Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pornography is WARFARE

Anyone that hasn't realized that Sex happens in the BRAIN
and our bodies are just virtual "PODS" that act as "sensor
terminals" for the Body-Computer, lacks Introspection and
is in need of some refinement. In India -due to poverty and
lack of food-, plump women proudly exhibiting their 'rolls'
were considered desirable, a proof of their purchasing power.
Thus "sex attraction" is but a complex neural web of implicit
meanings, where... sex... is not really sex. It is mostly the
prime carrier of EGO linguistics; the bigger your addiction to
Ego, the more riddled with "Win" meanings Sex will become.
So Sex starts as a way of calling ATTENTION to yourself, and
some push this to pathological levels. But pretty soon it will
end up being a powerful and addictive "Way of Proving you're
a Winner". Most women are still locked in the Jungle-Program
of seeking the "Best-Genes" for the offspring, which of course
is a certifiable way of BEATING THE COMPETITION. In the
Law of the Jungle, Ego equals Survival; "competition" is then
just their natural way of expressing this instict of preserving the
species. However when Survival isn't real anymore -as in our
present modern life-, still absurdly acting out this quest for the
best genes -as sheer Competition-, is a signal that a large
segment of the female population hasn't really evolved beyond
the appearances. A big jaw, strong shiny white teeth, a reduced
forehead, wide shoulders, muscular buttocks, tall complexion,
etc., are simply physical attributes that "MEAN" their man
has the best genes for the survival of their offspring, thus being
excited by this brute, makes these women a "Winner" in their
Brain-Linguistics of the jungle. Naturally modern translations of
these attributes have long-time kicked in, as in big bank account,
big shiny car, big house, fame, et al. You'll notice I haven't
mentioned the size of the Penis, underpinning of all of the above.
Some women rationalize the obsession with all of the above
-epitomized in a ridiculously large Penis-, by thinking that it is
the penis size what determines their sex intercourse pleasure;
this is patently false, has 100% to do with "Fantasy Excitement".
Women will say things like: "only a really large penis can truly
rub my G-spot at the same time it rubs my clitoris, providing
me with a double Clitoris/Vagina orgasm". But these imaginary
rationales are plain hubris, to cover up the fact that they lack
in the fantasy/imagination department, and they are actually
more attached to brute jungle survival linguistics, than males.
And the more females try to cover up this fact, the more it
becomes self-evident. Candles, oils, music, staging, etc., are
just cover-ups; the bottom line is, they STILL pick as "ideal"
mate the above brute type, and all the softening-image does,
is provide a better 'idea' of themselves. Another example
of this cover-up, is the unusual tendency of women to pick a
partner that resembles a famous actor; in their minds they
"think" this means the guy will have the psychological "deep"
qualities of the screen character, but in reality, they are just
sub-consciously picking a WINNER (picking a famous actor
means beating the competition). By and large therefore, of the
2 genders, women are the least conscious of the underbelly
of their Sexual-Instinct, they tend to "think" the very opposite
of what they are truly choosing, because this gives them a
better image-idea of themselves, as refined & evolved. This
sham of thinking oneself to be more advanced, even becomes
a fad amongst women, as Lesbianism just provide themselves
another form of "validation". Total nonsense; a heck of a lot
of false-lesbians (fad lesbians), are just terminally addicted
Ego-Trippers, acting a thinly disguised Men-Hate to "mean"
they are more evolved, delusionally so. The truth is of course,
that what they should really hate, is THEIR OWN PAST
patterns, of always picking the brutest males, as part of
their still active jungle mental program. A lot of women get
to realize this somehow, usually in the 50's and 60's, way past
their prime and practically into their geriatric years, so it is
a useless realization; 'too little - too late'.
Enter males. Most brute males are still locked in the WARRIOR
template. It's all about their penises, as symbol of their brute
dominance. Sophisticated classical cultures -as in Greece- thus
revered the opposite, small uncircumsized virginal penises, and
proudly exhibited them in naked statues placed conspicuously.
Large penises in that culture were considered low-class and a
proof of your low intellect, and intellect meant most in classical
greek culture. The Philosopher was The-Man, and philosopher
meant the opposite of an Ego-Tripper. However, greeks really
did enjoy the carnal pleasures, particularly sex, nevertheless
did it under the Fantasy/Imagination template of the mind.
Life was quite good in ancient Greece, thus "survival" wasn't
an obsession, civilization had tempered the requirements of
a harsh reality, through Thought and Science. The ideal sexual
partner then, was a refined soft imaginative type of male, a
philosopher, a poet, a thinker, a transcending individual. The
triumph over survival was evident in their penchant for anal
intercourse, sex was not linked to procreation/survival, and
also this type of sex required both extreme Higiene & Health,
another proud peak achievement of that civilization. So see,
"sex" always means something else; thus some greek males
took boys as their partners, signifying sex as an activity of
the mind, not linked to the procreation/survival mode. In
their heads this was not pedophilia, but a show-off of their
triumph over the law of the jungle patterns. Sex as just sheer
distraction, not attached to the "Win" ego attitudes; and sexual
excitement as derived strictly out of fantasy/imagination, not
out of Competition. It is impossible for me to relate to their sex
penchants -the boy thing is beyond me!?-, but I definitely find
their CONCEPT to be quite evolved.
