Sunday, August 31, 2008

Or Twin Cities Armageddon?

Besides San Francisco as a numerological fractal of 911, the case for
the Minneapolis-St Paul Twin Cities is also strong, and more literal
indeed. Close and directly south of it, stands (a=1, b=2, ... , z=26):

[ MASON CITY = 119 ]
{ Mason = 62 = Torah = Queen }
{ City = 57 = Sion = England }

If we go to the "Temple of Solomon" esotericism, we find that the
Twin Towers are actually the 2 Pillars: JOACHIM & BOAZ, which
are the foundation of occultic Masonry. They manifest Polarity;

"JOACHIM" (Joachim=59=dragon)
represents: right & north, male, Sun (Jupiter), fire, father/maker,
severity, beauty.
represents: left & south, female, Moon (Saturn), water, mother/
redeemer, mercy, strength.

"JOACHIM" is projected in religion as Christianism (Sun religion in
esoteric astrological terms), and "BOAZ" as Judaism (Moon religion
in esoteric astrological terms). That's why the Jewish Calendar is a
Lunar based calendar, ritual emphasis on the Sabbath/Saturday
-as Saturn is planetary mirror of the Moon-, while Jupiter is of the
Sun (Saturday named for Saturn). Christianity therefore switched
to ritual emphasis on the day of the Sun -Sunday-.

[ CHRISTIANISM + JUDAISM = 100 + 119 ]

There is a 3rd Pillar at the center of both, called the Middle Path,
and the 3 monotheistic religions that were after-Egypt created as
manifestations of this same esoteric Template, each fight & claim
to be the Middle Pillar, as balancing force between the 2 poles, i.e.
the "true religion":

{ number "Pi"-3.14...-, stands for "Pillar", and the "Temple" is the
Squaring of the Circle -Ying/Yang, Compass/Square-, Pi the key }

[ TWIN PILLARS = 153 ]
( 1 cubed plus 5 cubed plus 3 cubed, sums 153, a famous number,
encoded in the "miracle fishing" story in the Gospels)

What is best-termed "ARMAGEDDON PROGRAMMING", is but
a highly polarized form of BrainWashing, where the Brain Template
is turned into a Fundamentalist "Belief" trojan horse, by slanting 2
of the 3 Pillars, into allying always against the 3rd. Ever since the
Crusades of the Medieval Ages, it has been customary for Judaism
and Christianism to ally against Islamism, but this is a most tricky
territory, because under the public facades & at the level of secret
lodges, these alliances often switch for momentary schemes, while
ultimately at the top, they form a TRIAD (Trinity). This triad is the
way in which 4D negative beings manipulate humanity for a war of
massive destruction (Armageddon), presently building up. There
is an alternative spelling "Har-Magedon", lately of wide use:

[ HAR = 27 = CODE = R.E.D. ] { worl-D trad-E cente-R }
[ Magedon = 59 = Joachim = Dragon ]

You will notice the use of the element FIRE in 911, represented by
the Joachim Pillar as well as the Dragon; a substitute symbol for
the Dragon is the Egyptian Phoenix bird (birds are reptilians that
have further evolved). In Masonry the method of ritually enacting
"Order Out of Chaos" (Ordo Ab Chao) is archetyped as the Phoenix,
the bird that resurrects after a fire death. Har-Magedon is derived
of "Megiddo": { MEGIDDO = 57 = Sion = England }.

Many conspiracy buffs have rendered the 911 event as a "Phoenix
Ritual"; this is reaffirmed numerologically when we consider that
in more detail the JOACHIM Pillar represents not only FIRE, but
also the Lower AIR elemental: [ FIRE + AIR = 66 = TWIN ]

As Minneapolis-St.Paul are called the "Twin Cities", the Republican
National Convention takes place there starting 9-1-2008. Besides
the obvious "91" date , the actual "911" date is only 7 days after it.
[ MINNESOTA = 110 ]

Minneapolis in the state of Minnesota while St.Paul-Bloomington in
the state of Wisconsin. The tallest tower is the "IDS CENTER" (also
called "IDS Tower"), north and across the street from the "WELLS
FARGO CENTER" south tower: [ "IDS Center Tower M." = 191 ]

[ MN = 27 = CODE = R.E.D. ]
[ MN WI = 59 = Magedon = Joachim = Dragon ]

If we look at the full 1st. & last initials of "MinneapoliS-ST.PauL":
[ MSP / STL = 99 = "J & B Pillars" ]

In the simplest form, considering "StpauL" as 1 word, they are:
[ MS / SL = 64 = Zion = Israel = "Hotep" ]

Akhenaten -renamed as Pharaoh "AMEN-HOTEP IV"-, was who
created Monotheism, and the Phoenician Script was translated into
at least the 2 main languages of Greek & Jewish, out of which the 2
"Pillars of Joachim & Boaz" (meaning later Christianity & Judaism)
came to be based on these new languages. Phoenician Script was a
Linguistic Template tool to enact the esoteric KABBALAH that is
the true backbone of both religions, using apparently "historical"
narratives, to actually conceal a vast set of ENCRYPTIONS of the

esoteric kind, under the cover of the apparently "literal stories" of
the Bible. We find "Akhenaten/Amen-Hotep" encoded in some of
the names of crucial Biblical king figures:


{ 143 = Patmos Island } ("P.I." is the code of Revelation)

Also the name "Akhen-Aten Amen-Hotep IV" encodes "DAVID":

[ ATEN = 40 = DAVID ]

[ DAVID = U.S. ]
[ "DAVYD" STATE = 143 = "GROUND ZERO" ] where:

[ "ZERO" = 64 = Hotep = Zion = Israel ]

{ "Ground Zero" = 143 = Patmos Island ]
{ "Patmos Island" = "Dos Lan Isp Atm" ] (computer code)
{ Patmos Island = 143 = "Torah Tower" ]

[ SEPT 11 = 71 = Temple = Moses = Opus = Orion ]

Which potentially takes us to the Twin Cities Wells Fargo Center:
[ WELLS = 71 = Temple = Target ]

Actually corporate TARGET Stores was located in the IDS Center
across the street, later moving a little further NW downtown. By
taking the full 1st. & last initials for "WellS FargO CenteR" and for
"MinneapoliS ST PauL", we see that:

[ "Wells Fargo Center" = 183 = "WFC / SOR" + "MSP / STL" ]

You will also notice how the full initials and the name "WELLS"
hint at "ORWELL 84". Indeed: [ "WFC / SOR"=84 ], while:
[ Orwell = 1+84 ]. Full name "George Orwell", same as the
current incumbent:
[ GEORGE = 57 = Sion = England ]

Meanwhile across the street to the north tower, the full name of
the IDS Tower was "InvestorS Diversified Services" (IDS / SDS):
[ IDS / SDS = 74 = Jesus = Lucifer ] (Joachim & Boaz)
[ Diversified = 110 ]

[ Minnesota Wisconsin = 1+234 ] Rev 13:18 / (13x18=234)

Therefore the potential for a 911 type of event in this location and
perhaps on the same date, is something of note.

