Friday, June 13, 2008

The trouble with Future-Shock

Is that most people are utterly unable to figure the more-advanced. In
their heads, most folks tend to visualize extensions of the same-level
Technology or conceptual knowledge we possess today, simply
adorning it, like in those old sci-fi B movies. However more advanced
technologies and knowledge, actually mean LESS of what we now call
“technology”. The more advanced a civilization gets, the more “magic”
it becomes in relation to the previous. Our current mass-industrial
polluting ways, are not necessarily “advanced“. So for example everyone
has heard of previous more advanced civilizations, mainly as Atlantis
in the Atlantic Ocean, and Mu in the Pacific Ocean, that legend says
collapsed and disappeared. That makes for double-trouble; on top of
trying to imagine a type of Harmonic Resonance technology, folk
have to try to imagine a Past more advanced, when official education
and religion have indoctrinated them into believing we are the “first”
civilization on Earth with some minimally advanced level. If you go
to YouTube and search for “CARL MUNCK”, you’ll find more advanced
former knowledge about the earth grid and harmonic positioning, that
on the surface sounds “retro” or plain weird. Yet he is talking about
a science of Harmonic/Fractal Encoding Global Positioning related
to the Energy Grids, through stone monuments that used “INCLUSIVE”
layers of meaning -all recursive unto the monument-, both mathematically
precise and symbolically accurate in fractal language of codes. There is
little doubt these techniques were indeed used to determine exact
position of the monuments, and their shapes and main features, sort of like
4D Mystic-Art meets High-Tech Harmonic Resonance science. This type
of ‘all inclusive’ or ‘cascading’ simultaneous conceptual construction,
still escapes the imagination of most people, who think erroneously “more
advanced” means more material -more 3D-, when in fact it means the
Opposite -more 4D-, more etheric, more “magic” from our perspective.
Thus these civilizations will leave behind less “footprints” in the way we
think those footprint will be (in our petty little B-movie minds), while at
The same leave other type of monument footprints, which our official
Lying or demented academia keeps teachings, were only “funerary
buildings”. Sick bag please, too much Planet of the Apes mentality...

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