Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Incorrect-World

I coined the expression "Incorrect-World" to label a type of world
that is both unsustainable and wrong in nature, which happens to be
the present-day world we live in !

Every single institution and ideology and religion, presently finds its
main reason for existence & praxis, to defend and propagandize this
very Incorrect-World
. Sure, on the verbose side of discourse, they
claim to be 'critical', but their actions & agendas betray a consistent
brainwash, to indoctrinate humans to believe in and support this very

What is this world then based on... one may ask...? The Subconscious
essence of it, can be expressed as a firm belief in:

(1). THE ILLUSION OF "SOLIDITY" (of 3D Matter).

Consciously, it can be expressed as a Stockholm Syndrome towards
supporting a Reality-Construct made of:

(3). POWER & FAME.
(5). "STATE-NATIONS" (Out-Of-Control Government).

You will observe, that crucial notions such as... INTELLIGENCE or...
WISDOM, or... LOVE, or... HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS, are simply
not-part-of this World Construct. Neither is the notion of real & true
... CHANGE, a part of it. They have been simply left-out, often while
at the same time vociferously pretending to speak and do 'in name of'
them. Thus intrinsically so, this construct can and must be labeled...
the "Incorrect-World" !

Just for a moment, imagine a world where there is no money. Where
the "currency" is how intelligent & wise you are, and how much you
are able to contribute in Changing reality for the better. The present
World-Construct, boasts of "changing conditions" towards Progress
and Development, yet what they are doing is actually doing something
good, while at the same time doing something bad & unsustainable.
Of course the news media will never let you in on the bad "collateral
damage" side of it all. That, you will have to discover all by yourself,
unless it hits you before you can make sense of it, through climate
changes, illness, mental diseases, stress, constant recessions, being
permanently interdicted/surveilled/dominated, and what have you.

In your painful road to awareness, you will have to come to terms
with the sad fact that the "price" of Progress/Development, is quite
a hefty one, often incalculable and terminal in itself.

Soon you will get to the psychological milestone of realizing that in
order to "progress" -as defined under the prevailing "Versions of
Reality"-, you must accept that you are HUMAN CATTLE, gofer,
mush. That the 6 above essences (in blue), always imply that "One
Man's Gain Is Another Man's Loss", that "In Order For One To Win
Others Must Lose", and so forth.

In other words, you have painfully become aware of the fact that
this World-Construct is essentially A VAMPIRIC MANIFESTATION.

In other words, it is an Energy-Transfer "reality" projected and
laid-out in such a way as to facilitate a Psionic-Suction out of the
Self of the many, unto the Will of the few; a soul/mind-rape, that is.

Once you have landed on this territory of awareness, there is no way
back, and no Sugar-Coating eloquence will blind you to this fact. Out
there the world always tries to convince you that it is all a question
of the Right Allegiance; it is all an "Us vs. Them" conundrum. Really?

The vampiric world construct is therefore "divided" (fragmented)
into Nations, Religions, Ideologies, Races, Lifestyles, etc etc etc. Just
by "choosing" the "proper" one, you are "saved" and "good". Really?

As Roger Waters sang in the deep-critique album "Amused to Death":
"And the Germans killed the Jews
And the Jews killed the Arabs
And the Arabs killed the hostages
And that is the news".

You simply have to add other nationalities, & religions, & ideologies
to these lyrics, and that's exactly how this world "works" ultimately.
Well, most often times the killing is done In-Slow-Motion, via
disease, poverty, starvation, disguised boycott, and the like; the old
politics of "preferential comparative advantage" (not that War is
not employed regularly and consistently all the same...).

The Herd-Mentality propels people to believe the problem merely
lies in "that" particular nation, or "that" particular religion, or "that"
particular race, or "that" particular ideology, or "that" particular
lifestyle, ad infinitum.

You will notice how it's always "That" and Them". It's never "Mine"
or "Me", or "We" the problem. This is one Incorrect-World we live in,
because it is an outward projection in 3D material terms, of a truly
sick INNER MENTAL STRUCTURE, based on incorrect assumptions,
and unsustainable pragmatism's.

Then of course the "solution" is not yet "another" new political axis
of a program/agenda to deal with "them" & "that". The path to a true
recovery, is through Introspection and Self-Critique. If every country
keeps thinking it is the best and oh how inferior are the rest, and if
people keep thinking the same about themselves, the whole Humanity
endeavour is... utterly pointless.

This is what Humanity at large must reclaim now, a sense of Deep-
Critique and assessment of the wrong assumptions, of the incorrect
worldviews, of the illusory nature of the current models of reality and
self. Until that happens, only more & more truly pointless inorganic &
unsustainable types of "Progress/Development" are bound to multiply.

Take for example the case of "HYPER POPULATION"; while it is true
that some nefarious Elites have used this argument as a way to enact
their evil Depopulation Agenda, on the other hand there is little doubt
that presently we are faced with a terrible ordeal; while the intelligent
and wise amongst us are NOT PROCREATING, the less intelligent and
educated are literally multiplying like rabbits
, beyond any reasonable
safe levels and actually beyond hope, quite frankly.

This is a clear-case of... DEVOLUTION in practice, happening every
day in your planet. Of course the way out of this is through education
and higher culture, but most prominently so, it is though getting rid
of the age old Incorrect-World paradigms. The masses keep engaged
in this insane type of behaviour, simply because the entire structure
& mentality behind the current models of "Progress & Development"
actually profit and incentivize it.

Altogether the Capitalist and the Communist and the Religious
Fundamentalist systems require permanent growth of the lower-
level less-intelligent population, to sustain the "production" and
machinery of their very own particular models. Through this, they
are in fact practicing what is best-termed REVERSE EUGENICS,
propitiating a less-capable and less-excelling humanity.

Thus we have both a Classic ("kill 'em") Eugenics as well as a ("breed
'em") Reverse Eugenic agenda, simultaneously juxtaposing; and the
latter is gaining ground, leading to an increased Devolution. Now isn't
it interesting that official "education" only teaches Evolution, while it
never does teach Devolution...?

