Monday, January 25, 2010

The Age of the Orb -part 2-

Once you have understood that "opposites" are merely OPPOSAMES,
the typical Bi-Polarity of all manipulation comes crashing down like a
giant house of cards. As all sides are both Abusers & Abused, plenty
of "justification" is found to perceive & label either one as "the good
guys", or holy, or the truest, or what have you. As all sides in a cold
de-facto mode practice a Jihad against all others -the only difference
really the degree to which this Jihad is implemented-, the world as
a whole is one big Jungle, its crushing law of domination/territoriality
being the centerpiece of it all.

Sure blacks have been slaved & oppressed; the entire world indeed
was one global slavery factory up until very recently; but if we're to
believe the media, it is "o-n-l-y" the jews & the blacks who've been
slaved & exterminated by the white devil. Unfortunately for these
reductivist proselitisms, the real history is considerably more ample
and complex, and the charicaturesque "cowboy vs. indians" views
are replaced by a pervading palette in shades-of-gray. A careful
research of WWII reveals that the german people (not the nazis)
were exterminated by the millions, most notably after the end of
the war. In this day and age, only the unlearned and naive really
believes that 6 million jews were exterminated by the nazis; just
as in the opposite camp only the naive believe the claims that the
nazis were "benevolent" and have been "maligned"; the truth is of
course somewhere in between those shades-of-gray, genocide did
occur, but the numbers were certifiably grossly exaggerated. True
to the real relevant figures, aprox. 35 MILLION died in WWII, and
the majority of those were... (drumroll)... non-jew W-H-I-T-E-S.

Blacks compose aprox. 14% of the USA, and in their clear minority
position, they are represented disproportionately all over the place.
I am quite aware of black discrimination and the like, & have always
defended blacks when I saw it; but that doesn't mean I'm a foolish
naive blind person -I got eyes, I can add up, and I can connect the
dots-. Any more advantaged race on this planet has sought both
the submission and even the culling the numbers of all those who
they see as inferior. This is not an "only" white trait; within Africa
even amongst blacks tribes to this day practice genocide against all
other enemy tribes, in the most shocking of manners. The myth of
the "white-devil" is really the case of the most powerful, period; all
across history, it did not matter which race was the most powerful,
they all ended up dominating/enslaving/exterminating the rest, it's
a HUMAN CONDITION, not peculiar to any specific race. And without
exception, in each case RELIGIONS have played a defining role by
producing "theological justifications" for their Jihads.

Nope, this is not a beautiful planet as it is; but it can be. After all,
don't you who profess to be a victim, kill & eat other living beings
who you consider inferior -animals-...? Does anyone seriously think
that if the tables had been reversed and black people would have
become the dominating force worldwide, that they would've treated
whites and the rest of races better than the whites have done...?
Most often I get the vivid impression this alternative parallel line
of history would have been far more genocidal. This the real truth,
the hard one, the one that doesn't sell books and get you votes, the
one that the masses are told NOT to learn, as they are indoctrinated
& brainwashed in any form of the myriad of popular Bi-Polarities.
See, the evil is always "there", it's "them", they are the "guilty".
Oh really...?

The white people don't own this planet; they are but the latest fad.
At the top, an extra-terrestrial inter-dimensional group are the real
honchos. And they don't give a rat's ass whether it's blacks or whites
or chinese or semites or mayans or what, that serve best their goals
and purposes for the control of the place. That's why Pan-Africans
or Nation of Islam fanatics don't ever like to hear about the Shamans
like Credo Mutwa and such -the real africans-; 'cause this is exactly
what they tell. Mutwa for ex speaks of the illuminati as a breed of
the Chitauri (et's of negative slant), as responsible for the evils in
the world; according to him your race is irrelevant, anyone can be a
pawn for and a Chitauri half-breed. Now Mutwa comes from a long
line of african zulu Shamans, that have held deep secrets about all
this for millennia. Interestingly Mutwa denounced Obama as fraud,
as a false leader & uniter -very early on, before his current slip-.

Something's decidedly wrong with the picture that black apologists
present of their reality in America. Let's do the following exercise
that'll dramatically highlight exactly what's wrong with it; let's
assume the blacks are the jews in the 1930's & 40's, and the white
americans are the german nazis in that era; now imagine that
they never ever went to war with the allies, and that after Hitler
a JEWISH became the Fuhrer...!? That they also developed TV &
media like now we do, & that a JEWISH WOMAN became the most
powerful and best paid figure in Entertainment...!? That they also
developed sports into the mega-billion industry it is today, and that
a JEWISH became the biggest best-paid sportsperson...!? Wouldn't
it appear strange to you, if after that they kept on talking about
the jewish oppression...?

Yet here in America, with blacks only at about 14% of the pop, we
have a black president in Barack Obama, a black woman in Oprah
Winfrey who is bar none the singlemost powerful & best-paid figure
in media (often called the most powerful woman in the world -after
the Queen of England-); by 2008 she earned $275 Million/year, and
the 2nd. figure after her earned 5 times less...!? Forget about small
timers like Letterman, they're nobody in comparison. And we have
a black sportsman in Tiger Woods, also bar none the singlemost rich
& powerful athlete (in 2008 he cashed in $105 Millon). In comparison,
Paul McCartney of The Beatles accumulated like $150 Million in his
entire life career...!? Tiger Woods was sponsored by companies such
as General Motors, Nike, Gatorade, etc etc etc. Then in the alleged
"all-white-to-the-hilt" administration of G. W. Bush, we find at the
very top black figures like Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell. Huh?
Excuse me if I'm pesky, but something absolutely doesn't match
with the picture the media keeps portraying. In the mid 90's, a
famous black sports & entertainment OJ Simpson, walked out
free & clean after murdering his blonde ex-wife and a male jewish
friend -when EVERYBODY knew he did it-. And when you even
dare to point out these "discrepancies" with the official view of the
state of blacks in the union, you will instantly be labeled as racist.

Now the title of this series is "The Age of the Orb". Better start
paying attention; "O"prah, "O"bama", "O"J Simpson (Orenthal);
could it be that yes the common black man & woman are treated
unfairly, but yet at the top a powerful line of BLACK MASONS
and occultists, yield as much entrance to the illuminati as either
the whites or the jews or any of the rest of them...?

Oprah has a magazine called "O", and several other enterprises
emphasizing the "O" in their title/logo. Unsurprisingly, both she
and Obama come from a broken family, and were raised by their
grandmother for a while; Oprah was the offspring of an unwanted
teen pregnancy, and claims to have been sexually abused by her
uncle, her cousin, & a family friend, starting at 9-years old. At 13
she ran away from home, at 14 she got pregnant, the baby dying
2 weeks after in a hospital. She told her black high-school boyfriend
she didn't have time for a relationship and broke with him (he was
much later shocked to learn she had borne a baby before). Just a
few months later she had an intense relationship with William
"bubba" Taylor at Tennessee State Univ; when Oprah landed a
job at a radio in Baltimore, Taylor refused to move. She landed
a job in a TV station, and started a relationship with reporter
Lloyd Kramer (who supported her when management criticized
her appearance on air, and the fact she cried during broadcasts).
She then moved to New York where she started a relationship
with a man she had been warned to avoid -who was married-;
at some point in this she became even suicidal. When in 1997 she
played the therapist in the sitcom "Ellen", in the episode where
Ellen DeGeneres came out of the closet as lesbian, some people
suggested Oprah was also a closet-bisexual. Yet before, the most
powerful jewish man in Hollywood -Steven Spielberg-, had chosen
her for a role in the film "The Color Purple", even though her
acting experience was almost nil (predictably she was nominated
for an award). Ultimately, her TV shows in the "confessional"
tone, propelled her to super-stardom amongst women prone
to this genre, ballooning her to the top of Entertainment. Through
the years she has been active in a few charities, and her own
Oprah's Angel Network has raised $51 Million; impressive, yet
paltry when compared to the $275 Million/year she makes.
What is the perennial "O" in all this, one may ask -unless she's
a sick case of nascissism-...? We shall answer this later.

Excuse me if I play the non-believer here, but I just don't seem
to swallow the fairy-tale that a black girl with this background,
that used to live in utter poverty in Mississippi, to the point of
wearing potato sack dresses to high-school, would so easily make
it to the very top, even as to be the determining factor in electing
the president of the USA...!? I'm sorry, but this story is bollocks
(as the british say -we call it BS here-). Then on top of that, we
are supposed to also swallow the other fairy-tale of the Obama
she crucially supported way before his run for the presidency,
who also coming from a schewed background about most of which
we don't know an iota about (some claim he wasn't even born on
american soil), "miraculously" made it to the top just as well.
Meantime -to add insult to injury-, we are also told that in spite
of this, blacks are still "terribly opressed" in America. Clearly,
either you believe in the double fairy-tales, or not believe in the
latter claim, both can't go together ! Sure, blacks are so-but-so
opressed, that a guy with a name as "Barack Hussein Obama" is
still elected president of the USA.

