Friday, November 28, 2008

"Bail-Out's" from Hell on the Titanic

In my Sept. 24 "And the Loot Goes On" post, I wrote the following:

"If I was to rate the Bail-Out for sheer insanity -10 the maximum
level of dementia- then 10 is what this Bail-Out ranks. If enacted
it will pass on to history as the 3rd. most disastrous decision, along
with the previous also rushed-through by "emergency" insanities,
the War against Iraq, and the Patriot Act, in the post-2000 era".

More than 2 months later, what have we got...?

The so-called Bail-Out's don't work, sure they are just a disguised
form of corporate looting, and even more scarily: they balloon into
even larger astronomical sums, maybe in the end 4 or 5 times bigger
than the initial shy figure.

It is acknowledged that over the world they comprise aprox. 20% of
the internal GDP of all nations in the globe as a total, as well as 20%
of the investments in nations around the globe.

That such exceedingly large and geo-strategic sums end up being
allocated to the same exact usual suspects that brought forth the
crisis, so that they can continue destroying everything with their
reckless Titanic march straight into the iceberg, makes you wonder
about the mental sanity of the purveyors of the present system, or
about their hidden agendas, or both.

It's ironic that the reason given for the strategy, to allow banks to
be able to continue lending money to people, actually doesn't make
any sense, because if the same amounts were loaned directly to the
people via the governments, the end-goal would be achieved more
efficiently (and justly), less the middle-men which happen to be the

Therefore that argument is a plain lie, and what is truly happening,
is that the financial technocracy is offered a parachute, so they can
continue in the LEADERSHIP, maintaining the very same model
and financial trickery. Taxpayers are NOT saving the countries -as
the media repeats-, but simply saving a certain elite, in order to
continue the same dooomed economic model & monetary system.

The present monetary system is doomed -it's not an If but a When-,
as the shelf-life cycles of the fiat currencies are entering their
eclipse, and the giant Ponzi schemes have reached their tipping

The bottom-line being, that the main populations are being sacrificed
at large, in place of the few financial technocrats. This is the truth of
what's taking place, that no politician will tell you.

The world is actually on the verge of a terrifying new Dark Era akin
to the fall of the Roman Empire, or such. There are ways to avert
this, yet the elites are not enacting the things that really need to be
done, deliberately so. The long coming suspicion of a secret agenda
reduction of the world's population, seems each passing day a more
reasonable explanation for the fall -because it was truly Controlled
Demolition more than anything-.

Evidently so, the very elite is divided, and it seems this happens to
be the dividing issue; some it seems, cannot stomach to participate
in a venture as dark as the one suggested.

Not only the monetary system itself is nearing its end, but also the
cocoon state of consciousness in which the same elites have kept the
masses is nearing its end as well; the advances of science and the
dawning of the Information Age, along with the stunning rebirth of
the holistic multi-dimensional wisdom, will necessarily open the
frontiers to new horizons, away from the Prison-Planet paradigm
that was implemented so far, based on lies and severely impaired
human consciousness.

The truth about the Solar System's real history, about water/life on
Mars & the revelations about our Moon, cannot be forever stopped
and the information suppressed as it is now. The very elites we are
referring to, actually come from Mars in part, then through ancient
highly advanced civilizations here on Earth continued on long after
their demise and fall, unto this very day.

Our planet is but a small part of much larger conflicts spanning eons
of time, as we seem to be an integral twin system of Sirius, or the
like. The elites have figured that the actual truth is so complex and
so far beyond anything that humans can comprehend, that it is best
to keep it secret.

They are wrong; times are ripe for gradual disclosures, but this is
not something that is convenient for the elites, period. So they will
continue playing the same age-old games, of which the game of
Destroy-This-Civilization-Because-It's-Waking-Up seems to be the
most repeated of all. Civilizations have fallen many times before,
civilizations much more advanced than ours, on this very Earth.
There is nothing new to this, and judging by the way the elites are
handling things, this seems to be the direction events point to.

Yet there are many who oppose this, from the top to the bottom of
the pyramid. We are entering a period of Power-Vacuum, that will
either result in the further Devolution and Fall of Mankind, or at its
best in the beginning of a new civilization of higher degree.

The current financial crisis is as the root of this conundrum, and one
way or the other, the consequences will be life-changing for most of
the population. Life will certainly not be the same after the process
is complete.

no way life will continue "more or less" as it is now.

This does not imply "catastrophism", but merely Realism. We are
not going through a Business-As-Usual phase, or a mere correction.
I advocate a correction as a default strategy in the absence of any
serious change; this will end up buying some time, a few years here
and a few more years there.

The implosion of external economics and lifestyles, mirrors the even
worse implosion within the human psyche; the current "reality" is no
longer viable, both in its outward physical manifestation, as in its
inner psychological construct.

The more you change as a person, the better off you will end up; this
is the paradigm at hand. You cannot change the world but you can
change yourself -and maybe those around you-. Everything that has
happened and will continue to happen, does so because humans allow
it to happen, in their present state of consciousness. Those who are
indeed changing themselves for better, are actually going through
"FAST EVOLUTION", and their rate of change will determine the
outcome of the present conundrum.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

(En Español) Asintota Chilensis

La Asintota se acerca mas y mas al Eje X o Y, sin jamas poder llegar
a tocarlo; este es el desafio de una nacion emergente como Chile, el
de lograr la masa critica de operabilidad dentro de una cercania mas
magnetica hacia la Creacion Propia, la cual mientras mas se acerca,
mas dificil se vuelve de alcanzar.

Este es un rol impensable para las naciones emergentes, por decadas
o siglos enteros acostumbradas a la COPIA de la creacion/invencion
proveniente de los Centros de Creacion (1er. mundo; USA y Europa
basicamente). Sin embargo, en la trancision a estabilizarse de modo
consistente como Nacion Intermedia tendiente a lo "Top", de facto se
crece de la mera Copia al RECICLAJE, incorporando modos algo mas
locales y "adaptados" del blueprint/formula original.

De ahi en adelante la receta es una sola, convertirse en recicladores
excelsos -aquellos que van aportando 'Valor Agregado de Correccion/
Adaptacion' (por ponerlo de algun modo)-, mas que contentarse solo
con su rol de Testeadores de new formulas & models a ser despues
implementados en el 1er. Mundo, como Chile lo ha sido de modo
ostensible, desde las AFP hasta quien sabe que sinnumero de casos.

Solo una vez que se llega a una etapa de "certificablemente" encarnar
el rol de Reciclador Excelso, se puede aspirar a modestamente ir en
busca de horizontes de Creacion/Invencion Propia. Argentina sobre
todo -y Chile-, estaban ya en esta categoria de Recicladores Excelsos
desde los tempranos años '70, pero fueron arremetidos por excesos
de cambio de politica y economia global, a partir de la nueva faccion
llamada "Team B" que se inserto en la cupula de USA siguiendo los
predicados de la elite int'l centrada en Londres, y asi las dictaduras
que 'Por-Conspiracion' de Tesis/Antitesis/Sintesis (por tactica pre-
planeada de Problem/Reaction/Solution) fueron implantadas para
servir de punta de lanza a los frescos Tests del nuevo modelo Neo-
Liberal, se dedicaron no a trancisionar desde el ser Reciclador hacia
el ser Creador/Inventor contribuyente de ideas/logros, sino nada
mas a vender sus naciones al Testeo de los mil y un engranajes de
la nueva Tecnocracia globalizante. AFP's, tests de vacunas, farmacos
y aditivos, experimentos sociales y psiquicos, modos de control de la
poblacion, etc., fueron el catalogo de tantos "nuevos negocios" tras la
fachada del “noble business” local.

Argentina de modo horrendo y Chile de manera mas afortunada, asi
llegaron a ser victimas del "Testing Globalism" o viceversa, llegando
a exportar muchas de las tecnicas ahi refinadas in-detail, a USA o que
se va a saber nunca donde, Alemania, etc. Porque todo esto siempre
fue un negocio tras bambalinas, the real deal como se dice.

Algunas naciones sobrevivieron por diversas razones este proceso de
suyo BRUTAL, y Chile fue tal vez la que mejor logro usufructuar. En
suma, ya se instalo y consolido el modelo, y la etapa en curso pasa
por una mayor radical Adaptacion/Correccion; pero esto no es solo
un proceso de corte politico como usualmente se tiende a pensar, no
es asunto de una estricta 'redistribucion de oportunidades y bienes',
pues la creciente renovacion tecnologica misma trae consigo desafios
inherentes, de autentica tecnificacion y capacidad, mas que de creer
en esto o aquello.

Es decir, ahora que el "Team B" emblematizado desde los tempranos
años '70 por los Bush cuando 'cayeron' a R. Nixon (el titere sacrificial)
para iniciar algo despues los agresivos años ’80, ya de suyo da signos
de extincion, la Nueva Politica es en realidad la Decision Crucial de
Tecnologia en si, mas que un fetiche ideologico como antaño.

En cualquier etapa de trancision de un team-elite a otro, se producen
momentos de Vacio de Poder, similar al famoso power-vacuum que se
produjo durante la gradual caida de Nixon (que el Team B aprovecho
para hacer "zambacanuta" de Chile para instalar al Gral. Pinochet, la
Sintesis deseada), de modo analogo hoy se da este gran Momento-
Dubitativo de vacio decisional que es colateral a la trancision, en el
que GRANDES CAMBIOS de vasta y larga huella pueden operarse,
sin mayores fricciones. Es lo que se llama el Window of Opportunity

Este es el Zeitgeist del "Momento Chile 2009", en que se vislumbra
la opcion abierta a realinear estrategias y quiza lanzarse a la aventura
de iniciar la Invencion/Creacion Propia, a partir de alianzas globales
no monopolizadas por un solo Team monopolar -que era USA-.