We must add that there is a lot more to the "AkheN-AteN AmeN-
Hotep IV" code. I call it the Triple A/Triple N, because each Triad
is a point in the each of the two Triangles that form the so-called
"STAR OF DAVID". This is the "ATEN" or "God" of Akhenaten,
and in English it extends as a code to the TEN CommandmENTs.

[ STAR OF DAVID = 119 ]

The upwards Triangle within the "Star of David" stands
for the "JOACHIM" Pillar, while the other upside down
Triangle stands for the "BOAZ" Pillar. Each Triangle can
therefore be in a reduced symbolic form be also seen as a
PILLAR or TOWER: 2 Triangles is 2 Towers (these in
turn represent the Double-Helix human Dna as well).
In other words, the "2 Pillars" of "Joachim & Boaz" is but
another simpler or reduced form of the "Star of David".

[ AMEN = 43 = "Mark" ] [ "Mark Seal" = 80 = "Akhenaten 1" ]

The "Triple A" initials, are a pictograph for the Star of David; if you
draw it, you will see each Triangle corner forms an "A" pictograph.
This same pictograph is emphasized as hidden "A in the dollar seal,
with the truncated pyramid and the upper Triangle. A reference
to Akhen Aten Amen Hotep IV; as far I know, I've never heard of
Pyramids in this country, now have you...?


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More on 8/8/8 War

(a=1, b=2, ... , z=26):

80 = PUTIN
88 = "A RUSSIA"

This irrrefutably proves that the date 8/8/8 for the Georgia attack
over South Ossetia, was carefully pre-planned using Numerology.
The objective is thus read as igniting WWIII by provoking Putin.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Magic Square" Trinity & 8/8/8

When we say "Trinity", we must think in numbers, as a Progression
from 1-digit to 3-digits repeated: [ 1 ] [ 1 1 ] [ 1 1 1 ].

The word "tRINIty" contains the cipher "INRI", supposedly placed
on top of Jesus' Cross by Pontius Pilate. In my opinion, the Roman
figure here simply serves as a linguistic code; akin to the way "Peter
& Paul" express the Pituitary & Pineal glands inside the brain. We
easily see that:

{ Pontius = Pitu + Son } while { Pilate = Pieal + t } thus;

"Peter"/"Pontius" is for PITUITARY
"Paul"/ "Pilate" is for PINEAL

As pointed out in a previous post, only other highly relevant word
that also emblematically contains "INRI", is "NIBIRUM". When we
consider the possibility that the Anunnaki might have used Nibiru
as cyclical substation to inseminate/hybridize earth, returning after
a while periodically to check evolution of the "NEPHILIM" offspring,
we can use this 1st numerological clue to consider Trinity as cipher
(a=1, b=2, ... , z=26):

[ "NEPHILIM GOD" = 1+111 ]

The famous and globally revered "MAGIC SQUARE OF SATURN"
or "LO SHU" amongst the chinese, represents TRINITY within the
alchemy of numbers. This 3x3 magic number grid is thus a key:

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

Adding the 3-digit numbers in any direction yields "1665":
(492+357+816) = 1665 = (294+753+618)
(438+951+276) = 1665 = (834+159+672)
And the 3-digit diagonals in both directions add up to "2220":
(456+258)+(654+852) = 2220


All Masonic Lodges have chequer-board Black & White tile pattern
to secretly symbolize the many MAGIC SQUARES, of which the Lo
Shu or Saturn "MS" is the smallest 3x3. In previous posts I showed
how "MS" also means "Moon & Sun", also encoded as "MicroSoft".
This 3x3 MS of Saturn is ritually also a Black & White color pattern.

[ 111 x 15 = "1665" ] [ 111 x 16 = "1776" ]

[ "1776" + 222 = "1998" = 666+666+666 ]

The YEARS "1776 to 1998" were therefore very important to the
esoteric cabal, in that they signify a "Beginning & End" years-span,
intrinsically related to the "111" TRINITY square grid-pattern.
The Beginning as "George W.(ashington)", the End as "George W.
(Bush). Which suggests perhaps the plan-maestro is rather late
in schedule, as "1998" was the ideal occultic pre-set date. We can
tie this to the "Rev 13:18 cipher", in this simplest of ways:

[ 111 x 13 = 1443 ] [ 111 x 18 = 1998 = 666+666+666 ]

As the Book of Revelation was supposedly written in Patmos Island:
[ Patmos Island = 143 ] [ 43 = Mark ]

It is thus irrefutable that the TRINITY concept as Numeric Cipher
centered in the MAGIC SQUARE OF SATURN, is the core of both
the prophecy of Rev 13:18 cipher, as well as the "INRI" cipher, all
in all constituting one big puzzle united in a very simple manner.


Besides obviously being a Fractal [ 8 ] [ 8 8 ] [ 8 8 8 ] of Trinity in
the same cipher, by Phonetic/Vocal alphanumerics we confirm:

[ (Eight) + (Eight Eight) + (Eight Eight Eight) = 294 ]

Most emblematically "294" or in reverse equally "492" is the mark
of the Magic Square of Saturn, how it is best known, as it encoded
the year esoterically & carefully chosen to be the official Discovery
of America, "1492". Then by anagram we arrive at "1942" the year
chosen to be the centerpiece esoteric key to pinpoint World War II,
as America entered the war scene. [1942 - 1492 = 450 ] years,
which is the period of "Time, Times, and Half a Time" as
symbolized in the Book of Revelation: {100+300+50 = 450}.

