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The NEPHILIM multiples -Part 1-

Stanley Kubrick left his "AI - Artificial Intelligence" long-term film project pending, yielding it in the end to Steven Spielberg to fulfill. Given Kubrick's penchant for meticulous details & -yes- codes !, one cannot but notice how "St-EVE-n" contains "EVE", while "Spiel-BERG" echoes the BORG theme of the project; observe how the vowels of dAvId are "AI" while the consonants are "DVD".

It has long been known that the name for the creator gods -ALHIM- in the Book of Genesis in the Bible (most deliberately incorrectly translated as a single "God" to imply monotheism, I am not a polytheist, I am merely stressing that fact), contains the code of the No. Pi; using the hebrew kabbalah table above, you get the number "31415", which is often in kabbalah arranged within a 5x5 Magic Square as follows:


The name ALHIM in the center row & column (forming the central Cross) by anagram is MIHLA, which becomes then the name for the hebrew ritual of Circumcision -BRIT MILAH-, that was evidently copied by the semites (both jewish & islamic) from the Egyptians where it came from without the slightest doubt; this word is a direct reference to the ALHIM gods then, thus the "divine mandate" to circumcise the inferior human population as a token of Ownership even at the human most private parts level, the very genitals. The 4th row yields IHLAM, an almost match with ISLAM; this not a coincidence at all, because the kabbalah for the ALHIM code establishes that the letter "H" is an alternate one, sometimes interjected as "Sh" for example. In the same exact manner as ISLAM, we get its anagram SALIM, for "Jeru-salim" in hebrew. The only row or diagonal not carrying ALHIM in its many forms is the left to right diagonal which is "HHHHH" in english gematria as (H=8) thus {HHHHH=40=David}.

So this "H" letter is exceptional & alternate, implying its use in the othername of "God" as YHWH (usually rendered Jehovah or Yahweh), as a repeat-letter it is also of an exceptional or alternate characteristic; some researchers have pointed out the 2nd "H" in YHWH is there only to conceal the true letter which some render as "G" (because this name-formula contained the secret to the genetic code of 'the gods' as applied to human creation). In that case the true concealed name-formula was YGWH.

The No. Pi -Magic Square as follows, alphanumerics for each letter acc to the hebrew alphabet chart above, corresponding to each letter of the ALHIM-Magic Square above:

3 1 4 1 5
1 4 1 5 3
4 1 5 3 1
1 5 3 1 4
5 3 1 4 1

In my 2008 article above I succinctly expounded on this very important in Gematria No. 153, which you see in preceding Pi-Magic Square, prominently in the 2nd & 4th rows (and in 2nd, 3rd, & 4th columns). You will notice that 153 reversed added to Pi as 314, yields:

{ 1 + 351 + 314 = 666 }.

In the Gospel of John 21:1 the No. 153 symbolizes the Resurrection, whereas here in Genesis it is embedded in the ALHIM code name for the gods of Creation. The Masons call the deity "The Great Architect", because they knew that there is a secret of Geometric construction involved in Creation, but the present article will show you that the ultimate secret is the Genetic Cloning of Woman in the genetic-image of the hybrid Nephilim but using the DNA of Man (I mean as a supposed event or claim, of which it's not the purpose of this article to determine its veracity or falseness but to just show how it fits into an overall big-scheme, because it does so), which somehow involves a yet to be discovered No. Pi code in the Human Genome, as well as the No. 153; science is getting closer to the ultimate secret, since it has already established the definite pattern of No. PHI (the Golden mean section) in the DNA group divisions etc, within the Human genome.

