Monday, November 15, 2010

Numbers ARE Metaphor, when they are ALIVE -Part 1-

Strange title...? Not quite. Strange to you, perhaps; by "you" here I mean someone operating only with a Left-Brain template, unable to connect & engage with the Right Brain (my excuses to the reader who actually has both brain hemispheres engaged in a synergy of information, a very tiny minority amongst the populace).

Some has been written about Left vs. Right Brain templates, along the lines of the Left Brain being the linear in linguistic terms & logic, the territorial, the this-world-as-I-perceive-it with the 5 senses, the survivalist (fight or flee), the pragmatic, etc., while the Right Brain is the one dealing with out-of-this-world perceptions, parallel realities (parallel circuit) logic, 6 senses platform, creative neural paths, but seldom it is mentioned that this is the hemisphere in charge of... METAPHOR. No Right Brain synergy; no Metaphor, period.

As it runs out, Metaphor is intrinsically related to EMPATHY; thus if your Right Brain template is running very low and basically your Left Brain is "what you are as you think you are", then only some Metaphor & Empathy capabilities manifest in your Consciousness, these frequently over-run by the Left Brain bulldozer type of linear-sequential "cause/effect" type of logic & perception. Thing is, what we call either to LOVE or to be a HUMAN as opposed to either an android or an animal, precisely consists in this very capacity to experience instant Empathy as an emotional fractal of Metaphor. Love is when we see others as a Metaphor or ourselves and viceversa; psychopaths and borgs cannot achieve it, locked or caged in their Left Brain tyranny of sorts, they cannot "fractalize their emotions", because the 1st. fractal operation is fractalizing what's on the Left Brain unto the Right Brain and viceversa.  

The mainstream or even alternative media's superficial and constant propaganda pummels unto us its version of Men as the brutes who cannot love, while Women are the sensitive and caring, the loving ones; however as in all propaganda, there is a hidden motive behind this blatant disinformation. All propaganda seeks to conceal something very important, while emphasizing something not so important, that's how it works as a clever Distraction & Diversion tool to confuse and detour the psyche to conform to prefabricated behaviors-by-design as behaviors-on-demand; in this case, the blatant propaganda disinformation seeks to obfuscate the sad truth that it is Women by and large who still are operating consistently at a Left Brain only template. The agenda of this obfuscation, is to make Women the LURE of Men, constantly seducing Men into conforming to this Left Brain template, via selling sex and a "reduced" version of "love". This Sex & Love business "as-is only" (seldom as-should-be or as-it's-bestand in these very narrow terms, is merely the bait to induce Men to avoid going into "full mode", into a real synergy & engagement of both Left & Right Bran synergy of consciousness. We can visualize this as if you were a guy in a boat crossing over to the Right shore to get the necessary goodies for a real life "in full" (in a Multi-Dimensional mode, that is), but you are distracted and perpetually detoured back to the Left shore by some Left-Shore-Only women. And the bait works.

Of course some Women are not part of this utter TROJANIZATION of human Male/Female symbiosis, but these are the very few, a real minority in respect to the vast majority of Women on the planet currently; this is why the physical-package in its crudest expressions, is the sole obsession in Women, as every Trojan needs a bait, a lure, a desire to open it, and enact the fateful ".EXE." deed that will kill your computer -(your Left & Right Brain Synergy, following the analogy)-. The crudest forms of the physical-package constitute easily 80% if not more of the current female psyche's consciousness on the planet, and this is so because WOMEN HAVE BEEN ENGINEERED AND PERIODICALLY REENGINEERED ("updated") TO THIS END. 

This is a very ancient bait process, and as such we see it in many old traditions thinly disguised under slanted rationales and explanations, for ex in the book of Genesis in the "Bible" there we are told that Women shall seek a husband compulsively, as an obsession; what they were really disclosing in tangential ways, is what I am stating here in this article in a much  more direct and specific manner. In Genesis this new mode of behavior manifests in Women after "The Fall", as a direct resonance to it; this conceals the secret wisdom that the "Sacred Feminine" was trojanized into the materialistic slut or whore, constantly chasing Men for a profit or an advantage, or anything along those lines, "to get something".  This spiritual degradation of the Sacred Feminine appears in the Old Testament's prophets who repeatedly use the imagery of the "Whore / Slut / Harlot / Prostitute" to imply a spiritual death of sorts, a death of the soul or the spirit, and exactly as such is further epitomized in the book of Revelation/Apocalypse, where the Harlot is seen riding the Beast, and constantly related to the "Gold Cup", which in today's terms we might understand as "Business-As-Usual", or the perennial behavior of Women in regards to love, as a mere "transaction", whereby a "Shopping List" is "fulfilled" on the part of the male "Bidder", who must "offer" this or that, so the best "candidate" -who offers more- gets the lady, the princess.