The esoteric cabal has been without a doubt carefully following the
cipher-coded instructions in the Book of Rev, to mark each time
the most important events (staging).


You must observe how the "Even Numbers" form an "X" inside
the MS of Saturn, while the "Uneven Numbers" form an "+". Its
diagonals "456" & "258" form THE CROSS inside all calculators'
keyboards (like in your computer number keyboard). Whether
it is the "St Andrews" Cross or the regular Cross, all the same
the symbolism of a Magic Square for Cipher purposes, is inherent
to the "INRI" as symbol of both Trinity/Nibirum in the gospels
narrative of the Cross as crucifixion. If we look at the MS again:

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

The "Head" of the Cross in Red, is vertically where "9" & "5" lie.
So that Pontius Pilate supposedly placed the "INRI" sign on top of
the Cross above Jesus' head, matching in the Magic Square where
the Number "9" is. But if we SUBSTITUTE FOR THE ENGLISH
LETTERS (a=1, b=2, ... , z=26) those 2 numbers "9" & "5", we
have "IN" or "RI" written in the Magic Square... precisely in the
"Head position symbolically described...! In 'reduced value' of classic
basic Numerology:

{ 9 = I = R } and { 5 = N } (R=18; 1+8=9) (N=14; 1+4=5)


The "reduced value" numbers for the English Letters are:
[ 1 = A J S ] [ 2 = B K T ] [ 3 = C L U ] [ 4 = D M V ] [ 5 = E N W ]
[ 6 = F O X ] [ 7 = G P Y ] [ 8 = H Q Z ] [ 9 = I R ]

Thus the Letter transliterated MS of Saturn can read:

H 1 6

That is clearly & unmistakably "GWB" in "DC" (even the "H" adds
on diagonally to confirm the father: "GHWB"). I've left deliberately
the right-bottom numbers "1"&"6" without transliteration-to-letter,
because if you take both numbers together as one whole number, it
can be read as {"16"=P}, indicating the "P" title for President.

Moreover, the right-bottom corner number "6" is transliterated as
any of the 3 letters of "F-O-X", therefore that space can be filled
with the entire "FOX" term, because it happens to be the emblem
of the TV Propaganda channel dedicated to the current incumbent,
in such a peculiarly identifiable way; never before had an incumbent
a full TV Network almost solely dedicated to glorifying him.

What this implies, is that since the Phoenicians construed the main
2 linguistic branches of Hebrew & Greek, the fundamental Name /
Formula of "GOD" has been "ALHIM", and this has been gradually
embedded through generations & incarnations into the Soul Matrix
of a sizable segment of the present population, who have this Magic
Square Template (i.e. The Temple) as the Subconscious Grid under
the surface of their thoughts & beliefs, these early Kabbalistic cipher
constructions as the virtual "platform" of their mindset. By tapping
into it, the secret esoteric cabal is able to effect detailed methodical
linguistic "MATCHES" into the Magic Squares, that for all practical
purposes act as Subliminals, albeit incredibly powerful ones. The
Brain knows the word ALHIM, the brain knows much more than the
present incarnation and "Conscious I" lets through, all these ciphers
are the real Matrix processed underneath the thin outward "Self".

These are not "God's Destiny" matches, these are long-term gradual
deliberate Constructions by the secret Cipher-Builders (the real
meaning of "MS" -MaSons-). Languages were built, names were
carefully chosen, this the Temple/Template symbolized in ritual.


During Queen Elizabeth I in Britain, occultist and main advisor to
the Queen -John Dee-, began centuries ago to deliberately effect
these Magic Squares subliminals, he called them "WatchTowers"
due to him declaring all this science came directly from the "Fallen
Angels" (i.e. so-called "Watchers"), through spirit communications.

This form of deliberate "matching" PASSWORDS are a "Labyrinth"
type of ENTRY INTO THE HUMAN MIND, like a BackDoor to the
Brain Computer, if you will. The Brain is supposedly 'Templated'
after the Magic Square patterns, and they who possess the keys,
can tamper with the Linguistic Codes & Passwords, control humans
via the mind. Charles Taze Russell aprox in 1870 in Pennsylvania,
founded the organization now called "Watch Tower Bible & Tract
Society Inc.", which ventured into these new forms of 'Bible Mind
Control' (the 4 main words fit into a 5x5 Magic Square-WatchTower,
"Watch" / "Tower"/ "Bible" / "Tract" have all 5 letters each, and
the first 2 "Watch" & "Tower" have embedded trigger commands
like "Act" / "Owe"). This org. has also used Image Subliminals in
their magazines, that is quite well known. Ch. T. Russell belonged
to the famous Russell Bloodline (Skull & Bones legal arm is called
the Russell Trust), was a pedophile, was ritually murdered on the
night of Halloween, and was buried in RoseMount Cemetery across
the oldest and most powerful masonic lodge inside a pyramid tomb;
he was a RoseCross (Rosicrucian) agent in charge of this chapter of
Bible mind-passwords research, who stole a lot of esoteric material
Madame Blavatsky of the Theosophical Societywhen she came
to New York to give many lectures/seminars during that exact time.

THE "IBM / HAL" CIPHER MEANS "294" (MS of Saturn)

Similarly we can transliterate "294" as "BIM" on top of the Magic
Square. The famous "2001 Space Odyssey" film included a famous
"HAL" name for the computer-gone-psycho-sentient, everybody
knows moving (1+) space up the alphabet it yields "IBM".

However there is more to the cipher, as the Monolith in the film is a
symbol for the ELOHIM et's, who came to speed up the evolution of
the apes; but the original exact name is not Elohim but "ALHIM",
so "HAL" in turn denotes "ALHIM" as name for 'The Et Gods'. In
the Bible, every time you are translated ALHIM into "God", is a
quite deliberately wrong translation, since ALHIM is Plural...!?
The name ALHIM is ultimately an Alchemical Formula related
to the 5 elements and their 'Transmutations'; in other words, it
is a formula for Shape-Shifting or the sort, not an indicative 'name'
under any means, much less of a single being. This is perhaps the
easiest to confirm disinfo/lie, by even fast research.

We can irrefutably confirm that the cipher "IBM / HAL" actually
refers to the Magic Square of Saturn, by also replacing letters for


Visibly "ALHIM" can be seen in symmetrical figure at left.

