Monday, July 28, 2008

Hidden Computer Kabbalah

The language of computers starts with a CODE, assigning another
letter/symbol, to our Alphabet & Numbers, etc., so that their full
Code is a lot longer. This practice developed in WWII, as computers
arose out of the need to crack the japanese "Purple" & the german
"Enigma" secret codes. Thus in a house in Bletchley Park-England,
cracking CIPHER-CODES led to present day computers. As to
why Bletchley Park was a secret until declassified in the late '90's,
long decades after WWII, is a very good question. Perhaps it has
to do with the fact it was pretended computing was an "American"
creation, carefully diverting attention from the centuries-old british
traditional expertise in SECRET CIPHERS, as early as Sir John Dee
and his esoteric WatchTowers of "Enochian" Language, during the
reign of Queen Elizabeth I, to which he was the main advisor. Dee
was the architect of the Laws of the Colonies, still very much alive
as the current laws in America. Ian Fleming -author of the James
Bond series-, was the a high commander in intelligence services, an
expert in Secret Ciphers and cracking codes, & he used John Dee's
secret signature on his letters to Elizabeth I, as in "For Your Eyes
Only"; this was spectacles forming a "007", which Fleming stole for
his "Agent 007 James Bond" books.

It's quite obvious that by hiding for decades the real historical truth
about computing being developed in England -rather than the US-,
they were hiding its association with Secret Ciphers & Esotericism.
In other words, casting a veil on its relation to KABBALAH. Quite
laughably so, we were led to believe computers were a New Mexico
'business venture' of one William Gates III -(known as Bill Gates)-.
Never mind that NM is the home state of Los Alamos/Alamagordo.
By hiding the fact that computing began in 1940, and indeed the
"Purple" /"Enigma" codes were cracked early in 1941 even before
Pearl Harbor, the British were obscuring the awful truth about a
WWII unnecessary war (as Pat Buchanan few weeks ago declared)
because the Allies were predetermined to win with this knowledge
of the enemy codes, and the war could have been a lot shorter, had
they desired so. But a long war served the interests of the Crown,
whose real agenda was the complete infiltration of America, needed
as the US had grown from dependent colony to superpower nation
with a more independent will. The Crown also desperately needed
to establish control of the Middle-East, and the creation of Israel
as a country was crucial, thus a long war with exceedingly large jew
casualties, was optimal for such goal. And the longer the war went,
the more time the british had to create the american intelligence
services from scratch, which did not really exist prior to WWII.


Kabbalah Encryption has 3 main methods: Notarikon, Temurah and
Gematria. The "Atbash Cipher" is the most notoriously used jewish
cipher of Temurah, there are many such Cipher Tables. But as the
English Language was developed to contain many secret encryptions
out of the John Dee practices -as well as the esoteric group known as
the "Shakespeare Project", which also served to translate the King
James english Bible (notable members Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon,
etc.)-, ever since the British Empire ruled, the new ciphers were all
in plain english. Call it British magic Kabbalah, such as:

[ ATBASH = SABATH ] (rearrange letters)

So the secret Rabbi doctrine, of the Bible being a Kabbalah Code,
was 'transferred' to english coding, from the Elizabeth I reign on.
The above example illustrates that a seemingly literal doctrine of
keeping the 7th Sabbath Day -Saturday- as sacred & dedicated
to God, actually conceals an instruction to read the Torah using
Atbash Cipher. The "7th Day" may mean the "7th Cipher Table"
(the 1st to us, as jewish order of reading is left to right). Applying
same conding notions to the New Testament, the "Shakespeare
Project" group used Christ's declaration to Peter "You are Kephas
(stone) & upon this Kephas (stone) I will build my church", in a
different manner, to actually encode their project name, viewing
themselves as the 'true secret church' Jesus supposedly founded:

{ ShakeSpeare = "Shake Spear" + e }

The "Spear" to be "Shake"n, is the PINEAL GLAND at the center
of the Brain, also known as "The Third Eye" and it was believed it
can be used to Project Reality in a Psionic way, loading Language
with Neuro-Linguistic Templates, in the form of Secret Ciphers.
This cabal considered the re-building of the "Temple of Solomon"
to be a Kabbalistic feat. The cabal was a part of the "ORDER OF
SION", known as the "Priory of Sion" in the other french branch

of occultism. This is the real background behind the develoment
of computer informatics.

Of course they viewed "Kephas" -the Stone- as Britain:


This is the "ASCII" international code for computers mentioned
before, the backbone of the Information Age. Fringe researchers
however, have pinpointed that 2 luciferic terms are embedded:

{ " SATAN" } { "DRACO" }

Since the "Order of Sion" or "Priory of Sion" is a RosyCross elite
esoteric cabal dedicated to the preservation and empowerment of
the royal Bloodlines to rule the world, one must look at the Coat
of Arms of the original "Sachsen Coburg Gotha Battenburg" royal
bloodline currently known as Windsor (after 1917), coloured in Red
&Yellow in Sachsen-Germany, thus the Prince of Wales carries the
same Red & Yellow unto this day. Notice the name "Sachsen":

[ "SACH - sen" = "ASCH - sen" ] resembles "ASCII"
Even more so, using Kabbalah Notarikon (1st & last initials):
[ SCGB / NGAG ] notice "ASCB" can be read.
As "II" can be labeled "B"(2), or "2", or "Two", or "Dos"(spanish),
"ASCII" can be read "ASCB".
This would mean that the "ASCII" acronym, stands secretly as a
cipher for the "Sachsen" or "Sachsen Coburg Gotha Battenburg"
bloodline of England, formerly of Germany.

If we take a look at the alternative "ASCTWO" expression, we will
read "WTC" (World Trade Center) backwards in it. Thus in a single
"ASCTWO" acronym, the universal computer code, the "WTO" (or
"World Trade Organization"), and the "WTC" (World Trade Center)
are contained 3-in-1. We also read "WT" as "WatchTower", and the
famous "ACT" subliminal ("WatchTower" contains "Act & Owe").


Masonry's most excelled Albert Pike wrote that the real teaching is
given to the upper elite Degrees, while the lower levels of Masonry
are deliberately taught disinformation, so that they would not know
the real agenda. He went on to declare that the Compass & Square
is the Ying-Yang/Yoni-Lingam, the sexual Male-Female in oriental
esotericism, the Vulva-Penis constructed geometrically in the Vesica
Pisces, that leads to the Pentagram/Hexagram Metatron's Cube.

The "MS" of "MICRO-SOFT", is kabbalistically the "Moon-Sun" as
the Female-Male cosmic expression of the Vesica Pisces. Then by
Fractal Concordance, the "MS" is also "Maldek/Sirius B". This was
the original war out of which Maldek became destroyed and a larger
piece of it became our current Earth (between Sirius B & Maldek).
"MS" also means "Magic Square", a magical "WatchTower", which
is an occultic CrossWord of Letters/Numbers.

