Monday, June 28, 2010

-Part I- Immigration/Balkanization "101"; the hidden cosmic background-context & agenda

I am of the opinion the so-called illuminati are but human gofers on
planet Earth, for other entities -both in the 3D material universes,
as well as higher dimensional/density universes-. However I don't
see too much in the alien way of things, as I see more a presence of
extant inter-planetary civilizations, of a far past history related to
this planet, that is tightly concealed from public knowledge. This
view involves a very crucial role of the "Atlantean Priesthood" in
human affairs -Atlantis here meaning a global civilization (not just
a mythical "island") of quite advanced status, interacting with the
entire Solar System at large, and/or parallel Solar Systems, whose
"sun" might have been other than the current Sol/Sun-.

These illuminati know far more than "official" Humanity, and have
a keen awareness of the Cosmic Cycles -and Solar Cycles-; these
types then possess a comparative-advantage over all the rest on
Earth, by reason of this knowledge of things to come. Amongst the
illuminati are the so-called "Zionists", this expression to denote the
chapter of the Sion that deals more with the so-called "Jewish", yet
by no means a Zionist is a synonym of Jewish, but rather those only
use the COVER of these, to remain in the shadows with a crafted
semi-public face that is quite convenient for them to operate. In
other words the Jewish people are as much victims of the Zionists
as anyone else for that matter. For ex it's common knowledge the
Rotchschilds as the ultimate Zionists, were not Jewish and merely
adopted a new name and "jewish" identity long time ago (the name
"Roths-Child" means both Son-of-the-Devil, as well as being a most
clear reference to the "Sign of Constantine" -the "CHI-RHO" sign,
which means the Cross-ing, at the center of the illuminati agenda
for this cosmic transitional era).

Which takes us directly to the subject at hand, since ostensibly so
the current 1st lady carries an identical code, also under the image
of a son -"Robin Son"-:

This reinforced by both she & husband coming from CHI-cago.

In this case the code is enlarged to include the wandering ET planet
or solar system known as Nibiru/Nibiro, which is supposed to be
a giant "Watcher" cyclic substation of Orion over the Solar System:


As so many have noticed Obama is a pun of Osama, yet the iconic
figure's entire name less letters "AD" are also contained:
[ Michelle LaVaughn Robinson ~~~ Osama Bin Laden ]

What this all means, is that the lady carries an illuminati agenda
code, signaling great steps-forward in their plans for the USA; in
this sense I have pointed out before how that she symbolizes the
"hidden lady" (ORION QUEENS) behind religions, in Christianity
represented by the "Black Madonnas" as "Mary Magdalene", as
Isis/Ishtar. Whenever this Black-Queen appears on the scene, it
means the announcement of the near "Birth/Death/Resurrection"
ritual that is the central core of all religions. This urbi-et-orbi type
of announcement has been signaled since the 19th century, when
the dogma of the "Virgin Mary" (Immaculate Conception) thus
was instituted; then the "Marian Apparitions" started to show up
as a clear announcement-reinforcement, most of them close to the
Renees Le Chateau occultic area of France, indicating rather that
the hidden-figure is "Mary Magdalene", as she is supposed to have
landed there (an obvious hoax spanning many centuries, to create
the myth of the European Royalty as possessing the Blood of Jesus).
In the 80's we get the "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" book/doc.s in order
to continue the announcement, with a paid-for Dan Brown ("Brown
Dna" ~~~ mixed/black race pun) later copying their claims in his
"The DaVinci Code" book -he was sued for the plagiarism, and lost
the case-. But also since the 80's none other than Pope John Paul
II had been signaling the same code ostensibly in his oh-so public
prayers to the Virgin of Czestochowa (a Black-Madonna), so clearly
staged to this end of presenting the code/announcement.

In John Paul II we find the "2/II CODE", the only other public icon
figure to carry such being... Barack Obama II...! This "II" is also the
"11", the Twin Towers, the 2 Pillars of Masonry, which ultimately
signify the 2-Helix DNA of humans in the current devolved state
(the original Dna consisting of 12-Strands, this the symbol of the
incorrectly called "Star of David" -was never a jewish sign until the
nazi era-). Therefore what is being conveyed, is that the current
DNA Hybridization is about to be "redone" again in a new program
of Hybridization, after the debacle of the ongoing Cosmic Cycle End
is finished. This is what the "Birth/Death/Resurrection" means at
another deeper level, within the human being himself; the outward
Earth/Sun Changes events, mirrored by the inward genetic DNA
"new creation" of man/woman. Since the FEMALE carries the
mythochondrial DNA of changes, the icon of "Black Madonna" has
the effect of presenting the new cosmic agenda to the Collective
Unconscious of the present human race; this is why the illuminati
entertainer Madonna carried that name, with her constant puns
a-la "Like a Virgin" and ostensible use of Crosses et al. This is why
also now "Lady Gaga" is a pun of "Our Lady" (the Virgin or Mary
Magdalen), identical references applicable. The term "Magdalen"
means both "Tower" -magdala- (the Dna helixes as spiral towers)
as well directly refers to the AMYGDALA at the base of the Brain;
the implication, that the "new hybrid human" will have a different
Amygdala (and Pineal/Pituitary), thus the expression "illuminati"
means the "Illumination of the Amygdala/Pineal/Pituitary" at
the center of the Brain, in the "Cave of Brahman" (thus Plato's
Metaphor of the Shadows in a Cave clearly implied this secret).

The bottom-line issue here, that the ORION QUEENS (reptilian)
have been hijacking the "Human Ascension Process" for a truly
exceedingly long time -(even up to millions of years)-, and this is
what was behind the Hybridization programmes agreed on the
Lemurian era and later the Atlantean era, that ultimately led to
the current devolved era (i.e. "The Fall"). At the present fork-in-
the-road moment of human history, rogue groups of mainly thugs
have been vying for "Supremacy & Control" of all others, and it
would be a most tragic mistake to naively believe that this is only
a trait of the White-Race; truth is, MOST races and groups have in
fact pursued exactly the same. Worse, the current agenda by the
illuminati -assigned to this end on the hands of the Zionists-, is
precisely the opposite, TO GRADUALLY "PHASE-OUT" THE
WHITE RACE, starting with a massive "mixing" of it. Why? it is
due to the white race's RECOVERING OF ITS LONG GENETIC
the ongoing "Awakening Process" before the "Great Ascension"
takes place, where humans free ourselves from the bondage to
the Orion Queens grip -the negative reptilians, otherwise known
as the Etheric Vampires that keep 3D Earth as basically a giant
organic Kundalini Harvesting factory (extraction through the
Chakras, the highest grade extraction taking place through the
Amygdala/Pineal/Pituitary organic portals)-.

Of course all races have been awakening, but ostensibly the White
Race is the one doing this more rapidly (many times faster than
all the rest in general), coupled with having been the power force
in the planet, possessing more knowledge/education/culture; in this
No. 1 OF THE ILLUMINATI contrary to the prevailing perception,
as the universal cliche goes. The widespread ignorance of this key
fact, is what constitutes the greatest danger to Humanity at the
current juncture; we see this for ex emblematically in the higher
level of Arts, and particularly in the myriad of Alternative Websites
that are at the forefront of the Awakening Process, most of them
by white people & mainly in the USA; 80% of all internet occurs in
English, and also about 80% of all Alternative Info websites based
in the USA. This was a highly-predictable reversal to the illuminati
dominion, who have been preparing to this for centuries now. This
is the main reason for the so-called "New World Order", in its base
level an agenda to "ABORT & DETOUR" this massive Awakening
carried forth essentially by the best amongst the White Race -with
the help of many in all races, yet majoritarily by whites-. We see
for ex this agenda spelled out by one illuminati-zionist Emmanuel
Rabinovich, already in 1952 (notice how the cover "jewish" hides
the hidden illuminati new-race hybridization at hand, as a better
suited for reptilian-genes human result):

"The goal for which we have striven so concertedly is at last within
our reach and because its fulfillment is so apparent it behoves us to
increase our efforts & our caution tenfold. I can safely promise you
that our race will take its rightful place in the world with every jew
as a king and every gentile as a slave. I can state with assurance
that the last generation of white children is now being born. In the
interest of our program and peace we are wiping out inner racial
relations and creating tensions; we will forbid whites to mate with
whites; white women must only cohabit with black men and other
dark races and white men with black women, thus the white race
will disappear for this mixing truly means the end of the white
man who is our most dangerous enemy who will become only a
memory. We shall embark upon an era of 10,000 years of peace
and plenty and our race will rule undisputed upon over the world.
Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery
over a world made up of dark-skin people".

