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There is something that since I was very young caused me a great deal of what can be termed "spiritual anxiety"; I observed from early on an increasing trend of discarding the best & the most intelligent and creative people, to be substituted for phonies and mediocre people. As young as I was, I understood already that there is something inherently wrong with this world, so I was never keen on believing the ideologues and politicians that claimed all the fault was on the other wing, or the fundamentalist religions that claimed all the fault was with the other denominations, and that by following their side everything would be just fine & dandy.

Thus I expected a reality that by definition discards the brightest, and as I coined back then: "There is a lot more to fear from (the) stupid people than from (the) evil people" -I was about 13 when I coined this personal quote-. What I meant (and was not stated in it) is that the problem lies not in this as a de-facto condition, but the real danger was in its increasing trend; I foresaw that this increase would disguise more & more in "academic credentials" (the faux official educational system) to replace all the brightest people on this planet with bland phonies, until a point would be reached whereby this planet would no longer be able to function properly as such, because it would be full to the hilt of academically certified morons. It was quite a bold and risky prediction considering my then limited contact with the world at large; but boy oh boy... was I right or was I right...!? 

*(copyright by*

Of course most of the times it feels terrible to be right about something one predicted, in my case I've predicted a lot of negative outcomes, and nearly every time I was right on the money -even to my own surprise at times-; but this has little to do with being the bird of dark omens so to speak, as it has everything to do with the world in itself becoming more and more negative  -and idiotic-. One just sees the natural outcome of such progression into oblivion, no different that a meteorologist can predict the probable path of a hurricane. For a while I was forming a music band actually called "Into Oblivion", if that helps understand what I'm talking about here.

Let's take for ex the cliche that the secret elite runs a system of  "Philosopher Kings" inspired in the hermetic Greeks; let's then properly state that the only system they are running is rather made of "Oxymoron Kings". Music wise, the marginalization of nearly ALL the most creative musicians, is clear in the knowledge that today the music industry is basically milking the cow of very old creators, nearly 35% of the industry profits from musicians 60 years or older...!? So what we have here, is an Anti-Renaissance phenomenon. 

When I look back at school or university, it is the mediocre that achieved the most (a few exceptions here and there), equally in music or the arts; all the best talented people fell by the wayside not because of some  intrinsic out-of-sync mindset in their nature, but due to a systemic and deliberate agenda of marginalization in their respect. But of course: as all conspiracy researchers will tell you, the underlying premise of any conspiracy is the dumbing down of the population, and the placement of mediocre and/or corrupt people in all places of decision and influence at all levels of the social machinery-. 

More than a decade before me in my early teens, JFK had realized the same, and proceeded to attempt a reinvigorating of the cultural and scientific establishment, as the last hope in a world sliding towards absolute stupidity and malfunctioning as the status quo; he began this task, starting with his own speeches, directly aimed at elevating the level of rampant idiocy and deceit prevalent in political discourse. So he hired the best speech writers, and worked with them to establish a "new tone", to charge political discourse with a new language based on intelligence and wisdom (this is why JFK's speeches seem like Beethoven in relation to Britney Spears so to speak, IQ wise -as compared to any speeches ever since-). 

*(JFK's "nefarious secrecy" speech/ with subtitles)*
*(JFK's "moon speech" at Rice Univ in Houston TX, with subtitles)*

Notice in last moon speech how JFK wanted to "organize and challenge the best minds"; usually the prevalent mode of interpreting JFK's assassination is to wash it all in wing-nut polarity, it was the right wingers and that's that. Yet a great many highly intelligent researchers have pointed out to a host of other reasons just as well, even much more importantly so; the then still unofficial Opus Dei has for ex been cited, as they were engaged in a secret crusade style agenda of conquering Asia (Vietnam War apparently key to this goal), the int'l bankers averting JFK's Executive Order of printing new "sovereign money" outside of the banker's loop, his decision to split apart the intelligence agency, his rebuking the zionists, etc. But we must also bear in mind JFK was not "only" an anti-fascist, but even more so an anti-communist; he seemed to have knowledge of a much larger conspiracy spanning ALL ideologies all the same; in other words he had achieved real wisdom, and was intent on sharing it with the masses. When they struck him, they did not strike the Left as most would like to believe, but they did strike all the intelligent people, and that was ultimately the real goal  -i.e. to maintain the planet in a level of stupidity and dysfunction that could easily increase to epidemic proportions-. 

It matters very little if the stupidity is coming from the Right or from the Left or from the Center, or from anywhere for that matter; all it matters to some secret elite, is that stupidity prevails everywhere  -from schools to colleges, from churches to corporations, from municipalities to government, from news media to entertainment, from bars to record labels-. That has been the real ongoing agenda. 

*(Joel Osteen on eating Pork)*

*(and with lots of money from lots of idiots)*

3rd commentary on the video says it all; this is the largest media-church in the world, with this "leader" as pastor. It is actually better than comedy itself. But is it any different as when you watch any late night TV news...? How preposterously BIZARRE the world of politics and business has become, that it can only be compared to robots talking utter nonsense. The same place Osteen utilizes, was in the past a mega concert hall where some of the brightest music of the 70's was played live (the Summit in Houston TX). I use Osteen as example, to make a contrast with JFK evidently (not to pick on him in particular, at all), Houston a common historical reference; Osteen is rewarded with lots and lots of money, JFK received a bullet. This epitomizes my prediction, that idiots-that-constantly-smile would rule and prosper, while most truly wise and intelligent people would be marginalized, if not starved, or outright killed.