Now of course just by thinking Devolution as a real enacted Agenda,
one is confronted with a series of other 'issues' regarding Human Life
in a much larger galactic perspective, such as "Who does benefit from
Human Devolution...?"
These are the types of questions & revisions
that the current Incorrect-World censors and tries to avoid at all
cost, by inseminating feel-good worldviews, and basically paying an
endless tirade of "Buzz Agents" to propagandize about the reality
we live in as true & inevitable, like there was no other way than this.

The reason ancient history is still concealed, and the masses are led
to believe we are the 1st. intelligent & advanced civilization on this
planet, is because knowing it is knowing about ...Devolution!

By hiding the true far longer ancient history, all the necessary clues
about the "Human" existence are thus concealed from the minds of
the population. All the ups & downs of Evolution & Devolution, all the
movements toward Ascension and all the Vampiric Enslavement's
become obvious to the mind, when the origin and fall of previously
more advanced civilizations are exposed. The current and prevailing
"Incorrect-World" -as I labeled it- profits massively from ignorance
of such, as populations are kept in an "information-vacuum" cocoon,
bent on believing even the stupidest assumptions. No introspection
and self-critique can really happen at all, if the full extent of the
"Human" paradigm is not contemplated, and only superficial and
often caricaturesque notions in the religious and race/nationalistic
vein are popularized as mainstream.

The illusory belief that we are at the top of the food-chain, can be
the most dangerous of the assumptions. When careful thought is
given to the fact that there might be entities interested in this
double-direction EUGENICS (to breed indiscriminately, and to
kill indiscriminately
), a self-evident analogy to the meat-industry
emerges, for ex. Yet we must include the existence of Parallel
realities (or higher dimensions) into the equation. Thus the 2
lists of essential assumptions and goals I gave at the beginning
of this post (in Red and in Blue), find an easy explanation, as
being the "perfect conditioning" of Humanity for this purpose
of Vampiric Harvesting (Kundalini 3D Organic Factory).

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"God" & Dynasties

Now that the "king" is gone, we must not forget the Big Picture. In
fact they were 2 kings -a father & a son-; more in fact, they were
3 kings. Find a decent picture of Prince Charles, then find a decent
comparative picture of George jr. Now take a really deep breath,
and look at the similarities...! Acc. to public records, born with just
1 year of difference (1947/1948), the latter's full name is "Charles
Philip Arthur George", yes, indeed also... George. But this full-name
also encodes the word "PRES" (ident):


Let's not forget the late John Kennedy Jr. published a magazine
called... George. He died in a suspicious "accident", when it is well
rumoured he had already accepted to run for president in... 2000.

Yes, imagine George Jr. running against John Jr., sort of a perfect
non-match; is there any doubt as to the fact that John Jr. was going
to absolutely win the Election 2000 by a landslide victory...? Nope.
Even worse, then Governor Bush was MYSTERIOUSLY ABSENT
for 3 days from office, exactly the time-lapse of the John Jr.'s death.
This is f-a-c-t. The most notorious magazine issue featured Cindy
Crawford naked inside the outfit of George Washington; asked about
the cryptic meaning of such, John Jr. answered that things are not
the way the appear to be...!!!! (key word "George").

George Sr.'s 1st. 'big job' was to be Coordinator of the Bay of Pigs
invasion in Cuba; that didn't go too well, now didn't it...? Yet maybe
that went precisely acc. to plan ! See, things... are not the way they
appear to be. Fidel served for decades as the GRAND EXCUSE for
anti-communism in America; dictatorships all over Latin America
had to be installed to "counter such threat". That an island a stone-
throw away from Miami could still to this maintain such regime,
calls for suspicion. After all, even Guantanamo is based in Cuba !?
Thus Bush Sr. was instrumental in installing Fidel. Now that would
explain why John Kennedy Sr. was so pissed off about all this...!
Bush Sr. had landed him a royal pain-in-the neck hot potato, by
launching an invasion without consulting him/providing the facts.

Later one (supposedly) Harvey Lee Oswald would be the mythical
"Lone Gunman" assassin of same John Sr; Oswald was triangulated
to the Agency via one George DeMohrenschidt, who was in charge
of "handling" Oswald (i.e. framing him); inside George DeM.'s pocket
was found a little agenda with George Sr.'s phone number in it.

Later then in 1980/1981 within just months 3 famous figures were
shot, Pope John Paul II/Ronald Reagan/John Lennon. The media
tried hard to put again the false spin that the Pope's shooter was a
"left-wing" radical, when in fact he was a right-wing nut (just like
they did in Oswald's case). Thus the Pope was rendered even more
so a puppet of the Opus Dei, and the Oval Office was run by the Vice
Pres. George Sr. , Ronnie requiring long sleeps in the afternoon, and
becoming more of just a Public Speaker. Next link highly pertinent:,_Jr.

Now if we go to the Book of Revelation, we see that the most famous
Rev. 13:18 cipher (666), is actually a BLUEPRINT of an agenda TO
BE ENACTED. Since its inception in the 3rd Century, this has been
a certifiable goal of some elites, to "match" the emblematic cipher.
To this end they have for centuries accommodated & chosen numbers
and titles, attempting a perfect match. The cipher has a very easy
setup, being split in 2, as follows:

[ 666 = 234 + 432 ] { 13x18 = 234 } ("Rev 13:18")

{ 13 = Id ] { 18 = Head }

For centuries a great many names have been successfully assigned
as 'match' to the cipher, in the 20th Century a long list of notables
have been thus also 'matched'. The Windsor & Bush dynasties are
just the latest of those 'matches' (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):


"A George Herbert Walker Bush" + "A George Walker Bush" = 432

Therefore a "Father & Son" both presidents 'match' the description
of the Beast of the Earth as having "2 Horns". Indeed:

[ "2 HORNS" = 76 = HERBERT = 76 = "REV 13+18" ]

While at the same time, it is a fractal of:

[ "TWO HORNS" = 66+66 = "A PRINCE CHARLES" ]

This doesn't mean that they will be the last to try to become the
agenda leaders in the cipher, but it certainly means that either
they enacted a large portion of such, or... they miserably failed.