You have to be really ignorant to ignore this agenda effected from
the top-down by the illuminati for at least 60 years now, while you
have to be retarded not to realize that every time they use Israel
and employ the term "Jewish", they actually mean something else
entirely, this merely a convenient cover for the reptilian race. All
those who so "convinced of their position" fight the White and the
Jewish, should grow up and realize the situation is more complex
than they can fathom; you are not fighting morons, but cunning
and highly deceptive cosmic fodder. To these, any race amongst
the human, are nothing but puppets, and they couldn't care less
who comes on top or goes down, literally so; the moment a race
of their favoritism refuses to play along and becomes a danger to
them, they simply bring it down or exterminate them gradually,
as the preceding quotation clearly states. This is exactly what has
been happening to the White Race by and large, while this hasn't
yet happened with the Jewish, therefore they have been putting
down the White Race for 60 years, but are still using the Jewish,
until they also refuse to play along and thus will meet same fate.
This is precisely why they speak in terms of the "Jewish Race"
as a cover for the hidden cosmic race; they've prepared other
"default races" as alternatives, in case one plan or another goes
awry; this is why the MUSLIM arabs are being pumped up, in
the end they are another 'alternative-to-the-whites', just as the
blacks and most lately the mexicans and latinos are pumped up
in identical fashion, concertedly so. All these "racial battles" are
nothing more than staged contrivances, whereby the hidden
masters (the cosmic negative-reptilians) seek to always come
on top at the end of all human conflicts, no matter who "wins".

Whenever one particular people or race begins to acquire too much
knowledge & wisdom, they change course and "punish" these. They
did it in previous not-aknowledged more advanced civilizations, they
did it to the Greeks, & they do it now to most of the White people; in
fact, since mid 20th century they have been indeed "tracking" white
individuals all over the globe, who exhibit an unusually high psychic
or intellectual/creative ability (that of course belong to the cosmic
star-seed of the opposing positive ascension process). This has been
a covert agenda embedded in the global "educational" system that
has been thus implemented everywhere, in part with this objective
in mind. They Screen/Filter-Out these from any high-level/public
platform whichever it may be (business/politics/entertainment or
what have you); this in part the reason for psychological tests in
the job market, they only pick those with border-line psychotic
traits, discarding all those with a high-power positive psyche, who
are then profiled in secret lists of people not to advance or to plainly

boycott. It matters very little whether the operating machinery is
communist or fascist oriented, these are but mere chapters for the
same underlying covert processes.

What is more stunning is not the fact that these agendas exist as
such but that they are totally out of the view & perception of the
common-folk; because it is only the super-bright who get to see
these hidden-movements all around them, be it in science, the
arts, or any field that has a veritable effect on humanity; to keep
the few bright ones who refuse to be victimized, they created all
the secret societies that these have to become members of, in
order to survive and live a normal life without being subject to
permanent interdiction. Once in the secret societies, they must
do as told, or else; once they comply, then they are given ample
opportunities, and practically guaranteed success.

It is simply amazing how meticulously they've spelled out their
agenda to gradually phase-out the awakening Whites, like for ex
in the following quote from the book "A Racial Program for the
20th Century" by one Israel Cohen:

"We must realize that our most powerful weapon is racial tension.
By pounding into the mind and consciousness of the negro race that
for many centruries whites have oppressed them, we can mould
them to our program. The terms Colonialism & Imperialism must
be included in our propaganda. In America we will aim for subtle
victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against whites, we will
endeavour to instill in whites a guilty-complex for enslaving
Negros. We will raise the Negro to prominence in the world of
sports, entertainment and professions; with the high prestige we
will create for them, Negros will be able to intermarry with whites
and thus begin a process that will deliver America to our cause".

Naturally Slavery & black-oppression have existed; Slavery was at
that time in the world a universal practice, not "just" a White thing.
Actually it continues to exist, only in other countries and regions of
the world, as a large number of the products we regularly buy, are
yes the result of slave-labour, only we look the other way, and just
pretend it is not so...! What I mean is dead obvious; the entire Earth
and human history, is one of conquest/abuse/exploitation. To make
it look like it is "only" the whites doing this historically, is a result
of the agenda detailed in the above quotations
. Of course intelligent
black people in America have learned all this, and are quite in the
know regarding the blatant utilization of the "black cause" to the
benefit of the illuminati; they know fully well that Black Slavery
involved not just whites as recipients, but was managed by the
Venice nobility, using the worldwide jewish networks, and most
importantly that the ships that went to Africa negotiated with
the black African dynasties, who collected the slaves & delivered
them at the ports whenever possible. ALL learned & intelligent
black people know this (& it's rather easy to find YouTube posts
by some of them, detailing all this and more
), only most amongst
them choose not to show this knowledge in public, in order to help
with the betterment of the black people, because the revelations
would harm the current "affirmative" agenda here. There are no
"guilty & innocent" here on this planet, it's all one big gray area
of wars/abuse/exploitation, by all, all the same. Only that some
like the whites, have faired better than the others, that's all.

In Europe they managed finally to win over the Muslim arabs,
after centuries of dreadful wars & invasions (rape & pillage &
torture) in the Middle Ages, therefore Europe became white,
otherwise it would have ended-up arabic and black-moorish,
and these would have colonized the entire planet just like the
white europeans did, yet perhaps in a much more bloody and
imposing way than these did (I have little doubt of this). For
ex we find that the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition were a
direct result of the application of the previous arab practices
during their conquest there; or we find that the emblematic
case of Vlad Tepes Dracula in Transylvania (today's Romania)
also was a direct result of his years of imprisonment as a child
when he was systematically tortured by the turk muslims, and
their refined methods of slow torture were thus applied by Vlad
to his enemies, once he became free and established as a Prince.

It is particularly preposterous then, to naively believe that it is
"only" the White Race that has abused others; or that it is the
worst offender of them all. The Japanese to this day continue
to deny the subhuman grotesque horrors of the months-long
Nanking Massacre. There is a certifiable trait by which a people
will consistently take credit for all the good it has to show, while
"outsourcing" all the evils it has done to others; we find this for
ex as a general rule regarding the Latin-American dictatorship
era of abuses, they all blame it emphatically on the USA, while
evidencing very little self-aknowledgement. After all, whatever
the manipulating anti-communist input of the USA was, all the
abuses were actually performed by the Latin-American pretty
much all by themselves; yet by stark contrast, as soon as a good
history is to be found, it "must" be instantly attributed to them
in themselves only (when almost all the times it is also in part
an agenda of USA intervention). This is the weak psychological
construct upon which the described agenda to gradually "phase-
out" the White man takes hold, these are the type of buttons
that are pushed, this the prevailing spin.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Fractal NeuroLinguistic Matrix -part 2-

I am convinced that Egypt at large is a place of Ritual Memory of the
former (perhaps many) EXODUS from Mars to Earth, and that this
is why in the "Bible" the Exodus is symbolized as occurring there, to
hide-in-plain-sight this theme. While a repeated exchange between
Mars/Earth (to/from) may have been occurring ever since in minor
scale, the event(s) ritualized is a "MASS EXODUS", which might also
be the pun of the ritual of Mass in church, the churches marked by
a Cross (Crossing), the Cross often placed on top behind the altar, as
a reminder of "Jesus" blood (red) sacrifice on the "Cross". A blood
spilled sacrifice at the "Cross", that presently is fractalized en-masse
by the ongoing Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico ("M" is Mars, & "X" is
the Cross/Crossing, "Co" a hint at the same), where the sea turns
blood-red, as in Egypt.

It's not hard at all to realize this is the bottom-line as the very name
Egypt in Arabic is "MIS'R", in Egyptian Arabic it is "MAS'R", while
the name for its capital Cairo is presently called "MAS'R", meaning
MARS. The Sinai Peninsula of Egypt borders the Red Sea, where we
must believe "Moses & Aaron" made the famous "Red Sea Crossing".
Besides Mars being obviously the Red Planet, the word Sea is MARE
in latin, thus the pun is evidently "RED MARS".

We already know that Egypt is a highly fractalized name, because in
in English Standard Gematria (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):
(the british "CommonWealth" Nations, incl. Australia, Canada, etc).
However no one seems to realize the direct connection between the
Gulf of Mexico & Egypt, where the current Oil Spill IS the original
myth of the Nile River turning blood-red, proved here -"Mejico" is
the spanish rendering of Mexico, and "Gizeh" is Giza/Gizeh plateau
where the 3 Pyramids (as Orion ~ "Horizon" ~ Deep Water Horizon
oil rig) lay in Egypt:

[ CAIRO = 46 = GULF ]
[ MEJICO = 55 = GIZEH = "DRILL" ]
[ SATAN = 55 = HORN ]

In the map of the Sinai Peninsula, you see the Red Sea makes the
WEST HORN ("see" ~ "sea", Holy See); thus America is the HORN
in question (as the New World), of the 2 Horns, while the other East
Horn represents Europe/Middle East (as the Old World). Such that
both Horns are what the hand-sign for horns means ultimately, the
Red Sacrifice at the Crossing between the Old World of Mars & the
New World of Earth; this is why "SINAI" contains "SIN", to mean
the "Mass Blood-Red Sacrifice at the Crossing" we must believe is
just and holy, due to our "sins" -Manufacturing Consent-. In
the map, when "Moses & Aaaron" travel Eastward, this represents
A RETURN TO MARS -the true Old World-. But there in the map
you also see the many puns to "Sin", as in the Wilderness (the Earth
and humans representing this beast/wilderness), as in Zin, as in the
Path of the Philistines, etc.