It is clear for any who has eyes to see, that people like OJ, Oprah,
Obama, Tiger Woods, etc, were constructed and promoted by the
PTB (Powers-That-Be). Just like on the white camp figures like
Dubya and Palin were constructed & promoted from the top, to
be spoon-fed to the masses, or rather shoved down the throats
of the sheeple -Dubya didn't even win the 2000 election; oops!,
when the plan fails... you install him anyway...!?-.

So it's no mystery to any person with 2 working brain cells, that
we have a system of "Philosopher Kings" deciding everything on
the background behind the curtain, while these manufactured and
fairy-tale figures do the Salesman part, selling the agendas to the
blind masses who really believe these puppets are truly in charge.
Now I don't have a bit of a problem with the notion of Philosopher
Kings as rulers; that's just great, 'cept the guys doing the behind
scenes thing, are no Philosophers !? That's the real issue here, folks.
The problem's not the behind the scenes thing, but that the honchos
are not the right people at all -and that they've gone absolutely
bonkers is no mystery to no one, either-.

Now this Gone-Bonkers scenario has played out on many occasions
on this planet before; just a peek into the late Egyptian "science"
and "spirituality" is like walking into a lunatic's asylum, it's all for
the most part, just plain dementia. This is classic Modus-Operandi
on the part of the extra-terrestrial/inter-dimensional masters,
who seem to not only like but be fanatically amused at how they
fool humans into believing even the most insane and nonsensical
things. You go back in history, and are confronted by spaghetti-like
elaborations, like an endless maze of a few truths and a gazillion
laughable preposterous things, passing as the most serious and
religious spirituality and knowledge. After all, you have to think:
if indeed Humans are Etheric-Energy food for negative vampiric
et's, what better way of "seasoning" the human food resource,
than to concoct the most insane ideas & rituals, to keep them forever
lost in a perpetual psychic maze, without never really achieving
anything or getting anywhere at all. Then you have to reconsider
that this may have been the theme of the LABYRINTH, precisely;
-a WARNING from the Greek Philosophers who did figure the
situation- to the future generations on this planet, about the state
of the Human Psyche -that humans are toyed to become demented
in their beliefs and thoughts and goals, behaving like lunatics in an
asylum, acting like clueless worshippers of mirages-.

People often make a huge smoke plume out of the tiny little fire
of the scanty things we know about characters like the ones cited;
I would suggest that what we do know, has already been sanitized,
and that we may never know the full extent of their lives. In the
case of Tiger Woods for ex, even an 8-year old kid with elemental
notions about Mind Control, could tell that he is the quintessential
case of a mind controllee -who when becoming less submissive, is
made to experience "glitches" that render him inoperative in normal
society- (like being in a deep snoring sleep when he crashed his SUV,
as the witness described...!?). Thus his "magical" powers for a sport
like golf that requires true robotic temple; maybe he just fell out
with the Obama crowd, and was punished likewise -Oprah and
Tiger were the most high-ticket media figures to support him-.
Isn't it a little strange Oprah, that you did never comment on this,
when it is patently obvious to anyone...?

But these are all mere "ARCHETYPE" figures, chosen for their
color of skin, and most importantly for their names, to play a
highly sophisticated neuro-linguistic script, prepared by the big
guys behind the curtain, that revolves around the idea of the
"2nd Coming" of AKHENATEN and his Aten-Orb theology, which
was the foundation of the monotheistic religions of Islam/Judaism/
Christianity. Because Akhenaten was of human Black-Semitic
race, and Reptilian origin; therefore the "sudden" rise of iconic
black figures into the american high media and power, is but a
meticulous RITUAL performed to "bring-back" Egypt into life.

Akhenaten was the "Uniter of the 2 Lands", and within Masonry
this is today viewed as re-uniting the White Masons with the old
Black Masons -thus... completing the... ORB-. In Obama, we even
find the exact physical resemblance to the Akhenaten ancestry,
confirmed in his Kenyan roots, which specifically make him truly
a part of the very Akhenaten family -by genealogy, as a fact-.

What happens -and this is how laughable the whole fiasco is-, is that
to Pan-African neo-Pharaonic blacks (thinly disguised for example
behind the "Nation of Islam" cover), the game is simple; it's all a
matter of stating that blacks are "The True Source", and that whites
stole their Royal dominion from them, corrupting the "True Religion"
of Old, now the time to enact the "Coming Back To Source". But this
is the tired old demented game played over & over again like an
out-of-tune screeching horrendous violin, within the fighting game
of supremacy amongst all religions. Mormons will claim they are the
ONLY TRUE ORIGINAL source, so will the Jehova's Witnesses,
so did the Catholics, then the Protestants, denounced as impostors
by the Gnostics and the Cathars and all the rest of them, in idiotic
endless ad- infinitum self righteousness. It's the ridiculous parade
of the "I'm The Only One Representing the True God" club.

And of course this is exactly the same identical "fundamental" reason
each of the 3 Main Monotheistic religions wages a Jihad against all
others, because allegedly each is "The Only True Source" as opposed
to the rest of the forgerers and impostors and the like. This utterly
ridiculous trick, the most preposterous way of manipulating stupid
people into believeing they are "Of God" & MUST impose themselves
upon all others, is the very trick that the ET masters have used to
great success, to keep humanity forever engaged in fighting against
. And the resurgence of the old Black Masons in the form of a
mixture of Islam/Christianity & Kabbalism under a neo-Egyptian
cloak, is but the latest utter stupidity in the block.

So what is the Aten-Orb...? It is many things, the most important
in a religious sense, that it means the re-birth of the source roots,
the re-unification of religions under a "New Religion" in a global
scale, under a new template, according to the new state of mind
and consciousness of the Age. Behind the scenes religions have
been negotiating this in secret, and they fight to merely take the
biggest piece of the pie at the end of the road. Zionism was made
to be a part of all things political, to fuse Judaism & Christianity, as
the Islam faction is refusing to reunite if not under an arab-semitic
bloodline. So this fusion is seen to be speeded up if a black proto
neo-egyptian bloodline is revided into power, & this is the current
ruse. The "Uniting of the 2 Lands" is the agenda, because this is
how the New World Order gets to be truly implemented, from a
masonic-religious perspective beyond the politics of control.

And from an exo-politics point of view, the ORB is a cipher:

ORB ~~~ Orion Rigel Betelgeuse
ORB ~~~ Orion Reptilian Brotherhood

This is why in the PEPSI logo, that is the corresponding OBAMA logo,
the classic Red & Blue colors are utilized; in the "Hybrid-Blood" sense
they represent the human "Red" blood mixed with the copper based
reptilian "Blue" blood. Betelgeuse is the giant Red star, while Rigel is
the Blue star. From "Rigel" we get the "Regal" or "Royal" expression;
from "Betelgeuse" we get the "Beetle Juice" pun, a comic way of
ironizing the fate of humans as "Juice" (Etheric Kundalini) providers.
It helps to remember that OJ Simpson's nickname was "The Juice";
this started as the "Orange Juice" after his initials, but soon it was
understood as "Electric Juice" in the sports lingo, and as such was
referred to explicitly. I suggest there is more to OJ than meets the
eye, and that he's been in the "deeper circles" from the getgo. We
can also see how going back to source in reverse the "ORB" yields
the sequence "B"ush - "O"bama, towards the 2012-2016 window
(interesting how Nostradamus wrote of "ROYREB").

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Age of the Orb -part 1-

Ever since there is memory, the big guy abuses the small guy; part
of this abuse is the desire to "control" the small guy; also part of this
control-freak compulsion, is the agenda to restrict information and
blindside Awareness. Even after the opening up the gates of secret
or not-so-secret info from the advent of the Internet on, still there
are powerful forces vying to impede it from functioning openly:

There are 2 overlooked angles to this abuse & control; one is Consent
on the part of the Abused, the 2nd. is that unevolved people almost
are asking to be abused -if all the avenues for evolution are there.
I mean, call it the "Stubbornly Unevolved Syndrome" if you will-.
Both by Consent and Begging-To-Be-Abused by being retarded and
blatantly uninformed, the Abuse perpetuates itself forever. Add to
this well-known pathologies like the famous Stockholm Syndrome
where the Abused loves & identifies with the Abuser, and you have
a pretty sick planet, as a Land of the Abuser & the Abused.

