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A wedding ring is used to symbolize the bond between male & female
in marriage. Yet secretly this is an In-Your-Face reference to SATURN
and its emblematic rings; this is why the hebrew tradition places clear
emphasis between "God"/"Saturn", as Saturday is the Day of Saturn,
and thus we have the perennial Sabbath. However Saturn is also the
astrological origin of the term "Satan", so we must ask ourselves what
is really the bond promoted as the "union" of Male & Female...?

We must remember that "Female" is actually "PHI-Male"; while the
external public Torah in Genesis presents Adam as the Male/Female
hermaphrodite in Chapter 1, and Eve merely an 'After-Product' of
Adam's Creation in Chapter 2 we are treated to a 2nd., after the
fact creation of "Eve" from Adam's "Rib").

However as shown in previous posts, the secret emphasis in on the
word "RIB" -as short cipher for "NIBIRU"-, in such a way that the
true meaning of "Forming Eve Out of Adam's RIB" is to be a marker
for the Origin of the Woman's DNA; yes, taken out of Adam, yet &
only when this Genetic Operation is performed, the NIBIRU origin
comes to play! It cannot be clearer once you get the clue, that the
Woman is a HYBRID OF HUMAN & NIBIRU DNA. Then it follows
that rather than being an 'After-Product' of Adam in the sense of
being "inferior", the secret encoded text actually places the Woman
as Nibiru's main DNA carrier...! (therefore the rest of the encoding
as to the present day follows: "BRITAIN" ~ NIBIRU", the Queen

I contend that the literal sense is just a shell, & bears no resemblance
to the true INNER SECRET MEANING of the fable; in reality, "EVE"
is the supreme created being in the story. This because there is a big
picture embedded (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):


Even nutcracker Rush Limbaugh declared in one of his soberest radio
programs ever, that the elite behind the global conspiracy are a few
bloodlines that believe themselves to be from MARS -as the last port
in cosmic sense, so to speak
-. We might deride the above Gematria
match as irrelevant, only to be enlightened as to why some of the
most powerful names on the planet were... matched to the same in
purpose it seems, for ex.: [ USA = 51 = MARS = A BUSH ].

This gives a totally different spin to the Old Testament tale of that
"Moses" meeting "God" as a "Burning Bush". Do keep in mind that
"GOTHA" indicates the Windsor family as well, their true last name
being: "Saxe-Coburg-Gotha", the word "Gotha" old english for "God"
-as in the the past tense of "Give", God the Giver-Maker, constant
in all languages-.

Thus if we see that "M-ose-S" matches "M-ar-S" too obviously, than
the "Burning Bush" might indicate perhaps a Burning of Mars as the
reason for leaving that planet and coming here...? Because let's admit
it, Mars is more like a frozen planet by now, but it looks eerily burnt.

Did a SuperNova from a nearby star kill the Dinosaurs...?

I am not the only one to ask this question; some have gone the same
path, speculating that a comet cluster as solidified debris from this
ancient event might have hit the Solar System, one impacting the
Yucatan Peninsula, forming the current Gulf of Mexico and altering
the weather conditions so suddenly that this might have killed most
dinosaurs. But in previous older posts, I've offered the "Velikovsky
Approach" to the same, involving different versions of either Venus
as a wandering planet being trapped by the Sun's gravity, making
its way into its current position -displacing Mars outwards-, its ice
falling into Earth's atmosphere causing Instant Ice Age conditions,
or its more elaborate alter version; an impact into the extinguished
planet Maldek between Mars & Jupiter (its debris now the current
Asteroid Belt in that precise position that should by Bode's Law be
a planet), a piece of it forming the current Earth we dwell in, while
the impacter Venus in part landing at its current position, etc. -you
get the idea-. There are many versions & tales of cosmic struggle
between stellar species at war, usually involved in this convoluted
billiards-ball saga inside our Solar System, and many versions of
the possible combinations of outcomes.

However a nearby SuperNova might best explain why Mars seems
like "burnt". Could it be... that the real inhabited incoming planet
was actually Mars, as from the SuperNova star system...? This is
a peculiarly different angle to the old conundrum. As such, it may
give the symbol of "GOD/GOTHA" an entirely new meaning, the
notion of the Red planet Mars as the burning bush itself. This is an
interesting take on the subject; however we must keep in mind that
the most consistent version is either incoming Venus -or both Venus
& Mars- as former members of the wandering NIBIRU Star System,
caught by our Solar System in one of its periodical "Crosses" with
our Sun. Perhaps it might be that Mars made a comet-like orbit
into the Sun like a regular comet does, getting too close to it before
landing in its current orbit -losing its atmosphere & getting burned-.

The idea that planet Mars originally belonged to the NIBIRU system
gives the Mars-To-Earth EXODUS a decidedly more "alien" flavour,
and this "Union" of Mars & Earth seems reaffirmed by Gematria:


A lot more alluring than this maybe, the possibility that the entire
NIBIRU system would actually be an escapee from the nearby star
SuperNova in question...! Did the giant red star Betelgeuse already
go through a "Phase 1" SuperNova, about to go through a "Phase 2"
SuperNova...? In other words, the 1st SuperNova stage simply as a
sudden enlargement to massive proportions while sustaining its star
status, while the 2nd SuperNova might be its becoming a Black Hole.

This leads to a stunning scenario whereby we experienced a massive
incoming of Visitors during Phase 1 SuperNova, as we have begun to
witness a similar incoming of Visitors the closer we get to the Phase
2 Super nova. The "Visitors" might not exactly be in our 3D reality,
but in an In-Between Dimensional Crevice -or in 4D entirely-, as we

are dealing with much more advanced beings with inter-dimensional
science & technology at their disposal.

Therefore what is commonly referred to as the "New World Order"
agenda might be under this scenario nothing more than establishing
a "Spec Planet" under their minimum requirements of acceptability;
and that this Phase 1 & Phase 2 might be what was symbolized in the
fable of the 1st. Coming of "Jesus" (Zeus) and the now 2nd. Coming
of "Jesus" again ad-portas. In other words, they came, and left some
science & knowledge & theology. They left until this would mature
under some secret guidelines to a sustainable alternative planet of
dwelling for them -after a few aborted tries in Atlantis & Lemuria-.

Meanwhile, the public theology concocted by them would've by now
grown steadily into a fixed and& ingrained Blind Allegiance to them
representing the "Jesus" and "God" figures in the minds of humans.

Neil Young in the 1983 album "Trans" seemed to grasp at this in his
song "Like an Inca": "...Said the Condor to the Preying Mantis, we're
gonna lose this one just like we lost Atlantis...". He implies these
agendas were tried before, with bad results.