In previous posts we showed how tiny Patmos Island was chosen as
the supposed place where the Book of Revelation/Apocalypse was
written, because it encodes the computer technology, by anagram:

But also by Gematria (a=1, b=2, ... , z=26) it encodes:

Let's now link together the "ASCII" wth "MICRO-SOFT":

{ 119 = Maldek Nibiru = Terra Moon = Mary Magdalene }

( Mary = 57 = Sion = Rose = Moon = England = Eridu )
( Magdalene = 62 = Queen = Terra = Mason = Torah )
("Eridu" is the Sumerian Anunnaki term for "Earth", meaning
"Home Away from Home").

Why the hexagram "Star Of David"? Because it reads "D.O.S." in
initials backwards! When MicroSoft chose "WIN-DOS" to call its
operating system, was not to signify "Driver Operating System" as
publicly claimed, but... the "Star of David". The old Sachsen
Coburg Altenburg coat of arms dislayed a Star of David. It's worth
mentioning that St Gothardus heraldry is Yellow & Red. The colour
RED is used to denote the DRAGON, or its substitute the LION,
while some have noticed how [ Orion ~ Sion ~ Lion ].

Let's dig further into MicroSoft Windows/Win-Dos:

[ WIN = 46 = MALDEK = SOL ]
[ ASC TWO = 81 = Venus = Tower = Square = Ritual ]
[ .DOWS = 61 = ASC DOS = "Chi Rho" = Anglican = Church ]

"Chi Rho" the famous Sign of Constantine, as the previous Roman
Empire was transformed into the "Holy Roman Empire" as a new
era of Medieaval Christian Feudalism through Monarchies, in the
4th century AD. "CHI" & "RHO" english transliterations for the
first 2 letters of Christ; this sign was drawn as an "X" crossed by a
long pole "P". Some have speculated this a secret acronym for the
"[P] Planet -of the- [X] Cross-ing", NIBIRU that is. Others have
noticed how this also serves as a symbol for the takeover of the
Human PINEAL Gland, which is the organic crossing portal in/out
of the body. At any rate, what matters here is MicroSoft:

WINDOWS "XP" ("XP" is Emperor Constantine's "Chi Rho" sign)

[ MICRO = 58 = T.W.O. = STAR ] (Total Word Order)
[ SOFT = 60 = WORD = ORDER = WALES ]

After Windows XP, came the current Windows Vista:
VISTA = 71 = Orion = Babylon = Sheshak = Anunaki
71 = Royal = Temple = Opus = Catholic = A Vatican

"Sheskak" is "BABEL" using the Atbash Cipher. Opus is for "Opus
Dei" the modern day Knight Templar order of the Catholic Church,
the original Templar Constitution was called "Militia Dei", and they
only answered directly to the Pope, just like the Opus Dei 'priests'.

Let's now pay closer attention to the key "MOON SUN" gematria:

"MS" ~ Ma - Son ~ "Mason"
"MS" ~ Moon Sun = 111 = Londinium = New York = New Mexico

By Kabbalah NoParikon, the 1st & last initials:

[ V.E. = 27 = S.H. = 27 = CODE = 27 = RED ]
"WORLD TRADE CENTER" backwards reads [RED=27=Code]

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Karmic Planetary Code-Names

Language is a Holographic Karmic Container, just like any Form is.
Language is MAGNETIC in essence, it links the Informatic Codes
to Magnetic Pulse; in other words, Language is not Electrical like in
our computers, but rather a vessel to/from Magnetic Resonance.

Fractals in language then, relate to KARMA, as Karma is embedded
in the Magnetic Pulse. The informatics of Karma can be retrieved via
Language, or as Dream Memory. All crucial NAMES in our present
language, have thus been fractally embedded in their Karmic origin.
The rest of words that merely relate to the False-Creation imposed
upon by reptilian overlords in their incoming invasions to vampirize
Earth's original Dna plan of Ascension, is what we call "instrumental
language", or words without Magnetic Fractal meaning, as utilitary
names/words applied to Informatics of the electrical kind. The long
meaningless lingo of the Electrical Matrix, that is. As reptilians and
greys came here to harvest energy from the original human Dna's of
Ascension, they had to use part of the Language fractals inherent to
this original Dna pool (rooted not on electrical informatics, but rooted
on magnetic resonance), and "piggyback" upon it, so to speak.

Thus they established the many religions/cults/ideologies/power
rituals, through which the main remnants of the Language Fractals,
still to some point contain some of the Karmic origins. Without these,
the link to the original Dna memory would be cut-off totally, yet this
link is precisely the connection to SOURCE, where the Chi energy
embedded and produced within humans, comes from, that they
came here to harvest, by half-breeding with humans. They needed
to preserve some of these keywords from the Karmic Memory, so
that humans could subconsiously link to Source, but "filtered" and
controlled and deviated as to their own design & slant.

The reptilian agenda consisted in ASSIMILATING UNTO THEM
diverting the original meanings and resonances, and blending them
into their own concoction, into their own dead matrix system, into
their own electrically-based informatics collective. This is but another
crucial part of their Energy Harvesting, as they appear unto humans
as this "God" or that, so that humans will "consent-through-belief"
in being harvested their Chi energies, and gradually delinked from
Source at the final moment when all Chi has been deleted & no longer
able to regenerate. Usually, this is the final moment when repeatedly
all civilizations thus-trojanized, "disappear", or crumble disastrously.


While there have been a few disastrous End of Civilizations in our
far past on Earth (Atlantis, Lemuria, etc etc etc.), the background of
all these pertains to the great disappearance of PLANET MALDEK,
positioned between Mars & Jupiter, where the asteroid belt now lies.
This is called the "Main Belt", as opposed to farther away zones such
as the "Kuiper Belt" (where comets come from), in the Solar System.

It is quite unclear what really happened, but beyond any doubt, had
to do with what ancient traditions call the "War in the Heavens",
i.e. galactic et wars. Most deeper accounts speak of an incoming body
known as NIBIRU, and this "Planet of the Crossing" as it is known,
related directly to the disappearance of Planet Maldek (or Tiamat as
called by Sumerians). Others refer to a semi-parallel Earth planet
in SIRIUS-B, whose ice shield was taken out, Maldek humans were
to blame, and counterattacked incorrectly by the Sirians/Pleideians,
who destroyed Maldek either by colliding one of Nibiru's moons upon
it, or trojanizing its leadership to enact internal nuclear wars, or both
in sucession. MALDEK was the original "PARADISE" of legend,
the collision seems to have splintered-off a 'cleaved ball" -as the old
sumerians called it-, which became our current Earth (the giant hole
still extant in part as the Pacific Ocean basin). The artificially built
"Luna" of Maldek became our current Moon -scarred by craters
as evidence of the catastrophe-, and as the Earth fragment was sent-
off it razed Mars, taking out its atmoshere and water, and landing
in between Venus & Mars, taking Venus place in the orbit for a while,
then finally settling in Mars place n the orbit, where we currently are.
So Mars and Venus where terribly altered, and most of their resident
human populations had re-settle on present Earth. Some of this old
terrible cosmic scenario was studied by famed russian physicist
Velikovsky, and a lot of his facts have been slowly verified.