However this IDIOCRACY that presently rules the world, leads to a severe collapse in psychic health; it is self-evident that the current role models of EMPTY SUITS WITH PERFECT WHITE TEETH  is even more self-imploding than excessive inbreeding; before you switch into attacking mode against whites whenever hearing the word "inbreeding", consider that this is a very serious problem in the muslim world (much more so than it ever was in some southern US communities, as the propaganda rants). Actually you can easily map genetic inbreeding's effects, just by mapping the world's IQ ratios, so yes Idiocracy has also a very real genetic long lasting devolutionary effect. And as to the totally unnatural obsession/compulsion for perfect white teeth, this can be easily explained as a Freudian Slip of sorts, the person plagued by guilt seeking to "wash" him/herself in the white color of some "shining purity" at the mouth, as if that would erase the inner spiritual decadence and impurity, the gross devolution of it all, and the gross stupidity & deceit/conceit when speaking.

*(Joseph Chiappalone's new website)*

Now if there's one figure that has spoken of the societal descent into sheer madness, it is this 90's guru known by a few names, this the real one; none like him abbreviated the issue into one single phrase "END-TIMES MADNESS". Of course he has also been denounced as a Psyop, a delusional, and what have you; but promoting or slandering this character is not the reason I bring him into the picture. See, even as a disinfo agent, he could still well be telling some truth, now couldn't he...? You can't disinform without passing some real information, that's the rule of the game in the alternative knowledge field. 

What matters to this commentary-article, is his classification of 3 types of humans: 

(1). "Theomorphic" or original creation beings incarnated as people
(2). "Robotic Consciousness" incarnated as people 
(3). "Demonic Consciousness" incarnating as people 

Chiappalone has recycled the GNOSTIC spirituality of an Original Creation that was hijacked and recycled into an alternative Counterfeit Creation, and given it some present day tone. This source goes back a very long time, into the night of history; the hermetic Greeks called this false "god" of the Counterfeit Creation a "DEMIOURGOS" or lower god-like being of inferior and some demonic slant. In the Medieval Ages the Cathars (sometimes called the Albigensians, since they had no formal organization and name) were genocided in the most abominable of manners by the Church, in order to erase any traces to the Greek wisdom in this respect -which was ample and unavoidable wisdom, inherent to their intellectual sophistication-.

That the so-called "Cathars" were in that period the most learned and intelligent people in Europe goes without saying, that is well known and not disputed; indeed by genociding them, the Renaissance was delayed a few centuries...! The Renaissance was brought forth by the revival of Greek Hermeticism (via the translation and printing of many old greek texts), and the Cathars drew on the Greeks a lot to their understanding of this 3D reality as a semi-counterfeit realm. The Church focused on the abstract charge of "Manichean Dualism" to justify their genocide, but this is to this day just a blatant ruse to avoid the discussion and elaboration of the theme of the "Demiourgos" and the hijacking of quantum realms (since 1997 known as "The Matrix" topic). 

So what it all appears to mean, is that some secret elites constantly wage a covert battle on this planet for the preservation of ignorance, stupidity, and counterfeit spirituality; the core issue of it all being the awareness that this 3D Realm "as is", may not be the original reality, THUS NOT ALL HUMANS NEITHER...!

*(2nd Goetheanum - Anthroposophical Movement-; an ascensional model of 
the human consciousness, so that Brain can link with Psyche, and Psyche 
can link with Soul, and Soul can link with Spirit -as example of the notion-,
via "Transformative Morphing", otherwise known as evolution)*

Which of course then in turn means that whatever disinfo Chiappalone was spreading, included this most crucial bit of information, that humans are divided in the 3 types described; and that this division is way more relevant, than to divide humans between races, or between earthlings and et's, or whatever other distinction. Now the Greek hermetics had worked a classification of the 4 Realms as archetypal to their "4 Elements" (in their etheric essence, not just their 3D physical decantation) in relation to the 4 human incarnation aspects, and as such for ex it has been transmitted in the Anthroposophy movement of Rudolph Steiner:

"EARTH"  ~~~   "BODY"  (brain computer)
"WATER" ~~~   "PSYCHE"  (universal mind)
"AIR"   ~~~   "SOUL"  (infinite love)
"FIRE"   ~~~   "SPIRIT"  (divine creation)

In this understanding of the 4-tier human incarnation process, not everybody gets the 4 elements; and while some already incorporate the Soul, some merely reach to the Psyche level at best. "Love" at that level merely a set of atavic or instinctual reproduction compulsions, or a 'shopping list' syndrome, or an ego-trip addiction, the quest for a trophy-mate, for achieving social recognition (family as vanity hall of genealogy), as biochemical pheromone type addiction, and all the usual mind-games of that semi-robotic state.

Thus a consciousness that is in such way of the "Earthbound" type, may often become a ROBOTIC CONSCIOUSNESS in respect to the other higher types; because each realm adopts a form of "HIVE MIND" of sorts, in the mode of a "Collective Unconscious" if you will, that rules the individual being. The difference being, that as you go from "Earth" (darkness)  to "Fire" (light), in each new higher etheric platform this Hive-Mind encroachment diminishes, and therefore the Ascension is actually a process of achieving Infinite Freedom of Will. By contrast as you go down the 4 Elements, the opposite is true, that the incarnation becomes more limited, more reduced, more caged, more ruled by the Hive-Mind syndrome. And in this clear sense, it becomes indeed "Robotic Consciousness", whereby attributes of the Spirit or of the Soul, are just pre-programmed push-button type of automatically ingrained responses.