This "Horns" fractal was repeated in the famous "Battle of Little
Big Horn" where Gral. George Armstrong Custer lost iconically to
the indians; a "little horn" figures in the prophecies of Daniel, while
"George" pinpoints to the Bush era, as "Armstrong" points to the
Apollo 11 mission (Neil Armstrong, see ahead). "Custer" is the key
fractal here, as the "Land of Cush" related to one of the 4 Rivers of
the mythical Paradise is found -which most adscribe to the Saudi
Arabia huge Peninsula west of the much smaller northern Sinai
Peninsula (this last one as an inverted PINEAL GLAND fractal...!).

This is presently ritualized in the ongoing Oil-Spill, as America's bad
addiction to oil, its consumerism & out of control spending, et al, in
such a way that the imminent new "Exodus to Mars" is presented as
a direct consequence of "our sins" -Manufacturing Consent-. It
is in summary "God"s punishment in the form of a Mass Sacrifice of
humans at the Crossing, re-enacted ritually once again. We see this
contorted evil logic, as "justification" of the Mass Sacrifice, which is
in essence a strong punishment every time "humans fall away from
God", and start to become too independent. But of course at another
level (the real one) we see that what this all means, is that whenever
humans FIGURE OUT THE CON, and realize what is truly happening
in the planet, where we come from, how we are grossly manipulated
and exploited (as nothing more than Kundalini energy prey), that an
instantaneous "punishment" is effected, to bring it all back to Square
One to start from scratch all over again, and "return to God"; all this
of course means that "god" in this manipulative sense, isn't and has
never been the real God, but a false luciferic ET style substitute(s),
enacting merely an agenda of Total Control & Harvesting of humans.

Thus when Oprah and others called Obama "The One", in secret
this subliminally means Back-To-Square-One; which square may
you ask...? The "evil white man" figured out the full con, and since
then the illuminati has been deliberately dedicated to bring down
the white man in a myriad of ways, ritualizing this "punishment".
In the last map, you see how the entire Saudi Arabia peninsula is
THE SQUARE OF MASONRY -i.e. "Square One", "The Origin",
"the Alpha & Omega", the "from/to" of the Exodus, in the sense it
implies MARS-. The supposed "Chosen People" in Israel, placed
at the western shore to the "Mediterranean" (Mid-Terra, or Mid-
Earth), clearly symbolizing coming from Mars & landing on Earth.

Naturally all the while the White-Man was playing along the con,
he was promoted as the ultimate superior being, but now as soon
as the same White-Man is all of a sudden responsible for exposing
what is and has been forever happening of this planet, he instantly
is morphed into the "evil white devil", and all his strongholds are
being dismantled gradually, the elite shifting to China or the Saudi
kingdom, or Israel, or what have you, whatever "but" this White-
Man who committed the "mortal crime" of figuring it all out. We in
all logic, begin to suspect that whatever "original sin" is promoted
as such, may actually have been a similar figuring out & awakening
process... all in all just one big Spin of the facts.

As America (the US) was the ultimate knowledge producer, and is
verifiably where the majority of the Information Age alternative
crucial info has been coming from (for ex during the last 2 decades
there has been a consistent ascent of the rankings of american US
universities, with a concomitant decline in the ranking of european
universites -to illustrate the point even in the formal knowledge
arena-). 80% of the Internet information happens in English, while
most of the alternative info Internet boom is produced in the US, all
this in stark contrast to the general impression of a "decadent US",
and a vivid hatred of the country. The ostensible contrast between
both, may be best-explained as the reason "why" the US has been
increasingly pushed to play the World-Bully, particularly since G.W.
Bush was installed to this end deliberately (his verbal dyslexia, etc,
all STAGED in purpose to debase the US image). When only half
a century or so ago, the US was the Saviour of Europe & the world
against nazism, then funding Europe's reconstruction & recovery,
etc. It becomes extremely obvious when you grasp the "playing
along" REWARD, vs. the "dismantling as punishment" agendas,
how all this is ET/illuminati manipulation of the world game, as to
whether the population has an awareness of them, or not. Evidently
via TV & media with Hollywood as a main player of the agenda, the
US mentality has been attacked to seek & copy the lowest common
denominator, criminals and deviant types promoted, retarded and
subcultural icons established by the "Entertainment" industry, and
corrupt politicos and outrageously greedy corporate types made to
be "kings of the land", all a prelude to the "chastisement", to make
it "justifiable" because of "divine" reasons & prophecies.

All the while the bottom-line agenda's true face is as the links show,
a "USA" to dismantle; it's in reality what I have described, those who
are predominantly white, have decoded the con, expose it, and are
at the forefront of the awakening process in humanity. Everything
else, has been staged to this end, to justify the clamp-down, which
is but the only thing that really matters on planet Earth by & large,
that this far reaching "Awareness & Awakening" must be impeded
and aborted at all costs by the inter-planetary controllers-, even if
it means bringing down countries as big as the USA (they brought
down Atlantis in the far past, they invaded and destroyed Greece,
they created a Hitler to tear down Germany, etc, what's new...?).

If it is impeded in the US as the main center of such, then by domino
effect it does so everywhere else, that is the rationale. As some for
more than a decade now have called it: "Use AmeriKa to bring down
America" (for ex David Icke), & this precisely what also the Great
Depression and the Gulf Oil Spill are all about, as well; and there
are reasons to suspect other major calamities have been planned,
like the Yellow Stone eruption. In order for this to become palatable
as "natural phenomenon" or the like, the public is kept distracted
with a totally phony opposition between "democrats & republicans",
or its main simile all over the globe, a phony "left vs right" con, just
a false "Pepsi or Coke" illusory "option". It never dawns on people
cajoled into these "opposames" media staged contrivances, that
there are much bigger powers at hand, of inter-planetary scale
at the very least.

Therefore everything is a ritual-pun of something else much bigger;
for ex the forced down the throat massive illegal immigration is to
"MANUFACTURE CONSENT" for inter-planetary migrations/

Ultimately it all falls back to Square One in Egypt, there where we
find all the codes & puns; many have pondered what is the symbol
of the famous masonic expression "A 1000 Points of Light", as for
ex told by Bush Jr. in relation to the New World Order (1st referred
by him on TV as such on Sept 11-1991) on his 1989 very inaugural
address...! We must at some moment realize that CAIRO is labeled
"The City of a 1000 Minarets", thus this refers to MARS ! The New
World Order here implies a Mars origin, & to many a Mars destiny
once again, the from/to EXODUS the central agenda of it all. There
must be a place in Mars (or even in NIBIRU) where there are 1000
Towers of Light defining a specific City. Easy to see that "1000" is
"M" (Mars) in roman numerals, while {"Point"=74=Lucifer }, as his
name means "Light Bearer", thus "1000 Points of Light":

[ MINARET = 81 = TOWER ]

The word comes from turkish MINARE and arabic MINARA, from
where Zecharia Sitchin must have perhaps thought of ancient ET
overlords coming to Earth to MINE (Mine is Mina in spanish); but
we also find the name "AMARNA" contained in it ('cept less 1 "A")
as the new capital of Egypt by Pharaoh Akhenaten -quite evidently
a Martian-, as well as "MARI" or "MERI" (Mary), he named his
daughter "Meritaten". The pun here, that these 1000 Points of
Light are a City in Mars, fortified by these WATCHTOWERS, in
order to keep watch over its citizens or prisoners; interestingly
the masonic Rosicrucian agent Charles Taze Russell (of the quite
powerful illuminati Russell family -ex, Russell Trust, those known
as the Skull & Bones society-) who founded the WatchTower Corp
otherwise called the Jehovah's Witnesses, was very interested in
the stars & planets (placing "Jehovah" in the Pleiades, to confuse
the issue most likely), and no doubt had knowledge of all this to
some degree. Thus either "1000 Points of Light" or "WatchTower"
are elemental key symbols of the so-called "Watchers" (the fallen
angels in popular lore) in their TOTAL CONTROL of humans, just
as the term "Holy See" expresses identical dominion of the Earth
as a 3D-dimensional "cage".