Then again, if the numbers of these Visitors are big enough, Earth
would be insufficient to receive them, thus needing other planets in
our Solar System as well. Now this solves the situation suspected by
some, of a "Firing Up" or "Seeded Nuclear Activation" of Jupiter and
Saturn into STARS, that apparently has been going on; because the
outer orbits even from Mars on, are too cold and away from the sun.


As to why superior beings with an inter-dimensional very advanced
science & technology would need to land on our 3D Solar System of
gross material nature, is for grabs. Maybe they are indeed what was
rightly labeled "Fallen Angels", in the sense that these are beings on
the run, exiled from the higher dimensional realms. This in turn is fit
to explain the whole Devolution saga traditionally knows as "The Fall",
of which the fall of "Adam & Eve" from "Eden", as but a minor fractal
of the much larger one. The suppression of the Book of Enoch from
the Bible, seems to point in this direction, as this book was important
enough to be a main body of work as root for most of the rest of the
Bible, involving some scattered accounts of the Fallen Ones in their
contacts with humans -the Fallen Ones abusing/exploiting mankind-.
By suppressing this book, this bottom-line crucial realm of knowledge
was kept under wraps, and most mankind would not be aware of it
until rather recently again, thus would not ever suspect any et wrong
doing behind the "God" myths and theologies.

In previous posts I have delved on deeper implications of much more
complex nature, consisting of a possible covert agenda to "Piggyback"
on Human DNA with the potential of 5F Ascencion Shift, in order to
render them an easy hidden entry into this higher dimension that
seems to be a realm they can no longer access; in this scenario, they
need to come here and possess hybrid humans precisely at the very
"Moments of Ascension Shift", occurring cyclically every 26,ooo years.

We here on Earth are under the delusion that what happens to us is
really "important", and have a false impression of our status amongst
the cosmic order of things, oblivious to the miniature size of our world
here. The following link with In-Scale illustrations, might dispel this:


To get a better sense of the landscapes & sizes of things beyond our
Miniature-Matrix on Earth, please do look at the following collection
of stunning photographs of the 3D Cosmos...!:


For a better sense of the theme's layers, do a Google search under:
---"Ignite Jupiter" 2010
---"William Cooper" Jupiter 2010

That the giant stars Betelgeuse & Antares are both undergoing an
imminent SuperNova end, is no mystery; for ex. Karl Schwartz has
been warning us of such scenario in no uncertain terms, as shown
in these links:


When you do Gematria/Notarikon on these names, this happens
(notice how the matching letters in the 3 cases cluster together at
the right, in the words "BETELGEUSE ANTARES SUPERNOVA"):




But if we pay closer attention to the 1st. expression, we see that:


This is a clear & unmistakable short for "ORION BETHEL".

In other words, the "Birth of Jesus" in the "House of Bethel" fable,
is a direct reference to the "Orion Bethel" cipher of "Revelation". It
constitutes a revelation of the secret meaning embedded; this is why
the last book in the Bible was called Revelation, because in there you
find revealed some of the before very secret hidden ciphers. This
does not prove at all either the Bible or the Book of Revelation are
of "divine origin", but rather simply that throughout the entire Bible
a narrative was construed to conceal a stellar Exodus unto Earth,
in 2 phases -a 1st. Coming & a 2nd. Coming-, basically. The names
of the event of origin encoded, only to be decoded in the ENGLISH
language at the present day (thus the notion of "Seals").

The beings effecting the symbology and the encoding, not humans
but higher dimensional et's, used to a higher SYNCHRONIC mode
of LANGUAGE, utilizing the principle of FRACTAL RESONANCE
or CONCORDANCE, configuring a Harmonic Template. Under this
modality, a much larger pool of information involving different
levels of meaning in sync with the Collective Unconscious of the
UNIVERSAL MIND, can be "compressed" into a Linear Format
of Language, under the naive appearance of "literal stories", all
for the purpose of most efficient transmission of information to
their hybrid offspring on Earth (hybrid humans), as well as the
best way of "assimilating" the human Collective Unconscious pool
unto theirs, what could be best-termed "psychically owning" us,
and not solely a material Power over us. The latter provides a
"Silver Chord" attrachment capability, that renders us prone to
ENERGY TRANSFER -i.e. to be Vampirized etherically-.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009



In this crucial article, Jay Weidner proposes that the moon landings
were fake, not because we did not go to the moon, but because some
elites did not want to reveal the REAL technology used in space, and
wanted to create the illusion that our accepted "Rocket Technology"
is the only technology to that end -i.e. the most advanced-; Weidner
elaborates that JFK planned the moon landings, in order to declassify
the secret "ufo" technologies, & all the rest of suppressed sciences,
going to the moon just the operational anchor to this end. By getting
rid of him and staging a false-technology landing, his key agenda was
aborted. Thus the paradigm is much more complex than the popular
REM song "...If you believe they put a man on the moon..." attitude,
and the notion JFK was killed only because of his 'liberal' stance.

Movie-maker Stanley Kubrick has been long associated in conspiracy
circles with these supposed fake landings, however Weidner here
goes to closer detail into the alleged plot, tying it directly with the
main film "2001 A Space Odyssey" -the film the direct result of the
same plot-.

In Part 3, I offered all the relevant info on the film, but here I'll begin
to tie it in with the whole Arthur C. Clarke saga -including "2010"-,
and the SHIFT POINT located in the Jupiter/Saturn area, in relation
to the STARGATE theme (as exemplified in the end of the "2001..."
film) -as the OMEGA POINT, counter to the ALPHA POINT of an
EXODUS from the Red Star Betelgeuse, and the Blue Star Rigel, as
the OrionGen/Orion 'GenIsis'-.


Following my Part 4 post of last week concerning Betelgeuse as the
main Code behind the religious symbology, Rense.com yesterday
posted the above link "Might Betelgeuse Go Boom" article, a direct
and rather obvious corollary to my expose. Similarly, after I began
this "Stargate of the 3 Suns" series, the 2nd. link article was shown
on a few major websites, confirming the 3-Suns archetype.

Let's then recap; if "Santa Klaus" is nothing more than a repetition
of the Betelgeuse Code in a more easier to spot manner, inserted as
the timeline of the NEW EXODUS approaches, than we must clearly
see what the color RED means, and why he's entering the house via
the chimney. As the Red Star Betelgeuse begins to behave in a path
towards being a SUPER NOVA, the beings in that region of Orion
had to effect an Exodus through a WormHole portal (the chimney);
this is the real meaning behind the "Red Sea Crossing" Exodus in
the "Old Testament". As in the far past a similar Exodus from the
Red Planet Mars was effected, the code of "RED" as to the Exodus
theme, is an overwhelmingly obvious repetitive synchronic fractal.