While the YHWH name-formula is a 4-letter genetic grid, the ALHIM name-formula is a 5-letter genetic grid (which corresponds to the Human Genome formed of 4-letters that science labeled "ACTG"); it appears as if the 5-letter genetic grid corresponds to the Nephilim of old, the hybrids that are the missing link between "the-gods" and the later humans as we now are; in that logic, the gods would exhibit a 6-letter genetic grid. Thus by revealing merely a 5-letter genetic grid for the ALHIM, the secret of their 6-letter grid is not revealed & concealed; in other words, all that is revealed is all things relating to the Nephilim & up to that point only in the evolutionary ladder ("Jacob's Ladder"). Analogously, the relationship between the 5-letter ALHIM name- formula & the 4-letter YHWH (or YGWH if that is the case) is kept secret, thus how you transfer codes from a 5-grid to a 4-grid in both linguistic & genetic terms, is kept absolutely hidden.

In older articles in my blog I suggested that the extra letter of ALHIM to become as 6-letter grid letter is "B", so the full code name is "BALHIM"; this for ex seems to be the reason why in the novel & film "2001 A Space Odyssey" the computer going Psycho-Sentient is called "HAL", as moving 1+space up the alphabet this becomes "IBM", and putting both the HAL & IBM together yields the full code "BALHIM". I also elaborated in those older articles, that this "BALHIM" appears to be a "LAB" name in relation to "Laboratory" & such, so that the whole theme acquires an air of the film "The Planet of the Apes", where names of an extinct humanity formed the basis for the religion of the apes. In Standard English Gematria (a=1, b=2, .., z=26):

[ "Balhim" = 45 = Rev = Daniel ]

In this respect it is of crucial importance to realize that all these No. of letters transfers from 4-grid to 5-grid to 6-grid, are fractals of a dimensional conversion; in the animation video above, you clearly witness how the 4D HyperCube (at minute 0:50 & so on) becomes a 3D figure in the shape of a Cube, and a 2D figure in the shape of a Hexagon or "Star of David". This symbol was not hebrew at all, it became so only after the nazis utilized it to signal a jewish person; it has been used by seemingly all in the mystic traditions of Sacred Geometry. This particular Confluence of Dimensional Shapes, is widely known as "Metatron's Cube" in Sacred Geometry in general (while the 4D HyperCube itself is called a "Tesseract"). ***On a personal note, while doing my degree project in Architecture back then in the mid 80's, I discovered this Metatron's Cube all by myself, realizing its dimensional transfer implications; I proceeded to name my thesis "The Centered Archetype"***.

It becomes a bit evident after getting to know these things, that the whole symbology of the "Jesus & the 12 Apostles" is actually a hidden reference to this HyperCube in its transfer from 2D to 3D to 4D; thus the Communion in Church declared as the Dogma of Trans-Sustantiation, is even more obviously a ref to this once again. Al these symbols & allegories were the way the Geometric Patterns & Key Fractals operate within Dimensional Conversions, all secret wisdom of an ancient extant lost science hidden in plain sight in the form of stories & characters. You see a confirmation for ex in Gematria:

[ "A Metatron" = 107 = "Apostles" ]

Let us simply observe the word "Nephilim"; how the words "Male" and specially "Female" are an offspring of "Nephilim", so one assumes their physical counterparts are as well:



If you cared to read the 2 links regarding the Nephilim, you know they are defined essentially as a HYBRID race of the gods, a Crossbreed of humans and the so-called gods; then as to how this "harmonization" or "compatibility" (better even: "Embeddability") of Dna's was achieved, is evident in the PHI reference, through the use of the Golden Mean section, thus when they applied Golden Mean harmonics to the Dna, they were able to "crossbreed" these different species or "embed" one's Dna unto the other. So the trick it appears was how to properly braid the PHI / Golden Section into the Woman's Dna; that this is a very deep secret can be traced for ex when we do the Standard English Gematria (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):

[ MARY = 57 = "GOLDEN" = ROSE = SION = ENGLAND = GenLand ]

