Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Was Saturn the Old-Sun...? Old "Man"/New "Man"...?

NOTE: While reading this series you may find yourself struggling
to stay awake; this is not simply due to it being poorly written,
which indeed it was -as I myself had to struggle to stay awake
while writing it-. The real reason for this sleepiness, is that when
we go beyond our current form & identity (both in our own body,
as in the shape of the earth & solar system), we are breaking the
Genetic Programming, and "crossing the consciousness rubicon",
so to speak. The natural embedded defense mechanism, is that
we will fall asleep whenever we attempt this feat. Therefore you
may find this series "extremely" hard to read, and also you will
notice how hard it becomes to memorize what you've just read.
We can see our existence on earth presently, as akin to what
happens to the main character in the film "Memento", who after
being hit acquires a rare form of Amnesia whereby he remembers
his far past, but is unable to remember what he just did only a
few minutes ago. Only that in our case it is the opposite; we can
"only" remember what we just did, but cannot remember our far
Genetic Past. Whenever we attempt to break this rare amnesia,
we acquire the reverse pattern, being unable to then remember
even what we just did or read & understood a few minutes/hours
ago. These amnesiac reversions of memory & sleep, are intrinsic
to the Programming we are under; in fact every night we delete
all awareness that threaten the current programming, being able
the next morning to only remember all things that reinforce it. This
is why only people who write down in mnemonic form all that they
become aware of (be it in an analytic or in an artistic or in spiritual
or encoded manner) can truly deprogram themselves. The main
and original function of Art was always and still is, to serve as a
Mnemonic Device -a journal of awareness, incorporating also the
crucial emotional memory of each awareness that runs against the
embedded programming of our identities- for deprogramming;
never to "entertain" but to "awaken".

Researchers noticed many decades ago that surprisingly the original
word for Helios (sun in greek) was referring to SATURN...! When the
linguists were translating the ancient writings, they felt that they had
to "correct" this "mistake", and rendered the reference as always
meaning our current sun (Sol). This anomaly encompasses a great
many languages and examples. Everybody since then just assumed
that anytime a ref to the sun was mentioned, it "had to" mean our
current sun, and in this way the subject of the Old-Sun died what
can be best-termed an either clumsy or manufactured death.

See, the ancients had an abnormal interest in the sky, what I would
call a PATHOLOGICAl obsession with the sun and the planets and
the stars. I don't mean by this to imply they were sick in the head,
but rather that they were periodically traumatized by cataclysmic
events involving drastic changes in the sun & sky that affected the

The extent and depth of this overly obsessive interest in all things
"heaven-skies", can be felt in our calendar; what we call DAY can
be understood as meaning "DEI" (God), eerily associated with
"DEATH" (to "DIE"); the famous Egyptian called "Book of the Dead"
actually had as original title "The book of coming forth by DAY", day
& death intrinsically tied.

The overarching theme of the "SON of GOD" in nearly every ancient
tradition, can be easily surmised when considering that if the notion
of an external "God" as an antropomorphism derived of this "SUN"
or "DEI"/DAY", then it follows that events which led to astronomical
changes in the sky where the Old-Sun was substituted by a "New-
Sun", would be preserved for generations as a tale of the "Son of
the Sun" or "Son of God". We will have to dig deep and steady, and
re-read our history of myths & religion, because vested-interests
have wreaked havoc in their favour, with mistranslations and ways
of interpreting texts that totally obscure the original meanings.

Did we have an "Old-Light" followed by a "New-Light"...? Was this
even the case of "Old-Lights" (more than just one Old-Sun) as the
archetype of POLYTHEISM, followed by a single "New-Light" (our
current sun) as the archetype of the new MONOTHEISM...?

This is a highly complex area of thought, because what we call just
an "astronomic cataclysm", might perhaps be celestial engineering
on the part of highly advanced et's. This not a minor detail, as we
know very well that our current single MOON, is quite the anomaly;
1st. of all a single moon is rare, then a moon which when viewed from
Earth looks e-x-a-c-t-l-y the size of the sun (so the "perfect eclipse"
in circumference is formed), is definitely not a natural/random event.
Then of course that our moon would rotate upon itself in such a ratio
that it would always show the same face towards the Earth, so that
there would always be a face of it we never see ("The Dark Side of
the Moon" -Pink Floyd), is another anomaly many have pondered
and concluded pertains to intentional astro-engineering. This has
led some to speculate our moon is an artificial satellite cloaked as a
rocky orb (or the rocky surface as meteorite shield); famously also
the Mars satellites Phobos & Deimos have been suspected of being
artificial due to their anomalies.

The russian-born american scholar Immanuel Velikovsky was the
first to make waves with his view of a "catastrophic" history of our
solar system in the mid-20th century; being a reputed psychiatrist
and psychoanalyst, he indeed observed an undeniable link between
religious myths and astronomical traumas/cataclysms. There are
also anomalies in the overall solar system as a whole, that lead one
to consider his position (if not the detail of it), as correct; for one
thing, when viewed from the sun's north pole all planets rotate in a
counterclockwise direction -as if on a plate/plane around the sun-.
Similarly & most logically, they also rotate unto themselves in such
counterclockwise direction, yet intriguingly VENUS & URANUS do
rotate in an opposite clockwise direction. There's no way this could
be so, unless a catastrophic scenario occurred; our present solar
system looks very ordered and stable, but this is merely the stasis
it achieved after a quite messy previous history of catastrophes.

The evidently politically-correct rigged official version places the
advent of mankind on Earth at a "much later" time than all these
possible upheavals (if they even want to admit them as possible
at all, which they don't). As an increasing number of researchers
push for the existence of unacknowledged previous more advanced
civilizations way farther back in time, the "age of history" on Earth
with humans on it, gets moved back gradually. In such case, this
means that humans being subject to cosmic upheavals is almost
a de-facto corollary to the topic; which in turn imply necessarily
that these upheavals played a DEFINING ROLE IN THE CREATION
AND SHAPING OF MYTHS & RELIGIONS. There is no escaping
this conclusion, unless you both deny that the solar system went
through cataclysmic changes, and that humans existed way longer
than officially accepted; which naturally begs the "why" the official
powers-that-be keep denying both vehemently, when nearly all
other researchers not aligned with them, conclude differently.

The american-indian tradition is awash with tales of them originating
in the stars, than going under the surface of the Earth for protection,
then resurfacing much later when cataclysms subsided. The current
UFO and conspiracy lore is also awash with rumours of underground
bases with et's and/or human hybrids & so forth residing under the
ground for millennia, urban legends speak of vast networks of tunnels
crossing the entire globe, even under major cities. One goes to the
Cuzco area in Peru, and if they trust you, the local Inca descendants
will tell you of the vast underground cave system where their "gods"
reside; even Manco-Capac their 1st. Inca Emperor was said to have
sprung forth from under Lake Titicaca. This is a CONSTANT in any
high mountain region, be it the Himalayas, the Pyrenees, the Andes,
the Rocky Mountains, Mt. Shasta, you name it. The only veritable
reason to live under the surface in a planet, is for protection from
astro-cataclysms, and also a change in the... Sun. If inhabitants
evolved/adapted under one sun, when this sun is substituted by
another, genetic DNA damage follows, and they will be forced to go
under the surface to survive and experience a softer mutation.

In this scenario, our Earth is one hell of a MUTANT PLANET, and
I think it's fairly obvious the religious & political establishment need
to deny all this at all costs, because once acknowledging even just a
part of it, leads to drastic changes in world views & belief-systems.
As I've pointed out in so many articles in this blog, the present
contrived & preposterous fight between the "Evolutionists" & the
"Creationists", constitute but a giant smoke-screen, as both equally
obscure the real issues of MUTATIONS & DEVOLUTION as inherent
to astronomic cataclysms through eons of time on Earth, and not
simply in a soft/gradual/linear sequential progression in a "stable"
Solar System & planet Earth.

At the core of the issue, that Mutants do not evolve/devolve at the
same RATE as ordinary inhabitants of a stable planet; by definition
a Mutant is a being already adapted to drastic change, & possesses
the ability to effect great sudden mutations to survive in such an
environment, an ability that manifests precisely when conditions
rapidly change -but that might not manifest if conditions stay in
a relative stasis-. Therefore the suspicion of ET genetic engineering
of mankind as prevalent as it is, is not the "only" different from the
official version of life issue; we have a situation of much greater
complexity, whereby both agendas of ET genetic engineering did
take place at different times, intertwined with cataclysmic events
in the Solar System & Earth, with "Fast-Mutations" playing a key
role as well, in those races/species that ingrained this ability. And
this for ex is a view favoured at large within the New-Age and the
conspiracy camps, or even just amongst those aware that in our
present day we are precisely entering one of those moments of
a window of "Fast-Evolution" within the cosmic cycles, even to the
point of jumping Densities/Dimensions ("The Great Shift" or "The
Great Ascension").