More deliberately so, the complementary symmetrical letters
in Red to the right, as "GWB" with the optional "P" or full "FOX"
detailed before (in the "A" and "X"), imply the notion that he is
intrinsically part of ALHIM/GOD. This would explain the basic
manipulation of politics into fundamentalist religion that has been
the centerpiece of the current pres. term since 2000. Most of the
books written about the incumbent include prominently the word
"GOD" in the title along with his name, reinforcing the subliminal
Template (the "G" for "God" & "George" also does the same; keep
in mind all blue masonic lodges have a "G" between the compass &
square, as a public sign out in the street).

All this can be considered a highly sophisticated linguistic form of
theological/political brainwash, tapping directly into the Maze of
the Subconscious Magic Square Template of the brain, nothing less.


It has been pointed out in the Internet that the China earthquake
occurred "88" Days before the 8/8/8 Olympics date. In the same
line, the US Presidential Election happens "88" Days after 8/8/8.

There is also another meaning to "88", encoded in "Heil Hitler":
[ "H"=8 ] therefore "88" stands for "H.H."


[ ALHIM = 43 = MARK ] [ ALHYM = 59 = DRAGON ]

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nostradamus-part 2


In "Nostradamus CXQ72" we showed how the notorious prophecy
"In the Year 1999 seventh month" has been interpreted by
many by exchanging 1 for 9 in reverse as "9111", while the month
is debated as to our calendar or the then prevailing Julian calendar.
While on 1st glance the "9111" reverse seems capricious, on closer
inspection there's a lot more than meets the eye. Not only "911" is
thus signaled, but also the location (a=1, b=2, ... , z=26):

[ 111 = NEW YORK ]

We observe that the 1st & last initials:
[ NY / WK = 73 = Britain = United = Kingdom = Crown ]
While the old latin name for London confirms the link:
[ 111 = LONDINIUM ]

In the previous post we also decoded the 8/8/8 event, now we add
Georgia's president name to the cluster:


While we pointed out that [ OSSETIA=88 ], now we can see that
rumours about psychics and fringe people in the internet pointing
out a possible San Francisco location as "the next 911" target, could
have some validity, as tied to the S. Ossetia ritual 8/8/8 event,
Even though [ 1+111 = HOUSTON ] also matched the numerology
and was cited along San Fco. as a target, the latter links strongest.
Observe how "South Ossetia"s initials point to "San Francisco",
as well as the numerology itself, a very strong association:


One can't help but remember how a deranged Bill O'Reilly said live
on Fox that he would not care at all if they dropped the big one on
San Francisco. Was that a hint...? As the original Saint Francis of
ASSISI is the original for the spanish "San Francisco" name, when
writing the number for each letter of Assisi the "1999/9111" comes
to mind:

1 19 19 9 19 9

Just looking at the first 2 letters/numbers one reads "119", yet:

[ 119 = SAN FCO CITY CA ]

[ 119 = A USSR & USA ]
[ 1+119 = ILLUMINATI ]

The more stunning synchronicity tying all the current big names
in the Collective Unconscious, comes linked to San Fco. as well:

167 = "MOHAMMED" HUSSEIN (web name for B. Obama)


In turn, further synchronicities enlarge the cluster:


234 = A ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI (Obama's policy czar)


These "234" related readings are very 'prophetic' in tone, since
they emblematically refer to the famous Rev 13:18 prophecy:

[ 234 = 13 x 18 ] where [ 234+432 = 666 ]

[ 13 = ID ] and [ 18 = HEAD ]

Phonetically the same "1+234=235" relationship is reaffirmed:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The "All-Is-One" Field


Physics went from Newton’s Absolutism to Einstein’s Relativity.
But Relativity brought in the “Unified Field”, which cannot exist in
a world of Absolutes, where everything is “only” or “just” what-it-
is in itself, DISCONNECTED internally from everything else. In the
Newtonian universe the only connections are external-mechanic;
light is only light, gravity is just gravity, mass only mass, etc. This
is a powerful DECEPTION, albeit deliberate one on the part of Sir
Isaac, who we know, was in secret a member of the most powerful
esoteric groups. In other words, Newton provided 400 more years
of support to Theocratic Fundamentalism, which is a form of Control
& Manipulation of Consciousness, by rendering it into a rigid/static/
immobile FOSSIL. Easy to win over and dominate, that is, by the
Crown to which Sir Isaac was an agent of. Absolutism = Dementia,
because there isn’t a thing in the universes, that is fixed and
is “only” itself.

The true nature of reality, is quite more infinitely varying, that
is Inter-Connected from within (be it the Form or the Content,
all the same). Not even the so-called ‘external’ Shell of things, is a
“Separate” entity, the Shell contains fractal contents of the All-Is-
One as well, and is thus open to Synchronicity & Morphing, which
are the true Modes of Existence.

A Chair is only a chair, and it is solid mass, says the inmate in the
asylum. No it’s not; diagonally on the floor it becomes a mountain
and a half mountain, and it can linguistically be a (c) Hair, etc.. It is
only our devolved demented version of “consciousness” that fixes
things into static 3D self-separate “ideas”, that bear no relation to
real reality, of how things are beyond the thin/flat earth version
of ideas & perceptions. Young children not yet subjected to these
systematic forms of imposed dementia, are still able to see & they
perceive how all things are Synchronistic & Morph.


Lucy was a friend of child Sean Lennon, and he painted her with
diamonds in the sky, and when daddy John saw it he wrote “Lucy
In the Sky with Diamonds”, which in turn could become a cipher
for L.S.D. Events & Things & Beings are continually ‘open’ to new
selves and to become other, THE INFINITE is a part of anything
or everything, and like children not yet conditioned by so narrowly
imposed deliberate ‘edumacation’, artists (the real ones, not the
phonies that the system promotes as ‘artists’) also know the true
nature of reality. That is why the system murders the true artists,
or at least starve or sicken them in slow motion, everybody knows
that. Children are systematically subjected to Pedophilia abuse and
edumacation’ brainwash. True artists are marginalized, ostracized,
falsely gossiped about, laughed at, despised, deprived of minimal
income, black-listed, and ultimately murdered in case they become
too big and influential; unless they sellout to the asylum keepers,
that is. The best painter in history -Vincent Van Gogh- never sold
a single painting (his brother pretended to buy 1).


