Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Marketable Pandemic

It's all just a coincidence. Don't worry Be happy. Everything is fine,
the world is as it's told, the news do tell the truth, and politicians are
exactly what they claim to be.

On the same reckoning, Mexico City's swine flu is simply that, what
they told you it was -that is-, and you must eagerly await your very
personal flu-vaccine delivery; specially the one labeled "Pandemic
Flu Vaccine". Same one the Paris-France based company SANOFI
announced in... -er-... MEXICO CITY on MARCH 19, will
begin to produce. Nicolas Sarkozy -(yeah, the president of France,
dude)- on a state visit to that very country on that month -(which
happens to be last month, dude)-, together with Felipe Calderon
-(yeah, the president of Mexico, the same one who "won" a sham
of an election, dude)-, announced construction for the new plant
that will produce such instantly oh-so-marketable item on a 100
Million Euros preliminary budget. In Mexico, case you didn't catch

Our honorable media would not report on this, being an evidently
random coincidence. You don't want to bore your so respectable
TV audience, including coincidental data of irrelevant peskiness,
now would you...?

The role of the honorable media, to precisely Filter-Out such data,
which one would assume would lead to increased levels of random
stress. Much better to batter the overworked & bankrupt with the
best apocalyptic dire warnings of terminal end-times plagues, proof
of a truly godly master plan that... happens to be... instantly avoided
with just... a... simple convenient... vaccine.

Of course God himself in his infinite providence, provided that this
swine-flu outbreak would occur at the precise same location as the
new vaccine manufacturing plant. See? All of it just falls neatly into
perfect place. It's-All-Good-Baby, don't ask intrusive questions, be
always very afraid, and do trust your global Pandemic Flu Vaccine
provider -the very right hand of God himself-.

Now we can all go back to our favorite sports game. Life is great,
knowing that God is the CEO of the new vaccine manufacturing
plant head company. Phew...!?, feel so relieved now.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Phony War on Drugs / Phony War on Pedophilia ?

-Later added commentary-:
In India alone, 15 MILLION little children (real children, not phony
legalese labeled "children" as grownup teenagers -there is a reason
they are called different things, duh-) are involved in CHILD SLAVE
TRADE. From the former Behind The Iron Curtain eastern Europe,
tens of thousands each year join the mass of children of other origins
who typically end up as Europe's dirty little secret. It is a contention
of this post, that by pooling together both real children and teenagers
(grownup sexually able & often fully sexually active) as one and the
same "victim" category, this enables the perfect creation of a truly

abusive elite pedophile market niche, muddying/confusing/corraling
the issue, by inducing the rise of sexually PENT-UP males under a
long-term outdated social experiment; a mass of males behaving in
Repressed Genetic Memory manner -as the PERFECT COVER for
the truly sick pedophile networks to hide, an ideal smoke-screen-.

Personally I never associated the use of the computer to sex or to
sexual curiosity; to me, the video VCR represented that, while the
web & pc was for me a way to knowledge. Different Folks-Different
Strokes, I guess.

I always read how viewing porn via the computer was increasing to
astronomic proportions. That didn't spark my attention; then I kept
on hearing about the "Preteen Craze" in the Web, scores of men of
all ages avidly demanding to see "Preteen No Nude Modeling" as it
is technically labeled (of course but the front entry to the industry,
all the way from No Nude to Softcore to Hardcore).

Since the general tendency in the media news was to link Pedophilia
to this new phenomenon -more by innuendo really, I never saw a
single case of a clear explanation of this- , and repeatedly you were
treated to the latest arrest of a child-porn int'l ring, I began to think
about this; so I decided to take... a peek.

First thing I ostensibly noticed, was the deceptive nature of what
is classified as "TEEN" or "PRETEEN" on the part of the modeling
web providers. Quite obviously so, whenever you read "Teen" it
actually meant Over-20 years old; which instantly explained why
so many men switched to "Preteen"... i.e... just to finally get to the
Teens they were initially looking for...!?

This led me to from the Get-Go ponder on the 'Entrapment' nature
of the whole deal; it seemed to me, this Incorrect Age Labeling was
ultimately rendering a vast segment of people not even remotely
connected to Pedophilia, as "potential pedophiles". Now does it?

Thus it started funky, and funkier it got as I went along. Then of
course came the inter-mingling of "Teens" & "Preteens" in nearly
all No-Nude ("NN") modeling picture portfolios. In other words, if
any naive excited softcore male wanted to delight himself looking at
Teens in Bikinis that were not already wasted old hookers with more
sexual mileage than a 50-year old -passing as "Teens"-, the only
way of achieving such, led to modeling websites who mixed both
"Teens" & "Preteens". You catch my drift...?