There are variations to this saga, but more or less, this is it. What we
must contemplate carefully, is how the Planetary Names contain the
true Karmic Memory of these events. As some sources claim, 75% of
human souls incarnating on our present Earth ORIGINATE FROM
FORMER MALDEK, and that Maldek had colonies on Venus & Mars.
So the names Nibiru "Planet of the Crossing", Maldek/Tiamat, Luna,
Venus, Mars, should appropriately carry the Language Fractals of
our Karmic Memory, now receded deep into the Subconscious, in our
current state of collective Amnesia, caused by Devolution. Let's take
a quick glance, at some of these planetary names, within the context
of "religious" traditions:


[ NIBIRU = INRI + bu ] [ PLANET = pla + TEN ] [ CROSS ]

We clearly see the Plan of the Ten Commandments, the Cross, the
"INRI" sign on the christian Cross as an all-too-obvious reference to
Nibiru, and Jesus & Mary as also extremely obvious references to
Venus & Mars.

But furthermore, if we apply the old Kabbalah method of Gematria
in standard English (a=1, b=2, ... , z=26), we confirm the code:



The name [ PLANET = PENTAL ]. Indeed, the planet Venus
describes a Pentagon in its orbit, as seen from Earth.

The Knights Templars worshipped "Mary Magdalene" as symbol of
Venus, and clearly knew about the Pentagon in the sky that Venus
draws in its path. The term "Magdala" means TOWER. It was only
as the Templars brought forth this secret knowledge, that churches
began sporting Towers during/after the Crusades. Where did they
get this ancient Karmic Memory Language from...? Let's now look
at the supposed "names" of our biblical 1st. 'ancestors':

[ ADAM = MADA ] (Mars) "Man"
[ EVE ] (Venus ) "Voman/Woman"

The current English Language Template was implemented by the
British (but not designed or created by them, this came from much
higher and farther away), who conveniently encoded all their key
national words:


But let's look once again at the term NIBIRU:

[ NIBIRU = "INRI" + BU ]
Employing Kabbalah's method of Notarikon, but shifted 1 space:
(+1): [ BU ] becomes [ CV ] ~ Vatican City

What about the name for "Earth", originally termed "Terra"...?
Where does "Terra" really come from...?
New-Age lingo has used the name Tara" for the "Ascended Earth"
in a higher vibration of Dimension.
Wasn't the ORIGINAL EARTH the PLANET TIAMAT -as Maldek
was called by the Sumerians-...?
Aren't the the first 5 Books of the Bible called the Pentateuch, and
isn't the Hebrew Bible called the "TORAH"...?
Isn't "Solomon's TEMPLE" the best achievement of Hebrews?

"SOLOMON" is code for "SUN" ("Sol" is "Sun" in Latin & Spanish)

Let's look closer at "Terra", the ancient name for "Earth":

TERRA ~ { TERAH = EARTH } (rearrange the letters)
So "Torah" is an in- your-face code for "Terah"/Terra /Earth.

Let's explore futher into the code:

[ A ILLUMINATI = 1+119 ]

Where does the "LUNA" original name for "MOON", come from?

[ NIBIRU LUMINA ] (extract 1st. & last initials): "L.U.N.A."

Thus if the original name of one of Nibiru's Moon was "Lumina",
and our Moon was named after it by using Notarikon code, then it
perfectly fits in that the rulers of this present Earth might use for
themselves the name "il-LUMINA-ti", as a code for the artificial
Moon of Maldek that is our current Moon, as a Nibiru substation.

AN ANOMALOUS CIRCULAR ORBIT, and presents always the
same face towards Earth, as well as has an apparent circumference
identical to the Sun, as seen from Earth. This appears to be a stellar
sky Construction of the VESICA PISCES, 2 circles intersecting at the
points of their respective centers, which is staged in the sky at one
moment during the Solar Eclipse. The Vesica Pisces of course, is the
only Compass geometrical construction of the Pentagon.

MOON SUN ~ "MS" ~ (MicroSoft) (Magic Square)
Magic Squares are mathematical "WatchTowers".

Friday, July 11, 2008

We are an OffShoot-Earth

Quantum Physics made Parallel Universes a reality to conceive
without being labeled 'insane'. The 90's seminal film "STARGATE"
starring Kurt Russell, contained the most clues regarding the fact
that what we call "Earth" could be one of many parallel Earths. The
ironic posture of the film -which most totally fail to grasp-, is that
it shows a planet accessed through an alien StarGate portal, that
is an OffShoot of Egypt, where humans there have been teleported
in the far past to be slaves, and an alien being occupied one of those
human bodies, passing as God Ra unto them. What irony...? That
Kurt Russel is sent with a team to investigate this OffShoot planet,
but the film ultimately WANTS YOU TO THINK OUR PRESENT

After all, even the Bible itself states that Man was created on what
theologians call "Original Earth", but God placed Man in "Paradise",
(where God proceeded to create a Woman for him), and then later
God evicted/exiled Man to another Earth (a "Fallen Earth"). This
is the official Judeo/Christian/Islamic monotheistic theology. What
is self-evident, is the notion of "Many Earths" of a parallel nature,
although in different States of Evolution. "Paradise" the highest -in
a 4D state-; "Original Earth" in between -in a state not defend-; and
"Fallen Earth" as the antechamber to "Hell" -in a DEVOLVED state-.
Even the very word "PARA-dise", mirrors the word "PARA-llel".
In italian-latin root, the word "paradise is "PARADISO":
[ Para - Diso = Para - Dios ]: Parallel God, that is. How many
"Earths" have we, is akin to how many "God"s have we.

Religious tradition is an amalgam of many sources from a Past that is
far more ancient and advanced than the official manipulation passing
off as "academic education" intends to perpetuate. Like scattered sets
of a lost maze or puzzle (or like the debris of a crashed vessel), what
was left off a catastrophic past is passed down through ages through
myths and what have you. The official manipulation of knowledge in
the shape of Academia/Power/Religions/Lodges, is there precisely
to impede the realization of what happened and happens to this very
day. The function of those institutions is to block your awareness, and
to provide Make-Believe slanted "interpretations" of the remnant
pieces of extant ancient & alien and Parallel-Earths pieces (be them
artifacts or knowledge), so that all facts are channeled through to
status-quo official 'Ways of Understanding' reality and Humankind.

Thus whatever extant fragments found their way into the Bible or
into museums/libraries/secret societies, they are made to conform
to spurious and shallow "interpretations" of them, within a context of
"This-Is-The-Only-Earth-That-Exists", and after just 1-run of this
little thing called Life, you either go to Hell or Paradise, period. And
any scientist not conforming to the official academic line is pushed-out
and discredited, grants taken away from him/them. And the tired game
of "lodges that carry the torch" kicks-in, but secret societies actually
run a much tighter noose grip, merely playing "Oh I know so much in
secret" tricks on the minds of their brethren. The real reason for the
secrecy of course, is TO AVOID FACT CHECKING...!?