What the system wants and promotes, are actors. Make-Believe,
as in be-LIE-ve. Politicians are nothing else than just professional
actors representing make-believe scripts of reality unto the masses.
The Asylum fiercely defends its rigid ilusory perimeters, there are
"Consciousness Guards" everywhere (Leonard Cohen called them
"The Jazz Police"), at every corner, under every stone, & definitely
everywhere in the screen. This is symbolized in the book of Genesis
as the Cherubim that guards the entrance to Paradise; these are
the Watchers, the Prison Warders, whose mission is to BLOCK
your Consciousness from establishing a synchronistic link & to avoid
you from connecting organically to the Universal Mind, their role is
to keep you "in"within the Matrix walls of concept & perception. In
this narrow band of frequencies, you will "Be-Lie-ve" their Version
of Reality, and "Be/Live a Lie", betraying your true hidden nature.

The notions of “Synchronicity & Morphing” are not allowed in
the Asylum, they are labeled a "forbidden-fruit". If you were by
any chance to establish a connection with the divine inside instead
of the mind-trick false externalization game of a separate
“god”, you were burned at the stake as a witch not too long ago,
seemingly just yesterday in our "god-chosen culture".


"Going-In" into the Gates of Consciousness, is by and large, still
a CRIME punishable in most harsh terms. Teams of surveillance
will haunt the adventurous inner-trekker, the perimeters of the
Asylum are fiercely scanned. You will become persona-non-grata
the moment your Brain connects to the Infinite Mind. You must at
all times act as if you really believe things are rigid, fixed, absolute,
separate, limited, self-contained in only themselves, 3D linear logic
constructed. Severe punishment awaits those who have peeked into
the other side, the real. Socrates was made to drink the poison cup,
just a warning to all philosophers; his disciple Plato quickly learned
to only speak in metaphors (or else), and Plato’s disciple Aristotle
simply decided that “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em…!?”. Thus the
world has been Aristotelian ever since, that’s the law, shut up...!?
God is outside of you, you gotta go to that building over there, and
do some external rituals, etc. That's how you are "saved".

At the 1st part of the 20th century, physics went into Relativity
and eerily different Quantum Theory, yet entire blind masses of
seemingly "educated" population still haven't the slightest idea of
the implications of these changes in concept of reality; their minds
are still pretty much in the Medieval cosmos, still under the safe
cover of Beliefs and patronage of Saviour-Protectors, only enjoying
a debauched lifestyle of thinly disguised rape & pillage. Everybody
is turned into a warrior, to “compete” you must rape & pillage, see?
Sports -Conditioning early on teaches you that the only way to win is
to make another lose. Of course Einstein attained the Unified Field
Theory, but that would brake the mechanistic shell, so it’s
secret. The UFT is nothing else than the realization/corroboration
that true reality is an “event” within “events”, all part of the same
One & Infinite Event, and open to multiple alternate realities as
possibilities of Synchronicity & Morphing. However Sixpack Joe still
‘thinks’ things are 'what they are' and that implies that by definition
they are fixed/rigid/stable/unchanged/absolute. Sixpack Joe is but
utterly demented; there is no such thing...!? He sees with his eyes
alright but his mind is shut, locked inside his Brain, which is nothing
more than a "Body Computer" running recursively in/unto itself,
without ever connecting to the Web of the Universal Mind Field.


Sixpack Joe is a broken record, a repetitive loop, he thinks static, as
if his paltry 70-years lifespan average was "it", a stable constant.
But he cries in his beer about the nevertheless morphing taking
place whether he likes it or not. From sperm to fetus to child to
teenager to young adult to adult to mature to senile to coffin corpse
oh well, let's have another beer to celebrate absolutism. Some will
need more than a soft drug to cope with the morphing. But Sixpack
Joe will refuse to admit his fixed notion of reality is dead-wrong;
thats why he's demented & he's kept within the Matrix planetary
prison Asylum.

See, in higher truer realms that are way more real than our tiny 3D
downgraded version “Instant Manifestation” is standard routine;
If Sixpack Joe lived there, he would fossilize and freeze Heaven
so to speak..!? Up in higher dimensions, things are like they behave
in Gematria numerology, constantly Morphing and possessed of an
Inner Synchronicity that allows them to become whatever they
may be, unimpeded. So Sixpack Joe thinks Gematria numerology is
“crazy” & yes, in HIS rigid glacial static ilusory world, it is. Within
the Asylum, Gematria numerology's “crazy”, yet it simply manifests
the all-too-obvious qualities and how true reality is outside the 3D
Matrix Asylum. Language is a 4D/5D construct, and only beings
who have a Psyche & Soul in the 4D/5D can speak; if you are not
Ensouled, you are an organic robot, and you will speak a fraction of
the Language Synchronicity; every further possibility in Language,
will be out of your reach, and perceived as “crazy”. A robot is a fixed
program, where Morphing does not exist and Synchronicity is non-
computable, for the Organic Robot acting human, these capabilities
are out of the question.

Sixpack Joe is the guy that is APPOINTED to every single directing
position in world affairs, from your local municipality to corporations
or governments, all places of management and control, are loaded
to the hilt of this Sixpack Joe prototype.

Therefore GEMATRIA as a Consciousness tool to break the spell of
the imposed surrounding Neuro-Linguistic loop, is marginalized to
a handful of individuals in the whole planet. So the limiting-spell
is made to give the ilusion it "creates reality" by "its work" and its
"sweat" but... reality is created at the LINGUISTIC level inside the
brain as processor of the Universal Mind. Reality is PROJECTED
through the Brain into the dimensional frequency context you're in
at the moment (called "life"), that is how reality "assembles" into
atoms or whatever units to "materialize" a "form" within a specific
dimension. Whether you consciously take part in that assemblage
or not, that's the question; whether your Unconscious/Subconscious
is utilized unbeknownst to you to "Process/Project Reality", that's
the ultimate conundrum. Quantum Reality implies a Computer on
top of all Probabilities, and that computer may be... YOU linked in
chain to ever other human, behind your conscious perception.