The truth about these distinctions between incarnations in humans, has been kept secret both by the Churches (religion) and the Lodges (masonry), altogether all the same; at the upper level of each though, this knowledge is available. Now one can sympathize with the desire to avoid a nefarious utilization of these truths to enact extreme Racist agendas  -or the like-, but ultimately this is but a lame excuse for the decision to deliberately hide this from the population  (propagandizing the view that all people are "exactly" the same, same origin, same capabilities, same consciousness, etc). Of course it is considerably easier to convince everybody that "only" a few are "superior" while everyone else is the same, than admitting that there are MANY levels of consciousness at play in the human pool, in a great variety of gradations. In this sense for ex, Chiappalone's 3-types of humans classification, is a lot more complex and less prone to preposterous manipulation. But in the end, the idea is that no one is supposed to be thinking much less elaborating on any of this, because this guarantees a delusional state of mind, and a very childish persona, ideally manipulable.  And thus is the end-result of the mass-consciousness of the planet, still operating at this level, their trigger buttons being pushed practically on a daily basis. In this state, nothing can, and will ever work.

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Code "RED" attacks (AZ, Columbine, 911): Betelgeuse !



(Boulder)   DENVER   ERIC (Harris) DYLAN (Klebold)
{"Colorado" is "Red" in spanish}


For simplification purposes, I am reducing the Code RED here only to 3 linguistic instances. In the case of the Columbine shooting, I vividly remember how TV media at first reported the shootings as in the Boulder area a tad North of Littleton; in the 3 cases the final letters "ON" are related in the narrative, as we see in the names:  -Washington, Littleton, Tucson-. There are more instances of the code RED, like the then Att General Janet Reno from Florida (janet floriDa RE-NO), with the backwards "ARED" in ref to "JARED":


I mention this one because it also contains the other "ON" repeat code at the end. Besides, the current Att General is Eric H. HoldER (an in-your-face pun of Columbine shooter kid Eric Harris). But other instances I leave out for the sake of clarity.

*(a classic poster of the hip-hop band Insane Clown Posse)*
In one of Loughner's web pages, he lists this Hip-Hop band Insane Clown Posse as one of favorites, same the Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold listed as one of favorites. This data piece does not blend well with the instant labeling of these shooters as right-wing, as Hip-Hop is most definitely not right-wing music; but the code RED is there quite visibly, and this band is from  DETROIT, that also carries the code in letters. But a much more mysterious and "deep trance" code is found in the band's initials:

"I C P "   becomes   "H B O"
(moving 1-space down the alphabet)

*(another classic poster of Insane Clown Posse, known as "ICP")*

Yet the cable network officially known as "Home Box Office" who bought in 2008 the documentary on the election of Barack Obama (a propaganda piece) -subsequently played in theaters in 2009- otherwise known in short as "HBO", contains a stunning impossible to explain presidential code:

"HB"  for: "Hillary & Bill"
"B" for: "Bush"
HBO" for: "Hussein Barack Obama"

What is even more striking, is the fact that the letter "O" was designed as an ORB, which happened to be also Obama's famous campaign logo, which some people called the double-orb of Obama/Oprah. Question is: how could a small cable company (then) in the early 70's, make such a stunning prophetic prediction regarding the future presidents and in the right order of succession...? In the case of Obama, his "twinning" with the crucial help of mega-tv media figure OpraH, also spells her last letter "H", while the B includes the letter "P" as well. Or rather, where all these people pre-selected in advance a long time ago already...? (In the case of Bush, the B sideways forms the "W" as well).

*(the famous so-called "Pepsi" orb  logo, "Coke" as the republicans)*

So we now understand all these things need to be studied with a lot more attention to detail in respect to names & symbols, to find the Repeat-Patterns. For ex the Columbine and the Tucson shootings were both committed by very YOUNG people with a lot of mental health problems. When pooling together all 3 states abbreviations for the code RED events, the following forms:

[  AZ  CO  NY  =  "ZYON" + AC  ]

One has to exercise great care here, since jumping into fast conclusions is the idiot's folly; this "ZYON AC" code may seem to be suggesting a "ZYON ANTI-CHRIST" quite obvious reading. However what one may or may not wish to believe as far as guilt, is gratuitous and not validated by any evidence; in other words what I am suggesting, is that you must step back from judgements, because that is precisely the object of the hidden hand playing out these codes into the subconscious. And my previous article regarding the Inter-Dimensional Interdiction (part 1) makes a clearcut case for forces much much higher than the level of normal conspiracy.

*(typical depiction of the "Red Beast" of Rev 17:3-6)*

Thus what we have here is an attempt at intermingling the "End Times" theme with the "Messiah" theme, in order to provoke subconscious double-bind style yuxtaposition and shock (the staple of all mind control). Because when thinking about "RED" in heavy symbolism, one cannot avoid the reference to the jewish sign of the "RED HEIFER", as related to prophetic sign of the Messiah and Old Testament ritual of blood sacrifice:  

Jared Loughner posted as one of favorite books the nazi "Mein Kampf", whose pun of "Heifer" cannot be ignored; now Dylan Klebold was from a family of Lutherans officially but also Jewish in private ritual. The same double religious affiliation motif was publicly thrown into the internet's current ongoing speculation by Loughner's friend who declared Loughner's mother a jewish member of the small Synagogue that rep Gabrielle Giffords is a also a member of; this friend added that Loughner included the Mein Kamp book in his website to royally piss off his jewish mother. Later of course "clarifications" were made to expunge Loughner's mother from "any jewish" ancestry and membership to that or any other synagogue.

Problem is, that since the famous expulsion of the jewish from Spain in the year 1492 a lot of jewish went on to publicly officially subscribe to Christianism to avoid exile (known as the "Marranos"), a common practice for many in cases of widespread Anti-Semitism -most notably during Hitler's days-. A lot of jewish people is well known that they changed names and kept their ancestry and loyalty as a secret; thus ancestry searches for Loughner's parents is a research that will take a lot of time in this respect, as his friend could have been spilling the beans on his mother as a "secret jewish"; in Latin America for ex many hispanic last names are well known to having been in reality jewish, to avoid being detected (even as recently as last year, newly appointed supreme court judge Sonia Sotomayor was accused by some of being one of these secret jewish -or not so secret, actually-) .  All evolved and spiritually intelligent people know it's not where you come from (DNA wise)... but what you make of it...! And this applies both to the "for" and "against", in the case of a race; so enough of all that nonsense, and back to the real matter at hand  -the much larger issues-.