We shall call this Exodus as the "Mother Ship" of a species looking
for new homes -new planets, of which the Earth is but one of a list-
after the central Sun Star begins a dangerous anomalous behaviour
culminating in a final Super Nova (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):

[ SUPER = 79 = Mother ] [ NOVA = 52 = Ship ]

Pay attention, because at this point in the topic, most of the hidden
codes begin to manifest beyond doubt; as the Church of Peter in the
Gospels is called "The Ship of Peter", this encrypts the knowledge
the Christian Church is called "Mother Church/Ship of Peter" (via
the ETHER / "p-Eter" through a WormHole). Nevertheless the name
"Peter" has more fractals associated:


In other words, the entry/exit point of the StarGate in this our Solar
System, is in the area of Jupiter/Saturn; this is why the "2001..." &
"2010" Space Odyssey saga always ends up in the area; "Mission to
Jupiter" was the event of the "2001..." saga, culminating in the Shift
point at the opening of the StarGate in Alignment with Jupiter. When
in previous posts I've stated the "JUPITER/JESUS" & "SATURN/SATAN"
equation, I was not merely offering an interesting hint; I was indeed
pointing directly to the entire crux of the matter.

POPE = 52 = NOVA

The Christian Church has always called Jesus "The Good News", as a
translation from the italian "BUONA NUOVA":

BUONA NUOVA ~~~ Betelgeuse NOVA

Thus the "3 Kings" in the Gospel fable of the "Birth of Jesus" (ZEUS,
as JUPITER), symbolize ORION (3 Stars of Orion's Belt/3 Pyramids
of Giza), and their story of "We saw his star in the sky, & we followed
it", a symbol for the Betelgeuse Super Nova and the Exodus to Earth,
where they are "Born Again" (thus the emphasis on this expression, as
well). But we find pagan mythologies associated to the same Code:

"NOVA" (in reverse is) "AVON"

The mythical "Avon Gorge" in Britain for ex, is said to have been built
by 2 GIANTS (called Goram & Vincent), such a clear ref to the 2 super
giant gaseous semi-star planets Jupiter & Saturn [GORAM=54=Sun ],
[ A VINCENT=88= EXODUS]; attached to Avon the names Bristol &
Blaise & Bradford & Bridge, in that area of Britain.


The biggest planet/semi-star is Jupiter, the biggest moon of Jupiter
being Titan:

We call the act of religious belief, to WORSHIP (mirror the "W"/"M"):


I've expressed before that we have 3 Manifestations of the Template:
the Church, the Monarchy, the Masonry. Therefore we must look for
the Code within all 3 of them:

"WINDSOR" = "DINOSWR" (Reptilian code)


This is why the far right wing masonic order that runs the Vatican
-the Opus Dei- encodes this "Dios" as God on its 1st & last initials:

OPUS DEI ~~~ "D.I.O.S."

The Windsor's also carry the english "GOD", since their true name
is "Saxe-Coburg-GOTHA" ("Gotha" is old english for "God"), as they
changed it to Windsor in 1917 during WWI, to appease the people.
Yet the same key-word hides the full 1st & last initials of the agenda
for a global centralized rule known as the "New World Order":

DINOSAWR ~~~ N-e-W W-orl-D O-rde-R

On a religious level, the catholic church rules from IL VATICANO:



We may revisit the symbology of the name "SAINT PETER":


Furthermore, the very word "SHIP" is almost identical to "OPHIS"
(Serpent), thus when for ex you do "WORSHIP", embedded is the
word "OPHIS", you worship... the Ophis...! Where again in the world
of secular business the corresponding 'cathedral' is the "OFFICE".

Now the added-bonus story of the SantaKlaus character, is there to
provide the necessary specificity, as the End-Times Shift approaches;
we are thus treated to a decidedly closer to the real thing imagery, as
Santa indeed travels through the night sky, following a... RED NOSED
Reindeer called Rudolph:


While this effectively pinpoints the area in the Solar System where
you are supposed to rendezvous with incoming "Santa", the question
remains... as to whom... "Santa" really represents (in stellar terms):


Pronounce like "REINDIR", that gives us the perennial "INRI" at
the "Cross", which I've stated many times in previous posts, is code
of shorthand for "NIBIRU". Yes, the childish RedNosed Reindeer,
with its red nose that lightens the way through the free wandering
across the sky... is... yes, indeed it is, NIBIRU the RedStar system..!
as it wanders between the 3D and the 4D realm in eccentric orbit
manifestations, the ultimate MOTHER SHIP:

73 =NIBIRU=Egypt=Britain=United=Kingdom=Crown

Armed with this knowledge, we proceed to the "2012 Pope"s name:


The name "Benedict" encrypts something from far back in Egypt,
the "BENU BIRD" otherwise known as the "PHOENIX"; this is why
there is such a distinct emphasis in repeating the initial "B" in these
days, as shown in Part 4 (Bush, Blair/Brown, Barack, Bill, Buffet,
etc etc etc):


Thus we learn that the Red Bird called Benu or Phoenix, that dies
in red flames of fire, and is reborn from its ashes, because he lays a
a WORM that preserves his life form -the symbol or Resurrection-,
is the Star System called NIBIRU, that went into EXODUS after
the impending SUPER NOVA fire event in BETELGEUSE (and also
in Rigel) in ORION, dimensionally traveling through WORMHOLES.

Which translated from ancient egyptian ET theology into Roman
Empire "christian" theology, means that "Jesus" is the Shift Point
of Alignment at the "Cross" (the StarGate) event at JUPITER (or
Zeus), where the rendezvous with incoming NIBIRU is achieved.
This is the "2nd. COMING", the RETURN OF NIBIRU as openly
symbolized in the "Sign of the Cross" as "INRI" (Inri ~ Nibiru).

This is the inner hidden occultic content of the external shell of
literal gospel religions, as sold to the low level population. In the
meantime, preparations are made as the date approaches, through
several projects, like for ex the "LHC" -Large Hadron Collider in
Switzerland, intended to actually open a smaller WormHole from
Earth to the Jupiter/Saturn area -not that every scientist working
at the LHC knows it...-.

As explained before, Jupiter/Saturn are the "2 Pillars" of the Temple
also rendered as the "2 Lights" between which the sacred sacrifice
must be performed, because they are the PORTAL, the 2 Pillars
through which you enter the major Dimensional WormHole in the
Great Shift; as such they find a perfect fractal in the 2 Glands within
the Cave of Brahman in the Brain -The Pituitary/"Peter" and the
Pineal/"Paul"-. The approach of the Planetary/Gland alignment in
full fractal holographic mode, is announced properly in the figure
of a RED dressed and RED lipped Sarah "PALIN" -symbolizing the
rendezvous with the incoming Red NIBIRU-; it is a she, because the
real archetype of power in Orion are/were the famed Orion Queens.