So secret societies simply tell their 'initiates' whatever they do wish
to, without the brethren having the slightest of chances of actually
being able to verify an iota of the "secret wisdom's" spoon-fed to
them, to see if those have been filtered and slanted to fit the agenda
of their puppet-masters. So secrecy is a must, the moment anyone
wants to explore a little further down the rabbit-hole of official public
superstition; your choices are open public fairy tales, or secret bull
adorned with extensive distracting rituals.

What are they trying so hard to cover up, and therefore avoid you
from realizing? That you -like those teleported humans in the Off
Shoot planet of the movie "StarGate"-, were "placed" in the parallel
TimeLine of a Parallel Earth. Just like the ancient extant fragment
texts that made their way into Book of Genesis in the Bible, describe.
And that the official status-quo has "interpreted" falsely for you to get
an incorrect picture of the real scenario. This fact easily ascertained,
when you witness the obsessive clampdown they tried to effect at the
end of the Middle Ages, when Copernicus and Giordano Bruno realized
that we are not the astronomical center of the universe. It was not so
much that all this 'went against theology', so much as this EXPOSED
THE UNDERLYING "nature" of our Earthly reality here, being one of
many OffShoot "Earths". Copernicus/Bruno et-al, never implied such,
but it is inherent to the development of their line of science, that some
at a certain point would get to this realization, like certainly indeed we
did. Bottom-line: imposing a "We-Are-The-Center-Of-The-Universe"
scam, would make it impossible to ever achieve this realization.

Carl Munck developed a prevailing notion of many researchers, that
this current "Earth" had a precise system of Coordinates, of which
our present Latitude/Longitude is a but minor version of. System
grid-centered at the Giza Pyramid complex in Egypt, where the
center of mass of the Earth lies. Massive stone monuments where
actually "reception" decompression centers for incoming/outgoing
StarGate portal travellers; These stone structures served as places
of "DNA ATTUNEMENT", so that travellers would better adjust to
incoming/outgoing conditions. They acted as "TONE" inducers, so
that Dna was properly tuned to the new environs; that is why the
very word "Stone" contains the word "Tone". And also this is why
the religious slant has recorded this as the "Day of Atonement". One
must not view ancient more advanced science, as purely "physical",
like our present technology; at the contrary, "Attunement" indeed
meant "Atonement" as well. Higher science is PSYCHIC SCIENCE.
To properly "steer" your way through Portals, it suits to have Psychic
abilities, starting with a developed ability to "center" the Self. People
not fully developed in their Dna/Psychic template, risk damage.
Present aviation or deep-sea diving have the risk of accidents & such,
just like StarGate steering has its own genetic damage risks. Usin
English Gematria (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26) we find that:
[ TONE = 54 = SUN ] Sol means Sun, so the 'Temple of Solomon' is
just code for this TECHNOLOGY of "Sun Tone" Template Portals.
Tuning or attuning was harnessing SUN frequencies into the Dna.
Whomever locked-in his Dna this SUN frequency templates, was
fit for wormhole-portal transversing between parallel "Earths".

Nearby in Baalbek and what presently we call Iran/Irak, there were
other Portals, which the powers-that-be nowadays are fighting wars
to get hold on to. And so there were Portals all around the globe, in
highly precise coordinate locations, as Carl Munck discovered. Some
of them were StarGate, some were PlanetGate, some were MoonGate,
some were RegionGate. From Peru to Mexico to China to wherever
these Portals were, you have stone structures serving as receptions
centers or preparatory exit centers. Much later concocted egyptian
"religion", transformed all this into rituals of death and funerary
practices, sort of like in the film "The Planet of the Apes" they used
remants of New York City signs as parts of their 'theology'. This is
a well-known phenomenon, called "Cargo-Cult"; in WWII some Allied
troops were sent to a remote island, and periodically provisions were
thrown to them from airplanes. The local natives developed a religion
involving these cargo packages as sent by the Gods. While definitely
a conspiracy on the part of the Control-System exists to obscure and
slant all findings of our real position in the scheme of parallel realities,
by itself the native superstitious mindset will erect "Cargo-Cults" all
the same. All extant traditions are actually a mixture of both.

Charles Ponce's book "Kabbalah, and Introduction and Illumination
for the World Today" (1973), on the 2nd. page of the Introduction
states the crucial teaching;
"The Kabbalah... differs from rabbinical Judaism, in proposing that:
1.- The creator God of the Bible is a limited God & is subordinate to
a yet higher, limitless & unknowable God, the EnSof.
2.- The universe is not a result of creation 'ex nihilo', but the result
of a complex operation performed by the emanated attributes of
the EnSof, the Sephiroth.
3.- The Sephiroth are a bridge connecting the finite universe with the
infinite God."
In essence and beyond the 'spiritual' lingo, what is revealed by the
Kabbalah knowledge, is that THERE ARE GODS WITHIN GODS.

It is like a Russian-Doll routine; the all-too-obvious reason for this, is
not along theological lines, but a matter-of-fact-ly reality. There are
many parallel universes, many parallel TimeLines and "Earths". So
there are many 'creators' for them, each one being unto a "God" to
that parallel reality or "Earth". When the Kabbalah teaches that the
"EnSof" manifests into a "reality" through the "Sephiroth", it's really
recognizing the fact that one reality comes from another, period.

The idea to RE-CONSTRUCT THE TEMPLATE out of which one
Parallel-Earth was extracted/duplicated as a simile OffShoot from
a previous Original-Earth, is what is symbolically called "Rebuilding
the Temple of Solomon". In fact, this is the TOWER OF BABEL old
tale, to build a computer program (bricks w/names, coded bytes)
of "One Language" that can connect the different TimeLine Earths,
even up to the originating source (called "the Heavens"). When the
Tower of Babel tale says that 'god' performed a Division of Language
upon Men to trojanize this program and render it useless, we should
understand it as a symbol for "Fast-Devolution", of a unifying Fractal
Template of the Mind & Dna fracturing/decaying catastrophically.

What has been washed down through eons as Kabbalah or Sanskrit
or whatever Language-Incursion into rebuilding the Template, is
but the attempt to either enable that again, or clever disinformation
on the part of the Control-System from one reality unto another, to
prevent this reconfiguration and Fast-ReEvolution from happening.
It is interesting to observe how in past cultures such as the Central
Americans, the ever present drawings of WORMHOLE PORTALS
always depicted as exceedingly long and intricate Serpents, clearly
indicate beyond a doubt, that this is how their "gods"came into their
reality. And the serpent depictions both serve to illustrate about the
incoming/outgoing mode, as well as the nature of the visitor gods.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"To PHI or not to PHI"

Number "PHI" is the Ratio inherent to the "Golden Mean" Section,
out of which the famous "Fibonacci Series" of numbers comes, that
is the blueprint for much of nature's work, including our human Dna,
which is divided in a Fibonacci pattern. Supposedly it was recently
that this "PHI' name was assigned to this Ratio, yet even by looking
at Fibonacci's name from centuries back, it's impossible to miss that
it is akin to "PHI-bonacci"... (and yes, it was a nickname).