[ It does matter little in my opinion what is true or not because the main tie was created between the Jewish and the Christian messianic end-times themes, publicly so nevertheless; all the rest of it and the racial sympathies or antipathies 'de-rigueur' (as usual in these cases), are but crumbs under the table at best, or distractions at worst. And the automatic knee-jerk reaction of calling "anti-semite" anybody who just mentions the word jewish (or in this case suspecting Loughner's mother of being a secret jewish), well that is too preposterous to even bother addressing. ]

Therefore those who seek to "instantly clear" the jewish theme from this Arizona shooting -simply based on sanitized internet ancestry research-, are totally missing the point; besides, any elemental criminal investigation decidedly starts with the hearsay of close friends of the suspects. Simply to assume this friend was outrageously lying for no reason, is just as stupid as believing this testimony with no filters, altogether. Often truths go laced with lies, as any investigative police officer knows well; on the other hand, when Sarah Palin carefully chose her claim of a false jewish "BLOOD LIBEL"  against her, she was pointing the finger at the jewish in the sense that they were falling in identical false slandering, only backwards; my point is that all this WAS MEANT to transpire exactly as it did, in purpose ! IN OTHER WORDS SARAH PALIN MERELY REINFORCED THE CODE RED. What I mean here is that the theme of "Christians & Jewish" in this Arizona shooting, simply cannot be avoided or easily discarded as irrelevant, and that is the very reason I bring it to attention  -instead of getting rid of it like a hot potato-. As to the "opposition" of Palin to Obama, I long laid that to rest in this blog already (in Std English Gematria /  a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):

[  "CHANGE WE CAN"  =  84  =  OBAMA PALIN  ]
[  "BELIEVE IN"  =  83  =  BARACK SARAH  ]

Because if you care to remember, Sarah Palin herself indeed was "Lady In Red" so to speak, from the bright red lipstick to the famous red dress and the famous red shoes she ostensibly wore. Yet even more troubling than all this series of innuendos in both directions, is the fact that the recent BP OIL SPILL in the Gulf of Mexico was often not black as usual but brown/reddish, and as such was for ex analyzed by my articles, as symbolized by a RED SEA, this the main color of Pope Benedict 16 coat of arms:

So in a few previous articles I dared to ask how come years before the election of a black Barack Obama and the "red" Oil Spill, Joseph Ratzinger got it so accurately in his coat of arms...? Yet I was (for those who have read other previous articles) pointing to the CODE RED as well as in relation to 911, et al.  Once again the emphasis not in "placing instant guilt" by association of symbols, but in simply observing irrefutable linguistic synchronicities as evidence of Inter-Dimensional Interdiction. Whatever the human counterparts know and are so doing, is not the relevant part but merely the concomitant part -at worst-.

*(you see here another uniquely huge case of the famous red shoes)*


For ex in an old article I pointed out the eerie linguistic pun between the name for the new headquarters of the OPUS DEI in Manhattan NY -called the Murray Hill (Bldg) Place- and the Murrah Bldg in the 1995 Oklahoma City massacre; the new headquarters in Lexington & 34th were inaugurated on May 2001, a few months before the 911 event some blocks away. But the synchronicities ran much deeper as the streets surrounding the World Trace Center confirm the same synchronicities: you have a MURRAY ST. (in the figure below) 3 blocks north of  the WTC site, and the eastern side of the WTC site shows the intersection of the streets DEY & CHURCH...! (figure above). You also see "TRINITY Pl" at the bottom of Church St.; this in synchronicity with TRINITY Pass in Dealey Plaza where JFK was murdered; while "DEY" is evidently pun of "DE-al-EY". But on the other hand "Murrah" and "Dallas" quite obviously suggest "ALLAH". 


And to give it all an End-Times Messianic tone, the Huffington post a week after the Tucson shooting posts this "TWO  SUN" ~  "TUC  SON" pun, informing all that the  SUPER GIANT RED STAR Betelgeuse in Orion is likely to go SuperNova pretty soon now; but you already knew that the super giant red Betelgeuse in Orion as symbol of "Bethlehem" (House of Bethel) and the super giant blue star Rigel in Orion as symbol of "Religion" ("Rigelion") is what it's absolutely all about in secret symbology, as long as you had been reading this blog  -that is-:

The bottom-line is that you begin to quickly realize that the Inter-Dimensional Interdiction in this planet utilizes all religions to embed subconscious puns in the psyche, often pitting one against the other(s), and this plays out really deeply in the Collective Unconscious, in order to enact carefully crafted Mass Sacrifices that are prefigured in advance via these smaller symbolic sacrifices, like 911 and the several shootings or massacres. In this sense, the not so hidden themes are played out by loonies who enact highly contrived "theater plays" of allegorical meaning, riddled with synchronicity and linguistic puns, to the hilt. These in turn prefigure in the psyche the bottom-line theme of the End-Times Messiah and all its overtones & undertones, amen all its cosmological correspondences.