The again we find a striking correlation between NASA's & Europe's
space interest in exploring the JUPITER/SATURN area, as to the
"Mission to Jupiter" saga laid-out by the "2001..." & "2010" films:


Well, you may well be one of those who never heard of the quest to
"fire up" Jupiter and/or Saturn into a NEW SUN, as supposed secret
agenda beyond human means (meaning, an ET agenda).


This ET agenda is usually labeled a "seeding" of Jupiter, fueling it in
order to create a "controlled super nova" early state, from planet to
star. The cluster of comets that hit Jupiter in 1994 were thought of
as that precise seeding; this very week Jupiter was hit by another
comet, with eerie synchronicities involving the dates:


However, the Apollo landing, the Shoemaker comet cluster, this
week's event, the death of Walter Cronkite, show a remarkable
synchronicity of dates, that conspiracy circles see as evident ET
agendas operating in our midst. Pertinent to this Part 5 post, is the
meaning of the name "WALTER CRONKITE":

CRONUS/CHRONUS is another name for SATURN, and
represents the "Timing" of celestial events.

While "KITE" is a wandering Kite in the sky.


Thus his death at this exact timing, is an announcement of the Super
Nova Code rendezvous with Nibiru; it must be contemplated in the
same time -screen as the death og Michael Jackson, whose initials
as used widely in the media/blogs are "MJ", which famously serve
to indicate the "MAJESTIC 12" agenda -also called "MJ12", which
(bogus or not, all the same) indicate the THEME of ET incoming and
the plans for outgoing evacuation of Earth altogether:


This theme finds concordance with the fable of the "LAST SUPPER",
when "Jesus" suppoosedly dinjed with his 12 Apostles before dyung
at the "Cross"; however by now you visualize the Code and understand
it actually refers to events in the coming future, not the far past; the
"12" mans the ZODIAC SIGNS ALIGNMENT, & the word "SUPPER"
almost exactly matches the word "SUPER" -for "Super Nove". This
word is also shorthand for Jupiter or for Saturn/Jupiter. Moreover:

LAST = 52 = NOVA

(Earth = 52 = Pope)

"Last Supper" = 95 = A Saturn

Yes, it is that synchronistic, once you pickup the thread and the real
underlyiong meaning, the fractals never leave you, they match over &
over & over again, overwhelmingly so. You may recall just a short
time ago, that among the US carmakers in trouble, the 1st. &
foremost brand to disappear was... Saturn.

It must be noted, that I have not used so far any strong language to
imply a radical assesment of "Evil" or "Good" in any of these agendas
and events and encryptions; I am of the opinion that Good/Evil exist
in any agenda all the same as good uses and misuses apply to all, and
that the usual extreme POLARITY that is often used to treat the
complex matters involved, is obtuse. I am here merely indicating
the main agendas and occultic knowledge; the essential fact remains
that some elites at the top levels seem to hoard relevant information
from common folks, while at the same time providing miscues and
distractions. My job thus is to expand the accesibility of knowledge,
more than being a "judge"; you get the pertinent information, you
make up your mind. On the other hand, the Vampirism implicit in
some factions, is unethical and can be classified as intrinsically evil.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So far you've read about a hidden theme in most religions, concealed
behind the outer cover stories presented as "literal history", mainly
consisting of an inter-stellar and/or inter-dimensional saga with the
prominence of 3 SUNS as its core "Shift Event" scheduled to occur
at the times we now live. You have learned that there is no "Single
Language" as originator within any of the main religions, and that the
real historical context they came from, is indeed a Melting Pot with
many languages & dialects, mostly arising from Phoenician Script, as
a 'translation' of Egyptian Hieroglyphs or parallel source to the same,
as well as a Melting Pot in the ethnic & cultural sense.

Thus the 2 main lies, are of the "Chosen Race" & of the "Sacred One
Language", be it Hebrew, Greek, Sanskrit, Arabic, etc. However the
contention here is that there is a META-LANGUAGE which shows
roots not in the Past but in the Future; the Present times we live in.
This meta-originator flies above any of the historical developments
of utilitarian language, fractalizing and harmonizing all KEY WORDS/
NAMES, the ones that are crucial and imply a "theology" or an all
abiding reference or context. This meta cross-referencing 4D tool
operates best within the English language.

The few people that practice and understand Modern English Std.
GEMATRIA, are not 'experts' in the super-specialized way that
academia conceives such; they (we -I am one-), have awaken from
a pervasive state of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE regarding the use
of language. The best example I can come up with, is the outrageous
figure of "Santa Klaus" in relation to the "Birth of Jesus"; added in
the medieval ages, we have to "dissonantly believe" that it's a "good"
myth for the kids as a key Xmas character. But you really have to be
blind not to see that [ SANTA = SATAN ]. "Santa" is Latin/Spanish
for a Feminine saint -not a masculine one-, a discordance that seems
not to bother anyone. He is dressed in Red, and comes from the black
Chimney, an impossible to miss pun of the DEVIL; interpretation of
dreams knows that Chimneys are often symbols for Portals into the
Netherworld, gateways of the wrong kind. Judeo-Christian Hell is
indeed allegorized Red as in burning flames & smoke; Satan the Devil
is allegorized Red with 2 Horns.

This symbolism of the 2 Pillars/2 Lights/2 Horns, is pervasive, and a
fractal of the 2 "Towers" or Strands of the DNA. So we must view
high-visibility history-altering events such as the 911/Twin Towers
happening, as integral part of the same exact holographic harmonic
(a=1, b=2, ..., z=26): [ SANTA KLAUS = 119 ]. It was done as
a FIRE ritual, the RED color its dominant theme (see last initials):
[ WORLD TRADE CENTER ~~~ "RED" ]. Clearly a Phoenix
ritual, the red bird that dies in flames only to resurrect from its own
ashes. The word PHOENIX/PHOENYX comes directly from Egypt,
and ties in both the SPHYNX as well as the OPHIS/OPHYS -meaning


Therefore the 'modern' Knight Templars of the medieval ages when
said to be worshipping the idol BAPHOMET -which we now know is
just an irrefutable cipher for "SOPHIA" (Wisdom, in greek)-, this is
nothing else than an intricate encrytption to hide the fact they are of
the ancient ORDER OF THE OPHIS -the Brotherhood of the Serpent-.
Since Masonry derived from the Knight Templars, their use of the
expression "The Brotherhood" to call themselves, refers exactly to
this. But... the word "Brotherhood" gives away the key letter "B",
the hidden key to the whole "Name of God" algorithm, so to speak.
Beast, etc etc etc. This key hidden "B" is making quite the comeback,
towards the approach of the so-called "2012" vortex date:

