saturn is the evil side of the ancient polarity
of deities "Jupiter (Zeus) & Saturn (Satan)". This thus is confirmed
by the emblematic number "492" -or reverse mirror "294"-, as the
1st. line in the famous MAGIC SQUARE OF SATURN:

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

Whose rows & columns all add up to 15 or (1+5 = 6 }, thus "6 6 6".



This "Magic Square of Saturn" synchronicity is also found in:

[ SQUARE = 81 = LOUISE ] (her middle name)
[ MAGIC SQUARE = 114 = GOVERNOR ] (her title)

You will observe I've used "RE" for "republican"; when using same
abbreviation, a 2nd. synchronicity regarding 911 emerges:

[ 119 = "RE. GOV. PALIN" ] [ 91 = "GOV. SARAH" ]

In respect to the crucial Rev 13:18 ("666") verse in the Book of Rev,
or by extension in respect to the whole "AntiChrist" theme, there
seems to be widespread misunderstanding. The original greek word
for "ANTI", is actually... "ANTE", not as our use of "Anti" in being
the opposite of, but in the sense of "Ante" as being one who passes
for, or substitutes for, the real thing or person. A pretender, a con.
The Gematria Numerology is extremely clear confirming such, as:

[ 47 = BEAST ] While the mirror reverse number:

[ LUCIFER = 74 = JESUS ]

This is in fact the CENTRAL AXIS of the the Prophecy, and it is not
simply a coincidence that the book is called "REV" which commonly
is used to mean "REVERSE" most likely nowadays. In short, it is a
Prophecy about a con agenda, a substitution of the positive "Christ"
by a secretly negative reverse Luciferian agenda, using the cover of

This is what the true expression "ANTE-CHRIST" really means.
Many organizations or groups or individuals may pass as "Christian"
and they all are thus related in part to the Prophecy, if they do have
a secret negative agenda. In the case of the usual rotten politics of
our days, for example we could pinpoint that:


The case of Sarah Palin as Joke of the Month for preposterousness,
is recurrently filled with these Gematria Numerology innuendos
regarding the Rev 13:18 Prophecy. She manifests the typical face
of the extremely slanted & self-righteous fanatical fundamentalist
religious, behind the motherly surface. Dangerously eager to go to

Encyclopedias & dictionaries give the expression "IN PLACE OF"
as the real meaning of the greek term we use as in "ANTI-Christ":


What this implies in my humble opinion, is the fact she noticeably
represents the most boastfully "Christian" face of the reverse-christ
(In Place Of Christ) agenda, therefore she serves as VEHICLE OF
relate to this riddle.

Not surprisingly then, we see that "PALIN" strongest reference is to
PALINDROMES, words/numbers that spell equally either forward
or reverse. The most famous of which -show below and explained in
link- almost contains her name (SARAH), in the upper left corner:


As the sum of the central "TENET" Cross (minus common N) yields:

[ (TENET+TENET) - N = 114 = GOVERNOR ]

In this way, the title "Governor" is secretly code for "Tenet Cross".

This famous Palindrome is called the "Sator Square", suggesting a
relationship with... Saturn...! That in the Roman Empire it would
be a signifier of secret Christianity, speaks volumes about the Dual
Reverse { Lucifer=74=Jesus } riddle, Saturn the origin of Satan.

It is extremely obvious that this Palindrome has been used for quite
some time since the Roman Empire, to convey methods of occultic &
magic Encryption, as a subset to the MAGIC SQUARES. Also obvious
is the fact the names/title of Sarah Palin are being used as a CIPHER
CODE to convey current occultic paradigms. As to who and in which
reality or realm/dimension s doing such, is a different matter. Let's
observe how:

[ SATOR OPERA = 119 = "RE. GOV. PALIN" ]

[ TENET = 64 = ISRAEL = HOTEP ] (Amen-Hotep)

[ "S. PALIN" = 71 = Presid. = Moses = Temple = Opus ]