Our week days have been named after the 7 main planets; Monday
for the Moon, Tuesday (Martes) for Mars, Wednesday (Miercoles)
for Mercury, Thursday (Jueves) for Jupiter, Friday (Viernes) for
Venus, Saturday for Saturn, and Sunday for the Sun. Why would the
Semitic/Hyksos/Habiru peoples place such importance on the day
of SATURN...? The jewish celebrate the "SABBATH" as the Holy
Day of God, and even the word "ABBA" (father) is embedded in its
name; this is clear irrefutable proof that the concept of a "Person-
God" as within the triad "Father/Mother/Son" derives of the SUN.
If this was all it proved, I wouldn't be here writing this article, since
it is self-evident; however what it further proves, is that Saturn
was the former Sun, and that when Christianity went further and
changed the Holy Day to SUN-DAY to worship "The SON of GOD"
("The Sun of God" but as "The New Sun of God") while at the same
time remaining faithful to the Old Testament Judaism, they were
simply the result of a merger between the Worship of the Old-Sun
Saturn & the New-Sun SOL. Then this represented Continuity &
Stability amongst enormous astronomical changes.

Yet this Judaism/Islam & Christianity paradigm was formed out of
the Egyptian ATEN CULT; the Old Egyptian Kingdom worshipped
the AMEN-RA Sun, not as the only monotheistic God, but as just the
most important amongst the pantheon; then Akhenaten changed
AMEN-RA into a single deity to be worshipped as God, the ATEN.
This the "New Sun" or "New Orb"; he did not erase the previous
deities, but downgraded them to what in our day would the status
of Archangels and such. Monotheism was born, because a single
new sun SOL replaced SATURN, and Saturn perhaps had company,
as in JUPITER. In Greco-Roman lore, Jupiter actually is superior
to Saturn, represented in ZEUS; eerily when combining the names
"Jupiter" & "Zeus" the name "Jesus" results. Thus amid all this
confusion, the fact remains that the current SOL Sun is merely the
latest newcomer, and that the previous Suns were either Saturn or
Jupiter, or most likely both.

Semitic peoples also had an uncanny preponderance of the Moon in
their theology; in fact this why they have been so often labeled as
"Moon Cult" worshippers -(Islam nations carry the Moon in their
flags)-. This means that the current Moon was undoubtedly part
of the astronomic change. The present "MONTH" is named after
the MOON, & also its 30-days duration was squared as best as they
could within the total year with the 28-day of the female MENSES;
the Menstruation -the latin/spanish word "MES" for Month-. The
"Star of David" (Magen David) represents an upward Masculine
force-triangle, and a downwards Feminine force-triangle (also in
street slang understood visually as the Vulva), to mean a Marriage
of the Sun & the Moon. As to why a "marriage" would be "needed"
between the single Sun and single Moon, speaks volumes concerning
the "New Solar System" structure after the Old-Sun Saturn/Jupiter.

The Jesuits famously are named "SJ", this their official designation;
was this merely to indicate "Society of Jesus", or perhaps they also
held the secret of the old Solar System...?

The latin-spanish for Week is "SEMANA", a clear reference to the
polar masculine "SEMEN"; Month/Mes for Menses (Menstruation)
while Week/Semana for Semen. The latin-spanish for Year is the
word "ANNO" or "Año", which strangely matches the word for ass
"ANO", and also echoes the "ANNUNAKI"; thus when universally
defining the historic era, we called a date "BC" or "AD" (meaning
Before-Christ & After-Christ, because his year was labeled ANNO
DOMINE, year "zero"). In spanish from Spain, the sexual innuendo
is even stranger, as the street slang for the female vulva is "Coño"
-echoing a mixture of "Ano/Año", or "Ass/ Year"-, known to derive
of the latin Cunnus. Why would such strange and overt references
been applied between the Week/Month/Year and the Male/Female
genitalia as well as the Menses & Semen that comes out of them...?

The association of course is not between the Time passage itself and
the Genitalia and their sexual reproductive acts & cycles, but between
Sexuality and the Sun/Moon/Planets. The only logical inference is
in other time-periods under a different structure of the Solar System.
Therefore the "urgent need" to so emphatically place their schedules
and adjustments within the New Calendar; something had radically
mutated in the human being, and "understanding by ritualizing" it
was the order of the day. This the origin of religion.

This inescapable conclusion accounts for the strange obsession with
Calendar Order & Rituals within Religion, as well as the rules on all
things sex & such. The freudian avoidance of sex in most traditions
of spiritual enlightenment, while obviously a gross manipulation on
the part of the fake priesthoods, is simply hard to believe was really
devised by them -since it is of such anti natural tendency-. One also
has to conclude that this quite bipolar view on sex, cannot but stem
from the same cataclysmic changes, as mankind assumed a "new"
shape as to the Male/Female form and mechanisms. Initially the
reader might be dubious on this, yet paying a lot more attention to
the symbolism of EASTER for ex, the theme instantly comes to mind.

Reptilians of more evolved stage are thought to be HERMAPHRODITE
in their reproduction -while still some capable of having sex-; Sex and
Reproduction NOT the same thing here. The distinction being that
Sex is for ENERGY-TRANSFER (Kundalini Exchange), while the
function of Reproduction a separate EGG-LAYING mechanism; in
Easter, this appears to be the only plausible explanation for the Egg
symbolism. The universal theme of the "VIRGIN BIRTH", that can be
found in nearly every mythic tradition all over the globe, instead of
being conceptualized in the usual Christian way, can be rather seen
from former eras under a different Sun, when evolution had another
slant, and the hybridization between the Human & Reptilian was still
operating under semi-hermaphrodite sex & reproduction (The Egg).

Few are aware the Wedding Ring is a symbol of the rings of Saturn,
and Weddings were thus mostly performed on Saturn Day/Saturday;
the question arises, as to why such a NATURAL thing as a Man and
a Woman coming together by love to mate & reproduce, would need
be "sanctified/approved" by a Holy Rite...? What is it with this over
arching theme of bipolar suspicion of sex and the reproduction in our
present astronomic era? The only possible answer lies in the previous
statements, that both "Sex" & "Reproduction" changed after Saturn
gave place to the new-sun Sol. Some felt still "obliged" to "sanctify/
approve" all these new mutations, in the Seal of Saturn, how "things
were in the good glory paradise era".

Moreover and eerily so, the EGG itself is a fractal holographic image
of Saturn & Ring layer (yellow yolk/fire & egg white/ice). The notion
of the Egg as "Sacred" within the reptilian ego, is exemplified in my
opinion, deliberately to convey all these themes in the film "Jurassic
Park III", when one of the film's characters steals a dinosaur's eggs;
this series of films has the not-so-hidden symbology of the Earth as
a huge Genetic BioLab, the reptilians being the former era, humans
the present era. The message being, that the reptilians are poised to
RETURN. If you did not get this message when watching this series
of films (specially JP III), then you must have been asleep or are an
imbecile; I'd suggest that you observe the not-casual "coincidence"
between the initials of the series of films "JPI/JPII"/JPIII", and the
series of late Popes JPI and JPII in the Catholic Church (John Paul I
& John Paul II).

The Easter Eggs are obviously meant to represent RESURRECTION,
and this in turn means specifically "Resurrection of the Reptilians",
because certainly we humans do NOT lay eggs...!? The mythical
"3 KINGS from the East" or "Magi/Maji", in my opinion represent
the 3 Stars of Orion's Belts (3 Pyramids) as the prototypical Orion
"origin" (orion/gen) of the Human-Reptilian hybridization; they are
from the "east" because the Sun rises from the East, meaning that
they represent 3 FORMER GLORIOUS ERAS of Reptilian dominion
in the past -as 3 former "births"-. Christmas is Birth and Easter is
Resurrection, and the common threads are the ones I am trying
here to explain in the simplest of terms possible.

One of the 3 Kings is supposed to have been one "BALTHAZAR" of
black race; this King is nowadays represented by Barack Obama,
who is a staged theatrical symbol of the Return of the "Former
Ones". In Standard English Gematria (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):



This is why in clear ritualistic fashion, Obama has appointed a new
title of "CZAR"s to every major agenda; when doing this, he is just
saying urbi-et-orbi: "I represent King Baltha-ZAR". It's patently
obvious we never had "Czar"s in America, this is just a ritual.


Here we see current Pope Benedict XVI's Coat of Arms; the image
of a Black Man, a Bear, and a SeaShell/Scallop are the main themes.
The 3 layers of the Tiara on top & the 3 crosses at the bottom are
the 3 Stars/3Pyramids/3Kings as Orion's Belt; the Tiara itself is a
representation of the Egg -as disguised as possible-. Benedict 16
was crowned Pope in 2005, but he already knew the "plan" as to
Obama. The Scallop Shell represents the reptilian royal lineage:


The "BEAR" represents the name "BARACK"

[ BALTHAZAR = 89 = "3 PYRAMID" ]

The 3 layers in the Tiara (pyramid shape on top), stand for the 3
former hybridization eras before mentioned; these 3 bars are to be
viewed as "3 Crosses"-In-One, it is a Triple Cross as Triple Crown.
(the center shield also divided in 3 instead of the usual 4).