Esta claro desde hace rato que Rusia es el new-player-on-the block,
y en todas las tiendas politicas se ha venido cocinando a Rusia como
aliado. Sin embargo esto involucra una mayor introspeccion y sobre
todo una mas punzante autocritica, evaluando mas objetivamente
los procesos locales de gestion, mas abiertos a mirar el mundo con
ojos alternativos y menos "franchised". En este sentido el tema de la
Energia y el Transporte por ejemplo, pasan a ser casos ideales para
fomentar un nuevo discurso mas elevado, mas alla de la usuales 4
paredes dentro de las que cierta elite iluminada (...y no tanto…) los
concibe y decide siempre -para resignacion de los demas-.

Chile fue tipicamente el pais en que los negocios se cierran antes que
la consideracion por la infraestructura; en USA desde siempre los
barrios se contruyen mucho antes con sus calles pavimentadas y su
iluminacion y servicios ya terminados, siguiendo despues el plan de
infraestructura comercial y educacional, para finalmente ir al final
relleno de estas con las casas mismas en la ultima etapa. Es frecuente
observar grandes colegios que son construidos en medio de la nada,
preparados y funcionando mucho antes que los barrios mismos se
construyan y consoliden. Este modo In-Advance de concebir todo el
desarrollo estructural por etapas previas antes que el negocio, es el
que debe ir asentandose en las naciones emergentes como Chile (no
solo en los sectores de maxima plusvalia), porque esto las beneficiara
enormemente en todo sentido.

La crisis energetica de la Region Metropolitana tiene aspectos mucho
mas alla de solo obtener el producto -petroleo/electricidad/gas-. En
esto confluyen las modalidades de transporte, densidad habitacional,
modelo de ciudad y barrio auto-suficiente, estilos de vida, cultura del
habitat, y sobre todo un incremento en la eficiencia de la produccion.
Esta depende no solo de fabricas/maquinas, mas antes bien de poder
visualizar el territorio como Unidad Productiva,incorporando al ser
humano como parte de la ecuacion; el ‘factor-green’ no solo pasa por
viviendas y edificios de optimo comportamiento energetico, include
el re-pensar el producto mismo en si como fin. Si llenamos de torres
estamos densificando, y cuando bien esto maximiza la infraestructura
existente a su vez la tensiona muchas veces irremediablemente, y se
termina perdiendo mas a traves de correcciones a estos imbalances,
que lo que se gano cuando se penso en usar asi las ciudades/barrios/
redes existentes hasta su "utilidad maxima".

El trafico vehicular peak sin solucion impacta el consumo de energia
y los presupuestos de salud por su polucion inherente. Esa manera
automatica de proveer desarrollo y servir a la poblacion, sin jamas
detenerse a pensar que se hace y que se colateraliza de todo ello, es
el sindrome del “echarle pa’ delante” y “en el camino apigualamos la
carga”, que define no solo a los paises de 2a. o 3a., sino al modelo
mismo implantado en los ‘80 urbi et orbi desde Reagan-Thatcher.

Podemos ser testigos del confluyente anacronismo de esa mentalidad,
en el derretimiento economico de USA, bajo los Bush (20 años de esa
cabal, solo 8 años Clinton/Gore, desde 1980). Ciertas cosas pueden
aprenderse sin mas de esta leccion; monetarizar los temas no lleva
mas que a “desarrollo en carpeta” -figuras regias, realidad pesima-,
la falta de inteligencia se paga terminalmente a mediano plazo, la
existencia de critica alternativa es vital, ningun tema es aislable en
su propia logica intrinseca y todo confluye en todo, el humanismo
es parte efectiva de la ciencia & la tecnologia y estas sin filosofia y
holistica son un Titanic rumbo al iceberg, el estilo de vida no es algo
puramente individual -o solo de una clase- pues sostenerlo involucra
un complejo plan social de productividad compartida, la ganancia de
unos a costa de la perdida de los demas no es algo sustentable, eso
de silenciar a los intelectuales con Versiones de la Realidad distinta
es el equivalente a silenciar una alarma de incendios porque “es tan
bulliciosa y molesta” y asi invitar la tragedia posterior, etc.

Los paises no son desarrollados y subdesarrollados en si o asi no mas
como algo inherente, lo son en cuanto enseñanzas sabias como las
anteriores son consideradas en serio e implementadas en todo el
espectro de politicas e ideales y mecanicas concretas. El desarrollo
no es asunto de tener mucho dinero, sino de PENSAR sabiamente;
es una cuestion de comportamiento y posicion frente a la realidad,
mucho mas alla de “hacer negocios“ o de “tener clase“ o de la pura
logistica operativa de obtener profesionales con titulo. Licenciados
y post-graduados de poco sirven cuando estan insertos dentro de
mecanicas y esquemas operativos nefastos, de hecho acrecientan
estas negatividades; la nocion que licenciar a la gente es un ideal
que de suyo provee "funcionamientos optimos", es una falsedad.

La educacion es buena y deseable -quien va a negar algo tan obvio-
pero la verdadera meta de esta es garantizar que los genios puedan
ser utilizados en el nivel en que puedan servir al mundo, y no en
impedirles su ascenso -como es la norma hoy- (o mucho peor aun,
que busquen otros horizontes). El costo de esto es inmedible y esta
en el centro del subdesarrollo, tanto como de las devoluciones en
reversa de los paises desarrollados, como el caso presente de USA;
desde el ascenso de la referida cabal, en USA la gente mas talentosa
nunca esta donde debe estar, de hecho frecuentemente no hace nada.
El problema no es fabricar profesionales licenciados, sino ocuparlos
y asegurar que los mas geniales lleguen adonde deben llegar.

En epocas anteriores fue la sabiduria la que determino el desarrollo.
Los lideres de las colonias de America del Norte tuvieron exito en
impedir que los Estados quedaran como entes divididos entre si y
totalmente autonomos; se agruparon bajo el lema de la Unidad y
despues votaron un idioma comun (resultando elegido el ingles),
y de este modo fueron cimentando las bases del desarrollo. En los
paises de Latinoamerica esto fue abortado, y a diferencia de un
gran “Estados Unidos” se paso a una serie de paises menores con
constantes pugnas entre si, determinando asi un subdesarrollo de

El Nacionalismo es un ideal falso inseminado por colonialismos que
redituan de este estado de cosas; ahora que la Unidad sale al fin a la
palestra por razones pragmaticas, la misma elite colonialista impone
entonces la tesis hegeliana opuesta, el globalismo monopolico segun
directrices de Modelo, Franchise, Banking, y Tecnologia, a modo de
sortear la desfavorable encrucijada a sus intereses.

El Apagon Cultural de Pinochet y los regimenes autoritarios, muestra
su efecto devastador decadas despues; la Fuga de Genios de America
del Sur es vox populi. Este es el factor de fondo por el que se retarda
tanto mas la trancision hacia la nueva etapa de Creacion/Invencion
de teoria y praxis Propia. Consideremos que hubo de ser la Venezuela
de Chavez la que tuvo que mostrar al mundo lo que es pararse fuera
del globalismo -con tanto de exito o fracaso, es otro tema-; en los ‘60
se miraba a Venezuela como paria latinoamericano. La risa nerviosa
del chileno de elite cuando se refiere despectivamente a Chavez, es el
sintoma preclaro de la inversion de la vanguardia. Cualquier gringo y
europeo sabe claramente quien es Chavez -de hecho los republicanos
le temen…!-, e ipso facto leen cualquier noticia de 1a. plana respecto
al personaje (es toda una celebridad en el 1er. Mundo), mientras que
son incapaces de siquiera poder nombrar al resto de los lideres del
Cono Sur, asi de irrelevantes son en su aporte global.

El 1er. Mundo se define como un estado mental en el que el PENSAR
y comentar y analizar es como un chicle que se estira al infinito, de
veras fuera de toda proporcion respecto al espacio que se da a estas
actividades en Latinoamerica; la AutoCritica fue siempre el leit-motif
en USA, desde quemar la bandera al sarcasmo del rock o en libros de
critica devastadora, a la actitud de la masa respecto a los lideres y la
politica. En USA ni siquiera se molestaban en votar, tal su desprecio
por la cosa sucia del poder.

Todo esto empezo a cambiar con la era Reagan-Thatcher y el nefasto
Team B, llegando a su cenit bajo “Dubya” Bush, con el que retorna la
mentalidad de 3er. Mundo de silenciar la auto-critica, perseguir a los
intelectuales, demonizar visiones y propuestas alternativas, darse a
la cosa anomala de un nacionalismo xenofobo e idiota, gozarse de un
sistema corrupto que actua como un club privado selecto, imponer
el ideal del “bubba” de escaso coef. intelectual, usar la bandera como
fetiche ideologico, cederle todo a la tecnocracia y alta banca, en el
fondo retornando al feudo europeo de siglos atras donde los mismos
4 gatos de siempre fumando unos grandes habanos entre cognac y
cognac dictaminaban el manejo de la colonia sin ningun sistema de
'checks & balances' a sus demencias y carencias afectivas patentes.