Then I observed something that any model photographer knows
by the book -I assume-, that on one hand women look a lot OLDER
in pictures when a lot of skin is exposed, just as on the other hand if
you stumbled upon a "true Preteen" photo, it was really hard to tell
the age. This due to two main reasons: 1, that usually their faces
almost always wore expressions a few years ahead of their real age,
and 2, that no matter how SMALL their girlie bodies were, you had
no way of assessing that, for lack of comparison. In other words, you
can photograph a tiny little girl alone, and lacking any reference to
a comparative size -(for example, ideally your own presence)-, they
always look a lot BIGGER and often look the size of a grown woman.
This "lack of scale" in photography, was quite noticeable.

To complicate matters even more, the more clothes the models
shed, the "bigger" and "more mature" they LOOK ON SCREEN.

Which led me to ponder; if any guy say was fantasizing about for
instance a former girlfriend he had -or could not have !- in high
school, and this fantasy girl happened to be truly petite, he would
be in real trouble to actually get the "feel of petite" in the pc screen,
quite a feat actually. This means that he would have to almost
desperately surf "down" in the Age of the models, until he would be
able to get to pictures that actually feel like "petite young chicks".

This photo distortion of size & age -coupled with the constant lying
about the true age on part of the modeling websites- led me to think
that it is practically impossible NOT TO almost by default veer into
"true child modeling websites". I mean, the whole system is exactly
built & designed with that precise intention...! Once you are in the
Web looking for female pictures, the road to "Younger" leads only
one way, directly to "Really Young" then directly into "Child Young".
Is this by accident...? No, it is more like an Expressway !

Unless of course you are a complete moron that can never surf to
what he wants, or you are terminally addicted to trashy funky old
whores...! Most of the Teens that actually were of age, still had faces
and expressions eerily reminiscent of hookers. In fact, it doesn't take
long at all, to realize that both to get the "feel of young & petite" as
well as to get the "impression of innocence" when looking at photos
on the Web, is as hard as to find a virgin in a rock 'n roll club. Mind
you, those are qualities applicable to any desirable woman, not to
a "child", on a man's eye.

Therefore any normal male would end up looking at pictures ON THE
INTERNET of females much younger than he would even fathom in
REAL LIFE. This, unavoidably so.

As soon as you hit this milestone -and it happens fairly early on-,
you get to the conclusion these are quite murky waters: "Internet"
most often has very little to do with "Real Life", in this subject.

Being the Critical-Thinker I hope I strive to be, I decided to take a
breath and consider the Bigger Picture. I remembered I once read
that a really famous historical figure which I won't name married a
13 year old. I also remembered reading that the reknown christian
visionary Anne Catherine Emmerick revealed that the Virgin Mary
was 14 years-old when she conceived Jesus (I am not validating the
Gospels as fact, or Emmerick as accurate, I am merely pinpointing
to a respected source, in relation to a "story" of maximum world
wide importance as role-model, be it fiction or not all the same).

Hell, as a boy it was still common in rural areas to marry young teens,
nobody saw that as neither weird, much less "pedophiliac". In India
and many other places in the globe, that is still today a normal thing
to do . So I asked the inevitable: how come in the 20th century's
2nd. half for the 1st. time in all history, authorities came to "label"
in legal terms that a "marriable" woman was either over 21, or over
18...? How did this quite dramatic SHIFT in age-criteria happen...?
Lately they've been dropping these limits, in the US every state has
a different rule, the expression "Consensual Sex" as related to any
charges of "Statutory Rape", is as muddy as the Brazos River, as it
appears nowadays Legal Manuals are needed before a man proceeds
to become excited -along with the proper condom-.

I don''t intend this article to be an apology for the "Younger Women
Are Better" mantra, much less to support Pedophile philosophies.
I am simply framing the subject of "Pedophilia on the Internet" with
some historical & psychological guidelines.

See, if for at least 6 Thousand years (yes, 6000), Men have been
used to desire young girls as soon as they were "Sexually Functional"
(usually considered such as soon as Menstruation started), isn't it
true that SEXUAL MEMORIES are part of a vast & strong Collective
Unconscious of the species...? That these are Trans-Generational
pools of Extant Genetic Memory...? That if we accept the reality of
Reincarnation, these Sexual Memories would be from Former Lives
of the same individual, as well as the Genetic Collective pool...?

Who/Where/When and for exactly What reason, all of a sudden and
irrelevant of all this history of millennia, decided to abruptly raise
the Age of "Acceptability" for Women engaging in relationships of
either Sex or Love (or both) with Men...? One thing is to set laws
in a piece of paper, another is to actually alter the genetic makeup
of your 6000 year-old Memory (just to accept this reduced figure,
which we now know goes considerably farther back in time).