BUSH Sr. / BILL Clinton / BUSH Jr. / BLAIR /BROWN /

In music the biggest icons were BOB Dylan & the BEATLES. There is
this highly ritualistic pummeling of the letter "B" the closer we get to
the "2012". They have to fabricate 'superstars' like Britney, maintain
the 'prominence' of dubious european political figures like Berlusconi,
etc. The famous P2 conspiratorial power lodge hides the B=2. Pope
John Paul I did not provide the B, therefore he only lasted 33 days...
so a John Paul II (II=2=B) could provide the fractal. Sometimes the
fractals are found in smaller places, like how Chile has been used to
script the big codes, sort of an announcement pad for the few; the '73
Coup there happened on 911 ! As the 2008 Election was heating up
and Hillary Clinton as 1st. female president-to-be faced with BA-rack
& Michelle Obama, the chilean Michelle BA-chelet became president
there, short blonde hair and slightly chubby figure like Hillary (who
did not spare the time to make comments about Bachelet). I could
go on forever giving fractal examples. We must be selective, and
get to realize what the game is all about, what the keyword here is:
it's all about getting you to... to BELIEVE... it's all about "Belief":

LIVE = EVIL = "V Lie"
BELIEVE = "Be Lie Ve"
BIBLE = "BB Lie"

There's big innuendo in these words; we are forced to believe that
we Live because of Eve, yet somehow like the old Church preached,
the Lie of Eve brought Evil to us. Then by extension the Bible is said
to be a Big-Bad Lie. And all these things are implicit every time we
use these very words; call it MANUFACTURING CONSENT. Like,
consenting to be lied, to be abused, to be devolved, "because" the
key words we use contain the clear innuendos -consciously we only
mean the outer meaning, but subconsciously is another story-. Thus
'Shakespeare's famous words become part of the same innuendo:
To B or not to B. Which B...?

The Sun rules the Day, the Moon & Stars rule the Night; the term
"SON of God" is code for the "SUN of God". But that is only the Sun
Cult, the day part of the story; the day is our external physical life
in 3D, the material realm, the World of Action. Introspection comes
by night, the forces of creation, of transcendence, when we seek the
door to the vortex, the 4D gate, expressed in the Stars & Planets,
the starry night offers us a glimpse of the Circle beyond linear time;
Square by Day, Circle by night, dreams like orbs. We reach the stars
via the planets, the biggest vortex via the smaller vortex. In the
treetop of our brain, inside the Cave of Brahman lies the PINEAL
Gland, the 3rd Eye; this is the "Tree of Life", and the "4 Rivers of
Eden", symbolizing the 4 Arteries that give "light" into our brain
(arteries... stars...). The main artery is the Nile River, the Milky
Way, where the Water becomes Light. The "fruits" in the Tree of
Life, are the different MIND PROGRAMS, the software that make
the mind "see" what it sees, and "think" what it thinks, and "speak"
what it speaks. You eat the fruit, you digest; you insert the program,
you reconfigure the computer:


We already know there is the Twin Pillars/Twin Lights of the Pineal
& Pituitary (the Paul & Peter in "religious" lingo), then we must ask
which are these in the planetary realm; the holographic fractal for
these are:


We already know the Pineal Gland reacts to Light in order to fulfill
its metabolic functions as regulator; the light of the Sun is masculine,
while the Moon reflecting the Sun's light is feminine. Same "gender"
energy applies to Mars (masculine) and Venus (feminine); however
when we get to the 2 either EXTINGUISHED STARS OR SOON TO
BE STARS as the pair of Jupiter & Saturn -the gaseous giants-, the
distinction is not clear. Thing is, secretly:

JUPITER ~~~ ZEUS ~~~ JESUS (masculine)
SATURN ~~~ SATAN ~~~ ASTARTE (feminine)

This hidden association, might be at the root of why the old Church
always labeled women as the bringers of evil; therefore the shutting
off of the 2 former stars now Jupiter & Saturn may account for "The
Fall", their resurgence and re-lighting again may account for the
"illuminati" agenda; first the Pituitary & Pineal (Jupiter & Saturn)
got shut-off, then at "2012" times, both find their light once again.
This is the hidden occult archaeo-astro-theology underligning the
plethora of polytheist & later monotheist beliefs, ritualized under the
guise of esoteric ciphers within the Masonic obsessions.

First a Devolution ("The Fall"), then a Re-Ev olution ("Ascension");
according to this writer, these were cycles long time ago set, in a
vast astronomical circle; that the ET's try to utilize in their favour
through long-term Hybridization programmes, designed to propel
the "right DNA mix" at the Moment-Of-Ascension -when the Star
Gates open once again, like they cyclically do-. In other words, the
hybridization programmes mean nothing unless THEY ARE TRULY

All these linguistic ciphers are "embedded" in the DNA Memory, so
that "owning" a species is effected via "Assimilating their Collective
Unconscious" pool. Laboratory DNA/gene splicing is for dummies;
owning a species means hybridizing it at will, both genetically and
linguistically, because each is a fractal of the other. This is why we
are given in all traditions all the same, different altered versions of
the same emphasis in "The Word of God"; if you experiment in
their DNA, without assimilating their Neuro-Linguistic Subconscious,
you will only own their bodies, not their minds & souls.

Thus we must repeat: which is the occult stellar "B" of origin...? We
are told "Jesus" was "B"orn in... Bethelehem; the "House of Bethel"
the main theme here; think... "Birth"... "Bethel"... "Bethlehem"...
Why these NAMES under the "B"...?

Think... we are told "God" is a... TRINITY ("INRI" at the "Cross"-
ing vortex in the "2012 alignment"), & that "Man" was made in the
"Image" of "God"; we already have heard that the word "ORIGIN"
is a code for "ORION GEN" (Orion Gen-Isis), but we only think the
"image" meaning strictly applies to the DNA. Shortsighted to say the
least; in reality, we must "RECONSTRUCT THE TEMPLATE" IN
A FRACTAL HOLOGRAPHIC WAY, apply the 4D Harmonics to
the 3D Linear Sequential.

Think... 3 Stars are used to represent and bring attention to Orion;
Trinity/3 Stars/3 Pyramids/3 Kings/3 Mary's. This is Orion's "B"elt,
however the story might be bigger;

BETELGEUSE in Orion...!