In previous posts, we described how the origin of the 3 Monotheistic
main religions of Judaism/Islamism/Christianism is easily found in
Pharaoh "AMEN-HOTEP IV" (or "AMEN-OPHIS IV") also known
as "AKHEN-ATEN". Quite evidently so, the single one God "ATEN"
he instituted, is the irrefutable origin of the concept involved in the
riddle of the "ANTE-CHRIST":

[ ATEN = "ANTE" = 40 = DAVID ]

When the Rev 13:18 Prophecy for ex. speaks of having a 'Mark' to
buy or sell, this has been traditionally understood as the emergence
of a cashless society run by Credit Cards as forerunners of embedded
in the hand-or-head chips; since the most used credit card is the
"Visa Mastercard", we find it clearly encrypted in the same figure:


In this way "VISA MONE"Y is encrypted in "Amenophis IV".

Full messages of far reaching conceptual context, therefore can be
similarly encrypted in the name of famous figures. The "Tenet
Cross" for instance, offers an unusual hidden reference:

[ "TENET" moving 1+space up the alphabet becomes "UFOFU" ]

We we could call it the hidden UFO Palinfrome -hidden in "TENET"-.

The riddle of the "Anti/Ante-Christ" as a person/group "In Place Of"
Christ, is rather a LINGUISTIC CIPHER OPERATION, where the
riddle acts like a race or competition, to "fulfill" the MAGIC SQUARE
system of Encryptions, and those who fix the right encodings, believe
themselves to "be" the "Ante-Christ". These person(s) or group(s)
are thus fighting for Supremacy within the Cryptocracy, in a game
of Linguistic Chess, far beyond what normal folk comprehend. It is
in short, sheer magic of "incantations", magic Kabbalah that is. And
the same secret cliques will constantly promote their proteges through
exploiting their names/titles and so forth, as tokens of occultic
power. Language always was is and will be the biggest TALISMAN of

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Joke of the Day

Courtesy of:
"Pesterer Tricky
Sh*t", from the:
Anybody that
believes such is
either a bona-fide
retard, or belongs
in a mental ward.
So let's laugh and
pretend these folks
are simply joking...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blinded By Belief


We often encounter wild animals on the road, who are not conscious
of the danger of automobiles, and are sometimes paralyzed by the
headlights of your car. Their natural programming does not include
automobiles as predator, yet automobiles do kill them. In a similar
way, we humans are not programmed to recognize 4D Predators,
and have a giant BlindSpot. This is filled by BLIND-BELIEF by the
same 4D Predators; Blind-Belief basically consists of making you
ASSUME WITHOUT QUESTIONING or any minimal analysis, that
the object of your belief is "Essentially Good" or even "Divine". In
short, you Give-Away your mind protection devices against intrusion
in exchange for promised rewards. That can often be a most tragic
mistake, because it is a form of EXTRACTING CONSENT out of you.
Translated: you become 4D Roadkill.

See, there are laws for abuse in higher realms, just like our criminal
laws exist here. While sometimes abuse without consent happens,
in most cases some form of CONSENT THROUGH TRICKERY is
the standard. You are being corralled / herded / abused, mainly
because at some point... you actually consented to it.

There's 2 kinds of people in our 3D realm; those who are here to
advance evolution & freedom of consciousness, and those who are
here because they just consent over and over again through many
incarnations, to be abused

While most of the population will vehemently deny they are either
of these types, the fact is they are wrong, because they ARE indeed
these 2 types. People by & large are living in a cocoon illusion, where
they "think" they are here on 3D Earth simply to procreate and to be
"happy". Of course we all want to have a good time, joy is a natural
state of being in any dimension/density. We would all want to have
children/work/progress, however these are DESIRES, not facts. The
Blinded-By-Belief crowd, obsessively forces "reality" to these desires
without coming to grip with the hard facts. Not everybody can have
children for many reasons, not everybody is happy, not everybody
is able to work and earn a living -also for many reasons-, certainly
not everybody is free, not everybody buys into this whole mythology
of "normality" neither, in larger & larger numbers in the population.