The number of Gematria concordances in the Bush dynasty defies
comprehension, it is way too long and rather tedious. The 2 most
interesting ones, are related to the 2 main "Names of God" in the
Old Testament: "ALHYM" (usually transliterated incorrectly as
"Elohim", either Alhim/Elohim are Plural names, not 1 "God" but
-the "Gods"-), and the TetraGrammaton "YHWH" (or "IHVH").
In early previous posts, I dealt extensively with the "B-ALHIM"
Code, might be worth a careful read.

Both names are strictly a FORMULA, not a "name" in the way we
view them as merely 'designating' a person; they are a Kabbalistic
secret formula, a Code for other themes (YHWH the Genetic Code).

"YHWH" 4-Quaternary formula, as "ALHYM" is a 5-Pentagonal
formula; they share 2 letters: "HY". This 2 letters are intimately
tied into the concept of VIRGIN, and Birth: the vaginal "HYMEN".
This word comes from the Greek God "Hymenaios":

Hymenaios would dress as a Woman to disguise himself; this leads to
a whole new way of understanding that famous "George" mag cover.

"ALHYM" notoriously ties in with hebrew Circumcision, called the
"BRIT-MYLAH"; in other words, "ALHYM" alludes to the female
virgin Vagina, as well as the yet-uncircumcized male Penis. "ALHIM"
is the name employed in the 1st. verses of Genesis, that "Creator"
'God' setting the Heavens & the Earth.

At the deepest levels of Magick, Magic Squares are used to insert
letters acc. to their reduced number (for ex. 12 is 3: 1+2=3); the
"reduced number" letters for "6" are "F-O-X" (6-6-6). Thus the
sarcastically named "Fix"/"Faux" channel or "Bush channel", then
carries the cipher "666", quite obviously so. Moreover its notorious
owner australian media-mogul Rupert Murdoch also carries the
Rev 13:18 cipher in his very initials: [ M = 13, R=18 ]. Using the
usual 1-Space down the alphabet, "FOX" becomes "ENW"="NEW",
as in... "New World Order".

Which leads as to the famous "W" ('Dubya'); when spelled "DUBIA",
the get to: [ DUBIA = 37 = SEAL ]. Eerily, the former boat of
notorious drug pilot turned informant (then betrayed by the Reagan
administration) Barry Seal, ended up as Dubya's possession (see the
1991 film "Double Crossed", starring Dennis Hopper as Barry Seal).
The "W" as "Walker" is a pun of "Walk-In", beings that come into
a human body from outside dimensions, a "Walker" is a "Walk-In".
Pope JPII was "W"-ojtyla, sharing the "JOHN" name with Lennon.
Of course the Book of Rev. was supposedly written by a "John", this
just a Code, because no one knows who wrote it (a team obviously);
"John" is a highly ritualistic name, carrying a lot of esoterics. For ex.
the originator of English Gematria -Sir John Dee during Elizabeth I-
also carries the "John"; his name is a Code for many things as well.
When moving 1+Space in the alphabet:

[ "JOHN" becomes "KPIO" ]
"JOHN DEE" then becomes [ "KPIO DEE" = "OP. DEI" + KE ]
(meaning: "OPUS DEI KEY")

"KPIO DEE" ~~~ "KODE" ~~~ (Code)

"DEI" if spelled "DEY", is the last initials of "LeE HarveY OswalD",
who was placed in "DEALEY Plaza" - Dallas, Nov. (11=K) 1963; the
numerology of this date ties in with "911":

[ "NOV. 22 + (1+9+6+3)" = 92 ] { 1+9+6+3 = 19 }

If you search in Google-Maps for "World Trace Center NY", you will
see that there is a street leading to its center called "DEY St.", at the
intersection with "CHURCH St.". 1 block N from the site stands one
"MURRAY St."; in May 2000 the Opus Dei changed its american
headquarters from Chicago to New York in 34th x Lexington, to a
new building called the "MURRAY Hill Place". In previous years the
"MURRAH Bldg." in Oklahoma was destroyed. You will notice that
the names "M-urra-Y" and "M-urra-H" contain in their initials the
keys to "AL-HYM" (as "TimothY McVeigH last initials yield "HY").

Now the famous MS (Magic Square) (..."Micro-Soft"...) of Saturn
-also called the LoShu in chinese lore-, is the key to "ALHIM":

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

H A !

I left the last letter empty as a "!", because it is Number 6, which
we must fill in as "F.O.X."...! You see in symmetrical form at left
the letters for "ALHIM" (or ALHYM), while on its symmetrical
right side you see the 3 emblematic letters for the Bush dynasty !
With "FOX" properly at the bottom signaling their emblematic TV
channel of propaganda.

The embedded subliminal esoteric message, is that "GWB" & "FOX"
are "God" ALHIM on Earth.

As to the "OPUS DEI", in english it is "God's Work", once again the
emblematic Bush dynasty initials, now embedding "God" in english.
George Jr. was installed suspending the recount of Florida (clearly
favoring Al Gore), and the Supreme Court voting 5-4 for him. The
deciding vote was cast by Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia of
the Opus Dei...!!!! Interesting that a religious order of only 3000
secret members in the USA, could manage to have people in such
high power places. Former FBI director Louis Freeh also is an Opus
Dei member. These are the ones we know of...!? Furthermore, in
Election 2004 the now Pope Benedict 16 sent a Secret Memo to
the USA Bishops, instructing them to Excommunicate catholics
who voted for John Kerry, using the usual "abortion" technicality.
This was a blatant and horrendous interdiction of the Pres. Election;
thus George Jr. "won" by a tight margin, again.