Why was there such a push to "Equalize" the ages of Men & Women
in a relationship...? Was there perhaps a deeper evolutionary reason
why Humanity has always acted on this through the pattern of Older
Man mates/marries Younger Woman...? Maybe an important clue
that those who legislated on this matter overlooked?

Then I went on to try to remember my youth days; how often did
I ever hear of Pedophilia...? Did I ever get to know of an actual case?
How come it is so prevalent and massive in scale now, as compared
to it being almost non-existent then...?

-You Guessed It...!- Yeap, I started to think the same; perhaps then,
there is a direct link between raising the age of "Acceptable Female
Partner" and the advent of a noticeable Increase in Pedophilia !

Thus in classic George Carlin way the Conspiracy Cynic in me went
"Ah !?". Voila, maybe -just maybe-, someone somewhere had "other"
agendas regarding this issue. Like... which, you may ask?

I don't know your IQ, but mine is over 150. Possibilities come quickly
to you under a mind of this IQ; my IQ tells me -scrape that, shouts
in my ear !-, that for example if someone was interested in Reducing
the Population... this would have been an excellent way. Just take all
females at their healthiest & most unblemished bodily age -towards
which the Genetic Programming in the males reacts most to desire
to love & procreate-, and decree that they are NOT ALLOWED to do
such. Propose a never tried new formula model of Men-Marrying-
Women of the Same Age, as the "ideal". Stick Men & Women all the
same in a classroom for 12 long years -until they are 18-, then stick
them in university for say 4 to 7 more years -until they are 22 to
25-, then turn the job market into a stressful rat-race with prevalent

repeated recessions & waves of lay-offs, and yes you WILL indeed
have succeeded in reducing the human breeding process...!

Most couples would then marry/procreate usually well into their
late 20's if not in their 30's. As a matter of fact, a larger number
than before, would end up NOT marrying/procreating at all.

It is neither the object of this article to discuss the perils of Over
Population, or to demonize a Population Reduction agenda. I am
just observing the all-too-obvious; Men will Consciously be taught
to see as desirable only women much older than genetically he was
bred to, but that cannot imply by any means that Subconsciously
he will cease to do so. Mr. Freud discovered a little thing called
"REPRESSION"... of... MEMORIES. Your Conscious Mind tells
you to Forget Something really important, yet underneath it all
through the years... your Subconscious Mind still remembers it
vividly, and that repressed memory will continue to surface in
a myriad of ways, you simply cannot make it "disappear".

I am not "suggesting"; I am clearly STATING that perhaps a not
so benign hidden agenda was imposed, to tamper with/manipulate
a very delicate & important aspect of Men's sexuality, in order to
perhaps induce a massive Generational REPRESSION. And this
would explain the later "Burst" of "Pedophilia"; call it "Creating
the Niche Demand". Call it Messing Up With People; call it what
you want, the fact of the matter is that a change in deeply inbred
genetic traits was legislated & effected on paper, and you cannot
sit and expect no consequences. The whole matter, the more you
start seriously paying attention to it, is peculiarly ABNORMAL.

I read the other day a genetic study that concluded Evolution was
a result of Older Men mating with much Younger women; it seems
the kind of Positive-Mutations that make Evolution possible, only
occurs in this scenario over long periods of time. This would seem to
validate the love/sexual patterns of Men picking younger Females,
it lends a credible Survival of the Species raison d'etre for it.

A lot of serious questions begin to creep-into this research; like,
who/when/where/why determined women could not vote? Or
that you had to be 21 to vote, or that you have to be 21 to drink,
or that drugs are illegal (while alcohol & tobacco are not). Who made
these laws...?

We all know by now how phony the so-called "War on Drugs" is; it
does succeed in creating a vast demand for it, for sure. And it raises
astronomically the price of drugs, creates violent criminal cartels,
incarcerates thousands of people at a high cost, who by all means
don't seem to be a danger to society, exposing them to the prison
population of real criminal history.

We have seen how all totalitarian regimes induce a strong sexual
repression only to be followed after their demise by a pendulum
reaction in that respect ("El Destape" as it's called in Latin America
& Spain). We have the right to genuinely ask; if a strong repression
of millennia-old patterns of love/mating was imposed on the Male
population regarding women's "Acceptable" ages -a pattern that
seems to be essential to Evolution-, is it not logical to expect a
foreseeable pendulum reaction to it, after by law Men's sexual
trans-generational memory pools were repressed...?