Of course Women were repressed and exploited and abused -that goes without saying-, yet failing to grasp the underlying secret wisdom pertaining the DEVOLUTION OF THE ROLES & IDENTITIES OF MEN & WOMEN after the so-called "Fall", is a lethal mistake that too many incur in. And this is the basic mistake that the current agenda seeks to perpetuate, because they are ultimately obfuscating what truly happened to humans long ago. So it comes handy and looks good, to declare yourself a supporter of Women and all that, without ever mentioning the hidden dysfunction of it all.  In the book of Revelation the secret theme is actually this very Man & Woman relationship that has been aborted and distorted; the book ends with the mythical "Wedding of the Lamb" (the lamb as the sacred male & the new jerusalem as the sacred female). It totally fits in this them, that  the "Beast" is the pathological devolved "Male" energy and male role, while the "Harlot" is the pathological devolved "Female" energy and female role. These project and manifest unto the 3D material highly dense world, into the events and institutions that resonate more to this inner devolution  -ruled & defined by exaggerated BiPolarity-.Without grasping this, you really don't know a thing about the book of Revelation; it does not matter at all to this article, whether you believe in Christianism or not, this is irrelevant to the points in question, as this exposition goes to the underlying secret esoteric streams that to some degree got filtered into the book of Revelation. Secret knowledge passing off as religion, one might say, or hidden wisdom utilizing some religious books as a carrier of "highly sensitive" information.

This secret knowledge contained some important exposes on how Women were engineered to be Trojans, and this is what is behind all the later repression and abuse of Women throughout millennia, something that is to this day oh so evident in Islam's treatment of women for ex. In other words what I am saying here, is that the loonies got hold of this secret information stemming back a really long time (related to the "Fall" events, the Devolution events), and they used it to what loonies use everything for: to abuse and dominate. We must not confuse what these loonies have done with the information, with the information itself; hereby I offer the information, not the judgements and repressions and abuses that followed, a product of also evidently very devolved Men, now debased into becoming animal like "Alpha Males", bent on PLAYING GAMES OF SUBJUGATION. 

You see, when Women enter the "Love Game", they seek attributes in Men that are emblematic of the Law of the Jungle, rather than humans per se; it is particularly troubling to witness how most Women APPLY THE LOGIC AND METHODS OF THE LEAST SPIRITUAL & EVOLVED  -THE GROSS 3D MATERIAL-TO WHAT IS THE MOST SPIRITUAL AND LESS MATERIAL -LOVE-...!? Women seek all that is "hard & solid" in a male, all that has materialized to the hilt, and become DENSE, highly and terribly dense that is. Thus they seek a hard penis, perfect teeth (when Women dreamily speak of a great smile, they are dressing up their quest for... teeth...! -and teeth are Predator Tools for eating the prey...!), strong hard muscles, a tall man, a guy who can sustain & provide for her and her offspring, a defender, a knight in shining armor, a prince or king, a famous one, a guy with material resources, a hard car and a hard house go a long way into winning a girl's heart, as any man knows; offer her a wine & dine experience as token of all the above, and pretty soon she will be making love not to you, but to the "surroundings", making actually love  to the "ambiance" or to the abstract symbols that you represent in society -all these just soft words to disguise the hard truth of her quest for DENSE & MATERIAL 3D or "Earth Bound" existence-. And all of this is inherently best found in Predator types, thus the male predator types "always" get all or most of the women.

What most women fail to realize, is that all of this is not because "of her or for her", as she would be infinitely more happy seeking a different earthly experience (as the very few women who have realized it do...!), a more spiritual & enlightened one; they fail to realize that they have been Trojanized, and are merely enacting a bait strategy, to further enslave and devolve men into a hard & dense 3D "reality", caged by it, bound by it, obsessed by it, born and died "In It/By It/For It". In other words they are actually becoming the material compulsive Harlot, in order to ride the Beast, the devolved Men brutes; they are being used to this end, but manipulators. But not to be liberated, or enlightened, or to be happy, or to achieve anything at all really; and this is the real reason why Women throughout history have done so little of importance, not because of "just" the repression against them, but mainly because of this Trojan that dominates almost their entire Psyches, and to which they are role-bound, so compulsively & obsessively defined by, as if this any of such crass behavior in what's supposed to be the most refined human vibration -Love-, could bring forth anything of true value or any real advancement, besides the appearances.