The obsession with abnormally large penises in our present
days, is in this context a clear sign of Devolution. In fact, it
is clear that has transpired in males genetically growing larger
and larger penises. Compared to all previously advanced cultures
everywhere on Earth, be them the greek classical times, the
ancient indo-european arians, the tibetans, the ancient chinese,
the "native" remnants of the Atlantean civilization, etc., the
'desirable' penis size of modern occidental culture, is way larger,
unusually so. Its only match can be found in some African tribes.
If our modern culture of the West comes directly from ancient
Greece (and even the Roman Empire maintained this anti-big
penis attitude even all the way up to the Rennaissance times),
then one must ask about this patent incongruence. Our entire
system of Law and our entire Politics and out entire Science and
Philosophy and Art, comes directly from Greece, sometimes
even literally so (as in the "Republic", or "Democracy", etc.),
then one must properly ask the inevitable: how come then, in
this particular penchant for growing larger-than-life penises,
we differ so much from this cultural tradition...? Way past
the Rennaissance, it was still considered a sign of aristocracy
and well-being, to sport modest penises. When did this change
so dramatically...? The answer is: in the 20th century. This
reversal can be found starting with Prince Albert, the husband
of Queen Victoria. This Queen was a Freudian text-case; while
she married a guy with an exceedingly large penis (his taylor
had to make wonders to hide it) and peculiar sex obsessions,
she developed the "Victorian" sexual repression dogmatics.
But much earlier than that, King James I (yes, the one who
commisioned the english translation of the Bible), was a clear
case of a extremely debauched character, a homosexual who
loved orgies and had intercourse with his young lovers right
in front of people, often abruptly and out of context. We find
similar debauched attitudes in the French monarchies, we
all know that. Thus clearly it was the European Monarchies
after the Rennaisance, that began this sexual devolution into
either more debauched, or more brutish sex. Until we get
to the famous Jack the Ripper times, when the british monarchy
and aristocracy were suspect of being involved in highly
perverse sado-masochistic games (and the son of Prince Abert,
Allbert Victor Duke of Clarence, rumour has it was the leading
figure behind the Ripper cult murders). Then of course we have
the famous "Prince Albert piercing" of the penis, etc.
And we all know how perverse pedophilia -the abusive and
highly traumatic kind- made a monumental comeback in the
20th century, practiced widely by the world's elites in secret.
Even most religious institutions (no, not "just" the catholics...),
were used as disguised fronts for these activities, thus the
logic of the uncomfortable mixing of Education and Religious
orders of all kinds and camps. This revival of pre-classical
greek times of Perverse Sex focused on abuse and a penchant
for abormaly large penises, explains most of what followed. In
pre-classical times, a lot of humanity was involved to the hilt
in massive child sexual traumatic abuse and even child ritual
human sacrifice; this is what is called "The Old Time Religion"
as its core. This is the BACKGROUND GENETIC MEMORY
behind all brute-sex patterns. Satanic elites know this, and they
have deliberatley played this genetic memory card, reviving
both the WARRIOR and the ABUSER, into the 20th century
orgy of giant wars and systematic pornographic industry.
Pornography of course was but an expected Reaction to the
completely unnatural ways set by the Victorian Era, thus
one must also suspect a quite deliberate agenda towards this
expected reaction, on the part of the Queen Victoria elite.
Setting up one extreme to then naturally bounce back to the
other extreme, is Modus-Operandi de rigeur by the elites.
They have systematicaly done such a zillion times. But one
must then realize that the obsession with abnormally large
penises and brutish abussive type of sex, is a TRIGGER of
Extant Genetic Memory of the Human Race; by re-awakening
the brute abuser, they are also awakening the Warrior, because
both are one and the same. In this way, obsessions with larger
and larger penises and brute sex, goes hand in hand with the
mindset behind War and Conquest. Comedian George Carlin
exempified this in his observation of the Neuro-Linguistics
behind the war "totemic" apparatus: missiles and cannons
resemble penises, and Carlin went on to suggest war is but
nothing more than a psycho-sexual extrapolation of "My-Penis-
Is-Larger-Than-Yours". Quite sickly (and laughably) so.
Then society is caught in a sham game of "Peace vs. War",
where the result is rigged. Just like another induced polarity
of "Puritanism vs. Pornography" plays also as a perfect rigged
game; pornography always wins, and Puritanism merely raises
its value, it simply INCREASES THE EXCITEMENT implicit
in pornograhy. We have all been setup to need pornography as
a predictable release from the Victorian Era of rigidly imposed
unnatural and impossble to sustain repression of things sexual.
In this way, the opposite effect of desiring extremely large
penises and to wage permanent Wars of Conquest all over again
as a "normal" state of things, were inextricably tied up. The same
rigged extreme setup was imposed over Germany for instance,
when after WWI impossible-to-meet payment conditions were
setup for the loser germans, and this in turn predictably led to
massive poverty and unsustainable economic strife, out of
which "Hitler" was created (which some rumours say was none
other than the supposedly "dead in 1891" Prince Albert Victor).
Pornography in this context, is an act of Imperial dominance. It
is ot only allowed, but paid-for and promoted from very high,
because it psycho-sexually establishes a typical "Win" image of
"My-Penis-Is-Always-Larger-Than-You". Neuro-Linguistics
of Conquest, applied from the sexual point of view. So showing
off exceedingly large penises and brute sex, is a way of saying
to others, that we "win" and "dominate" the competition.

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