Now evidently the name SATURN is the origin of the name SATAN;
what we have I believe, is a group of men who think of themselves
as "maligned" by the official public perception of religion, because
they think of themselves as "satanic/reptilian" in the sense of the
former "SATURN SUN" of old. And these are the ATEN CULT, as
in their minds they see themselves; thus they in secret practice a
double or tripled edge theology, representing both the "New Sun"
Sol in public (the New God), while at the same time representing
the "Old Sun" Saturn, so that in practice they see themselves as
both being GOD & SATAN. This is why everything is formalized
and enacted to have this double-cross or triple-cross meaning, in
the sense that they are always all sides of every issue. Then they
give Benedictions, while they also give Curses, they give Hope & Life
while they also give Suffering & Death.

Monday, February 15, 2010

How they changed "ANTE-Christ" to "Anti-Christ"

The original Koine Greek term for the famous "Antichrist" as it's now
commonly rendered, is ANTE -not "anti"-, meaning to stand before,
or to stand in place of, to substitute for, to precede.

When this horrendous deception was effected, the real meaning of
the text was thus totally altered; from thinking about substitutes
of the Christos spiritual consciousness "Passing off as Christ/God",
we now get the wrong impression the text was referring to someone
or a force externally/publicly "against" all things Christ. In this way
-what a truly perverse alteration-, we usually find the quintessential
new protestant view of an "Antichrist" to be then found in places that
are not within Christianity, as in other religions & so forth. But the
original text clearly and irrefutably denounced a force WITHIN THE
CHRISTIAN realm, as taking its place, and substituting it.

So from the '80's most popularly, we had scores of vested -interests
in the political arena, suggesting that Saddam Hussein or the likes,
were the prophesied Antichrists; this was used to justify waging wars!
When the truth is that the prophecy clearly spoke of Christianity itself
as the realm of the ANTE-Christ. So say goodbye to all the illuminati
satanic deceivers like Pat Robertson, Hagee, et al -who are without a
doubt key agents paid for by the global elite and enacting a luciferian
consciousness agenda-.

Even Nostradamus understood this very well back then, writing in
his Quatrains about a series of Antichrists, all in a fractal repeating
mode, pushing the same archetype's agenda -WITHIN the realm
of Christianity; his first 2 candidates were Napolean & Hitler, both
clearly arising from Christianity itself-. When political powers wish
to use Nostradamus for current day agendas, portraying this or that
non-christian origin figure as the "3rd Antichrist", this is just playing
of people's crass ignorance on the subject.

But simply hiding the fact that the Ante-Christ is defined as Christian,
is not the worst offense of the rotten deal deception ; of course what
the prophecy does is merely repeat the exact same archetype of the
Gospels, where a Jesus finds mortal enemies in the ORGANIZED
RELIGIONS of the day, who according to the story, bring him to
trial and finally execute him (utilizing the roman governor as the
legal executioner). The Book of Rev does not state anything new in
this regard, it clearly maintains that this archetype will continue to
judge and execute the true spiritual people, in the name of religion
& the status-quo of each era. However beyond this generic layer
of understanding, there is considerable more precision involved.

Rev 13:18 tells the reader to look for the NUMBER OF THE NAME
of the Beast (the ante-christ); however this Beast is actually stated
to be 2 -one from the SEA and one from the EARTH-. Irrefutably
this is intended to mean that there are 2 Realms or Realities from
where this "Beast" operates; one Realm is DENSER (3D Earth or 3rd
Density/Dimension) and the other realm LESS DENSE (4D Ether or
4th Density/Dimension) -as Water is less dense than Earth-. In this
regard the prophecy is very well constructed, and great economy of
words/concepts, a true masterpiece at such we might say.

The majority of the people (and of course religions, which naturally
intend to project the culprit away from them), proceed to search
a vast array of names in order to apply Gematria/Numerology in
various languages (typically Hebrew/Greek/Latin -only recently
actually looking into English-) to "match" the 666 total figure of the
prophecy. However they don't realize that the name WAS ALREADY
GIVEN IN THE TERM "ANTE"-Christ...!!!! And this is precisely why
the term was so preposterously changed to "Anti", because doing so
they were not just taking the focus out of organized religion, but also
they were ERASING THE VERY NAME OF THE Ante-Christ, as given
in the prophecy (whether one considers this to be a true subject or
not is another topic, it is still a very relevant an influential topic, and
a such this commentary is crucial).


Irrefutably, the "organized religion" type of spirituality that takes
the place of and substitutes for the "Christos Consciousness" of the
Age of Ascension, is spelled out clearly as the CULT OF THE ATEN,
which stems from the 18th Dynasty in Egypt, when AKEN-ATEN
was Pharaoh.

Since the vast majority of the population has absolutely no clue as
to the imprint this Akhen-Aten cult effected on both the entire blue-
print of be it Religion & Masonry & Politics all the same, little they
suspect this Akhenaten character's relevance to the prophecy in
question, or reality itself at large. Nothing illustrates the extent of
his interdiction on human affairs more than the very term "Christ";
religious believers think of it as a Last-Name, sort of like Jones or
Smith, pertaining to a blood lineage. When pressed they will admit
that well, it's not really a last-name, but more... a concept of "The
Christ"; when pressed a bit more to really define their belief, they
will stutter and babble incoherently. Why...? Because even the very
term "Christ" in itself, has also been interdicted by the ATEN cult,
and to conceal their imprint, they've created a public vacuum on this
respect. Thus we have a double ignorance, of the term "Ante" & of
the term "Christ"; this speaks volumes on the current state of human
religious beliefs.

The english term "CHRIST" is a transliteration of the greek
term "CHRISTOS", which is a translation of the hebrew term
"MESSIAH". So what does the term "Messiah" mean then...?

Little -if ever- does the believer of either Judaism/Islam/Christianity
realize that the "Messiah" concept originated NOT in the Semitic area
but actually in the religion of the Pharaonic EGYPT...!? It was taken
from the Egyptian Cult, and "appropriated-into" the Semitic cults.
Whereas in the old days without dictionaries & encyclopedias and so
forth it was hard to research for yourself these themes, nowadays
with the Internet it is simply inexcusable and utterly irresponsible
behaviour not to take the minimum time to do so. Or it it really that
at the subconscious level you ALREADY know the truth, and thus
pretend not to know it 'yet' in the conscious level...? What you need
to search for is the original Egyptian word for "Messiah", which is


And for ex you get this typical mediocre web result, of little info.
The 1st. thing any researcher will find truly odd, is how hard it is
to find anything on the term "MESSEH". For such a crucial and
incredibly important term, the seemingly total blackout of info is
most suspicious. You may find something on the crocodile type of
God in Egypt -named "SOBEK"; but even the info on Sobek is also
suspiciously scanty. You often read that it was simply a little god
to appease the ferocity of the crocodiles in the Nile. Really...? How
come then, the Pharaohs had to be ANOINTED in CROCODILE FAT
TO ASCEND TO THE THRONE...? Yes, "Messiah" in hebrew means
exactly that: The Anointed One; because in Egypt "Messeh" meant
the one anointed with the crocodile fat, the Pharaoh...! If you do a
little elemental english Gematria (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):


Is this just a 'coincidence' of language...? You will notice
that the word "Sobek" contains "BES" of "BEAST". You will also
observe that the old spelling of "anointed" used a double-N as in
"ANNOINTED", thus indicating the "ANNUNAKI" (reptilian et
hybrids, said to be "gods" responsible for the human interdiction).

In other words, the NAME (not the spiritual concept) of the Christ
is 100% not a Semitic but a Pharaonic Egyptian cult term. This is
why the Rev. 13:18 prophecy instructs to look for the Number of
the NAME -never to research concepts & dogmas-.

What is instructed has the clear purpose of making the seeker and
researcher acutely aware THAT NAMES HAVE BEEN ALTERED &
respects to all spiritual/religious matters. And that this huge name-
appropriation is akin to a vast TROJAN virus program operating
within the SUBCONSCIOUS of humans, retrofitting all spiritual
concepts to be re-directed and "detoured" SUBLIMINALLY unto
the reptilian source of Egypt's overlords: THE ATEN CULT.

Thus it is majestically evident, that simply by doing an elemental
research on the very terms "ANTE" & "CHRIST", you would be
directly led to the answer you were looking for...! And precisely
so, in all effect, this is the overall meaning of organized religion
as being overtaken and trojanized from its inception, to be a covert
tool for this reptilian ATEN cult -not being relevant this or that
denomination, but as a whole-.

Of course there is a plethora of other concomitant evidence to the
point, here I merely expose the incredible simplicity of the method
you were instructed to use: simply look at the Names & Numbers.

This process of trojanized covert "appropriation", can be visualized
as a computer hacker who gets your key information, steals your
identity, and proceeds to syphon-off a considerable portion of your
assets to his own account, subrepticiously; what the original Koine
Greek term "ANTE-CHRIST" means is exactly this, a clear case of
spiritual identity-theft.

