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What are CERN & the Large Hadron Collider really about?

The LHC (Large Hadron Collider) project of CERN, has been subject
of sizable speculation for some time, much more in its content than
the notorious HAARP project, because it is 'so' much larger in scope.
When researching info on CERN, one gets thrown in quite a cauldron,
where the main theme splits in a myriad directions. I will attempt for
the reader here, a multi-approach synthesis, that'll shed some light
on what could be the age's biggest & most dangerous techno wizardry.

You'd have to be living in the Moon not to have heard that the LHC
has been blamed for the rise in earthquakes and hurricanes, precise
dates of its start in Sept 10th 2008 & later restart in Feb 27th 2010
matching mega 'earth-changes' events.

CERN stands for "Conceil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire", as
of 1952; in 1954 it became the "Organization" instead of the "Council"
yet the acronym OERN was unsuitable, thus they kept the old CERN.
Or so we are told. When applying Std. English Gematria (a=1, b=2,...,
z=26), one finds the Black-Hole agenda present from its inception:

CERN = 40 = HOLE

Keep in mind that in the Bible the Deluge is said to have lasted 40
Days; the implication that if the LHC is actually an "Ark" project in
a multi-dimensional sense, than a Noetic symbolism is pertinent.
Noah in English is NOE in latin derived tongues. This is where the
hiding of the real name "OERN" fits in, as it contains "NOE" in it;
an identical ref is found on the Large Hadron Collider's name, read
backwards as to NOAH:


CERN (and the LHC) are based in GENEVE Switzerland, east of the
Jura Mountains, west of the Alps:

GENEVE ~~~ "GEN-esis EVE"

CERN and the LHC were created to study the creation of MATTER,
ultimately looking at how the Big-Bang's first instants transformed
Energy into Mass; if you decode that, then you could... create your
very own material universe. The latin word for Mother is "MATER",
this the Primal Matter as the Primeval... Mother. Extrapolating it
to the Judeo-Christian symbology, the "Virgin Mary" as the "First
Eve", means going back to a stage before the current manifestation
of the material universe. This is precisely what the "VIRGIN" here
means; the original Trinity was "Father/Mother/Son", as extant in
all ancient traditions, but later the Sacred Feminine was substituted
by the -(if not male, androgynous)- "Holy Spirit", in my opinion to
conceal the agenda for the New Creation of a Material Universe,
by taking the Matter/Mater (Mother) concept out of mind.

When contemplating the whole Trinity & Birth/Rebirth key themes
in Christianity (and other religions), there is much more than simply
a pun to the SOLAR deities and so forth; this is but the beginning of
the concealment -the 1st layer of it so to speak-. Astro-Zodiacal
cults they might secretly be, but they are so to MARK A TIME when
the "New Genesis" & "New Eve" of a New Creation must be enacted,
not simply as a static "worship" of ancient rituals. The theme of the
Old Sun giving birth to a New Sun is there undoubtedly, but besides
marking a date, this also means that the New Sun (Dark Sun from a
Black-Hole) is in itself icon of the entire new Cosmos created anew;
New Cosmos means New Genesis, New Eve & New Adam, New Sun,
New Earth, New Jerusalem, etc. Factor in... "New World Order".

The defense DARPA created the internet technology in the USA,
which when declassified for academic uses gradually evolved into
the current internet; the protocols of this new Internet as opposed
to the old Intranets, where finally settled as we now have them in
-of course- Geneve Switzerland, at the CERN facilities. This what
was named a "World Wide Web" in its http etc protocols; Geneve
is also the home of the infamous WHO (World Health Organization,
the same one that tried to vaccinate against the "swine flu" the
entire globe, and now is trying to enact the Codex Alimentarius),
Geneve was also the home of the UN and UNICEF, until they got
headquartered in NY. That soccer team that generates so much
antibodies in so many people (nicknamed "matrix team" by some)
Barcelona, carries the Unicef logo in its game-shirts. Geneve is
awfully close to LUCERNE:


( & (

WHO/DHN = 72 = Monarch
(1st. & last initials)

The UNICEF logo bears same template as the WHO logo, the first
shows Isis & Horus, the 2nd. shows the Serpent on the scepter. A
new Genesis & New Sun & New Earth & New Eve/Adam, but of a
different species, perhaps a new hybridization programme yet this
time with an emphasis on the Reptilian instead of the Mammalian