The egyptian "biblical" event of the Nile turning "Blood Red" right
before the Exodus of Moses & Aaron, is enacted now in the Gulf.
We find in the Book of Revelation/Apocalypse this event appearing
as a recursive prophecy (read: instruction manual to enact) of the
old egyptian event archetype, on Rev 16; this the reason Joseph
Ratzinger chose the name "Benedict 16" as Pope. The word itself
encodes { REVELATION ~~~ RIVER }, meaning that it's all based
on & encoded with the egyptian "RIVER NILE" fractal template:

(observe central "OS" for Oil Spill, & the "hORiSON" general pun)

We call a person of ancestral Royalty as a being of "BLOODLINE";
but the word "LINE" is an anagram of... "the "NILE" River...! It
becomes quite evident once you realize that the Fractal Template
of everything almost is Egypt, that the "Nile River" is the key to
all things ritually-secret and occultic at the illuminati level. Then
we must be aware that this river is a "HOLOGRAPHIC MAP" of
sorts, symbolizing harmonically a lot of things important to those
of inter-planetary power on Earth:

There are strong fractal resonances between the ongoing Gulf Oil
Spill & the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon; the Oil Spill started on
April 20 (birthday of Adolf Hitler), while Apollo landed on July 20;
big birds covered in oil have been prominently paraded on TV and
the Apollo 11 logo was that of the Eagle over a crater; the famous
Apollo Mission logos featured ORION as their centerpiece (why
Orion if the mission was to the Moon...????):

In them, the Moon Mission is iconized as a PYRAMID, implying what
can be described a "No-Doubt" ref to both Mars & Orion, as to the
land of Egypt and the Pyramids; in other words Nasa was so clearly
saying the Moon Mission was part of more ancient Exodus agenda,
last event evidently found in Egypt. You'd really have to be fully
retarded not to aprehend this in their logos; for any further doubt
let's confirm the name of the man himself who stepped on the Moon,
Neil Armstrong { NEIL is anagram of... NILE...! }.

On the other hand, there is a "2012" theme connection:
[ nasa apollo = 106 ] (106+106=212}
When at the beginning of this article you saw how the UK tries to
"be" Egypt in all ways possible, then it follows the Thames River in
London must be a fractal of the Nile River. Indeed, a "2012" pun:
[ thames river london = 212 ]
The Nile "3 Colors" (White/Blue/Red) fractalize the most crucial
esoteric group in England (responsible for WWII, the creation of
Hitler), called "The Golden Dawn", and more...:
[ white blue red = 66+66 ]
[ the golden dawn = 66+66 = a prince charles ]

Of course Nasa's control center in Houston-Texas, their launching
facilities in Cape Canaveral-Florida, both the biggest states in the
Gulf of Mexico (one of the 3 astronauts of Apollo 11 -Collins- also
born on a day 20). Now here's a key meaningful very little known
fact that ties in the whole bit; the exact geographic Parallel of the
the only reason why this tarmac runs "exactly" aligned East-West,
to mark this correlation of Geo-Parallel (and the "GEO" name does
that, reaffirm the same). In the same meticulously ritual fashion, it
is exactly in Texas & Florida that both of Bush Sr. sons were made
to be Governors. Under one of these as former Houston resident
and based in Austin-Texas Governor later turned president, that
the 911 event took place, yet we observe that:

[ CAIRO EGYPT = 119 ]

In this way, the 2 Towers that fell, represent one of the 1000 Points
of Light / Minarets of the City of Cairo (MARS), in what we can best
understand as the announcement of the Fall of America/USA, only
prior to the future EXODUS to/from MARS
, by way of reminiscing
the ancient land of Egypt, as a fractal of the desertic Mars. The full
reddish landscape of the entire Sahara Desert that covers the North
part of Africa, is "MARS ON EARTH", as an Archetype Template;
this Mars-On-Earth fractal geography, was for this reason chosen
as the "context" of the mythical Exodus of Moses & Aaron, but this
is also why precisely now simultaneous to the Gulf Oil Spill event,
the manufactured & obviously "scripted"ritual figure of one "Sarah
Palin" iconically dressed in Red/with strong Red lipstick, announces
once again the same agenda:

[ "A SARAH" = "SAHARA" ]

At the same time her supposed nemesis Barack Obama, carries the
Nile River code prominently, as "River" in arabic is "BAHR"...!, while
we are told he is from Kenya, where Lake Victoria lies, as the origin
of the waters of the Nile...! And the whole "racial" theme carried by
a Barack being "Black & Arabic", an unmistakanle pun on the nature
of the Nile River, as it consists of a WHITE NILE originating at Lake
Victoria, that down unto its long journey towards the Mediterranean
Sea (i.e. Mid-Terra/Mid-Earth, towards Earth from Mars) intersects
the BLUE NILE at Khartoum, while later of course in the "Bible" this
same Nile River further down at its Delta over the Mediterranean
Sea is turned to a BLOOD RED by Moses (ie. Akhenaten, who is now
played by... Barack Obama ostensibly
). These colors and their "mix"
the true symbology behind all "Red/White/Blue" flags all over the
world (UK, USA, Australia, Chile, etc), expressing the CrossBreeds
of different "Planetary/Cosmic races" on planet Earth, derived en-
masse of ancient Exodus events. Obama thus symbolizes a new race
hybridization occurring at a NEW EXODUS TO/FROM MARS to take
place in the near future, one that is triggered by catastrophes such
as the Gulf Oil Spill, et al.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Fractal NeuroLinguistic Matrix -part 1-

Researchers like Bryan Kemila (above links) present us with the
notion the entire 3D material universe is bogus, a false reality that
utilizes subliminal suggestion in order to "manifest sustainably" as
such. Obviously Plato had hinted at the same, while others think
that mind-control is an "after-the-fact" power ruse to acquire more
power by some, in a pre-existing valid "real" reality. The majority
by and large is completely unaware of any of these things, blindly
accepting it all as 100% "authentic"(including the media & psycho-
sexual puns of political/religious/business/esoteria/entertainment
crude brainwash).

Whatever the case excluding the last absent-minded blindness, it
is undeniable that a serious FRACTAL harmonic congruence is at
play in language, operating a a much deeper psychic strata than
what we call "Normal" Consciousness. I have stated before in this
blog -and I repeat it here-, I strictly delve in English language and
in Occidental traditions, because those are the ones I am proficient
in and fully understand and I am able thus to decode properly. This
does NOT mean at all, that the rest of languages and traditions are
exempt from all this, because they are not, and in fact for ex in the
case of the semitic muslim/hebrew world, the situation is far worse
in this respect (which explains their ostensible Fundamentalism).

Language is not physical or a product of physical life; its "historic"
linear "progress", is NOT the Original True Template of Language
at all; it is merely the plane upon which is is PROJECTED as linear
Construct -albeit in a severely reduced and limited expression, one
that involves strictly 1 way of "reading", within a much larger pool
of inherent readings-. These other ways of reading, are constantly
performed by the Subconscious brain (you're just not conscious of
them, that's all), and play a defining part in the elaboration of the
Myth-Archetypes that give shape to the Collective Unconscious.
Language is NOT tied to the Space/Time continuum, and is free
from its laws, operating as sheer SYNCHRONICITY-IN-ACTION, in
every single thought process where some "meaning" is involved
beyond the mere utilitarian-pragmatic survival mechanisms, the
robotic day-to-day random movements.

Therefore when we consider History or Archealogy as academic
endeavours -or even Archeo Astronomy et al-, we must be aware
of the fact that while all things in linear progressive sequential
manifestation can be traced as such through people and events,
the languages under which they are found, DO NOT respond as
"by-products" of these, at all -only they appear to do so-. In fact,
we may find that languages much further in the future than those
events and people, explain BETTER their true origin and cause of
manifestation, for ex (even using a totally different language). And
the english language is to this respect, quite the revealing key.

This RECURSIVE NATURE of Language, beyond Space/Time and
historic causation, is its very essence as a Hyper-Dimensional way
of operating, is its very existence in itself beyond matter. In this
sense Language is the link between our "lives" here/now, and those
who exist in higher planes, or as Kemila points out, how dominating
(domine/demon) entities perform what Freeman TV (Austin-TX)
labels as Atlantean Black Magic Priesthood sorcery, via Language
& symbols -many websites, the better presented the following-.

Freeman utilizes the name as a pun of Freemasonry, how to become
a free man outside the occult satanic neuro-linguistic manipulation.
The term "ROSE" in occultism, denotes a secret manipulation using
FEMALE NEGATIVE ENERGY; at another level, it is the Circular
Geometry contrasted to its polar "CRUX" or Square Male Energy,
often also rendered as a Vertical Line (obelisk, penis, etc). This is
what the masonic "Compass & Square" means, another symbol of
the same ("Rose & Cross") opposites of Circular & Straight. These
find not only a correlation in material forms, but also in Language
itself; this the ultimate occultic secret, that Language also possesses
a GEOMETRICAL NATURE, only hyper-dimensional...! This is why
the public masonic lodges place an outer sign with letter "G" within
the Compass & Square, the "G" signifying "Geometry/Gematria".