Gematria is the humble experience of evidencing the underlying
Linguistic Templates used in the projection, thank you Plato.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Nostradamus CXQ72


"CXQ72" (or C10Q72 - Century X Quatrain 72) is without a doubt
the most famous Nostradamus quote, sensationalized as speaking
of a "Great King of Terror" that comes from the sky in July 1999.
When this date passed without incident, most people dismissed the
perennial Nostradamus prophetic charm. On Sept 11 - 2001 once
again the Quatrain got considerable notoriety, being believed it was
changing "1" for "9" that the "year 1999" really meant "9111", and
the King of Terror of course was Osama. A little too convenient for
those with a giant baloney detector. After all, many Nostradamus
quatrains have been employed as propaganda overtly, even during
WWII when also way-too-contrived flier printed quatrains were
dropped from airplanes over enemy territory to demoralize troops;
both the Allies & the Germans engaged in this curious "prophetic"
information warfare. And ever since there's been a deliberate use
of Nostradamus quatrains to politically imply this or that.

It matters little if Nostradamus really saw the future or not, since
when the minds of pools of readers have been thus hammered with
these sensational "translations", they end up getting blogged-in the
Collective Unconscious anyhow; and once that occurs, the Powers-
That-Be in the Cryptocracy find them to be a useful tool.


"L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois Du ciel viendra un grand
Roy deffraieur resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois. Avant apres
Mars regner par bon heur".

"In the year 1999 the seven month, from the sky will come a great
King to bear/pay costs to resurrect the great King of Angolmois.
Before and after Mars reign merrily".

No "King of Terror" here; the word "deffraieur" meaning to bear
pay costs (to defray), was miscopied as "d'effrayeur", apostrophe
added and wrong spelling that doesn't exist in the original text, from
whence the word "terror" was thus inserted into the meaning.


If there is any validity to any of Nostradamus texts, it would be as
to their "World War" scenarios; that's when they become plausible.
Bearing in mind the utilitarian cryptographic use some secret elites
could be putting them to, our attention is drawn to the mysterious
name "ANGOLMOIS", which most have translated as "Mongolia",
without much basis. So the propaganda implies the antichrist comes
from China or the Middle-East, see...? ANGOLMOIS though, a few
sharp researchers have observed, is better understood as Anagram.
As to the "Year 1999", maybe he was referring to what he would've
seen as the 'beginning' of the WWIII drama, tied to the ascent of the
famed "King". In other words, not a single flash-event, but rather a
a process, a series of escalating events, which is how real life wars do
evolve and materialize. He might have been pinpointing the cues. As
even the cataloguing of the quatrains has become emblematic, they
could be used as well, a part of the same Collective Unconscious:

" C X Q 7 2" split in two becomes: { "C X Q" and "7 2" }

Moving back 1-space in the alphabet:
{ "C X Q" becomes: " B W P" } and { "7 2" is: " G B" }

That looks awfully familiar, doesn't it? The current incumbent,
who started his "P"residential bid around... July 1999. Talk about
precision, Mr. Nostradamus...!? A lot of debts to pay indeed, as
we veer into the biggest deficits and public debts in history. But
in his 1st term, indeed there was a "9111" event, to use the rev
Nostradamus reference. Escalating events, see...? If Nostradamus
was anything but a total retard, he would have surely spotted the
crucial date "8/8/8" in the escalating timeline of events. That is
"August 8, 2008", the BEIJING OLYMPICS. And he might have
seen this patently overt numerological date, as the pivotal point in
the escalation spiral towards igniting WWIII. The very same ritual
of "IGNITING THE FLAME" of the Olympics, gets a new meaning:


In the dark night of 8/8/8 Georgia launches a sneak attack against
the population of South "OSSETIA" in the russian border, killing
close to 2000 civilians, reports speak of people being burned alive.
Observe the 8/8/8 ritual numerology (a=1, b=2, ... , z=26):

[ OSSETIA = 88 ] matches the { 8/8/8 date }

Now that our attention's tickled, we go for the big one:


Don't scratch your eyes, you read that right; never mind the I/Y:


Once again talk about precision, Mr Nostradamus! Grand Events
for a Grand 8/8/8/ Date, the ritual Igniting the Flame of WWIII.
Gematria confirmation follows:

[ OLYMPICS = 1+111 = 8/8/8/ OSSETIA ]

Furthermore, as we are almost at a transition between presidents,
we eerily find the synchronicity of the initials for both George Bush
and Barack Obama. Or was it all scripted beforehand?:

[ { BEIJING is "GB" } while { BEIJING OLYMPICS is "BO" }

More strikingly so, we find "GEORGIA" in the full expression:

{ "ROY D" = 62 = GEORGIA ]

Therefore the full phrase "ROY D 'ANGOLMOIS" can be read:


Now to complete the irony:

{ "BEIJ PICS SSETI" = 145 = NOSTRADAMUS } ("I" left out)

It gets even crazier, as the totals "72" and "73" are clearly formed:
{ "BEIJ PICS" = 73 = Britain = United = Kingdom = Crown }
{ "SSETI" = 72 = Monarch } (as in Quatrain "72"}

And when you link the 2 Grand Events into 1:
"144" is the Key to the English Alphabet (by No. of letters):

[ 144 = One Two Six ] [ 144 = Four Five Nine ]

[ 144+26 = Three Seven Eight ] ( 26 = "BEIJ" )

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Joshua... or NIBIRUM

"2001 Space Odyssey" provided us a crucial piece of the et-"gods"
secret ciphers. In the film the pathologically semi-sentient computer
is called "HAL", and everybody knows this means "IBM" by moving
up 1 space in the alphabet. IBM stands for "International Business
Machines", but the question if IBM was code for HAL from the very
beginning, begs. See, HAL is a short way of saying "ALHIM", one
of the 2 names of God in the book of Genesis in the Bible (the other
is IHVH or YHWH), usually rendered "Elohim". The Kubrick film is
about the influence of Elohim et's in the Fast-Evolution of Mankind
out of the apes; the Monolith represents the Elohim, for simplicity
purposes. Things get interesting adding a "B" to "ALHIM/ALHYM:

[ B+ALHIM = "HAL" + "IBM" ]

Adding the "B" solves the riddle of the mesopotamian "BAL" deity;
the Semites developed all knowledge out of the Babylonian and later
from the Egyptians. By hiding the key "B", one loses the name link.
I tend to favour a sarcastic fringe view of the ancient deities names,
as analogous to the film "The Planet of the Apes", where the N. York
signs in runs in the future, where recycled by devolved apes to mean
important words in their religious make believe concoction. As for
ex "BAL" could mean "LAB" (yes, Laboratory; this would suggest
a time-travel team from our present into the past, amusing... to be
trapped into never-ending Time Loops):