La “solucion” a los temas complejos de Energia sustentable/limpia
o de Transporte y Justicia Social, no pasa por simples tecnicismos de
parte de 4 gatos con doctorados en algunas Ivy League universities
convenientemente apitutados en el sistema. Son esos problemas que
determinan la encrucijada de fondo; o se reciben ordenes estrictas
desde fuera sobre como manejar estas cosas (colonialismo cultural
y sicologico), o bien se empieza por vez 1a. a atreverse a intentar
siquiera dar con soluciones menos formulaicas y propias; esta es la
opcion que define el paso desde ser un puro Recycler a comenzar
a asentarse como un aportador de Creacion/Invencion.

Ello involucra que los 4 gatos que manejan Chile como un Country
Club ya no pueden seguir con ese baile, porque la musica cambio.
Y el que antes aparecia como “loco” por su extraña danza ante la
percepcion de aquellos que no oian la musica que este escuchaba,
ya no lo puede ser mas. Esta es la Era de la Informacion, y ahora
Information-Is-Power, y aquel que ve mas lejos en Informacion,
es el que llegara mas lejos, y antes, y mas barato. La anticuada
"clase social" esta siendo reemplazada por la Clase Personal del
que posee Conocimiento y Sabiduria, aquel que antes era mirado
como ser excentrico o de frenton loco. Los Siuticos que describe
Contardo, son cada vez mas piezas de museo; el desafiliado y el
independiente, el free-thinker y el arriezgado, el explorador de
perfil fuera-del-sistema, es el heroe en ciernes. Albert Einstein
fracaso en la universidad, y dormia como minimo 10 horas cada
dia, Bill Gates abandono Harvard; ejemplos como estos son legion.
Chile es una nacion que debe cesar de tildar de rayados a aquellos
que estan en la vanguardia, explorando cosas nuevas; esto es un
signo del 3er. Mundo que no se condice con este milenio.

Este es el cambio paradigmatico de fondo en la trancision de nacion
emergente con exitos economicos pero sin nada que aportar al mundo
mas que frutas y minerales y cuando mucho vinos, a un nuevo estado
mental acorde con la propia sustentacion de ideas y/o ideales. Antes
vinieron la Mistral, los Neruda, Huidobro, Parra; hoy el empresario
es el heroe inseminado por los medios de comunicacion chilensis. Un
heroe muy poco heroe en otras latitudes mas desarrolladas, si Ud.
se fija.

El Plan Transantiago era una idea Buena en su inicio, pues regular
y rearmar el caotico e improductivo estado de una gran urbe como
Santiago que es segregada socialmente, es un imperativo al intentar
pasar a otro nivel de pais; lo que ocurre es que se toma una formula
europea, y el reciclaje/adaptacion a lo local, no da en el clavo. Luego
deviene el desfile de culpas; pero la pregunta es si es esto un reflejo
de Lagos o Bachelet, o un reflejo de la propia capacidad del pais
de proponer o inventar modos unicos y propios (mas alla de copiar
formulas que son inaplicables a la peculiar estructura de Santiago).

La derecha cree a pie juntillas que bajo Piñera todo funcionaria como
un paraiso en la tierra; esa es una vision miopica/patronal del tofo.
El Transantiago refleja antes bien una incapacidad sistemica de la
tecnocracia local de producir soluciones a partir de lo propio y sin
ser regidos por formulas ya inventadas en el 1er. Mundo-; esto es
en fondo lo que de veras ocurre, y que por supuesto a quien le va
a interesar ver, no?

Los problemas de Transporte y de Energia son todos PECULIARES,
implicitos a la geografia y la cultura local, mucho mas que a una
tesis universalista. Si se fallo en el Transporte, intentese esta vez no
repetir el desastre en el rubro Energia; no es Endesa de España la
llamada a “decidir” que es optimo en ese pais largo como lombriz
que es Chile; deben estas decisiones provenir desde la teoria y la
situacion peculiar propia, para evitarse otro Transantiago aplicado
a la Energia.

Yo exprese hace años ya, que a fin de servir de apoyo energetico
immediato, Chile debe construir 1 central nuclear generadora de
electricidad; Rusia el candidato ideal a este fin, atencion especial
al problema de sismos. Una vez enmarcado asi el asunto, con esta
Planta ya solucionando casi toda la urgencia, puede con seriedad y
sin histeria procederse a un plan de Energias Alternativas multiples.
De este modo, con antelacion y con serenidad, siguiendo criterios
Caso-A-Caso, puede el pais dedicarse a implementar una politica
de Energia que considere las distintas regiones y geografias y
situaciones intrinsecas; ninguna de estas provendra de formulas
globales, necesariamente seran aplicaciones muy locales de ciertos
modos de producir energia, todas con el ingenio local especifico.

Chile tiene la fortuna de solo requerir de momento 1 sola planta
nuclear, luego su impacto es bajo; ese factor es clave en el analisis
decisional, no es lo mismo una geografia amplia como Argentina o
Brasil, que segmentos angostos como Chile; el problema lo tiene
la Region Metropolitana, luego es esta Region la que debe proceder
con la planta, mientras que el resto de las regiones podran analizar
con mas tiempo y calma mental otras opciones mas ecologicas. La
actual angostura de miras de mega-proyectos como Hidroaysen o
las varias centrales al carbon en la region de Coquimbo, son tipos
de "soluciones" culturalmente anacronicas hoy por hoy.

El desarrollo no es solo un asunto de inteligencia y de academicismo,
tambien es una cosa de sentido comun. Es la ventana de oportunidad
clave para Chile, de insertarse en una etapa mas inventiva y madura,
menos dependiente de fanaticismos y colonialismos -y de la idolatria
al "empresario"-, incorporando aquellos saberes y puntos de vista de
"Know-How"s que van mas alla de la usual tecnocracia y el proceso
de negocios tipico a las inversiones/licitaciones que sirven para casos
menos complejos, pero que en los casos de impronta geo-politica con
alcance estrategico, reducen el sentido de la productividad Integral
del territorio geografico y humano a visiones en miniatura, que son
ultra dependientes de la monetarizacion de la gobernabilidad, esta la
via por la que la clase gobernante cede a la creencia que cierta parte
de las soluciones son las "unicas viables", cuando en realidad existen
muchas maneras de concebir el problema y acceder a alternativas
diversas. Cualquiera puede con algo de training poner cifras en un
papel, que aparecen redituables y dentro de rangos aceptables; algo
enteramente distinto es el comprender cuando se traiciona la real
productividad del territorio mediante proyectos sin sensatez alguna.

Hace rato que en Chile se le viene haciendo el quite al tema del Plan
de Energia real y sensato acorde con el 3er. Milenio, por miedo a
las presiones del status-quo; estas presiones representan un pasado
que se extingue, y el pais debe lanzarse a ser lo que debe ser, un pais
con futuro en claro uso de sus potencias. La Region Metropolitana
le pasa la papa caliente a la Patagonia, sin seriamente asumir que la
solucion inmediata y obvia es una planta nuclear en sus cercanias.
Intereses creados dentro y fuera del pais se montan detras de mega
proyectos energeticos que son solo puntas de lanza de otras cosas
ocultas detras, y ese no es modo de iniciar una nueva etapa de pais
emergente y transparente. Este Window of Opportunity debe ser
aprovechado como se debe -punto-, y esta decision crucial debe ser
emblematica del nuevo modo de plantarse frente a la complejidad;
nuevas alianzas, nuevos paradigmas, nuevas etapas, nueva actitud.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Time-Lines maze projection

Some people too easily discard GEMATRIA as a state of awareness.
They reason: hey, your post about a Twin Cities Armageddon or the
possibility of WWIII do not seem to become real -(for example)-.

Nevertheless, I counter-punch with a: what is "real" and what "is
not" real...? Is what I might be able to imagine, or what I perhaps
dream, "less real" than this material plane reality...? Do the number
matches and strong concordances of Gematria show just a random
pattern -even though they are objective & immutable-...? What is
random then, if it is so clearly matching & structured...?

Let's say in the classic game between Real Madrid & Barcelona one
of the teams is a definite winner favorite, but the other team decides
to 'balance it out' by buying the referee, thus they end up winning.
Question is: where did the ORIGINAL & TRUE game where the
actual favorite would win... go...? Does this True/Real game simply
"disappear" out of reality...?

This situation is typically slanted towards the legalistic rationale, as
in "unethical" & "unjust" behaviour demands punishment as well
as compensation for the victims. Justice & the Law are appointed
to deal with this type of "situations". Yet, the more you look around
and within, the more you realize this "situations" are happening all
the time everywhere.

So, who are you...? Are you this guy that RESULTED as end-result
of a series of "interventions" both in the form of injustice or sleight
of hand, boycott or favoritism, paying your dues or buying your way
up? Which is your "I"; the way things should have been or the way
things turned out to be due to multiple "interventions" and made-
to-fit agendas imposed by someone...?

Where did the Election that Gore won go...? Where did that country
go...? Where did "you" go within that country and election context...?
Who is really "you", who is the Self...?

Where are your unborn children, out of romances gone haywire, or
where are your stolen medals, or your confiscated riches, or your
paths to success aborted by boycott...?