But the key question here is: what's the white "Hip Oppotamus" in
the room...? This animal lends itself better for hyperbole than the
usual White Elephant in the room; because the real unseen giant in
the mental room is the pervading "False Opposites" (OPPOSAMES)
tactic, employed to oblivion by the Abusers everywhere. They build
a 'Manufactured Polarity', and shove everyone else they wish to in
this way manipulate & control into it, forcing them to 'take sides'. So
we have Religion vs. Paganism, Churches vs. Lodges, East vs. West,
Capitalism vs. Communism, Left vs. Right, High Class vs. Low Class,
Rich vs. Poor, White vs. Black, Liberal vs. Conservative, Man Power
vs. Feminism, Straight vs. Gay, Democracy vs. Totalitarianism,
Islam vs. Judaism, Protestant vs. Catholic, this vs. that, that vs.
this, etc etc etc. Never mind that these ad-nauseam polarities have
been manufactured by the exact same groups who wish to control
& manipulate all others. You are told to pick 1 side, cheerlead for it,
become a representative of it, fight and even die for it, while they
at the top own the entire ORB -not just a slice of it, like all the rest-.

Yes, Kissinger was already a consultant for China since 1976 (...!?...)
all the while he was forcing Latin-America to produce dictatorship
regimes to fight against the alleged Red Menace. Yes, the notorious
egyptian-semitic abrahamic triad of the 3 monotheistic religions of
Islam/Judaism/Christianity come all e-x-a-c-t-l-y from the same
source. Yes, within Christianity the many different denominations
come from also exactly the same source; Protestantism was not
"created" in the 1500's after discontent with the Catholic Church, it
was always there, though in secret. When the Roman Caesars went
in full gear into creating new Syncretic Religions derived of the Greek
Mysteries, the Egyptian Akhenaten root, the secret ancient Hindu
cults, Sumeria/Babylon, and all the rest of the Asia Minor & Roman
pantheon of gods & rituals, they spent a good 3 centuries researching
all these sources, in separate teams of study -most often composed
of highly knowledgeable members of the very cults in question-, well
paid and supplied with plenty of time and installations. In essence
these Roman Caesars continued the activities of the previous old
Alexandria Library complex, 'cept that they pursued these spiritual
activities with a different agenda in mind, to Control & Manipulate
via Divide & Conquer, utilizing spiritual knowledge and cults of belief
for this.

Thus many PROTO-RELIGIONS were being created, free to roam
and elaborate, free to gather old sacred writings & add new ones;
each of these thought it was "the" only one ahead of all others, yet
when at the end of the deadline Emperor Constantine called all to
a great meeting, he decided which of those (and also which parts of
those chosen) were going to form the New Religions of the next 2
thousand years, while Rome itself would pick the new Christianity
as their official new "Holy Roman Empire" banner, morphing from
the unsustainable about to breakup Cesaric system, unto a brand
spanking new "Teocratic Monarchy" system. Those developmental
research teams that were not chosen, were either disbanded -or
worse, eliminated-, while their members had to go underground &
began to operate in the shadow of the secret.

The history of Catacombs is a testament to this fact, and the official
story of them being strictly a christian assembly before Constantine
legalized Christianity is full of holes. Truth is they continued to exist
after Constantine, and are manifestation of an intense Repression
on the part of the powers that be, any time each of these spiritual
research groups began to figure out the agenda, and were thus
disbanded & outlawed. It is common nowadays to hear about the
Cathars genocide, or about the Gnostics dissolution and persecution,
and things like that; fact of the matter is that THEY WERE NOT
"HERETICS" in the sense of the fairytale we have been told, but
that they were merely "other" teams of spiritual research that
were not chosen & outlawed, just as either legitimate or dubious
as the chosen ones. Why...? Because the Roman elite knew its fate
-that they had to morph into a new deal if they were to hold on to
power for 2 more millennia-, and that they had to enact some sure
"Contingency Plans", i.e. to have SEVERAL CARDS IN THE HAND
-not just 1 single religion-. If one didn't work for some reason, they
they could pull an alternative card & revert, and so forth; and this
is ladies & gentlemen, the way you understand the history of the
last 2 thousand years, how it becomes understandable in all its
convoluted and twisted turnarounds, and spaghetti-like maze.

In the specific case of the Gnostics, they were discarded due to their
explicit inclusion of the Reptilian themes; a decision had been made
to phase-out/cancel-out/erase any references to Reptilians (that
were extensive in ancient sources and in oriental spirituality), and
all teams not able to excise this issue, were disbanded. By analogy
with other issues altogether in respect to other teams. All these non-
official sources became secret and operated as such until resurfacing
at different times unto the public realm, albeit already sanitized.

So yes indeed we in the West created the Internet and it is an open
unrestricted Internet; however, there are some "things" going on,
like a constant spying of all things computer. Only a moron does not
realize every click you make on a pc, or any website you visit is kept
and recorded, and a vast monitoring system is at play. I don't really
have issues with such, as long as the ones doing the monitoring are
looking for the real mofos, and not decent free law abiding spiritual
tolerant good people. Such hope of course is often not found; it is
not "only" the Chinese who want this internet to be parcelized and
done away with, made more expensive like cable Tv, and such; as
of recently, Italy engaged in a vast censorship process, etc etc etc.

What happens then, if governments & institutions are hijacked by
nefarious elites...? Then YOU become the target ("You" here being
anyone wanting to know anything for real); take for ex. one rather
unpleasant closest advisor to current Pres. Obama -Cass Sunstein-:

This control-freak to be a potential Supreme Court nominee? Scary
to say the least; but people like this have been doing the rounds for
a long time, and were highly active in the previous administration.
People like Sunstein are the real criminals; it is one more time an
attempt to effect the old Divide-And-Conquer, all those who seek
to find out more, are labeled "them" & separated from the "normal"
herd, & all those like Sunstein are here to target such. No real news
here, since any intelligent person knows this is the state of things
for a long time now, that some real mofos have taken over in every
country on earth, pretending to be pro freedom. Nevertheless when
we insist on defining reality the way Mainstream Media does, then it
does not matter if you know or how you know this, because you are
blind to the Big Picture of it all, & it is irrelevant whether you know
what or when or how, as long as your Psyche is still in infancy. It is
essential to the rest of this series to 1st. watch the following 9 short
videos, of an interview that is a crucial reference to everything that
is elaborated in this series of posts at large (at the end of each
video, on the right column place your mouse on the links,
highlighting the "2 of 9" etc. follow up sequence):

The superstar researcher interviewed makes a few fundamentally
crucial statements:

(1). That this Earth matrix went through a grave disruption in the far
past, losing its Etheric Energy Grid, thus forcing all living beings to
compensate the lack of energy by engaging in EATING -i.e. killing
other beings for "food-energy"-; he does not mention that beyond
the 3D Earth, this is also the exact cause of Vampirism/Parasitism,
within a multi/inter dimensional universe. Therefore the subject of
Energy -and its "Energy Transfer" implications-, are the core of
all "Abuse" cycles (from the material physical to the Etheric).

(2). That at the same time this involved the loss of "Full Frequency
Spectrum" perception & awareness, and that further interdictions
of the human species increased this perceptual blindness (humans
devolved from either a full 22 or 12 strands DNA, to the now paltry
2 strand DNA). Beyond the interview, this perceptual & awareness
blindness is associated with the shutting-off of the so-called 3rd.
EYE (the illuminated Pineal/Pituitary/Hypothalamus), able to see
and access higher dimensional realms and the biological "internet",
a living Source of all that exists (an etheric Noosphere).

(3). That our half-breed genetic pool integrates the Reptilian, while
a small negative faction of more evolved Reptilians that consider
earthly humans as property and "their creation", simply sees any
Hybridization as a Trojan-Horse for total biological and spiritual
"ownership" (Master/Slave type); and that this faction is also
VERY DEVOLVED and just slightly above humans in 4Density,
sorrily out of sync and disconnected to the higher Source, and
have engaged in strategies of Control & Domination in the crudest
terms, to "Harvest Human Energies as Kundalini", such that we
became an organic battery for them, while at the same time they
consider Humanity on Earth a live biogenetic Lab for other agendas
in their menu; that this small group of nefarious negative reptilian
low vibration Control-Freaks have for quite some time now on this
them, only allowing symbolic representations of their nature.

It is interesting how the "YHWH" ("jehovah") figure in the Torah
(Old Testament) forbids any representation of living beings be it
in drawings or statues; it is clear to me this is a disguised form of
the same exact edict concerning actually depicting the Reptilians.
The above link to the 1994 film "Stargate" -starring Kurt Russell
& James Spader, which I advise to watch in case you haven't yet
adds another crucial piece of the puzzle, that ALSO WRITING
WAS FORBIDDEN...!!! This is why we only have any ancient extant
communication in the form of "Hieroglyphs" and such, and this fact
not a proof that the ancients were "cavemen", but that there existed
a "Tyranny of the ET Gods" of sorts, which sought to degrade the
devolved humans even further, by totally censoring any form of
transmitting information be it in written language, or even in any
drawing or statue that depicted the Reptilian overlords. Eerily,
we see a literal echo of the same, in the invasion of Greece by the
Roman Empire, which ultimately led to the Dark Ages of Medieval
ignorance, where people also could not read or write, until more
or less the late 1500's on (and paintings before that were strictly
) -when the printing presses started rolling again-.