911 and the Columbine shooting happened on a Tuesday (Martes in spanish, the day of Marte the RED planet of course); the Tucson shooting happened on a Saturday symbolizing the jewish Sabbath. Columbine happened on April 20th the birthday of Adolf Hitler, and Loughner in the Tucson shooting posts Mein Kampf as one of his favorite books. Hardly a "coincidence"; it's all crafted by higher beings, using human pawns. I could go on forever with these synchronicities, but I get the impression this brief article lets you already get the idea perfectly well.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mapping the Inter-Dimensional Interdiction


In the field of conspiracy, the answer to all conspiracies is always related to the "government" or some org of that very "here & now" PUBLIC character; but this is a pea-sized conspiracy of sorts, although there are even tinier types of conspiracy that in the case of the vast majority of people assume the form of the PUBLIC "Left vs Right" delusional thinking. It's the Right, no it's the Left; we're the Good-Guy, they're the Bad-Guys, and on & on it goes, pretty retardedly so. Yes everybody is a conspiracy believer, and "small sized" conspiracy thinking is the preferred way the true powers-that-be distract humans from finding out the real deal. As all insiders tell, the old Divide-And-Conquer melodrama is played continually to keep the populace divided and pumped up in their Ego, believing themselves always to be the Good-Guy, always blaming some PUBLIC 'it', instead of actually discovering that a really good conspiracy by definition is not public, not detected and thus by definition intellectually invisible. So how clever art thou...? Do you believe the Bad-Guy is always that "country", that "political wing", that public government, that corporation, that thing you love to hate...?  While all these may indeed be quite pernicious (or even sometimes decent), definitely they are not anything resembling the really truly serious trouble of humankind.

Of course mass genocide has also been manifesting in this 3D Earth for so long it's fathomless to try to estimate, and genocide often utilizes the PUBLIC bastions to enact its horror; but is it all coming "from" these public bastions, or actually  from "somewhere else"?, is the crux-question here. War of religious/ideological or of ethnic/imperial genocide as old as mankind itself, is merely the complementary aspect of natural disasters or disease  -as far as tragic results is concerned-, and one must inquire what is really behind nature's mega blasts from time to time. Is it all just Entropy at play, is it all just the random nature of randomness itself acting out its chaos...? Whereas lately the new secret scalar technologies of weather modification and tectonic inducement are blamed for every single disaster invariably, a simple example of a say prior to WWI and WWII earthquake, would be a great pondering motif.

-(the 1906 great San Francisco earthquake)-
-Now what a royal "totalling" mess that was !-

Random events are supposed to be... random, now aren't they? Thus they should not appear connected by geometric straight lines on a map, for example. Or do they...?  You see on the Lambert style projection map below the egyptian named cities of MEMPHIS (Tennessee) and PHOENIX (Arizona) are connected by a straight line that runs through Oklahoma City (well, cities are not exact points but areas, so all "lines" in this article, are lines in the sense of the big geographical scale considered, thus kind of thick lines, depending on how much you zoom in). This slightly curved 2D projection map, can connect in straight lines what in another projection style map cannot be connected as such and viceversa, so for each type of projection style map different sets of straight lines connecting places can be found  -that in other projection style maps would not show as such-. Excuse me if I sound redundant, but in this case graphic illustrations will serve much better than my clumsy words.

 *(click to enlarge)*

In the above map you see huge events separated also by a wide expanse of time, precisely connected; so you have the great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 connected to the 2010 Haiti Earthquake (Port Au-Prince) via the 2005 Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, and via the 1963 JFK assassination in Dallas, in a straight line. Simultaneously in another straight line, the iconic extreme long-going violence of Ciudad Juarez is connected to the 911 New York event of 2001 via the horrendous 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing.  Ancient Egypt, 1906, etc, all connected by symbol & geography through straight lines. Therefore you would have to believe that this "secret government" here & now was already operating with the full present cutting-edge alleged scalar technologies already at least in 1906, for any of these lines to make any sense. Or is it rather, that your perception of 3D reality models your interpretation of what goes on, you in this respect being painfully unaware of other higher forces and players of much (yes, much) bigger scope...? Or in another waye, that the secret government of conspiracy, is much far-out there than imagined, also spanning a much longer history than the present 20th & 21th century...?

*(click to enlarge)*

Above you see a typical Mercator style projection map, whereas now from (Port Au-Prince) Haiti a straight line connects the infamous 2010 BP "Deepwater Horizon" Rig Oil Spill with Oklahoma City and the 1999 Columbine School Massacre in Denver-Colorado...! Incredibly, in this projection style map the 911 New York event is connected through a straight line with the very recent January 2011 Tucson-Arizona Shooting event, through Oklahoma City...! In this map then, the veritable "O" -orb- of Oklahoma City is indeed the center of the country in more than one sense. 
In the above North Pole centered map style projection you can spot a little southeast of the Pole the island of SPITSBERGEN (under the "SVALBARD" caption, its main jurisdiction), which is the Artic Circle's largest settlement, or the most important for that matter. You will notice how ALASKA sits in its same meridian, just opposite of the Pole; next time you hear "Sarah Palin from Alaska", do think about this.

What could be so important about tiny Svalvard in Spitsbergen, that the really higher powers-that-be need to bring in a "very public marker" such as Sarah Palin into the scene, to make what point...? Above you see the Arctic Ice as it nears Spitsbergen (circled in red). Here it is crucial for you to get informed about something that is well known in some circles, that "Shakespeare" was just a coded pen-name not actually denoting a real person, but an agenda of a secretive group of rosicrucians or the sort, led by Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton in their midst, sir John Dee amongst the notables, etc., but perhaps spanning a larger historical time frame.

Shakespeare meant to "SHAKE the SPEAR"  -the spear shaped Spitsbergen, that is (as a geofractal of the Pineal gland, the pine cone)-; and as to the mythic illiterate "BARD" who we are ridiculously told was this highly sophisticated and court savvy Shakespeare, we then realize this pseudonym is merely a pun of  obviously "SVAL-BARD", see...? This is why another crucial precursor of this same agenda -an insider called Leonardo Da Vinci-, in 2 famous painting (St John, and the Last Supper) had a character emblematically & mysteriously pointing up with his finger; "up" meant above (the sky) , and literally also North. It's the North Pole and the stars, idiot...!?  The 6x6 grid Magic Square of the Sun ceiling above the Last Supper scene he painted, represents also the celestial grid map, the relationship between the geographical grid map and the star map.