{ "MEAN" = 33 = PHI = Magic = Name }

In my "Key No. 153" older article linked above, I succinctly expose the nature of a higher 4D or 5D "Synchronic Language" that from our less evolved 3D perspective would come to us from the more evolved FUTURE instead of from the past !, as the normal "White Noise" meaningless type of utilitary Language does (deprived of Synchronicity & Concordant Resonance), crossing time & space -ubiquitous in the Ether- to synchronize apparently distantly unrelated words and names, operating as a sort of "magnetic informatics" where all things pertaining to a Thread of Consciousness are part of a LINGUISTIC BRANCH no matter what point of Space/Time they manifest at. Gematria then is nothing else that the sheer awareness and the study of the Synchronic hyper-dimensional Nature of Language as ORIGINATOR OF REALITY (whereas the other devolved linear-sequential historically developed language is akin to a random "White Noise" strata that possesses no Resonance, describing by most often random symbols events after they already were manifested, and having no input in their manifestation). Those higher Synchronic Linguistic Threads were known in the far past, and symbolized as BRANCHES on the TREE OF LIFE; this Tree of Life is a Living-Organic Software informing the inner data of all things & beings, acc to their position in it, whereby all things & beings in one "branch" SHARE the same LANGUAGE or Informatics Code, akin to for ex how Genetics works.

In the last article in the blog "When Joe Doe ain't Joe Doe", I showed how the Genesis allegory of the Creation of Woman from the "Rib of Adam" actually meant the Cloning of Woman from the Bone-Marrow of Adam's Rib (as bone-marrow and embryonic cells both possess the ability to replicate million-fold while being able to differentiate, thus being the essence of how Cloning is achieved); that all these things are but scattered fragments of extant previously more advanced science from extinct inter-planetary or even inter-stellar civilizations operating on this planet & solar system, goes without saying. This is how for ex this Bone-Marrow precise fact got preserved under the cover of "religion", for milennia, as so many other bits & pieces of very ancient science were also incorporated in the formation of "Scriptures" of any old religions all the same, since they all fed from the same far ancient sources, as these previous civilizations fell apart, crumbled down and disappeared in the night of the times. So in that article I showed how:

"MARY" ~~~ "MARRY" ~~~ "MARROW"

You can witness the word "ONE" used as a secret code for "CLONE" and "BONE" (and the Skull & Bones secret society has the Skull representing the Females circle as the Bone-s represent the male line, the Bones forming a Cross, so the Cross symbol has a secret GENETIC Cross-Breed meaning as well). But the exact "RIB" code is the etheric origin of the "BRIT" root, which in the Bible was preserved as the allegorical figure of "ABRAHAM/IBRAHIM", the Patriarch whose offspring became the "chosen" people acc to the story: }

(It seems to me that the oh-so emblematic letter "G" of "God", of "Geometry", of "Gematria", of "Garden", of "GolGotha", Genital, etc, is a symbol for the above Vesica Pisces construction, the "G" is a Circle that's being opened, representing Dimensional Transfer. This is why I think the expression "G-spot" referring to the point of high orgasm in women, is another way of stating the same secret, only now in respect to the actual literal female vulva Genitalia. To me this "G-spot" talk is a way of meaning how the vagina opens to the man in full orgasm, thus producing & transferring a max amount of sexual Kundalini at the Basal Chakra, which is but the archetype of the opening of the fish in the Vesica Pisces. it's all pretty vampiric once you understand the hidden puns and secret knowledge; thus the "G-spot" is a way of saying without saying, that the PHYSICAL or 3D gets to produce maximum levels of ETHERIC or 4D energy otherwise known as Kundalini. All about dimensional Transfer, now isn't it?).