Gematria is the study of Language beyond the 3D linear utilitarian;
it is the study of its so-called magic properties, in the sense that it
can be a tool for Transformation or Enslavement. Therefore these
alchemical attributes of Language are reserved only to the initiates,
who must by membership belong to a secret lodge; all of this has
been going on as such for many thousands of years, whereas now
we are experiencing an opening to the public of these things, for
the 1st. time in who knows how long. Gematria observes the double
aspect of language -as NUMBER & LETTER-, in the sense these
are a fractal of the dichotomy of ENERGY & DATA. The dichotomy
in whatever fractal aspect it may become manifest, is the ultimate
meaning of the "Compass & Square"; to simply think that it refers
to just Female & Male Energy, is a gross error. The "G" as also in
"GOD", implies that to achieve the divine level, one must master
and be aware of these dichotomies, the most advanced of which is
the Energy & Data dichotomy. This for ex finds expression in our
modern "Hardware & Software" information age technology; yet
while this is inorganic, exactly the same Energy & Data template
is evident in all Organic Life, including the human species, the DNA
and the Brain the 2 "data processing terminals" of our software, as
opposed to the counter manifestation of biological energy (Brain
is Localized-Computing, DNA is Non-Localized Computing).

Thus the "G" of "God", means that Energy follows a Geometrical
configuration, while Language follows a Gematria configuration;
and they both interact, creating the manifested universe & beings.
The crucial thing here to apprehend then, that Language just like
Energy, interacts with the organic Psyche through a Geometrical
Template, this the real meaning behind "THE TEMPLE". In such
way that the secret-operators in the Atlantean Priesthood, often
encrypt the subliminal software using a combination of Circular
and Square cipher tables. This can be quite complex (if you know
anything about Magic Squares you realize how), deliberately so,
the idea is that no one will be able to crack their codes. What we
are told about Kabbalah for ex, is merely scratching the surface
of much more complex Square/Circle cipher methods, which have
been for generations through eons of time, EMBEDDED IN THE
the Subconscious Mind level, behind the conscious awareness.
In other words, the Brain & DNA are like an organic computer
whose design & configuration is accessible only to a very few, and
mostly outside the Earthly realm, who can thus at will effect any
"imprint" they wish, via Cipher Codes as subliminal software.

I'm in no way implying that this blog even comes close to decoding
this Template, I only offer glimpses (like postcards if you will) of
the myriad of Synchronicity Fractal software ciphers found in most
of high-profile names & phrases & logos and such. The bottom-line
idea, that everyone personally has to become aware of the linguistic
context that surrounds them, within/without I mean. I use the most
well known names to show the phenomenon of Fractal Synchronic
Harmonic Resonance in Language, this is what lies behind my use
of high-profile politicians and famous people & events, in general.
Reaching this level of awareness, one realizes that "external events"
are practically never "random", neither a result of mechanic actions
or agendas at the 3D habitual manner we understand them in our
"normal" Consciousness, at all. Most of the times, big events follow
a clearly irrefutable SCRIPTED mode, like your computer follows
the software that you are currently using to view this, for ex. Life
is definitely NOT what we "think" it is, or how we perceive it to be,
as we are trapped & lost in the "screen" of your computer, to repeat
the analogy. This is what the term "Matrix" means.

I will now offer a very well known (and at the very least 2000 years
old) example of the combination of Square & Circle cipher tables; we
find such in the "SATOR ROTAS" crossword, found in many places
and periods in history -even in pre christian Pompeii-, that is the
secret Template of the "PATER NOSTER" (title for the "Our Lord's
Prayer" or "Our Father" christian prayer), and offers a view in how
"Sacred Medals" were constructed -christian talismans-. But it will
also show a lot more related to our current day events, as you will
no doubt be surprised to find out. But just before offering it to your
viewing pleasure (or shock), let me first show how Magic Squares
are constructed, also using Circular & Square geometries.

{The video that follows is from a Protestant Separatist class, I'm not
a part of it, I am only posting the video because it illustrates in very
simple to understand manner; everything else in the video -or series
of them-, is applicable not "only" to the cities and places described,
but to EVERY SINGLE BIG place of power on Earth, at any moment
in history, both in western civilizations as well as eastern or middle-
east civilizations all the same (Square/Circle construct at min 6:00).
As a matter of fact, this secret knowledge comes directly from those
eastern & middle-east sources. Anyone implying that only western
powers are 'the' evil ones, are not just bonkers, but devious in doing
such "selective" cherry-picking. All this integral to the full Earth at
large, from the most ancient times to this day, everywhere}:

Now a quick look at the famous "SATOR ROTAS" Square, showing
how its letters rearranged form the "PATER NOSTER", with the 2
letters "AO" meaning the "Alpha & Omega", the name supposedly
Jesus gave himself in the Book of Revelation (in other words, that
"name" was a disguised direct ref to this Square, which was quite
popular in those days, not amongst mainly the christians as so many
naively wish to think but rather amongst the Hebrew magicians).
Look for the center of page animation:

Before proceeding you may just want to take a quick look also at
these pages, for a better grip of the same Magic Square, which you
may learn, is not only Hebrew but also Mithraic in origin, therefore
comes from a "higher" universal extant previous more advanced
civilization (i.e. global Atlantis, as a colony of Mars). Central letter
"N" in aramaic is FISH, this the original symbol for Jesus (not the
Cross, which came 3 centuries later). So the Square meant Mithras,
also Fish, later Jesus, etc:

In the last link you see clearly how the CELTIC CROSS is the true
TEMPLATE KEY to this Magic Square; the CIRCLE of that Cross
ROTATES (..."ROTAS"...), concealing the letters "PR" (repeated).
This secret cipher "Wheel" juxtaposed to the Square/Crux, thus
bring-in or take-out letters at will, and must be considered a Key
or Modus Operandi in Magic Squares and such. This brings both
the "Sator Rotas" Square and the Celtic Cross to an entire new
ballgame, while at the same time make it plainly evident that all
these ancient things are extant fragmentary pieces of something
much larger in scope, from much longer way back in time, in the
form of more advanced Wisdom & Science that was later concealed
and taken out of public circulation. Thus the real 'meaning' of this
"Sator Rotas' Magic Square, acts as a MEMORY of how Ciphers of
Secret Magic operate behind the public eye, utilizing Circle/Square
geometries in the pool of Neuro-Linguistic manipulation. Since it
somehow managed to survive in the open (I repeat, simply as one
scattered piece), it has then been used by many as a template to
all kinds of Magical activities, passing off as Religion, or Politics,
or what have you, as a token of "Secret Power"unbeknownst to
most people.

At another zodiacal archeo-astronomical level, this "Sator Rotas"
Square acts as the living public MEMORY OF SATURN AS "TRUE"

PLACE. The "death" of former Saturn as Sun, and the "birth" of the
new Sol Sun, is what is behind most of the current monotheistic
religions, their backbone and actual origin. This is where the actual
notions of "Resurrection", "Light of the World", and such, began.
As Acharya S./D.M. Murdock has aptly demonstrated, the stellar
phenomena is what is behind the religious Myths ("The Mythicist
Position", also dealt with in the "Zeitgeist" film, religous chapter):

It is a matter of personal opinion -related to the scanty evidence
of all things ancient (suppressed)-, if indeed Saturn was the real
Sun before the current Sol, or if actually there are Parallel Earths
with a Solar System of different configuration (in one Saturn is the
sun, in another Jupiter is, in our current one Sol is) in each, all
these parallel realms related to one another -incarnations, psychic
or soul Collectives, and otherwise-. In either case the imprint of
the solar & planets & stars configuration on the psyche, becomes
the defining "GOD" or divine archon/icon or the religious Myths
derived of such, as they are transformed by Anthropomorphism.

As the cipher word "ROTAS" means to "ROTATE" the Wheel of
the cipher square, it also means that at an astronomical zodiacal
level we must rotate the Wheel of Time/Space. Then in reverse
means SATURN ("SATOR") -another Time/Space sun-. This is
where the polarity "God/Satan" derives from, whether it is this
current Sol Sun the actual "good" God, or the former Saturn the
"evil" God. The implied operations of the Magic Square (to Rotate
using the circular template, and to Reverse using the linear Crux
are a fractal of the StarGate Crossing between realms or as a Time
Travel destination from/to. This is what the mythical "EXODUS"
means; thus whenever the "Sator Rotas" Square is utilized to give
a certain figure the power of its cipher, this secretly implies that
another of the many Exodus mega-events is about to take place,
another way of secretly signaling this agenda throughout history.
Exodus here may be regarded as BOTH an "incoming" as well as
an "outgoing", this historically has been an exchange between the
Earth & Mars, without a doubt.

The "Sator Rotas" Square then, has been and still is sort of like a
bulletin-board of these travels, an announcement of sorts on the
impending to/from Exodus in interstellar and/or between realms
of Space/Time terms, to all those who still have the ability to read
and see, whose consciousness is still up and are not sleeping sheeple.
We must then ask if there are any CURRENT FIGURES ENCRYPTED
Square...? The answer is... Yes...! Quite emblematically so.