The Opus Dei are the modern-day Knight Templars, their Personal
Prelature priesthood Order carries the same privileges only granted
to the Templars, such as complete independence from Bishops and
Cardinals, they only answer directly to the Pope...!? The Templars
constitution was called..."MILITIA DEI":

[ Militia = 73 = Britain = United = Kingdom = Crown ]

[ DEI = 19 ] [ MILITIA DEI = 91 ] (...911...)

The British Secret Service is the "MI" (see also "MI"crosoft).

The last initials of the Bush dynasty form the Greek word for Beast:


In Rev/Apoc 13:18 the "Beast" is actually "THERION" in Greek,
translated literally to English as "WILD BEAST" (initials "WB" ).


*Note: Robert Hanssen, the FBI veteran spy/traitor, was Opus Dei.

*Note: the Opus Dei were not granted Priesthood until John Paul II.

*Note: monotheist religions Judaism/Islam/Christianity are 1 Triad.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Please heighten the Super Bowl area/date security!

-Later added links-:
{Was the Feb 1st. 2009 SuperBowl one of the set dates...? My post
below would have helped to prevent that, losing the surprise-factor}
Example of the speculation on the internet; in this link, the deal is
assumed to be averted right on that very day of Flight 1549 plane
landing on the Hudson. {Eerily, one of my Phone Numbers ends in
549, and my last name and city I live have a lot in common with
* (Note: see also later added relevant news at the end of the post)

I was asked to check on the Gematria/Numerology aspect of the
upcoming Feb 1st. 2009 Super Bowl, due to a faint web rumour of
linguistic coincidences related to the Hudson River plane landing;
in a nutshell, here is what I came up with.

On October 25th 2008, the night-before shootings of relatives to the
former American Idol singer Jennifer Hudson was big news in the
media (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26);

Jennifer HUDSON ~~~ HUDSON River

153 is a very big Key Number in Gematria -as you can easily find
in my previous post "Key No. 153"- (it is used for ex. as sign of the
"Resurrection" theme in the Miracle Fishing of the Gospel. When
we say "Resurrection", think of Nibiru's 2nd Coming). Morover:


{ RIVER = 72 = FIRST } (Feb 1st.)

Jennifer Hudson & Bruce Springsteen were the choices for the Super
Bowl musical acts, at the James Raymond Stadium in Tampa Bay FL.
Hillsborough River lies somewhat close to the East:


The Super Bowl uses roman numerals to indicate its number, this one
the "Super Bowl XLIII". Thus "XLIII" is a match of "Oct 25":

OCT 25 = 63 = XLIII

You must observe how the hero-pilot of the jet plane that landed in
Hudson River, is one "Chesley B. 'Sully' Sullenberger III", emphasis
on the "III" (note 911 was a jet plane event, emphasis on "II").
Another key esoteric number is "144" (related to the Book of Rev.,
and to Key No. 153, if you cared to read my older post):


Notice how the location "Tampa Bay" embeds "Obama" in reverse:


[ "PRESIDENT B. OBAMA" = 144 ]

Now let's take a closer look at that "US Airways Flight 1549" (which
in roman numerals is written as "MDXLIX" ~ 1549):


[ (1+5+4+9) + US AIRWAYS = 155 ]

The media prominently settled for "155 Passengers" as survivors
of the plane crash-landing over water. Look at the roman numerals:

MDXLIX ~~~ MDX "XLI" (Super Bowl "XLIII")

News of the plane crash-landing on JANUARY 16, the birthday of
MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr...!!!! Go to Google Maps and input the
name of the Super Bowl stadium; it sits framed by W. Martin Luther
King Jr Blvd./W. Tampa Bay Blvd./N. Dale Mabry Hwy 92/N. Himes
Ave. (92 can also be 'seen' as pun of 911). Furthermore:

(N. DALE MABRY) + (N. HIMES AVE.) = 191

Connect to the US Airways flight & to the Feb 1st. Super Bowl date:



Emblematically, the "National Anthem" is sung at the Super Bowl;
the closest cipher-embedded link to this is the 2007 release of the
Nicholas Cage series "National Treasure, Book of Secrets", a film
explicitly loaded with masonic ciphers as its theme, which deals with
Mount Rushmore NATIONAL MEMORIAL to 4 Presidents, located
in South Dakota:




More importantly so, the flight N. 1549 / MDXLIX, encodes this
very "National" Anthem moment at the Super Bowl:


In "spoken" form, the alphanumerics of 1549 yield No. Pi (3.14...):


"Pi" is link to the Piramid/Pyramid, both in cipher and in actual
mathematical fact; if this was a coded-message, the riddle would
be solved as "National Memorial/Monument Song" (Stone=Tones):

73 =Egypt=Corner=Stone=Britain=United=Kingdom=Crown


There is yet another much less visible synchronicity; the 'funny'
computer "Y2K" fiasco of 2000, seems to have had readings of
another kind.

Y2K ~~~ "WHY 2 KEY" ~~~ "WHY TWO KEY"


"TWO" = "TOW" (ers) ~~~ "2 Towers"/TW-in Towers

[ WHY TWO KEY = 155 ]
{ 155 Passengers -the press reported- survived the New York City
crash landing on the Hudson River }

In other words, if "Y2K" in its other forms encoded New York City's
2 Twin Towers, the "155" synchronizes it with the Hudson R. event;
flight ( 1/5/4/9 Us Airways = 155).


Readings much less visible like these, must not be discarded as too
subtle to form a Numeric Cluster or Pattern. For ex. in the case of
911, we find such readings providing crucial synchronicities, as in:

[ NEW YORK = 111 ]

[ "One One One" = 101+1 = Jet Planes ]

Once again the same connection to the Super Bowl '09 emerges:

[ "W. TAMPA BAY" = 101+1 ]

A 'deeper' & more 4-Dimensional way of doing Gematria involves
the use of Magic Squares to form "Watch-Towers"; if you notice
"World-Trade"/"Watch-Tower" share initials. This would mean
the 911 event was scripted in 4D in a Watch-Tower template from
a Magic Square (Template ~ Temple, while: TOWER=81=SQUARE).
The simplest one is the Magic Square of "Lo-Shu" -in chinese lore-
or of Saturn in occidental lore, a 3x3 grid:

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

These are numbers 1 to 9 arranged in a "magic" configuration due
to its arithmetical unique properties. Observe the "T" shape the
numbers of Flight 1549 form, if we combine them with the Super
Bowl date of "2/1" & also "911" ("T"ower ~ "T"emple ~ "T"ampa):

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

This MS of Saturn contains emblematically the "492" key, which
was used on 2 really big life-altering events for planet Earth; the
Discovery of America, and America entering WWII, after the Dec.
7 - 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor (i.e. 1st. phase of America from
"1492 to 1942").