However when you go to the East, even though the same edict was
undoubtedly present, you can nevertheless find a much clearer
evidence of vast Reptilian influence & control, as for ex. in either
the Chinese or the Hindu ancient sources, Reptilians were much
more "assimilated" into their religions and lore, signifying the very
divine or wisdom or godliness or saintlihood itself -such as equally
we find in the Buddhist tradition of the Nagas/Serpents-. In the
next sample-video (there are multiple videos alike), you observe
how the depiction is of a Human, yet there are always reptiles in
the neck/head/arms, etc. Lord SHIVA is thus Reptilian in disguise,
and in Hindu Tradition he is the "maker" of the many worlds, his
male energy aspect the counterpart of the complementary female
energy part embodied as SHAKTI ;

The Blue color of the skin is representation of the Copper-Based
Blood (thus more "electrically"/etherically conductive). We find
the same Reptilian-Overlords theme in the Egyptian Pharaonic
tradition, the Pharaoh's head-dress sports a protruding COBRA
(symbol of the divinity)-. As the 3 semitic/abrahamic religions
of Islam/Judaism/Christianity come directly from the Egyptian
source -specifically their monotheism from Akhenaten-, this is
a fact to strongly bear in mind, as related to the suppression of
info. and graphic description of the Reptilian overlords/gods. In
the egyptian lore the COBRA is the main symbol, representing
the "Royalty" lineage amongst the rest of the Serpents; however
instead of Royalty, we could infer that what was meant was the
ABILITY TO HIDE THEIR FORM, since the Cobra is notorious
for boasting the same ROUND PUPIL EYE as any mammal or
human (as opposed to the signature Slit-Pupil of all reptilians).

In other words, this head-dress with the Cobra could have very
well signified that a 'perfect' human-reptilian hybrid was thus
achieved, appearing to be all human in appearance...! The EYE is
of utmost importance in Snakes, as they lack any limbs and are
simply one long body with eyes and a mouth/tongue/fangs only;
serpents are known to hypnotize other animals -what is called
the "Reptilian Hypnotic Stare", even assumed to kill by sight,
this ability apparently related to the 3rd. Eye-. It would appear
then, that this "perfect human eye" achievement was peculiarly
difficult to accomplish in human-reptilian hybrids, and as such
the worship of this EYE represents the "CornerStone" of their
success (in the sense that if the Serpent had a slit-pupil, the
staring animal would recognize it and run, whereas with the
circular-pupil, the animal is fooled and thus hypnotized). This
in turn seems to be why the All-Seeing-Eye is placed on top of
the Pyramid as the CornerStone, as symbolic of their triumph
-in America the Masons added it to the back of the Great Seal-.
The 2nd. reason for the Cobra, is that it engages in a tactic of
Shape-Shifting to a point, rising up and extending its head-area
volume with the skin, simulating a... er... Head-Dress...! Thus the
head-dress ritual piece, might signify this Shape-Shifting alter
ability, as exemplarized in the case of the Cobra in nature; we
might also conceive earthly animals as prototypes of bio-agendas
on the part of ET geneticists, sort of like how models are used in
architecture, as visualizations of the real future building, animals
as just Backwards-In-Time evolutionary clocks.

Using Std. English Gematria (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26), we confirm:
[ SHIVA = 59 = Dragon = 59 = Vesica ]

Now the 3rd. Eye appears as a VESICA PISCES in Shiva's images
(and as Saturn as well, but that subject is for another post); and
the Vesica Pisces itself is clearly the blueprint of the typical slit-
pupil of Reptilians. It is depicted this way because the 3rd. Eye
acts as the organic Gate to the higher realms in perceptual terms,
and the Vesica Pisces is the geometry of a 4D PORTAL in sacred
geometry. Interestingly, the VISA Card (Shiva Drac) both repeat
Shiva's name, while the conjoined circles of its logo reflect how the
Vesica Pisces is constructed -2 interlocked circles-.

The Vesica Pisces appears in the Bible in John 21:11 as the "Miracle
Fishing" fable (153 Fishes); here the "fish" is the Vesica itself; before
Emperor Constantine launched Christianity, the Cross was never a
symbol of the cult, it was a VESICA or ICTUS -as appears in the
Catacombs- (the Cross became a used symbol after his supposed
miraculous seeing of the Cross in the sky before battle, the CHI-RHO
Sign or Sign of Constantine); this Ictus/Fish/Vesica symbol was also
seen as the shape of the greek letter Alpha ("A"), thus whenever we
see an "A" in esoteric symbols, this also relates to the Vesica Pisces
(such as the Compass & Square of Masonry as "A", or the triangle
on top of the pyramid of the 1-dollar Great Seal as "A", or the 4
"A"s in the Cross of Hendaye, etc.). The meaning of the Vesica is
always the StarGate into/from higher realms, the ability to be in
more than one reality or realm of existence, or to tap into the Ether;
in mathematical terms, the Vesica is produced at the exact ratio of


When the illuminati occultists designed the Visa Mastercard logo as
the Vesica Pisces, they were visually also reinforcing the same, that
when you use their card, you are totally caught in their etheric net,
just like a fish. In public they simulate an only pragmatic approach
to life, but in secret they are practicing magick; "master card" in
turn will mean "Master Drac" or "Master God":

{ Card = Drac = 26 = God }
{ Master Card = 102 = Windsor }

Furthermore, as the Torah in the Bible is basically an entire Cipher-
Text written using Kabbalah, one of the most well known public
cases of encipherment is the name for "Babylon", because in this
particular case the cipher is given in the Bible itself...!; it is written
that another name for "Babylon" is "SHESHAK" -(this by using the
most famous Temurah method of Encryption called Atbash Table),

Now observe how "SheShak" is just shorthand for "ShivaShakti",
the old reptilian principles of cosmic energies/gods of hindu lore.

What is implied in Temurah, is that the external shape
of beings, can be TRANSFORMED or SHIFTED; in Hebrew
Kabbalah, the world is formed out of letters and names,
and thus changing these, the external manifestation will
also change...!

All the 'encryption' methods of Kabbalah, are not strictly related to
the desire to encrypt a secret in text, but also specifically they are
pure MAGICK, in the sense that manipulating letters/names by
altering them following certain rules & tablets, will lead to changing
their external manifestation as well. This at the core of the ancient
practice of "spoken magic" or the "casting of spells" & "amulets" &
such; the magician "calls out" a formula to effect change (or places
the spell in a tablet, an amulet, a coin, a card, etc.).

What the Torah reveals pertaining BABYLON & its alter SheShak,
must then be understood properly within this practice; it is a not
so disguised way of saying that in Babylon the existence of the so-
called "SHAPE-SHIFTING" phenomenon in humans or gods/et's,
was its very essence. "SheShak" means that the sibillant "SH's"
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE. The subject of "Changing Names" is
about "Shape-Shifting", this the hidden secret core of Kabbalah;
and this exact hidden magick resurfaces exactly as such in the later
THE COMMUNION OF MASS. Meanwhile the name of God as a
"genetic alphabet formula" was "YHWH" (in modern biology the 4-
letters of the Genome are ACTG), but in the New Testament by
adding the sibillant "Sh" (shin) this formula becomes "YHShWH",
the very name of "Jesus" {Yehoswah or Yehoshuah}. In this way,
it is secretly implied a Reptilian Shape-Shifting nature; the letter
"Sh" (shin) in Hebrew is like a 3-flamed trident, later rendered as
the famous Fleur-De-Lis of the european Royals, secretly a symbol
of Reptilian ancestry -(the same "trident" or Fleur-De-Lis found in
much earlier oriental cults, as clearly seen in the before given
YouTube link of the hindu Shiva).

In the Communion Sacrament, the priest holds up in public view
the CIRCULAR wafer, which he then breaks in 4 parts in a Cross
manner -this is the basic ORB operation-, reaffirmed by utilizing
the Spherical Orb of the Chalice (half a Sphere to be exact, the
upper DOME of the Cathedral as an inverted Chalice completing
the Sphere -if no Dome on the Parish Church, it is believed to
etherically connect to the proper Domed Cathedral anyway);
the "sacred" -magic- words are uttered, at the supposed power
of which the wafer is believed to be "transubstantiated" into the
"Body of the Christ".

Thus we have the ORB & CROSS GEOMETRY, the Sacred Ritual
Language, a few gestures by the hand of the Priest (his hands also
blessing in the Sign of the Cross), and voila!, all this is alleged to be
real & true Alchemy at work -and as such proclaimed as dogma-.
This dogma carefully defined this process of Transubstantiation as
a change in the nature or "substance" of the Bread & Wine into the
Body & Blood of the Christ, while maintaining/preserving the outer
appearance (or accidental form). Pinch me if I think Shape-Shifting
forward or backwards...