The undisputed No.1 and best paid (by a really long shot, that is) TV
figure globally is one... OPRAH Winfrey, whose name sounds exactly
as... "OPERA". She is black for a reason; her "twin" symbol figure is
also black, one Barry SAETORO, otherwise known as Barack Obama.
"SATOR" ~~~ "SAETORO"....!!!! (Saetoro was the 2nd. husband of
Obama's mother, so he carried that name for most of his life).

You'd really have to be living in a cave not to notice the strong and
clear message here implied; as to the central "TENET", it's not hard
at all to realize why George Tenet was named Director of the Central
intel agency, the 2nd. longest serving Director since Dulles, serving
both under Clinton & Bush (1997 to 2004). He is of Greek descent,
and was once the director of the American Hellenic Institute (any
pun to the Latin-Hellenic cipher Square, just a 'coincidence'...).

Then the naive notion on the part of practically all of ethnic peoples
that it is "only" the western white race at the elite that utilize these
codes & the inherent occultic manipulation, flies in the face of facts
easy to see & verify such as this "Sator Rotas" Square and the icons
of Oprah Winfrey (to "Win") and Barry Saetoro (Barack Obama) as
twin icons to subliminally suggest their "divine" (Mithras & Jesus)
apparition at this very juncture of an impending Exodus to & from
Mars once again.

Ostensibly Obama plays the "Moses/Akhenaten" part, as well as the
"Lincoln" role, deliberately so with this occultic & societal imprint in
mind, while Oprah plays the "Black Madonna" that was brought out
into the open by Pope John Paul II (who worshipped intensely in
public in sight of all the Black Madonna of Czestochowa) so precisely
to this end. This means secretly the "Magdalen" Myth (Renees Le
Chateau), as a continuation of the Queen Tiye's egyptian myth (the
mother of Akhenaten, evidently role played by Michelle Robin-Son
Obama, Oprah also evidently role playing the Nefertiti archetype.


Monday, June 7, 2010

"Insulza-Insulta"; goes FECAL (Fe-lipe Cal-deron) as Arizona goes int'l

As head of the OEA (Organizacion Estados Americanos), a United
Nations offshoot as disfunctional & irrelevant as any of the sort, he
goes FECAL a'la FEL-ipe CAL-deron of Mexico, in promoting the
"Mexifornia" disaster as recipe for the USA.

We are talking about Jose Miguel Insulza, a chilean socialist -more
aptly named a "Faux Socialist" (you know, a New World Order shill
passing off as leftist)-, who at an almost geriatric 67 years old has
forgotten that the USA during his exile under Pinochet's rule, took
him in at the United States Institute and the Center for Economic
Research and Studies.

Insulza -in the face of a 70% support of americans to the stance of
Arizona (the single issue on which americans agree to a tee), and
16 states considering similar legislation to enforce the Constitution
laws (i.e. to actually have a national border), and the vast majority
of LEGAL IMMIGRANTS also supporting same stance...!-, calls the
1 Million illegal immigrants a year that slip through the Mexican
border (and the already here illegally 30 million) a -I quote here
for your disgusting pleasure- ..."NATURAL PHENOMENON"...

Well see, Insulza is married to a... mexican; that might also in part
explain a few things, now wouldn't it...? Call it "Conflict of Interest".
This marriage might also explain why a chilean like Insulza for the
1st time ever, holds a high int'l position; Mexico and the New World
Order agenda these days, seem to mean the same exact thing. How?
Defined as "Faux" banana governments, reverse-speech politics, a
verifiable status-quo of "irregular presidential elections" (Calderon
was "not" properly elected), DRUG CARTEL ECONOMY, violence
& extreme crime, human trafficking, governments that don't seem
to do their job at all (Mexico has no real social security programmes,
it outsources those to the USA, this country "must" immigrate-in
its untaken-care-of citizenry, en-masse), over the top corruption,
a mass of illiterate population, out of control human reproduction,
etc etc etc. Meantime mexican Carlos Sims every few years is the
world's richest man; in the face of some of the continent's most
horrid poverty in Mexico.

Insulza also said in his formal OEA declaration, that Arizona is by
all means "DISCRIMINATING" against latinos; gee, when this
state does not want to go broke & dysfunctional as California -the
mecca of porn & overspending (no meca/fecal pun intended, as in
spanish 'meca' is 'caca'/sh*t, CA), & decides to act against a scary
rising tide of drug-related (or not) mexican 'extreme' crime wave
-in Phoenix the kidnapping of americans taken south of the border
for ransom is up the roof, beyond belief-, in the midst of the worst
ever Great Depression (real unemployment is 20%), then to bluntly
accuse this defensive-emergency rational mood as "discrimination"
has to fly in the face of the most elemental common sense.

In modern history, there has not been a country that has been more
tolerant of immigration than the USA, by a long shot, hands down !;
how can then a total sellout as Insulza dare to label Arizonians (and
by extension the 70% of americans who support Arizona) in terms of
being "discriminatory"...? The USA is the 1st white country to ever
elect a black president, has for decades not only allowed in, but in the
most emblematic way fully welcomed with true open arms the latino
population. It is only NOW, that the Great Depression is upon us, &
that the illegal immigration as pushed "beyond the rubicon" by the
New World Order agents -(creating a crime wave & a Balkanization
of the USA, as 5th Column in the elite War Against the Middle Class)-,
that for the 1st time "ever" americans react against this manipulated
chaotic insanity on the part of the Powers-That-Be. Then here comes
Insulza parroting the New World Order reverse-speech lingo like a
geriatric absent-minded moron, in the middle of all this rising tide of
awakening and resistance. You only have to go out to eat (the myriad
of mexican restaurants), pass by a construction site (100% mexican
workers), or simply drive around or just look in a Google Map the
names of many posh neighborhoods with beautiful spanish names
and streets, to realize how open the USA has been to latinos all along
-without the need to vacation in Miami or California as the extreme-.
Does this country need a phony Insulza like politico to criticize its
former open arms immigration attitude towards mexicans...?

You know, Insulza is a chilean Socialist Party leader; & Chile is well
known to be "the" most Xenophobic country in the continent. Ironic
then that Insulza would feel like giving lessons on Xenophobia. For
all intents, chileans also have seemed to have come to the conclusion
that official Socialism there, is "Faux" -just a pretend cause, for all
these power hungry bureaucrats to win elections-; the left-of-center
Concertacion (Coalition) in Chile recently just lost the presidential
election to a right-of-center billionaire (the 1st time in 50 years the
Right in Chile wins an election, explainable due to Pinochet's rule
for 17 years). Current polls prove that 56% of chileans totally not
approve the Concertacion left-of-center "faux" behaviour, having
become and odious Concertacion in their minds; not surprisingly,
during the primaries, the real new force in Chile was one Marco
Enriquez Ominami, doing to the official Left there what here in the
USA Ron Paul is doing to the official Right -ie.e calling it corrupt
and a sellout to the New World Order- (except in Chile this kind
of mental discourse still in its infancy, if at all; they still speak the
Left-Right 19th century worn out paradigm and present Big-Lie
of mainstream media). It has become painfully evident in Chile,
that either for politicos, or for well-to-do people like argentinian
genius soccer coach Bielsa (currently coaching the chilean team
that will play the coming World Soccer Cup), it is oh-so easy to do
the "I love the Concertacion" walk and actually believe it I mean,
while for the rest of chileans conditions are not as shiny or rosy as
purported -thus their support to the Concertacion at an all time
low, call it a full freefall dive-.

All of which of course echoes the exact same conundrum that an
Obama as "Faux" supposed man-of-the-people is experiencing in
the USA, for exactly the same reasons of deep-seated grievances,
also freefalling in the polls, in ostensible prevailing anger -the only
1st World people to actually still believe his dog & pony show by &
large are the europeans, quite naively so (or for vested interests,
as for ex many like Lyndon LaRouche have denounced Obama as
just a shill for the British, rather the City of London secret elite,
which is becoming accutely evident through the British Petroleum
catatrophe in the Gulf)-. Eerily while Bush had its Katrina, Obama
is having his own Oil Spill 'katrina' at exactly the same geographic
spot, so did the ousted chilean Concertacion almost had its very own
'katrina', as their first 12 hours response to the 8.9 Earthquake in
Chile, was pathetic:

Of course what's going on is not that Obama or the chilean main
Concertacion agenda "loses the Left", but in truth they have both
LOST THE INDEPENDENTS, which are the real rising majority
all over the world. People presently will "elect" whomever they
view as "The Least Damage" to an already highly toxic/destructive/
dysfunctional government, truly not for-the-people-by-the-people
anymore than corporations or media are, for that matter. Electing
the "least evil" is definitely a sign of a total breakdown in trust in
politicians; people will put in office anybody from any Left/Right
balloney plaftorm, as long as they are slightly less dangerous than
the former, that is what politics has become. You got "choice": it is
Pepsi or Coke, period... And both Pepsi or Coke once in alternating
power, will all the same push their New World Order agendas pre-
scripted and shoved down the people's throats, constantly in full
taunting of the opinion of the people, as emblematically in the case
of the 70% of americans (& also Legal Latino Immigrants) who by
overwhelming majority support Arizona's lawful & ethical stance.