[ CLONE = 49 = GARDEN ]

[ EDEN = 28 = MAN ]

(how the Vesica Pisces is constructed & its Golden Mean proportion, that is No. PHI ratio. I chose this masonic website deliberately to convey how they hold a high interest in this manner, which is to mean that they are part of the "esoteric" background to public "exoteric" religions, only superficially in 'opposition' to each other, strictly for public consumption)

In the above fig taken from this masonic website link, you see the Height of the Vesica Pisces being No. 153, and its Width being 265; AND THIS IS WHY EVERY RELIGIOUS MYSTERY IS LINKED TO THIS GOLDEN MEAN OR VESICA PISCES, disguised as an outer cult of "fertility", when it is much more than just that. This is the mythical "VULVA", or "Venus", this the "Sacred Pentagram", this the "Virgin Mother", etc; these were symbols utilized to convey the hidden science of Genetic Crossbreeding on an inter-planetary or even inter-stellar context between different species, applying a still to be discovered embedding of both numbers Pi & PHI, as well as the implicit No. 153. When the term "Virgin" was used, it simply meant the moment in the Cross-Breeding programme of Cloning, that happens at lab level and prior to the resulting and already reproduction-capable offspring via normal sexual intercourse. So there was a "prior phase" of Creation of Humans, when sex was not yet the reproductive mode, perhaps a phase of Hermaphrodites or the like, before the lowering down the harmonics of existence down to the gross "strictly 3D density" we experience today, defined by extreme Bi-Polarity, the sexual genders a fractal of the same. This might explain for ex why the Bible describes first Man being alone, while later the gods created Woman from his Rib to give him company; in the previous phase man only ate fruits, while after Woman was created the narrative describes an Exile from this Garden of Eden, both Man & Woman entering a new devolved & lower reality, subject to an ENERGY IMBALANCE that resulted in the need to eat animals (the animal eats animal law of this energy deprived 3D-Matrix).

That this Vesica Pisces was central to the 2nd aspect of Creation of Woman is extremely obvious, and this Cloning process is at the core of most religions; for ex early Christianity did not hold the Cross as its icon, this appeared after Emperor Constantine "Chi-Rho Sign" when he officially launched Christianity, the Cross becoming an icon around the 3rd century, while the Crucifix itself as such even much later. The original Christian icon was the FISH, used with the greek name for fish "ICHTHUS"; this Ichthus was both written in letters as well as more often just drawn as a fish symbol, in the form of the ... VESICA PISCES. The greek word "Ichthus" was a notarikon code of Gematria (use of initials) also meaning "Iesous Chrystos Theous Uios Soter" (translated as "Jesus Christ Son of God & Saviour"). The reason this was the original symbol is evident; the cult of the fertility "Mother Goddesses" was rampant in those days, the idol of the Sacred Vulva portrayed in the Vesica Pisces was the key to the "Virgin" worship, fundamental to the mysteries of the Temple Prostitutes, such as the Vestal Virgins etc, with which men had intercourse to cleanse their souls, leaving an offer behind to help tend for the Temple thus conceived as a form of a "Sacred Brothel". After all this, such ancient background to Christianity was "erased" from public knowledge, and it took until the year 1476 to establish the Feast of Immaculate Conception in the Church, while only as late as the year 1864 the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception was launched -basically after all of this had been conveniently forgotten and excised from religious history, or even just historical knowledge-.

But my contention here, is that all this religious hocus-pocus, was only the cover for a totally different theme, of inter-planetary or inter-stellar HYBRIDIZATION programs, that lie at the history of the Origin of Man but specially Woman on this planet; for any serious researcher on the Vesica Pisces and the Golden Mean section, is fully aware that the "Sacred Vulva" is actually a STAR GATE PORTAL into/from other dimensions, what in physics they call a WormHole, only the Vesica Pisces is a fractal symbol of an "Organic WormHole". Thus we get the organic fractal of humans entering this devolved and lower 3D-Matrix via the vulva -the vagina at birth-, in full resonance to the previous archetypal events (what we might here call the so-called Exile from Eden, via a star gate portal or organic wormhole, guarded by none other than a Cherubim !). Thus not being "expelled" from the Vulva secretly implied not being expelled from higher dimensions (OR PLANETS), yet only incarnating here by Free-Will to be an Avatar figure. This 3D-Planet then secretly was considered an Exile-Planet, the Cloning of Woman essential to the status of the place as such, and the birth via the Vulva/Vagina the method of being expelled from "Paradise" unto this Matrix, for everyone else after the "1st couple" . That's how the narrative of Genesis truly reads, when all the significant aspects are factored in properly.