A lot of times religious fanatics declare "God" has rewarded them
with goods, but we have better eyes, we can clearly see these goods
came to them most likely because... they Sold-Out to the system...!
The system, not "God". The hard truth is common knowledge; the
Good-Guy almost always loses, the dice is loaded, the captain lies,
and rampant theft, abuse and exploitation is the rule in this planet.
Hardly the place to just peacefully procreate and be "happy".


The Belief-Scam applies to anything, be it ideology or religion or
what have you. Manipulators create a Status-Quo situation where
some of the things we most often by natural programming do, are
severely criminalized. This is a technique to induce a SPLITTING

-For ex. Sex
-For ex. Free-Thinking

These manufactured "Forbidden" trojans, are embedded amongst
all the other ethical universal values & standards, in such a way that
they are given "special emphasis". In this very simple yet effective
way, absolutely every human without exception is torn between
Consciously 'believing' one is Saved, and Subconsciously 'believing'
one is Condemned. In other words, a highly polarized artificial set
of "Saved vs. Condemned" is introduced and made to be the focus
and axis of all human Consciousness. Sex is inherently essential to
3D human physical and emotional evolution, while Free-Thinking is
inherently essential to psychic and spiritual evolution into the 4D.
Criminalizing these is putting a cap on them, and slanting the clean
energies towards "toxic" vibration Rationalizations-By-Belief of all
these as something highly Forbidden/Negative or taboo.

Therefore anytime anybody engages by natural predisposition in
either Sex or Free-Thinking as in the example, that person attaches
trojans to these actions, that change their FREQUENCY, and indeed
are saved into a Memory-File under "Wrong". By repetition of this
natural actions, the Wrong-Files grow bigger & bigger, to the point
the Subconscious Mind is unable to any longer keep 'believing' one
is "Saved"; the Subconscius makes a clearcut determination: I am
indeed "Condemned". This then induces a Split with the Conscious
Mind, bent on egotistically believing one is "Saved" By-Belief. This
is a very messy affair, since in real terms, the Subconscious is way
more powerful and bigger than the Conscious. In practical terms,
this means that the person Subconsciously 'knows' himself to be
so to speak, within the same imagery, as "Punishment". Which of
course means that person will re-incarnate in a life-scenario acc. to
those punishment images. It is a way of manufacturing Negative
Karma by tricked Consent.

We go where our Consciousness truly Subsconsciously thinks one is
deservedly going; whether in this incarnation or the next one, we go
where we subconsciously think we belong, period. Just because we
Consciously "believe" we are going some place, does not mean that
is where we do truly think we're going. This Split-Dysfunction is at
the heart of the Blinded-ByBelief scam. Nobody wants to be abused
and go to a hell-like situation where abuse is continually recycled;
yet through sophistic trickery, By-Belief ONESELF "thinks" to go
precisely there; this equals to inducing CONSENT By Deception.
Thus the real business of any Fundamentalist Belief -at the crucial
and deciding Subconscious level-, is not the business of "Saving" but
at the contrary the business of "Condemning" oneself by Consent
of Punishment.


At any Projection-Terminal of the Holographic Reality, evolution is

This mutually increasing Union is Alchemical in nature, to use just
a known term for illustration purposes only. Consciousness & Love
cannot increase separately, without dooming the venture into a
recessive devolution. Whether this happens at the DNA terminal,
or the Brain or the Heart terminal, it is all the same; both the will
of Consciousness and the power of Love must direct themselves in
unison towards the INFINITE, & away from Limitation/Separation
for any Evolution and Ascent to occur at all.

Regressive Consciousness based on Limitation/Separation mirrors
a False Love, which is nothing more than "Asserting Territoriality"
and "Exerting Domination", traits typical of animal behaviour.