But what is a "BODY"... if not... just DNA at a certain frequency
of Vibration...? The deep secret here, that the Human DNA is a
"temporary/transitional" state of manifestation into a "Body" of
such & such form; what remains fixed is the DNA itself, and what
is then DNA... if not JUST GENETIC LANGUAGE...? Christianism
is therefore the Belief in Secret Kabbalah, only utilized beyond the
confines of Judaism, it's the Belief in Christian Kabbalah. "Words"
can contain the KEYS TO DNA'S SECRET LANGUAGE, and the whole
ritual of Mass concerning the "Death & Resurrection" of a figure in
shape/name of one Jesus Christ, a way of transmitting the age-old
secret that Human DNA can be altered (Ascended) from its now
devolved "Earthly" state, into a higher "Solar" state -or to be more
precise, a sudden or instant evolution ocurring at a specific moment
in the Cycles of the Sun (or Solar Sunspot Cycle of the Ages); all
these elaborate rituals of Transubstantiation a prefiguration in the
Psyche, to be 'prepared' for the Ascension key moment in Time -but
this is the secret of the Initiates, while the common sheep (shall we
call them the sheeple) are given fables & false clues. Whereas now
it's common knowledge that DNA contains the Genetic Alphabet, in
previous ages this was a portentous deep-secret of a fews Initiates,
unable yet to figure it in detail (lacking the BioChemistry science).
Yet the 4-Pillars on the Baldaquino under the Dome of St. Peter's
Basilica in the altar of the Vatican, are Spiral in shape, depicting the
Helix of the DNA (symbolizing both the 4-letters of the Genome as
well as the modest Ascension from 2-strand to 4-strand DNA).

It seems to me a clear-cut case of a Secret Science for the lucky few
Initiates (the illuminati), and a false trap for the sheeple; Ascension
for the Reptilian Elite, & Devolution for the rest. But hasn't this been
happening for many thousands of years & Cycles of the Sun on this
Yet at the present stage of public science & technology, the secret
only is apprehended in a partial way; for its ETHERIC 4D aspect,
is not formally accepted by official science academia. This is the
indoctrination of a "5 SENSES REALITY" that Icke talks about, a
reinforcing program of the Psyche, that makes you unaware of
beings "outside" the realm of manifestation in this 3D physical
body sense. And when we learn that these beings can alter their
physical manifestation (SheShak ~~~ ShapeShift), then everyone
that appears human... might not be so. And it is no secret in some
circles now, that this is exactly what the term "BORN AGAIN" really
means in religion -in secret, that is-. This involving the phenomenon
of "WALK-IN" as well, when a being enters a human body after
natural birth, at any point in life actually.

It appears as if the Egyptians were all about "Walk-In"s, the more
one studies them; and it is quite evident that the full Egyptian head-
dress of the Pharaoh beyond just the protruding Cobra, mimics in a
deliberate way the rising of the Cobra. This can be also perceived
when looking at the head of the Sphinx in front of the Pyramids of
Giza. Now observe this relationship in modern English, between the
ORB (monotheistic god "ATEN" of Akhenaten), as the "Sacred ORB
of Life", and the Cobra:


There is so much more to the ORB than meets the eye, if we simply
care to look without Eyes-Wide-Shut. We all know that Masonry is
also known as "The Craft" or as "The Brotherhood":

ORB ~~~ BRO - therhood

Yet another indication it can be observed in current "2012" politics:


No wonder that Obama has been identified with Akhenaten, and
that his famous logo is an ORB (the Aten); he himself made it quite
clear with his visit to the Egyptian monuments. And who was the
one who literally gave Obama his win in the dem primaries & later
the presidency...? None other than... OPRAH (~~~ C-OBRA), the
Nefertiti of Akhenaten, Oprah Winfrey herself, the Queen of O, who
it was indeed statistically determined, obtained at least 1 MILLION
votes for Obama, thus instrumental in his ascent -besides this, she
already supported him since 2005, being a member of the same
Trinity Church of Jeremiah Wright in Chicago-.

So the question begs: who is this all-powerful Oprah Winfrey...?

Friday, January 1, 2010

3 Pillars & Twin stairwells -part E-

If you happen to be one of those people that are seeing "evil" shapes
and signs and figures everywhere -that are forbidden by the Lord
and so forth-, I have one piece of advice to you: GROW UP...!

This is not about those childish things; what happens is that abuse
from higher-dimensional beings towards lower-dimensional beings
might be a common thing, sadly. The human intermediaries, play
a game of "gate-keepers" for the higher Watchers, clearing out all
vestiges of higher knowledge and all evidence available, hoarding
every bit & piece unto themselves only. What is Masonry but the
secret storage and accumulation of all hidden things from public
access and view...? It is a disguised Inquisition, banning everything
that matters, and safe-keeping it in Private Libraries for the few.

The Inquisition was created in Spain, it was an application of the
Muslim mindset unto the Catholic realm; torture was well-known
to be a refined practice within the Turks and arabs, as assassination;
the very word "assassin" comes from a muslim secret order. That's
how the system of the 3 Pillars operates: whatever works in one,
is soon exported to the rest...!

The Bi-Polarity of the whole ordeal is so blatant, it completely runs
the show, suppressing all common sense. Adherents to each cult have
the clear conviction they "know" what's "good" & what's "evil" with
absolute authority. Yet simple English Gematria reveals otherwise
(a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):


So if you're looking forward to converting to "Gematria" now that
you realize it holds truer keys, find a forest and get lost. We like the
word "LOVE", but reading it aloud in reverse it says "EVIL" (Evol).
What's the moral of the story here...? Do no get attached to forms!
This or that language, this or that DNA, this or that ideal, this or that
project, this or that faith... ARE ALL ILLUSIONS...!

Love and goodness and infinite consciousness as the divinity in all,
are not the same as a TOTEM...! Be fast in distinguishing these.
Forms morph one into the other, perhaps not in this semi-static
matrix in 3D here, but in higher & higher realms it does more &
more so...! Form is not the same as content; content is freedom,
the form is this or that fixed, momentary illusion. What passes
for "religion", is mostly a carcass, a fixed casket, a totem, a rigid
materialistic frozen form of an ideal, unable to fly free and clean.
On the other hand freedom is deviated into a disorder, a tendency
to violate the will of others, to compulsively induce damage.

Religion seeks to "contain the anarchy of obsession-compulsion",
yet it becomes another more powerful obsession-compulsion, bent
on control of others. It is fueled by Ego; religion becomes merely a
tool to demonstrate that I am better than others, an exercise in
pathetic futility. Everyone claims to represent a "God" that is just
the projection of their LIMITED CONSCIOUSNESS, a "God" as an
image of their own tiny little selves. If anyone else has a bigger and
better God, they will kill him...!? If anyone is in touch with the one
universal mind, and attuned to the power of infinite consciousness,
they fight him...!? They hate infinite, they want limit only...; it's a
prison full of walls and bars inside their heads. They want brands;
they can't handle free spirit. You must be republican or democrat,
liberal or conservative, this or that; what? you're nothing? you're
"exempt"...? No way, they will punch you. Can't handle liberty.

Protestants will swear that the problem was catholics; then each
denomination as it gets exposed, will find its alternate "true version
claiming to be the original". Finally some will jump to a farther
away side of the fence, dreaming the grass is greener on the other
side, always. They will jump christianity and embrace islam, or
buddhism or what have you, It's such a repeated wasted trick, it
becomes painful to watch. Never aware of the Big-Picture.
From Part D we gathered that the early symbol of Christianism
was the ICTUS or ICHTUS sign of the "Fish", as the Vesica Pisces.
This means the opening of the organic trans-dimensional Portal;
it was later substituted by the Cross, because it is a similar idea,
the Cross means "CROSSING" the Portal, the intersection of 2
realms or dimensions. But it is a much more generic symbol, that
gives almost nothing in the sense of specific knowledge, unlike the
Vesica Pisces; that's why this was replaced by the other, to conceal.
it's the same with every other issue.