In short, they have been too busy being that Perfect-Trojan, to truly be interested in anything else at all...!? Family has been incorporated into the Trojan, as it fits in with the sexual bait, and that's it; yet as soon as the opportunity arises, they leave the family role and will engage in becoming a professional or an achiever or what have you, the family a "thing of the past", a little glitch in the psyche to be dealt with easy-formulas, such as adopting a son or daughter, usually done while pretending to be "great humanitarians" in doing so, like we sadly see in for ex the fad of Hollywood style actresses and musicians adopting black kids from Africa. They want to turn their abandoning family roles into a virtue by exaggerating their "leader" image; now having a baby is transformed into adopting a black african baby for the "benefit" of "all mankind" and such horseh*t. Identical "leave behind" easily what's important, was seen for ex in Sarah Palin -the quintessential Trojan-, who left her position of Alaska governor as soon as there was more fame elsewhere  -Alaska now just a "glitch" in her past, quick resignation, problem solved !-. It is exactly the samed behaviour we witness regarding other "previous roles" in Women, as they flippantly dump them at the 1st chance, as "minor old glitches", for the sake of emancipation or whatever flashy name they want to justify them under.  We see this preposterous balloney for ex satirized by the Onion News Network in several sketches, highly sanitized humor of course (anyone attempting a more direct approach like I am attempting here would be publicly battered by criticism of being a sick misogynist or the like):,17768/,18095/,18302/,17365/

The sketches seek to remind one of how utterly pathological some women's behavior has become, all the while pretending so desperately to appear as "great" people, so modern, so postmodern, so this so that, in what ultimately can be best labeled as one big insane cliche of a person; at the same time, they evidence how ERRATIC Women have become, switching from one thing to the next, in complete BiPolar disorder full bloom; .you look at Men, and more or less (excluding the Monarchy's courts dementia) they dress and look the same today as always, the behavior pretty much the same, men still wanting out of Women the same thing, pretty consistent throughout time. Yet in a matter of just 1 century, Women went from being "Virginal Victorian" and covered to the hilt, to behaving in public as strippers and wearing almost nothing; I don't care which is right, as the real issue is in the pathological BiPolar switches from one modality to its opposite...!, 100% erratic. Just a tad ago, they were the Good-Ole-Boys' greatest supporters, now they elected Obama. Women have become like a leaf in the wind, going from one thing to the next opposite pole in full hysteria, consistency not in the dictionary whatsoever...

While we could spend a lifetime deconstructing these pathologies in the usual "psychological/sociological" ways, little of use would follow; what this series of articles exposes, is the ARCHETYPAL BRAIN HEMISPHERE TEMPLATE DYSFUNCTION as the root of it all, or how the caging of both females and males Psyche into a fatal submission to the Left-Brain-Only innuendos, renders a human unto a near-robot and/or a borderline psychopath (or a delusional mess, at best). What has really happened, is what Philip K. Dick in his novel "Do androids dream of electric sheep?" and the "Blade Runner" film freely based on it have illustrated; that the line between "human" and "android" or "replicant" or not a fully-ensouled clone, has been blurred, dramatically so. You just can't tell one from the other, and that is the ultimate goal of the nefarious agenda that has Trojanized women, to blur that line to the point no one can effectively recognize an android or a psychopath o a clone from a real original human, because the obsessive / compulsive behaviors of androids and psychopaths, have been embedded into the Devolved Humans. By doing such, the entire human species got locked into a very low range of vibes, became totally "Earth Bound" (3D bound, gross density), and ultimately became just a piece of property no different than cattle is to us, to some et's.

Take Ludwing Van Beethoven's life; in his 20's he already wrote the moving and so advanced for his time as a minimalist piece, the so-called "Moonlight Sonata" (originally named "Almost a Fantasy", after his death a german critic commented that it reminded him of the moon reflection in Lake Lucerne, and this stuck); he wrote it for the woman he loved, and she loved him back too -however he was not a noble, so she caved in under pressure from her family & friends to reject him for this reason-. So there you have it, an obscure mediocre woman that had no greatness in her life other than being loved by none other than the greatest musician in known history !, rejecting him & this, and opting for the usual obscure and mediocre life that the majority of women seem to excel at, any speck of true virtue going out the window. Of course she did not do this for herself, she just played along a well-known role, that of a hardcore materialism which in those days was "rationalized" in the shape of a society's belief that a "desiring woman" must require only a "noble man" to marry her; imagine her after she died realizing how insanely stupid she had been...!? The sad thing is that this is by no means a rare case, but that it is rather the NORM in respect to women; always was, and still is. Thus the only thing that should have changed, women left intact; that aspect not part of the erratic behavior polar switches syndrome, when it's the the only aspect that should have been switched around for real...

Much has been written about some of the Greek philosophers' penchant for young girls -and also boys-; take for ex Socrates, who officially it is claimed was a boy's lover or the sort; I'd like to know on the other hand, how many stupid women rejected him who was one of the top philosophers in human history (Socrates the teacher of Plato, Plato then taught Aristotle), whose teachings carried via his pupils ultimately led to our entire civilization's foundations... I'd like to know before anything, how many stupid women rejected him and only after that I will devote any of my time to researching his alleged penchant for young girls and/or boys. Strong dramatic actions can have dramatic consequences you know, and as to how an intensely passionate soul as Ludwig Van came to be sober of mind & will enough to let that just terrible incident wash away without becoming afflicted by it to the point of acquiring a reactionary sexual attitude like Socrates or Van Gogh, or the so many greatest of geniuses equally rejected by women almost as a rule, is nothing short of a miracle...! Nope, Ludwing Van "took it in stride" and remained very composed, going on to love other women -later finding similar experiences of course-.