You truly have to be retarded not to figure out they are encoding the
giant RED STAR called Betelgeuse, Alpha Orionis ("Al-him"). While
"BE"-ta Orionis is the BLUE STAR called Rigel. The word "Regal"
for Royalty derives from Rigel; you have RED Human "B"lood, and
BLUE Reptilian "B"lood, irrigating the "Paradise" entry point into the
Higher Realms (Heavens), nurturing the Tree of Life which is the
Spine ending at the Twins Pituitary/Pineal; thus the expression
"The Tree of Good & Evil"; the Pituitary (male energy) is rendered
as the "Good", while the Pineal (feminine energy) is rendered as the
"EVE"/"EVIL". I tend to think this is a fractal of BETELGEUSE AS

Same holographic pattern then is fractalized in The Sirius Double
or Triple Star system (Twin, or Trinity, depending in the emphasis
sought), then also fractalized in Jupiter & Saturn (making a triad
with the Sun), and then in Mars & Venus (making a triad with the
Earth). In Orion itself, the "Originator of the Template", the 2 Stars
of Betgelgeuse & Rigel must make a triad with a 3rd Star, which is
ALNITAK (..."AL-him"...) -being the main star in Orion's Belt, as
such signaled as the main "Great Pyramid" of Khufu, out of the 3 in

None of this makes any sense whatsoever from the point of view of
the sequential linear 3D construct; it only makes sense with the 4D
holographic fractal harmonic construct in mind. Only with the idea
of "fractalizing" into concordance all the stars & planets & names,
that the TEMPLATE comes alive as "Perfect Resonance" beyond
the material 3D 'reality', within the Multiverse. Yet at the same time
we must be aware all this is nothing else than the synchronicity that
the beings from ORION have enacted here, it does not mean this is
"the" only or the "true" synchronicity. These are the major points
and shapes and coordinates and meanings, so to speak, by which
they "own" the human COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS. Because
every single main BELIEF and theology and secret mystery has
been built and designed to encode these, in secret.

In our 3D reality construct here on Earth, the majority of humans
is totally unaware that the elites believe themselves to be BOTH
the Saviour ("Good") and the Destroyer/vampire ("Evil"); while
the small individual outsider-person is peer-presured to take one
or the other option, at the top they play BOTH ROLES; they think
of themselves both as Juputer & Saturn -Jesus & Satan (God & the
Devil)-. This is the small fineprint in the 'religious' contract...

Thursday, July 2, 2009


To understand this 3rd part, it would be helpful if you 1st. view the
1968 Stanley Kubrick film "2001 A Space Odyssey"; until you are
able to find a copy, the short summary of the film in the above link
suffices -although relying on the memory of the last time you saw
the film, or on the above link's broad sketch, might leave out all the
relevant details that make this article worth a read-. Maybe adding
a few other links might help fill the gap -and provide more analysis-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P95NWAHWLrc&feature=related

Ok, now you're sort of ready to dig in (I hope you realized you had to
click on "II"/"III"/"IV" at bottom right when prompted, on the 1st.
link...). My opinion of the 'undertext' of the film, was drawn before
reading or seeing any of the multitude of analysis this film has always
been a magnet for; you would not be able to reach it, unless you paid
closer attention to... LANGUAGE....! Have a little patience, because
while you might have to peruse through what may seem a bit obtuse,
by the end you'll realize how pertinent even on a day-to-day basis it
all becomes, & how relevant as hidden -(for a reason)- information.

As observed in older posts, the first 4 letters of the word "ODYSSEY"
encode the spanish name of "God": "DIOS" ("DYOS"). As Part I & II
described, the 4-letter TetraGrammaton of "YHWH" in the hebrew
Kabbalah tradition incorporated into the "Bible", is nothing else than
a symbol and clue for the 4 letters of the Human Genome (DNA). As
in spanish the name "Adam" is "ADAN", the DNA ref is overwhelming.
"ADAN" backwards reads "NADA" (spanish for"nothing"), something
clearly in the mind of Kubrick when writing/directing this film; as the
2nd. link states, when Arthur C. Clarke wrote the epic, the Monolith
was actually a Pyramid, it was Kubrick who made the change to try
to effect a correlation with the movie screen, the Monolith being the
screen, and the black empty screen a PROJECTION of the EYE in
this 5-Senses construct we inhabit in 3D. Kubrick of course implied
a "matrix" notion, that after all it's all an illusion, a projection; quite
the advanced film-maker. What kind of things were you preocupied
with in 1968 -if you were even born then-...?

The biblical foremost "End Times" prophetic works are both the book
of Daniel and the book of Revelation (usually rendered as "REV");
they are considered a twin riddle, and if we put together both "DAN"
& "REV", we read the code: "REV DNA". This is no accident, this is
intrinsic and essential to the whole saga, part of a hidden synchronic
code, which most have never even fathomed.

When Carl Munck taught us how to decode ancient monument using
the simplest way to read their elemental message, he was doing what
I here will do with the Pyramid: it is a 4-side Square base, out of each
arising four 3-sided Triangles; thus the message is, the MORPHING
OF 4D TO/FROM 3D REALITY. This is the real hidden meaning of
the TetraGrammaton, the written equivalent of the Pyramid; that
the human DNA is a reverse engineering Devolution from 4D DNA
Genomes; as the "Hebrew" (and the Kabbalah and the Bible at large)
is nothing more than EGYPTIAN science of the soul -a translation of
esoteric mysteries into exoteric narratives-, it is irrefutable that the
"YHWH" as supposed "name of god" contains both the HISTORY as
well as the FUTURE of "Man" (both supressed from mainstream).
If you don't think it is of utmost importance to know which info has
been hidden from you about where you come from and where you're
going, then I guess this is no good read for you, better switch to the
the Headlies news and forget about this info that might upset the oh
so fragile balance of the house of cards that comprise your beliefs.

Exoteric 'religion' preaches that Redemption is the agenda; it means
that the source & origin of this essential theology involves the history
of the "Coming down through Devolution" from the 4D to the 3D
reality, altogether with the notion that we will as a species and a
world are "Coming back from the 3D to the 4D" (and up) once again.
In other words... "Downward Cycles" & "Upward Cycles"; and that
the DNA fractally reflects these cycles. By now it's extremely obvious
the Pyramids of Giza act as emblems for "STARGATES" into/from
higher dimensional realms (and also parallel worlds). The message
be augmented to the notion of "STELLAR ALIGNMENT".

Research on the Giza Pyramids has shown they are all about stellar
alignments, through tiny passages pointing to specific famous stars.
So we have "4D" (Square) and "3D" (Triangle) fused & morphed via
Stellar Alignments: a clearcut impossible-to-miss concise message,
utilizing universal simple symbols. No wonder so many people have
so far read & understood the same message; while the message may
be simple, the events themselves however, are a different story. So
Arthur C. Clarke was referencing the "EYE OF HORUS" in his "2001
A Space Odyssey" book, you'd have to be retarded not to see that;
he used the Pyramid Triangle instead of the Monolith that Kubrick
employed. I will show here, that either the Pyramid or the Monolith
are nothing more than shorthand for "GOD" (i.e. "the gods"), and
that the distinction between this base-level understanding of God
and a very advanced super-computer, is blurry; such that when at
the end of the film the last survivor astronaut played by Keir Dullea
goes through the StarGate opened at the Jupiter Alignment, hedoes
enters the 4D realm, having to leave behind his "3D SEQUENTIAL
TIME MATERIAL BODY Consciousness", while altogether has to
leave behind this "God" as the AI Computer Alter-Ego.

