Monday, June 16, 2008

"In 2050, your lover may be a ROBOT"

'"I am talking about loving relationships about 40 years
from now," David Levy, author of the book "Love + sex
with robots", told AFP at an international conference held
last week at the University of Maastricht in the south-
east of the country". "... When there are robots that have
also emotions, personality, consciousness. They can talk to
you, they can make you laugh. They can ... say they love
you just like a human would say 'I love you', and say it as
though they mean it ... Robots as sex toys should already
be on the market within five years, predicted Levy, "a sort
of an upgrade of the sex dolls on sale now".'
You mean, the commercial phase, yep? I thought
the beta phase was here long time ago...
A tiny few men do, such as the late Tim Russert. I mean,
Smiling-While-Talking. And yes, women that do perform
this excrutiating trick, display an IQ as low as the late TR.
Russert moved his head all the time as well, emphasizing
each and every sentence; women tv anchors, move their
heads to the left and right, robotically emphasizing words.
Smiling-While-Talking is actually a 'MUST REQUISITE'
for hiring women in television. But it is clearly not for men
(well, let's keep Tom Cruise out of the discussion). Why is
that, one may ask...? Besides being ridiculously dressed in
pompous 1950's "Stepford garb", why do women have to
obsessively exhibit this perpetual smile on their thick-
layered cosmetic covered faces? Let's forward the riddle
to any decently succesful Don Juan; these types have told
me that being Don Juan may be lots easier than thought,
however expect to arrive home with a severe jaw-pain.
Becase Don Juanism involves the pre-requisite trick of...
-you guessed...!?-... being able to Smile-While-Talking,
all the time smile smile, smile and more smile, smile 'til
you drop (or your pants drop, that is). Fact is, unless you
sport a perpetual smile on your face, women won't give
you the hour of the day. Women MUST see smiles over
every face, otherwise they cringe; you might me be a
serial killer otherwise, or just "men", you now. So, the
tv psychologists determined that if women MUST see a
smile on every face, tv should provide that need; since
women have been practicing this art "as needed", and
smiling to all guys they try to seduce (under the wrong
impression that males -like them-, need to see a smile.
-Hint; guys are focused on other goods...-), it is easy
for the tv industry to find the proper female applicants.
Thus every tv female host indeed, smiles while talking.
We should nickname them all: "Smilingly".

We could comfortably and safely exit the post here, 'less
of course... one ask the follow-up crucial question: WHY
is it that women MUST to see a smile on every face, to
develop a sense of Empathy and Emotional connection?
Aftrer all, smiles are dead easy to fake, like all Don Juan's
in the world do. I betcha out of 4 people smiling at ya, 2
are faking it. This chance increases if it's a female the one
doing the smiling. Like that famous George Strait song:
"...And she leaves you with a SSCHMILE...".

Thing is, a fixed hypnotic Stare coupled with a super extra
snowy porcelain unnaturally white teeth Smile, will open
any female legs in the planet, guaranteed...! Black guys
keep their teeth beyond-perfection and display them non
stop, always in the open; cause they wanna get laid really
bad, and they do know what does the trick. Any internet
dating male who sticks a pic of him without a shiny white
broad smile in his profile, is a moron. Hasn't learned zip.
And conversely, even a moron that posts a white smiling
photo in his profile, will be shuffling dates -and scoring-
in no time. So shiny white smiles are women's Blind-Spot;
that's how all Psychos have carved their way into females,
by smiling incessantly. A succesful Psycho without a dead
-good smile, is like a rock 'n roller without guitar/drums/
mike, useless. If you add a bunch of goofy bland pep talk
about nothing at all, it REALLY helps; that's women's 2nd
Blind-Spot, guys that talk crap. Throw in a flashy car and
the ability to make some payments, like pay the tab and
some good ole wine-and-dine schtick, and you're on your
very own way of becoming that mythic Don Juan. It is not
definitely necessary for you to dress cool, that's optional,
it 'facilitates' but not 'close' the deal; the smile/loose talk
WILL. It "eases" women's stress of inhabiting this planet.
They might get hysterically tense if the female tv anchor
-which is one of them!-, might be unable to smile all the
time; this reminds them, that living on earth is one heck
of a stressful menstruation and pregnancy horror. Baby-
sitting a woman between Birth &d Death on planet earth
is a piece of cake; all you need to do is smile to comfort
her, utter some vague casual words about nothing that'll
force the conversation into a "theme", keep it in the really
simple "nothing" topic -interpersed with plenty of laughs-,
take her out shopping in a car of a level she "deserves",
show up in front of her female acquaintances pretending
you're a GENERIC robot with a "Winner" carved in the
forehead (like: "Manager", "Engineer", etc. -while keep
to yourself the fact that you feel a loser) try to pay for
as many tings in life you possibly pay for her (and never
ever during a fight suggest this is disguised prosttution),
and who knows, she might actually get to really forget
she's under a most tragic spell of tension and stress for
living on earth, and dude maybe tonight you'll get lucky.
Oh.., and don't forget to replace your teeth as you get old,
they will need to be extra super unnaturally shiny white
forever, and bro, buy some painkillers for your jaw after
all that fake smiling that you'll be required to constantly do.

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