[ "BALHYM" = "B. MYLAH" ]

"BRIT MYLAH" of course is the name for CIRCUMCISION. It is
normally assumed the jews took Circumcision from the Egyptians,
who imposed it upon their slave-classes, but "BALHYM" suggests
that it comes from further back in Sumeria/Mesopotamia, only the
"priestly" overtone from the later Egyptians. The Old Testament
has "Moses" prescribing it as instrument of salvation. However the
condition known as "PHIMOSIS" is what Brit-Mylah Circumcision
sought to combat, the constriction of the Prepuce/Foreskin in the
Penis in about 1 in 20, to 1 in 30 humans on average. No damage or
health ill effect is related to Phimosis, Circumcision is not "needed"
as a medical practice whatsoever. Why would Nature be so "wrong"
in such large numbers...?


The "Messiah" means the "Anointed One", as Egyptians anointed
with Crocodile Fat, the crocodile being the "Messeh". This reptilian
cult called the "Order of the Ophis" (Ophis means Serpent) is most
notably present in the name of Akhenaten, creator of Monotheism,
renamed "AMENOPHIS IV" after he became Pharaoh, as well as
in the egyptian head-dress with a protruding Cobra. The Shedding
of the Skin by the Snake, was ritualized in the form of Circumcision,
as a "Shedding the Penis Foreskin", IN ORDER TO BRING OUT

The Penis was seen as a Fractal of the Cobra or Snake, where the
Kundalini is spiked to sexually surge up the spine through many
chakras, until it reaches the Pineal & Pituitary Glands in the Brain,
where the "Third Eye" is activated to connect with the reptilian 4D
overlords, this symbolized by the protruding Cobra. The genitals
were considered a Male/Female intertwined Kundalini activator,
the Penis Foreskin holding the Female (PhiMale) energy in males,
and the Clitoris holding the male energy in females, Circumcision
usually for both genders -as it is today in much of Africa and the
MiddleEast-. In other words, Male-Female opposite energies were
excised out of each gender, in order to imbalance the Kundalini,to
render the person open to reptilian intrusion & alter-control. One
cannot but notice how "Phimosis" reads like "Phi Moses"; during
the Greco-Roman culture and later Medieval and Renaissance eras,
Phimosis was considered THE IDEAL, as immortalized in statues &
paintings for all to see. Apparently they knew the deep secret, that
Phimosis protects at the etheric Kundalini energy-frequency level,
and induces a more balanced individual, of higher freq resonance.

[ MYLAH = 59 = DRAGON ]

We can find "Brit Mylah" in the planet name "NIBIRUM" as well:

[ NIBIRUM = "BRI" + "MI" + un ]

This is where the "HAL/IBM" key comes handy. The "Planet of
the Cross"-ing, is called Nibirum in darker demonic lore, while it is
usually rendered as Nibiru in open circles. Notice the "IBM":

[ NIBIRUM = "INR" + "IBM" + U ]

[ (1+) space in the alphabet "INR" becomes "JOS" ]
[ (1-) space in the alphabet "IBM" becomes "HAL" ]

[ "NIBIRUM" becomes: {"JOS"+"HAL"+U = "JOSHUA L."} ]

Observe how "JOS" is the cipher by which the Old Testament
Moses saga starts in Egypt with the Patriarch Joseph, and Joseph
in the New Testament starts the Jesus saga. "Joshua" is a proto-
name for Jesus; Joshua is part of the event when the SUN stopped
its motion in the sky, a clear reference to the passage of the "Planet
of the Cross"-ing NIBIRUM (or to the billiard-ball like solar system
momentary chaos after Nibirum's moon crashed into former planet
Maldek). Jesus at the Cross is accompanied by an Eclipse or solar
anomaly, in the religious script. The Cross bears an "INRI" sign":

[ "INRI" is code for NIBIRUM" ]

[ Babylonian "NIMROD" is code for "NIBIRUM" ]

"Jesus with the 12 Apostles" is an astrological image of the SUN in
its 12 Zodiac signs path, symbolized as a "Star of David". These are
the "Stations of the Cross" in religious lore. In secular anglo lore, it
is "Arthur & 12 Knights of the Round Table" (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):

[ "JOSHUA L." = 86 = "ARTHUR" ]

(the L" stands for "Lis"/royal Fleur-De-Lis, or "Liz"/Lizard)

The way the NIBIRUM reptilians gain leverage over humans on
Earth, is by creating polarized slanted versions of "Good" & "Evil",
of their own design and to their convencience; human population
is compelled to "opt" for one or the other extreme version of the
polarity, while the reptilian overlords stay ever and always on top,

The NIBIRUM rule by fabricating versions of "God" &
"Satan" , that play by sleight-of-hand in their favor, because in
secret they have construed both God & Satan to be THEM, and
they do role-play and strive to represent both simultaneously:

[ "JOSHUA" = 1+73 = "JESUS" = 1+73 = "LUCIFER" ]

[ Nibiru = 73 = Egypt ]
[ 73 = The Nile = Corner = Stone ]
[ Pyramid = 86 = Joshua L. = 86 = Arthur ]
And to solve the IBM riddle at the beginning of the post:


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Peter & Paul or Pituitary & Pineal?

It is my contention that there were at least 2 formerly advanced
civilizations, before what we call "recorded history"; most notably
these are often labeled LEMURIA (earlier) and ATLANTIS (later),
in the Pacific & Atlantic Ocean basins, respectively. Personally I do
think advanced knowledge and technologies filtered down through
ages, though disguised as "symbols" and "myths", pr most often as
"Hidden Codes" within what we understand as religious or esoteric
traditions. It's very obvious to me, that advanced knowledge of the
human BRAIN existed prior to our civilization, which would explain
why so many thinly disguised references to it -and its two glands-,
appear everywhere in language & myth. Moreover, there seems to
be a definite Vampiric undertone of "Kundalini Juices" consumption,
as related to this extant brain science.