Of course when you even dare to mention such  horrible "options" on the part of women throughout history, they will instantly accuse you of having been rejected and venting your resentment in this way. Oh well, that only shows how so much worse is the syndrome I am exposing here, that firewalls itself behind these tactics whenever exposed for what it is instead of discussing the issue in itself; this is the reason so few men talk about these things, in fear of being cast as a "loser" merely venting his anger at being rejected by women. As it turns out, in my case I was the one to terminate each and every single sentimental relationship I had with women, so it clearly does not apply, while every other rejection before a relationship I converted into music, not rants.

Nope, I am here writing on the subject of "Numbers ARE Metaphor, when they are ALIVE", in case you forgot the title of this series.

The Trojan syndromes I am documenting in women, constitute the prevalent cases in which NUMBERS ARE NOT METAPHORS, AND DO NOT BECOME ALIVE...! Therefore when Numbers are dead, then they become your materialistic oppressors, your very enslavers, the ones that turn you into a Zombie and an android, a soulless clone  -when life becomes a thinly disguised Night of the Living Dead, starting right there at the mating darwinian game itself-; instead of as in Music where Numbers are the Ascension Keys, and are the perfect Metaphor that Emotion floats in to become Spirit. In these women numbers become dead, linear, devoid of true emotion, and their essence of being Metaphor, "disappears" from sight and sound and thought, torn into junk-numbers for junk-lifefood and junk-emotion zombies, just gadgets for apes playing the cliche game of surviving existence, as if humans were still in the jungle, and had not mastered some of the requirements of survival...!?

We are NOT in the jungle, and the dangers of lacking food and such wise, are not as they were in the jungle, and the offspring are not threatened like they were in the jungle; so why women keep acting like those were still the conditions...? Because the Trojan they carry consists first and foremost, of a severe form of AMNESIA, whereby they FORGOT WHO THEY ARE.  The Trojan makes women believe they "are" this thing they became, this fixture, this obsession/compulsion walking ego maniac hysterical roleplay, bent on seeing the world as a search for "Mr Perfect" -i.e the one who will be on top of the shopping list-, "love" a mere semi automatic knee jerk extant faded glitch, a sheer decoration for the chase game, a perfume for the nasty smelling bottom-line material quest. Others are a bit more honest, and don't hide this bottom-line:

Ape metamorphosis achieved. Human turned to zombie; females driving the whole shebang. Re-engineered by the illuminati, to serve as the Perfect Trojans for Perpetual Devolution. Then you have the church types; same thing, different setting ! As George Carlin used to say in his sketch: going to church to compare clothing.

No, Numbers never become alive in these strange "people", and thus Numbers never achieve their essence which is to be Metaphors, living Metaphors as the key to Life, in any dimension or level it might happen, and across the many dimensions altogether, as the vessels of MEMORY & EXPERIENCE, through the medium of Multi-Dimensional Etheric-Synchronicity

The capacity of Numbers to be Metaphors, is how Life in the Universes is able to Remember, and this is how the Learning is passed from one level or experience to the next, or from one being to another, no matter which dimension they are in; no Metaphor, no transmission, no Oneness, no Transfiguration; INFINITE INFORMATION IS STORED AS METAPHOR, THUS METAPHOR IS HOW IT IS UNLOCKED AND SHARED, and transformed from Infinite to Human, yet still retaining the Essence, the fractal Template. Numbers are Metaphors, because they are the "atoms" so to speak, of non-material life, where the ways of the higher forms of life can embed their knowledge and experience to become a Living Software a living Thought-Form, a living Emotion-Form. This is what "Spirit" is, a supreme Language of Metaphor in the Field of Love, constantly sharing and storing experience from the minuscule to the infinite.

The moment a woman goes "Material Girl" in her myriad phony disguises of the same, all this Metaphor fractal of Spirit life stops dead in its tracks; the Sacred Feminine right there and then, dies. Why...? Because she opted for the zombie or dead aspect of Numbers, in their highly dense and fixed hard-to-share wave form, the aspect of Numbers where they can be seen only as "aggregative" or "possession" like; when Numbers are perceived as a "Game of Hoarding". Hoarding wanna-be lovers or boyfriends (a Top 10 mental list of them), hoarding potential grooms, hoarding cats, hoarding children, hoarding clothes in a closet, hoarding jewelry (rings, necklaces, pendants, what have you; man without a diamond ring for them is a blasphemy to their hoarding...), hording anything that can be bought or seduced via material Numbers, as they manifest in 3D shapes and shines, in their lowest aspect in their smallest possible expression as Metaphors of Life.

Nope, the true infinite nature of Number s as Trans-Dimensional Metaphor, to these people, goes unnoticed, uncomputed, unseen, unheard; way too busy being who they "think" they are, this little person "only here".