Thus this Watch-Tower has the POTENTIAL to induce WWIII...!
(If the entities and/or humans manipulating events wish so).

I am not promoting Fear, I am simply reading into the quite strong
Gematria cluster; when read in this way, the Super Bowl "XLIII"
acquires a radically more ominous potential meaning, of "WWIII":

[ WWIII = 73 = NIBIRU ]

[ III = 27 = Code = 27 = RED ]

WORLD TRADE CENTER ( "RED" in reverse)

The pervasiveness & resilience of this Gematria cluster is worth
the effort I'm putting into it, because of its potential implications.
See Pearl Harbor date 12/7/1941:

[ 12 + 7 + (19+41) = 79 = SUPER = 79 = TAMPA BAY ]

Exposing Gematria clusters & Watch-Towers before they have the
chance of "surprising" us, greatly diminishes their chance of coming
into a reality here. The object of this post is to do precisely such, by
focusing on the possible 'apex' point at the Super Bowl XLIII. The
more people read this post, the lesser the chance for such a negative
manifestation, as the subconscious Gematria substrata comes forth
unto the conscious -similar to becoming aware of a danger-. Also
it is possible that the '1st. half' of the 'potential event' was already
averted, as the plane crash-landing was very well handled and there
were no victims at all -everybody describing it as a near miracle-.
Yet that's no guarantee as to the Super Bowl XLIII Gematria cluster.
Today Monday Jan.19, new revelations surface, that the same plane
on the same route & flight No. 1549, 2 days before the crash-landing
on the Hudson River, experienced loud banging sounds, the captain
informing of turbine anomalies and announcing a U-turn, eventually
continuing the flight.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Is the PHOENIX Bird.. NIBIRU? (Part 2)

Let's start then observing how the Gematria Scripts are all mingled
with the ordinary language and names to everything "normal", in
order to confer PSIONIC POWER of "manifesting" to those who
hold the Synchronic keys.

Back in 1956 "The 10 Commandments" film was made, with Charlton
Heston as Moses Crossing the Red Sea in its most famous scene,
along with actor Yul Brinner as the Pharaoh:


What's the hidden message? The Pharaoh is related to NIBIRU.
In 1959 another epic film called "Ben-Hur" also starred Heston:


So by triangulation, Moses is also related to Nibiru. However this
cipher works also by linking Nibiru to the Phoenix Bird; originally
this Firebird was called "BENNU" ("I Am Bennu, the Soul of Ra"),
born in the Incense trees in the garden of the prince of Heliopolis
(Helios means SUN), resting on a nest made of Incense & Myrrh,
-as Herodotus described- carrying on its beak an EGG of Myrrh
with the ashes of its Former-Self (its father). Pliny added that a
small WORM appeared from his body, that metamorphosed into
a Bird, called BENNU; this was the origin of the name "VENUS",
because it was the Star of the ship of Bennu-Ausar (Osiris) and
"Morning Star". Thus Nibiru & Venus share a flight in the sky,
that is symbolized as the Bennu/Phoenix Bird of Fire; this is an
extant memory of the incoming Nibiru system, when one of its
bodies apparently collided with the planet Maldek (today as the
Asteroid Belt, the extant fragments), "Venus" the thrown-out
piece of this collision, razing and robbing Mars of its atmosphere,
and passing by the Earth provoking the Deluge and Pole Shift;
Venus settling where the Earth was, the Earth taking Mars orbit,
and Mars pushed further out to the cold position it has today.

Whatever the real catastrophes were, the PHOENIX BIRD was
RED with Golden plumage on its edges, nesting in Myrrh and
(frank) Incense; Myrrh was since then asociated with Priesthood,
and Incense with Death ("CROSS"-ing of Nibiru); the whole theme
of the Phoenix death and rebirth, has been the foundation of "all"
ever since, both in linguistic and esoteric terms. It is not needed
to delve into the ancient languages, because was is truly happening
is that the Gematria Templates (Temple) are constructed outside
our 3D linear-historic "reality", merely yuxtaposed to our normal
language of randomness; it is 4D Synchronic Language without
Time, applied to for ex. modern English (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):




As the time of the Repeat-Cycle event of Nibiru's "2nd Coming"
draws nearer, signs hidden-in-plain-sight began to appear since
the '70's, in particular 1973 (73=Nibiru) with the fall of Nixon:


Ever since, it has become customary almost to embed Nibiru more
and more into everything highly visible, often just as its minimal
"NI" prefix, as for ex: JOHN McCAIN/SARAH PALIN (carrying
both the prefixes "NI" and "PH", for all to see dressed in RED).
This "CODE RED" is of maximum importance; Nibiru is the Red
Star & Planet system, Phoenix is the RED Firebird, Moses Crosses
the RED Sea, the Knights Templar Cross is RED (origin of the now
known medical "Red Cross"), etc.

[ CODE = 27 = RED ] [ PHOENIX = 91 ] ("911")

Goro Adachi makes an impressive case for the portion of the Nile
River that is called "Red Nile" as opposed to the other "Blue Nile",
as superimposed fractal of the further East rivers of Mesopotamia
(thus comprising the 4 Rivers of Genesis). A concomitant theme
of the BLUE bloods CROSS-breeding into the normal RED bloods,
can be made, as well (origin of occidental "Royalty").