What is at the core of the issue of spirituality & religion, is the fact
that irrefutably, all 3 major Monotheistic religions of Islam/Judaism/
Christianity are merely the 3 Stars/Pyramids of Orion's Belt, coming
from & secretly originating in Pharaoh AKHENATEN's 18th Dynasty.

I don't venture in the other religions of the East, because I don't know
their history as well as I know the history of these, and also because
the reptilian themes are totally overt in those sources -as opposed
to the way they were absolutely disguised on ours-; besides this, the
inherent complexities of taking into considerations further languages
and races and so forth, put an inordinate tremendous amount of
extra pressure in one's ability to stay focused in the major theme,
without deviating into a myriad of branches. Not because I consider
those of the East to be "oh so much better" or the "only true" ones,
or the like; they in turn have been trojanized just the same.

However it is fairly easy to do research on the origins of the Semitic
tribes, when we look at the Egyptian records; there are 2 peoples that
were MIGRANT WORKERS in the Egyptian times, coming to/from the
lands of Canaan and beyond; these were either the HYKSOS or the so-
called HABIRU (or HAPIRU) -this last term evidently similar to the
now called "HEBREW"-. These are the only peoples in the Egyptian
times, that can be fit into being the "Semites"; thus either these are
the original Israelites & Arabs & Canaanites, or the Bible is not true
in the sense that these peoples never laboured in Egypt for a very
long time. All the Egyptian records define these peoples NOT as a
unified "RACE", but at the contrary as a lose mix of many races
of undetermined origin constantly moving like bedouins in that
Canaan area, and into/from Egypt; the names thus appied to them
simply meant what they were, migrant workers, not a bloodline.
As for present-day jewish people for ex, 95% of these officially
are defined as of the "ASHKENAZI" origin, which is NOT from the
Semitic Canaan area (attempts are always made to imply that
the original Semites left Canaan to the North, and these are the
Ashkenazi, but this is merely blind-belief, no proof of it at all).

These peoples had no unified race, or religion, or rituals, or anything
that would make them become "One" people; and this was evidently
their crucial weakness. However when they literally invaded Egypt in
the days of this Pharaonic Dynasty's decline, they rose to positions of
power, until at the end the Egyptians in order to maintain their reign,
had to "integrate" them into the Pharaonic court -eventually some of
them becoming Pharaoh-. This is all well documented, and now clear
knowledge of the issue; AKHENATEN was indeed a Hyksos Dynasty
-though his wife NEFERTITI is of unknown race, most likely a Celtic
WHITE woman, this explaining why their daughter Meritaten ended
up settling in now Ireland, after their demise-. Already early in the
beginning of the 20th Century, Sigmund Freud who was Jewish,
maintained that the exile of Akhenaten and his Hyksos people were
the true actors in what the Bible allegorized as the "Exodus of Moses
& the Israelites". His protege Carl Jung also wrote that Akhenaten
was the true Moses; both Freud & Jung were privy to secret info of
the "above grade 33" masonic circles, on the matter (this is known).

It is all too self-evident that whatever agreement the Egyptians had
concocted with the Hyksos, was not maintained by these, because as
soon as Akhenaten became Pharaoh, he created a new capital called
AMARNA, instituted a new monotheistic ATEN CULT, and effected
drastic changes that the original Egyptians rejected en-masse; this
resulted in his expulsion & exile, a Coup-D-Etat that culminated in
the Egyptians erasing nearly all records of him from statues & stone
carvings, etc (eventually some would survive, enough to reconstruct
his place and sequence in history beyond a doubt). From then on and
after he reached (or his people and adherents) Canaan (now Israel),
he began the creation of languages and all following institutions that
eventually would become the basis for Islam/Judaism/Christianity
religions of this day. However all the fundamental tenets were carry-
overs from the former land of Egypt and the deep Mysteries of the
elite Pharaonic cults.

None of this factual truth, means that the Spirituality of ASCENSION
is not valid & good, but that Akhenaten appropriated all this & more,
and syncretized it into his own concoction and agenda, which was
to become a ONE WORLD RULER. Akhenaten was the last attempt
at what we now know as the global New World Order. He was clearly
just using the cover of "religion" & monarchy" to serve his hidden
agenda, which has been carried out through centuries for almost
3300 years, to this very day, in great detail
. This is exactly were
Masonry originates from, and their real agenda; similarly with the
hidden elite that controls all religions in the background, while in
public simulating to be "opposites". It's the same ATEN CULT, the
same agenda, the same crowd, the same force.

Therefore it is "v-e-r-y" easy to find AKHENATEN's name encoded
in nearly everything of importance & power on planet Earth today.
it is unavoidable, it is overwhelming.

Part of the agenda was to extensively use Deception; most native
american nations south of the USA were deceived into believing
that a "white god" would RETURN ("2nd COMING"), and they
indeed were made to return matching the very day/week/year of
their prophecies (all in purpose, the secret elite in Europe had come
to America many times before, they staged this). So the indians
believed them to be the propheziced "gods", and were easily
conquered; instead of the paradise offered, they got genocide and
subjugation...!? Please use your judgement, to wisely infer similar
tactics employed on the population at large today, as to what they
have also pre-planned for our time immediately ahead.

That CHRISTIANITY out of the 3 Monoltheistic religions derived
of Akhenaten is the one that had been chosen to be the "Fall Guy"
of the conspiracy, is the clue to the conundrum; so Judaism plays
a "victim" role, just like Islam does -both in different ways-. But
in reality beyond these public overt power-play images, all 3 were
always the same secretly (and this is why the Knight Templars had
to be dissolved, when it became apparent to the french aristocrats
fighting the Crusades, that they were in secret alliance with the
supposed islamic "enemy"; the Templars were implementing the
Oriental Masonry mysteries in the West, using the Crusades as
a cover...!). The "ANTE-Christ"/"Antichrist" was designed to be
of the Christian realm, to make it the "Fall Guy" publicly.

It is clear beyond a doubt, that the secret Aten Cult elite is staging
a "2nd. Coming" of Akhenaten; and in preparation to this event a
series of mass sacrifices have been taking place for some time now,
all carrying the irrefutable "name" imprint of Akhenaten. We have
to consider all his 3 official names: the original "AMEN-HOTEP IV"
of the Pharaonic lineage, translated into greek as "AMEN-OPHIS IV",
and then the new name he chose for himself, "AKEN-ATEN":

AMEN = 33
(what "above grade 33" means in Masonry)
{ AMEN = NAME } ("The Number of the NAME of the Beast")

"ANTE-Christ" already indicated the exact name "ATEN' just like
"The NAME of the Beast" already indicated the "AMEN" name...!
There is no other name to be found, it has already been given...!
The Root-Name given, the "666" is the constant regeneration of
this agenda, through many fractal names of key figures as time
goes by in history, always adding up to either 234 or 432, since
[666 = 234+432], and [13x18=234]. This the full Rev 13:18
riddle thoughroughly solved; you find a series of names adding
up to 234 & 432. Most recently & famously (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):

{A Prince Charles Windsor=234}
{(A George Herbert Walker Bush)+(A George Walker Bush)=432}

("Ophis" means Serpent; Order of the Ophis~Sophia/Baphomet)


AMENOPHIS IV = 66+66 = A Prince Charles


("276" the cross-complement of "492" in Magic Square of Saturn,
-or Cronos- this why 1492 was chosen as the discovery of America):

2 7 6
9 5 1
4 3 8

The key masonic ritual figure of one "HIRAM ABIFF" as the "true"
Builder of the Temple (who was murdered, his Resurrection is the

object of Masonry, as the allegory goes) is... Akhenaten...! The true
"Temple" is not the inexistent "Temple of Solomon", this merely a
code for the CITY OF AMARNA -Akhenaten's new capital-:

"HI-RAMA-BIFF" ~~~ "AMAR-NA" (in reverse)



As painful as these appropriations appear, the Truth Shall Set You
Free; when we look at "Lord Jesus Christ" the following is encoded
-extract the full 1st. & last initials, then extract separately the root
center remaining letters-:


[ LJC/DST = 68 = Barack Obama ]
[ OR ESU HRIS = 131 = Prince Charles ]

georgE busH baracK obamA saraH paliN ~~~ AKHEN

These are just isolated examples; that there is a big neuro-linguistic
agenda regarding "NAMES" appropriated by the ATEN CULT cabal,
should go without saying. This is the agenda that the Book of Rev
sets to expose with the instruction to look for the "Number of the
Name of the Beast(s)", a generic title to imply the full extent of what
is called GEMATRIA and its many methods of encrytpon/encoding
That is why it is stated: "Let Him Who Has Wisdom/Understanding"
calculate the number of the name; this means those who possess
the clue/key of the methods to employ regarding the NAMES, which
is the ancient science of Gematria. But why...? Because this type of
evidence/proof, is akin to fingerprinting or Dna analysis, it's objective
irrefutable evidence, you can't make this up, it's there as it is, period.
Theological mumbo-jumbo may confuse you, Gematria will set you
free from the inherent subliminal trans-generational hypnotisms.
You cannot make up, you cannot alter, you can't change or invent
or "interpret" to your whim, what the Names and Numbers show
objectively in themselves:








In Sept 11 in 1973, the elite used "Santiago in Chile" as the coup-d'
etat "trial-run" of the New World Order -beta version, so to speak-,
installing one "Augusto Pinochet Ugarte" in power:



I know; it doesn't look good, now does it...? It's painful, is it? Yes,
it is bad and it is painful. But you can revert this negative energy,
by becoming conscious, and using your will in pychic/psionic terms.
A Deception and a Subliminal only work so far as they are still in
the subconscious realm. The work of Spiritual Ascension involves
crucially confronting these neural-scripts and the very negative
energies that have been attached to them as human sacrifices. It
is rather easy with higher technologies to do as you wish with a
species that is inferior in means to you; yet the power of sheer
Consciousness, is your potential. Beings in a higher Density or
Dimension immediate to ours use us and manipulate our mind
and our spirituality, but in the end you can always be free again.