Extremely limited "loving" of "my" self, or "my" family, or "my"
peers, or "my" group, or "my" religion, or "my" ideology", or "my"
social class, or "my" version-of-reality ONLY, as opposed to Love
For All, and a corresponding Consciousness of the All-Is-One.

If Consciousness gets entrapped within itself, it disconnects from
the divine SOURCE of the INFINITE ALL-IS-ONE, and begins to
Devolve. Inmanent belief in the "I" makes one gravitate towards
an "earthbound" or "fallen" Consciousness, where the "I" believing
itself to be "real", is hypnotized by the holographic projection.

Believing what is not real, is the beginning of all Devolution. Starts
with a belief in a Limited/Separate "I", and soon it will spread to a
belief in an External Separate "God", not realizing the "I" is part
of the One & Infinite Divine, and that "God" is within, reachable
by Increasing Consciousness & Love, in a free-thinking manner.
This leads to a healthy union between Conscious & Subconscious,
where "thinking" is replaced by "knowing", and loving only what
is mine is replaced by loving all.


You cannot "love" if you are not linked to the Real, to the Truth.
Accepting that what we call "reality" and the "I" are illusions, is
an essential part of the Truth. A love without love for the truth
and the real, becomes vapid & vacuous, self-centered & vampiric,
obsessive and out of balance, or simply just a chemical response
to attachment co-dependencies.

A strong Love for the Truth is the surest way of knowing one is
honestly tied to True-Love, as in Infinite Love that is. The irish
band U2 has a recent song called "Miracle Drug" that says:

"... Of science and the human heart, there is no limit..."
"...Freedom has a scent like the top of a newborn baby's head..."

This implies that love and freedom go together, and both are about
what is NEW, it is a birth of Consciousness. It is self-evident that as
one clings to the old lies about "reality", one cannot access the New
and tap into the real Truth within.

Blind-Belief in old shells of false constructs, perpetuates attachment
to visions of Limitation/Separation, that are inherent to everything
that is Dominating/Controlling. These Blind-Beliefs then, are nothing
else than manifestations of SHEER EGO. Most often fundamentalist
believers are people deluded by monumental Egos, and when these
Egos are preposterously identified as "God", that is when things take
a turn for the much worse, when things get seriously dangerous and
out of control. That's too often how wars, murder and violence are
the end-result. As to how any if it has remotely anything to do with
"love", is any one's guess.

Finally, if we look at the english word for "Believe" an eerie image
is visible:


Which is like subconsciously saying you Fall with Eve's Lie once again.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Ever since the Book of Enoch was banned from the official Bible
edit, the question about the Watchers and their offspring called
the Nephalim (or Nephilim), has loomed in rather vague terms.
Channeling from the 1990's in the website [],
from supposedly a group of discarnate humans in the future at a
dimensional location in our 3D Cassiopea constellation, purport to
carry messages from our future-selves, in a more evolved state.
What interests here to this post, is their insistence in a very large
number of NEPHALIM presently in Orion, claiming they reside in
3 giant ships, numbering 36 million in total; this channeling speaks
of a TimeQuantum Wave that is heading towards our cosmic area,
riding an outer 3D manifestation as a comet-cluster. The Nephalim
(some) would be riding this Wave in this direction, with a negative
agenda. My interest is their spelling of NEPHALIM as the "correct"
one -instead of Nephilim-, the relevance of this as follows.


ALHIM is the 1st. name of God in the Book of Genesis (1st verse),
deliberately it seems mis-transliterated as "ELOHIM". We know
it is a Plural name, thus everytime the Bible states "God" created
or did or said this/that, it should be correctly translated as many
beings, not as a monotheistic single God -but obviously they always
translate it in single person, because this reaffirms their theology-.