Is love eternal...? Is it infinite...? Then how come you had several
love mates...? Or could it be that all those are Time-Lines gone by
way of quantum, out of this Time-Line...? What is the "I" / "Self"
within a multiverse of parallel Time-Lines? If every single narrow
and slanted universe is but one possibility of the many that exist
simultaneously, then what is "real"...? Am I or You "real" then...?

See, these things cannot be contemplated using the old & antiquated
way of Linear Logic, where there is only One-Reality, using the age
weary "This-Is-The-Only-Reality-That-Exists" Science, using the
inorganic "This-Is-The-Only-Way-To-Know" Philosophy, that has
become the staple of academic discourse -yawns-. Large portions
of the usual academic discourse and constrained themes, actually
can make a wise person sick (literally so).

I indeed used the expression "state of awarenesss" when referring
to GEMATRIA, because it is more than just a "tool" of knowledge by
direct experience of the meta-physical via the physical altogether,
using LANGUAGE as a "proper lens". Thing is, GEMATRIA lets you
perceive the INNER CONCORDANCE of the seemingly random or
unrelated, by showing you objective patterns of synchronicity that
are inherently embedded in some things named & numbered, but
these patterns do not necessarily manifest in just one reality, as they
might all across the multiverse Time-Lines.

In other words, GEMATRIA's akin to the mythical Ariadne's Thread
given to Theseus as he goes INTO THE LABYRINTH; this means
GEMATRIA lets you sift through Time-Lines, by augmenting the
"Word/Number Common Thread" patterns that do not change even
amidst the game of Interventions/Alterations of Paths.

If "you" exist in different parallel realities, than everything that acts
as your GEMATRIA TEMPLATE will remain unchanged, as sort
of a dice-structure of permutations/combinations, where the ALL
manifests through the PARTIAL CIRCUMSTANCE, in different
possibilities of existence and choice, some of them becoming a true
reality on some quantum frequency plane.

A perfect example of this would be the image of a Tree, with its main
trunk and its main branches out of which smaller branches grow forth
and so on. Isn't it a wonder then, that precisely this Tree image was
used to illustrate the Kabbalah -the Tree of Life-...? The "Paths" of
the "Sephiroths" (Tree of Life), link many TimeLine realities within
a multi-dimensional "map" of Synchronic Resonance through Words
and Numbers, functioning as a mystical Neuro-Linguistic software
of "projection".
I am not advocating Kabbalah; I am referencing it
as a case of a multi-dimensional "map" of "reality-planes", how this
knowledge has been here (within the elite, that is) for a very long
time beyond the accepted official "history".

Therefore understanding and apprehending and elaborating on these
concordances, is not merely a "tool", but a State of Awareness; this
requires a different kind of neural wiring, a higher DNA Strands No.
connectivity, an "updated" psychic operating platform. GEMATRIA
is when the Body Computer gives way to the Infinite Mind, where
the Brain stops "commanding" and links itself to Source, where the
real multi-dimensional input comes from. Thus the "I" begins to
"see" multiple Synchronicities as possibilities and paths, yet within
a pattern framework structure, a "cluster" of linguistic archetypes.

Our history and materialistic education, indoctrinates us to either
"ACT" or "BELIEVE", both just different sides of the same coin, in
the form of Intellectual Materialism, a 'Reductivism' of what's Real,
into a "think-within-the-box" mode, a linear concept mindset, a uni-
dimensional Body-Computer "thinking & perceiving".

If you think that this reality is "ok", you are fit to this reality, you are
a prime Projection. If on the other hand something bothers you, then
you are not in-sync with this frequency field, and its inherent games
of "end-results" tailored by sociopathic behaviour most of the time.
What this means, is that your "Full Self", exists in OTHER frequency
fields, parallel to this, that are more suited to your game, and you are
experiencing "this" just a possibility brought forth via the unethical,
or through some sort of tampering with.

All games in the end, dissolve back into the All-Is-One Field, where
there are no separate "identities" and such, all is one, one is all, all is
nothing, nothing is all, behind all the illusions of momentary "life"
and being "I"; like a droplet of water, you go back into the ocean
where you came from.

"You" is just Infinite Consciousness ("god") Experiencing a Learning
or Learning an Experience; your "self" is just a holographic name and
number template passing as "being", in order to increase the Infinite,
because that's what Infinite means, no end/no limit.

Other realities exist in different quantum frequency ranges, where all
the "missed or "altered" or "original" paths might have taken "you" if
this or that might have happened this or that way through Evolution.
You as a Consciousness are residing in All-Times simultaneously, and
your "Higher Selves" constantly interact and communicate with your
"Lower Selves", as From-The-Future would communicate to the Past.
More evolved resides in our linear perspective as From-The-Future,
and devolved resides in From-The-Past. Yet there is no Time, these
are but dimensional projections within the Grand Illusion.

Everything you dreamed or felt exists in some place/time. Spiritually
evolved persons are "In Tune" with their entire multi-dimensional
selves, across the multiverses, they do live Harmonically within the
many frequency fields Templates. Less evolved persons dwell in a
fractured Template, out of sync with the rest of their experiences
in other universes, unconnected, in dis-harmony.

Nietzsche said that Life would be a mistake without Music, and this
implies that the "glue" that ties the different multiverses, is the law
of common synchronic pattern, of which Music is a crucial 'mover
and shaker', so to speak. Music in itself resonates as a Love fractal
and it "logs on" the experiences Love goes through in its path across
illusory "realities" and within illusory "selves". All that exists is Love
and it is Infinite, and what we call Conciousness is the shape of Love;
nothing else truly exists at all.

In this particular frequency field reality we experience as here-now,
the illusion of the projection takes place inside the brain, in that area
known by Yoga Hindu Mysticism as the CAVE OF BRAHMAN, where
the PINEAL & PITUITARY Glands reside in a cavity at the center of
the brain. The Pineal is a RESONATOR, operating though crystal
fractals, this is how the holographic projection becomes "real" to us.

The Pineal Gland is an extant Third Eye (in some reptiles it still is
a semi-outward eye on top of the skull), receded through Evolution,
and it still shares the same chemicals and cellular structure as the
eyes. Its specific function is to ACT AS A PIEZZO-ELECTRIC or
Light Transducer, converting bio-chemical impulses to electric, or
viceversa, and ultimately converting those to light. This means
that the Pineal Gland is a DECODER, and its coding source resides
beyond 4D physical reality. Within the 3D body, it regulates all
the Endocrine secretions.

The Yogis speak of a supernal light that illuminates the Cave of
Brahman when the Pineal Gland is activated to its now dormant
"Third Eye" function, as gate-Keeper to the Crown Chakra, where
we enter/exit the physical body. This low-frequency/vibe material
body is merely a Genetic-Suit we wear on this short experience.

The chemical Fluoride that is added to the public water supplies, is a
very nasty Brain Suppressor - as it crystallizes in the Pineal Gland-,
rendering it disfunctional and resonating only within a segment of its
full potential. As a Resonator, one has to wonder about the many
frequencies that are constantly targetting humans nowadays, be
them cellular phone and their toxic electric smog tower antennas
scattered through cities, Wi-Fi or Wi-Max invasive frequencies,
or even television and radio; there are also other forms of higher
altitude tampering of the planetary frequency, through semi-secret
projects such as HAARP in Alaska, etc. Such a sensitive organ as the
Pineal, it's easy to suspect gets severely affected by all these. In the
end we "see" and "think" what our Third Eye "constructs" for us.

When the greek philosopher Plato taught in allegory about this reality
being a Projection inside a Cave, he was directly referring to this

fact; Plato was initiated in the Schools of Mystery, and he knew quite
a lot more than he let on.

Plato was well aware this narrow material reality frequency as being
just one of many other projections as well, and he knew this one was
an ALTER of another TimeLine branch; this is why he eloquently used
the cave allegory to illustrate about the "unreal" & "shadowy" nature
of this frequency field. By no means this implies a single reality
projection, this merely a simplification; the truth is there are many
projections, many frequency fields.

This theme links with the overall theme of "The Fall", as an Original
universe template gets hijacked and altered into a false projection,
in a more devolved state. If you observe, the very word "philosophy"
speaks of the wisdom of the origin of words (philos-sophia), this in
the sense of the Knowledge of GEMATRIA as a secret Originator of
; the outward public translatiopn of this is the greek concept
of the LOGOS ("In the Beginning was the Logos..."), which was laid
out by christianity to hide the deeper Gematria implications. Thus
when for ex. in the "Bible" in the book of Genesis "god" SPEAKS
reality into Being, this is a figure for the process of Gematria. The
Kabbalah is the real hidden content of the Bible, and it teaches the
secret esoteric doctrine of reality being "formed" out of the many
Combinations/Permutations of the Sacred Alphabet.

In our current Information Age it is so much easier to apprehend the
true and full extent of the idea; that a Neuro-Linguistic process within
the brain, is what "projects" the illusion of a material reality, in a sort
of Bio-Informatic highly complex computer code of quantum reach.
In a funny way, even the term "LOGOS" eerily suggests a computer
software "Logs" or "Log On" expression; this is akin to the way the
devolved apes in the book/film "The Planet of the Apes" utilized
names of extant ruined buildings and such, within their religious

The 90's film The Matrix and websites/blogs that ask the perennial
question Are We Living in a Computer Simulation?, just pierce the
veil of illusory reality in a generic sense; the rabbit hole goes a lot
deeper, and it involves our own Body Computer as part of the RAM
computing process, linked to higher Coding centers, as the Within/
Without projections manifest. Yet at the heart of the matter, lies a
GEMATRIA ENCRYPTION, that acts as Concordant Template in
the neuro-linguistic process.