This brings us back to the... JURASSIC ERA, around 200 million
years ago & closer, when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth; we have now
an Earth mostly populated by mammalians, the food source of the
most evolved mammalian -Mankind-. The presence of Dinosaurs,
means that there must have been a higher-evolved reptilian using
it as food source. But this fact is not admitted by official science;
we are told humans presently are the "first" evolved creature on
the planet ever. However a quick tour of the internet's fringe side,
tells otherwise; that reptilians consider this planet theirs, because
in their view they were 'here first'. Then we have extensive fringe
lore on the 2 separate projects of Reptilian-Human hybridization in
first Lemuria (stronger reptilian DNA) & then in Atlantis (stronger
human DNA), and later we show up as the remnants & mutants of
those, and what have you. It helps looking at Tibet:

L-emuri-A A-tlanti-S ~~~ LASA ~~~ "Lhasa"

Before writing the mega-seller "DaVinci Code", Dan Brown wrote his
"Angels & Demons" (although made film later), which has the LHC
as the main subject of conspiracy to destroy the Vatican by throwing
some Anti-Matter on it. A more intelligent novel "(Flashforward" by
Robert J. Sawyer) also has the LHC as the main theme, in a complex
meditation of Time and Consciousness in relation to new 'quantum
leap' physics; it made into a TV series in 2009. The adventure book
series "The 39 Clues" has CERN being a secret Ekaterina stronghold,
that holds the clue to Hydrogen -any pun to Hurricane Katrina just
a sheer coincidence, I guess-.

The not-so-hidden New Hybridization with a renewed emphasis on
the Reptilian DNA, is apparent in the trilogy of films "Jurassic Park";
if we name them "JPI"/"JPII"/JPIII", we can made a parallel to the
last Popes -"JPI" (John Paul I) and "JPII" (John Paul II). The first
most emblematic JPI was directed by Steven Spielberg, the last
4 letters of his name in reverse fit Geneve:


This directly references CERN, as the term "Jurassic" literally was
taken from the JURA Mountains in the Swiss/French border, -by A.
Von Humboldt ("Jura" meaning Forest) in his his limestone studies-
where CERN & the LHC sit.

Dan Brown's "DaVinci Code" is a recreation of the old propaganda
machine put in motion to simulate a "divine origin" of the european
monarchies bloodline; they simulated Mary Magdalen showed up on
the coast of southern France, carrying the sons of Jesus. This was
preserved as the biggest-secret, while officially the Church was not
adscribing to this, but to a Jesus-God of no human sons. Most often
the illuminati are recognized by this pattern of inseminating a polar
version of events & ideologies, 2 stories in conflict; this is standard
procedure until today, in countless Polarities (left/right, east/west,
this/that, etc), while they have inseminated all and keep the upper
hand by forcing people to take sides, while they are always "both
and all sides" of every issue.

The 2 Christian irreconcilable versions became the CATHARS vs.
Catholics problem; the Cathars were meant to preserve this alleged
"Magdalene" offspring and theology inherent to the issue. As they
were exterminated, the modern code-name for this issue became
ultimately the "PRIORY OF SION", as an alleged secret order of
initiates preserving a divine supposed Jesus/Magdalene bloodline.
Of course the existence of the Priory of Sion has been disputed as
a hoax; versions vary as to whether it is actually just a code-name
for a segment within the Church that is in-the-know, or variations
of the same. The point being, that since it is not possible to truly
map the location of the mythical "Mount Sion" (or "Zion", origin of
the so-called Zionism as the background of the New World Order,
not the same as Judaism/Jewry, though hiding behind that facade),
by contrast one can easily pinpoint a place in the Swiss Alps called
, a small town with a Church perched on a hilltop -and...with a
... military airstrip-. Sion in Switzerland about 40 miles east of our
Geneve... and laying in the same exact parallel
. This entire area of
Switzerland (including the 5-star Zermatt ski resort), well known
to be a favorite hangout and secret meeting place of the super-elite
in Europe, where the real "blue-bloods" come together quietly. But
then again, as in all high altitude places on earth, this area is thought
to be where deep underground bases exist, et's and all.