We are dealing with a negative isolated group of negative devolved
reptilian beings who operate from the nearby "4th Density/Dim.",
because they can no longer dwell in higher realms; they desperately
need energy, and they utilize the Human Species as ETHERIC FOOD
as we in turn utilize animal as material food. We are not the highest
in the food chain; you become food when you refuse to aknowledge
your true position & situation in the Density/Dimensional realms
in a fully conscious manner, preferring to "believe" anything that is
more "appealing" to your 5-Senses construct. You are conditioned
to believe in a "God" that is "out there" instead of WITHIN YOU,
you are taught to "do things & rituals" instead of BEING who you
truly ARE, you are told to believe in this reality as "real" when it
is but a shadow world of a projection, you are conditioned to believe
in the Past/Present/Future linear timeline sequences & the intrinsic
linear logic of Ego ("plans & programs & achievements"), etc.

The real Spirituality of Ascension, has been caged/imprisoned and
diverted to neuro-linguistic niches of mind conditioning & worship,
always embedded with massive codes of the original "OWNERS"
of the trojan system, the originators -in this case Akhenaten-. It
would be very naive to assume this FRANCHISE is only utilized
in this planet and in this reality; there are multiple parallel realms,
and many planets in the 4th Density/Dimensions; all this is thus
no different than how a commercial franchise is implemented in
multiple nations. We are not that important, just another little
place, see if it works... Nice try...!? It won't. It's awakening time.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Boredomphilia? Aghastaphilia? Or the true DaVinci code -part 2

Now reading part 1, somebody might be incorrectly led to think this
series is merely a justification for the not-really pedophiles that have
come to enlarge the numbers of the phenomenon recently. However
what I began to find out, is not something of clearly defined edges &
boundaries, but a sort of Pandora Box into the subconscious strata
of myth & history.

Let's recap before proceeding. We distinguished 3 types; the psycho
pedophile (bent on abuse & damage), the pervert (seeking newer
dishes on the sexual menu, endlessly), the disgruntled male reacting
to a current state of women that he subconsciously perceives as "not
well, semi-dead" (i.e. not best for the survival of the species through
reproduction) and as an automatic-default psychic mechanism going
for the healthiest/purest/youngest. That this is a long established
default shift mechanism in the psyche of males, is pretty clear; our
species not only defends itself from wild dangerous animals and a
hostile harsh environment; this is strictly the FEMININE FEAR,
operating always under the compulsion of looking for the fittest
& strongest father-protector of her offspring. Yet males fear the
woman won't be the spiritual nurturer of the offspring; these sort
of opposing fears ultimately determine the shape relationships
take. In the far past men simply went for the biggest womb
type of female -ample hips, round figure, succulent breast-, yet
nowadays more evolved males prefer THIN women, irrefutably
proving the shift in men's awareness -while women have largely
remained in the 'same place' in this respect-.

A typical female will subconsciously find most "attractive/desirable"
a male with a square jaw, wide shoulders and tall stature, long legs,
big arms & hands, hair developing "from" the front forehead instead
of "above/beyond" the forehead -this subconsciously perceived as
'gladiator type' vs. the 'philosopher's clear forehead-, penetrating
eyes (i.e. the "I can feel his eyes from across the room" syndrome),
a big wallet, a big car, a big house, big fame, all these things always
representing a BIG PENIS. It matters little if he indeed has the big
penis or not, as this is basically a for-peers public theater; thus all
these "big" posessions or proofs of "worthiness" in material/bodily
sense, send a signal to other females, of the Big-Penis iconography.
It means "I got the highest bidder", and "my offspring are better
protected than yours".

TEETH play a huge role in this subconscious assessment process;
teeth are the hardest (most materially condensed) parts of the body,
representing strength, as exemplified in the act of eating/tearing the
prey. Therefore Teeth are the "2nd. Penis' in the pecking order of
traits desired -they ultimately mean "Predator"-. Linguistically,
you see how "Penis/Predator/Punch/President/Pope/Palace" etc,
fractally repeat the "P" of "Pa/Poppa"; who's got more & better "P's
is the Biggest-Poppa...!? Awareness of this pycho-sexual replay of
the Law of the Jungle is what prompted priests to be called Father,
because they are simply enacting the same fractal gladiator power
unto the moral & spiritual arena. They all play daddy:


This is why there's an exaggerated obsession with Teeth amongst
celebrities, specially in people elected to office; Bush was perhaps
the 'quaintest' in the teeth dept, by and large you can pretty much
easily predict who will get elected just by looking at the size and
predominance of their teeth/smile. For ex in the latest political
figures, the Clintons, Bush Sr., Obama, Joe Biden, etc., all exhibit
abnormally prominent teeth & Smiles. It's all about teeth & ties in
politics -just like it's all about HATS in priesthoods of all religions
all the same (hat is synonym of condom in street slang)-. The Tie
represents the Penis almost literally, the Teeth represents the
predator quality, and this is how politics really works, folks...!


We see a projection of the same "weak female in need of protection"
played out in entire nations when they take this damsel-in-distress
; W. Bush was basically just one big honcho show of "I'll
protect you my dear", a manufactured rancher image, the simple
mind folk (just like women like them), uncomplicated surface type
of talk, an engaging smile, a little humor always, coming from a
big state, a big family, a big power party, all in all a "sleep good,
big-daddy is watching after you". This hypnotic trance would not
have been fully effective without some traumatic event, so there
conveniently came 911; now you just had to rush to his arms in
panic. You may observe the classic Hair-Over-Top-And-Sides-Of-
Forehead trigger, the ultimate gladiator archetype (of course in
other academic circles this is derided as a "receding forehead", in
the sense of a devolution or not yet achieved evolution trait). You
find an exact match of this hair/forehead trait in his cousin Prince
Charles -and if you care to look, in most "power" figures-.

These female subconscious fixated compulsions, are nothing
but the manifestations of a deeply ingrained FEAR; fear of the
environment, of reality itself, of others, of herself, etc. These
to an "over-powering" male energy, that acts as "protector".
And as such, these Shopping-Lists attached to the mating and
the love process, profoundly distort & betray it, because in all
the conundrum manifests as soon as an Evolved-Male suddenly
realizes this key problem, that underlies the entire "bonding"
of any relationship. This now more evolved male becomes aware
that "something's NOT RIGHT" with his female partner, in the
sense she is still applying fears and survival tactics pertaining
to foregone animal eras of the Law of the Jungle, to a present
civilized environment that is radically more benign. In other
words, the female has not yet adapted to the new environs as
they support life in the present age, persisting in replicating a
long-gone Genetic Memory totally out of context.

We observe that for ex the jewish female has already changed
a few of those "Physical" requirements that are of course in this
day & age completely irrelevant; the jewish chick noticeably so
has learned to often pick a male of her own size, not strong in
appearance, round headed, even a bald mate. She has detected
this type is more often that not RICHER in terms of wealth;
since wealth is today what muscle and running was in the cave
era, the shift is easily explained -she became smarter, now the
protector of her offspring is merely a supplier of money
-. Yet
although being smarter than most, she is not that smart neither,
as she still looks for... "protection" !

Women by and large need not be liberated from the male grip as
feminists claim, but from themselves! Of course we find similar
jungle-extant Psychic Programming scripts running in the mind's
background of males; this explains all the wars, aggression, control
freak obsessions, territoriality, and what have you. The difference
is that by now, these psychic programs are only running the lives
of some men, not the vast majority; for the most part, the vast
majority of men are so completely different nowadays from the
quintessential gladiator jungle type -in comparison most males
today are complete pussies, as the street slang would say
-. This
radical shift on males, altogether with the continuation of the
same archetype in females, is the root cause of the disfunction
between the genders today
. What has occurred is rather simple;
women in large numbers have "desperately" obsessed to choose
the ever-decreasing gladiator/jungle types, because this type
of male reinforces her own psychic programming. However this
type of male today IS RECESSIVE and Border-Line pathological;
thus at a staggering rate, these men have in one way or another
abused their female partners. So it follows women in scores now
shy away from males, adopting the new lesbian chic. The problem
remains unsolved though; a bipolar reaction is no solution, what
is needed on the part of females, is to abandon the programming
that is of no use today. Plenty of women are already effecting this
re-arrangement of priorities in likes/dislikes in respect to males
(typically shifting from the "power" type to the sensisive/creative
or wisdom-type), the problem is that they're doing this mostly just
after they are 40 or 50 or even 60 years old, if at all -way too late
in their lifespan (too little too late)-.