This constitutes the real hidden theme of the book/film; man has
to leave overly idealized beliefs in the benefits of the AI computers
and their subconscious symbiosis with the notion of "God", leaving
both as the way to the Ascension into becoming a StarChild. Death
not only the decomposition of the material body, but a "reckoning"
of multiple subconscious beliefs and rituals, that have to be dealt
with before entering the StarChild new pod existence, free from
those delusional dangers. To put it in a different way, the hidden
code of the book/film is, that man as evolved ape relies too heavily
& naively on the "supreme power" and "non errant" power of both
the aid of Computers & the aid of "God" (the gods). The conundrum
is solved by the ingenuity & courage of the astronaut disconnecting
the super-computer only using a basic screwdriver. - this just a raw
metaphor to the larger than life fixation on its symbiotic other flip
side of the coin dependance on a "God" that is only another mirror
projection of his mind, and that has to be similarly confronted and
disconnected in likewise fashion-.

On the other hand it is not reasonable to think that Arthur C. Clarke
or Stanley Kubrick had never heard of Philip K. Dick; although later
in 1981 he would publish the "VALIS" works, thse did not come out
of a void, they were longtime preocupations with the nature of our
reality in the planet. He envisioned a satellite from Sirius orbiting
the Earth to provide a holographic language/consciousness interface
between species, other times VALIS as a living super-computer
disguised as the environment, all related to complex awareness of
the thin lines dividing "sanity" from "squizophrenia" and such.

It's no secret in the conspiracy circles that Arthur C. Clarke knew
a whole lot more than he let on, the man had "access"; same story
with Kubrick. Maybe the most tale-telling clue is the birthday scene,
the parents of one astronaut portrayed as overly idiosyncratic and
in that respect eerily Stepford-like. The idea of the film that people
like this will never make it through the coming Stargate event, due
to their own cocoon existence in a tiny Oblivion, and it only takes a
guy so far removed from these types as Keir Dullea in outer space is
from Earth, to be able to make it through, and ultimately become a
EVOLUTIONARY STEP-. So that only "astronaut" types (those who
are 'far-out gone' from convention & the norm) have a real chance of
making it to the ALIGNMENT & entering the STARGATE, because
indeed man is but a baby in the higher realms -thus "StarChild"-.

Forget about "salvation in groups", says the book/film; the 3D to 4D
Shift is so lonely & personal, as Keir Dullea alone in outer space and
having to deal with the super-computer gone bonkers is...!? That the
computer's name is "HAL 9000" is the key to the whole encryption:

"2001 HAL 9000" = "2" & "1" HAL 9 x 1000"

Using standard english Gematria (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26) and "M" for
"1000" in Roman Numerals, shows that this is code for "GOD":

"2" & "1" HAL "9" & 1000"
"B"-- "A" HAL "I"---"M"

Number "1" can be writen as "I" thus it can be "A"' or the letter "I":


In older posts I showed that the supposed "hebrew "name of god"
rendered as "ALHIM" (and usually called "Elohim") has 1 letter
left out, that letter "B" that gives away the entire story. Yes we do
have the hebrew "ALHIM" and the arab "ALLAH" and so forth,
while on the supposed "evil side" we have the perennal goid "BAL"
or "BAAL, and all that "BABEL" and "BABYLON" derived branch.
Never mind that the word "BIBLE"...is so similar to BABEL..., that
the secret appears to be a same exact origin for oth sides, the "judeo
/arab" as well as the "canaanite/babylonian", we only need the
missing link-letter "B".

Therefore "ALHIM" or "ALLAH" in reality should be "BALHIM" or
"BAALHIM", and "BALLAH"; this seemingly intricate small detail,
is peculiarly evident in the word "KABBALAH"; which includes the
left out "B". Since Kabbalah was an esoteric mystery teaching for
the elite few ones, they did not bother take out the key "B". This
pesky little dirty secret is eloquently spelled out in the book/film in
question, as it is also no secret the name "HAL" is code for "IBM"
-moving 1+space up the alphabet HAL becomes IBM-. So when you
read or say "HAL" you in secret should be coupling the "missing"
complementary letters altogether, thus in correct alphabetic order:


Furthermore, this is why the so-called "Star of David" was adopted
as symbol for the hebrew; one should note that it does not match
the 5-letters of the name "ALHIM", neither if matches the 4-letters
of the name "YHWH"; it is 2 Triangles intersecting, the total result
a geometric cryptogram of number 6 and/or 666 (which is not an
"evil" number, there are no evil numbers, and it is indeed the shape
of water crystallized). The only answer to this, is that IN SECRET
the hidden "name of god" was always the 6-letter "BALHIM" in this
tradition -the occultic nazis knew it, and just made it public; until
then this was not a public symbol for the hebrew-.

The hidden "B" pops up here & there; in the Middle Ages the Knight
Templars secretly revered the idol/formula known as BAPHOMET
(BAPHOMET = BAHM+poet) which contains 4 letters of "BALHIM".
The esoteric group known as Shakespeare wrote: "To B or not to B"
-in the know that all sides are the same in secret-. The ASCII as
universal computer language (secretly "Ascension 2" also showing
a "B=2". The famous masonic "P2" lodge seems to also be pointing
at this secret "B=2". The Numerological meaning of Number 2, is
DUALITY, always both sides. Our money and laws are labeled as
"BILL" and "Business".

The essential symbol of masons is the Ritual Resurrection of HIRAM
ABIFF, supposed master builder of the supposed Temple of Solomon,
which consisted of 2 main Pillars known as JOACHIM & BOAZ. It is
rather self-evident that masonry is about re-integrating the 2 poles,
the Good & Evil in One; fusing the exoteric "J" with the secret "B".



Make note of the fact that the word "ARAB" ends in "B" and is also
contained in the name "HIRAM ABIFF". In other words, what I
am implying, that masonry is about the "resurrection" of the secret,
that both -all- sides are the same, it symbolized in the 2 Pillars of
Solomon: "J"oachim (Jewish) and "B"oaz (araB). This emphasis in
Number 2 is evident in the 2 occidental branches of the Scottish &
French rite, or the division between Orient & Occident. It is apalling
how few people today realize that masonry has 2 bodies both in our
western world as well as in the East (the muslim and indian world).
So much for the fraudulent "Clash of Civilizations" slogan used to
give some logic to the wars in the Middle East.