This is where the theme of "naming" and "numbering" becomes the
crux of the issue; we have been in a deliberate manner taught that
names are an after-fact event we produce, in utilitary ways. Yet this
is the grand illusion, that Language is nothing else than a social act in
progress, random & devoid of meaning or any reality-inducing inner
power. We are indoctrinated an EXTERNAL VIEW of language, so
that the real Gematria process might occur beyond our very linear
perception of sequences in time
. This is our biggest Blind-Spot, since
it hides the Background Computing process of the projection, making
it look like a "part of the scenery" event; Language is not hidden, it
is merely the aspect of language/Numbers that produce the true
projecting that is hidden from our minds, this the best camouflage.
Hiding things in plain sight, that is. Author Philip K. Dick through a
bizarre series of experiences seemed to pierce a bit into the behind
the curtain; VALIS was a computer hiding as our very surrounding
context. He definitely had a subconscious sense of the Gematria
processes, as his name "Philip" is used to name the main character
in the VALIS saga, named Horselover, which in greek is "Philippos"
-from "philo" and "hippos"-. It is self-evident that "PHI-l-IP" has
a double PHI/PI number reference contained, and that "philo/s"
entails the origin of words. In latin "FILI DEI" means Son of God,
denoting a process of "FORMATION" from the intangible towards
the tangible; this is the true esoteric tradition of christianism way
behind the public facade.

Philip K. Dick then ventured into the deep secret, albeit in a most
semi-demented way; he was thus writing about a TROJAN HORSE
process involving a computer named VALIS who hides as our very
surrounding context, responsible for "manifesting outwardly" things,
i.e. projecting "reality". What he meant is, the context implied as
the LINGUISTIC MENTAL landscape; we see things as we think
them to be, and this happens with the naming/numbering process
as the hidden essence of the recognition of reality.

Therefore VALIS in his bizarre saga, hides "in plain sight" passing
as the surrounding context, that seemingly seems to exist due to
other inherent reasons. It is eerily interesting, how the term he
chose -"VALIS"-, when moving 1+Space in the alphabet, yields:
[ "WBMJT" = 68 = Language ] (a=1, b=2, ... , z=26)

Eeerie because this 5-letter acronym contains a lot of the usual
big-time codes, such as WB (W. Bush, Warren Buffet, William "Bill"
Gates III, etc.), MB (Men in Black, IBM, etc.), MJ (of fame within
the et lore, supposedly a secret elite project), JT (J-esuschris-T),
etc. 5 Letters as well for the Bible, as for ex. the "Watch Tower
Bible Tract" Corp. (each word of 5 letters) that goes by Jehovah's
Witnesses and at the elite level secretly constructs what are called
WatchTowers, of magickal cross-word use, via language embedded
within normal language. This is a Rosicrucian secret society fronting
as a "religion", exploring the "biblical" secret encoding applications.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Wolf that cries Wolf

This Wolf (hint... "W"...) is the Republicans. They are 'scandalized'
by the prospect of an Obama administration that will 'destroy' the
nation, it's Armaggedon Come, the Antichrist, islamofascism, negro
kill white, the communist menace, end of history, you name it. They
are outrageously crying Wolf, when the Wolf... ALREADY CAME,

I remember v-e-r-y v-e-r-y well... the 2000 "Election", when the
only feasible way to go was... Gore. Like it or not, that was the only
feasible and logical way to go. Weeks after Election theft (that didn't
seem to bother republicans a bit, the fact it was a theft) one realtor
friend asked me what I thought about the whole mess; my reply was
surprisingly succinct: "WE'RE DOOMED".

He looked at me like I was joking; he quickly realized I wasn't. I said
it again loud & clear: "WE'RE DOOMED".

I have a video of a Gore-Bush 2000 presidential debate; in it, you
see one George W. crying wolf about a "Gore menace", who would
"increase government" by 20 thousand new employees. Wow, what
a menace that was. Republicans went berserk, we MUST elect "W"
or Gore's 20 thousand new employees will bankrupt the nation...!?

Never mind that their beloved "W" created Homeland Security, and
waged wars til kingdom come, and basically increased the size of our
government to never even imagined proportions. All those new and
SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT JOBS, didn't seem to faze the stubborn
republican mindset. The era of biggest reckless government spending
in modern history began with the fear of Gore creating a paltry 20
thousand government jobs, as a supposed reaction to it...!?

The video of the 2000 debate shows a serene Gore delivering a key
"fork in the road" paradigm of decision for the american people; he
briefly said that we are at a crossroads, where we have to decide if
we would protect and reinvest our (by then) economic surplus, or we
would squander it. You heard that right: he said... SQUANDER IT
under George W. He calmly explained this was the "Main Choice" in
Election 2000.

Gore's crucial big idea was to CREATE NEW FORMS OF RENEWABLE
AVANT-GARDE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES, that would create a vast
amount of good jobs all across the board, and that would propel the
US to the front line of leadership -like in the old glory days-, because
the world was desperately in need of this Energy change.

6 months before that Election 2000, I was already predicting an Oil
price surge to over U$125/barrel; it was easy to foresee Gold would
become "the" one safe investment, as the dollar would weaken, most
of the manufacturing jobs would leave America, and the middle class
would be utterly destroyed (never mind the silly games of dollar up
& downs to "stimulate" our exports). Since the US middle class is the
world's biggest consumer of goods, and the only reason the world has
to keep lending money to the US government, as soon as it would be
gone we would start a new phase of... 2nd class USA country, our role
and status greatly diminished by the impending economic doom, as
well as from the lack of elemental credibility.

Of course people like me were not just correct but very correct, and
what Gore was proposing, to utilize the last US economic surplus to
create a new technology/business to export everywhere, was right
on the money and made all the sense in the world, particularly since
the hi-tech bubble was about to go bust.

So what was the republicans reaction to all this...? THEY VOTED G.
W. B. INTO POWER. Thus, we were indeed... doomed. It seems as
if by Freudian slip they were astrononomically concerned with pres.
Clinton's pecker (as Robbie Robertson sentenced: "Deal with your
own pecker...!?"), and a stain of semen on a blue dress, that was of
"cosmic" magnitude to them, even as to impeach him without proper
constitutional grounds. Thus they weakened & diminished the image
of the US presidency forever & ever, and they did so with egotistic
narcissistic bigotry, and thinly disguised hypocrisy (loudmouthed
republican "impeachers" like Henry Hyde and Newt Gingrich had
affairs of way more damaging nature, of wife-dying-at-the-hospital
kind, I mean; it's simply hard to think of anything more hypocritical).

Voting "W" in was a way for the simple-minded low IQ folk with a
delusional sense of representing "God", of exacting revenge unto a
world of rapid & constant Change. Their retrograde devolution in
social & economical terms, is what we are facing now as end-result.
After all the US population sports a 92 IQ average, and as George
Carlin used to say, the scary part is: this means HALF of the people
are under 92 IQ !?

And this are the same retarded backwards self-righteous people that
later began the pathetic "We're Number Oooooooooonnnnneeeeee...!"
bravado shouting rituals, who are now... Crying Wolf.

Auto companies like Ford 'went Bush', and they hired a former Irak
War country propaganda singer like Toby Keith to advertise for its
trucks; I liked the trucks, I just thought they were being suicidal
by hiring Keith. Steadily the sophisticated trendy buyers started
getting as far from Ford/Toby Keith as they possibly could, so Ford
lost its key market niche, which they had managed to reclaim. Just
because they went political about their business. If a company like
Ford though it was "ethical" to promote "W" and his wars through
its line of cars, then no wonder they are bankrupt now. Talk about
not having a clue. If you "think" you can DISCARD APROX. HALF
OF THE US POPULATION (the liberals and democrats etc.) from

your market of potential buyers by becoming a Bush advocate, then
you don't deserve to be in business anymore. Ford has dug its own
grave, they did it for political reasons, and now they want a bailout.
What's next, Walmart...?

What we need are administrations that do the job of managing the
country FOR ALL (not just for the few top republicans), that are
able to understand the complexities of the 3rd millennia reality and
are not stuck in a 1950's utopia cocoon, we just need auto makers
that deal with the business of making cars and do not venture into
political advertising for a moronic administration, we need a voting
population that is ABLE TO CHANGE and not simply "choose" the
same republican party by automatic reflex. What is democracy if
the voters don't think, ponder & change according to circumstances?
The Automatic/Robot/Fixed vote of republicans voters is an insult
to democracy and to the rest of the voters.

And of course now 8 years later from the 2000 conundrum, we are
all on the same buzztalk: new renewable energy technologies for the
creation of new jobs.

Gee, now that the whole economy has been torn apart and shredded,
now that the government is bankrupt, that the world by & large has
switched to establishing partnerships with the russians and their
alliances, and now they look us like one looks at a geriatric Uncle
Dave gone bonkers. Now that we don't have the money and stability
and global leadership to do such, "now" we decide to do it, when the
obviously right moment to do so was 8 years ago with Gore...!?

One thing is for sure, this Wolf that cries Wolf -the republicans- as
I heard a hobo put it: "Are more dangerous than the communists!".
The communists never destroyed the economy of the richest nation
on Earth, never destroyed the most solid and stable middle class
on the planet, they never lost nearly 40% of the savings of people.
These are things the republicans did; so the hobo was right I guess.