Beware of the ICTUS, as it has been utilized for mind control for
a really long time now, in its superficial form aspect; we see it for
ex in the ribbons placed in cars for supporting our troops & such,
subtly morphed into the "ALPHA" shape (as in the Alpha mind
programming, the most basal and public massive kind). This is
connected for ex with the masonic business Tie and how the knot
is formed, etc. All this "knot/ribbon" symbology, is to avoid; I am
of the opinion the whole "Alpha & Omega" theme associated with
the "XP" (Chi-Rho) Sign of Constantine, is a proclamation of mind
control through language & symbols, a very ancient thing, coming
down from the Phoenicians that acted as the creators of the new
languages, that coalesced into Greek or Hebrew, or Arab, etc. It
appears that just like in the 1994 film "Star Gate" starring Kurt
Russell and James Spader (a film you are advised to watch again,
as it contains some clues about Egypt's negative ET interdiction)

Not surprisingly, we realize that the Book of Revelation declaring
"Jesus" calling himself "I Am the Alpha and the Omega", contains
the most irrefutable proof of the Akhenaten figure behind the whole
plot, as we see in the Constantine XP Sign:


In English this "Alpha & Omega" cipher is even more incriminating;
the "ALPHA" relates to "ALHIM" (the name of "God" in the Bible,
besides the unutterable TetraGrammaton formula YHWH), while
"OMEGA" relates to "IMAGE". Thus when the Bible speaks of
man created in God's image, and at the end of the Bible "Jesus"
declares himself as the "Alpha & Omega", it all leads to none other
than... Akhenaten as usual. Perhaps that is why the Book of Rev
also gives instructions to "make an image" of the Beast (cloning).
The crucial "666" verse of REV 13:18 as I pointed out is a clear
ref to the Egyptian 13th to 18th Dynasties, Akhenaten in the 18th.
Extracting the 1st. & last initials:

ALPHA & OMEGA ~~~ { AO/AA = 18 }

The literal cloning scenario is put forth by Freeman, including the
code names given to Obama's family by the secret service:

But this thread runs much deeper apparently; when we consider
the last 3 Figure-Heads on the run to the key "2016" date:

georgE busH BaracK obamA saraH paliN
[ EHKAHN = "AKHEN" + H ]

Yes, that spells "AKHEN" as in AKHENATEN...!!!!

Now this is not a "United States" issue per se; it just happens
to be the most powerful country on Earth, and all the codes are
put in the most visible places on Earth. Don't believe me...? let's
look at another really big and visible place on Earth, the Vatican.

In the same time-frame "Countdown to 2016", we have a Joseph
Ratzinger, named head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the
Faith in 1981 by John Paul II, who almost immediately formalized
the approval of the priestly order of the Opus Dei in 1982...! This
guy chose a very curious name: in english "Pope Benedict XVI",
in latin "Papa Benedictus XVI". Yes you read that right, it's the
very ICTUS...!!!! Now, pay attention to the "XVI".

There is a biblical "7 YEAR" countdown to 2016, starting with 2009
on. Let's go back to the Roman Numerals version year 1776, as:

[ MDCCLXXVI = 114 = "III uminati" ] (ill-uminati)
[ POPE BENEDICT = 114 = Seven Year ]

{ XVI = 55 = Satan }

When using the alternate spelling for Akhenaten:
[ 7 YEARS = 75 = ACHENATEN ]

That's why all big leaders in really big places have to play Akhenaten,
so to speak. And as we approach the "2016" countdown date, all the
Gematria codes get really intense; this Hot-Gematria starts with the
911 event. Let's begin by utilizing an interestingly accurate version
of the name Lucifer... as... "LU-CIPHER"...!:

{ Cipher = 59 = Dragon = I.G.W.T } (In God We Trust)

{ "LuCipher" = 1+91 ]

{ Joseph Ratzinger = 191 }

Keep in mind that what Akhenaten did during his Pharaonic reign
was a synthesis of the egyptian biggest God "RA" as "ATEN-RA",
in a new Monotheistic way:

{ ATEN-RA = 59 = Dragon = Cipher }

If the claim that "Moses" is a composite figure molded after Akhen-
Aten is right, then Moses key delivering of the TEN Commandments
must be a cipher for the same monotheistic deity: [ ATEN ~ TEN ].

When considering the No. "10" as letters "IO", we see that moving
1+Space up the alphabet [ "IO" becomes "JP" ], as in John Paul
II, or as in "JP Morgan". The famous St. Malachi prophecy motto
of Pope John Paul II was: "DE LABORE SOLIS", meaning being
pregnant of the sun. Nobody has quite nailed the significance of this,
but when using English Gematria it becomes transparently clear:
it means that John Paul II was about to deliver Joseph Ratzinger
as the Last Pope in the Malachi list (see 1st. & last initials):
JosepH RatzingeR ~~~ { JR/HR = 54 = SUN }
However when we look into the latin term for Sun as "Solis":
{ SOLIS = 74 = LUCIFER }
In other words, the "Sun" being delivered is Lucifer, the Black Sun,
Nibiru. In Malachi's list, after John Paul II with his "De Labore
Solis" motto, comes THE LAST POPE, NAMED "Peter the Roman".
So if John Paul II was pregnant with this Sun, this means his motto
already contains the last Pope. Indeed, looking at 1st. & last initials:

The reason for this meticulous detail & attention is that the last
Pope coincides with the fulfilling of the Rev 13:18 prophecy, so
the name given by Malachi must match the last Pope, which
happens to be the current Pope Benedict XVI. As this end goal
becomes nearer, the clusters of synchronicity increase to a point
of Hot-Gematria where everything resonates to everything, as
the 4th Dimensional beings come into the 3rd Dimension here:
{ "A Pope Benedict 16" = 79 = Akhenaten }
{ Ratzinger = 118 = "Benedictus 16" = "A Papa Pietro" }

Let's now consider the most famous Nostradamus quatrain,
where he gives "THE YEAR 1999" for "The King of Terror";
much has been written about this, finding no real clue about
it; did Nostradamus miss...???? In the previous paragraphs
I went out of my way to emphasize the figure of this Joseph
Ratzinger as last Pope, clearly seen "loaded" with Gematria;
I figured, then Nostradamus must have picked up the scent
as well. Let's pay closer attention to his last name, bearing in
mind that ATEN-RA is the new "SUN" of Akhenaten that is
being brought back again to lead the New World Order's new
single-religion syncretism:

[ RA = 19 ] and [ TZINGER = 99 ] ~~~ "1999"

Nostradamus then, saw in a single conjoined No. "1999" the
aprox time of all this, including the English Gematria for the
last name of the individual to become the last Pope, as well
as repeating the combination of the numbers "1" & "9" that
are also giving away the key "911" event, all reaffirmed as:


In other words, Nostradamus in such a simple & brief "1999"
has blended Joseph Ratzinger and the 911 event, as I had
done via the Opus Dei that he brought to power in the Vatican
-in the last Part D article tying the WTC location and the Opus
Dei codes-. It seems as if through these players, the advent of
the planned "AR-MAGEDDON" ("RA" in reverse) is thus made
possible. Ratzinger's concordance with the 911 event is also
once again found in:

{ JOSEPH = 73 = PBXVI = 73 = WTC/DER }
(Pope Benedict XVI) & (WorlD TradE CenteR)
Now here's the extraordinary thing that shows all this has been
planned in advance, including the players; when Ratzinger came
to be Pope, his coat of arms included the figure of a BLACK MAN:

(By the way: "EWTN" is 1st. & last initials of "NeW EgypT").
Besides the obvious Obama figure, notice the Knight Templar
theme of the "3 Pillars & Twin stairwells" in the head-dress, but
sideways, reaffirmed at the bottom with the 3-Stars. In my
opinion this is ORION'S BELT, a ref to the 3-Pyramids of Giza.
In the Gospel these 3 Stars/3 Pyramids are disguised under the
"3 MAGI" that come to greet the new-born "Jesus", one of the
Magi being a BLACK KING named "BALTHAZAR":


It seems Obama knows perfectly well his role as "Balthazar", in
most prominent manner appointing the newly created figure of
"Czar"s of this and that, more important than anything. While
the official explanation in the Curia is that the black man is a
MOOR'S HEAD associated with Freisig-Germany, it is obvious
the larger esoteric theme is the Return of Nibiru (the Planet of
the Crossing) as herald of the old Orion reptilians last seen in
at l;east partial display in Egypt -emphasis on the previous
passage while the BLACK Pharohs of Egypt were the creators
of the new religions- (NIBIRU=73=EGYPT).

In the Malachi prophecy for the name of the current Pope Benedict
given as "Peter the Roman", it is clear to me that the "RO-MAN"
refers to the CHI-RHO man (Emp. Constantine), who syncretized
Christianism in the 3rd. centruy -de facto creating it as a religion,
and defining the "Bible" we have today as such-. Therefore this
was meant to signify a fixed dogma religion to remain stable until
the moment of the "XP" (Chi-Rho) IS TO BE SEEN IN THE SKY,
which is of course NIBIRU...! Emperor Constantine said he saw
this XP (Chi-Rho) Sign, but it's evident this is a secret sign for the
end of the agenda, when the "ante-christ" from Nibiru shows up
again, and everything gets redone, a new 6 thousand years with
a new reality & religion. He secretly meant that WE NOW IN THE
English Gematria for "Balthazar" shows the solution to the riddle
of Malachi:

[ "CHI-RHO MAN" = 89 = BALTHAZAR ] ("Ro-Man")

In other words, the illuminati through Barack Obama as the Moor
African, are announcing the end of the Age, and the near return
of NIBIRU as Planet of the Crossing, since Obama represents
one of the 3 Kings that went to greet the "New Born Jesus" -as
figure of the future Nibiru-; this is quite clear & rather obvious.
It means that the underlying secret meaning behind the literal
narratives of the "Bible", is finally coming to roost as the true
events about to transpire, the return of the Orion ET's...!