So someone's been playing MetaLinguistics on the seemingly causal
steady flow of the "development" of languages. NO SUCH THING!?
Language was from the start a Hyper-Dimensional embedding, both
staged and managed and configured at will, by higher entities. Only
those portions of language that are irrelevant, follow the usual way
we conceive language as a utilitarian set. Every single "meaningful"
or "relevant" subset of language, is always meticulously ENCRYTED
and made to be Fractal and Harmonized beyond a specific tongue.

"PHI" is the best & most notorious example of such. Greek word
for Wisdom is "Sophia" (so-PHI-a). Thus the "PHI-losopher". This
word contains both the "PHI" and the "En-SOPH" of Kabbalah. So
a PhiloSopher, meant someone 'in-the-know' about the Underlying
4D/5D Structure of reality. Of course Kabbalah teaches the Ensof
manifests in a Template called the 10 "Sephiroth" (se-PHI-roth).

However even the term "PHI" in itself, is a code; [PHI = Pi + H].
Therefore we have the 3 most important numbers in one code:
"Phi", "Pi", and "H". Max Planck dicovered the constant relation
between Energy and Frequency, called "H" (Planck's Constant).
H divided by 2Pi is called the Reduced Planck Constant, the basis
of Quantum Physics.

There are other coded uses for "PHI", as "Infinity" (in-PHI-nity).
The english name for the numeric equivalent of the Pentagon also
is "PHI" encoded: "Five" (PHI-ve). There is a notable city name
with a Double-PHI... "PHI-ladel-PHI-a". The ancient Asia Minor
city in current day Turkey (tur-KEY), was crucially mentioned
in the Book of Revelation {Rev 3:7 "And to the angel of the church
in Philadelphia write; these things saith he that is holy, that is true,
that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth;
shutteth, and no man openeth"}. In Rev 1:11 the angel messages
the 7 Churches, Philadelphia being the 6th; matching the "Key of
David" (Star of David, the Hexagon). This achetype is known as
Metatron's Cube in occultic circles, the origin of the "Flower of Life"
in Sacred Geometry; connecting the diagonals inside the Hexagon,
a 3D figure of a Cube emerges, so in a 2D figure a 3D figure opens.
This has always been the quintessential icon for a PORTAL, what
is nowadays known as a Quantum StarGate. Thus it doesn't take
a genius to figure out that the symbolism has all along encoded the
science/technology of trasversing between Dimensions/Densities.
Which explains why in magical ceremonies, either a Pentagon or
a Hexagon is drawn on the floor when summoning an otherwordly
being. Yet the point here is that all things "StarGate/Portal", have
an implicit "PHI/Pi/H" geometrical structure, to be feasible. This
secret is what has been labeled the "Holy Grail" (HG).

What "HG" really encodes, is precisely that: "PHI". Moving back
1 place in the alphabetm "PHI" becomes "OGH". Not surprisingly
quite a few 'key' expressions have been termed after this code.
While Philadelphia here in the US was thus setup as the original
seat of power, so the repubican party's other name "GOP" also
reflect the code PHI/OGH. The "GOP" actually carries 2 codes,
as "GranD OlE PartY" also yields "DEY" in its last initials; for ex
JFK was killed in D-eal-EY Plaza, while "HarveY LeE OswalD" last
initials yield "DEY" backwards. Also for ex the World Trade Center
incoming street pointing to its very center is "Dey St", at the corner
of Church/Trinity St (as Dealey Plaza's west end was Trinity Pass).

But the root "GO" is a code for much higher things; like Golgotha in
christianism, the hill/mound where story goes 'Jesus was crucified'.
Golgotha in occultic christianity is the "Mystery of the Blood". But
"GO"is also encrypted in... the 3 Pyramids of Cairo, "G-iza O-rion"
(this a new turn, after it was revealed they layout Orion's Belt in
the ground). Some researchers have suggested "GOP" means "Giza
Orion Plateau" in secret code. And this is exactly when the "GO"
code takes a hell bent curve; naturally this was already enivisaged in
the "GO-liath"figurative story. Goliath being the last descendant
of the giants of Nephilim origin, the Nephilim being the crossbreed of
Anunnaki et's & humans. So it is that in the Old Testament "GO-g"
and "ma-GO-g" represent kingdoms of extant Nephilim power.
Some of these have been associated with a few monarchies, such
as the "G-arter O-rder" in Britain.

But in shortest form, a prominent blue "G" in the midst of Compass
& Square, is the exterior sign of every 'blue lodge' in Masonry. But
"G" rather than being "Gnosis" as they clam publicly, rather stands
for "GOTHA" and "GOLDEN MEAN" (Phi); Gotha is the the last
part of the real name of the current british monarchy. Gothic archs
were directly based on the Phi section, they are a half Vesica Pisces.
And the word "Golden" is password code for Bloodline Dna, those
'blue' Bloodlines that are here to "Mine for Gold" as Zecharia Sitchin
would disinform, i.e really to extract Kundalini energies ('juices') out
of the Human lifeforce pool. Britain's most prominent occultic circle
is called the "Order of the Golden Dawn" ('dawn' is pun for Dna).
[ Eng-land = Gen Land ]

In the perhaps best well known example of the Kabbalah encryption
method called "Temurah", by using an Atbash Cipher code table,
the term "BABEL" becomes "SHESHAK; this has been for some the
clearest hint at the "Shape-Shifters", those who must consume blood
and/or constantly renew themselves with fresh Kundalini forces to
maintain a Human form, otherwise they shape-shift back to their
original reptilan Dna alignment form. And Shape-Sfiters have been
traditionally ascertained to come from the star Rigel ('Regal' ~royal)
in Orion, or from the constellation Draco, first origin of the former.

Which takes us back to the origin of the "PHI" expression itself, as
derived from the "OPHIS" secret elitecult, called the "Brotherhood
of the Serpent" in ancient times, particuluarly so in Egypt. Thus the
Pharaoh wore a headress with a Cobra sticking out of it at the Pineal
Gland or Third Eye position in the forehead, as a token (or even as a
'wearable' tech interface gadget) of the "Order of the OPHIS". In our
modern world, we widely use the word "OFFICE" (Ophis), and also
all over the globe no matter what ideology or system holds power, the
term "President" rules. Go backwards on "Serp" & forward on "ent":

[ President = PRES - id - ENT = SERPENT Id ]

Furthermore, the outward initiatory masonic degress end up in the
33rd degree, beyond which which the real secret elite degrees start.
But in standard english genatria (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26): [ PHI = 33 ].