Oh, and there's the BLACKLISTING "detail"; when we have a party
that thinks it is "fair game" to BlackList anybody who is not one of
theirs, and thus turns most of the job market into a club, filling most
positions with morons and retards that exceedingly underperform
(but alas are so godly republican), the comprarison between repubs
and communists, doesn't appear to be that far-fetched.

One thing for sure, as we all too typically engage in calling the WWII
generation "the greatest" one, we must now begin to call this "W" era
of republican rightwing backwards nuts who destroyed this nation:
"the worst" generation. Did all those heroes give their lives just so
that all these present day goons would trample on our freedoms and
obliterate our economy and destroy our leadership...? Let's hope not.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Andes & Himalayas connection -Part 1-
Author Mark Vidler in his book "The Star Mirror" demonstrates
how emblematic mountain tops and sacred sites (i.e. pyramids, etc)
align with the passage of the brightest/most famous stars in the sky.
The apparently "random" geography, suddenly acquires a different
perspective, an order M. Vidler demonstrates even tends to include
Isosceles Triangles -(both in the stars as in the geographical tips)-.

Some Creationists will believe this 'proves' their barbaric & pagan
view of the universe, however what this does is recognize that there
is a SELECTIVE HOLOGRAPHIC FRACTAL structure underlying
all things that are SIGNIFICANT. Of course Creationists won't come
even close of suspecting their pagan philosophical roots, much less
will have the slightest idea of what I am talking about.

Thus I'll assume you are an intelligent & sophisticated reader that
most likely has a globe of the world near your desk, on which you
are able to notice how JODPHUR-INDIA is the exact ANTIPODE
of EASTER ISLAND. These are linked by a straight line through
the center of the Earth {}.

Having a globe helps you realize that the ECLIPTIC (the Sun's path
through the year: ) pivotal
point -the farthest from the Equator-, occurs very close to Easter
Island in the S. Hemisphere and Llasa-Tibet in the N. Hemisphere.

Easter Islands belongs to Chile, it sits West of the Chile/Peru coast,
which is the only continental land close to it. Cuzco in Peru as well
as Tiahuanaco & Lake Titicaca in neighbouring Bolivia, of course
were the ceremonial centers of previous civilizations, what we now
call the "Inca Empire". Nevertheless many researchers contend
that both the so-called Inca Empire and Easter Island are nothing
but post-Atlantis settlements. The Peru-Bolivia area is awash with
secret tales about an underground civilization, and the mercenary
Conquistadores knew this quite well, struggling in vain to find the
mythical "Ciudad de los Cesares", laden with gold and paradisaical
advances; at least one of them was killed by the indians by having
him drink molten gold, in punishment for this obsession.

The current official "culture" of disinformation, forbids academically
speaking of former more advanced civilizations, while anybody with
2 inches of forehead & not sold out to the system regards this as self-
evident. There are 2 major implications to this knowledge; 1st being
the descendants of former "disappeared" elites as our current elites
(thus how they acquired their power and monarchy privileges), 2nd
the many CATACLYSMS IN THE PAST that destroyed civilizations
-some of those probably caused by reckless use of highly advanced

Problem with this, being that "highly advanced" technology entails
INTER-PLANETARY civilizations. Constraining the past cultures
merely to our planet Earth, is all too clearly an oxymoron. They
involved stellar/planetary contact, and actually it is in this context
that both the advances and settlements, as well as the cataclysms
(wars, etc.) may be best explained.

It is vox-populi amongst the enlightened crowd, that high mountain
ranges and peaks throughout the Earth, have been used as refuge
in the far past by advanced survivors, going underground to avoid
catastrophe -not the least of which was DNA damage & devolution-.
Humanity seems at the present "2012" Sign of the Times, just to be
awakening from millennia of best termed as Devolved Dark Ages.
Our present DNA shattered to a minimal 2-Strand out of a former
original 12-Strand Template (symbolized by "The 12 Lost Tribes
of Israel" in the "Bible" allegory, geometrically in the shape of the
so-called "Star of David" -i.e. the "Holy Grail" DNA bloodline-).

There is quite a vast amount of fringe material on the POLE SHIFT
scenario, involving not simply a magnetic Shift, but a displacement
of the Earth's surface crust as to the Earth's core. High mountain
ranges as large as the ANDES or the HIMALAYAS, appear to have
been formed very recently and rather abruptly, as opposed to the
current orthodox academic view of them being very long processes
of geological 'gradual-formation'. The Andes is a result of 2 tectonic
plates colliding, yet the finding of high level sea-level fossils seems
to point in the 'abrupt cataclysmic' direction. Even the "Bible" tales
describe an "Ark" landing on top of Mount Ararat in current Turkey
after the "Flood" receded. One must view these fables as allegories
of much more complex past events, related to former civilizations
abruptly disappearing -not just one event, by many and varied-.

Religions in that sense can be considered attempts made by some
races amongst the survivors, who decided to pass as "gods" unto
the future less evolved earthlings. Each religion proselytising its
own race and DNA, enacting a "royal elite" as rulership, as having
a "god" lineage to justify it. Therefore in the end, they might have
been created to FRANCHISE the DNA & CULTURE of dominant
beyond-Earth advanced groups, as local viceroys of such. We have
a very clear case of this in the rumour about a previous advanced
civilization in MARS, that ended up establishing survivors in part
on Earth, which many claim are the current ruling elites (even the
insufferably proselytist righwing nut Rush Limbaugh actually said
this in one of his radio broadcasts). Because it is simply unavoidable
the fact that most religions ultimately are a Race-War against the
rest of the races, disguised under "spiritual" lingo. And most wars
since immemorial time, have been Religious/Race wars, period.

Therefore if we look again at the Earth's globe with this in mind, we
will observe certain "patterns" regarding the emblematic mountain
ranges and peaks; even the "Bible" says "God" appeared to "Moses"
in Mt. Horeb and/or Mt. Sinai (there is some ambiguity), a "God"
that acts and demands very human things.

In general and given some wide-area proximity, the HIMALAYAS
and the ANDES fall within a reasonable "Antipode", more so when
we include the previous ECLIPTIC observation. These areas have
been until recently (with the exclusion of modern China), sort of the
"cultural antipode" of the current occidental paradigm of progress.

Far on the Atlantic Ocean Argentina's Buenos Aires or further down
South in Chile's Santiago, these capitals embraced modern culture
and the usual power structures dependent on the occident, but the
areas between Cuzco & the Bolivian Altiplano in that section of the
Andes, in many ways have been the equivalent of the situation in the
Himalayas & Tibet. Nearby Lima being the exception, yet Lima was
for a long time not a particularly advanced Latin-American capital.

Then we get to the question of the names; if we read Apoc/Rev 13:1,
there is the solemnly ENCODED: "And it stood upon the Sand of the
", as prelude to the whole "Beast" riddle, which in the previous
post I exposed is largely a 2012 theme. Let's focus on the "Sand (of
the) Sea" code:

[ "ANDES" is a blend of the words "SAND" & "SEA" ]

Thus a location in the Andes is set as Cultural-Antipode of the Rev.
13:18 theme, Time-Marked as in the time of a famous figure, this
public window-framed figure being (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):
Rev. 13:1 means [ 131 = Prince Charles ]

We see this Antipode code confirmed in the following:
[ Andes & Himalayas = 66+66 = "A Prince Charles" ]

In this clearcut way, the encoding sets an "Antipodal" encryption,
contrasting the time-frame/time-marker of the longest lasting
royal leadership of the occident -thus pinpointing the years and
general culture/location of the theme-, against the ancient theme
of the "Old Places of Refuge", because both the Andes & Himalayas
are the icons of such, in the fringe lore of past civilizations. What is
implied in this encoding then, is that another CATACLYSM is to
happen, as a result of what the prophecy/riddle calls "The Beast"
or "Antichrist" agenda.

Speculation has been rife on the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) based
in Switzerland, a CERN venture basically managed by the UK. We
can ascertain without a hint of a doubt, that since the ancient days
of Atlantis, no other technological agenda has pursued a know-how
that can possibly alter the shape of things on a planetary scale; this
does not mean it is necessarily dangerous, yet it has the possibility
of a POLE SHIFT if enough tampering with the Earth's core is truly
pursued. Currently only the aspect of flamboyant "deep physics"
and "theoretical" investigations is publicized, but one can easily find
many websites on the web claiming the rumour of another Earth's
core technology being employed as well (which surfaced during the
China earthquake for example, along the Chaiten in Chile as well).

In my previous post, I expanded on the "Temple of Solomon" code:

[ PILLAR = 68 = SHASTA ]

This is notoriously famous for "underground" new-age rumours, Mt.
Shasta (border of California & Oregon) a decidedly "magic" peak:

[ AndeS HimalayaS ~~~ "S.H.A.S." ]

So one can begin to see a code in these emblematic mountain ranges
and sacred places -keep in mind Chris Vidler's work-. Furthermore:

[ LLASA = 45 = REV. ] while [ ANDES = 43 = MARK ]

The "Antipodal" code at work. Many have proposed that "Egypt"
was not just a location but a worldwide kingdom, as remnant of the
old Atlantis. "Akhenaten/Amenhotep 4" seems to be the relevant
code of Egypt as to our modern day hidden agendas (as I've shown
on previous posts). Moving 1+Space up the alphabet:

[ "ANDES" becomes "BOTEP" ]

While on the other hand you don't need to move 1+Space up the
alphabet to see that:

[ HIMAL - AYAS ~~~ "ALHIM" ]

"ALHIM" is of course the very name of "GOD" in Genesis, which is
usually altered/transliterated as "ELOHIM". One of my previous
posts explains this "ALHIM" or "BALHIM" code.

