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The real "Da Vinci" Code; Book of Rev as Blueprint

The idea that the Book of Revelation is not so much prophecy but rather a
Blueprint or instructional Agenda to enact, has been growing in interest.
This in part became more obvious as research shifted from the traditional
Symbolic Interpretation methods, to linguistic GEMATRIA ENCODING
-and in modern English, that is-. Even before we open the book itself, the
‘outside’ keywords are evidently encoded. Supposedly written by a “John
The Divine” in “Patmos Island” in the Aegean Sea (a=1, b=2, …, z=26):
[ JOHN = 47 = Beast ]
The initials to “Patmos Island” are “PI” (like the number Pi=3.14...)
More strikingly so, it’s easy to spot the “ATM” in it, but rearranging letters:
One begins to get the eerie feeling, that perhaps the capricious choosing of the
4 famous acronyms of the computer/internet age, was done secretly different.
---“DOS”: is the “Win-Dos” of most computers (Driver Operating System)
---”LAN”: is the computer network (Linear Aggregated Network)
---”ISP”: is the web (Internet Service Provider)
---”ATM”; is electronic money (Automatic Transfer Machine)
The name of the book in transliterated greek is “Apocalipsis”, or most often
rendered English version “Apocalypse”, commonly known as “Revelation”:
But if we go to the most famous Chapter 13 Verse 18 (called ‘Rev 13:18‘):
[ ID = 13] while [ HEAD = 18 ]
So that the very content of that crucial ‘666’ passage -that an Id track mark is
to be placed in the head-, is already encrypted in the Chapter/Verse numbers.
Furthermore, {Rev=45} reducing (4+5=9=I), therefore:
[ REV 13;18] is elemental code for [ I M R ]
This is all too-evidently code for the original “Beast” figure, “NIMROD”, the
so-called 1st King of the Earth in Babylonia, the origin of all Mystery Religion,
Nimrod is ORION, as he is called “The Mighty Hunter” in the Bible itself, as
ORION is the Great Hunter. Albert Mackey in “History of Freemasonry” says
that “The legend of the Craft in the Old Constitutions refers to NIMROD as
One of the Founders of Freemasonry”. Nimrod was the head in the original
Trinity: “Nimrod (Father) Semiramis (Mother) Tammuz” (Son) in the oldest
trace of that religious concept. Later on as Women were suppressed the Mother
Goddess as Semiramis, was changed to the “Holy Spirit” (no gender). This
Holy Ghost concept emanated from the Kabbalistic “Shekinah”, although in
Kabbalah this SHE-KINAH was still Feminine. “Nimrod” of course is Proto-
Type of the much later Roman Emperor “Nero”, who was the original ‘666’
Name/Number (his letters in Hebrew yield 666 and/or 616), but the oldest
archetype or cast, was definitely NIMROD. Thus Nimrod is the Agenda, to
“resurrect” the ancient NIMROD in his full power, when he was the “Hunter
of Souls” (the great vampire), as the Bible describes him. NIMROD/ORION
Therefore, is the “Beast” that “Was, Is Not, but Will Ascend from the Abyss”.
and the real agenda is the RETURN OF NIMROD’s high-tech empire, where
Vampirism takes a mass-scale industrial technocratic form.
[ MASONRY = “NYMRO.” (Nimrod Assyria)
As to the suppressed Mother-Goddes aspect of the original Trinity, that is the
“3 Mary’s”, as the 3-Stars in Orion’s Belt are called in most regions of the
Earth. Robert Bauval discovered that the 3 Pyramids in Giza, are a ground
Mirror of Orion’s Belt in the sky. However, also in Assyria the 3 famous
ancient cities of “Calah Resen Niniveh”, were also a mirror of Orion’s Belt.
Orion has been syndicated as the origin of the ShapeShifter vampiric beings.
REV 13;18 consists of 2 conjoined ciphers:
[ 666 = 234 + 432 ]
---“234” is the Gematria number for the “Beast of the Sea”
---”432” is the Gematria number of the 2-Horns of the “Beast of the Earth”
THE BEAST OF THE EARTH is a “Father” and a “Son”.
Because the “666” cipher is archetype of the TRINITY.
So you have a “Father”/”Son”/”Mother”.
The name “MARY” comes from “MAR” (Sea). The city named “Cairo” in
Egypt where the Giza pyramids are located, means “MARS”.
European Monarchies originate in the MEROVINGIAN dynasty (aprox 500
AD), as one historical Merovech who legend syas was a Hybrid son of a SEA
Monster called the Quinotaur (quino~pentagram) and a woman -“Mer” is
French for “Mar” (Sea)-. Behind the scenes, the secret alliance between
Religion and Monarchy, was affirmed by a false parallel legend, that of a
Descendance from Jesus and Mary Magdalene, who became the Merovingian
Kings, and later the kings of most European countries, “The Divine” kings.
Thus the code implicit in the “John The Divine” supposed author of the Book
Of Revelation. This lie was sheer propaganda to anoint them as rulers forever.
And this monarchic propaganda is to this day still spread in “The Da Vinci Code”.
To disract form the vampiric overtone of the original Trinity/Monarchy as in
“Nimrod Semiramis Tammuz, the real Orion hybrids. The catholic 18th century
famous visionary (Mel Gibsons Passon film taken out of her supposed visi0ns)
Anne Katherine Emmerich, in a crucial passage describing an angelic apparition
Before the Vurgin Mary’s birth, said the angel wrote the name “MIRIAM” on
the wall, thus later her mother called her “Mary”. But observe:
[ SEMIRAMIS ] ~ [ se - MIRAMI -s ] (Mirami = Miriam)
Thus “Miram” is code for “Semiramis”. The name “Isis” also contained:
Thomas Aquina was the most famous church theologian whose definite work’s
called the “Summa Theologica”, but observe the name “Tammuz” in reverse:
[ TAMMUZ ] reversed is [ “ZUMMA T.” ]
Many have suggested that the code-name “Nimrod” is also ref. to “NIBIRU”.
And of course the famous “Resurrection of HIRAM Abiff” is the center
piece Ritual of Masonry; but observe both “Mary” and “Nimrod” encoded:
[ HIRAM ] reversed is [ MARIH ] and you find [ IMR ] in Hiram.
So that the Resurrection f Hiram A., is code for the return of Nimrod and
Semiramis, in other words, of the original Mystery Religion Trinity’s reign.
Naturally the expression “Mystery Religion” comes form the Book of Rev.
itself in its depiction of Babylonia, and its initial coincide with Rev 13;18.
[ M R ] is [ 13 18 ].
As the word “MYSTERY” once again (if it wasn’t redundantly clear by now)
yields code for “MARY” (Mery) and “NIMROD” (Ymr).
However the emphasis of research nowadays, is to show how all these encodings
Actually suggest a Blueprint or instructional Agenda, rather than a prophecy.
So that the ones in-the-know in the elite, can ENACT them. Like we all now
clearly see the religious fundamentalist fanatics are actually working to create
Armageddon, believing that in doing so, they are fulfilling “God’s Work”.
And finally -in case you haven’t noticed yet-:
[ MASONRY = MARY SON ] (Mary’s Son).
And there are “3 Mary’s”, 3-Stars in Orion’s Belt, 3 Pyramids, 3 Cities.

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