The point marked by the RED Nile would be the "1st. Coming" of
Nibiru. The 3 Pyramids appear to have been constructed prior to
this catastrophe, as mirror-mage of the 3 Stars in Orions's Belt.
Thus the "3 Kings" or "Magi" in the fable of the Gospels, coming
to the "Birth of Jesus" following an unusual Star, carrying Gold,
Incense & Myrrh, is a clear pun on NIBIRU PHOENIX, because
Bennu the Phoenix was Red with Golden Plumage in the edges,
nesting in Incense & Myrrh, all this quite evidently/unmistakably
so; you really need to be quite ignorant of Egypt not to notice it.

But the better traceable point of origin of all this encoding, can be
pinpointed during AKHENATEN's reign, also called AMENOPHIS
IV (or even AMENHOTEP), the 18th Dynasty (Rev 13: 18):


It simply cannot be clearer; "OPHIS" means "SERPENT" and this
is the Masonic origin of the ritual term "Office of the President"
(President = Serpent Id). This in relation to the Egyptian "Order
of the Serpent", where the Pharaoh (Phoenix) was to be the very
Serpent race incarnated -as shown in the protruding Cobra in his
Head-Dress, symbol for an activated/open 3rd. Eye (Pineal Gland).

These codes can be found in visible places like "MS" (MicroSoft is
MS the "Morning Star" -Bennu/Phoenix-), as also the well used
program "Office" is pun of Ophis, etc. The more things are hidden
in plain sight, the less people will see them , due to the state of
their conditioned mind, programmed to perceive in compartments;
whenever you point out any of these obvious puns & synchronicities,
most people get instantly irritated, some even seriously angered;
this is all an internal reaction to their programming, which does not
allow to be recognized. If you are reading these posts without
experiencing unusual compulsive defense-mechanism reactions,
you are truly lucky or have to a point deprogrammed yourself.

Particularly revealing is the suspect figure of "Santa Klaus" that so
many laughingly call "Satan Klaus";
one really famous at the time
"St. Nicholaus" was transformed into "Nicklaus" then "Santa Klaus",
a RED dressed character residing in the North Pole, who is flown to
children's houses on X-Mas Eve to deliver gifts, by reindeers of
which the key one is one "Rudolph the RED nosed Reindeer", whose
magical RED nose lights up the dark path in the sky.

The Red Nibiru metaphor is overwhelming, but with surprising new
details; he comes into the houses through the Chimney, an ancient
symbol of Fire as well as WormHole portal to parallel realities, and
the North Pole is a stunning reference to the ALPHA DRACONIS
Star at the celestial pole. The name of God in Genesis 1 is "ALHIM"
or "ALHYM": [ ALHYM = 59 = DRAGON ]
Thus the suspect figure of "Santa Klaus" has been constructed in such
a way as to imply that the "Son of the Dragon" is the one being born.
In the british Camelot lore this is literally so, through the figure of
"Luther Pendragon". To this day the flag of the Prince is of a Dragon,
RED in color of course. In medieval times the "Order of the Dragon"
was known as the Vlad Dracula reign in Transylvania (son of the
dragon/devil) in today's Romania; the current british dynasty are
cousins of the mentioned romanian dynasty.

In the Book of Revelation, Nibiru is called "WORMWOOD", in ref.
to the WORM out of which the Bennu/Phoenix is born anew, and
also as a "WormHole" portal; this implies that perhaps what is
incoming as "Nibiru" system, is only partially in physical 3D form,
and mostly in 4D form. On the other hand it could be argued that
this is an instruction to build a WormHole portal to escape the
event, into an alternate TimeLine reality, or most likely both.

The emblematic color RED can also be found early in the nazi regalia,
as designed in grandeur by architect Albert Speer, from the giant
red hanging curtains to the red swastika, etc. Thus Hitler can be
seen as precursor of the present New World Order that is nothing
else than the global preparation for the "2nd. Coming" of Nibiru.
As "Santa" is carried by "Rudolph" in front, so "Adolph" Hitler
matches the symbolism.

We find this linguistic code in anything really famous, even in the
funky mediatized business of "OJ" murdering NIcole Goldman;
the Golden Age coming, under the auspices of the perennial "NI".
"OJ" 1-space back the alphabet also becomes "NI".

Another funky mediatized event was of one MONICA LEWINSKY
seducing President CLINTON: you really have to be blind not to
pick up the "NI" cue; after all the one extracting the information
was LINDA TRIPP, who few know was the secretary of Clinton's
Counselor VINCENT Foster (and she was the one who served him
his last meal in the form of a burger and soda -she was an extant
employee of the former Bush Sr. term-); that the media would not
report this little "detail", speaks volumes on the state of the press.

A few years before, David Koresh burned in a blaze of fire with his
followers, in Waco - Texas, in a very controversial event that many
claim was intentionally set as such:

"PHOENIX BIRD" 1st & last initials: "PB/XD"
Back 1-space in the alphabet they become: ["OA/WC" = WACO]

So saying "WACO" is code for "Phoenix Bird"; guess where George
Bush Jr. resided? In a ranch a little nortwest of Waco in Crawford.
This is how the elite hides their symbolic synchronic language, in
plain sight...! This means that George was assigned the uneasy task
of bringing down America ("Death of America the Phoenix"), while
Obama is assigned the task of representing the "Rebirth of America
the Phoenix". The original Bird in the Seal was the Phoenix, only later
changed to the Eagle, thus the Eagle is secret-code for Phoenix. In a
more literal sense John McCain was proposing himself to be the new
Phoenix, as he comes from Arizona (and the city of Phoenix is there);
he was trying to enact himself as Akhenaten, Sarah Palin so clearly
as Nefertiti. In truth, Obama was the pre-selected archetypal figure
representing the "New Akhenaten", to begin with he actually indeed
resembles the very face of Akhenaten...! -quite obviously so-, who
ruled in what is called the "Amarna Period".