Such as that when in the Book of Revelation encoded in Gematria,
it is encrypted in Rev 13:18 that you must "Count the Number of
a Name..." (666), it is also encoding "PHI": [ PHI = 33 = Name ]
This text is doubly-confirmed as gematria encoded:
[ "Count the Number of a Name" = 234 = 13x18 ]
Where: [ Id =13 ] and [ 18 = Head ]

Monday, July 7, 2008

Kabbalah for celebrities

"Kabbalah-for-everyone"is opening branches just like a franchise
store; like Scientology, they decided a push for mass appeal must
be fronted by celebrities; Madonna and David Beckham are but a
few of the new 'converts'. However we know that celebs just use
spirituality as a tool for Magic, a key to more success; this type of
"mysticism", is a Cult-of-Success, period. A religion is simply a cult
with a lot of power and money to leverage its public perception, so
a Cult-of-Success is another 'denomination' religion within a larger
substrata of a philosophical/mystical movement.

A few people have always asked me to summarize to them what I
know about either Kabbalah or Jewish Mysticism; I was raised
catholic, and started researching Kabbalah Mysticism in 1979. In
1987 I bought the Charles Ponce book "Kabbalah, an Introduction
and Illumination for the World Today" (copyright 1973, Fourth
Quest Printing, 1986, by Theosophical Publishing House). This
was the best buy ever, and I strongly recommend it as the must-
have introduction for all things Kabbalah. Mainly because Ponce
unveils the full breadth of Kabbalah setting it beyond the "jewish"
element. The Hebrew/Jew/Semite tradition only distracts & slants
the real underlying knowledge. By fiercely defining Kabbalah same
as jewish, they actually throw a veil/filter upon it, when the name
"Kabbalah" means to receive the tradition, as an UNVEILING.

The bottom-line being, that Kabbalah is but a remnant knowledge
from previous more advanced civilizations. And the kicker, that
Kabbalah was a container or vessel from MANY traditions, but
integrated into clearly defined practices. After the destruction of
the Temple of Judea, whatever got collected scattered once again,
and it was only under Emperor TITUS FLAVIUS VESPASIANUS
at the end of the 1st century, that a "gathering" took place in an
organized fashion. He setup shop as to these matters at JAMNIA
in the coast of present Israel, and there began both the resurgence
of Jewish Mysticism as well as the practice of Kabbalah, and it was
the systematic study of both that led to the creation of Christianity,
finally formalized under Emperor Constantine -3rd Century-.

Trouble with either understanding or explaining Kabbalah, stems
from our less developed knowledge, mainly linear one-dimensional
logic, that is inadequate to grasp it. Kabbalah has different brands;
the Speculative (philosophical, mystical) and the Practical (magic,
through Language and Talismans). Both were carried in 2 ways:
Written or Oral tradition. So what you may hear is a "Kabbalah"
center, might be a rabbinical appropriation of it, with an agenda to
fulfil a specific role in society, or to gather power by spread. And
by now, the "race card" issue has tainted so completely the jewish
side of things, one has to cringe at the sight of Kabbalah being
practically sold as kosher mumbo-jumbo. And of course a few
'churches' out there like to put their own spin on Kabbalah as a
background sea of 'authority'.

But in essence, what one has to remember, is that Kabbalah is a
vehicle to preserve a Lost Knowledge trickling from a a more
advanced science spanning a really long time way beyond what is
accepted as formal past history. What has come to us at the end
of the decaying line, is but pieces and fragments, or even perhaps
the deliberate TAINTING of the source, Disinformation mixed
with some original templates. It is dead-obvious it deals within
a context of Fractal Hyper-Dimensional Geometry, but that part
is definitely missing in the tradition, like telling you about a certain
machinery without informing you what it's used for.

Kabbalah is the knowledge of the UNDERLYING STRUCTURE of
all things, be them in 3D Physical shape or in 4D/5D Etheric form.
This is labeled "The Tree of Life", in the figure of 10 "Sephiroths"
that are the expressed manifestation paths of the hidden "Ensof".
The Diagram of the Sephiroths is the centerpiece of Kabbalah; it
is a hyper-dimensional diagram however, a 'map' of the nexus
between 3D and 4D, a Template of Manifestation. Within this
Diagram, are embedded certain LINGUISTIC CODES, that act
as both Passwords in a neuro-linguistic/informatics sense, as well
as in a classic 'numerology' sense. Therefore Kabbalsh is the
knot where Geometry and Language intersect. The geometrical
aspect was not pursued in the jewish tradition, as was the word
and number aspect. But the geometrical side was revived in the
further resurgence of Kabbalah in the christian era.

Kabbalah teaches that "reality" is intrinsically tied to language,
and that there are several Layers of Meaning to everything you
can name or tell, even the Torah or Bible. Thus Kabbalah deals
with this Neuro-Linguistic/Informatic ENCRYPTION aspect,
of our "reality". 3 Rules of Encryption were taught:
(1). NOTARIKON; analysis of 1st & last initials.
(2). TEMURAH; analysis of Cipher-Table encryption methods.
(3). GEMATRIA; analysis of Number/Letter substitutions.

All these 3 involve the notion that "reality" is akin to an advanced
organic "software" program, much like a computer is run by codes
in its programming. What Logos means, is advanced computing of
an organic and etheric nature much more advanced than our quite
toy-like inorganic version of informatics. These 'programs of
reality' with all their inherent 'Free-Will' and 'Learning-Lessons'
alternatives, follow the Manifestation Templates of the Ensof and
the Sepiroths, that act like your mainframe pc. But ultimately,
the only "computer" operating here, is our own PSYCHE, the
mind being the mainframe where the software Codes embed
to project reality, and the phsyical body brain just a terminal for it.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day in Numbers

Since Emperor Constantine effected a simulated collapse of
the Roman Empire -which merely went into 1500 years of
MONARCHY-, in the 18th century following the Renaissance
era, this type of rule could no longer continue -just like the
previous Roman Empire could not-. So it "changed format"
once again; therefore the shell-game of "independent nations"
was brought forth, and while outwardly people were meant
to believe real freedom was in at last, the same Powers-
That-Be simply went from reigning overtly, to reigning
covertly. And by and large a lot of these nations went on
still being colonies, despite appearances.

Masonry was used as a vehicle for this shape-shifting of
public power formats; most Independences all over the
globe, were a work of masonic leading figures, as we all
know. The forefathers here in the US were no different, yet
they were smarter; they mostly played along, but had also
other ideas about what was set to transpire. Besides the Bill
of Rights and Amendments, they sort of effected a Covert-
Rule gone-wrong scheme, so that the Monarchies would
have the "maximum trouble" possible, ruling their covert
colony. This is the bottom-line and true under-history of
Independence in the US. And it is this same game of playing
along and then doing something different, that has been the
tradition amongst many key figures all along, most lately
JFK & brother, who although part of the agenda, had this
counter-agenda simultaneously, which prematurely landed
them 6 ft. under. The Clinton/Gore ticket in 1992 also to a
point continued that tradition, as they enacted but the same
globalists agenda, yet they did not comply with the continued
early destruction of the economy, and decided to effect an
albeit successful Economic Recovery (under the rules they
were playing, I mean). This in turn was punishable, and thus
Clinton Impeachment followed, and Gore in turn was robbed
of the presidency in 2000. At any rate, the new total control
agenda was delayed by 8 years as a result.
In Bavaria in 1776 the famous illuminati Society was founded,
and being the height of upper-elite masonic activity, this date
was setup for higher things so to speak. Thus the same date
was used as Independence Day at the founding of the new
greatest nation on Earth. The US nation's forefathers knew
this quite well -and played along-, as the inherent Numerology
and Gematria behind the date acted as talismanic power, and
this was a good thing anyway.