Another "time-frame" Marker, is John McCain, as [CAIN = INCA],
while McCAIN/PALIN/ROMNEY (pronounced ROMNI) all exhibit
the clear NIBIRU prefix. Another "time-frame" Marker is:
[ G. Sarah L. Palin = 118 = Nepal Himalaya ]

It seems to me that besides the famous HAARP secret project in
Alaska, as Mt. McKinley roughly stands on the same meridian as
Nepal, there is something here beyond what meets the eye. If
we add the idea of researcher Hari Kumar, that a specific location

[ KRTM / HLSR = 119 = "A G. Sarah Palin ' ]

"Rakshas" matches the "SHAS" of AndeSHimalayaS & Mt. Shasta.

The Number "119" as Mirror of "911" is interesting; if we take the
"half-mirror" of "2012" as "2102", we observe:

[ 2102 - 911 = 1191 ] as [ 2102 - 991 = 1111 ] and
[ 2012 - 911 = 1101 ]

Is there an "Alteration of Time" between 2012 and 2102...? If we
think in terms of "POLE SHIFT", perhaps we could grasp that:

[ POLE SHIFT ~~~ "S.E.P.T." ]

Thus the key ritual code of "SEPT 11" or "911", seem to resonate
with "POLE SHIFT 2012-2102", more than anything. In fact it
resonates even more with the "time-frame" Markers:

[ "A Pole Shift" = 111 = "New York" = "Sarah L. Palin" ]
[ 2012 - 991-911 = 110 ] (number of floors in the WTC)

There are some of what I would call the "ultimate fringe" worriers,
who even go as far as to suggest that in our future TimeLine, not as
of now but say for ex. in 2102, a high technology event affecting the
TimeLines erupts BACK IN TIME, creating a "Loop" that engulfs as
a "Quantum TimeWave" the preceding times (ours), "re-arranging"
all "events" in subtle ways to "conform", so that "all things acquire"
a "date" and "name" as "adjusted" to the Time-Ripple. This form of
speculation questions the true shape of Reality as Neuro-Linguistic
within/without PROJECTION, in the sense that a Quantum Time
Wave in Reverse "alters" the very fabric of events, through the
"minimal" neuro-linguistic "moves". This implies a shifting Gematria
in constant 'adjustment' to 'fit in' the incoming reverse time wave.
Such speculation of course, should be regarded as amusing science

What matters here, is that there seems to be a veritable dangerous
streak of technological wizardry being employed in the LHC project
as well as HAARP and other perhaps even more secret projects in
Alaska; this is what the codes suggest. In further Part 2 of the same
titled post, I shall expand more on the subject..


Monday, November 17, 2008

The 666 riddle of REV. 13:18

I don't think there is a single famous leader that has not been called
and "proven" to be the "Beast" or "Antichrist"; protestants since the
1500's have been "identifying" this or that Pope as that. Kruschev,
Gorbachev, Reagan, Qaddafi, Hussein, Prince Charles, Kissinger, L.
Maitreya, Bush, Karol Wojtyla, and a long list of notables, share that
in common, they have all been "matched" to the prophecy, even The
Beatles/John Lennon, for that matter. The Lennon case exemplifies
the prevailing ignorance on the subject; some were stunned to find
that [ LENNON = 74 = LUCIFER] with key (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26).
Little did they realize that [ LUCIFER = 74 = JESUS ], as well.

This is a great example because it leads directly into the underbelly
of the issue; notice the Mirror 47/74, as [ BEAST = 47 = JOHN ].
John of course is the name of the supposed "author" of the Book of
Revelation. By the same token, we would conclude John McCain is
the antichrist...!? Yet we see an awful lot of really cheap and utterly
preposterous talk about Obama being the Antichrist; never mind
that there isn't a single Gematria/Number match to his names, just
sheer political hanky-panky, idiotic propaganda. Obama is the 1st.
leader ever to be singled out as the Antichrist without any "proof"
in the form of Gematria/Numerology, that's how low the subject
has gotten and things manipulated !?

However Apoc/Rev is crystal clear on who makes the match: "Let
he who has wisdom/understanding count the number of the name".
No if's, no but's; ONLY those who know GEMATRIA, are given the
riddle to decode, it is not for everyone, or for ignorants on the topic
(Gematria the science of converting words to numbers & viceversa).


The MIRROR 47/74 is indeed the basis of the riddle, both in Number
as well as in Concept; the main Concept involves a "Substitution", or
to stand "In place of", this one of the 2 literal meanings of the greek
"ANTE". It means both being against, as well as being a substitute in
place of. The english translation "ANTI", took only the 1st meaning,
leaving the 2nd out, yet the greek word is "ANTE", to stand before
(the entire New Testament was written in Koine Greek, of course).

The Antichrist then by necessity has to be a CHRISTIAN, passing
for Christ or the like, an impostor. Some people have a funny way of
reading the Gospels; they are an account of a "Jesus" who had a rout
with ORGANIZED RELIGION. If you don't read this, I don't know
what you are reading, perhaps your own mind and imagination. The
Apoc/Rev prophecy, follows this same REPETITION in the so-called
"End-Times", again organized religion opposing enlightenment, as
it takes the "AnteChrist" substitute role. There is absolutely no doubt
about this, from a Gematria point of view -the essential point of view-:

[ JESUS = 74 = LUCIFER ] [ BEAST = 47 ]

The MIRROR 47/74 is the very content of the prophecy, how Jesus
is REVERSED into a Lucifer or Beast, this being the "AnteChrist". It
is not a must to be religious or a Christian, to understand this riddle/
prophecy; this is a universal issue, affecting all just the same:


Personally I am of the opinion the Book of Rev. was merely a carrier
for the riddle, maybe an Instruction Manual to implement it, as some
have suggested lately. Religious writings tend to perpetuate in time,
and this was a perfect time-capsule for the riddle to be passed on.

Apoc/Rev 13:18 gives a number 666 for the Number of the Name of
the Beast; being such an impossibly large number for a name in the
english language, many have resorted to using the Greek or Hebrew
transliterations, or even unusual English Gematria Tables (Aleister
Crowley and a long list of others), this the only way to add up to 666.

this is the "7th SEAL" or Key. What happens is, there is a Split (and
again a Mirror, this time a 3-digit one):

[ 666 = 234 + 432 ]
[ 13 x 18 = 234 ] (thus the "Rev 13: 18" chapter/verse)

Now we see 2 Totals: one 234, another 432; both Totals now more
possible within the english language (admittedly yes, you will need
2 Names to add up to "432", as seen in the next paragraph). This in
itself is the very axis of the riddle, because it describes 2 BEASTS;
one "Beast of the Sea", and one "Beast of the Earth". This split of
666 into 432 and 234 is the key to the riddle, as we shall see.

The "Beast of the Earth" is described in the riddle as having as well
"2 HORNS", while the "Beast of the Sea" as having 10 Crowns. The
Crown is symbol of MONARCHY, thus unmistakably this last refers
to areas and powers associated with Monarchy, such as Europe. But
since the number "432" is still a bit large for just a single name in
english, when we consider it's made up of "2 HORNS" (meaning 2
leaders), then it includes 2 NAMES for a total of 432, reasonable in
english. The words of the entire riddle have been carefully chosen in
english (not greek) in order to maintain a resonance with the reverse
"AnteChrist" theme -for ex. the 2 beasts & christ as follows-:

[ EARTH & SEA = 77 = CHRIST ]

Morover the "Recursive Integrity" of the riddle is noticeable, as we
contemplate the original Greek word used in Apoc/Rev for "Beast";
this is "THERION", and it literally must be translated as: "WILD
BEAST". Strikingly, the letters of "EARTH" make up "THERION"
when coupled with "ORION":

[ EARTH = THER A ] (blend with half of "O RION")

From this clue we could say this affirms a "Beast of the Earth" as of
human origin, and a "Beast of the Sea" as of Orion origin. The "Sea"
must be thought of as ETHER, or the 4D Dimension/Density, and
all the knowledge/science/powers inherent to that higher realm.

In my previous post "Key No. 153", I explained how the english
language was engineered from a 4D Synchronic Resonant mode, to
be a fractal of triangular structures, the numbers 153 and 144 a
crucial part of the construct.

[ WILD THERYON = 153 ]

This Recursive Pattern is emblematic of 4D embeddings, and as we
know the duration given for the AnteChrist period is "1260 Days":
[ BEAST OF THE SEA = 126 ]

We can indeed trace back the key 2 NAMES/2 BEASTS/ 2 HORNS
fractal pattern, to the previous article about the "TWIN PILLARS"
in the "Temple of Solomon"; the 1st Pillar was named JOACHIM, it
being a fractal of the SUN and JUPITER:


The 2nd Pillar is BOAZ as a fractal of the MOON and SATURN; I
wonder if there is more than meets the eye in these esoteric codes,
as Jupiter is almost like an extinguished TWIN SUN, while perhaps
we could have acquired our MOON from SATURN in ancient times
of cosmic Solar System upheaval (caused by incoming 4D Nibiru?).