In the JFK assassination, his vice-pres Lyndon Johnson was also
implicated as it is well-known fact in Texas, so then the Phoenix
Death is encoded as in the name of Lyndon Johnson's wife, the
famous "Lady Bird" (Phoenix Bird), always Birth & Rebirth. In
this event the cues were given through the wives: "JacquelINe"
married Onassis who was also involved in the hit, because in the
mafia code of honor, an important man who kills another important
man, has to marry the widow (also JFK's car right after the hit
drove through TRINITY Pass at the end of Dealey Plaza, and
Oswald the patsy was later killed by RUBY ~ NIBYRU).

The Obamamania has origin in the Masonic lore, as "HIRAM ABIFF"
represents Death and Rebirth, Obama is there because he enacts
symbolically what they want to:


The Masonic agenda of provoking Death and Rebirth is famously
explicited in their motto "Ordo Ab Chao" (Order Out of Chaos):

The axis-theme of "Hope" and "Change" has a corresponding key:

His previous Phoenix enacting figure Bush in Crawford - Texas:

The Pope gives the famous yearly "URBI ET ORBI" benediction:

Only this time approaching 2012, this crucial last Pope acc. to the
prophecies of St. Malachy, is one RATZINGER, whose official
chosen Pope name "BENEDICTUS" precisely points to that same
benediction, all too clearly indicating... Nibiru's time.

This is even more visibly represented atop the very "Cross of Jesus"
with the sign "INRI", quite an obvious reference to NIBIRU:

"INRI" supposedly means "KING of the Jews", still carrying the
NIBIRU prefix; it is all a Gematria representation of the Star or
Planet of the Crossing NIBIRU; Jesus sheds RED blood and is
clothed initially in a Scarlet robe, the sky turns red and darkens
as a big unusual eclipse takes place, all a pun of the Nibiru/Sun
eclipse. He is given a beverage mixed with myrrh, in irrefutable
reference to the "3 KINGS". The whole scene of the "Crucifixion"
is self-evidently the 3 Pyramids & 3 Stars of Orion's Belt, as the
3 Kings; it is the [ TRINITY ], pictured as the 3 crucified.

Is the PHOENIX Bird.. NIBIRU? (Part 1)

Most oriental philosophy & practice deal with the concept of Inaction
and Nothingness. In a world slave to the Violence-Of-Doing, such an
endeavor appeals to many, yearning for relief. It is vox-populi now,
that "reality" (this one, at least) is an Illusion, perhaps a Simulation
like in The Matrix. Years ago we even heard top politicians of our
world, saying things like: "We make our own reality" (Cheney) so
don't bug me with 'facts'. The term "Beautiful Mind" is employed by
the Illuminati to describe their status as beings that "Manifest" their
own reality, unobstructed by the petty morals and ethics of "lesser
human-apes". Amongst conspiracy researchers the same term is
understood as lingo for a Psychopath, since such road is most often
traveled by those who see themselves as "Legends in their own Mind"
and manifesting Power for nefarious ends, machines of destruction.
Realizing then that Letters/Words/Names/Phrases might to some
mean something publicly, while all the same to others they may
carry a completely different meaning, is a good start to this post.
Just what exactly is "Language", we may humbly ask, if it conveys
meanings so disparate, under the same shell...?

U2 famously sang about a place where the streets have no name,
implying that "Names" are used to... program minds... perhaps...?
Well, notions such as mind control are very old news, and a simple
search on the web provides ample exposes. Thing is, if this reality
is an Illusion, what is the purpose in programming people to this
very same Illusion...? Huh? It already IS one, so what's the object
of all that convoluted agenda? Enhancement of the same Illusion?
Should we then believe the orientals in that doing nothing and
attaining nothingness in the mind paves the way for some true
enlightenment? How come then, they don't seem to be so... er...

Let's start from a different and NEW paradigm; let us assume
that Vampirism is the Universal Rule of Dominion. Big Fish eats
Little Fish, and Energy gets transferred from the Weak to the all
powerful. You see this all over the place from the law of the jungle
to the human realm, and one wonders if this could be the "secret"
of existence, something that is so evident and visible. Huh? Yet
every single ideology that seeks to "free" you from "oppression",
pushes for a convincing expose of how you are vampirized, in
ENERGY terms I mean. The right-wingers will "educate" you on
the "hidden" dangers of being vampirized by the liberals and the
communists, and every left-winger will do the same in reverse.
This gets me to think; why do I need to be "educated" about stuff
that is so openly visible in everything...? It is ALL just one giant
spaghetti of vampiric turf war for territory, for more prey. How
come then everybody everywhere boasts of "educating" me on
that which gee "I don't know" yet...? Something smells fishy in
here, all that excessive attention and focus on Money (energy)
and Power (more energy) and Happiness (even more energy)
and Realization (guess what, more energy!) and such. Like, this
creed is it, no the other is better, wait! that one is definitely one
to settle for (more emotional energy, indeed). Seemingly all of
the ideologies and theories and doctrines just speak of that...
energy!? Over and over and over and over again, ad infinitum.
Kinda boring, don't ya think? Or suspect...? Of what exactly?

David Icke wrote that if you still think in terms of Energy, you are
still in The Matrix: I could just not agree more. Stay with me here,
because this will be a rough ride; what is "You"? If "identity" is
part of the grand illusion, "you" don't exist neither. What is "A god"
then...? What is his "identity"...? If we exist and somehow form part
of his/their existence, then we must be real... OR... they also must
not exist. Right?
Ok, hear me out: What if -just what if-, he/they
do "exist" as long as "you" exist...? In other words, what if what
"gives" God/The Gods existence, is... YOU...? And I don't mean
simply your blind belief, but something else. Is there another type
of Vampirism, that does not involve the exchange of Energy...?

What do you do after you die and before you reincarnate? There is
quite a bit of information proposed on that "Limbo"-like existence,
mostly pointing to the ugly fact of ASTRAL PROGRAMMING, the
kind of "mind control" better termed "Psyche/Soul" programming
performed before you incarnate in this or other reality. Hardly new
information. The problem I have with this, is that all people I've
known or read from, instantly assume this state is After-This-Life.
As George Carlin would say: It Seeeeeeeeeeeemmmmssss to me...
that if this "reality" is an illusion, then... this very reality is probably
precisely one of those "Limbos" where souls get astrally/psychically
programmed, don't you think so? Let me repeat this again, in case
you are slow in the head: how about THIS reality "here", as that
LIMBO "existence" BETWEEN WORLDS...?

