Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When Joe Doe ain't Joe Doe

It would greatly help the understanding of this article, if you watch the films:
-"The Boys from Brazil" (1978, Gregory Peck)
-"Bicentennial Man" (1999 - Robin Williams)
-"The Impostor" (2001, Gary Sinise)
-"The Stepford Wives" (2004, Nicole Kidman)
-"The Island" (2005, Ewan McGregor)
-"Moon" (2009, Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey)
-"Surrogates" (2009, Bruce Willis)
What you are about to read here, is the Biggest-Secret (not so secret anymore, judging from the mainstream Hollywood movies listed above, and more), regarding the background to Religion & Monarchies, in what respects to the "Origin of Mankind" and the implications it has upon the way different human groups wage war & genocide amongst others. See, I could beat around the bush , but I won't and I'll go directly head on to the issue, without diplomacies and linguistic contorsions.

What we know as the Book of Genesis in the Bible -thus the previous extant sources it was derived from- (in other words the hidden background to all 3 Judaism/Islam/Christianity, at the very least these 3), contains the in-your-face teaching that WOMEN WERE CLONED FROM THE BONE MARROW OF MEN, from the bone marrow of the "Rib of Adam" in specific, as it is stated. This why the name is a fractal of such:

"MARY" ~~~ "MARRY" ~~~ "MARROW"

If you are fully unaware of the implicit science of Cloning, let me refresh your ignorance; what is termed "Stem Cell Research" is just a sub-chapter of Cloning, let's call it "partial cloning" or the Cloning of Parts of the body as opposed to the "full body cloning". Obviously, the differences between both even if important in ethical terms, as far as the science is concerned are marginal.


Excessive attention (due to political agendas of suppression of stem cell science) is given to just the "Embryonic Cells", whereas the MSC's of bone marrow can multiply a million-fold while still retaining the ability to differentiate. Evidently it is a lot more politically expedient to cry wolf about using human embryos than using bone marrow...

If you've cared to read any of my previous articles in this blog, you have amply read that the 3 main Monotheistic Religions of Judaism/Islam/Christianity (at the very least these 3, I repeat), directly derive from ancient Egypt in Africa, as a continuation of earlier Sumerian/Babylonian myths, and a blend of other sources (such as Mithraism for ex in Christianity, etc) including the "Phoenician", etc. But I've amply stated before that all these sources were nothing more than extant pieces of previous more advanced civilizations of an inter-planetary scale (or even inter-stellar scale sometimes), that possessed more advanced science than ours presently.

Therefore the exact same background to all these 3 main religions, exist all the same in many cultures and indigenous groups be it in Africa itself, or the East, etc. If you've done but the most basic research into the secret traditions of shamanic knowledge in Africa (for ex the Zulu, etc), you would know that references (even full stories) to what we call Cloning or "Organic Robots" abound there. To "just" single out these 3 main religions then, would be a tragic mistake. This is why in Africa itself for ex, we find even a more widespread and virulent tradition of Genocide amongst tribes, because the same exact background feeds all these all the same.

Now to continue the specific Bible analysis, in turn it is also taught that Men were cloned from the "Sons of God"(or "the gods"), even though the how this was done is not specified as in the case of Women; it is simply stated that MAN was created in the IMAGE of the Sons of God or "the gods". Of course Image here means Cloning, unless you are of a superstitious "animistic" state of mind, in the sense that these "gods" would actually take some dust or clay, mold into the organs and breathe a Soul and/or spirit into this sculpture, animating it. Yet this was by & large the way until very recently, all understood the Creation of Man; and believe it or not, sizable segments of the population 's-t-i-l-l' have this literalist or animistic view...!? (which is a testament to how some folks just plain refuse to grow up and pretend to remain a child forever, for all consciousness purposes still in the Medieval Ages asylum-style psychology).

I will have to repeat once again here (already demonstrated before in some
articles of this blog) -as it is common knowledge in true theology studies-, that the name "ALHYM" of "God" in the Book of Genesis (often transliterated as "Elohim"), is a PLURAL denoting not just one single "God" but clearly denoting "gods"; Genesis is clear in often calling these also "Sons of God", and in this sense it irrefutably denotes more advanced beings, not the "single deity". This is an incredibly crucial distinction in more than just the elemental sense, because in the far past what we now in-generic call "GNOSTICISM", was back then a big stream of thought quite popular and widespread; this "Gnostic" stream taught that the current physical universe and Earth and often mankind, are not the "Original Creation" of "God", but Counterfeit-Creations or altered copies of it, in the way for ex you would take a blueprint and alter it to your liking and whim. This stream of thought survives to this day -albeit in a tiny minority, as all "Gnostics" were exterminated by Genocide, the last of them found openly organized in the Medieval Ages-.