It doesn't matter whether it was done under the cover of a good
"positive Jesus", or under a "negative Ante-Christ", it was all the
same an identical hidden meaning -(use Ichtus for Ictus)-:


[ POPE BENEDICT XVI ~~~ "XP" & "BI" & "ET" ]
-full 1st & last initials- / ("BI" for "ni-BI-ru")


All this exhuberant and highly precise English Gematria is not a
result of clever numerologists; it is clear evidence of an extra
dimensional interference, harmonizing everything in the typical
4D Synchronicity manner, it is ET signature.

I am unusual in the sense that I don't believe in the illusions so
craftily presented as "religious texts", and rather treat them
the way the were created back in the old days, as GEMATRIA
CODES, plain & simple. Therefore I don't look for a single and
all powerful "Ante-Christ", but as a series of figures who all in
each particular sense like a wall of bricks build up a theme, as
an agenda to be enacted. Nostradamus already clearly caught up
this concept, placing 3 Figures as 3 consecutive "Ante-Christs",
but there is more thread to this clue, it is a larger perspective, a
"NET-WORK" of figures in Fractal Synchronicity ! Take for ex.
further concordances, like moving 1+Space up the alphabet the
initials of Barack Obama:

[ "B.O." becomes "CP", as in Prince Charles ]


Finally, a rarely noticed clue is found in Obama's ancestry, coming
back from a LUO TRIBE in KENYA; [ LUO TRIBE = 102 ], this
"Luo" hinting at the "LU"-Cipher root of the paradigm; it is like
saying that the Egyptian Pharaohs came from Lake Victoria in the
origin of the Nile River -now Kenya in the Upper Nile-, the Nile
representing fractally the BLOODLINE of the Pharaohs, secretly
from "LU"-Cipher.

3 Pillars & Twin stairwells -part D-

Out of the 3 Totems of Islam/Judaism/Christianity, I can only
show the Gematria-Numerology of Christianism, since I do not
possess a clear knowledge of Hebrew or Arabic tongues; each of
the 3 are totally obsessed with Gematria-Numerology, yet only
Islam & Judaism admit it openly, and this realm of study is
regarded as "the highest" in those 2 traditions. In Christianism
this is done secretly, unbeknownst to most; so I can only verse
on the Western christian tradition in this regard, the one I know
best, and uses our common English language as centerpiece.

For ex. the Opus Dei semi-masonic Templar cult that controls
the Vatican nowadays, carries the code [ OpuS DeI ~ DIOS ]
in its name, apparently a harmless ref to God (Dios in spanish,
the Opus Dei comes from Spain); then of course follow the all
abiding doubts, like a hangover follows a night of drinking. Bad
wishful thinking is followed by the harsh fact that "Opus Dei"
is Latin for "God's Work", and we all know there is only one big
really famous "work" here, it is FreeMasonry, called "The Craft";
then one ponders why a name in Latin to carry a code in Spanish?
Message? Change the language, so we change to Standard English
Gematria (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26): [ D.I.O.S. = 47 = Beast ]. Aha...
The Craft, the Beast... hardly holy. Initials for "God's Work" match
the Bush dynasty initials, to make a bad thing worse.

Now: [ GOD'S WORK = 1+111 = "A New York" ]. Hardly then
a surprise the Opus Dei moved its old hearquarters in Chicago to a
brand new tower in Manhattan-New York, inaugurated just a few
months before 911. Then just like everyone else in the block of
conspiracy research you begin to suspect them, and when you hear
that the Opus Dei was trying to take control of Asia starting with
Vietnam (some say this was the secret push behind that ill famed
war), you can't help but realize that they must not have liked JFK
a whole lot when he decided to bring ALL the troops home -(all,
not just a few, was closing shop on Vietnam)-, and perhaps that is
why the 1st. catholic president of the US met with bullets in Dealey
Plaza (D-eal-EY), his car exiting the plaza through TRINITY Pass,
and the lone-nut patsy was named { harveY leE oswalD ~ DEY }.

Which brings to memory an identically named "DEY St" in the big
apple; DEY St. at the corner of CHURCH St. is... where... GROUND
ZERO (where the old World Trade Center Twin Towers were) is...!

2 blocks north is "MURRAY St"; now the Opus Dei changed their
headquarters to a Tower in Manhattan called the "MURRAY Hill
Bldg". If we look at the "WorlD TradE CenteR" 1st & last initials:


Now the Opus Dei shares the identical perk of not answering to any
bishop or parish except directly to the Pope (in other words they
are an intelligence agency) as the Knights Templar did through
their Constitution called "MILITIA DEI" in the Medieval Ages;
the Opus one is called "Personal Prelature", and that reminds one
of the famous fascist "P2" Lodge (2 P's). David Yallop caught rather
early on the fact that it seems the Opus group poisoned the 33-Day
Pope, otherwise known as John Paul I in 1978, who died in his bed
of unkown cause without an autopsy performed; thing is, they did
have the biggest of motives, since no Pope for many decades had
approved the Order to become official and clerical (with priestly
powers). It was only after JPI died in this mysterious way, that
the follow-up Pope John Paul II quickly gave them the "Personal
Prelature" order approval in 1982, thus the Opus Dei all of a sudden
entered the 80's in full swing, accompanied by JPII, M. Thatcher
in Britain & Ronald Reagan (and G. Bush sr as vice pres) in the US,
all conservative to the hilt. A year and a half before John Lennon
was killed in New York; the same Lennon that Richard Nixon had
tried to deport in 1972 for his anti Vietnam war campaign. Opus
Dei had a pivotal role in many Latin America dictatorships during
the 70's, involving extensive human rights abuse, so it is not far
fetched at all to suspect a John Lennon connection as revenge; after
all, by 1980 NO ONE had any beef with Lennon...!, thus his murder
can only make sense in retrospect to Vietnam (unless of course you
also blindly believe it was "just" another lone-nut...). But then again
there is our... Gematria angle; JOHN Paul I, JOHN Lennon...:

[ John = 47 = D.I.O.S. ].

See, I don't tend to view a radically fundamentalist conservative
group in full masonic covert display such as the Opus Dei in strictly
"catholic" light; I was educated by american Jesuits, and they did
not see with good eyes any fanatical Bible-thumper secretive org,
much less so involved in covert ultra rightwing paramilitary actions.
To me with that kind of flexible critical upbringing, they look like...
rather... MUSLIM...!!!! In other words they say and preach catholic,
but THEY ACT LIKE MUSLIM fanatic extremists in a Jihad mind-
set. Naturally one cannot pass by the fact that Pope JPII also was
hit by a bullet, as he claimed it was none other than the very Virgin
Mary herself who had saved his life "deviating the bullet" -(in his
own words)-, calling it a "Miracle of the Virgin of Fatima" -in ref to
the supposed Fatima-Portugal Apparition of the Virgin Mary in 1917.

Now this is where it all gets very strange; I previously stated that
all 3 major western/middle-east Monotheistic religions come from
exactly the same source in the 13th to the 18th Dynasty in Egypt
-the 18th being the relevant one, with Pharaoh Akhenaten some
like Carl Jung contended was the figure upon which "Moses" was
constructed upon-. Now the Book of Revelation in the "Bible" is
most famous for the verse regarding the "666" No. of the Beast,
Rev 13:18.

If you have not yet gathered that "13:18" unequivocally refers to the
emblematic Egyptian dynasty ("The Beast that Was, Is Not, but
will come out of the abyss again"), then you're kinda slow in
the head. I'm a western man, but I do know that FATIMA was the
daughter of Muhammad the Prophet of Islam, who said: "She has
the highest place in Heaven after the Virgin Mary" -because worship
of the Virgin Mary is higher in Islam than in Catholicism...! Portugal
of course was occupied for centuries by the Muslims, thus the name
of the village "Fatima" in honor of the Prophet's daughter.