That the NEPHILIM and the PHIMALE were an integral reason for this exile, is at the core of these religious cults derived from secret very ancient knowledge not available to the public but only to the very few on top who acted & still act accordingly; the Nephilim were the first ancient Hybrids and here in this word precisely we see the full meaning of "Rib":


In turn as pointed before, the word "Abraham/Ibrahim" so clearly also contains the "RIB" root code, yet furthermore:

{ "ABRAHAM / IBRAHIM" is formed by "RIB ADAM" }

---(the oriental Yoni Lingam sexual/spiritual icon---

That the Cross-Breed GENETIC underpinning of it all is well known in the elites controlling the public religions, is also self evident; at St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican outside in the Piazza there is an Oval colonnade representing the Vulva, with an Obelisk actually brought from the old egyptian city of Heliopolis symbolizing the Penis; this represents the external or physical sexual aspect (the strictly sexual or solar material Yoni Lingam -seen in above illustration-with its astrological & zodiacal fractals in the 3D cosmos as well), while as you walk into the church under the Dome (Womb) sits the altar known as the "Baldaquino", consisting of 4 HELICOIDAL semi-black bronze pillars quite obviously representing the HUMAN DNA Helixes, whereby instead of the 2-Strands of DNA that define the present devolved human genetics, the Baldaquino in giant size shows 4 pillars indicating the re-acquisition of 4-Strand DNA (out of an ideal 12-Strands, symbolized as the "Lost Tribes of Israel", which I jokingly call the "12 Ribs of Israel"). These 4 "Jacob's Ladders" are eerily at the most sacred ritual spot in Christianity; while the name Baldaquino refers to a 5-sided figure (Quino), thus representing the above human ALHIM 5-letter grid genetic code engineered unto the ancient Nephilim.

In the founding figure of the Merovingian dynasty aprox in the year 500 we find the legend that Merovech was a hybrid human as offspring of a woman and a Quinotaur. Same secret notions, different forms; the Crusades were fought to recover Jerusalem and give the Merovingian dynasty its "true kingdom" in that region of Jerusalem. Of course this legend was created to instill the notion that the then new european royalty was "divine" in origin; similar strategy was pursued in the fabricated legend that "Mary Magdalen" landed in France around the Renees Le Chateau area carrying the "Offspring of Jesus", in order to once again imply that these descendants became the monarchs of Europe, thereby being of Jesus bloodline, i.e. of "divine" lineage (and this legend was revived recently by the Da Vinci Code novel/film, in order to try to breathe new life into a fading & falling from public grace european monarchy; you have to be pretty blind not to see the obvious DNA pun in the author DAN Brown's name...).

What is denied of course, is the KNOWLEDGE of all these things I am presenting here, the way THEY see them in secret; that there was a Devolution, that the Ascension consists of a Re-Evolution, all of it 100% GENETIC. In other words one religion for the masses, quite another for the secret elite who is aware of some aspects of the ancient events & interplanetary or inter-stellar agendas effected on this planet, that led to the destruction of much more advanced now extinct civilizations. By holding these scattered bits & fragments of preserved science, they thus hold... Power...!? Knowledge equals Power, that is.