*(click to enlarge)*

This Spitsbergen archipelago of islands is a hotbed of stations be them Norwegian, Russian, etc, thus the many names and confusing jurisdictions; "SVALBARD" is the Norwegian name, pertaining to the Longyearbyen domain. This name in itself should instantly trigger your curiosity, because there is one & only "LONG YEAR" we all know about: the famous Platonic Year or Great Precession Cycle of aprox 26 thousand years, measured as the Pole cyclical wandering in relation to the stars. Please don't be lethargic, and also do notice how the big island to the right goes by the name of "EDGE", a name eerily chosen by the  single guitarrist of the oh so universally famous band U2 (so called "The Edge"). Is the name "U2" actually a secret pun of "U-Turn", in the sense that the Poles will go through a shift or flip...?

The link lets you know that Michelangelo's (who of course lived at the same time of Leonardo Da Vinci) so famous "Finger Of God" touching Adam in this Sistine Chapel theme painting of Genesis, must be understood as God being "above" (POINTING DOWN ~ as in Spitsbergen ~ as in North Pole), whereas Adam symbolizing the NEW MAN of the NEW CREATION (to come, not a past version, not our past history but the future, catch my drift...?) as being "below" (POINTING UP ~ as in Leonardo's paintings).  The "Lower New man" touch fingers with the "Upper God", the fingers in this case symbolizing the POLES, or rather the "Axis Mundi".  This is esoteric imaging for a Hybridization between old humanity and the "gods", to begin at the moment of the Pole Shift, on.

A Michelangelo painting that some brain specialists recently have stated was covertly a layout of the BRAIN, thus secretly conveying the message God is the Universal Mind that will take over the Brain Computer, and this will be the alchemical "New Man" ( the Alpha-Adam) of the New Creation about to unfold; or conversely to the hyper-skeptic, that the nefarious cosmic ones want a total takeover of our brain/minds. It is my impression both things and both agendas play simultaneously altogether, and every person's predisposition determines which fate or slant it will take for him, but that things are not stying "as usual", goes without saying here  -I hope that is clear enough-.

I've even heard it say that while the North Pole is just ocean that gets frozen by the season, actually the South Pole as the solid earth Antarctica continent resembles the human brain (the above map flipped left to right in relation to the Michelangelo painting), but that just goes for curiosity's sake for now  -at any rate, the action is at the Poles-. In such tune, the SVALBARD GLOBAL SEED VAULT appropriately reminds one that one is indeed, in the right track. Below you see this project built ostensibly as an Ark:

All which of course constitutes the well known (by some at least) antechamber to the emblematic "Inner Earth" theme, only lately the accent of it has shifted mostly to this Inner Earth realm as residing in the 5th Dimension and its resonant harmonic frequencies, not in our outer-earth  3D realm within our range of frequencies. Therefore the whole nazi saga of lore in this respect is a tale of misunderstandings, as this subject then (or the subsequent portrayal of which) was considered just in standard 3D reality as normal here. The following short video heavy in graphic video illustration will suffice for you to understand the issue (1st link lower def, 2nd link HD):

-the Earth magnetic grid as hyper dimensional Vortex through the Poles-

Since WWII on, the official establishment labeled all references to this topic as sheer "nazi" disinformation, and in this preposterous (actually so childish it's laughable, and shows how gullible people are) way we are still un-educated in an outdated modality of "only 3D" astronomy, that absolutely ignores all data pertinent to the AXIS-MUNDI and the Poles in relation to the Inner Planets higher dimensionality. Nevertheless patently obvious data in this respect leaks out steadily, such as "anomalous" Saturn's polar activity:

-Saturn's famous Hexagon at the Pole-
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Thus we are in a juncture or fork-in-the-road position in many ways similar to when the Inquisition and the Monarchies of the Medieval Ages maintained Europe in utter illiterate ignorance, deliberately keeping them in the dark about their knowledge of other continents, about the Earth as round and circling the sun, etc., while the elite on top knew perfectly well all these things, as they were part of the ancient Greek knowledge. 

Yes we are inundated with technological gadgets that perpetually recycle the same early 20th century technologies only in "enhanced" versions, to keep us distracted and not venturing further into the real truth about the multi-dimensional universe, since this obfuscation absolutely hides the truth about who really manipulates and controls this 3D outer-earth. All politics/business are carefully designed to keep humans overworked and without any spare time to research the real truth, constant periodical recessions and tragedies instilling stress and uncertainty to make Zero-Room for Idleness (which to the Greeks was the mother of wisdom, nonetheless...!). All doors to any decent employment bear a sign that reads "Only Specialists Allowed", thus all Renaissance-Man types able to have multiple professions at once and capable of real synthesis are invariably marginalized and swept under the rug as "useless". Already all too well known knowledge is enlarged to absurd proportions, and worshiped as idol statues were in the far past, rewarded with prizes and what have you, while any alternative serious truly cutting-edge knowledge is starved and tossed out of the wagon as a wanker's folly.

This in turn assures of course that the vast majority will still believe in the simulated and fabricated "ideological" versions of who's in control (the prevalent wing-nut mentality), today's equivalent to the Flat-Earthers of Medieval times...!  In this mindset, the population is "trapped" or "caged" in a psychic view of the universe and reality the size of a pea, a tiny bubble where their identity-mindset is easily thus conditioned to any desired end by fraudulent mass media operating at the psychology age of 8-years old (not a figure of speech, actually that's the maximum age of psychological discourse allowed on tv and politics, scientifically so) at the service of secret masters who keep this 3D Outer-Earth as a sort of cosmic Zoo for experimental purposes, little more than a living breathing DNA Library. While still some other more negative beings consider 3D Outer-Earth a predilect Kundalini Harvesting Factory (of many) -the human species in this specific case "as is" the Kundalini supplier, of course-.