In what respects to our issue of "Origin of Mankind" here, then these views obviously imply the process of CLONING, that goes without saying -unless you are really thick in the head-; and they imply that Human Cloning is how the human side of the Counterfeit-Creation was produced. An issue as incredibly sensitive as this, you would naturally expect to be absolutely suppressed and right out taken out of every public discussion of theology or official science. So you just have to go to good ole Hollywood to see it given to you 'on-the-sly', by some people interested in your awakening (and they started as early as 1978 with the Gregory Peck film).

Now these -let's still call them "Gnostic" for lack of an accepted term- views involve the notion that SOME of Humanity is more akin to the "original" Template, while MOST of Humanity is a direct offspring of the Counterfeit-Cloning. This article is not a manifesto for these views, it simply (like this blog) explores the road-less-traveled in search for hidden keys & clues that pertain to a higher more evolved Consciousness & Knowledge/Wisdom, because evidently the current mode of Consciousness and the official Science & Theology, are clearly bogus & devolved.

So it stands as self-evident once you realize the in-your-face implication that the main religions secretly teach that Women were Cloned off the bone marrow of the rib of Men, that this is the real reason why they oppress Women...! This is what is behind the medieval Inquisition text of the "Malleus Maleficarum" in respect to Women; essential to the Inquisition is the fact that it was created as an after-effect Syncretism of the previous Muslim domination & conquest of those areas of Spain, as the Inquistion was an "islamicized" form of Christianity, now inflamed with the fundamentalist fanaticism & adherence to "literalist jurisprudence" of Islam, and its fatwas & jihads. This is how the Veil in women entered Christianism (as in the nuns, etc) as a 'light' version of the full islamic Veil on the face, while the nun's robe an almost identical version of the islamic female dress to cover the "shame" of women. The "Malleus Maleficarum" and the persecution of witches, were merely islamic derived revivals within european Christianity, in its treatment of Women. But Islam shares an identical harsh view towards other "Genders & Races" as the hebrews, that is not produced by a semitic common ancestry, but from a BELIEF in certain information or disinformation regarding the origins of Genders & Races -a part of which I disclosed, in terms of the Cloning of Women from the bone marrow of Men-. To call anybody exposing or questioning the basis for these attitudes that greatly have affected many millions of people through either Slavery or Genocide simply "anti-semites", is an insult to common sense.
This quick-monicker is merely the modus-operandi by which confronting the hidden secret beliefs is systematically avoided, for fear of being... incorrect...!?

Now once again read me carefully here; I am NOT saying that what the Book of Genesis states regarding Women as "Altered Clones" of Men is necessarily false... or... true !? I am not stating neither way here, this NOT the subject of the article, which is to expose the hidden background that led to the formation of these religions and the way they operate By-Decree because they "secretly-have-a-knowledge-about-the-nature-of-some". The revelation here is that ONCE YOU KNOW THEIR SECRET HIDDEN TEACHING, THEN YOU UNDERSTAND HOW THEY OPERATE IN THEIR OPPRESSIVE AND GENOCIDAL AGENDAS.

You then find an identical secret hidden knowledge at the foundation of Monarchies all over the globe, as endowed with a "divine superior" or "original template" Bloodline, which is expanded to a point in Aristocracy. Thus the secret hidden knowledge of the "Altered Cloning" of vast segments of the Human population, belies the public facade of "all humans as sons of God" and so forth, this just a mantra for public consumption in religion. Once again careful here, as I am NOT stating a pro or against stance in this regard, I am wary of BOTH the manipulations of either the politically-correct lies, as well as the supremacist lies. Very wary of them both, indeed... And do keep in mind that 'all over the globe' here means actually that; there are identical monarchies amongst the blacks in Africa as amongst the white in Europe for ex, as a matter of fact black slavery has historically been a much wider subject than the way it is portrayed by the media, as the black monarchies of Africa were the business partners of the jewish networks and the Venetian banksters & seamen that operated this slave trade, as well as it is true that the black africans were ostensibly enslaved by the Arab Muslim as well, for a very long time (considerably longer than the last era of slave trade into the AMERICAS, the Jewish & Arab trade of black slaves spans at the very least 2000 years back...!).