For ex, it is quite well known amongst some 'less traveled' circles, that the NUMBER PI has been ENCODED IN SCRIPTURES & RELIGION; this is almost vox populi today, but admitting to it would open the entire topic, leading to all the rest of the former civilizations' scientific extant pieces that were encoded & preserved secretly under the cover or religions. You look at the very Book of Revelation -the last in the Bible-, and officially it is supposed to have been written in a tiny island in the Dodecanese Sea in the Aegean called "Patmos Island" (a tourist destination today); yet unless you are totally blind or stupid, it is extremely obvious this name is merely an almost overt code for "PI" (P-atmos I-sland). The "Dodeca-nese" on the other hand is a direct & explicit reference to the ancient ATLANTIS DODECA GRID, and energy grid resonating at a harmonic realm between 3D & 4D, that provided a Manifested Reality of higher degree, and which of course was the real "Garden of Eden" or "Paradise" alluded in symbols. Also as exposed by me in a series of previous articles in this blog, its name also encodes our computer/internet Information Age as well, as a precursor of the re-establishment or re-activation of the shut-off atlantean Dodeca Grid that acted as a wireless Organic Etheric Internet so to speak, as a sort of universal morpho-genetic informational field. Since Atlantis was referred to us as in the form of an "Island", then Patmos Island is a code for it, albeit an obvious one, as even the letters of "ATLANTIS" can be found in "PATMOS ISLAND":


In the following video you see another blogger showing how the No. Pi is the origin of the hebrew Menorah sacred 7-candles holder (watch at minute 1:23):

The Book of Rev clearly revolves around the Cloning theme, only secretly so (although at one point it is rendered explicitly in Rev 13: 15 when it is written that power was awarded to give breath to the image of the beast, quite literally a description of cloning). Another reason why the small Island of Patmos was chosen to be the supposed origin of the Book of Rev, is that the islands in the Aegean above Crete have been for a really long time suspected of Genetic-Engineering experiments aprox 6000 years ago; for ex the Muslim secret Brotherhood claims that the "white man" was genetically engineered at...
(you guessed it)... precisely... Patmos Island...! This is a crucial secret reason why they regard themselves as superior and holier than us whites, and their extreme factions see no shame in genociding the "white-infidels". Once again you'd have to be living in a cave not to know of a famous book & several movie versions of "The Island of Dr. Moreau" about human cloning. You see, scattered small islands like in the Aegean, are ideal for separate cloning experiments... Which of course doesn't validate the muslim claims, but confirms that there is something under that bridge of disinformation.

So that there is a lot more water under that bridge, should by now be surmised by even the most skeptical reader. And if you went through the boredom or pain of reading the previous article "When Joe Doe ain't Joe Doe", you sure know how relevant all this secret background to religions is to major defining worldwide events and wars and policies and beliefs -and genocides of course, another "G" word-. In India they had similar background info defining thenf the subject of "real humans" as opposed to "less evolved clone humans" or even "borg-humans" or similar copycat artificial procedures, as secretly informing all the beliefs and practices. A few trailers of major mainstream films come handy -notice the spectacular apparition of Nicole Kidman against the backdrop of egg shelves, indicating the EGG in vitro cloning-:

One of the trailers is for the film "Surrogates", please observe the Gematria involved:


Here is the bottom-line issue, that perhaps you have completely missed so far: what is the reason for enacting inter-planetary or inter-stellar or even better... inter-dimensional Cloning agendas...? Now we're talking, Watson.

Deal is this: if you live in a certain dimensional-bubble kind of world, more specifically within an ENERGY DEPLETED (or fastly depleting) REALM, then by "creating" Cloned species as a "DNA Image" of your own species, you are actually... creating... organic Energy Containers, whose sole reason for existence is to be your very own Etheric Kundalini producers, you the harvester of course.

In such a science-fiction scenario, a higher dimensionally and advanced -yet devolving species- (the "fallen angels" myths come to mind?) would urgently need "Double-Clones" in different dimensional lower 3D realms, to extract continually throughout their limited lifetimes the gravely needed Etheric Kundalini; it dramatically helps that the "doubles" be clones of your own specific DNA or close to it, to properly "link to" their Silver-Chord chakra Etheric extensions.