I totally trust my gut-instinct, that suggests to me that while there
may be a few true Pedophile sickos amongst the men who go to the
Internet as a Let-Go Valve for this REPRESSION EXPERIMENT
PERFORMED ON THE MALE GENDER, in general the vast
majority are harmless 'fantasizers', or victims of the websites
shrewd herding methods & tactics -as described before-.

The inherent question on "Harm & Damage" is all too pertinent.
Pedophilia cannot be continued to be defined based on arbitrary
historical laws imposed who knows for what hidden reasons. The
main bottom-line theme, is about ABUSE; abuse comes after serious
objective irrefutable Damage perpetrated against the free-will and
consent of the victim, with usually deliberate intent (although in the
case of Pedophilia even by 1st. time or impulse/accident cannot
rule out the damage, yet most cases would fall in the "deliberate"

It seems to me, just like there is a phony War on Drugs designed to
confuse & obfuscate, distract & protect the truly serious criminals,
using the little-offenders who pose no threat to no one as public
patsies & sacrificial scapegoats to hide the real villains from sight,
by analogy there is a concerted effort to wage a similarly phony
"War on Pedophilia", bent on arresting the small-offender (mainly
those in possession of pictures), and make a whole-lot out of a whole
lotta nothing so to speak, seemingly to maintain well preserved the
utter invisibility of the big Pedophiles, who everyone knows sit in very
respectable high places -even in religious pulpits-, quite high in the
social & power structure, who benefit of a highly organized network
of criminal Pedophilia clearly bent on Abuse and inflicting Harm as
a perk. Seldom one does see one of those getting caught, if at all.

Moreover, if the vast Social Experiment performed on the Male
population at large, indeed created a Repressed Memory Syndrome,
then it follows that there would be a great vulnerability to this
peculiar trait amongst present-day males; this suggests that maybe
the hidden agenda was to create a power elite who could be thus
"rewarded special privileges" to enjoy sex with very young women,

Under that scenario, these male figures would be forever the subject
of high-level Black Mail from the top/down, in such a way that any
reform of the present system would be a disaster for those running
the whole show. In other words, by legislating what is essentially a
blatant Prohibition on men to engage in their normal love/sex habits
of millennia of evolution and historical pattern, thereby imposing
artificial age-limits of "acceptable" female partners, we might have
witnessed and/or experienced an In-Your-Face artificial creation of
a strong demand for Pedophilia -no different than the Prohibition on
Alcohol before, and on Drugs presently amply demonstrate. However
valid the "moral & scientific reasons" might have been for this -(as a
front, that is, the cynic in me suggests)-, they were applied with no
regard to the Genetic Sexual Memory of the male human species.

It seems to me that those who profit from this state of things, ideal
comnditions for a massice systemic BlackMail for-life of male power
figures, would be the most interested maintaining the status-quo and
refuse to even discuss or rationally analyze the issue.

Whereas meantime the epidemic of the real & true Pedophilia, that
one involving actual children -before they are sexually functional-,
of the kind sickly bent on inflicting definite harm & abuse, seems to
keep going unimpeded, fully under the radar of mainstream society.
As a related offshoot of such, there exists the Mind Control aparatus
operating through ritual child abuse to create Multiple Personality
Dirsorder as a standard method.

This subject is peculiarly hard to research and emotionally charged;
the more I look into it and surf the web scouting the reality, the more
I get the impression the whole affair reeks of long-term conspiracy.
There is considerably more than meets the eye here, and males under
a repressive social engineering experimental scam of massive scope,
are both perpetrators/victims along with the underage victims.

It is wise to admit that this is but part of a larger social engineering
agenda, involving the role of Women & the Family, but that exceeds
the scope of this article. Many researchers have expounded in such,
and their research is easily found and makes indispensable reading.

There's quite a bit of "associated topics" to the issue, as for example
if watching an Action movie makes you a Murderer. Many have
argued unsuccesfully that violence on tv & films leads to violence
in real life; however the data is scanty. Similarly watching porn
does not seem to lead to uncontrolled sex; besides true children
in overt sexual images, does the exposure to images of young teens
in softcore pose lead to Pedophilia...? If watching an action film
does not make you a murderer, why watching a teenager in softcore
modeling would make a man a "potential pedophile"...? Or by law,
in fact a Pedophile...? Why are both treated with different criteria?
It is evident that in an action film the actor portraying the victim is
not harmed; yet... is a young model in a safe studio... harmed...?
The experience of Russia and the slavic countries tends to suggest
that "Preteen" modeling actually is a source of safe income for many
a destitute teenager; perhaps this way they are spared the harsher
fate of being forced into prostitution.

Many have noticed how the news media seldom if ever mentions
the age of the females abused, that's one BIG red flag going up.
Often the news refer to "in possession of thousands of pictures";
yet, a person can download thousands of pics in just a few minutes,
everybody knows that modeling websites offer files for sale that
contain many shots of similar poses, most of the pics are "fill-ins",
therefore their files for sale are most in the hundreds of pics, any
person buying their pictures would evidently have "thousands of
pictures" in no time, it would actually be impossible not to, from
the moment anybody decides to buy even just a few. Elemental
gaps and inconsistencies like this, seem to run rampant in any
reporting on the subject. We all of course trust that the people
prosecuting these crimes use common-sense and target the true
criminals and pedophiles... but.. how can we be sure this is the case
if such vague and slanted information is provided as a rule...?

I have become convinced, this is a subject that needs discussion.
The more it goes under the rug, the more both the Black Mail
nature of present day power & politics & religion continues to
exist, along with the truly abusive high-level Pedophile rings.
Most often the subject is treated with what could be best-termed
"Superstitious Cliches", which only helps to degrade the serious
discussion of the issue. While the phantom-theme of Mind Control
reverberates all the more as a lid of silence is kept on the issue.

25% of 12 year-old students in the US are engaging in full-blown
sex with an average of 4 partners. There are child-prostitutes
in all major cities, serving the well-to-do; of any taxi-driver can

find them and take the client to the locations, how come the law
appears not to be able to...?. Young girls are showing behaviour
& clothing styles overtly sexual, yet the society as a whole, keeps
pretending publicly this is the 1950's or the like, and the utterly
obsolete laws are a laugh in the face of facts.

Modern up-to-date Legislation is needed, but this will only come
after open realistic discussion. Any critical analysis like the one
I am posting here, is a small milestone in an ocean of disregard.
The proper questions are needed to be asked; all the associated
angles -and there are many to this topic- need to be exposed
and dealt with as a mature society is supposed to do.

For a fact, the advent of the Information Age -the internet through
home pc's and now through cellphones
- facilitates the access of child
porn or its aproximates, to anyone and increasingly what used to be
accesible only via payment now through the the "free previews" is
accesible easily to anyone, and it is the children who are doing the
most viewing -web filters and all-! It is blatantly obvious to the
reason, that Porn Is Here To Stay and becomes bigger, particularly
Preteen & Child Porn. Under such scenario, the logical route would
be to rather accept it and educate youngsters, to "open up" the old
repressed mode based on Prohibition as a deterrent, so the Allure-
Factor is disposed of automatically, and quickly boredom settles in.

It is quite logical to conclude that the current "repressive mode"
that sustains the respective legislation, is 'out' and impracticable.
The current expansion & increase in Preteen & Child porn, is a
worldwide phenomenon as a byproduct of the solely based on
Age-Limit models of legal consensual sex. Nothing will change
reagarding this issue, unless the flawed model of another era is
changed; criminalizing consensual sex assuming all females of a
same age group are identically sexually-functional, is decidedly
an oxymoron that is at the root of the problem.

If there was one word that could me mustered to sum it all up, it is
a giant sign with the word HYPOCRISY ! writen in neon letters. The

current "laws" are not dealing with issue at all, they are merely there
to give a sense of "We're taking care of this" to the usual Hypocrites
and their inflated sense of Self-Righteousness, the usual suspects.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

To Be Convergent Is To Be Real

When we listen to a music work, be it a symphony or a humble song
arranged and recorded using various instruments and parts, we put
together the whole in 1 simultaneous run of the piece through ours ears.

We understand & enjoy the motions and variations, we take pleasure
in the harmonies & interplay of each different section and part. Every
little segment and instrument has its place, every little nuance has its
meaning, and it all leads to a better transcendent overall music total.

Life is the same; except somehow/somewhere, this "3D Reality" in
the physical Space-Time got scrambled in a much different way.
Picture a thread ball, as you pick the thread it unwinds in the ball;
the Circular and Concentric becomes Linear & Sequential. What was
a coherent centered ball, becomes an aggregating line of thread.

Now the relationship between one lock of thread to another is lost,
and each segment of thread only "exists in & unto itself", stretching
over an infinite line, only defined by its impending end, the limit of
its extension. The thread can only make a connection of "beginning"
to the thread ball, & a determination of its "fate" at the point it ends.

This is an analogy of how Separation/Limitation is imbued in this 3D
Reality here. The original Higher-Dimensional CRYSTAL STRUCTURE
OF REALITY is "stretched out" unto a 3D Linear-Construct. Most of
the physical bodies still retain a portion of the inherent crystal nature,
yet they operate as "separate entities" along a sequential LINE OF
EVENTS in Space and Time.

This is a complete illusion; reality is actually a Vibratory Field, where
different ranges of frequencies interact with one another, "forming"
shapes & patterns throughout the Ether, in a Lattice of Vibrations.

which all things that exist tend to; not a "fixed crystal" but a moving,

Anything in the Dimensional Planes, acquires "form" or "body" as a
Signature-Frequency resonating to a particular Crystal Template;
including our 3D Space as well as our Time; there is a "Geometry of
Time", crystaloid in nature. Anything really, even language itself, is
a Crystal
. In esoteric circles this known either as Gem or Gemstone,
its morphing & spinning often referred to as the Merkabah, etc.

What gives "reality" to any universe & dimension, is just a Range of
Frequencies, a net or lattice that acts as THE TEMPLATE GRID of
the Resonating Harmonics and their intervals. There isn't really a
"physical cosmos", it is merely a perception of the Vibratory Fields
that gets interpreted & reconstructed within & by the MIND. What
we call Quantum Physics, has already confirmed that; Plato almost
2500 years ago already sentenced that we live in a "False Reality"
projected in our Consciousness through the Pineal Gland at the center
of the CAVE OF BRAHMAN in the brain (the brain being the symbol
of the Labyrinth in the Greek mysteries).

The letter "G" was expressive of the GEM -the Crystal-, as the name
Greek, or Geometry, or Gematria, are a code for the Gnosis of this
knowledge. Therefore the modern masons hoard & hide this ancient
knowledge from the masses, yet they place a blue letter "G" amidst
the Compass & Square, visible in the sign outside the common lodges
for all to see.

The English language was "Geometrized" throught Gematria, thus
it preserves the original roots of "Geo", the orb that encompasses the
all, present in the words for "God", or "Great", or "Grand" (or even
in the sexual words related to the origin of human life such as the
"Penis Gland", or the "Pineal Gland", deliberately a twin expression
signifying the act of incarnating in human form through wormhole
organic portal of the Penis Gland & the Pineal Gland; the UK is not
just casually named "En-Gland"). The biblical allegory of the "Garden
of Eden" emphasizes the "G" as center & origin of all things human,
within the context of a Gemstone-Alphabet engineered to yield power
to some monarchies & religions (observe the "G" again in the Order
of the Garter, iconic of the british monarchy, and in the "GolGotha"
as symbolic Place of the Skull in the fable of the crucifixion, cross of
skull & bones
). Language through the power of the Gem/Crystal, can
be either liberating as well as enslaving, depending on the agenda.

As the Old Testament is but a thinly disguised Encrypted Text to
convey a hidden Kabbalah, the New Testament also quite obviously
so hides a Greek Gematria Encryption. Both the Jewish & the Greek
languages were but 2 branches of the same PHOENICIAN SCRIPT.
In the Old Testament "Moses" is the central figure, producing the
"Mosaic Law" (the mosaic is a 2D representation of the Gem/Crystal);
while in the New Testament the Greek "Crystos" is what came to be
the modern "Christ" (directly a representation of the Gem/Crystal).

The Masons do not "oppose" Religions; at the top, both structures are
one and the same Pyramid. One is the esoteric carrier of the secret
hidden knowledge, the other is the exoteric carrier of the same...!
Everything else is either Turf-War or dilution of the essences, as the
knowledge is hoarded, concealed & hidden from the masses, who are
fed either equivocal symbologies or fake literal fables, respectively.

The knowledge that we do not "exist" as the Linear & Sequential 3D
Cosmos our Body Computer leads us to believe, that we inhabit in fact
a Vibratory Field in the Ether, whose frequency ranges can be altered
and modified, to PROJECT BY RESONANCE different "constructs".
In other words, the wisdom of the Gem/Crystal Lattice Grid and
its vibratory manipulations, is kept from our 5-Senses Perception.

Therefore it is true what Plato only taught in allegory -(naturally
fearing the same end as his master Socrates)-, that within the brain
the Pineal Gland acts as a Piezzo-Electric Transducer, converting
chemical/electrical signals into LIGHT, a supernal light inside the
cave of the brain; but that original function of the Pineal seems to
have been Shut-Off, and from then on humans have been as Plato
allegorized "Living in a World of Shadows", perceiving not the real
originating "Light" (the vibratory ether) but projections of these
unto a Darkened Brain Cave & Pineal. In this state of things, our
Consciousness attached to the Pineal and its DEVOLVED RANGE
OF RESONANCE, is operating at a low frequency and linking our
Perception to a 5-Sense false outward reality.

All official education, mainstream culture, media and "The Game
of Existence" as it is promoted Urbi-et-Orbi by the powers that be,
is quite simply the Reaffirmation of this 5-Sense false 3D Projected
Reality Construct. The object of the game is to "Bring-Down" and
encapsulate Infinite Consciousness unto a Cocoon, a 3D simulation
of a virtual experience through a Genetic Suit we all wear; in this

Once the human "believes" this Genetic Suit & Body Computer to
be his "self", he is a prisoner of the Projection. He loses connection
to Multi-Dimensional awareness, and most consciousness decisions
are transferred to the new HIVE-MIND collective
, what is termed
the Collective Unconscious ever since Carl Jung. Ordinary Conscious
I represents but a tiny fraction of a huge Unconscious/Subconscious
Hive-Mind responsible for most likes & dislikes, decisions & actions.

Drugs that Lower Consciousness even more, are legalized and sold
everywhere, be them alcohol or pharma "remedies". Any natural
drug that Increases Consciousness is prohibited; yet practically all
native & ancient peoples venerated these, and established methods
to consume them safely while under strict supervision, in order to
communicate with higher levels of self and reality.

The Phoenician Scripts stem from Egypt, and this is the real origin
of the 3 main Monotheistic Religions of our time. Egypt was fairly
advanced in the knowledge and consumption of natural drugs that
increase consciousness (DMT kind, etc.). It seems that after the
so-called "Fall of Mankind", the remaining scattered pieces of
civilization, utilized these drugs as an attempt to regain the lost
higher consciousness. Most present day religious rituals, have an
uncanny origin related to the ritual consumption of these in the far
past; even some of the ritual clothing is sometimes remnant of the
old mysteries of psychedelia.

The complex series of events that led to a Fall of Consciousness,
is a secret that the powers that be seem intent in not revealing
and suppressing systematically; by now it is almost self-evident
that very advanced previous civilizations existed before Sumeria &
. There is extensive lore about Atlantis and Lemuria in the
night of ancient times, which apparently possessed the knowledge
of the CRYSTAL GRIDS, and their uses in humans and the planet.
Most tales point to the fact that these civilizations operated within
a Higher-Vibration Template, resonating at Harmonics higher than
the current state of reality here, closer to the 4D. Perhaps there
were different LEVELS OF REALITY according to frequency ranges,
and one can speculate that this current range is but the lowest of
their realities, yet this is the one that "survived" their crash, all
further vibratory layers either collapsing or separating from this one.
It is quite possible that the STONE MONUMENTS were "tuned to"
some portals of the Earth Crystal Grids when they were still active
during the period these civilizations existed, connecting the different
Harmonic Vibratory realities.


My blog in general deals with this non-random capacity of the English
language to convey deeper secrets of a far-past higher knowledge.
The Ouroboros (the serpent that eats its tail), perhaps is the symbol
of our time, a moment when the illusory linear Time is linked once
again with the Circular/Gemstone Geometries of the higher realms
Space-Time, from where this devolved realm was projected from.

In this sense -Ouroboros-, the "far-past" becomes the "future", and
the operations of Gematria within the English language connect the
scripts originating in the Phoenician sources, with others emanating
from what we in 3D perspective consider our "future". If this happens
in language, surely the same takes effect in our Consciousness; thus
this "Ouroboros" effect might be a RECONFIGURATION OF THE
VIBRATORY ETHERIC GEMS, so that 3D Linear-Time reconnects
again to Circular/Crystal Time, "kick-starting" a new Leap in Human

In other words, the end of the devolved lower frequency virtual false
"reality" and its Linear-Time consciousness, being replaced by the
closer to the truth, more CONVERGENT SYNCHRONIC REALITY.

One can visualize this, as a new vibrating frequency range coming in,
phasing out the old lower range. The new higher harmonics raise the
level of consciousness, therefore the old false ilussion of the 5-Senses
"reality" within a Linear-Time sequence, can no longer be sustained.
As the new vibratory range gradually blends in, it induces the form
of the GEMSTONE CRYSTAL Grids to come back into "shape", thus
reconfiguring Space-Time to this new Convergent Template.

The present Body Computer as a Hive-Mind substituting for true
Infinite Consciousness cannot withstand this new configuration of
consciousness, and the Projection in the Pineal Gland breaks down,
as it picks up the new Harmonics, beginning to resonate to them.
The "old identity" belief in the Genetic Suit of the Body Computer
as the "self", begins to be replaced by the recovered awareness of
new and true sense of "I" as part of the All-Is-One universal field;
anchored in all the dimensions, not just on this 5-Senses Construct.

Consciousness once again becomes Multi-Dimensional, and its natural
Synchronic way of being realigns the new senses to a CONVERGENT
CRYSTAL living/morphing template, away from the older prison of
the Ego operating though the Body Computer.