So we find a rising trend in women who begin to wake up and find
that their inherent "role-programming" IS DEFECTIVE. But this
trend is still overwhelmingly minoritary; men on the other hand
already started a massive shift away from the dominant gladiator
jungle type from the 1960's on! Therefore men have been on a path
of deprogramming for practically half a century now; most females
still will choose the recessive type over these men, and when for
one reason or another they do choose the new more evolved type,
their inherent programming compels to perpetually "nag them",
as they find these new men "not up to" their "expectations" (the
ancient extant gladiator jungle type that is). This ambivalence is
easily witnessed in the expression "I want a real man", so often
professed in the internet dating scene for ex.

A quick internet visit to any Dating Website demonstrates the gap;
the majority of women still "requires" a list of attributes that are
COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE; they will overwhelmingly require
the Old-Gladiator predator type, "combined" with the new softer
more wise and creative men. This happens because they are in
the process of awakening and surely they have detected by bad
experience that that former type is pathological in this era, but are
not yet ready to abandon the old programming, and simply "think"
that if they combine the old-man with the new evolved-man, then
Bingo!?, they got "Mr. Perfect". This is utter dementia, as both
types are by definition complete opposites, irreconcilably so.

I have taken an inordinate (and boring) amount of time to describe
this gap, mainly because while the male readers will instantly get
it, the female readers will not get it as quickly and need repetition
in this matter. Some females are evolving more rapidly than men
in some areas, but men have been evolving as a group en-masse
more rapidly; women by and large however refuse to apply their
newly evolved consciousness to the attraction/looking/choosing &
mating process. And this is what I came to discover was at the root
of the new supposed "rise in near or full pedophilia", as men have
begun to subconsciously perceive a grave disfunction on the part
of females in this respect, and by survival mechanism default to
the purest/still alive/still able youngsters. That there is a great
desperation in this, need not be mentioned; the dating scene is
dead, there is a cold-war amongst the genders, and men are just
passing time the best they can figure, now lured on the internet
and elsewhere, by the new super-young craze.

Perhaps what best illustrates the gap, is the fact that there are men
who indeed have the physical ideal gladiator jungle body, yet who
in their psyche belong to the new evolved type; and these men feel
"just as traumatized" as those who don't have this body.
So enough of re-describing this phenomenon. Let's now take new
directions out of the same knot; I also began to read all those news
and articles and books one would normally not read.


This type of info. on the subject, is particularly disturbing. So let's
leave the shock aside and realize that when we speak of "Pedophilia",
we are referring to much more than the specific theme in itself as we
would normally consider it. Notice how the article page notes state
that these men are not clinical pedophiles at all...! In this case, we
are looking at a much different root cause than the one explained so
far here; we have a BELIEF SYSTEM as the origin of the problem.

In case you have been wondering where the "Or the true Da Vinci
code" title of this series fits in all this, now you have it; as a matter
of fact, the entire theme of the VIRGIN in all cultures/races/beliefs
all the same, is at the very heart of the issue; yet this theme has by
definition been applied only to the FEMALE.

The terrible factual info. of the above link regarding some beliefs in
Africa that propel men to rape literally babies, actually is not just an
isolated exception. The myths and beliefs associated with the female
Virgin go very far back in history -much, much farther back than
merely earthly human history, that is-. It is this underlying strata
that acts as the original resonator template for all the myriad of cults
and philosophies and practices all over the globe for millennia. You
find these ostensibly both in Pagan as well as Religious mythology.
In comparison to its pervasiveness, we find an exceedingly low No.
of studies and exposes on the subject; if you Google search for ex
under "The Origin of the Virgin Myth" -or the like-, you quickly
realize how scanty the information is. One of the 1st. websites that
shows up, is an atheist link -very poor in quality, but helpful-:


Thus contrary to the inherent claim of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code
novel (or the original researchers Lincoln/Baigent/Leigh in the
late 70's & early 80's), it is not simply that the Catholic Church
has been obfuscating the Magdalene theme -the Magdalene as
the secret "real virgin/mother", allegedly (if one is naive enough
to actually believe any of it...)-, but that Humanity at large as a
whole has been obfuscating the true extent and depth and origin
of the entire Virgin/Mother "issue" -so to speak-...!

Whether it's the Holy Blood-Holy Grail or the Da Vinci Code or
what have you, makes little difference if at all; what we're dealing
with is the theme of the FEMALE GODDESS, that is split into 2
branches or aspects of the same Double-Axe Labrys: one is the
theme of the "MOTHER GODDESS", and the other is the theme
of the "VIRGIN GODDESS". It does not matter if these themes
and archetypes play a role in Christianity or elsewhere, or what
brand of Christianity -whether the Catholic, the Protestant, the
Priory of Sion, etc.-. Ishtar, Semiramis, Isis, Mary this-Mary that,
it's still exactly the same figure and theme, spanning millennia &
acting as the "Hidden Person" of all Trinities (Nimrod/Semiramis/
Tammuz, Horus/Isis/Set, etc).

After Akhenaten in Egypt's 18th Dynasty, these themes became
"occultic" or "esoteric" in his 3 follow-up monotheistic religions of
Islam/Judaism/Christianity (and their multiple variations), while
references to them became merely "iconic". Perhaps the aspect that
was concealed the most, was the subject of AGE; it is dead-obvious
that a young age provides automatic Virginity, and as such through
out history Vestal Virgins etc., were placed in Temples dedicated to
enacting these themes, from a very early age.

These child virgins served as "Sacred Prostitutes", practicing what
was then considered "a higher form of sex", without the attachment
& defilement of the usual materialistic subjugation to the protection
of the male -as found otherwise in the format of Husband & Wife-.
The Temples took care of these Sacred "Virgin" Prostitutes, and the
visitors-for-sex, left gifts of various kinds, respecting the lessons &
light they were receiving. In all truth, these were mostly spiritual
agendas dedicated to the renewal of the Kundalini energies, and/or
the elevation of the human DNA back to its former lost glory; which
is a good thing, but tainted with the engraving of sexual perversions,
as these practices logged into the collective unconscious, and became
an imprint for the male Genetic Memory. A similar double-edged
effect can be found in the buddhist Tantra practices, so easily found
to lead to abuse.

The reason it is so difficult to study the sexual Pedophilia practices
in ancient Greece of the philosopher's era, is because the underlying
themes I describe here pertaining to the Female-Goddess(es) and
the use of sex as a tantric way to health & ascension, involving the
child virgins, have been obscured and kept hidden. Without this
basis, one absolutely cannot understand at all why even Socrates
was a practitioner of such, being such a preeminent philosopher
(no, this was NOT the reason they gave him the hemlock poison,
as some idiots always tend to suggest
). The whole topic of "Young
Sex" in Greece, was related to these spiritual techniques, and
not a question of perversion -as for ex it would later clearly be
amongst the depraved Romans who invaded them-. And a great
man such as Socrates has been often maligned as being either a
supporter of tyrants, or as a pedophile in the modern sense, when
the truth is both the political systems then, as well as the sexual
customs of the day, were very different as to what they are now.

In India the theme expanded to the Hermaphrodites, which are
considered more in tune with the divine, and their prostitution
from a very young age is part of the same beliefs. In the days of
the Inca Empire in South America, the Emperor married his young
sister (and sisters), which is to mean that she was Virgin and only
reserved to him. When the conquistador Francisco Pizarro was
given one of the Emperor's wives, this has to be regarded as a very
high gift in that tradition, because even though not technically a
virgin, she was viewed as a "Special Virgin Wife" fit for the very
Emperor who was viewed as more divine than the rest of mortals.
Within the Islamics jihadists, when they kill by suicide-attack any
infidel enemies, they are promised 7 Virgins in paradise, who also
are of a superior kind amongst all virgins; every morning they will
wake up fully virgin again forever, is their belief. Queen Elizabeth I
was believed by many to be a "Virgin Queen" (even though Sir John
Dee was rumoured to be her lover).

Within the Catholic lore, the visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich
in the 18th century state that the Virgin Mary was 14 years old
when conceiving Jesus. In India to this day boys girls go through
Arranged-Marriages that take place as soon as they are sexually
fit -meaning often 10 or 12 or 14 years old, whatever-. The great
Mahatma Gandhi in India was "loaned" young girls by their families
to sleep with him during the night; this was considered a great honor
and blessing for the girl -if any sex took place or not was up to him-.