So you see, the real truth is that all 3 religions and their implicit races participated in all this way beyond simply the subchapters of bringing black slaves to the Americas, because the Theological Justifications for such stem all the way form the formation of these 3 religions in Egypt, yet just as clearly it is quite obvious that of all 3 of them Christianity is the least offender, and the one that historically ABOLISHED SLAVERY ALL OVER THE GLOBE...! Yet it is ridiculous then,, that "only" the White man & Christianity are commonly portrayed as being the "sole" practitioners of Slavery, while hiding the also crucial fact that the black African monarchies themselves were key allies in all of it. And it all falls back to the same identical paradigm, of the "original superior" and the "offspring of the clones" of far antiquity, to validate all of it as perfectly legal and fine, either from a religious or a monarchic perspective ***(for a thorough confirmation of these claims, just go to YouTube or the Internet in general, and you'll find plenty of great videos and books, and expositions on this by prominent black american researchers, not necessary even to list any links here, as it is by now all very well proven by the black descendants of slaves themselves, and/or lately by white american researchers, all of which is also directly verifiable in the very jewish history books themselves for ex -written by jewish historians, that is-).

You don't need a PhD in Theology to know that in the Jewish/Zionist world view, there are 3 basic types of Humans: Humans per-se, the "Goyim" (as the lower cloned humans), and the "Golem" (as the organic robots).

This is the real & actual background context upon which the zionist/jew wars and worldview feed from; thus they don't see it as "evil" or "unethical" to Genocide others whom they define as either "Goyim" or the "Golem". Just like the Muslim are promised 7 virgins that stay forever & perpetually virgin in paradise, as a reward for dying when Genociding the "infidels". Just like the Christians were promised powerful Indulgences of their sins when dying fighting the Crusades.

Until you understand this, you'll never get to realize how deeply the theological context imprints its foot upon the world and what goes on. The main problem of course, is that this background is never spoken of, never actually discussed and challenged, and thus no change ever takes place. To the zionist/jew genociding the Goyim/Golem is fine; to the muslim genociding the "Infidel" is a mandate (secretly the infidel is regarded as the offspring of the clones), to the christian genociding these is fine as they are considered secretly to be the offspring of the clones. If you doubt any of this, consider the fact that amongst the muslim initiates, they hold that the "White Man" was "artificially engineered" (i.e. cloned) about 6ooo years in the ISLAND OF PATMOS ! Just by 'coincidence' the same Island of Patmos turns out to be the supposed place where the Book of Revelation was written; evidently something happened at Patmos in the sense something happened at the entire MINOS and CRETE area in far antiquity (of which Patmos Island is one of the many islands there), and if you ever read "The Island of Dr Moreau" you are aware genetic experiments work best when isolated on tiny islands.

The point being, that whereas any of these stories have any inkling of truth is irrelevant, since lies are always a distortion of some truth, and something lurks for real behind the entire subject and all its ramifications, and more importantly that there is an elite at the apex of all religions, that KNOWS STUFF YOU DON'T and secretly do according to this secret info. What they know are scattered fragmentary pieces of a "maze" of lost science & knowledge from previous more advanced civilizations, and they use this secret knowledge as distorted as it may have been transmitted through millennia by various secret priesthoods with specific agendas, to "justify" ethnic cleansing policies based on Supremacy of certain races. We can simplify the complex web of these events as the awareness that something akin to a secret "Atlantean Priesthood" survived, feeding not only ancient Egypt, but the religions that came out of Egypt in the form of the monotheistic religions we know today. And practically all agendas of war & genocide are a direct consequence of this secret background regarding ancient Cloning...! Even outside of the realm of these religions, as in black Africa itself, or even up to the nazis, I mean; same secret sources, just different takes on it.

Because you see, let's here just flat out assume that the "Gnostic" claim of a vast majority of Humanity as basically offspring of the "Altered Clones" is true, IT DOES NOT FOLLOW THAT THOSE WHO DO CLAIM TO BE OF THE "DIVINE" OR "MORE ORIGINAL" TEMPLATE BLOODLINE... ARE IN FACT... ANY DIFFERENT THAN THE OTHERS...!!!! In other words, just because you externally evidence what we could term a more developed or perfected DNA, this is no proof at all that internally you are "better-ensouled". The Proof Is In The Pudding, which is to say the proof is in THE VIRTUES -real evolved intelligence, not just mental gymnastics, real empathy not just feel-good pretend, real wisdom not just blind adherence to fixed bogus religions, real love not just the love of all that's mine, real creative & inventive abilities not just phony copycat traits, real evolution not just a cartoon 'civility' showoff, etc-.

In this sense, we get to extrapolate that those who have claimed to be this minority of akin to be closest to the more original template of divine Humanity, could precisely be just phonies or psychopaths bent on pretending to be such; this is what the expression "The inmates Have Taken Over the Asylum" is most often meant to convey in these days, the awareness of this key fact. Could it be that perhaps the "Gnostics" were right and indeed there are 2 different Humanities intertwined in nature, but that the Ensoulment of Higher Spirits on this plane incarnating within these Humanities while still occurring more in some DNA's, would still occur ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS...?