The 2nd most prominent Name of The Gods in the Old Testament,
is actually not a name but a GENETIC FORMULA, the so-called
TetraGrammaton (YHWH or IHVH), which was forbidden to be
spoken, and only the high priest on the Day of Atonement could
ritually vocalize it ("a-TONE-ment", to give Tone to), and its true
pronunciation including the vocals is not known anymore. This has
been viewed as a Magic Transformative Spell, and even the urban
legend of "YAHOO" being a possible pronunciation -as prevalent
amongst the computer geeks- , is part of the allure of this YHWH


As best-explained in the link, our genetics are split in a double code
of DNA & RNA, each of 4 Letters; "ATCG" & "AUCG" respectively.
You will notice that it is not by coincidence that the 2nd Name of
God(s)in the Bible -"YHWH"-, as well as the "INRI" cipher sign
supossedly placed on top of the Cross, also contain 4 Letters. This
is quite deliberate, because it is precisely intended to secretly mean
the hidden Genetic Code... of the... NEPHALIM, apparently. By
moving up 1+space in the English alphabet, we observe that:

[ "ATCG" becomes "BUDH" ] (reminds one of the BUDDHA)

[ "AUCG" becomes "BVDH" ] (like the hindu "Bhagavad Gita")

When also moving 1+space up the alphabet:

[ "IHVH" becomes "JIWI" ] or [ "YHWH" becomes "ZIXI" ]
(matching the "J"esus and "I"NR"I" cipher-sign on the Cross)

[ "IHVH" = 47 = Beast ]
[ "YHWH" = 64 = Hotep = Zion = Israel = "Zero" ]
(Akhen-Aten, renamed Pharaoh Amen-Hotep IV)

We must notice how the "IV" is part of the "IHVH" Name of God;
in the previous post we showed how it is also part of "DAVID":
[ ATEN = 40 = DAVID ]

So we have all these 4-Letter (SQUARE) Formula-Names:
[ IHVH INRI ATEN AMEN ] genetically as [ ATCG AUCG ]

While also we have the 5-Letter (PENTAGON) Formula-Names:

While we have the 6-Letter (HEXAGON) Formula-Names:

When we also move 1+space up the alphabet:
[ "ATEN" becomes "BUFO" ] & [ "INRI" becomes "JOSJ" ]

An eerie and simple association between Akhen-Aten and UFO's.
And an apparent validation of the conspiracy claim of a "JOSeph"
code hidden in the construction of the Bible, rather 'hidden in-plain
-sight' in the very emblematic "INRI" sign on the Cross...! This
conspiracy claims a "PISO" (another 4-Letter name) as well as the
"JOSEPHUS" (the spuriously named historian Flavius Josephus)
code, as keys behind the latest Bible secret encryptions, during
Roman Empire times. This conspiracy claims JOSEPHUS was the
PISO last name of a supposed highly cultured aristocrat, inserting
as a "historian" invented "facts" (stories) to secularly validate the
Gospel narrative. As to the "PISO" supposed last name, this ties
in with the ruling Egyptian Order of the Opis (OPIS is Serpent in
Egyptian; OPIS anagram of PISO); it also ties in with the catholic
masonic order of the Opus Dei, whose role has been to secure the
preservation of power for the royal bloodlines (Piso=Opis~Opus)
(Opus Dei = Piso Deu).

This last possibility is reaffirmed by the fact the Opus Dei's name
carries the spanish name for God encrypted in its 1st. & last initials:
[ O-pu-S D-e-I ~~~ D.I./O.S. = "DIOS" ] ("Dios" means God)
In turn: { DIOS = DISO ~ PISO by association }
Interestingly the "PISO" code seems to be embedded visibly in the
word for 'Paradise' in Italian: { Paradiso = P-ara-Dios }

In English -as in most languages-, the secular word "God" comes
from the past tense of the verb 'to Give', as in GOTH. However
only in English this word for God matches the name of the most
powerful monarchy on Earth: the Saxe-Coburg-GOTHA (changed
their name to Windsor in 1917 in WWI, to appease antisentiment).