Exactly what is going on here...? you may ask yourself. And rightly
so; what happens is that the illuminati have some different plans
concerning religion after the global New World Order is firmly in
the scene acc to their plans. They seek to make a One-World single
global religion, and for this they need to REUNITE THE 3-PILLARS
of Islam/Judaism/Christianism, adding the new fad of Buddhism
and the Native cults to the mix, which will be of decidedly New Age
flavour. This new Golden Age of Peace will be ushered under the
auspices of a united world under one Messiah. Never mind that
the word "MESSIAH" comes historically & directly from the word
"MESSEH" (or Mesheh) in Egypt, which means CROCODILE, the
CROCODILE FAT as ritual of Coronation; indeed the word for
Pharaoh is a crytogram made of 2 Crocodiles. It doesn't take a
PhD in an Ivy League university to figure that the entire Pharaonic
lineage is of Reptilian origin; after all, they carry a Head-Dress with
a COBRA protruding from it...! See for ex the revealing next link:

Practically eveyone ignores that in English Gematria:

[ JESUS = 74 = LUCIFER = 74 = MESSIAH ]

So yes, the waters are pretty murky in this monotheistic religion
stream of the 3 Pillars; nothing's quite like it seems, to put it mildly.
By now you probably had already seen "The Da Vinci Code" film
or read the book, a fictionalized theft of the "Holy Blood, Holy Grail"
1982 book by authors M.Baigent/R.Leigh/H.Lincoln. Their claim of
"Jesus" having children with "Mary Magdalen" is a spurious
secretive propaganda mantra for the european Monarchies, as
they sought the affirmation of "Divinity" in their bloodstream,
claiming to possess the very blood of "Jesus & Magdalen" in their
veins, dating very far back to the days of the Merovingian dynasty,
which is when this whole preposterous myth started, to create and
install the european Monarchies in power, based on the fable of it
carrying "divine blood", in the 5th Century. Baigent/Lincoln/Leigh
were right in noting that the legend of Merovech being a hybrid of
a fish and a woman, meant to imply the early christian ICHTUS
or Fish sign (actually representing the Vesica Pisces or Sacred
Vulva, an esoteric symbol attributed to Isis/Venus/the Virgin)
was a way of conveying the lie that "Jesus & Magdalen" had kids
that became the kings & queens of Europe. Few know that the
Cross was NOT a christian sign until the 3rd Century when the
mighty Emperor Constantine who was from the Ireland territory
of the Roman Empire, brought the Celtic Cross (of druid-egyptian
origin) to Rome, and included it in the "Bible" narrative, a symbol
of the cyclical Planet of the Crossing -NIBIRU-, in Astro Zodiacal
terms (thus the "INRI"~ "NIBIRU" sign was included also in the
Cross within the narrative). When reading Druid-Egyptian as origin
of the Celtic Cross later turned Christian don't be surprised; a simple
hearing of Celtic music as compared to Moroccan/Algiers (NW area
of Africa) music for ex, reveals them as nearly identical ! {Being a
musician I am entitled to bring out these parallels; music does
leave an imprint or trace no different than linguistic roots or DNA}.

As the Virgin Mary in the story does not have sexual intercourse,
the ICHTUS as Vulva was related to MARY MAGDALEN within
the esoteric circles and later by the Knights Templar, thus this
claim of a "Jesus & Magdalen" descendance was historically the
origin of the european monarchies, yet in secret and only for the
initiates. In this way the Monarchies maintained such a devout
following, through the power of this fake "secret" amongst the
aristocracy & clergy. But in esoteric Schools of Mystery (stemming
back at least as far back from the greeks and earlier egyptians),
the VESICA PISCES is associated with the mythical "No. 153", &
its relation to the creation of the PENTAGRAM & HEXAGRAM,
"Ichtus" drawn as figure of a FISH symbolizing "Jesus Christ" in
the early christian era, was meant to mean that "Mary Magdalen"
was the Secret Code, as the Sacred Vulva in the mysteries. Then
as such has been researched in many books on the matter, and it
is clear the Gospels written in Greek, contain a Gematria Code
that indeed places "Mary Magdalen" as the real "Virgin/Vesica"
behind the appearances. This is why secretly:


When it is said that the so-called "PRIORY OF SION" or "Order
of Sion" has preserved the alleged "Jesus & Magdalen" descendance,
it's to be understood they were the propaganda master designers!
Why? Because they were the secret elite order that knew what
the GREEK GEMATRIA in the Gospels really mean, in the sense
that the literal text is merely a Syncretism of much earlier Greek
Schools of Mystery & Egyptian/Sumerian sources. And that the
figures like "Mary Magdalen", are symbolic representations of
Astro-Zodiacal mysteries, related to multi-dimensional geometry,
i.e. 4D Hyper-Dimensional Space. You don't "go to heaven" after
you've said your prayers, but through organic StarGates inside
yourself, through your own DNA Acension...! The themes of
"BIRTH" and "REBIRTH" or "RESURRECTION" (or as they call
it to be "Born Again") is a pun for this operation, that only the real
selected few initiates always knew and attempted only in a close
circle of elitists, since the times of Egypt...!

The "Vesica Pisces" as the "Sacred Vulva" of the "Magdalen" was
meant to convey a very secret Hyper-Dimensional knowledge of
how to enter an organic WormHole or Stargate, through which one
can access higher worlds, anchored in certain specific DNA Grails,
which were from selected Bloodlines, often presented as hybrids
between ET's and humans. Eveything else in the "religion" cover
stories, were fables to CONCEAL THESE SECRETS, while at the
same time transmitting them through generations of elite initiates,
the masses totally unaware of the secret content. This content also
built & preserved in Churches & Buildings, or anything big & famous
that would serve as carrier of the codes -be it a painting, a book,
children tales, legends, architecture, music, or what have you-.

This is why the elites don't mind having all the different religions
fight each other to death for centuries or millennia, because to
them all these are merely fables, manufactured to conceal the
deep secrets they themselves hoard alone.

In 1994 I saw a special on TV that referred to some of these deep
Knight Templar secrets, how they actually worshipped a FEMALE
FIGURE, a mixture of Isis/Venus/Magdalen; "Magdala" means
TOWER, and it secretly indicates the base of the Brain, the tower
is the SPINE where the 7 Chakras (or inter-dimensional organic
vortexes) lie, arriving up unto the Brain at the point where the
AMYGDALA is (the "Magdalen" Portal). Fractally, it is altogether
the Tower or Spiral Staircase ("Jacob's Ladder" of the DNA) when
viewed on side elevation; the DNA helixes fractally mimic the way
the 2 Male/Female energies coil up & down the Spine through the
Chakras as the Ida & Pingala Kundalini etheric forces. In the tv
documentary, they showed how the Magdala/Towers made by
the Templars, were actually secret keys to the PENTAGRAM
that the planet VENUS (Isis, Mary) draws in the sky through its
revolution around the Sun during the year. The code worship
of a "BAPHOMET" idol they were accused of, is a cipher meaning
"SOPHIA" (i.e. Wisdom, in feminine form -the "Magdalen"-). You
may observe how the greek "SOPHIA" for Wisdom, is intimately
tied to the "OPHIS" meaning Serpent -the ancient Order of the
Ophis arising form the 13th to 18th Pharaonic Dynasties-. In this
day and age, this same old Reptilian code is disguised as the word
"Office" prevalent everywhere, from the universal MicroSoft Office
software, to even when we say "Office of the President":


The same Templar Venus/Magdalen pentagram is also preserved
in our days as the Pentagon (also present across St. Peter's Square
in the Vatican, look in Google maps). So much for "male" power...:

{ }

In fact the identity between VENUS & MAGDALEN as Magdala
Tower, is proven in English Gematria. There's a reason in English
a "Plaza" is still named "Square", and it is usually anchored by a
"Tower", most typically a Church Tower -for ex St.Peter's Square
in the Vatican emblematically called a "Square" even when it so
clearly depicts an elliptic VULVA-:

[ VENUS = 81 = TOWER = SQUARE = "The Craft" ]

The "2 P's" (as in "Personal Prelature" of the modern day catholic
Templars, the Opus Dei) refer to the "2 Towers" inside the Brain;
the PITUITARY/"Peter" and the PINEAL/"Paul". Whenever the
elite enacts a fabricated "War of Opposites", each Pole is meant to
symbolize the Pineal vs. the Pituitary, thus every war is a RITUAL
enacted to INWARDLY DIVIDE A HUMAN, i.e. "Divided From
Within" in his very own Brain, always unto itself forced to "Choose"
between either the Pineal or the Pituitary, thus killing either one!?,
and in this way through the ritual enacted, humans will NOT enter
the organic portal at the Brain, to exit this 3D material matrix unto
the higher realms. This is what war esoterically is meant to produce,
a blocking of the entrance to Paradise, so to speak...! The Amygdala
is the Mary Magdalen, and "Mary" comes from "MAR", which when
reversing in a mirror the "M' to a "W"... forms the word... "WAR"...!
In such way that when entire masses are forced to "believe" that
they must wage a Jihad-like war against infidels, be it the muslims
or the jewish or the christian all the same
, what is really transpiring
is an esoteric sacrifice ritual, by which the participants are inwardly
blocking their own StarGate portal to the hyper-dimensional higher
realms ("paradise"), in energy terms.

And these 3 Pillars of "religions" were originated in Akhenaten in
Egypt. In Genesis it is written that a CHERUBIM was placed at
the entrance gate to Paradise, to NOT LET ANY HUMAN ENTER:


So in effect, each "Pillar" represents either the Pineal, the Pituitary,
or the Hypothalamus; and in practice, have been designed to go to
the ends of the world to Conquer & Convert everyone, in their own
specific energy archetypal signature. In this way, a perpetual state
of war between them has been created forever, ritually enacting a
HUMAN DIVIDED UNTO ITSELF inside the Brain where the Star
Gate portals to "Paradise" dwell, fractally represented in the society
or group or humanity at large.