Therefore we have a present system of laws and what is regarded
as "correct" and so forth, contradicting practices & rituals viewed
as common and even holy -on respect to sex with younger girls-,
up until very recently (even the 1st. half of the 20th century). The
arabs & their harems were like americans & rock n' roll; Mormons
still -some- believe in Polygamy. And all these practices and socially
acceptable routines or even sacred rituals, can be traced in one form
or another to the pervading themes of the VIRGIN.

So not enlarging the sore issue of Pedophilia and its alleged "rise"
as of lately, to the overarching much bigger and defining themes that
provide the Genetic Memory &d the Cultural Habit through history,
is a disaster in the making.

It is no only Gandhi that was given young girls to sleep with as a way
of acquiring health in his old age, or the present day horrendous rape
of babies in Africa as a way to find a cure against AIDS, that offer a
much different conceptual background to the problem; for millennia
the theme of the "Pure" and the "Virginal" were directly associated
with Health & Well Being. The "AMBROSIA" or "SOMA" elixir of the
gods, was a mixture of hallucinogenics & the Menstrual Blood of the
Sacred Virgins of the Temples
; these potions were considered the
Elixir or Immortality...! We can trace the christian ritual of the blood
of christ in the chalice to be drank, to much older rituals along the
same lines, perpetuated for eons, in ALL RELIGIONS and traditions
all the same throughout the globe. But they all began as a Female
Virgin Goddess cult combined with the masculine themes (not as a
strictly either masculine or feminine worship).

In each case the Menstrual (Menses) Blood of the Virgins was seen
as a "cure", as a way of regaining YOUTH and connecting to the
higher potencies of paradise. Thus forever since then, the Virgins
and Youth constituted a conceptual unity, that extended unto the
realm of sex & marriage. Whether this alchemy veered more into
the vampiric blood consumption, or more into the sexual side of
the issue, is another topic -the fact is the fact as such-.

Many political and religious forces decided at some point to enact
a change from all this; our current society is a result of such. Yet
one thing is to "decide" and another quite different is for the actual
Human Psyche to "instantly" change; these people did not factor in
that there is a Genetic Memory at play, & that this RAM collective
program is strongly influenced by Archetypes -as Carl Jung began
to figure out in the beginning of the 20th. Century-.

Master engineers serving the elites on top of the human pyramid
decided to suppress the Female Goddess, merely preserving its
status as "icon" of no intrinsic science & ritual, while away from
the prying eye of the masses these same elites continued the old
rituals -but for themselves-. Therefore the Psychic Energy attached
to them never really died -it was merely transferred from the many
unto the very few in the elite-, & as such the masses still are indeed
influenced psychically by them...! Then in turn the same elites once
again decided to enact the more radical re-engineering of the female
role model in history, effected in just a few fast pair of decades...!,

which has caused a severe disfunction in the female-programming,
and we are to expect that no Pedophilia latent energies are going to
arise out of all this...? It is utterly preposterous.

Came the Victorian Era with its 2nd. Inquistion style of prohibition
of all things sex, then followed by a sexual liberation & feminism,
and these totally Bi-Polar pendulum swings have created a female
with masive "embedded shifts" in her psyche. First we were spoon-
fed a very submissive virgin-mother type (The Breeder), then we
were spoon-fed its opposite slutty-feminist type (The Amazon),
with an in-between trancision process all but one fast mass media
brainwash. And men are supposed to happily just take what these
puppet-master social engineers have ruined, and play along with
the tune. The truth is men are rebelling against these Gender
manipulations that have resulted in a de-facto Cold-War amongst
males/females, just as men are rebelling against the political order
itself, which is a clear Cold-War amongst the elite and the rest of
the population. They did not like what they saw in women after
all these social makeshifts were done with, and they certainly don't
like the political systems that come along with it. The anarchy that
results, involves apathy and a decreased libido that takes a hike
into the "younger set" -which has become to many a new form of
sexual protest-


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Boredomphilia? Aghastaphilia? Or the true DaVinci code -part 1

Cool performing musicians with too many effect-pedals onstage when
asked about the unusual quantity would reply: "I'm a Pedalphile...".
It's hard to joke about pedophilia, but I'll try the sardonic path here.

I've been always fascinated by things that appear to be what they're
not -like politics & politicians-, and from an early age it seemed to
me that sex was hardly about sex at all. So I always had sort of a
morbid fascination with what's "behind" sex, although not in the
Freudian sense; I never bought his overly dependent on childhood
traumas analysis. To me sex appeared to be not about sex, yet in
a different way, in the sense of "enacting" larger issues of life, how
one attaches to this 3D material polar-based life, and so forth. Even
with that background, I was still surprised to find out that the oh-so
sudden recent Pedophilia craze was... -predictably-... also not about
Pedophilia in itself (for the most part I mean, there's always that
fixed tiny segment of pathological abusers who will always be here;
they are not "increasing" in numbers, they were always here, ok...?
-you & I just didn't know about them-).

I started researching this subject truly with a grain of salt, because
from the beginning I was fully aware that the war-on-pedos is like
all official wars (the war-on-drugs, etc), phonier than thou. It was
never a mystery that the high elites in business/politics etc, were
privy to secret clandestine child prostitution rings, and that this
"perk" had always been a powerful incentive in their recruitment.
This is part of how politicos and business figures are controlled, as
the higher-up puppeteers got a lot on them, and can pressure them
at will on any crucial issue; I knew this is how our "civilized" world
really works.

But what really irked my attention, was reading internet blah-blah
on how typically Kooks tend to be if not pedophiles, sort of liking
the really young babes -as they say-. The rise of Kooks in this era
is akin to the rise of informatics geeks in the early computer days,
so I concluded -(being a Kook myself I guess)-, that this seriously
misrepresented the field, since I never entertained such notions.
Or that it could lead to a serious overall problem in society, if true.
I never liked being called a Kook, much less being suggested to be
in the near-pedo camp; so I felt I had to sort this thing out.

I was fascinated by this innuendo-suggestion that somehow liking
young girls was somehow a product of not liking the world you live
in -the trademark of all things Kook-, because it fit into my long
held belief that sex is not really about sex. Unfortunately it would
be easier to investigate how whales meditate, than to research on
pedophilia. This is quite the hard subject, you really have to gasp
before you even begin; besides the internet which was almost
throwing the teaser-light-stuff at you, I actually just began to pay
a heck of a lot more serious attention to social commentary, be it
in bars or forums or what have you -on anything related to sex &
relationships, that is (not just on pedophilia or the like). Now this
was painful, since I never have given sex a lot of credit on anything,
thus to suddenly having to take it "seriously", felt moronic.

To me personally, sex was an easy equation: if I had a better/truer
connection to my female partner, than sex followed naturally. In my
case that translated into for ex things being "really" better if she was
a musician; in other words, as soon as another higher-vibe etheric
connection was there, sex became just an expansion of the same.
This presented a theme; if most pedophiles seem to get a much
bigger "high" on sex when preying on very young partners, under
my approach this would imply that they felt also "connected" at
a deeper etheric level with children than with adults (assuming they
had a similar experience than mine). Could this be possible...?

Could this be an overlooked clue to their behaviour? Browsing on
web commentaries on the part of defenders of soft non-abusive type
of pedophilia so to speak (meaning consensual) -I couldn't stomach
anything worse than this-, it indeed became apparent that there
were 2 groups. One was just an unfulfilled type who essentially
sought out to fulfill all their childhood & teen years fantasies in the
matter, and another who actually was kind of traumatized by the
present social reality of relationships, and veering into this alter
world of younger teens or worse, provided them a sense of "escape"
or even "vengeance". In this respect, this particular group proved
the "kook theory" to be correct; sex is not about sex, and it merely
theatrically dramatizes in sensual terms larger issues & resentments,
or feelings of validation, or of "discovery", etc etc etc.

It's dead obvious pathological-psychotic abusers have not increased
in numbers, nor have the "replay-unfulfilled-young-fantasies" group;
however it became instantly apparent THERE WAS A HUGE NUMBER
THE LAST GROUP DESCRIBED; and that this group thus represented
the most noticeable "new market niche" that accounts for the alleged
"rise" in "near or full pedophilia". This group was vocal, unashamed,
didn't feel they had anything to hide really, and this new twist in a
consistently "Dead-Scene" between genders nowadays, seemed to
provide the fuel for this new craze. And the marketers of sex as a
sellable for-profit product, had been faster than anyone in their
determining that the fallout debris of the broken social-agreement
between males & females was something they could make a serious
buck on. Amazing how early on they spotted this, and how well they
perceived that not the "usual pro slut" would appeal to this group of
essentially dissatisfied guys (for the most part, males), but that they
had to inexorably sell the core of the sore issue itself:

If the truth about titty-bars is not really prostitution, but actually
the lack of meaningful Foreplay (yes, MEN lacking this experience
by their "strictly-go-thru-the-motions" female partners), then in
this case it followed that there was a growing number of Men who
began to feel seriously dissatisfied with females, mainly missing the
most valuable of feminine assets: Innocence. And a mass of Men
at that, to put a veritable measure to the problem; for these Men,
turning to the young camp, was akin to a PROTEST, no different
than the excitement of Protest songs in the 60's, a true rebellion
of sorts, operating at the backbone of society behind the scenes.
And besides the public posture, Men were really bothered by the
prevailing new lesbian fad, much more so than they cared to show.