Thus the ... (see?)... theme of Vulva WormHole Portals; as you may know the Sexual Chakra is the lowest, and from where the Kundalini originates as it climbs up the spine through the other chakras. In this science-fiction (or is it not...?) scenario... the period of fetal growth inside the womb connected via an Umbilical Chord, COULD BE THE PREPARATION FOR THE REST OF THE ETHERIC SILVER-CHORD EXISTENCE NOT VISIBLE THOUGH THE MATERIAL EYE SIGHT, throughout your entire life that is The Kundalini energy chords just like the umbilical chord of the fetus yet in Reverse-Direction, you feeding your energy towards the host in 4D, who might be host to multiples, i.e. host of "multiple doubles" in a series of prefabricated & designed for this purpose "parallel dimensional realities". Call it Phantom-Predators, the DNA exact image of which you yourself were created & formed to be etheric food for.

Don't you find it truly weird, that such easy to imagine plot, has never been the subject of a single novel or movie...? It is a great plot that easily leads to a series of interesting "alternative explanations" for the things that happen in our lives and in this world, one of many bubble-worlds, in this scenario; like, why is there so much inseminate DRAMA around here...? How come then... not a single time this has been extrapolated in a science-fiction film...? No great alternative fringe researcher has proposed such a case...? No starving script-writer in need of landing a Hollywood movie has been able to concoct such story...? Don't you find it spectacularly odd... that NOBODY has ever talked or written or even suggested this scenario in any shape or fashion...? Considering the current mainstream appeal of chakra activation and quantum parallel realities, it is simply not believable that this has gone "unfathomed" as a possibility. Don't you think...?

Let me refresh your imagination a bit, if you indulge me; in such science-fiction story, you'd need to have some really BIG INSTITUTIONS placed on top of this bubble-alt world or worlds, in order to have it "running smoothly" without complaints. And I don't mean like politically or business as usual type of institutions; but rather... "Institutions of Belief", whereby you are constantly hammered by Disinformation about the origin and raison d'etre of existence of this bubble-world and of you yourself in here, so psychically occupied in forever believing their "feel good" stories about it all, that you simply never find the mental space to even imagine such all too obvious possibility... So that these Belief Institutions were to be like a trans-dimensional FRANCHISE spiritual operation of sorts, to keep the Kundalini-Harvest functioning forever without trouble in the same manner, no matter what course their history takes (all the history events never really changing the bottom-line of being a Kundalini-factory, yet merely adding more & more drama). So that after some time - perhaps many millions of years even-, the level of sophistication of the psychic takeover of the will, had been refined to a point that it runs like a swiss clock, through time-proven psychic archetypes of belief and such, that are for all practical purposes irresistible, no different in spiritual terms than for ex an alluring woman is totally irresistible to a sexually starved man.

It seems to me, that in the history of religions and such, in fact attempts have perhaps been made to warn of this exact possible scenario, only that these attempts have been "assimilated" into the overall institutional feel-good franchise (assuming any of these science-fiction scenarios are actually feasible or even real in full or to a point). For ex it is strange how precisely the Book of Rev uses this very alluring harlot image to portray a SPIRITUAL SEDUCTION...

Which then in turn makes you ponder about the actual origin of certain spiritual code names, ponder in a very different light, I mean. Let's take the case of the very "name of the creator gods" in Genesis -ALHIM-, what if by notarikon (1st & last initials) it may rather mean:


{ ALHIM = 43 = mark } as the last initials yield:
{ LGNED = 42 = new } where ( LGNED ~~~ "England" )
{ ALHIM+LGNED = 85 = british }

[ (Artificial Living Human Intelligence Mind) - (ALHIM+LGNED) = 144+144 ]

[ Artificial Living Human Intelligence = 333 ]