The 2 End-Times prophetic stream in judeo-christian tradition are
DANIEL & REVELATION (REV) -std english: a=1, b=2, ..., z=26-:

DANIEL = 45 = REV = 45 = BALHIM

This totally proves the code, and the secret key missing "B". In the
book/film, the Jupiter Mission to investigate the Monolith travels in
the "Discovery 1" space ship:


Using Reduced Numerology (reducing numbers to 1-digit, for ex.
12 ~ 3, as 1+2=3, etc), we discover the Monolith is ALHIM -"God"-:


Grouping in pairs starting with the key number "13":

AL+HI+M = 13+89+4 = 106 = MONOLITH

This evidently reaffirmed in the spelling of both words "ALHIM"


You should by now have picked up on the fact I've been using the ex
of the codes hidden in the book/film "2001 A Space Odyssey" just to
to expound on the much larger issues touched on Parts I & II; they
must be factored in the same example. Another name for "god" is
given in EXODUS 3:14, which is in itself an In-Your-Face code for
the number "PI" (3.14), when "Moses" asks "God" which name to
use, as both ALHIM and YHWH up to that point in the narrative
had been used; to which he was given the new name "I AM that
I AM":


The secret esoteric egyptian masonic knowledge passed on embedded
in the supposed "Bible religious" trappings, is that the name BALHIM
contains a geometric key to number PI (3.14).

What's even more revealing of the role of the secret letter "B" hidden
from the public "ALHIM" name of "god", is found in the fundamental
doctrine supposedly instituted by "Moses", the CIRCUMCISION of
men. Of course Circumcision is considerably older than supposedly
"Moses time" and as such was practiced in Egypt before, and from
Egypt it was exported to Africa at large. The jewish term for this is
the expression "BRIT MILAH", almost identical to "BALHIM",
the emblematic "B" separated from "MILAH/ALHIM", and as an
initial to the other word "BRIT"; any simil to the word "BRITAIN"
is strtictly sheer random coincidence... right...? I repeat; all sides
are the same, and the same formulas are embedded in all names
big enough (observe how the "2001 HAL 9000" code offered at the
beginning -as "BAHALIM"-, matches in the order of the letters to
perfection, the "MILAH" of Circumcision -in reverse-. It is in this
respect that one of the links given, implying phallic/solar occult
symbols in the film, might be onto something; the Discovery 1 a
long phallic shape).

Meanwhile, we are taught to think and learn in "specialized" totally
separated/unrelated ways; it will never cross the minds of anyone to
think "BRIT" is the same in the jewish Circumcision as in the name
of "BRITAIN", as they both come from the same code of "BALHIM"
branching out of Egypt. But yes, indeed:



The way we are conditioned not to see what is there in front of our
own very eyes, is particularly preposterous in the case of:


Perhaps this would explain to you why the same Stanley Kubrick
made another film (his last) named "EYES WIDE SHUT". It's our
own eyes he was talking about, ok...? Eyes that need to be opened,
and start reading what's there for all to see, that all sides are the
same, as they all share exactly the same hidden codes and secret
cosmic multi-dimensional knowledge, albeit hidden from view.

As to the elusive mystery of Number PI, think of one Planet that
carries its code... and that would be... JUPITER; therefore events
transpire in JUPITER's vicinity in the book/film. Correlate the
notion of EXODUS to Jupiter to undertake the larger EXODUS
to the 4D realm through the StarGate at ther Alignment, and you
begin to grasp what is cooking beneath the neatly disguised public
facade of "Religions". Exodus 3:14 in the Bible, is read by Arthur
C. Clarke as Exodus to Ju-PI-ter; most objects in the film thus of
a circular shape, aligning towards a center.

Then proceed to view the MENORAH -Jewish Candelabrum- of
7-Flames, 3 on each side connected via semi circles , with 1-Flame
at the center, as an extant ORBIT CENTERING DEVICE...!
the name "Candelabrum" ties in with the 2 prevalent main themes
of Ancient Greece, the LABYRINTH/LABRYS". If by now you
have not begun to gather the feeling that behind public "Religion"
hides a very secret agenda of retrieving ancient lost knowledge
about a higher extant multi-dimensional science & technology, that
is hoarded for the few in the secret elite, and totally kept away from
the masses which are fed theologies of universal codes of conduct
embellished by a profusion of Rituals that distract, then you have
not been reading attentively enough.

What I am saying is that there is A RACE FOR INFORMATION

That this race on possessing the right information has been utterly
kept out of the public view, that "Religions" have served both as a
distractor and carrier of essential pieces of the scattered Templates
of the former more advanced sciences -throughout millenia-, and
as Research-Centers for this, disguised as "theological studies"and
such, collecting fragmented information in the form of ancient data
of any kind.

In previous older posts I've hinted at the fact that actually a much
larger GAME is at play, by which devolving/descending species are

engaged in attemting a re-entry into higher dimensions where they
have been exiled from, particularly the 5th Dimension/Density. As
it is widely known some "prime humans" will skip the 4D altogether
and directly shift to 5D, these "prime humans"closely monitored &
even experimented upon, to decipher their "DNA DIMENSIONAL
LEAP" Template.

In other words, that although negative devolving vampiric types
may be the quintessential Evil, they might have a vested interest
in "understanding/exploring/investigating" Goodness, with a very
specific interest in "piggy-backing" on the DNA of those "prime
humans" who will reach the 5D. Therefore their interest in Human
Hybridization and also in Human Spirituality might have a meaning
way beyond Mankind as Prey, but only as passport to trojanizing
the 5th Dimensison/Density -undetected so to speak-. And that
this may be "Slepper Genes" that for millenia have been brewing
to "combine" what we conceive as "Good * Evil" in ONE, albeit
undetected, subconsciously. An example of which could be the
overly vampiric overtones of the Christian Sacrifice for ex, the
abnormal emphasis on the Blood an such, while at the same time
perfectly blended with a sense of spiritual virtue & love; these
could be "experimental entry points" into the 5D Consciousness,
by beings who have lost the capacity of empathy & love, yet are
bent on simulating their DNA fractals. IN such a way that a "prime
human" generation of individuals might have been "bred"to effect
the Dimensional Leap into 5D, while still carrying the etheric genetic
imprint of the devolving 4D vampires, establishing "Silver Chords"
reaching -hopefully to them- all the way up to the 5th Dimension/
Density. Ands that this is their "Jacob's Ladder" so to speak; a
"New Troy" of the higher realms. This would mean that the events
in TROY NEVER HAPPENED, but tha these are symbols for their
agenda into the future during the Dimensional StarGate Shift.

This scenario would explain the extreme secrecy with which the
information regarding the coming Dimensional Shift is treated, as
information is given on a Need-To-Basis only, and the emphasis is