Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I was a young dude when I knew the late great Townes Van Zandt back in
'81. He did treat me exceedingly well, so I paid close attention when much
later on he got obsessed with Poker and would let himself lose, so others
could win. Because Townes had a rare keen insight into "reality". He said
GAMES are setup so that the only way to WIN is to make others LOSE. Duh...
Duh if you didn't know about Townes glorius Hyperbole talk; what he meant
was that Games are an appetizer/foreplay antechamber for Vampires. And the
act of CHEATING plays a central part in the vampiric consciousness. Townes
was definitely even inmersed in the topic of how NUMBERS can be a Sleight-
of-Hand filter, his last recorded album cover feaures dices and cards and
numbers prominently, like in a dream, particularly the notorius Number 153
[(1x1x1)+(5x5x5)+(3x3x3)=153], also featured in the Miracle Fishing allegory
in the New Testament. See, Sports are essentially a Number thing, and american
sports in particular, are obsessed with High Yield number results, as opposed
to the world's biggest & greatest sport -soccer-, for example. The ancient
Greeks who developed practically all our Knowledge foundation, studied Numbers
and Geometry, plus something called "Gematria" in their Secret Schools, most
notably the School of Numerology of one influential Pythagoras. He created
the Musical Scale, specifically using clues from Numerology/Gematria, which
are conspicuously 'not' taught today whenever (if ever) they teach any of
Pythagoras accomplishments. The well know Hypothenuse Theorem for ex., actually
was an Esoteric Construction, the 'mathematical' side of it was but a corollary.
Yet that corollary is "all" they teach us in school or college. Why...?
Because there's a lot more than meets the eye concerning GAMES & NUMBERS.
"Everybody knows that the dice are loaded, everybody knows that the captain
lied", sang Leonard Cohen in 1987. The concept underneath Townes Van Zandt's
seemingly casual pun observation, is that through GAMES & NUMBERS applied
to a "Win/Lose" field scenario, the human Collective Unconscious is taken
over, as "POWER" in the form of Psionic Energy is TRANSFERRED to the "Winner".
More power even, the more the Game is rigged or slanted. Townes caught on
this fact, and practiced a Reverse-Slant strategy, letting himself lose in
Poker. He was boicoting the vampirized Collective Unconscious, one game at a
time; he was "breaking the spell" so-to-speak, breaking the chain, dismantling
the whole logic (and actual magick) supporting the games "Win/Lose" structure.
By reversing the MEANING of "Win" or "Lose" he was DeConstructing the Vampiric
overlords major league hold of the human minds, in this 3D planet realm.
Because Townes knew that "Luck" exists, only it is a different thing than
thought of; luck is the Sleight-of-Hand interdiction of 3D reality, from
the vantage point of 4D reality. Thus if you "like" your Luck, you'll be
on your way to being a vamire yourself, by baby-steps. So Townes saw this,
refused it, declined the baby-steps and veered off. Like he had done his
whole life anyway, ever since as a youngster he noticed how slanted things
were against him -starting with his dad who careers-. You don't "win" the game
-seems to say Townes-, you DESPISE the game. The ONLY WAY of not (de)'evolving'
towards becoming a 4D Vampire, is to abandon the Games altogether, by not
following the "Win'Lose' logic and life scenarios. ---Thank you Townes!---.

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