1776 = 111 + 666 + 999

If you ever hear someone saying that the number "666" is
"an evil number", please laugh. People who do such, do not
know what they are talking about, ok? Actually, No. 666
represents for ex. the "Hexameron" underlying construct
of the Book of Genesis in the Bible, as any decent theologian
knows. 666 is also the underlying construct of WATER, the
water crystal is a 666 geometric structure. Now how "evil"
is water...? There are no evil numbers, this is an imaginary
notion, every number has a Positive or Negative application.
Some numbers may have been used extensively in the past
in their negative-signature aspect, and so within our Genetic
Memory they might "resonate" more with that precedent.
This is what the Pythagorean School labeled "non-propitious"
in a number, how it has been energetically associated with
negative uses. At any rate, the number 666 hasn't: there is
no real precedent of it being used 'extensively' for nothing of
the sort. These "evil number" notions come from ignorant
people reading the Book of Revelation without knowing zilch
about Gematria or encoding (Rev 13:18 text clearly warns
it is only for those "who have wisdom" in this technique).

Of course other Triads yield "1776" (222+555+999=1776,
etc) as well. However [111+666+999] is the only one who
covers the full 1-to-9 spectrum of single digit numbers.
On the other hand the actual date "July 4" encrypted the
more specific monarchic covert agenda (a=1, b=2,..., z=26):

[ JULY 4 = 72 = Monarch ]

Adding the full expression:
{ "1776 July 4, Independence Day" = 1976 }
While adding the variant spelling:
{ "1776 July 4th, Independence Day" = 2004 }

So one assumes the nation's forefathers were aware of this
"1776 to 2004" period as a preset total control agenda, and
decided to writea Constitution that in great specificity goes
against and impedes this, via Bill of Rights & Amendments,
etc. They were the 1st Libertarians then.

And by extensions, both the JKF & brother, as well as the
Clinton/Gore counter moves, were done to set-back the clock
on the illuminati preset date period. Practically everyone now
knows that the date-clock is ticking towards the "Year 2012"
Apex. Therefore delaying the agenda, is but another way of
making it improbable to fully materialize, or at least making
it a troubled-deadline agenda.

THE BIG-SPLIT, into the 4D/5D

Humanity has entered the 4D Realm at least twice before (in
Atlantis and Lemuria for ex.), and then the situation reversed,
as now the 4D Realm-ers can come in certain ways into our 3D
Realm, but viceversa we cannot enter their 4D Realm. This is
what is so clearly described symbolically in the Eden story of
Cherubim "guarding the entrance to Paradise". Devolution in
its clearest sense, means an 'Earth-Bound' downward spiral of
Consciousness and Incarnation, where "reality" is perceived as
an inverted Outside-In instead of the true Inside-Out projection.
Once this devolved mode-of-consciousness sets in, we become
nothing more than a food source for 4D vampiric entities, who by
and large control/manage/stage our 3D "reality to suit their
specific kundalini Harvesting needs. The devolved reversal of
Consciousness brings down the original SHIELD of the Self, and
exposes the Incarnated "I" to intrusion, abduction, possession,
tampering, deactivation, and general predatory practices. No
sir, you are not on top of the food chain, and you are delusional
if you think such. Humans are energy food, and those avoiding
this awareness, fully deserve their predicament.

However, there are those who are aware of it, and do try to re-
evolve and change their predicament. The former are poised for
futile wars of power and dominion in a 3D Realm that is for all
practical purposes just becoming closer and closer to what one
is used to label as "Hell", but these new breeds of Explorers are
part of the Avatar advancing circles, as Consciousness once again
Breaks-The-Shell and is on the verge of entering the 4D once
more. But this Realm by now is also riddled with negative vampiric
devolving beings, particularly what is called the "Lower 4D"-, so
the real serious push, is to land in the 5D Realm. The current
cosmic shift, actually permits this, as Dimensions/Densities are
re-aligning from top to bottom, and there is a general Upwards
Surge, where Harmonics are elevated in each D-Realm, allowing
the Explorers to even possibly bypass the 4D Realm, and access
the 5D directly. Needless to say, people still trapped in the BiPolar
notions of predator/victim, rich/poor, white/black, male/female,
etc., haven't even begun the preparatory exercises for an existence
in 5D where Polarity does not exist in this degree (or at all, maybe).

Therefore while most in 3D Earth will be fighting for the fewer
& fewer available resources amidst catastrophic Earth-Changes
and a Humanity more & more composed of the "Left-Behinds"
-the best simile of this, life in prison-, a much smaller portion of
the human pool is decidedly splitting-up from them, experiencing
"Fast-Evolution" and gradually 'phasing' away from the lowering
zombie frequency of those. This much smaller group, is little by
little manifesting themselves at a frequency level BEYOND the
reach of 4D vampires, and devolving humans turning ghoulish.

You can easily spot these advancing explorers, by a striking Absence
of Ego and Self-Centeredness, a definite orientation to serve the
"One Is All" and not just the ilusory "I", a phenomenal psychic
and intellectual capacity in a more integral sense, definite wisdom,
a life path basically construed by Synchronicity, lack of pretension
and posing, a dislike of the limelight, a stunning LACK OF FEAR,
etc. You know the type, those who are pushed aside, boycotted,
harassed and ridiculed, gossipped against, black-listed, starved,
rejected by the mainstream, conspired against, ignored, bypassed,
unheeded, suspected of, done away with, those who everybody in
a systematic and deliberate manner like to play "indifferent to,"
those who in seemingly every job or activity are constantly being
"substituted" by people of much less capacity and level. One could
go on forever describing this type of individual, but... we all know
exactly who this type of individual is. It's the SOCRATES syndrome,
how the best philosopher is made to drink the Poison Cup, so that
the Left-Behinds in consciousness terms, are made to "feel better"
about themselves once he's removed from sight...!? The present
Reality-Matrix, ever since Socrates on (just to pinpoint one of the
latest cliche moments of devolution), is but a depository of the
worst type of individuals, bent on REMOVING the best & brightest
from amongst them in the Matrix. Voltaire best summarized this
when he stated that this earthly humanity is a cosmic serving-time
prison for faults committed in higher realms, and that the only
meaningful difference between one human and another (irrelevant
of their cosmic "origin"), is whether he's on a Downward Spiral
-devolving- or an Upward Spiral -evolving again-. Those who are
terribly busy devolving, too obsessed with being their Ego-selves,
or who merely are here on Earth seeking "sensations", do not
share an iota with those who carry a different tune; physically
one might resemble the other, but both like beings from a totally
different cosmos and species, on the INSIDE -in Consciousness
terms-. And this Split is widening dramatically as we speak, the
Uppers and the Downers of this Consciousness shift, are evident
for anyone with a brain cell alive, to see.