Returning to the central Apoc/Rev riddle 666 split, we confirm:

[ APOCALYPSE REVELATION = 234 ] (13x18 = 234)

While [ 13 = ID ] as [ 18 = HEAD ]

Yet that is precisely the content of the Rev 13:18 prophecy, a Mark
on the Head or Hand, acting as an ID in its most basic operation. In
out current Information Age, practically every researcher on the
subject has proposed this "Mark" as related to the COMPUTER
tracking & programming technology. Interestingly, the acronym
"ID" is a fractal of "DAVID", and we know the name for "Win-Dos"
(usually just called the DOS system) as the MicroSoft platform,
is encrypted from the "STAR OF DAVID" ~~~ D.O.S. (in reverse).

Officially of course, DOS is supposed to mean "Driver Operating
System", yet as the same fractal repeats in WINDOWS, we must
not lose sight of the fact "DOS" is TWO" in spanish (fractal for the
2 Names/2 Beasts/2 Horns). Indeed this fractal of "2/TWO/DOS"
pops up in everything of maximum relevance, as in the 911 Twin
Towers; observe how -besides the "11"- World Trade Center as
WTC -when rearranged as TWC- can be almost "completed" as
TWO (just fill in the gap in the "C").

The marriage of esoterics & linguistics (Gematria) as applied to the
new computer informatics, is the aspect you never find anyone in
the religious field ever even fathoming, when analyzing Rev 13:18.
Yet the more you look into the matter from the point of view here
presented, the more obvious it becomes.

What we are really looking at then, implies our 3D Earth computer
What the riddle in the prophecy suggests, is that the Leadership in
our 3D Planet has sold out to 4D Beings, by installing a technology
that links directly to a higher 4D Control, for remote programming.

But isn't this precisely the center of the ancient Egyptian theology
of "The Union of the 2 Kingdoms"...? Historians assume they must
be the Upper & Lower Egypt as on the map along the Nile, yet one
has to be a bit thick in the head not to grasp it actually means the
UNION OF THE DUAT & EARTH centered on Egypt (the Duat
being that region in the sky/heavens where we come from and
go after death, i.e. the 4Dimension/Density). In our days the same
linear view of the "United Kingdom" paradigm prevails. However:

[ 73 = Britain = United = Kingdom = Crown = Egypt = Nibiru ]

2 Realms, 2 realities, 2 systems, linked as ONE through computing.
This is seriously confirmed as we observe the cipher contained in
the supposed "place" of writing of the Book of Apoc/Rev:


Stunningly and without a doubt, "Patmos Island" by anagram breaks
up in the most well known acronyms that define our Information &
Computer Age:

"DOS" means "Driver Operating System" (i.e. MicroSoft)
"LAN" means "Linear Aggregated Network
"ISP" means "Internet Service Provider"
"ATM" means "Automated Transfer Machine"

This so far the essence and most crucial elements of the riddle; it is
the gravest of mistakes to go directly into the prophecy trying to
"adapt" numbers to the "name" of a famous person, what I would
call foolish "matchmaking" or make-believe without understanding
the depth and complexity, as well as the FRACTALS and Recursive
Patterns inherent to the 4D Embedding, which is precisely what the
riddle is all about, alerting one to becoming aware of them. People
act like automatons and can be remotely programmed when these
Embeddings are inserted in any linguistic text or any names one
uses routinely. This is where the issue of the "Number of the Name
of the Beast" becomes relevant; but one would not be able to fully
understand what is truly implied (the remote controlling of our 3D
planetary realm, from a higher linked 4D more advanced realm).

The "prophecy" then, is a WARNING ABOUT THE EMBEDDED
DANGERS OF HIGHER LINGUISTICS within normal language;

it alerts about the Fractals and the Recursive Patterns, and it is
unmistakably precise about the connection to Computing.

But this is not what people want to hear; they prefer the age old
superstitious sermons about the old devil and exorcisms and the
like, thinking themselves immune and all others condemned. They
have an exceedingly large appetite for 666 numeric "matches"
to famous world leaders; this is what they crave for, this is what
they see & understand, which is nearly nothing about the content
of Rev. 13:18.

It is rather boring and all too obvious to find matches to key words
or even the 666 number or its two splits -the 234 & 432 numbers-.
For example one may point out that:
[ "10 CROWNS" = 102 = Windsor ]

But isn't it rather obvious that the biggest Monarchy on Earth are
the Windsors...? It doesn't take a genius to match:
[ 234 = "A Prince Charles Windsor" ], or even:
[ 234 = "Pres. George Bush Texas" ]

Anybody with a pc connected to the web can easily find books and
websites dedicated to matching the Prince to the prophecy, mostly
using greek Gematria. Both dynasties have been for long linked to
Apoc/Rev in many ways. Nothing new under the sun, here.

I mean, am I the only one who has read about "Wild Beast" being
the initials of W. Bush...? I also read in a few websites that adding
up the entire full name of Bush Sr. to the entire full name of Bush
Jr. equals 432 (2 Horns). I've read it all; I've seen it all, even Sarah
Palin has more matches than can be fathomed. This obsession is a
form of Celebrity fixation applied to mysticism. Don't believe me?
[ RE. GOV. PALIN = 119 ]
[ SARAH = 47 = BEAST] [ PALIN = 52 = EARTH ]
[ ALASKA = 45 = REV. ]

Aren't these the most famous & most powerful people -at least on
the public eye-...? Haven't so many books been written about all
these famous top figures, many 666 matches in different languages
ascribed to their names...? What is truly needed, is a much deeper
understanding of the TRUE WARNING of this Prophecy/Riddle,
Hijacked by 4D Beings in collusion with 3D Earth elites (the usual
suspects, that's the easy part), in order to "deviate" or "detour"
the TRANSITION from 3D to 4D, into Dimensional Rifts away
from the actual destination of the Ascension.

It takes a real moron to think that all this so-called "EndTimes"
or 2012 paradigm, is simply about "Political & Economic" power
-business as usual- the same as in any past centuries, even the
Medieval Ages for that matter; to think that way is to be truly
stuck psychically in the very Middle Ages.

The Rev. Prophecy/Riddle deals with the Information Age and the
upcoming complexities of possessing a science & technology akin to
being "gods". It deals more specifically with our merging into the
4D realm -what is called the Ascension Process-, and how there are
pre-planned and preset agendas from past millennia, ready to "Stop
& Contain" this process from happening, even effecting a Detour or
Hijacking of it unto rogue realms. There is a constant not so subtle
resonance with the allegory of the "Tower of Babel" as a similar
event in the past -perhaps not once, but a few tries-. It is hard to
tell the good from the bad in that allegory, it appears as if it indeed
hides a "Containment from Ascension" on the part of higher beings,
not of positive orientation necessarily, as the Bible wishes to portray.

The religious mindset needs a severe "updating", because as it is,
it is exactly the mindset that is used to lend support to this agenda,
which profits from self-delusions of being "saved", and an ignorance
of the Linguistic Programming technologies currently at play, as
well as the Quantum advances in cutting-edge physics.

The science we are given, is not the ultimate science, nor we are the
"first" of advanced civilizations in this 3D planet; actually the very
present elite, descends directly from previous civilizations that were
more advanced, and it so clearly benefits them that you may never
get to suspect this, or about the higher sciences & technologies that
came along with them. Much easier to believe the Pyramids of Egypt
were built by "slaves using ropes", now does it...?

All these things have happened before, sciences and technologies
merely being "rediscovered"
(declassified, or reverse engineered
from secret artifacts), Time is cyclical and not linear as all previous
known cultures knew -except us-, and even as the Book of Rev.
states, the very "Beast" is a repeat recursive event:


Medieval thinking persons imagine that because the phrase for our
times "Will Be" embeds the initials of W. Bush, that somehow he is
really in charge of all this -whether as the "good guy" in the view of
the Religious Right, or as the "bad guy"-. Havent' they figured out
a little thing called "Time Markers"...?

These 'leaders', these 'elite politicians', are merely RITUAL NAMES
thrown out unto the canvas of social Linguistics, to "Mark" a Time or
an Agenda; in reality they are nothing but talking heads, intended for
you to obsess about them, the more you obsess the larger their mark
or IMPRINT on the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS of the species.

Often times, the families on top have changed their names or chosen
names to try and "match" these very encoded prophecy scripts; it is
all SCRIPTS in the end, scripts for a "reality-in-transition", the
Grand Illusion of "living" the "material" 3D realm, which is nearing
its end-cycle in its present form.

The Religious Right has dominated the discussion about the Book of
Revelation codes, pretty much in the same way the Flat-Earthers
dominated the spiritual/political discussion in the Medieval Ages.
They imbue it with a sense of self-righteousness bordering on the
demented, a fundamentalist approach to Scripture, and a legalistic
way of conceiving "Salvation", that plays right into the hands of the
current Menace, the agenda to "Stop & Contain" the true Ascension
Process, which is both an enlightment and an evolution.

It does not matter at all whether you are religious or not, whether
you are a christian or a free-thinker or free-spirit spiritual type,
the events and agendas inherent to the Revelation Codes, affect
all of us all the same, irrelevant of such. And every day it becomes
clearer that these Codes have been followed to the letter, and its
agendas being implemented. Therefore what matters is simply