Uuhah, that kinda changes things, now does it? For starters it means
that whatever happens "here" is an illusion MEANT TO BECOME
REALITY IN ANOTHER PLANE, this just a preparatory phase, the
phase of.. Programming for the Reality it is destined to manifest in.
Thus welcome to the notion (albeit yet foreign to you) of PSIONIC
VAMPIRISM, the kind of Vampirism that is not interested in your
energy (be it physical or emotional), but in you as a COMPUTER.

What...? Let's assume you are a "god" and got really big in the game
of manifesting, but you are running out of "manifesting power"; then
you create or hybridize a bunch of beings in some Limbo, "construct"
a "world" for them, and program their Psyche so that they will HELP
YOU MANIFEST more & more, in-sync or in-link with you, the "god".
So to make the obvious computer analogy, instead of them being your
"energy battery", they instead would be your extra computer psionic
reservoir, billions of extra little computers heads all manifesting for
you, with you, in you. The more of those you got, the more powerfully
manifesting you get. After all, these endless universes you create as
alternate realities, consume a heck of a lot of psionic computer ram,
buddy even as a god you do need infinite extra rams out there. So
voila, here you are, extra ram for the computing "god" that has you.

Question is, how exactly you hook 'em up and get 'em up and running
in this "manifesting" grand enterprise...? Obviously just plain "belief"
ain't gonna cut it. See, you must provide the software. Everybody
must be on the same page, so to speak, otherwise you'll have one big
helluva jam in your manifesting power platform. Enter the magic of
LANGUAGE. That unappreciated thing that humans conceive just
in terms of Linear/Random/Utilitary, mere symbols to make life
easier when communicating. Really...?

What if I tell you that the blue "G" letter you see outside in those blue
lodges of semi-public low level Masonry -placed inside the Compass &
Square-, does not stand for "Gnosis" as they claim, but that it means
rather... GEMATRIA, the science of Language Encryption within a
SYNCHRONIC FIELD, Language operating at the level of Resonant
4D Synchronicity Concordance? Language that can synchronize the
Psyche construct of "identity & action" (or inaction) of all those pesky
little organic slave-ram-people, so that they act as One Ram Mind?

Wouldn't this describe the software I was talking about, the software
that would "synchronize" all those little suckers that build up your
Manifesting Platform -(you as a "god" in the example)-? What if
the real business in this Between-Worlds Limbo Realm of Illusion,
is to "mark you" or "engrave you" in a Psychic sense, through the
use of LANGUAGE as the building-blocks of your "identity", so
that what is Within You, you Manifest as "reality" because you
think it is so real? Then it follows that it doesn't matter whether
you call for action or inaction, for a lot of IT or a lot of Nothingness,
because it might all be just pre-designed Synchronicity at play,
for programming purposes beyond this Limbo "existence".

Wouldn't it be great if you came up with a system of words and
concepts that would provide "ease" to the mind of those little
suckers that build up your Psionic Computer Manifesting ram,
giving them a "sense" of "purpose" regarding their In-Between
Limbo "existence", as they get ready for the endless charade
of "Births" and "Deaths" and "Rebirths"...?

Such a Template of the Mind exists; since apparently even before
the earliest of the Egyptian eras, this has been utilized unto this
day to that end, as the PHOENIX BIRD which constitutes the axis
of esoterics within the Masonic circles, that "Bird" that dies in
fire, and experiences rebirth again out of its own ashes.

Thus in this scenario -admittedly hard to swallow, but ye shall
see later, more full of clues than you can fathom-, the trick is
not to "Be or Not To Be", "Do or Not Do", but in DISCERNING
WHAT IS AT PLAY, deciphering the Limbo and what it's setup
to become in which reality, decoding the Astral Programming,
that is. And yes the Greeks as usual got it right, this is the real
meaning of the Labyrinth, not just a meditation on your mind,
but a DECODING of it. No "attitude" regarding the riddle will
suffice, you still have to SOLVE THE RIDDLE, walk the actual
Labyrinth thread in hand holding tight to your mental sanity,
until you get to the bottom of it and kill the Beast.

No Cloud 9 of meditation or enhanced subtle powers will do
the trick; yes still, you have to walk the walk and inspect the
talk, because that's where the trouble is, Language is a mined
field, and no emptying the mind technique will rid you of it,
since your Psyche has been programmed around it, with it.
It is in your very DNA, a careful language Construct mirror
of the Psyche/Soul.

A strange landscape of synaptic valleys and peaks, qualities
and obfuscations, matches and mismatches, haves and have-
nots, crosswords to be completed, degrees to attain, loves
to pretend you are what you feel for just "your" only one,
strange indeed the illusion of walking while being anywhere
and nowhere, utterly convinced in knocking wood and hail
to the power of the will, or the baits of belief, a landscape
as U2 accurately pointed out, rather BUILT OF NAMES.

Thus how you escape to some Limbo, if you actually are presently
and unknowingly already living in one? Do you need to become a
WRITER of your own existence to truly build another one in a more
"real" realm...?

I am of the humble opinion, that becoming aware of the neural
programming and your position In-Between worlds, and moving
towards a mastering of Synchronic Language, shifts you indeed
into that which you are desiring to a point. Otherwise, why would
the control system bother to so passionately and intensely chase
and bug those operating at this level, be it in the music/art business
or any awareness to this end, unless this actually did do something
to you, of real importance...?

You will notice how the Greeks conferred unusual status to the
poets and philosophers, who "speak" the Language of the Gods.
Then quickly came the Roman Empire to kill or conquer them,
and since then, the Limbo-World as grand illusion has been stuck
in this very same Roman Empire paradigm under different shells;
apparently, the Greeks must have stumbled onto the very key.