Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Technicalities lead to more Technicalities -i.e KARMA-
Many contend that if Obama did away with the Democratic Party's longtime incumbents
in Chicago in '96, using technicalities in the form/number of signatures pre
required for an election -thus he was the only one left in the ballot-, then
the really big technicality of him being a presidential candidate when the law stipulates that only a natural-born american citizen can do so (as to the proof
of his birth certificate), appears to confirm that you reap what you sow. Hadn't
he done the deed in '96, no one would dwell on this technicality now. A lot of
times bad things happen to us, and we all but curse. Yet we seldom REMEMBER about
the equally bad things we did to others. Our Memory too often presses the Erase
button, throwing into the Trash Bin all inconvenient past deeds. There is no "us"
and "them", Time is an ilussion and "events" apparently separated in "Time",
are merely the SAME, and that is what Karma truly is, the contemplation of
the Oneness. What we do to others, we only do to ourselves. It is self-evident
that this awarenes of the "Oneness" (All-Is-One) is the only real and true
"Unity", and when politicians talk "unite", they just blabber.

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