One could argue that brain-gland "Secretions" is what it's all about.
Actually the very word "Secret-ionS" implies that rather than blood
dynasties related to Mary Magdalene, the real deal is regarding the
"Secret-Sion" of the Priory, how to make Blood produce Kundalini
juices that are nourishment for 4D entities higher up the foodchain
(in standard English gematria; a=1, b=2, ... , z=26):


Even the word "SECRETE" refers us to Minos in Ancient Crete, the
origin of the quintessential LABYRINTH. In my humble opinion, it
is nothing else than a symbol for the Brain, and the fable of Theseus
entering the Labyrinth to kill the Minotaur using Ariadne's thread,
about many ALTERS contained in our Genetic Dna Memory. The
word "Ariadne" itself, contains "Dna" within it, and I think it stands
for the myth of how the ARYAN Dna conquers the "Beast" Dna and
its embedded Alters. "Minos Crete" hints at "Secret", let's verify:

[ MINOS = 70 = SECRET ]

In a previous post, I already showed how within Muslim esoteria, an
eerie tradition of PATMOS ISLAND being the location of a Genetic
Experiment -Island of Dr Moreau type- more than 6 thousand years
ago, where "white man" was further 'refined'. That the same island
would be the supposed place of writing of the Book of Revelation in
the christian Bible, seems to me ample proof that an elite within the
elites, uses religious means to preserve ancient advanced knowledge.
Located in the Dodecanese Sea in the Aegean in Greece - a bit north
of CRETE-, impels one to check the original transliterated greek word
for Labyrinth:


The Labyrinthos says the myth, was created by DAEDALUS; it is a
"Road to the Subconscious" or to Parallel Existences, as well. This in
turn leads us to the gospel story of Saul converting into Apostle Paul
on the ROAD TO DAMASCUS. Beyond its all-too-obvious pun of the
Labyrinth as the real hidden meaning, the names echo the same:

{ DA - edal - US ~~~ DA - masc - US }

Thus if reptilian et's used Lemuria as a genetic laboratory, just as
human et's used Atlantis as a genetic laboratory, the stories about a
truce in their wars being granted to enact a genetic agenda consisting
of a HYBRID CROSSBREED between both species, to serve as a last
resort Peace attempt during the last stages of the Atlantean period,
may hold some truth. Yet these same stories tell of the reptilians
cheating, by embedding Trojan sequences in the Hybrid Dna, that
would render the new Hybrid-Human controllable by them. This
appears to be the most consistent and all-encompassing background
to the event widely known as "The Original Fall" of Mankind; that
the huma-et Dna mixed with the local simian earth species, was later
on ultimately Trojanized by reptilians. One could read the Garden of
Eden fable, much better in light of this clue, no doubt; it is actually the
only way it does make sense in all its symbolic details. However the
very term "Trojan" speaks of the same covert and deceptive tactic, as
related to the area of the world around Crete; we mean the "Fall of
Troy" of course, sort of an historical fractal. Troy is a code for the
elites, as their 'encampments', "New Troy" as always been associated
with Paris or London, etc.


These 2 (Genomics & Brain Science)-, were & still are how the fallen
or trojanized Hybrid-Human is made to be a Kundalini food-resource
for negative reptilians in the Lower 4th Dimension; thus everything
was encrypted referencing them, pertaining this most ancient cosmic
struggle. Factions of the Human & Aryan have aligned with reptilians,
and these convoluted dramas act as the Linguistic Template within
the Cryptocracy. For ex: [ SECRET = 70 = VATICAN ]. However:
{ SECRET = TESSERC }, as in "Tesseract", the 4D cube.

We must follow the language-encoded "Road to Damascus", where
truths about our Origins & Future are contained. The "Pineal Gland"
was deliberately named after the PINE CONE, but was it because of
its external texture, or was it due to the fact it is a language code that
serves as a link to the mystery of our Hybrid Origins, right through
the "Christmas Pine Tree", as symbol for a "Hybrid Cross-breed"
birth. Indeed:

("Eng-land" of course means "Gen-Land")

The "Vesica Pisces" is the underlying Sacred Geometry template
for the 3D/4D blending-in, and the Human form, particularly the
sexual organs, as the PENIS & VAGINA are formed at the center
of it, where the 2 circles conjoin (the Penis tip, follow down vertically
to form the Tower or penis shaft, origin of the Gothic 'ojival' vertical

[ PISCES = 71 = A Vatican = A Secret = Opus = Orion = Pleaides ]

To fully apprehend the fractal resonance of all these linguistic codes,
one must go back to the tart-up of the religion, Peter & Paul. Saul
was renamed "Paul", Simeon was renamed "Peter" -meaning rock
or "Cephas" / "Keipha" in greek-. Thus in the gospels we read about
"Simeon Peter" regularly. By English Gematria, one soon discovers
an intentional SYMMETRY between these 2 character figures, often
exchanging 'functions' so to speak, implying very close relationship in
the Vesica Pisces template, and to be quite frankly, in my opinion the
hidden codes actually give-away the whole game. Let's start by simply
observing the word construct of the Peter & Paul names, as indicative
of the 2 Glands closely located at the center of the brain -(the Pineal
produces the crucial Melatonin)-:

{ "PETER" indicates "PITUITARY" }
{ "PAUL" indicates "PINEAL" }


[ PITUITARY & PINEAL GLAND = 234 = 13 x 18 ]
{ Rev 13:18 / 234+432=666 }

(The Pineal/Pituitary Glands are linked to the 7th Crown Chakra)


The "Simeon Peter" as 1st. Pope is traditionally represented as the
"Keeper of the Pearly Gates" into Heaven or Hell, the Pineal being
the antechamber "3rd Eye"of this organic Portal to etheric realms:
[ GATES = 52 = POPE = CEPHAS ] [ Paul = 50 = Keipha ]

The Pituitary Gland is also called the "Hypophysis", and is located
right below at the end of the CORPUS CALLOSUM, which appears
to be deliberately named to suggest the "Corpus Christi" or "Body
of Christ":

[ PETER = 64 = HYPO ] [ PINEAL EYE = 92 = CORPUS ]


Let's keep in mind "144" is a fundamental number in English; code
of grouping by number of letters in names for the 1st. 9 numbers:

[ ONE TWO SIX = 144] [ FOUR FIVE NINE = 144 ]
[ THREE SEVEN EIGHT = 144 + 26 ]
( God = 26 ) 26 the number of letters in the English alphabet.