Exploring this eerie scenario, one is compelled to look at the Musical Keys in their latinized older names, simply because the name "ALHIM" ostensibly contains 2 of them -LA & MI-. This would then be a great detail in the science-fiction plot, to actually have even some musical keys tuned to some harmonic frequency, in order to ENHANCE the kundalini conduit outputs by resonance. It brings the old classic film "Encounters of the 3rd Kind"'s musical gathering to a whole new level of meaning... For ex, when you consider the first 3 musical keys in this system "Do/Re/Mi", as you go checking their English Gematria one finds a strange coincidence:

[ "DO+RE+MI" = 64 = PHIMALE = ZERO = PETER ]

From some previous articles in this blog, you may have read that I contend "PETER" is a symbol for the PITUITARY GLAND, while "PAUL" is a symbol for the PINEAL GLAND. Acc to most mystics either in India or wherever, the Crown Chakra exit portal is fired jup at the Pineal & Pituitary Glands at the center of the Brain, which become super-luminal and lighten up beyond a speed of light luminiscence. Does the expression "The Keys of Heaven" actually represent these 2 organic kundalini portals to the higher 4D Dimension...? I would not like nobody to hold any "Keys" or "Locks" to these, at all, cause my Pineal & Pituitary -sorry-, are but only MINE...!...

[ MALE + PHIMALE = 97 = Serpent ]

As you may or may not know, the Kundalini that rises up the spine through the chakras, is often called the "Serpent of Light". It makes you wonder about the famous Pink Floyd song called "Brain Damage" as: { DAMA-ge ~~~ ADAM }. Strange enough that the name "Adam" only is a fractal of either "MAD" or "DAMAge", or even "DAM" to show a reserve about to flood, don't you think...? Like the dams in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina...

Moreover, it is absolutely eerie, that the very word LIFE when spelled rightly using the PH of PHI, finds its root in... Nephilim...!? -exactly written in reverse, in fact-:

{ "LIPHE" ~~~ n-"EPHIL"-im }

Which reminds one of another well known eerie linguistic fact, that the word "LOVE" in reverse is "EVOL" which is pronounced as "Evil"... Is all this just because perhaps the English language or some words within it may have been hijacked by negative beings, or rather that the ENTIRE REALITY as we live and experience it, may be as the science-fiction scenario imagined, could have been not just hijacked but indeed created & designed specifically under a double-pun Negative Gematria imprint, for kundalini extraction psychic template purposes...? Like to "assure" that you'll be a LOSER from the getgo, from a Gematria-Psychic-Etheric point of view, subconsciously so ! It is of great relevance to this extrapolation, to realize how easy it is to find Negative-Content Gematria, while it is actually hard to find the Positive kind, and this starts with the before mentioned { Jesus =- 74 = Lucifer } fact.

This blog is not written to perturb people over nothing, or to increase the prevalent negativity, or to spread sheer disinformation; it is only up to you to ponder if any of this means what it appears to mean. Like in the film "The Matrix" perhaps it all is upside down in the sense of being "normal", and it is all a Great Illusion but with a deliberate & highly focused etheric intent of stealing constantly your Kundalini energies through all kinds of dramatic-imprint manners. Whereas in some of the films the clones are conceives as replacements for body arts of the "originals", under the scenario extrapolated the human race or large parts of it , could be a clone production agenda but not for body parts replacement... only for etheric energy replacement.

Then of course I am also reminded that as I said before, it seems that the line of reasoning in this extrapolation, appears to be at the heart of spirituality, and some of the tenets here exposed of scary prospects, indeed find ample room in the discourse of even for ex... JESUS...! Isn't actually the story of Jesus, a fable about a man who fought the spiritual fight against Organized Religion? I'm sorry if I missed something, but that's the way it looks to me. Isn't this the truth...? Didn't the same figure supposedly said that "The Truth Shall Set You Free"...?

The maybe it is best to let the issues appropriately sink in all by themselves in their full complexity. What better then, than to let some films do that? Here some (please follow the part after part No. after each segment is watched -on the right column-):