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hidden History in the Stars of Orion -part 2-

Note:  *(these 2 preliminary -short written link and the following 18 Part video interview- are essential to properly grasping the contents of this post)*

Both authors/researchers Christopher Knight (1st link: short written interview) & David Icke (2nd link: a stunning video interview) agree in that the Moon is a hollowed-out body that definitely is not of natural origin and/or positioning. Icke reveals how the Zulu shamans still maintain the secret knowledge that the Moon was rolled over the heavens by et beings in Orion, who brought it to the Solar System to use it as a substation or proto-colony of sorts, the Moon made of inner compartments where different beings from Orion inhabit. In Part 1 of this series, I already laidout the strong case for the Orion stars of Rigel & Betelgeuse as the most emblematic hidden origin ("origin" is pun of "Orion Gen"). Here in Part 2 we will continue to present likewise evidence, found in so many hidden embedded codes that it stands out as akin to irrefutable proof of the paradigm.

Let's for ex consider one of the most iconic symbols in recent centuries, that of the Masonic logo of a "Compass & Square" (often codes are disguised by just moving n+spaces up or n-spaces down the alphabet), simply looking at the initials -I preserve the colors they represent, Red & Blue-:

"C"-OMPASS ~~~ "C" moved 1-space down becomes "B" (Betelgeuse)
"S"-QUARE ~~~ "S" moved 1+space up becomes "R" (Rigel)

We have to rather think in terms of a long series of  'attached chains' derived from this Orion origin; let us then consider for ex that RIGEL is the icon for female Orion QUEEN, while Betelgeuse is the icon for male Orion KING. If there is any truth to this, then we should find some easily confirming code in these words as well:

QUEE-"N" & KIN-"G" ~~~ (last initials): "NG"
RIGE-"L" & BETELGEUS-"E" ~~~ (last initials): "LE"

Besides these double pair of last initials forming almost the word A-"NGEL", these 2 pairs are actually the same exact code (i.e. they name the same thing), it is only our eyes that fail to consciously pickup something so utterly obvious (because we are never taught how to read this way, except when you read Gematria blogs such as this one):

"LE" moved 2+spaces up becomes "NG"

However those in the know do utilize these methods of elemental encryption to convey info that is of sensitive nature, placed in highly visible mainstream media following the mantra that "Everything Is Hidden In Plain Sight" -in other words it is only us who fail to read these messages, due to our terminal ignorance on the matter-. The recent case of the 33 miners who got rescued in Chile is a typical example, as it was viewed worldwide more than the Michael Jackson's death event; in spanish a Mine is called a "MINA" (and in Chile this word is also slang for "girl" or "chick", ever since long time ago the chilean miners would excuse themselves of the premises at night claiming to go to the mine to pickup something left there, when they of course meant in code they were going to the brothels). Looking at the 1st & last initials:

"N"-EPHILI-"M" & "A"NNUNAK-"I" ~~~ "MINA"

But then again this is the hidden pun of the british secret service -the "MI"6-, as the last initials of "nephili-M annunak-I" (please read my September's article on the Nephilim); furthermore the same brit secret service acronym directly also refers to the previous Rigel Betelgeuse & Queen King match, as follows -"MI6" is "MIF" (F is letter No. 6 in the english alphabet)-:

rige-"L" betelgeus-"E" ~~~ last initials moved 1+space up become "MF"
quee-"N" kin-"G" ~~~ last initials moved 1-space down become "MF"

But then again the exact same code is carried in plain sight through the most important financial globalization institution in the world, the "IMF" (International Monetary Fund) also run by the british -(the USA runs the World Bank, while the british & europeans run the IMF)-.

I have started to include Precautionary-Notes in my articles, which make it crystal clear that any information contained in this blog applies just as well to any other religion or ethnia or place in the world, since some people are always bent on using alternative information to "validate" their own worldview and religion and ethnic stance, implying that since most alternative info is produced by white people in the occident, than this is supposed to "mean" that the white people and the occident are the "only" ones who can be deconstructed in such manner -which is of course ridiculous, as this is a many millennia old global and cosmic paradigm-. I simply do not delve into other religions & languages for they are not my forte', however let me here include just a few examples of just how key words in other places of power encode cosmic secret info all the same (in Standard English Gematria, a=1, b=2, ..., z=26), and even how identical are they in their puns & use of archetypal figures, little or none real difference between East & West:

[ ISLAM = 54 = SUN ] while [ MOSLEM = 77 = CHRIST ]

Of course -unless you are blind-, you easily see that the brit secret service "MI" is also found on the 1st & last initials of "I"-sla-"M". Why...? Because they both obviously encode and refer to the same exact "nephili-M" & annunak-I" hidden encryption. The recent "conversion" of Tony Blair's sister in law to Islam, must be taken with a grain of salt, as these people are global elitists only playing the role of a part in a specific "country" who are well in the know about the hidden background to it all. They are promoting now a switch or swap to Islam, because lately white Christians in the West have been decoding the whole pie, while Islam in the Middle-East is still at a medieval fundamentalist psychological stance for the most part, which strongly favors the elite's undertakings. This is why Prince Charles publicly declared (leaving little doubts to the previous rumors about his Islam secret ties) that Islam is the only religion that does not destroy the Environment. What he meant of course is that they are willing to bring the earth back to the Medieval Ages in order to have a sustainable planet, which is the perfect colony -sparsely populated by fully undeveloped serfs- for them, naturally. Islam to these elitists is but the perfect "serfdom" that can be fully manipulated at will via fundamentalist religion, just like the medieval population was of course. 