See, without inversely 'placing-the-setting' so to speak, one cannot
possibly even fathom the full extent of what is being suspected of
the entire CERN and LHC agenda. The following Pope Benedict 16
has a coat of arms whose colors are Red/Yellow/Blue (in that order
of relevance); the logo of "Jurassic Park" is Red & Yellow:

Way before Obama's election, we thus see a black man with a crown,
a shell at the center symbolizing both Venus & Reptilian royalty, and
a bear (Bear = Bar-e,/barack). The JP-Jurassic Park (barack) logo
is the ORB in Red, at the Horizon (Horus-Zion/Orion Sun), clearly
shaped to convey the greek letter OMEGA. This symbolism ties in
directly with the ATEN orb of Akhenaten, which is what the Obama
orb logo meant to mean; Jesus in Rev/Apoc calls himself "I am the
Alpha and the Omega":

OMEGA = 41 = "A CERN"

Besides the shape of Pope Benedict XVI's coat of arms as well as the
shape of Obama's campaign logo clearly meaning the greek Omega,
the name "OBAMA" itself, is a fractal of "OMEGA". Which leads us
to the "O" of the old (discarded?) name of CERN as originally OERN,
embedding another highly emblematic name:


The entire symbolism becomes clear looking at 1st & last initials
(incl. pun on Jesus Christ as JC):

J-urrassi-C P-ar-K
JC/PK = 40 = CERN

If anyone has the slightest doubt as to how meticulous the encoding
works in all things CERN, one simply needs to observe the names
chosen for the public protocol of the internet:


Patmos Island in the Dodecanese in the Aegen Ocean in Greece, is
a powerful code, supposedly the book of Rev/Apoc written there.
Yet rearranging the letters, one gets the 4 most prevalent/defining
acronyms of the computer & internet cashless era;


DOS is the computer system ("Driver Operating System"), LAN the
computer network system ("Linear Aggregated Network"), ISP the
internet network system ("Internet Service Provider"), and ATM
the digital money network system ("Automated Transfer Machine").

If you happen to rate this theological angle as 'coincidence', I think
you need to go to the shrink; let's go back to the "Conceil Europeen
du Recherche Nucleaire" full name of CERN:

[ Nuclear = 74 = Lucifer ]
[ Research = 77 = Council = 77 = Christ ]
[ Lucifer = 74 = Jesus ]

For further elaboration on what's behind this "Nuclear=Lucifer" key
correspondence, please search YOUTUBE for a video series of 4, in
the name "Illuminatimatrix Que Esta Pasando En El Mundo 1/4" (I
have trouble pasting the url to the blog & getting it to open properly)
in english sound with spanish subtitles; this 4-part series reveals that
likely our "reality" made of atoms is NOT good/benign or godly, but
a hijacked false version -in other words, a simulated Matrix altered
copy-. A graphic of the symbology of the Atom/Nucleus in website
format found here (scroll down page):

For further expansion on the subject, you could also do YOUTUBE
searches under "ATOM ATUM ILLUMINATI" or the like; I assure
you, interesting results you shall find.

Unless you were privy to these contemplations, it would not cross
your mind to put together the hard science of Physics & the Occult
symbology of Luciferian slant; this post helps to shed light on these
secret things. Once acquainted with the issue, it becomes easier to
understand what I'm really writing about here.

Let's look at the "Counci-L N-uclea-R R-esearc-H" 1st & last initials:

[ CNR = 35 = Eye ]
CNR/LRH = 73 = Britain=United=Kingdom=Crown=Egypt

"EYE" of course means the "All Seeing Eye"; the Vatican officially
calls itself the "Holy See". From the "Eye of Horus" in Egypt to the
All Seeeing Eye to the Holy See, it's one and the same symbology.
(Also, the 1st. & last initials of "All Seeing Eye" yield "EAGLES").

As to the prominent colors Red & Yellow:
[ "Red & Yellow" = 119 ]

Keep in mind the word RED was embedded backwards in the last
initials of "worl-D trad-E cente-R", where { RED=27=Code}. As
you may recall, I mentioned at the beginning that the LHC project
was started in... Sept 10-2008; now that's almost 911
. Then the
project had a malfunction and shut-down until it restarted back
in... Feb 27-2010, yes {Red=27=Code}, the RED Orb in Jurassic
Park's film logo. The sun sinking in the horizon of this logo besides
being the greek letter Omega, and Horus-Zion, as to the project
of high-physics itself in the LHC/Large Hadron Collider at CERN,
means a much more direct concept: EVENT HORIZON in a Black-


The name of the Jurassic Park series also carries embedded:

{I don't mean to imply Obama knows any of this really, he might just
be a guy chosen merely for his name & resemblance to Akhenaten,
plus the specific lineage from Kenya, origin of the river Nile in Lake
Victoria-Kenya. However it does not appear as if the Kenyan man
supposed to have been his father actually was, thus arranged to be

Another clear indication CERN was from its inception ritually made
to fit exactly certain codes & symbols of the illuminati, is evident in
the 12 Founding Nations of the project; 12 here means the Zodiac,
the 12 months, the 12 Knights, the 12 Apostles. Not a chance this
was sheer coincidence!? Yugoslavia later left, and both this country
as Greece are totally anomalous members, because they obviously
had a lower-level of science in those days; they were included only
to complete the ritual No. 12. This no minor detail, since this is the
reason the Patmos Island in Greece is the key to the code.

The 12 Founding nations as listed in the Wikipedia entry for CERN,
have the following as last initials: { MKEYEYSYNMA }. Observe
the acronym "MK" & the word "EYE" -MK such a famous theme
in Mind Control-. (belgiuM, denmarK, francE, germanY, greecE,
italY, netherlandS, norwaY, swedeN, switzerlanD, unitedkingdoM,
yugoslaviA). The USA joined as observer in 1997; however Chile
joined on 10/10/1991, erase the 0's and you get two 911's...! The
chilean Coup-d'Etat of 1973 happened on Sept 11...!

Chile is highly pertinent as to the nature of the LHC project, as we
will see here; pres Michelle Bachelet went in person to CERN in '07,
ratifying the liaison, as some chileans work there. The chilean org
working with CERN is called CONICYT. The unavoidable fact is that
It is of utmost interest how this in-your-face synchronicity has been
absolutely ignored by both the chilean mainstream media, as well as
the alternative internet community there! As the Feb 27 earthquake
was preceded by a Jan 12-2010 earthquake in Haiti that killed aprox
230 thousand people, only about a month and a half "before" the re-
start of CERN on Feb 27, it can be argued that this could have been
a result of the "trial-runs". If this is the case, then aprox 1 month
and 1/2 "after" Feb 27 (vector-time forward), there should occur
another earthquake of magnitude to complete the circle-wave. If
not, then this would mean that Haiti's quake had another cause, be
it geo-natural or HAARP.

Not that they are lacking in
conspiratorial suspicion, because they are
not; rumours of HAARP causing the massive earthquake are rampant
in Chile, however "none" of the rumours mentions this CERN fact.
This is even stranger, considering that when Volcan Chaiten in Chile
also famously erupted on May 2nd-2008, the internet in the USA
went gaga with rumours of a CERN & CONICYT tie as miscarriage of
science (a simple google search for "Chile Cern" will deliver more than
a few entries commenting this CERN suspected involvement in the
Chaiten eruption).

Your search will also reveal that CERN at the time was also suspect
of causing the huge CHINA EARTHQUAKE of May 12-2008 (only a
week later than the Chaiten eruption). In fact, both Chaiten-Chile
and China, were at the time linked together, not just by date, but
because they lie almost at the exact same ANTIPODE as well -that
is, in a straight line passing through the center of the earth
-. Then
it was elaborated that these 2 synchronic events were a result of
the "trial-runs" of the LHC, 4 months before its official start. But
another possibility must be contemplated; since the LHC basically
creates Quarks and/or Anti-Quarks, and they are the result of
creating "Mini Black-Holes" that seek to approach the early secs
of the Big-Bang, then it follows that the project tinkers with the
fabric of Space-Time. Under this reasoning, a Black-Hole can be
akin to a singularity, which we can think of as dropping a stone on
a pool of water, waves forming in ALL DIRECTIONS OF TIME,
not simply forward time-vector as we experience it. In turn, then
similar events might be found at the forward side of the time-vector
starting on Sept 10-2008 (the date the LHC was officially started).

Therefore you have Sept 10-2008 minus aprox 4 months yielding
the May 2/May 12 dates of the Chaiten eruption/China earthquake,
when vectoring towards the "past"; in mirror effect you have aprox
4 months into the "future" expected events around Jan 10-2009.
In fact they occurred, although not as spectacularly as the Chaiten
& China events, yet undeniably so; there was a swarm of smaller
earthquakes in YellowStone, an earthquake in Costa Rica, etc, all
in the exact early January 2009 frame. I invite you to confirm it
with your own eyes, by simple search on the internet (google "Jan
2009 earthquakes").