So Insulza, stop Insulting the real people with your pre-scripted
false "humanitarian" peptalk, and start listening to the people in
your own country for a change.

It would be enlightening for chileans to learn an actual proportion
based COMPARISON between Chile & the USA as to the illegal
immigration issue; imagine for a moment that Chile's northeast
neighbor Bolivia was of a different Race & Language, seeking an
active "Reconquista" of the lost (in war created by Bolivia) now
north-Chile territories, using for that agenda the ruse of "illegal
immigration". Imagine then in this peculiar hairy situation, that
1.6 MILLION of those "La Raza style" bolivians w/attitude were
already illegally in Chile waiting a massive Amnesty, while every
year no less than 3500 slipped through the Arica region border
into Chile. Imagine that these had developed a highly deliberate
and sophisticated "Anchor Babies" strategy of reproduction to
this end, that they were NOT interested in chileans or in Chile
itself as in itself, were not wanting to speak chilean language,
that demanded in each major city to have at least 2 TV channels
of their own language, that they had negotiated to obtain tax-
payers financed free education (and bilingual teachers/programs,
some promoting the bolivian agenda), that they took jobs every
where you look (claiming chileans "do not want" these type of
jobs), that they do not pay taxes and sent half of their earned
money back to bolivia, that a sizable segment of these were
actively involved in either the drug crime syndicate or in gangs
of the worst imaginable nature operating rampantly in big cities
and slowly moving in to smaller towns as well, that they possess
an ingrained culture of guns & violence, that they call chileans by
the deriding nickname "Hueros" even in public at the job, that
they had penetrated the health care/welfare system which they
use to their taking care of like a subset mafia, that they bring in
a notorious deadly penchant for reckless driving, and that they
in fact debase the entire wages/labor structure by becoming a
de-facto disguised slavery of sorts, ruining the Middle Class
(often referred as "Insourcing coupled with Outsourcing", take
the jobs to the 3rd World, while bringing in the 3rd World into
the country via massive illegal immigration human Dumping).
Etc, etc, etc. You get the picture...

How would chileans react to this Mr "Insulta"...? Let me tell you
exactly how they would react if this scenario happened over in
Chile as it is in Proportion Based Comparison happening today in
the USA; without a doubt chileans would have been shooting at
illegals if this was the case, and this is no exaggeration ! Yet I have
not heard of any americans shooting at illegal mexicans; whereas
the true nature of what is happening is concealed by government
& media -and big New World Order agenda politicos anchored in
organizations like the OEA, like Insulza-, the independent people
have it very clear, crystal loud & clear. They KNOW the GAME,
they know they are being ATTACKED, and they want it stopped;
meawhile all these sellout 'has-been' politicos like Insulza, will
keep parroting the reverse-speech lies into oblivion, unto their
own guaranteed slow fadeaway demise ending, apparently sooner
than later -that the big surprise here-.

On top of all this, it is no mystery that radical islamic jihadists come
into the USA using precisely the "open & free" Mexican border, as
they have learned to easily pass off as "mexicans". Meanwhile we
the people have to be degraded in Airport "security" and such full
nonsense paraphernalia of procedures; it is the same with Legal
immigrants, who must go through a stringent procedure of many
years, pay their fees, are submitted to interviews, thorough intel
agency performed background checks, must pass a medical exam
including X-rays and vaccine, etc. Meanwhile all these "who knows
who they are" masses of mexicans just walk in through the border
like it's their own home, in the biggest travesty in modern history.
Just because the Powers-That-be have a long-term covert treaty
bring-the-drugs-in part, as the USA gives jobs and social security
programmes to the abandoned by their corrupt government poor
citizens of Mexico. What a crying shame...!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Notes on the "Way Out" conundrum

In this blog as well as in person, here & there I get asked by some
individuals "how to get out" of the Matrix. As if you could just get
out... without first knowing why you are here in the first place.

I never performed live music simply to gain something or to feed
the Ego; both seemed to me very empty ways of killing the power
of magic. I always played to attain/achieve the "wave", to tune in
or into the infinite Consciousness of Love; likewise I don't charge
for this blog.

See, there are no fixed answers fit to all, because the real deal is
there are no fixed questions to all. Everybody has his own road
less traveled to tread, according to the reasons why we're here, in
specific to each. Pondering abstractly on the "Meaning of Life" has
to be a delusional exercise, when devoid of PERSONAL blueprints;
this is why I always loved music, it is "so" overwhelmingly personal,
yet precisely because of that, at the same time so universal.

The real road -the real questions & answers- are within YOU. But
the "I" is not who & how we "think" we "are", that is the trick; it is
getting to understand the "I", how we find the hidden clues as to
why we are here, in a personal sense. This is the era of the end of
gurus, and I never sought to be one; this is why music became so
important and popular, live music specially, the sharing of the wave.

Thinking there is a set of keys to get out, is like thinking there is a
Saviour that will do the getting out for me, when it is YOU who has
to do the job. In the next video, these 3 (including the cameraman)
went about Helping Others instead of just getting out; Maxwell
cites a Tibet lama, "Bad news is we don't have the key to heaven,
good news is there was never any lock to begin with". Underlining
this is the notion that Service-To-Self is a delusion based on shallow
perceptions of the "Self" (as separate), while Service-To-Others is
a more mature and apt posture, better attuned to the real.

As the song went "Love is the opening door, love is the key we must
turn, freedom the lesson we must learn, do you know what I mean".
Freedom here means, freedom from the false delusion of who we
"think" we "are", the "Self" box. This is the real 1st step in the oh-so
unfathomable getting out of the matrix trip; the matrix starts with
the "I" box, and you are the most immediate prison warder of your
own self. That is why I always sang; to release my true self from this
false "I", the first and most intimate prison of all. Dan Winter was
right in pointing out that there are INFINITY WAVE embeddings
that flash-construct a nest that "opens up" the material box of a
shell cage, and that these are found in the frequencies of Love, but
where/how this love resides/works, is another matter altogether.
Infinity Waves only resonate to the Love vibe, and love will only
resonate to the TRUTH vibe, and you cannot "open up" the cage
unless you cease & desist from trying so much to be yourself as you
"think" you "are". And part of this wrong thinking is assuming
that all you've heard about the chakras and the maps of the soul
is actually as it is, as told to "you".

How is that, you may ask...? Well, the point being, that when we
just assume we already "know" who we "are", then the matrix
will magnetize/attract those experiences and the "knowledge"
implicit to that "I" at work; in other words, you will indeed get
the perfect Ear-Candy that will massage that delusion, albeit in
the most elaborate manners. You will get highly systematized
and intricate methods, loaded with philosophical support frames,
laden with history and so forth. This is why I never trusted either
philosophy or religion. It's not that they are necessarily "devious"
(which sometimes they might be) things, but they are very dull,
behind all that paraphernalia, there is one dull delusion, because
they are manufactured around the false identity of the "I".

You have to from the getgo stop trusting "history" so much; this
involves your own personal history as well... It all goes straight
into the "I" box prison delusion; history exists yes, but it's built
just as the Matrix is built, riddled with "staged-reality". It's wiser
then to begin by considering now the possibility that you yourself
as you have come to "think" you "exist" with an identity, are but
nothing more than... an ACTOR... -playing a staged drama for...

In the previous May 31 post "KUBRICK Tutorial 1", some crucial
notions to this theater-construct are presented; Bill Hartford (Tom
Cruise) is in a dream-reality going through the motions of his own
unresolved insecurities, attuning to the manifestations of all this
internal chaotic hubris. It's not that the events do not occur as they
do in normal life -cause they do, and the film is about actual normal
life events-, yet Bill Hartord is a 'Stepford' only slightly better than
the programmed Monarch slave types that are shown, in the sense
he is yet unable to see that who he "thinks" he is (the doctor, the
husband/father, the good social class new yorker), is precisely the
reason things are taking a shocking twist as they do, because he is
"manifesting" the delusional staged-dream, getting caught in the
maze of his very own self as a trap/cage. Totally unable to perceive
anything beyond his utter blindness to the Matrix and the nature of
the social circles he so much admires and seeks to be a apart of (the
satanic illuminati disguised as the well-to-do with all the glitter and
Ego rewards -and the big bait sex, of course-), the Hartford/Stepford
character has assumed an apparently successful & fulfilling "identity"
that in reality is 100% trapped in the illuminati maze, as he is indeed

He has no idea whatsoever of truly who he is beyond this apparently
"fabulous" & convincing prefabricated script, and as soon as a major
"GLITCH" surfaces (the fact that his drop-dead gorgeous loving wife
is self confessedly a loopy wreck of a compulsive Monarch type on the
verge of going haywire at any minute, and that he is not as sexually
desired as he thought), he instantly begins to "manifest" all of the
dream-staged projections of his inner insecurities. Life suddenly
becomes "unstable" inside, thus outwardly he also experiences the
"MIRROR" reflection of this shattering, and the underbelly hidden
construct of it all is exposed as it really is, so the new frequencies
lead him by Serendipity & Negative Synchronicity to the mouth
of the beast, the dark Nobility satanic illuminati circles comprising
the structure of his "reality". Now he sees what he was completely
unable to perceive before, dramatically so. Rude awakening...! The
terrible fact that his wife is a "generic" Always-The-Same-Woman
type, is a reflection of his own persona, partly up to this point alike.
They had not been having any intimacy in a true real sense because
these were NOT their real selves, but mere Actors playing prefab
life-roles in a staged script (mind programmed or mind conditioned).