The real agenda behind the IMF (Int'l Monetary Fund) is most definitely "not" the agenda that the Left wing describes in terms of the usual Left-Right cliche blabber (basically an outdated 19th century reductive-rationale, pre-technologic & information age), but rather a much more secretive agenda of effecting a process of  "HOMOLOGUING-THE-GLOBE" by "REDISTRIBUTING WEALTH IN INDIRECT MANNER", forcing 3rld World and Emergent Nations to have governments that produce CHRONIC OR PERIODIC CRISIS, in order to force them to "OUTSOURCE THEIR BANKRUPT & DISPOSSESSED PEOPLE" to the 1st World (up to recently mainly it was the USA), while at the same time on the other hand forcing by "brutal price competition" the productive sectors of the 1st Word to also "OUTSOURCE EMPLOYMENT" to the 3rd World or Emergent Nations.  This is called the double "Outsourcing & Insourcing" disgrace, disguised publicly as a necessity of price reduction for competition purposes; if that was the case, how come Wall Street never abides by the same mantra...? I does not because that is not and never was the real reason, which is to Balkanize the white developed world middle & upper middle classes.

If you look at the percentages of people who have experienced what is called (but "never" mentioned in the news whatsoever) "ECONOMIC EXILE", you find that in every non developed nation there is a say 2% to 5% or more (in the case of Mexico it is a preposterously high percentage) of the population that has been "Forced to Disappear" from the nation, as they have emigrated typically to the USA, who must then cater to them - and now Europe is experiencing an identical Balkanization-. This is the equivalent of having a "Soft Genocide", as these people are the ones who bear the actual brunt of the failed economic/political policies
and inefficient governments in the 3rd World & emerging nations, and for all practical purposes help continually these governments to "PROGRESS" and become more and more "EFFICIENT". If you kept "losing" or "disappearing" entire populations of poor or even middle/upper class suddenly bankrupt, how could you not progress and become more efficient...? Imagine if for ex the USA would all of a sudden begin to "expatriate" and ship abroad every year millions and millions of its poor and/or bankrupt citizens, how could then not the country experience a boom...? Of course it would, and this is the type of "boom" that is fueling the 3rd World and Emergent Nations economies, all based on DISCARDING at least a 2% to 5% if not way more of their citizens in financial trouble. What I am stating here is that this at the mid-level management might be thought of as "Compassionate Conservatism" or plain old "Left-Wing" humanitarian pose, yet at the elite level is as part of their forced process of "Homologuing the Globe", in order to make the entire planet a same level platform -"collapsing" the 1st World and "booming" the 3rd World-, because only when this is firmly done, it will be "possible & feasible" to have 1 Central World Goverment run by this
tiny elite.

But I am also suggesting here a cosmic extrapolation of the same "tactics" via fractal-agenda; in other words, just as it is within planet Earth might be the same way it is/was in the Solar System at large, or amongst the much larger Orion/Sirius/Solar System area, in terms of "movements" and "transfers" of peoples to/from cosmic inter-planetary or inter-galactic places. 

One must really laugh at the absolutely contrived public buzzwords to "justify" Over-Population of the least viable, and a constant attack on the middle-class educated folk, that constitute a thinly disguised PERPETUAL PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE against the ones who are most aware. Then in the same vein one must seriously begin to take a really hard raw look at the cosmic agendas of similar "Hybridization" and transfers of entire populations to/from Earth; perhaps it is part of the same cosmic Psychological Warfare waged against all those who achieve Awareness in the cosmic Colonies...! Is this a classic Modus-Operandi to deal with Evolving Consciousness on the part of Cosmic Predators who profit from "Order Out of Chaos" (famous masonic motto)...? See, if Evolution of Consciousness always achieves a "CRITICAL MASS POINT" of Convergence, then are we not supposed to agree that such point can be easily predicted in advance by cosmic predators, whose sole cosmic function is PRECISELY TO AVERT AND DESTROY THESE POINTS OF RAPID EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS...? Why...? To keep perpetual control of cosmic colonies, that is. So what we see in an advanced Greece invaded by the brute Romans, or the educated/aware white middle & upper class on Earth presently being forced into a preposterous game of Balkanization, etc etc etc, is the same agenda of "Control via Chaos and "Hybridization", simply taking different forms according to what's easier and more convenient
to enact without raising too many flags.

