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Hidden History in the Stars of Orion -Part 1-

(see precautionary Note at the end)
Since aprox 1800 AD on, some national flags with the Red/White/Blue motifs began exhibiting Stars instead of the usual Crosses; it is my contention here that the Red/White/Blue triad of colors symbolizes the stars of Orion's Belt in a generic pinpointing of ref location, while in specific the color Red represents the star BETELGEUSE, while the Blue color represents the star RIGEL.

Astronomically while Rigel (Beta Orionis) is a blue supergiant-star, Betelgeuse (Alpha Orionis) is a red supergiant-star. Instead of now veering into the superficial astrological & new-age themes, we are rather going to take a quick flash tour into the fringe, looking at the Fractal Holographic Universe from a Gematria perspective, regarding these so emblematic stars.

My 2nd contention is that the stars in the flags represent Betelgeuse/Rigel/Orion's Belt; see, if you add the 3 belt stars to the other 2 you get 5, and when 1 Star is used in the flags, it is meant to convey these 5 stars, as most flag stars are 5-point stars. Therefore the Pentagram while on the surface pretending to be about "Venus", I contend in reality it is a fractal symbol for the 5 famous stars of Orion; the geometrical figure the Orion constellation forms is of a trapezoid, yet if you consider the 3 waist or central stars of Orion's Belt as one, you have a figure of 5 points.

This is no small detail, as when you make those 3 central stars 1, what is obtained is an "X", as the original Cross used by Emperor Constantine when launching Christianity, and as used by the Scottish & British flags (usually called St Andrews Cross, the Scottish Union 1606 to 1801 flag seen above). This "X" as such formed by Orion, can be considered the X of a top view of the egyptian 4-sided PYRAMIDS; Robert Bauval has long spilled the beans on the fact that the 3 Pyramids of Egypt are an exact ground-mirror fractal for the 3 stars of Orion's Belt, however few if none have made the key observation that the symbol of the Cross (either square or X type) is a hidden ref to the Pyramids, and to Orion when we consider the central 3 stars as 1 -thus also explaining the Trinity riddle, 3 in 1-. Besides to me this is the real reason why Masons have a Scottish Rite, to represent these theme; the central Red Cross symbolizes 2D dimensions as the White Cross symbolizes 3D dimension, the idea of the "Cross" symbolizes a "Crossing" between stellar or galactic locations, but in a hyper-dimensional sense.
This Pyramid seen from above is a Square (4 sides) and 4 Triangles (of 3 sides); thus what is implied is a Crossing from 4D to 3D; in biblical sense, this is the fractal symbol for the "Crossing of the Red Sea", and we have to think in terms of COLORS. Red to Blue or Red to White; if Red goes to Blue then from Betelgeuse to Rigel, or from Nibiru to Sirius, or from Mars to Earth, get it...? The biblical allegory tells of a running away from Pharaoh; this allegory is but a miniature fractal of a much larger history spanning eons of time concerning events in the Orion region, whereby the Orion wars propitiated a series of Exodus to/from many stellar places. But at the same time this constant repetitive state of Exodus involves STARGATE CROSSINGS, and this is where Orion is the center of the action, as it is well known amongst some circles as being a major local StarGate.

The above Orion StarGate grid-figure shows a "perfect X" with 1-star at the center, as I suggested before by making the 3 stars of Orion's Belt into 1; we have once again to consider thinking out of the box in order to realize that maybe the "irregular trapezoid" actual figure of Orion's constellation in the present sky, is but an angled not-centered view of the StarGate, which only opens properly when thus centered symmetrically (as would be for ex akin to the above figure). That this is a borderline to our limit of thinking-capacity feat goes without saying, as we have to apply Hyper-Dimensional contorsions to understand why 3D things are laidout the way they are in respect to higher dimensional universes, and how certain "spots" of the 3D universe act as StarGate portals when centered or configured appropriately. It s extremely self-evident once you get the idea, that in ancient timer beyond accepted history, there existed on earth civilizations that knew a lot more about all this then presently, and they operated in certain locations on Earth consequently, the Giza Pyramids in Egypt one of those spots.
You see now the Red & Blue rendering of the famous "Magen David" seal, the word Magen meaning "Shield"; outside of the central Hexagon formed by the Red & Blue big triangles you see 2 smaller triangles in pairs of 2, each pair forming the "X" or the Orion StarGate centered X of the previous figure. The general idea of this fractal geometric symbol, is that form one air you can "cross" nt the other by morphing colors, so there are actually 6 PAIRS of smaller triangles when each triangle acts twice as a pair with another triangle. This ability of 1 single small triangle to "be at" a different set of pairs "at the same time", is the essence of the figure; what is implied as ALTERNATE TIMELINES, or PARALLEL REALITIES, able to unite through StarGate Crossings. And Fractal Geometry is the "map" on how the Crossings operate, therefore this symbol or another in that same vein, actually act as Multi-Dimensional Focusing devices, whereby one's Consciousness projects itself unto the geometrical figure, centering one's energies and DNA, towards effecting a union of the Physical and the Psychic (or Etheric) via these grid-maps so to speak. An ignorant person will see a mere amulet, however an advanced being will see an "Iconic Map" unto where one can link Consciousness & Geometry when traveling through cosmic WormHole Portals ***{Note: the so-called Magen David or David's Shield or Star of David, had never been a "jewish" icon per se, if at all; this occurred only after the Nazis utilized it extensively to mark jew prisoners, and it was for this made part of the flag of Israel. Though it was certainly used in hebrew Kabbalah from 1200 AD on, yet it was just as used in all other esoteric traditions as well, since it belongs to the "Metatron's Cube" Sacred Geometry}***.

The above article is peculiarly illuminating in the more advanced "PSIONIC" sciences on inter-dimensional traveling (and/or incarnating), particularly interesting & relevant to this article at about 1/3 into this link the segment after where it says "So where are we in our mystery...". See, inter-dimensional hunting and getaways can be a very messy affair, where not everybody can indeed go anywhere they want, as some locations are under a different fractal grid than the ones the etheric DNA is capable of withstanding or withholding (and/or at different resonating harmonic frequencies); different folks / different wormholes. What comes into a wormhole, may not be what comes out of it; changes occur in the wormhole, you may lose your Emotion, or your Clairvoyance, or your Memory...! That inter-stellar Memory is lost to all who are incarnated in this 3D planet is a fact; this is an example of how certain "locations" in the 3D universe involve "coming out" different than one "came in"; you come through a wormhole and through the female uterus & vagina, and come out DEVOLVED & AMNESIAC...! What this mean is that yo are not in your synchronic location, you are screwed up landing here, or are unable to cross the StarGate of your birth without serious damage. To me, this is the origin of Astrology, to try to explain (... or explain away... obfuscate...) what the correct alternate "map" should be -meantime good luck, cause you're gonna need it here-.

The above flag of Norway is a typical exaple of flags that at the beginning of the 1800's began to appear in some countries; in North & South America the Cross motif was preserved only as a geometric layout as in the above flag, while the actual STAR motif showed its true face, and thus real stars appeared in flags like the USA flag, the Lone Star flag of Texas, or the flag of Chile, all from aprox the exact time, give or take a few decades. These flags in my opinion were masonic "declassifications" of the real underlying secret behind the Red/White/Blue hidden stellar truth regarding Orion (Betelgeuse & Rigel, and their Sirius & Pleiades aftermaths).

You see 1st. the flag of Texas followed by an almost identical flag of Chile, both of them named officially the "Lone Star Flag" (la "Estrella Solitaria" in castillian spanish in Chile); the Texan flag was adopted in 1838 while the Chilean flag was adopted in 1817. One would initially conclude the Texans copied the Chilean flag, but it is obvious something else was at work in these flags, the dates a mere technicality, evidencing simply the dates/event of their respective independence (Chile in 1810, Texas in 1836). On one hand the main figure in Chile's independence was one Bernardo O'Higgins, a chilean educated in London (in the Surrey area), whose masonic secrets were given obviously then/there to him, while on the other hand at the time right after Chile's independence and just a year before the chilean flag was adopted, one british Lord Cochrane was contacted by a prominent chilean to lead the chilean Navy, which he did the next year on; Lord Cochrane was evidently a british undercover asset, sent to the american colonies at the time of the independence, Cochrane was made to appear as if "expelled" of Britain in the most humiliating & disgraceful manner possible (he was publicly dishonored and took to the seas to find job as solitary 'navy mercenary' worldwide), in order to make the newly forming countries accept him without suspicion (later he returned to England and of course was his position & honor restored in full). While there are no records of Lord Cochrane in the Gulf of Mexico and the Houston-Texas area, it is indeed very possible he had been there precisely around that time; so either the true esoteric origin of these 2 flags was an extant and previous secret, or via Lord Cochrane they were transmitted & given to Texas and Chile, the fact is that something along these lines is the real story. The Texas flag was apparently created in the tiny town of Montgomery -currently part of now upscale Lake Conroe in far north Houston-, which lays some 65 miles Northeast of the San Felipe ferry crossing in the Brazos River, where Stephen F. Austin's iconic "First Colony" of "Texians" settled in. On the other hand, it it also worth of double-guessing that Lord Cochrane was not british in the Crown sense but may have been a true rosicrucian. All is possible, if he was indeed related to all this under the rug activity.

You see above the original design for the flag of Chile, sporting the most intriguing detail of the Star tilted to the left a few degrees; acc to Wikipedia:

"The original flag was designed according to the Golden Ratio, which is reflected in the relation between the fly and hoist of the flag and the square of the blue canton. The star does not appear upright in the center of the rectangular canton, instead the upper point appears slightly inclined toward the pole in such a way that its projection divides the length of the canton in the Golden Ration. Additionally, in the center is printed the National Coat of Arms, known from the previous Flag of the Transition and adopted in 1817".

As it is obvious Chile was by no means at that time a luminary in science or esoterics, it is self-evident Chile was merely chosen to carry some deep secrets embedded in flags, that were also chosen to be carried by Texas which was then still a nation. IT IS ALSO OBVIOUS THAT THE CHILEAN TILTED STAR WAS TILTED PRECISELY TO THE POSITION OF TEXAS IN THE MAP...! (as Texas is from Chile in a world map). Even more intriguing is the ref to tilting "Towards-The-Flagpole"; Chile is a vertical country pointing almost directly to the South Pole (and indeed owning a sizable portion of the Antarctica), so the only symbolic pun of "Flagpole" here is... Texas. How come? In previous posts I've shown that the exact parallel of the Great Pyramid of Giza runs exactly at the lower horizontal East/West tarmac of Houston's Geo Bush Intercontinental Airport, and I've also written that the Pyramids of Giza were POLE SHIFT MARKERS, as well as that the symbology behind the "3 Magi Kings from the East" at the time of "Jesus Birth" actually means that you have to "travel" the parallel of the 3 Great Pyramids to the West, crossing it with its meridian across the North Pole to a point of Crossing a little NE of Hawaii, the new location to be of the North Pole after its coming pole shift -this is why the Pyramids of Giza lie at the Earth's center of mass-.

Then it becomes easy to accept that perhaps there was a heck of a lot more to Lord Cochrane's saga than meets the eye, or to other hidden people above him & around him so to speak, than the officially accepted version of his "adventures". Was he perhaps part of the Francis Bacon rosicrucian -Sion/Scion- secret team (or a gofer to these)...?
Here you see one particularly tale-telling NASA logo from the Apollo missions era, since Orion had hardly a thing to do with the Moon; do observe the use of the colors Red/White/Blue, and how Red is the incoming "visitor" from Earth to Orion (or to Orion), what we currenty know of as the wandering "Nibiru" red planet/star; yet if we correlate the 3-stars of Orion's Belt with the 3-Pyramids of Giza, then this logo means that... precisely... to the WEST of the 3-Pyramids one must follow the route to the new pole position. Also notice how the letter' O" of Orion is made to be the Earth (as an Orb), implying a direct relationship, while the entire logo is a blue Triangle, furthermore implying the Pyramid. The Earth's orb lying at the feet of the tiny 3 stars of Orion's Sword (above the "R"), which really means Orion's Penis (Osiris Penis), in the sense that the Earth' inhabitants are viewed as offspring of Orion. In other words, this was a multi-layered (i.e. fractal holographic) encoded logo, encompassing many simultaneous meanings.
Another logo of the era shows supposedly the Moon in Yellow -(or is it Venus or Jupiter...?, last time I cheked the Moon is White, you know...)- and the Apollo trip as passing through Orion's Belt 3-Stars, how come...? The pyramid this time is concealed as a stylized "A", maybe meaning "Alpha" in code; because you see, if you care to just look at the very word "APOLLO", it can be thought of as secretly meaning "A - POLE - O", in code. So let us now delve a little into English Standard Gematria (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):


("Fleur De Lis", the royal bloodline icon, consisting of 3-Petals)
(I am extrapolating "Assyria" & "Sirius" to mean the same as in "Asirio", -'from Sirius'-)

But then you also are compelled to consider that maybe when it has been spoken so much about ancient Giants on Earth, it might have actually meant... OFFSPRING FROM THE GIANT STAR knowns as Betelgeuse in Orion...! Interesting when subsituting a "Y" for an "I" in "Pyramid":


Fleur de Lis = 127 = Vatican City

Is the Fleur-de-Lis icon (a Lily or Lilly) to denote the offspring bloodlines from Betelgeuse in Orion...? Something even more interesting happens when we separate Betelgeuse in its 2 main ciphers - "Betel/Bethel" & "Geuse/"Juice"-:


Very revealing as well, that in seemingly every language on Earth the expression all young toddlers emit when seeing their mother is... "MAMA"; was this a genetically programmed speech software tale-telling the origin of Matriarchy in Orion...? The 3-stars of Orion 's Belt are called "Alnilam/Alnitak/Mintaka", now do notice how the 1st & last initials:

A-lnila-M A-lnita-K M-intak-A ~~~ { AMAKMA = K MAMA }

Most natives in South America for ex, call "Mother Earth" as "Pacha Mama" (Pa-Ka Mama)

More revealing i& mportant than any of these, is the clear fact that the word "RIGEL" is the origin to some of the most high-positioned words:

[ RIGEL = GREIL ] (Grail)

[ RIGEL = RELIG ] ( Relig - Ion )

[ RIGEL ~~~ REGAL ] (Regal means Royal)

In Kabbalah, the word "Babylon" is by Atbash cipjher code converted into "SheShak" (and as such this appears in the Bible itself), but SheShak is obviously a pun of "Shape-Shifter", and the star Rigel in Orion is ET lore considered the preeminent starseed home of the Shape-Shifters. The code-name "ShakeSpeare" means "Shake the Spear", and refers to the shaking of the Pineal Gland (in the shape of a pine cone or a spear), meaning to vibrate or resonate it to a different frequency in order to trigger the dormant ability of the DNA to MORPH of Shape-Shift, that supposedly still exists amongst those of "Blue Blood" (i.e. Rigel blood):


This ability that the legends concede to creatures such as Vampires or Werewolves or Dragons, is validated as a crucial hidden key to the identity of the so-called "Beasts" in the Book of Revelation, a book supposedly written in Patmos Island, this name a multi-layered cipher, for ex encoding the name of the number "PI" in its initials:


(by anagram, just rearranging the letters yields the Information Age)

In my previous posts regarding the Nephilim & Cloning, I made the case that our "reality" in this 3D devolved planet could be just a Kundalini Factory for 4D Vampires who have lost their ability to embed Emotion into their DNA wave-recursive memory, therefore were compelled to create races of Clones from other humanoid species who possessed Emotion active in their DNA's, in order to perpetually extract not parts from the clones but "Emotive-Energy" as Kundalini (thus sucking from their etheric Emotional Body). This line of thinking is explained by Dan Winter in the previous fractal-wave link, as having been a result of their addiction to GOLD-DUST IN THE BLOOD, which provided them with seemingly an eternal life devoid of illness, yet extruded Emotion from their DNA. Therefore they might have become perpetual hunters for Gold in the 3D cosmos, to both utilize to shield their atmospheres as well as shield their blood from Death & Disease, through the immensely fractal-resonant as well as etherically &electrically super conductive properties of Gold. Which in turn led to them becoming "Hunters of Souls" to stabilize their fleeting energy/wave patterns; the 1st. King of Babylon in the Bible is said to be one NIMROD who is called "The Hunter of Souls" or "The Mighty Hunter", evidently a direct ref to Orion, as Orion is the Great Hunter in the sky in the constellations lore.


Dan Winter's view implies that this quest for immortality from Without (technology, Gold) instead of from Within (Purest Emotion), turned them into Vampires perpetually needing inferior species to live of, in eternal parasitic mode. In Winter's lingo, they could no longer embed the love-nesting imploding recursive fractal waves. In turn it means that for every technological feat, there is a biological BLOOD feat, in the sense of HYBRIDIZATION, to produce clones that are viable to tap into or are resonantly penetrable to Kundalini extraction; in this sense the theme of the colors Red/White/Blue is a fractal of these holographic organic imprints in the blood. On another level it implies that the Hybridizations or Crossbreeds between humanoids & reptilians, enticed the latter to cheat by really seeking not to ascend per se, but to capture the humans "Ida & Pingala" dual Kundalini energies of their subtle emotional bodies, which were configured as 2 coiling serpents to appropriately be a fractal of the reptilians template, establishing Silver-Chords unto them. The medical profession or 'health inc'. in general, use these 2 kundalini serpents rising as their logo:


In Egypt this was implied in the 3 colors of the Nile River -the Blue Nile & the White Nile that intersect and mix at Khartoum-, & the "Red Nile" as in the biblical allegory of Moses turning the Nile red (and/or the Crossing of the Red Sea as a fractal of the same); Moses staff Shape-Shifts into a SERPENT, thus meaning that the ShapeShifters from Rigel (Blue) & Betelgeuse (Red) are able to mix in with the Nile (the bloodstreams of 3D Earth) in order to attain a mix of White; that this is obviously to say that only Reptilian hybrids can Cross the Red Sea (go through the wormhole) goes without saying. So watch out with what religions state as the "truth", because more than often it is blatant subliminal reptilian propaganda to attain a "superior" status. The "Brazen Cross of Moses" consisted of a Cross of Bronze interlaced with a coiling Serpent, established acc to the allegory during the Exodus, and official Church theology states that this is the prefiguration of the "Cross of Jesus"...!? But we see today this symbol in the United Nations, in the infamous UN's "World Health Org" otherwise known as the WHO, based in Switzerland (sporting both versions of the Cross, the "+" and the "x"):

The W.H.O. is of nefarious fame, for a variety of well publicized reasons; but on an esoteric level besides the above in-your-face reptilian logo, when moving 1+Space up the alphabet "WHO" becomes "XIP", confirming by letter the "Cross of Constantine" theme; Constantine's "Chi-Rho" sign transliterated to our modern alphabet is "XP", yet adding with the "I" a chilling pun as the "XIP" is a pun of "e-XPI-re"...!? That World Health Org may carry such chilling hidden cipher pun is plain scary, to put it mildly.

A few other relevant Gematria synchronicities, as follows:



"INRI" MEANS "NI-biru" & "RI-gel".


"BIRTH" ~~~ "BRITISH" ~~~ "BRI" ~~~ "RIB" / (Rib of Adam) .

At another level, you can think of this "reality" as a Game, with those playing the Game hiding behind the persona of "God" in order to go unchecked. The nature of the Game is a cosmic 4D & 3D scenario or "field of play" with Duality as the driving force, where Kundalini is the equivalent to a goal in soccer, Kundalini extraction the equivalent to Winning in the Game. Fractals of this extraction within the 3D dimension are for ex exploitation of others, abuse, violence, deception, controlling, domination/possession, etc, and all those traits usually associated with what is known a "game player" type of persona, most often defined as a Psychopath. A Psychopath then -be them of the Adapted clever kind who never gets caught or of the clumsier kind who always gets caught-, is in this sense nothing more than a pawn of 4D entities who play this Kundalini Extraction Game either for amusement of for the etheric need to extract by a lack of emotional energies, ultimately a pawn sent to 3D reality to "Enact Kundalini Extraction Chains", creating DRAMA and exacerbating tensions and stress, to induce vampirism-prone conditions for emotional-energy harvesting. As far-fetched to most that this vampires-game scenario might be, the Gematria is extraordinarily precise to this effect:

GOD = 26 = GAME

"I Am the Alpha and the Omega" ~~~ "O-MEGA" ~

GAME = "MEGA" ~~~ "I-MAGE"

"Magen David" ~~~ "MAGE"-n "D"-a-"V"-i-"D" ~~~ "GAME DVD"



Patmos=84=Vampire / Island=59=Dragon

"V-ampir-E I-slan-D" ~~~ V.I.D.E. (o)

Watch it here in 10 parts:

The 1998 film "Dark City" whose spectacular trailer you watch in the 1st. link above (the movie itself was a lot more subdued), managed to put forth the main conundrums involving LOST MEMORY and a permanent state of unchanging; most people live their lives obsessively intent in simply not-paying-attention to these major inconsistencies in this "reality" on 3D Earth, as if not thinking about something will make it go away -The Ostridge Syndrome-. The trailer on the other hand loudly boasts these inconsistencies, such as: "A man without a past" & "A humanity without a future"; isn't it just absolutely  terribly strange, that we live as humans without a memory of where we come from or where we're going...? And that the vast majority of humans simply take the word of some people named the "religious leaders" to answer these key conundrums for them...?

Why this static Amnesia of both the Past & the Future...? The film then, precisely the right question...! If you haven't seen the film, I won't spoil it here telling the answer. Why is Orion deleted from conscious memory...? Why is it reminisced in covert or subliminal forms only...? Asking these questions is how the validity of a vampire Game becomes more & more plausible.

If you reminisce, at each era there was a promise of a bright future free of disease and scarcity, yet at every turn of history... IT GETS WORSE AND WORSE. During the 50's and early 60's it "got-good" as they say, merely due to the 50's being the aftermath of 2 major bloody World Wars, a short respite before the wheels again turned into troubled times as usual. Think about it; we are living in the veritable old science-fiction FUTURE of spectacular paradise, with a 1st. decade of the 21st. century that for all practical purposes sucked big time & everything is going straight to hell. How can this be possible... unless... something even to some degree is as I describe...? In other words, deliberately so, perpetually so by design.

Other researchers like Bryan Kemila are much harsher, describing the very nature of this reality as a sheer "Psionic Montage" of an illusion, perpetuated in full matrix-hypnotic style:

Precautionary Note:
As posted in many previous articles, just because I am only exposing esoteric information regarding the western world and the occidental religions, does NOT mean at all that these are the "only" ones related to the issues described. This merely reflects the background to which I am familiar & knowledgeable of, as exactly the same hidden clues are to be found everywhere in practically all other religions of the world, as well as all the other countries and races all the same. In fact, I am of the opinion the western world and the white race are better than most at attaining a more tolerant and advanced atmosphere, and certifiably where most of the present advancements in both cutting-edge spirituality & information come from beyond any doubt, both in quality as in quantity -Spirituality is Critical Introspection... ! No Critical Introspection, No Spirituality, period...!?-. Any attempt at utilizing this blog's information to try to convey the opposite, is completely fraudulent, and I strongly denounce it as non-ethical & certainly non-spiritual; reverse-racism has become the ultimate stage of devolution.