-(Jupiter's magnetosphere)-

All public scientific speech in the media is dressed in strictly the "mass" aspect of 3D manifestation, always cleverly abstaining from alluding to the Electro-Magnetic aspects that would lead any inquisitive mind to venture into the VORTEX nature of reality. As soon as the "vortex" notion kicks in, the FRACTALITY of it all comes into play, and from the atom to the Dna to the human, it's all Vortex in-action manifestation. In this type of Vortex knowledge scenario, the mind understands that Kundalini energies as they wheel their way into & out from the chakras, are Vortexes that can be tampered with -for extraction harvesting evidently- (the long ranging topic of "astral attachments"). Since humanity is kept in such a strictly material ("mass" only) way of conceiving things, the notion of establishing island colonies of clones for Parts-Replacement is thought of strictly then in a purely fleshly sense, never imagining the much more real possibility of ETHERIC ENERGY Cloning cosmic colonies for just Kundalini Harvesting that by Dna design matches the "breeds" of choice , to replenish the lost or seriously devolving Kundalini Dna energies of beings in parallel dimensions (or worse, in interstices between dimensions, where the real etheric vampires dwell, totally devoid of energy)  -3D Outer Earth as one of such possible dimensional "island" colonies-.  Thus the theme of 3D Outer Earth as a living Dna Library always carries with its positive aspect of breeding ascensional bodies, the parasitic  negative aspect as outlined above. If you watch the 2 short clips of the film "The Island" below, and merely think "Etheric Kundalini Energy" in each case a fleshly body-part is referred to, you get the picture of the worse scenario possible:

So you see, always pummeling the "material mass" aspect of existence, is a way of distracting you from ever quite realizing you are a KUNDALINI ENERGY ORGANIC CONTAINER (a living Vortex); this may possibly very well be the real bottom line that is so craftily kept away from prying eyes, as long as the science is kept in terms of "physicality" with such gross obsessive emphasis on the "external" shell manifestation, then all is fine & dandy for the harvesters; yet by contrast as soon as the realization that 3D reality is a projection of Vortex Organic Energies in fractal Synchrony with the Vortex like cosmos, then a radically assessment of Human Destiny and Human Suffering is attained, that renders the old paradigms instilled systematically, obsolete.  Ideology, Religion, Intellectuality, Lifestyle, all goes out the window once the Fractal-Vortex kicks in play in the mind.

In a Vortex "OUTER" coexists with "INNER" in a dimensional MORPHING contorsion-continuum; than if this is the vortex energy modality of the fractal universes, this fractal repeats in every manifestation, including the Earth (the Body), the Psyche, the Soul, the Spirit that are manifested in the 4 Elements of Earth / Water / Air / Fire and their Torus-Vortex interactions.

Thus all the "visual understanding" of "reality" as we have been taught from Mom & Pop phase to PhD phase,  ceases to exist; physicality is an illusion of the projection of multi-dimensional energy Vortexes unto a subjugate lower limited dimension energy grid matrix; the moment you lack or are blind to the Higher-Dimensions 'synergystically' coexisting in everything, you become a resident of the illusion, trapped and bound by it, and as such you are instant easy PREY of any higher dimensional being (a prisoner of the matrix, if you will). You "think" your body is "detached" from the rest of the dimensions, you "think" it's "yours only", not realizing this is not so...! Just like the air you breathe travels inwards into your lungs and body and is exhaled outwards in a continuous loop and this air becomes the oxygenated bloodstream liquid heat, every other Vortex energy loop that is your "person", operates in identical manner; the etheric body, the psychic body, the soul body, the spirit body. Alchemy is actually a multi-dimensional science of projection/manifestation; moral of the story...? IF YOU DON'T MANAGE YOUR VORTEX LOOPS, SOMEONE ELSE DOES..!?

-how the Sumerians depicted the winged ET Anunnaki gods, collecting PINEAL 
GLANDS in a bucket !? This quite evidently so a symbol for Kundalini Harvesting-

-Here the Pineal Gland as depicted in the Vatican-

Many great observers tried hard to show you even graphically how your dimensional-blindness traps you into a 3D external isolated illusion of linear-aggregated style physicality, unaware of you Inner World and Etheric Vortex Kundalini at the chakras and "harvestable" in finest form at the Pineal Gland. For example the great M.C. Escher, whose initials "MC" evidently are a pun of the Einstein "Mass/Energy" formula:
-(M.C. Escher: 1898-1972)-

Totally oblivious to what he was trying to communicate, you just thought these were clever funny illustrations to hang on the wall; never did it cross you mind that he was conveying the science of RECURSIVE VORTEX LOOPS to you, the ever absent-minded human on planet earth. Escher was vividly -as vividly as it gets, and as easily perceivable as it gets- telling you that your perception and idea of 3D physical existence is NOT SO, that it is an illusory and an impossible projection, maintained as such by a condition of psychic and intellectual blindness to the multi-dimensional nature of the universes. Everything is in everything, Escher was shouting at you;, everything is a fractal vortex loop of either infinitely smaller and infinitely bigger identical fractal vortex loops. A "house" is the "body" is the "city" is the "country" is the "atom" is the "cell" is the "planet" is the "solar system" is the "galaxy", ad infinitum Inwards/Outwards. Nothing is random or scattered, it only appears so in an illusory blind 3D modality of perception, where the geometries have been "flattened out" so to speak, into AGGREGATE PARTICULATE CONSCIOUSNESS, the lowest mode of awareness, that perceives Vortex Spiral Waves as "only matter".