Why was the Library of Alexandria burned down...? This was the equivalent of the Internet in today's terms...! Because the real and sole enemy of the cosmic predators are not the poor as the Left Wing claims (a paradigm created as a Diversion of the Truth), BUT THE EVOLVED...! Those who evolve rapidly into Awareness & Multi-Dimensional wisdom, have always been the "Real-Target", a secret-target cunningly disguised always amidst the bulk of a larger pool, so it won't be all too obvious what has been going on for millions of years. The real war is against Consciousness and not just against a social class (as Marx claimed, because his philosophy was created by the secret elite way before he was assumed to have written it, as he was a clear instrument of Diversion). Therefore the real disguised target of the 20th century genocides by both the Left & the Right gone-bonkers, where NOT the ones publicly claimed to be after, but these were merely the convenient covers, under which the educated & more evolved & aware, could be easily made to be presented as a "political enemy" utilizing the Left-Right rationales to this end. By reason of "perpetual instabilities", it is a lot easier to instill the "spirituality" of your convenience, to run everything and model the collective unconscious archetypes:

[ RIGEL = GREIL ] (by anagram, just rearrange the order of letters)

So when we go back into a deep-trance so to speak, to reclaim the lost memories of those cosmic upheavals that made the Solar System as it is today -just a decayed ruin-, our subconscious mind always goes to the former lands of MU or Lemuria, and Atlantis. However as I have stated many times in different articles, these were by no means strictly Earth-bound civilizations, but at least inter-planetary (if not part of inter-stellar) civilizations. What this means is that whatever part of Lemuria & Atlantis was on Earth, was just one aspect or one chapter or colony or "substation" or "experimental post" for them; it's then imperative that we look at the stars in order to regain a clearer memory of them. What better than once again take a look at the name "RIGEL" only now in relation to the "Land of MU"...?

"The land of "MU" (on Earth) was hybridized with RIGEL, thus: "LE-MU-RI-a"

(observe how the letter "a" upside down is "g", so "Lemuria" is "LEMURIG",
a perfect mix of the names "MU" and "RIGEL"...!

This implies a hybridization of humans -a 'somewhat stable' yet 'still mutating' mixture of human & reptilian DNA-. Such that the conventional fable of Evolution we are told, is just that - a children's tale-; because whatever long term Evolution happens, is irrelevant compared to the "Sudden Evolution" or "Rapid Evolution" brought on by direct hybridizations using very advanced science on the part of beings from Orion. The pervading god name "EL" found in semitic lands of old, is the "rig-EL" of "LE"-muria; it denotes those from Rigel/Orion who ruled over these hybridizations, the higher beings, the experimenters. Yet to believe so naively that this "EL" is "the one God" in the sense normally assumed, is just laughable.

When considering the Christopher Knight and David Icke (just to mention 2 current names, as this is a very long stream of thought, remember Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon", etc) assertion that the Moon was brought to the Solar System and is not a natural body, we do find that the Gematria for the names of planetary bodies actually does evidence an artificial tampering as well, yielding exact-square-decimal totals that are completely 'unnatural':

[ RIGEL MOON LUNA = 200 ] while [ EARTH LUNA = 100 ]

It seems to me the latin name "Luna" for the Moon, contains in part the former name for the Moon, the name associated with  its previous cosmic eras & locations outside of the Solar System. What is truly extraordinary, is how the 2 main 'sacred mounts' in the Bible, seem to actually refer to places outside the Earth and in the moon & planets (Mount Horeb, and Mount Sinai):

[ HOREB = 48 = LUNA ] while [ SINAI = 52 = Earth = "A Mars" ]

In other words, the name "Horeb" seems to clearly be a place in the Moon...!, while the name of the desert of Sinai indicates the desert of Sinai as we know it in the Red Sea, yet "Mount Sinai" following identical logic & Gematria concordance seems to refers to "CY-DO-NIA" in Mars...! { "CY-NAI" }. But that is by no means surprising, if you have been following this article; therefore when religions speak of an "ORIGINAL SIN", what they in secret code are doing is pinpointing the place where the real events that are charicaturized in symbols in the Book of Genesis took place, as part of a very advanced science & technology:


"Sinai" merely the main former planet Mars, a specific region there where the Rigelians enacted some hybridizations and so forth. The very name Sinai even gives the clue: { SIN - AI } such that the problem was the "AI" (Artificial Intelligence") technology, which we now address as in the terms of "CLONING" and of "CYBORG". Do not let it slip by how "CY-DONIA" and "CY-BORG" are the same theme...! The Sinai Desert on Earth but a fractal image of a now defunct and barren Mars desert red planet that was once the centerpiece of the Hybridization agenda, outsourced in "subchapters" to the "islands" of MU (first) and ATLANTIS (later). This is why we find identical clue in the name of the charicatures made to symbolize the "1st Man & Woman":

[ "AD-AM" is from MA-rs, while "E-VE" is from "VE-nus" ]

Where would the location of the fable of  "The Garden of Eden" be...?:

[ "Mount Horeb" = 131 = "The Garden of Eden" ]
{ Horeb = 48 = Luna }

The way I read this, is that the earthly Mount Horeb (a mythical mount never identified yet) may signify what was just a portal-gate to/from the Moon, the Moon itself just in turn a portal/gate to Mars -the real garden of Eden of course-, all communications and transfer to or from Earth run indirectly through the Moon for security. 