This in the Earthquake/Eruption topic; YET THERE WAS A MASSIVE
OF THE LHC AT CERN. The Bolivar Pensinsula homes in Galveston
Bay were flattened to the ground, and the city of Houston was out of
electrical power for 7 days, even all the way up the far north Conroe
area. I know it, cause I was there, and lived through that week. By
good fortune, the area-size of Hurricane Ike was so wide, that it
produced a drop in temperature to around 83F during the day for
most of the week; electricity returned just when the temperature
started dangerously climbing up to the 90's and beyond again; had
not it been for this drop in temperature, this would have been "a lot"
higher in the death toll, no doubt. Most Houstonians had opted to
weather the hurricane, because the evacuation during Hurricane
Rita (lesser intensity) the year before, was for nothing, as it missed
the city altogether.

Now, what exactly is the science that has given rise to so much web
buzz concerning the LHC at CERN and earthquakes and hurricanes?
When you listen to the official academia scientists, they dismiss all
these speculations as wild rantings of crazy or uninformed people.
However when you research, you find a number of possibilities of
things going wrong with the project; that they're essentially making
Gravity Waves, that the Mini Black-Holes do not simply "vanish in
the air" as the project scientists claim, but that they GRAVITATE
TOWARDS THE CENTER OF THE EARTH, away from sight & mind,
etc. Some go as far as to fear that they might remain there, always
'eating up' more matter, destabilizing the earth's core.

Then of course, are the 'other' references; like CERN is named after
the god CERNUNNOS, master of the Sacrificial Hunt, Keeper of the
Gates of Death, ruler of the 4 Elements & the 4 Cardinal Directions.
Here we see Cernunnos with Serpect in hand, inside the pentagram:

Then here, we see the hindu god of Creation/Destruction SHIVA,
at the entrance of CERN:

This statue is an irrefutable sign that the LHC at CERN is not merely
a "study & research" into the heart of matter, but AN ATTEMPT
stated before, a New Genesis, a New Sun, a New Earth, a New Eve;
because high up in the top elite, they possess information that the
current reality is "decaying". So that the true intention is to create
a new reality where to incarnate in a hybrid of dominant reptilian
DNA. It can be thus suspected, that this is a joint venture with
reptilians already advising the project (providing the blueprint?).
While there are many websites that for a long time now have been
saying that Parallel Timelines were opened at specific moments
-and that typically when they converge back generate Deja Vu or
things of that sort
-, few websites discuss the possibility of opening
up a PERMANENT Timeline, akin to a new Big-Bang generated at
a laboratory setting level, where an entire mankind and nature be
re-created anew, to the whim & directive of the manipulator.

Perhaps then, the first feat attempted by the LHC, would be to
would not have been a side-effect of the Chilean earthquake as
reported, but precisely its very goal...! (a controlled minor test).

Was this what the gnostics warned about when discussing the main
difference between the true God and the "Demiurgs", or about the
false nature of this material reality...? How many times has this
process been effected already in the very far past..? Plato appears
to have had some knowledge concerning this, as he teached it in
albeit the disguised form of the allegory of the cave -this reality
as false shadows (a decayed copy) of an original template-.

Finally, Nostradamus predicted something so specific to the nature
of the LHC project in Geneva, that is undeniable in precision; he has
used the alchemical figure of "SATURN" with its rings, to symbolize
the ATOM (some say the very word "Saturn" derives of "Atum")
and the breaking of it to transmute reality (from Gold to Iron means
going from a Golden Age to the Age of Iron, thus worse, this why he
speaks of a "contra ray", anti-matter, descent to "hell-like matrix").

I offer the famous Century 9 Quatrain 44, but a simple search on the
Web will reveal more related Quatrains, and a rather large pool of
material relating the LHC project and Nostradamus, as well as many
websites that have been for quite some time warning about the LHC
without any relation to Nostradamus.

---Century 9 Quatrain 44---:

Lake Geneve is also called Lake Leman:

This project has been dubbed by some as a dangerous gate to the
"Bottomless Pit" of Rev/Apoc, a dimensional doorway, the Beast
is referred to as "...that will come out from the Abyss again":
[ LEMAN = 45 = PIT = 45 = REV ]
Pertaining to the general concept of "Manufacturing Reality", it is
of great help to read the following 2 links, explaining in simple terms
some deep symbologies behind the hindu religion (SHIVA/SHAKTI):