There is a Humanity evolving into something higher and better,
reaching out even beyond the 4D realm into the 5D, and another
"Hell-Bent Humanity" devolving by-the-minute, becoming Zombie,
irrational and obsessive-compulsive, slave to addictions, trapped
in their Incarnate physicality and genetic Dna Structure, being
grossly vampirized and possessed and mind-controlled to the hilt,
who really serve no purpose other than to fill the Matrix. Thus
this majority is gradually being "virtualized", and their future is
to become a blend of Machine/Human, a walking computer with
pre-loaded limit programs. This SPLIT BETWEEN ASCENDING
HUMAN AND DEVOLVING ROBOT, constitutes the conundrum
of these times we live in.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

So you think you can tell Heaven from Hell

Did Hell appear after Heaven got corrupted, or Heaven appear after
Hell got sanctified…? In the Islamic regions, blowing yourself up in
enemy territory, takes you directly to Paradise they claim. In our
Christian world, you gotta volunteer for Crucifixion to truly be saved.
Well, I mean the real believers, not the usual HYPOCRITES that flaunt
in public their very “saved” credentials. Most often than not, Heaven
is just another form of Hell; sorry, I just can’t picture Paradise full of

Houston town is a sprawling mega city… where some young single
rock 'rollers tell me they struggle to get laid, it’s the new sex-drought
dystopia. Sexy chicks too busy prostituting themselves in Houston,
the city of “night activities” for the lonely corporate traveler. I
figure a starving single rock ‘n roller has zero chance of competing
for a piece of meat against the high purchasing power of corporate
passers-by. It’s called Market economy, Stupid!? The Market is the
real Saint Peter in the gates of Heaven/Hell.

Unless you’re married and thus sanctified and not involved in the
‘show me da $$$’ or-be-celibate jungle. Marriage is membership
into a SWINGING CLUB; once married, your chances of getting laid
all over the place increase astronomically. Serious national surveys
show 60% of women are found to admit cheating in Marriage. Duh…
whatdya expect to happen in a Swingers Club? Now to those hardcore
single males, I advise sporting always a date or girlfriend, women
compete unto themselves, and you’ll be soon flooded with passes
and telephone numbers the moment your date goes to the restroom.
Show up alone at a bar/club/party, and they won’t even notice you.
I’ve been on the Internet since 1997, heavily used it in the job, and
for intellectual purposes. It never occurred me once to access the
web for virtual sex. But lately, you really had to live in Zulu not
to hear about the "web stars" of the preteen craze. I'm so sure an
outstanding hypocrite as you never heard of popular names like
"Zhenya". You've been too busy swinging or hitting airport rest-
room stalls maybe....

So I decided to do a little research, which is trickier than said. How
could Aldous Huxley do all his research on Mescaline without trying
it? I had to get out of the daily “legal-purity” Paris Hilton/Britney
Spears media bombardment and take a little walk on the wild-side.
What Wild Side…? You gotta be kiddin’… Enter the Vlad Models from
Russia -with Love- website, and it’s hard to tell an early teen from a
total slut. Yeap, you just CAN’T TELL Heaven from Hell. It’s a full-
blown enterprise, just one set of pictures runs anywhere from 40 to
80 U$Dollars, only thing wild there, the wild amount of dollars they
cash in. Then comes Art Modeling Studios, etc. As we live in such an
Outstanding society, “we” would never produce such “crap”… but we
are its main CONSUMERS !? Authorities announced a crackdown
on the notoriously massive Usenet website archives, here our next
big scam: “War Against Pedophilia“. Follow the great success of our
Wars against Drugs/Crime/Illegal immigration et al, one has to
infer this “crackdown” will RAISE THE PRICE of the pics traded on
the web. Translate: big-time politicos and corporate high-flyers don't
want their rampant pedophilia lifestyle and perks, to be available “so
cheap” and practically in-the-open for anyone over the web. You know
the little Jon Bennet case was never about child-prostitution, cause
the media n-e-v-e-r ever mentioned it, and you know, the media tells
the truth and nothing but the truth…
Then come the Pirates, who hack and spread picture files for free,
most of them are just another form of Preview for the same mega
biz. Some of these young models look so used up, it's hard not to
imagine they’re not actually working prostitutes for the ultra-rich.
The poor masses get the No-Nude photo crumbs, while the big-
honchos get the real meal. How do these businesses prosper so
much one has to wonder? The answer always simpler than simple
PROHIBITION always creates the syndrome, and guarantees a
high price for the product. It worked for alcohol & drugs, we all know
the people making the big money in drugs are the bankers who get
to launder and re-invest all that dirty money ; yes, your very golfer
executive -and the politicos that provide them with the proper legal
immunity and protection-. So while in most of past official history
females were fit for marriage as soon as they were able to begin to
grow tits or ovulate -or even earlier than that, as you can still find
to this day in places like India, etc.-, in present Society the system
has created an impossible to sustain irrational “legal sex age” of say
18 and up. Never mind that teens are having sex from even 9 years
old on… Most “teens” today, have more mileage than I had up to my
late 30’s, and the teen unwanted pregnancies prove it, albeit all the
contraceptive pills available at large.
A case of “someone somewhere” as usual, making funny rules that
don’t work, because they’re not really designed to work, to only act
as a Prohibition incentive, raising the excitement and price of the
goods -teens-. I mean, reading the supposed visions of the ultra-
conservative Anne Katherine Emmerich of centuries back (Mel
Gibson’s Passion film was based on her writings), she talks how
the Virgin Mary “was 14 years old” when pregnant with Jesus. We
are raising a "FULLY EDUMACATED” young population of Men-
Child who still by and large behave like Pubescents, since through
“education”-, are pushing forward their rearing years onto 18 & up,
as college life still is education, more even if you add in a few post-
graduate years . All this under the guise of a certifiably lousy or at
least highly mediocre “education”. After those DISFUNCTIONALLY
repressed extended-teen years, will you Wonder young people binge-
drink themselves, then become married Swingers, and finally end-up
daydreaming about very young teenagers...?
If you add to the mix, that most Women are trained to Act & Perform
as but thinly disguised hookers -Gold Diggers-, will you wonder at
the notion that mature Men will seek an escape to all this insanity in
a quest for some Lost-Years in the land of the Innocence-Lost…?

Most of these repressed and deprived and dignity-abused Men, are
just victims of unnatural systems imposed by “modern society”.
Pedophiles are a different matter, and they are most often found in
high levels of biz and politics and religion (no, NOT “just” catholics).
The ones being caught are usually just the small-fish. But then again,
what is so different from “ideal” marriages in Hollywood, here divorce
usually happens after 2 years. Having a gorgeous body and a revered
personality -plus all the money in the world to satisfy the Female
gold-digging habit, don’t seem to make the slightest of difference at
all; it actually becomes a RECIPE FOR FAILURE in relationships .
'Tis being the situation, one has to ponder on why these dysfunctional
“ideals” are promoted as “the way to be” then.