That Mars was a colony of Rigel seems to be a gratuitous affirmation, until you take the precaution of actually checking their Gematria, that is:

[ RIGEL = 51 = MARS ]

D. Icke seems to be particularly on the money regarding the Moon, because when we look into the word "SHIELD" which is a crucial term in esoterics (Star of David is Shield of David, Rothschild means Red Shield), we find that:


The symbol of "The Rose" seems to be a disguised icon for a tunneling WormHole (the view of the Rose from the top is akin to entering the WormHole); while "SION" evidently is once again just a disguised version of "SINAI", needless to say (or "Scion", or "Scyon", pun of "Cydonia"/Scydonia").

Then what is hidden behind what passes off as "religion" (rigelion), is actually a higher science and a more advanced technology stemming from the very far past, whose acronyms were preserved as "sacred" words; why...? Because the civilizations that comprised that very ancient inter-planetary history, when compared to ours (even for ex presently) were so much more advanced that they seemed to be truly "Gods" to humans.

Now in respect to these super advanced sciences and technologies, very few are aware that the names of sacred figures in the Bible precisely conceal the mystery of LIGHT, or of traveling BEYOND THE SPEED OF LIGHT, and that this is what is hidden behind the whole "resurrection" theme in fact; researchers such as  William Henry have become aware in part of some of these themes, which are also secretly embedded in emblematic architecture, such as the Domes in iconic buildings, etc:

[ "OUR" = 54 = Sun ] and [ "LORD" = 49 = Speed ]
[ "SAVIOUR" = 105 = Moon Luna ]
[ "OUR SAVIOUR" = 159 = Sun Light Speed ]

What this type of concordance phenomenon goes to show, is that the secrets of higher-science were also hidden in not just architecture but more recently in LANGUAGE itself, specially the formula names of religious "titles" and such. 

The problem regarding these themes, is that the further up you go "dimensionally" so to speak, the less material the "technology/science" becomes, because the reality at higher frequencies is less dense and more "Psychic" per se; this means that the 'navigational tools' to access those higher realms, are embedded in your Psyche and in your DNA, and that you must 1st activate both in order to "link with" the higher Templates. This is where "religion" kicked in the picture; they made a (many) fundamentalist cult(s), of what was Higher Wisdom as in Advanced Multi-Dimensional Science, because this elevated science involves the Psyche so fully, as a tool. Thus multidimensional science "directly" manifests an interaction of ideas & emotions, as FRACTAL ARCHETYPES IN ORGANIC ACTION. Yes, you cannot ascend, unless you have the Inner Psychic & Spiritual tools in you, fully activated; you end up "where-you-is" and as "What-You-Is" in the old 70's slang saying.  

In this extrapolated context, the techniques of Gematria and its associated linguistic methods, are simply the preferred modus operandi by which higher entities EMBEDDED IN APPARENTLY "NORMAL" OR ROUTINE LANGUAGE, THE TRIGGERS TO LOST MEMORIES OF VERY ANCIENT INTER-PLANETARY EVENTS THAT ARE "DEFINING" TO OUR ORIGINS AND NATURE OF BEING, because only reclaiming or regaining these Lost Memories is how we can re-activate our Psychic Tools of Ascension, while not becoming fodder for the usual manipulations, all the cosmic/religious/esoteric plain Disinformation designed to "own" you.

Thus the typical "utter perplexity" most -even highly intelligent people- experience when confronted with Gematria in general or more specifically with the contents of this blog for ex, reflects the inability to remember the most important things in the world, a testament to how deeply the prevailing AMNESIA brought on by DEVOLUTION erased all traces from our "Conscious Self", of what transpired eons ago which produced our current "world" as the resulting Collateral-Damage, and more importantly that are essential to ascend at the right moment which approaches. This blog is poorly written and lacking in spectacular graphics sure, yet it contains some of the necessary clues to regain our cosmic memory, so it should be read even as just a fun exercise by a much larger pool of people; and the same exact dysfunction is apparent in all blogs or websites that extrapolate information regarding our true origins and nature, and all the hijacking processes that took place, and the series of devolutions et al. Humanity keeps obsessively bent on not seeing what is there in front of our very eyes, simulating a "happiness" that is visibly phony, content in all kinds of Diversions; very but very "busy" in anything but what is actually the task at hand as a species. "THISMUSTOP", as the title of a book of poems I wrote in 1995 stated; there is an imperative to wake up, now, for real.