Some authors have lately espoused that the GENETIC FORMULA
CODE "YHWH" or "IHVH", must be separated in 2 parts, the "Y"
as the actual "divine" genetic aspect, and the "HWH" or "HVH" as
the "human offspring" genetic aspect. They claim that by repeating
the "H", this is deliberately done to Conceal the True Genetic Code
Formula, being such sensitive information to pass on. So that the
hidden letter was the emblematic "G", present in blue color in all
the Masonic (thus called Blue) Lodges.

In this way the last 3 "Human Genetics" letters would be "HWG".

This would appear to be then a Secret Code, and as such arranged
to be carried in the initials of the Bush dynasty, barring the "B".
Moreover, others claim the 1st. Name of God "ALHIM", actually is
just the Pentagon 5-Letter version of the more complete Hexagon
6-Letter name "BALHIM", which contains the crucial "BAL" or
"BAaL" of ancient semite times, from where it seems BABEL or
BIBLE are related to. Thus whereas in the 2nd. Name of God the
letter "G" was intentionally hidden, in the 2nd Name of God the
letter "B" was intentionally hidden also. As such, the full code adds
up to: "BHWG" (GHWB the initials of the current 'dynasty'),
which would secretly act as a highly emblematic 4-Letter Formula.
This means that it intends to fulfill the TetraGrammaton.

These 4-Letter/5-Letter/6-Letter & Square/Pentagon/Hexagon
codes might be best-considered as inserted into 4x4 or 5x5 or 6x6
MAGIC SQUARES, also called "WATCH-TOWERS". As you may
notice the word "WATCH" contains 3-letters of the Human Genetic
code "ATCG", therefore when the "Sons of God" or "Fallen Angels"
(depending on who you want to believe they were) are called the
WATCH-ERS, we are given more than meets the eye, actually the
very genetic formula (the 2 other letters "WH" as the "HWG"

This word "WATCH" seems mighty important, as for example the
masonic Rosicrucian offshoot organization WatchTower Bible&Tract
Society (regularly known as Jehovah's Witnesses) encrypted it:

WATCH TOWER BIBLE TRACT all are Pentagon 5-Letter
(the ATC subliminally read as trigger "ACT", as in the word Tract)


While fighting for supremacy over each other, we can clearly see
that in a Gematria sense, ISRAEL & ISLAM share a lot in common.
3 Letters in the exact same order, that is:


But they also share letters with the Bible's 1st. Name of God:


[ A L S I M = I S L A M ] ~ [ A L R I S E = I S R A E L ]

Which as stated at the beginning of this post, perhaps could be but
a code for the NEPHALIM ( nep-ALHIM / or NE-BALHIM).

This name ALHIM thus thought of as linked to a Genetic Formula
provides us with a much more concrete meaning for the mythology
of the "Mark of Cain", later in Revelation morphed into the "Mark
of the Beast" to be (genetically...?) embedded into humans:

[ ALHIM = 43 = MARK ]
[ ALHYM = 59 = DRAGON ]


Arthur C. Clarke who was according to many an "Insider" into big
league secrets, developed the famous "HAL/IBM" cipher included
in his joint-collaboration film with Stanley Kubrick "2001 A Space
Odyssey". In the film "HAL" is the name for the computer gone
psychotically sentient, but we all know that by moving up 1+space
in the alphabet (2001 a space odyssey), it becomes "IBM", the
then name of the most famous computer manufacturer.

However in light of all the above, there seems to be considerably
more water under the bridge regarding this simple cipher, than
meets the eye: because tying both HAL & IBM together, the full
name of God including the hidden "B" (BALHIM) is revealed.

Since the story line was about the Alhim / Elohim speeding up the
primates evolution on Earth, the film seems to imply this was not
just another name, but a crucial FORMULA.

Intriguingly so, please observe how the apparently 'inexistent'
theme of the 'Name of God'... is... actually... right there in the
very title of the film: first 4 letters of "ODYSSEY" spell "DYOS".
Just as the word CODE is also visible there: "SpaCE ODyssey".
Every time we read the title of the film, we inadvertedly realize
that "Spa-CEODYS-sey" is "CEODYS" short-hand for precisely: