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The Power-Play elites of the globe, are backed by millenia
of methodic "construction" of archetypal cultural Templates
trickling-down as Monarchies, Esoteric Mystery Schools,
public-open Religions, Races, Traditions, Folklore, Art, and
what-have-you, all seemingly APPARENTLY "different",
and "opposed" to each other, all vying for "Supremacy". Yet
all tied up in the same WAR knot, all justifications for Divide-
and-Conquers, as a "rationale" for permanent "war" and
slaughter and tragedy/pain/drama/intrigue/stress, as but
thinly and cleverly disguised Ritual Human Sacrifice. The
Russian and Chinese "revolutions" slaughtered dozens of
millions, and tortured many millions. Cause you see, as long
as there are "enemies" out there, "opposed" to your reign
"order", you are "perfectly justified" in enacting all atrocities,
aren't ya?. All repressive institutions find justification in the
"need for secrecy" and in existence of "dangerous enemies".
The Bogey-Man scam has a really long history.
BUT IN CLOSER INSPECTION, research on both ancient
history and present conspiracy, without a doubt shows that
behind the apparent figures of different opposed camps, they
all stem from the same sources, and most often are indeed
working together at the Apex point of the pyramids (behind
the public facades, that is). At best, we have a case of inner
"Turf War".
Take the case of the Apocalypse/Revelation prophetic stream.
This book is all-too-obviously just an edit of a much larger
extant ancient greek Mystery School tradition based on the
practice of a Linguistic/Numeric/Geometrical integrated
fractal and advanced science called Gematria. But of course
this is impossible -see?-, since all the elite sponsored academia
forces us to believe that we are the "only" advanced civilization
in history. Pigs fly too. Yet is is self-evident that Gematria and
Kabbalah and Sanskrit, etc, were all extant remnants of a much
more advanced Neuro-Linguistic science, like scattered and
fragmented pieces of broken pottery, like a splintered maze.
The obsession of the esoteric elites with the idea of "TEMPLE"
(re-constructing The Temple), is but a glimpse into their clear
understanding of this devolved process in reverse; what they
are talking in symbols, is about rebuilding the original complete
TEMPLATE, of the previous more advanced science/technology.
Different races and esotericisms and religions and traditions,
simply hold certain "Pieces of the Puzzle", of the broken Original
Template. The Unifying agenda of re-constructing the Template,
has been symbolized in the figure of the SUN CIRCLE.
Solomon Temple means SUN TEMPLATE (Sol is Sun); thus we
have the hidden "theology" of a secret astrological "Sun Cult"
behind practically every religion that exists. In some traditions
the CIRCLE takes is complementary form -the SQUARE-, thus
we have Masonry based on the "Quadrature of the Circle and
the Square", expressed in their Logo of the "Compass & Square".
Which also express the Ying-Yang, Male-Female energy polarity,
as well as the Union of Eastern and Western schools of mystery.
The "G" at the center of the logo is not "Gnosis" as claimed, but
is is a fractal for Geo/Geometry/Gematria/Gland. The Template
"re-configured" in the brain's Pineal Gland, as on the Globe.
Ritually as a copy of the pharaonic Egyptian Head-dress, with
a prominent small Cobra at the center of the forehead, the
"Third Eye" of the Pineal Gland, linked through a "wearable"
implied as a direct crystal connect with the reptilian ORION
origin (Ori-Gen, Orion Genesis/Gen-Isis).
The search for the Template is but merely a hunt for disappeared
ancient lost technologies that provide this link to higher realities.
Now what do you think we are doing messing ourselves in areas
so far away as Israel/Afghanistan/Irak and soon Iran...? Both
erasing all evidence of the unifying origin of all "opposed camps"
-to preserve and maintain the current scams and status quo-,
and searching for advanced ancient technology, particularly the
famous StarGate portals of that area. The Knight Templars
already "cleaned"/wiped out most compromising evidence of the
origins of modern western traditions and religion, out of Jerusalem
and its vicinities during the Medieval Age, and this was the real
motive-agenda for the Crusades, besides recovering technology.
The all powerful creators of modern banking -Knight Templars-,
were intensely hated by the french aristocracy, after they were
discovered in many ocassions secretly meeting with the muslim
"enemy" in the course of the Crusades. The game was over, the
scam exposed, so the Vatican "dissolved" them -which they did
NOT-, they merely relocated to both Scotland, and the Caribbean
(supposedly America wasn't "discovered" yet), and it was from this
last post, that they created the vast "pirate" enterprise (PI Code),
with their skull & bones forming an "X" (CROSS code). But by
then, the Knight Templars had slowly and gradually conspired &
succeeded in morphing a great part of Christianity into a blended
or "Syncretic" mix of muslim/christian (Syncretism is the name
for this process). Thus al kinds of muslim iconography & rituals
began to appear in Europe's religion. Veils for sacred women and
nuns, Towers in churches, Bells ringing for prayer or service, an
emphasis in Repetitive obsessive drone-prayer, strong supression
of secular women and sexuality, a rigid and angry God that justifies
murder and war (jihad), etc etc etc. All these aspects were brought
in by the Templars and their many secret agreements with the
Oriental Mystery Schools, as to allow for invasions of Europe and
so forth, for this Syncretic process to coalesce.
Here & there, little snippets of scattered pieces of evidence of the
COMMON SOURCE of the Apocalyptic tradition, emerge, after the
painstaking Erasure effected by the Inquisition. Some revealing
tiny fragments survive; for example the "Apocalypse of John the
Divine" (Boof of Revelation in the Bible), was supposedly written
in the "Dodecanese (Aegean) Sea" greek Patmos Island. But
this is secret-speak for the "DODECA GRID" of the earth, and I
already showed: [PATMOS ISLAND = DOS LAN ISP ATM].
It's all advanced Code-Instructions for re-building technology.
The initials form "PI" (Pineal/Pyramid, the former old Centers
for Pineal/Dna Attunement by Harmonic Resonance -"Atonement"
as rendered in symbolic 'religion'-). The "Ankh" and the "Pillar of
Djed" were part of this ancient advanced technology. Yet there is
more to the selection of "Patmos Island" as supposed writing
location for the Book of Rev.; some muslim theologians have
declassified that in their secret inner teachings, they hold that
Patmos Island was a center for GENETIC ENGINEERING aprox
6 THOUSAND YEARS AGO. And they secretly teach that the
"White Man" was genetically engineered there at that time. So
I guess I come from Patmos Island... being a "whitey". Now this
is the real secret origin of the secular "Island of Dr. Moreau",
written by a guy certainly in-the-know in elite esoteric circles.
How come then, a tiny speck of an island part of a cluster in the
irrelevant Aegean Sea -called "Patmos Island", ends up showing
up so c-r-u-c-i-a-l-l-y in the "opposed camps" of the muslim
and christian religions...? Of course each camp secretly holds some
keys and codes for what's behind the supposed importance of
the location, while you & me regular folk will n-e-v-e-r get to
figure out the whole-pie, as the elite that controls both camps do.
Until the internet came, and information and knowledge was easily
spread, and a lot of these "opposed camp" secrets began to spill out.

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