So that no each-bloodline or DNA templates would assure nothing in this respect...? See, we have been pummeled with the opposing view since most ancient antiquity, that "True Ensoulment" of the higher-nature or "more original template" individuals than the offspring of the "Altered Clones" are "only" to be found in "specific highly detailed" or "pure" DNA's, when all the visible evidence points to the fact that in a general sense of main branches of ascendance & culture yes there is something to it no doubt (contrary to the opposing also bogus flip side of the coin, that all are absolutely equal), but just in a general broad sense, whereas we find the best of humans and those who have veritably advanced humanity, in many far out branches, often even in no branches at all. What was Beethoven's "bloodline"...???? What was Plato's "bloodline"...???? They had a bloodline alright, and they were not really 'nobodies' in this respect, but not even close to suggesting that the aristocratic or monarchic or priesthood bloodlines were relevant at all. Yet you find this pervasive and incredibly strict attention to highly specific "pure" bloodlines in all earthly places, from India to China to Europe to Africa to what have you, it's the same story.

And if you just deny it all as just myth, you are indeed doing them a favor, and this is exactly what has happened with the current politically-correct afro-centrism gone absolutely bonkers, or latin-superiority imbecility, or arab-supremacy conceit, all new world trends to counteract the half a millennium domination of the white claim of being hot stuff, but in the end they all REINFORCE EACH OTHER'S ESSENTIAL BOGUS CLAIM. And yes in many respects whites have been truly more advanced judging from their achievements and better Live-And-Let-Live societies. It's quite obvious to most, that the current put-down-the-whites fad, is nothing more than a ruse for Worldwide Devolution, to bring it all back to the Medieval Ages once again, because under that mode the elites rule much more unimpeded or bothered. You know, quite demonstrably so, the majority of people writing these kinds of blogs or from websites of crucial alternative info, are indeed white...! They are putting down the whites because not of the whites on top, but because of the alternative whites that already figured the Big-Picture...!; then they quickly began "replacing" learned whites from the workplace to what have you, as soon as the whites began to decode the whole pie, just like the Greeks did and thus were invaded and destroyed almost immediately (while deliberately burning down the Library of Alexandria complex -which was also the main convention center of the era- as well and blaming this on the Christians, to erase the connection to any former extant Atlantean & Lemurian science, in all effect erasing the existence of the "Atlantean Priesthood" from public awareness).

So the shift is now to arab / black / latino, etc, anything but the learned educated alternative whites...!? While the Jewish continue the same age-old method of weakening all other races by whichever way they can get their minds to; in the case of the whites, this involves a systematic "Transfer-of-Guilt" towards the white people, as nearly all that is wrong in the world (including slavery) is fraudulently projected as being solely a prototypical white race product & creation, in order to weaken its sense of identity and pride. We must then believe money & banks are also a white man creation, whenn in the Medieval Ages for ex the Kings of Europe had to borrow vast sums of money from the jewish bankers to finance all wars, and these are the origins of our current banking system in operation to this day. A similar obfuscation of the role of the Muslim arab in the oil cartels is constantly at play, inducing everyone to perceive that "only" the oil cartel of the USA is the bad-guy in the energy supply monopoly; as a matter of fact, some have already exposed how currently Israel is the true manager of the Middle-East oil operations that feed a large part of the western world, only this happens under the rug so to speak.

It's the same with the so-called "Women's Liberation" movement that was obviously created & funded & promoted by the very illuminati & Rotchschild/Rockefeller cartels, because it's merely the flip side of the opposing bogus claim that Men are fully superior forever & ever; they are now debasing Men, because it was Men amongst the whites, who figured the whole pie; and the Women's Lib as a forefront runner of the real bottom line agenda -the Lesbian Movement-, was placed in motion to destabilize Men and the family, precisely at the same moment in time when Men began to seriously research and figure things out. All these bogus views about Genders & Races "as staged out" in the lingo and mass-media notions at the public arena level, have since very ancient times used to serve as a distraction of the REAL TRUTH about Human Origins; because it is indeed very possible that in fact Women were created after Men. The real truths here, were and always will be very hard to digest; just because there is widespread amounts of obfuscation & Disinformation, doesn't mean that Disinformation does not actually contain real Information in the mix...!?