 -the 3D outer world Solar System is a Vortex, and thus a fractal of the Dna Vortex-
-the 3D outer Sun travels the Solstices & equinoxes configuring the symmetrical
Dna Vortex, which is frctalized in the 3D sperm which is frctalaized in the 

So it is clear we have an intrinsic failure to our brain software 'as is" in the current paradigm of humanity, to think and perceive the relationships between Circle & Straight Line (Square), because we have been un-educated in a strictly linear aggregative particulate consciousness mode, without training in Fractality. Everything that evidently connects all material phenomena "from the inside out" is in this state of mind regarded as "magic" and "mysterious", some considering all this the blabbering of charlatans. In the Medieval Ages this line of awareness sentenced you to the torture chamber and the fire pit; therefore all Inter-Dimensional Interdiction remains a "blind spot" in human consciousness. 

"Awareness" is nothing else than EMPATHIC RESONANCE, and the less Resonance you pickup and transmit, the less aware you are: thus the more "caged" into a "Particulate Field" you become. Once in that modality you lose Recursiveness, the capacity of the Vortex to feedback continually unto itself. Since you are not conscious of it, you work for energy sustenance; meantime your etheric Kundalini Vortex does indeed feedback recursively, BUT WHO THEN UTILIZES THIS ENERGY  -if it's not you-...? Why is there a severe ENERGY IMBALANCE in this 3D Outer-Earth, if it was not because a Suction or Harvesting energy leak process is at play...? The real possibility of a parasitic parallel reality realm feeding itself of the Torus Vortex energies of this 3D realm, comes as a scenario to be seriously studied. The Vortex Loop is cutoff and detoured, always "leaking out" the energy, why is that so...? 

-the egyptian Osiris symbol  of the Pineal Gland dual energies-
-official medical establishment's Caduceus symbol representing identical Kundalini-
-official WHO (World Health Organization) based in Switzerland logo; the olive branches represent Subjugation Through Peace instead of through direct warfare-

Our 3D outer Milky Way galaxy contains a spiral arm called the Orion Spur, which is where the Solar System, the Orion Nebula and the Orion group of stars, and the Pleiades are located; the Milky Way spins in a clockwise spiral, but in every vortex for every spin there is a counter recursive spin, so where is the "shadow galaxy" of our galaxy, that is sustaining this counterclockwise spin...? Why do we see just one of the spiral spins instead of both? Is this invisible parallel galaxy where the recursive energy of this 3D realm projection is being leaked out to...? 

Did M.C. Escher have the intuition or secret knowledge about the Vortex Torus
implosion as one invisible realm "eating" the other -energy wise-...? 

Is this the real secret meaning behind the famous ancient Ouroboros serpent symbol...?

Keep in mind that our 3D Milky Way galaxy is actually cannibalizing another galaxy which elliptic arms you see in the illustration below -called the Saggitarius Galaxy-, its spirals are embedding into our Milky Way spirals. This means that a process of "REALM MERGING" take place continually in the Milky Way, the 3D physical just a fractal aspect of an Etheric similar process, and higher up fractally/dimensionally.  

We inhabit in the 3D Outer-Cosmos the Orion-Spur arm of the Milky Way galaxy, spiraling from the black/white hole at the center; but this Orion-Spur spiral arm that our Solar System belongs to, is in itself just like everything else... a Vortex Spiral. This is how an atom is a solar system is a galaxy etc etc etc. All these are merely fractal resonant manifestations of the same exact "Vortex & Pulse" operation, only appearing as if "located" in Space-Time in different "places" and under different "forms". Since the Saggitarius Galaxy is being cannibalized by ours, this presents a conundrum of "Realm Border Crossing" AT EACH AND EVERY SINGLE STAGE OF WHAT WE CONCEIVE AS "REALITY". In Quantum Physics these are the borders of realms defined by "Membranes" an such; a collision or merging of different quantum realms defines a "reality" based on precisely this ALCHEMY as "Merging/Morphing". 

Since we are un-educated deliberately to think and perceive everything in therms of sheer particulate matter as an aggregative isolated illusory manifestation of "separateness" in 3D Time/Space, it was only until the atom was split that we realized the staggeringly massive amounts of ENERGY contained in matter (the hidden invisible Vortex Torus in constant infinite recursion). From this we have to necessarily conclude that such aberrantly high levels of invisibly contained energy are there FOR A REASON...! If you are not aware of them and do not use them, some other beings do...! Except they must be in a parallel mirror crafted dimension, for this process to be out of your sight and mind.

From the galaxies cannibalizing each other as the paradigm of "Realm Border Merging", you must conclude that YOU yourself are most definitely "not" a stable or fixed static thing/event/being, but at the contrary under this scenario you are a permanently Morphing and Evolving-Into-Something-Else being; this is what organized Religion and Ideology lie to you about, in a clear deliberate way; why...? Because by not being aware of the Morphing/Evolving rapid phenomena, you CEDE CONTROL OF THIS TO OTHER BEINGS WHO THEN RUN & DECIDE IT FOR YOU. In other words the control and shape of this merging and morphing ALCHEMY via vortex energies is for the benefit of other beings since you are not a part of it in your awaken consciousness. Instead you are given a highly slanted version of your "person" as a "final" product, that only needs some will-testing before it enters Paradise (which eerily reminds one of the tale the clones are given in the film "The Island"); and in both states  -the here and the heaven/hell duality-, you are told you remain "fixed & finished", obfuscating the fact you are the very opposite, in constant rapid morphing/evolving due to the Realm-Border-Crossing mega quantum cosmic event, within an infinite multi-dimensional fractal spiral vortex pulse.