I thought I was going to find Kooks, and I ended up finding a rising
protest against how Women have become -in the eyes of worn out
Men-; this view translated into words of contentment for the $$$
approach females put into play in relationships, for the exaggerated
price they appraise themselves to have, for the manipulative traits
of a large contingent of women, the I-know-it-all attitude, for the
lack of a sense of discovery & newness, all in all just a drag. These
Men spoke of just losing interest in the female segment of the
population defined in the present terms...! As these types spoke
their discontent and their newfound "freedom", the talk had surely
morphed to "freedom of expression" and such and this is how
the Kook perception creeped in. These types had adamantly began
to feel they had the right to pursue a fresher experience, away from
the "corrupted" form the female engagement was bringing in so far,
than a real pure joy in sex and engaging with the other gender. Oh
yes, I should have known better, as Leonard Cohen already in 1987
sang in his famous "Everybody Knows" tune: "Everybody knows
that the naked man and woman, are just a shining artifact of the

Furthermore, I myself felt a lot more connected to the allure of the
'young-craze' whenever I had a similar state of mind; besides this
psychological point-of-entry so to speak, the only other way I could
even remotely began to get aroused, was to go to the other type,
the ones reminiscing unfulfilled early teen fantasies, or simply just
reminiscing early girlfriends and such. This is actually what I've
determined is largely responsible for the biggest "increase"; the
suppliers of child soft-porn (meaning non-nude, or innocent nude,
non sexual), clearly know mature males are reminiscing, and seek
to provide the biggest number of faces & body types, so that at
some point a casual onlooker might "click" a face/body with a real
memory of his own far past. As this soft-porn in all its apparent
innocence is the true point-of-entry into the scene, it is of great
use to observe its mechanics.

Then of course I had to ponder the inevitable fact; that the VIAGRA
availability had coincided with the rise in supposed "Pedophilia"
taste. This convergence cannot be overlooked as sheer coincidence,
because the pharma producers of these sex-enhancement drugs
are acutely aware that in this day & era, MEN ARE NOT GETTING
approach this disfunction separated from the previous "worn-out"
attitude; this new non-arousal has even become endemic amongst
the teen crowd...! In England for ex Viagra is used by most teens, it
is a de-facto natural habit by now. On the other hand and coinciding
with this tale-telling fact, also in England (to keep the comparison
valid) youngsters are engaging in all-out sex as early as 9-years old,
in huge numbers -it's becoming the norm-. As one news article just

recently put it: "The new early kissing amongst kids, is now a blow-

Now the moralist usual suspects will explain all this by alluding to a
lack of principles and so forth; however based on my research, this
perspective is dead-wrong, there is something totally different
happening altogether in this respect. It seems to me, as if now even
the teen males are not "feeling fine" with their teen partners; thus
the female teens now have to start "earlier" to truly knock them out
of the impression, so to speak. Thus both either the mature males
as well as the teen males themselves, are experiencing a severe
DISCOMFORT WITH FEMALES. And that this would be the real
underlying & under-reported reason for the "Pedophilia" trend,
a true quest for a lost innocence. Why...? Because Innocence is the
only true powerful aphrodisiac that exists, and lasts a lifetime.

In the past women kept their Innocence in psychological terms up
to a much older age, thus Men found them desirable; nowadays
even young teen chicks don't possess any Innocence anymore. Many
will read this and say that I am "transferring" or "projecting" what
is basically a male issue unto the guilt of Women, yet this is exactly
where my research led me to. And everyday the more I look at this
issue, the more I get the same sense; it's been advertised as the Era
of the Return of the Mother-Goddess, but it is felt as the Death of
Innocence rather
. And as the mainstream media falsely encourages
Women to behave slutty & manipulatively, more Women by the
scores walk into their own trap. No, I don't buy the whole slant
of semi-misogynist Henry Makow's worldview, but it's ever more
so evident, he has made his point (http://www.savethemales.ca/).
Whereas he applies the fundamentalist religious prism, I apply the
prism that I verified to be the correct one, that Women in our
present day & age are semi-dead (in the eyes of a significant portion
of males, a growing trend), because since millennia females were
appraised in value as related to their innocence -virgins et al-.

And in an almost subconscious automatic move, Men move on to
the next thing that they view as "still alive", which are the younger
ones. So while naturally there is a large portion of perverts in this
territory, the evidence showed me that there is a "not marginal"
portion of males that effect this shift in instant-subconscious mode
toward the young/alive (in innocence), as a near Survival Trick.
And this new-segment, is the one that accounts for the "rise" in
the cases of so-called near or full pedo types. One must keep in
mind that the male is wired to implant its seed in as many a female
he can feel "alive & well" to carry on the species survival; this is how
Nature works and why we are here, to a large degree. If at any
given point the female is "felt & perceived" even subliminally as
Not-Alive/Not-Well/Not-Pure enough, the male instinct within
the subconscious is to turn to the next one...!
While in Nature
Women seek the better male genes for their offspring, the Men
will seek the Most Alive/Most Pure female womb...!

And this is not a Genetic Memory that can be instantly-erased by
new arbitrary social conventions and new egotistic female behaviour
as the latest fad of sorts, nor it should be erased at all...! A distant
Genetic Memory that is becoming more & more valued the more
it fades out amongst females, and it is time this error imposed by
the blatant interdiction of Social Engineers in our society, reaches
a tipping point when it begins to be seriously corrected. Otherwise
we'll keep on afflicting the younger generations with ego rabbit-like
flimsy mediocre strictly-material sex, fueled by Viagra/Ecstasy
and whatever the new drug cocktails become, to compensate for
the death of a true interaction.

Men have definitely lost TRUST in Women, much more than the
media portray Women as losing trust in men as in the cases of
abuse & rape and so forth, shows. These are pathological criminal
cases, while the distrust of scores of tired Men occurs in otherwise
seemingly totally "normal" relationships. This trust is only found in
Innocence -not the naive kind, nor the cheesy kind-, but the pure
kind. So far it seems as if the very word "pure" has been exiled from
the very female alphabet by now...! While the high geo-politics have
acknowledged a pervading dissatisfaction with politicians & business
"leaders" all over the globe, there is this tinnitus-like deafening wave
of an unacknowledged intimate issue, afflicting the Man/Woman
paradigm, which is never referred to properly in the right terms,
much less even addressed (besides the compulsive fix-it-fast mania
of the pill-popping kind). Society as a whole WILL NOT cure itself
of the grave issues affecting high politics, if a similar correction is
not applied from within the fabric of the genders interaction itself.

I've heard many guys complaining that women bicker about the
abusive or lousy male partners they've had, as if implying this is
the norm amongst males -when it simply at the contrary reflects
the BAD CHOICES they have CONSISTENTLY MADE for decades-.
I've detected a male awareness of a repetitive pattern of always
choosing the bad males on the part of women; I have even heard
this explained as: "You put 1 psychopath in a room with 10 other
great guys, bring in a few women, and they'll be all over the psycho
like bees on the honey...!?".
It's hard to disprove such, when every
male has seen this happen many times, and knows for a fact this
is a sad truth. Are good Men tired of being nagged by their female
partners, while they witness females tend to compulsively choose
or be attracted to the worst kind of men...? Are males perceiving
Is this the bottom-line origin of all the underlying distrust...?

Whichever the case, this is what I found out when I decided to tackle
the issue of "a rapid rise in so-called pedophilia". Predictably, it was
not about sex at all really; the "young flesh" meant simply the loss of
the Genetic Memory of Innocence as the ideal Female. When we
consider that 15 years from now, only 50% OF PEOPLE IN THE US
-meaning half will never marry or have a serious relationship, all
the same-, you must conclude that I'm not so off the mark here.

What we're speaking candidly here, is about a social disfunction in
between the genders, that has an instant impact on the instinctive
Psyche of the Male, and a long-term impact in the survival of the
species as the reasonable "sustainable" rates of reproduction are
way off balance; & that this has been caused (deliberately as Makow
states...?) by an in-your-face interdiction and re-engineering of the
"female model", that instead of correcting the passive-submissive
previous mode, has simply killed Innocence & Partnership based
on trust in Women -as perceived instinctively by Men-. Thus we
get scores of males suddenly searching for a viable alternative, in
this case the Male instinct flies to the younger. So instead of just
shouting "pervert pedo!?" to this new segment who was NEVER
before acted as a pedo (thus the profile is not matching), the logical
response should should be the kind of approach I am taking here, to
identify & deal with the true underlying terminal true issue -instead
of the phony "more internet censorship and spying", and such-.

If relationships were Health, we would be presently at a cancer
screening just about to be told "You Got Cancer".
NOTE: the current reproduction rate amongst European whites
is below the "sustainable" survival rate. In the US it is barely
"at" the "sustainable" rate -and decreasing-, trending towards
the European rate.