Yet the bottom-line truth of it all that is kept from you, is that everything both Evolves & Devolves; a robot also evolves or devolves, so does a real "original" higher being (i.e. the recurring "Fallen Angel" story). Therefore although some very hard truths may be true even when almost impossible to digest, this does not imply a FIXED STATIC NATURE. Any cloned species will also evolve & devolve, and that is the real truth, now isn't it...? And as soon as that cloned species or race or gender reaches a critical-mas of access to Infinite Consciousness, it
then becomes possible to be fully Ensouled, or a vessel to Incarnations of higher spirits. Yet the opposite is also even truer, that whenever a species or race or gender persists in remaining locked in its own Limited-Consciousness hubris, just role playing its instinctive programs in the psyche without ever achieving full Transcendence, then it DEVOLVES and become even more
rigid & static in the inertia of its inferior traits.

Thus there is no "fixed" theology in these regards, as there is no "fixed" DNA in these regards as there is no "fixed" nothing in these regards. Truth is an expression of your State of Evolution, a manifestation of your State of Consciousness; it will vary accordingly. Anybody giving you "fixed" and absolute unchanging "facts & decrees" is a plain liar, or a devolved moron -and most often than not, a disguised psychopath-. The universe is Quantum In/out projection, same with your Incarnating Identity. And this is by no means "Moral Relativity"; the only thing truly relative, has been the bogus nature of most of religions' & monarchies' claims as "absolute" unchanging truths.

The same devolving Cage-of-Consciousness of sorts, applies to both the bogus elite, as well as the bottom lumpen so to speak. This is why a great part of what is incorrectly labeled as "racism" is NOT so, as it is merely the desire to educate and effect a real change on these bottom-dwellers, which often blatantly refuse to morph into a Transcendent collective via indidualization, and thus become a drag on Humanity. The british borderline-psycho (or outright some might say) so imposing ways of old, is not what drives the current push to tell the lumpen to seriously grow up and educate themselves, at all. Yet it keeps on being labeled the same and called "racist", when it is a CULTURAL divide what is at play, as a psychological difference between individuals and cultures (while of course the british at the monarchy level, keep on playing the same tired old "Only-I'Give-The-Orders-Here" game, as if nothing had changed so far since their empire began to fracture and fall apart at the seams...).

But this politically-incorrect view is never spoken of, while evident to all. In a lot of respects this has been the norm with women too, who have interpreted any "pressure" on them to change their sort of medieval-mentality as an "attack on their gender", a mentality wrongly embedded in their unconscious, clinging forever to their weird and questionable ways, permanently locked in a devolved cage of either on one extreme the damsel-in-distress that needs to be supported (even unable to go to the restrooms alone in a public place...) or the femme-fatale always "Open For Business" and read to receive bid proposals, love/for/advancement tactics & all. Rarely really experiencing True Love, never quite reaching that high-frequency of detachment from the material (from "security" or "what's best for the offspring" or her "self esteem")-, and always ready for Revenge as this is the core of the "lesbianic" fad, revenge from "men".

These women nearly prove the Book of Genesis assertions, without them realizing so; in typical fashion they have been obsessively choosing the most predatory and egotistic type of men that exist on the planet -while proclaiming this as the "ideal model" to choose-, and then when the predictable outcome follows, instead of revising their medieval mindset, they blame "all" men,
instead of their poor criteria. These women are not far from being the type that Hugh Hefner defined as: "Women are sexual toys"; but of course even as a minority, there are other types of much more evolved and brilliant women, thus the generalization of a general for all "fixed" state regarding Women once again is totally bogus...! So there goes Islam's pathetic treatment of all women as such, as if all were one and stuck on the same fixed DNA state. It does not matter if Women originally were cloned from Men, although that might determine a majority, a sure minority might have seriously evolved from it...! So see, nothing is "fixed" or "static" in the universe. No need for "revenge" at all, neither...

Now for the religious fanatics, here are some Bible relevant Gematria on the subject:

The word "ONE" is code for "CLONE"

There are many reaffirmations of such in the secular media as well, famous figures are used to
carry this code to trigger the clone's dna, for ex "Jay LENO" (C-Lone ~ C-Leno). Or the "One" Dollar Bill, etc etc etc. In English Std Gematria (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):

[ CLONING = 74 = LUCIFER = 74 = JESUS ]

The real name of Columbus (COLON) was code for "CLONE"

"ADAM RIB" ~~~ ada-"MR"-ib ~~~ "MR" is "13:18" as in "Rev 13:18" (666)


The RIB also denotes the bone enclosure of the Heart, implying that Women might have been created to be sentimental company to men.

In this sense, the Order of the Skull & Bones means that the Skull is the MAN that thinks by himself, while the BONES (limbs or ribs) are the Women that are needed for man to find a sentimental companion; Men the "head" and Women the limbs.