It takes an extreme view of the delusion, to see one's own delusion
of a self. By analogy, one even when venturing into the "wisdom"
path, can be just as well following a prefabricated staged theater,
acting out an "I" identity, not truly anchored to the real and true
multi-dimensional Higher-Selves. This is why we must realize
who we are really, and why we are here, beyond the appearances;
FEAR works strange traps and ambushes. Cheesy versions of the
higher love abound; I love you/you love me, then why is everything
so messed up...? Because like the android in the film "AI", we might
have been merely following a pre-programmed software "imprint"
of the people we must love, devoid of true freedom. The 1st imprint
of course, to love that delusional false "I"...! This is how Ego works
and takes a stronghold, this how we become an Actor manifesting
staged dramas unto ourselves, looping forever into the same.

Throughout my life I have on occasions been blessed with moments
where I become aware that this 'here/now' identity is not the real
multi-dimensional self; every time is totally different, the simplest
one to share would be when I met Townes Van Zandt, as he looked
and talked to me (then a 21 year old kid) not as "that" kid, but as
who I am NOW, the real self -unmistakably so-. I was bewildered
to realize he was seeing a different much stronger persona in me,
and the 'pressure' to 'rise up' to that higher-self was unavoidable;
all this was not happening in a 3D sense per se, but at an "instant
karma" level, fully psychic & internal for the most part, very fast
and certain. Yes there was physical actual communication, but in
parallel and much faster and "compressed" there were loads of
beyond 3D conversation so to speak; Townes was of course loaded
in other sense -stoned to oblivion, but with incredible clarity- and
he was highly amused that I would be communicating vividly with
him in these parallel simultaneous platforms, at my age and being
totally sober (obviously he took this as a sure sign of an Old-Soul,
so he would address me in those terms, high hyperbole amongst
2 wise friends
). Much later in life I would learn that a few select
people also had similar extra-dimensional experience with Townes
(like his last wife Jeanene for ex, the moment she met him she
would actually hear spiritual voices). In this short video we see
Townes -Guy Clark behind him as always as the pupil- as a sage
giving his comic impression on how at some point he was stupid
enough to choose to come here (to help others, and/or mingle
with kin souls) -pure Zen-, on other occasions he would say he
wrote songs in order to save people (from themselves):

No, there was nothing 3D-Linear-Sequential about Townes, it was
a full dip into the Synchronicity and instant-communication realm,
the physical bodies a mere vehicle, no different than a car. Part of
discovering who we really are and why we are here, is thus a clear
PERCEPTION & AWARENESS of the Multi-Dimensional realms,
beyond this Matrix 3D construct. "Only" when we actually begin
to LIVE the Synchronicity itself, we find ourselves and step out of
the projection dream-state. Take for ex the very link I just offered;
it contains the expression"KORG", and I have always been known
to play the Digital Delay -precisely through a rack style KORG unit
model SDD2000 from the 80's-. As in the Kubrick films, very real
exact CLUES of the multi-dimensional, are "e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e"
for us to see, that in the android/dream state we fail to perceive.
These small clues are there for a reason; they lead us to our REAL
persona, to our REAL purpose in this Matrix, to our REAL deal;
they constantly remind us to why we are here, and what to do.
The difference being, that the mind programming Matrix staged
reality, also fills the setting with a myriad FALSE CLUES, acting
for all purposes like the real clues, seeking to substitute them, by
mapping out for you a false path at every turn. This is the crucial
difference between "Positive" and "Negative" Synchronicity.

Kubrick makes a concerted effort to show that women in particular
have a propensity to always fall for Negative Synchronicity lies,
taking in and following that deceitful "Yellow Brick Road" that leads
to a reinforcing of the False Identity -explaining why the Monarch
slave syndrome is so often found in females-. They seem to have a
serious Blind-Spot for these false maps, Kubrick seems to say to
us. Thus predator type males abuse them, & later they complain
that men are beasts, yet... this merely reflects those men ... they...
chose... to be around, nothing more (a manifestation of their own
inconsistencies and weaknesses). Then by analogy, Kubrick leads
us to meditate how men in general and anybody seeking to better
be prepared to handle the abuse of the satanic illuminati, are in
this respect no different whenever no true Introspection about
our "identities" follow. The same all the way up to the spiritual
best of people, still valid and applicable altogether; which is what
I am trying to pin here, as to the desire to "get out" of the Matrix.
It will never work, unless we deconstruct "ourselves".

In the film "Paris-Texas" the whole plot revolves around an eerie
notion that who we "are" is MANY PEOPLE, "manifested" as those
who powerfully we love. In other words, there is a staged plane as
our reality here, whereby we appear as separate personas, and we
have to learn how to love each other through conditions that act
as a severe problem to that end. Thus we find who we really are
in a higher-dimensional self, in the experience of love, and all its
alienating impossibilities and dysfunctions. The film goes to great
length to expose this mystery, and towards the end in the famous
porn-booth scene, Travis poetically confronts Jane, and their faces
deliberately are SUPERIMPOSED IN THE MIRROR, to let us become
aware of the conundrum; "Travis" & "Jane" are ONE, manifesting
as separate "I"s. Then Travis can't handle this anymore, and he
must move the chair, turn around, & face the back of the booth as
he begins his climax speech: "I KNEW THESE PEOPLE...". He is
then beginning to tie the Gordian Knot of their "existence" again,
this time with a heck of a lot more spiritual awareness.

Just like Kubrick in "2001 A Space Odyssey" & "Eyes Wide Shut",
Wim Wenders deconstructs our "life" in 3D Space-Time here/now,
as the deeply painful admission that we do not know who we truly
are at all. Kubrick plays with the real life marriage of actors Tom
Cruise & Nicole Kidman -(mirrored in the film plot)-, as Wenders
plays with the mistake of thinking the film would be about Paris in
France in relation to Texas, when we discover it's about an empty
lot in the small town of Paris-Texas. Moral of the story...? How in
the world is anyone thinking about "resolving" karmic issues or life
heavy trauma dramas -or worse, actually exiting the Matrix itself-,
without first acknowledging that they do not know who they are &
what life really is...? The deeper core of our being resonates to a
set of Love-Vibes, where the experience of love of "people" in our
lives is a fractal of a much more real Love of Truth & Love itself.
We cannot "just" think that "love" is "only" these "people" that
we think we are. This the ultimate delusion; if we only "love" our
self, without going down the rabbit-hole of existence and decoding
what this is all about and how it is NOT at all what it "seems to be",
then there is no Love at all, because you can't handle Truth and
Love of Love in itself -which is Infinite Consciousness-. You cannot
have "Limited Love", overriding Infinite Love; you may spend 7
thousand lifes saying "I love you, I love you, I love you.." and not a
single time actually knowing True-Love at all, refusing to go into
Infinite Consciousness and Truth.

Only when Infinite Consciousness MERGES with the Love-Vibe, is
when we get to reveal who we are behind the 3D MASK of this "I"
we role play down here/now. When that merging takes place, all of
a sudden "love" becomes a much much bigger and expansive act,
it incorporates a Quest for Truth, a desire to Transcend, the vision
beyond the veil of 3D Matrix staged reality enters perception, et al.

Instantly, Positive Synchronicity takes the lead, and the HEROIC in
us manifests, along with the POETIC. It's at this level that we begin

to exit the Matrix, even though still here for a while ("we're on our
home, we're coming home"). No Yoga exercizes neither Kundalini
shielding can accomplish these things, these are not "techniques"
but EPIPHANIES of a very unique & personal nature to each's own
road less traveled path, according to one's own cosmic destiny and
missions, each different, all intertwined but distinct, no general
fomulas applicable. To zap-out the Matrix involves this in terms

of vivid reckoning, the beauty of magic wisdom, the detachment
from one's "bad deal" 3D-life as Townes ironizes; no meditative
techniques without these experiential epiphanies can perform the
task. There are no courses for this, you are your own guru.

Yes, the "opening up" of the Love frequencies nesting in an fractal
of Infinite Embedding must manifest, but this must be paired with
a clear Epiphany of the Intent of your being here/now, to work.
It is "Spiritual-Multitasking", by the hand of talismanic actions on
your part -instead of the linear strictly pragmatic utilitary actions-,
propelled by the new acquired capabilities of psychic knowing and
psionic manifesting.