Ego all along was a False-Center, an illusory artificially implanted
"I", akin to a virus originating from a Hive-Mind, taking over the
true self center. Ego was actually a mode-of-existence rooted on
Living Outside of the Self, prisoner to a small capsule of Separation/
Limitation, all the meantime conveying the false sense of being
the self and rewarding the self through addictions.

The real "I" as true self-center, is where the individual consciousness
seamlessly links to the source, the universal All-Is-One Field, where
infinite and unlimited love permeates and unites all through sharing.
Dan Winter explored the notion of Alchemical Infinity (In-PHI-nitty)
not through substance but via Waves of Infinite Recursiveness by the
geometry of the PHI proportion, the moment when all waves become
"Totally Regenerating" and everything becomes infinitely shareable
or Transparent, where all Walls and Barriers and Limits break-down;
his studies proved a PHI-moment where waves Implode infinitely
either inward/outward, what he called the Heart Chakra waves.
According to Winter, Consciousness through focusing has the inherent
ability to "crystallize" unto this PHI-Template, since in his view all
organic Life is precisely a result of this Infinite Wave Template.

The immediate corollary to that notion, is that conversely Ego might
be a Hive-Mind software that inseminates Linear-Sequential 5-Sense
patterns that impede the configuration of the Infinite Wave Template.

Ego was essentially a Vampiric Trojan, a false substituting software,
taking over the Psyche and overriding its connection to infinite and
multi-dimensional source, cutting out each consciousness from the
total -from the divine & limitless in all-, literally inducing a pattern
that interferes with the Infinite Recursiveness of this Shareable
Wave that regenerates Life everywhere in Infinite Fractal mode.

Ego then represented the "false psychological identity" of a devolved
human overtaken by a Hive-Mind, operating via the Body Computer.
Its structure consisted of Rules/Regulations, Hierarchy, Competition,
Territoriality, Inherent Insecurity, Scarcity, Control/Domination,
Life-Sucking Vampire Obsession/Compulsion, Visual Priority (an
inordinate dependence on the Visual as totem), etc etc etc., all

As soon as the 3D Linear Space-Time ilussion in the Mind begins to
break-down, along with it the 5-Senses construct dissipates and is
replaced by the new dawning Consciousness; Ego then becomes like
an alien dead-weight, a useless trait from the past. Because it is
utterly incapable of operating under a Synchronic Convergent
Reality Template. Ego serves the Body Computer at best standing
in a virtual matrix, walking a fixed line, believing a 5-Sense cosmos;
as soon as that "landscape" changes, Ego appears as the Parasite and
Prison Warder it always was. The Blocker Vibe to all things Infinite,
both to Infinite Consciousness & Love.

It makes all the sense in the world to think DIVERGENTLY, based
on Separation/Limitation/Power, when the "universe" is a linear
construct. The moment it acquires back its true shape & template
-Harmonic Synchronic Convergence-, then all that false sense goes
to hell and the Body Computer is left in the dark and naked, with no
real driver. It is left simply as a machine, a robot, an empty terminal;
this is a sad fate indeed, for the Ego-oriented humanity.

To be convergent is to be real, because Synchronicity/Serendipity
is all that exists, as it does exist, throughout the many-layered
dimensions, resonating in an infinite series of Crystal Fractals,
always converging one unto another, the All unto the One, the
One unto the All. This is what Convergence is all about, how to
express the shared love of the All-Is-One.

The same "Moment of Infinite Sharing" in the Vibratory Ether, is
the "Moment of Infinite Data Storage", it does both altogether;
thus while "Knowledge" through secret hoarding might appear
to yield power to those who do such, in reality this assures their
Disconnection from Source. These are just forms of Interference,
preventing the ones engaging in it, from internalizing the Wave
of Infinity, when all Data acquires maximum Storage as well as
all data is Transferred freely; but this would lead to "Wisdom",
a wave pattern Ego can never access.

Knowledge is the operation of the Hive-Mind construct, i.e. of Ego;
Knowledge is Limitation, it is Hoarding, it is "thinking", not Being.
It projects into academic certifications and titles.

While Wisdom on the other hand is the expression of the Infinite
Consciousness & Love, i.e. of BEING., since it inherently manifests
the same Fractal Recursive Waves of maximum shareability/transfer
& storage of organic data, that make everything a part of the all &
one simultaneously, what we call LIFE. This is a coherent Convergent
vibration signature that tunes itself to the archetypal Living Morphing
Crystal, which is the true Center of everything -as opposed to the
false center of the Interfering Divergent Waves of the Ego software-.