Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The case for LENT

The month of February regaled us with a series of mainstream media
"sub-syncs" (subliminal synchronicities). 2 SuperBowl ads provided
room for fodder; in one Alec Baldwin plays a Lizard-Alien boastfully
claiming to turn human brains to mush via Tv, while in another Jay
Leno drives a No. 10 Cobra car on Hwy. 10, rear plate reading "Fall"
and side-sign reading "9 Central" (advertising the change of schedule
of his nightly show to 10 PM).

Mid February the news inform us of a pet Chimp attack to a friend
(Sandra Herold) of the owner (Charla Nash), describing Nash's frantic
911 call, in Stamford Connecticut. The day before, Dallas financier
billionaire Allen Stanford was informed of a notice of subpoena, but
was nowhere to be found; only by the end of the month he was served
it while sitting on traffic in a car in Virginia -after a lengthy search
for him-, the news read.

Then we are told of a "sudden breakthrough" in the unsolved 2001
highly mediatized Chandra Levy case, pinpointing to suspect Ingmar
Guandique, a Salvadorian in jail connected via DNA.

Enter the Oscars, the most prominent news of which is actress Kate
Winslet winning for her role in the film "The Reader"; she played one
Hannah Schmidt who has a torrid sex-affair with one young Michael
BERG (played by David Kross), in the Holocaust nazi era.


Unless you are cinematography-challenged, it is pretty obvious how
the unusual Salvadorian felon's name suggests INGMAR BERGMAN
who in turn matches the Michael Berg character in "The Reader".

Just what... exactly is... going on here...?


As well as:


Thing is, Chandra Levy disappeared on May 2001, this case dragging
the country's attention like no other for several months, only to be
followed... by... 911... on that same year... !

Consider how the "911" call in the "news" blends to form "New 911".

"Read"(er) Kate Winslet character's 1st. & last Initials:

[ "HANNA SCHMIDT" ] ~~~ "A.S.H.T."

The catholic season of LENT starts on ASH WEDNESDAY, through
the rite of the "CROSS OF ASHES" (... David Kross...), this year it is
on Wednesday Feb. 25th, until Easter in March {a=1, b=2, ... , z=26}:

[ LENT EASTER = 119 ]

Now check the name of the lady mauled by the Chimp:


{ Sandra = 57 = Sion } { Herold = 62 = Mason = Ingmar }

Now let's check the last name of the lady owner of the Chimp:


[ LENT = 51 = READER ]

[ LENT EASTER ~~~ (A) L.E.R.T. ]

--- You catch my drift...? ---

{ Hanna Schmidt = 114 = "A Chandra Levy" }

In a previous post I showed how Kate Winslet has been a carrier
sign-name for high level ops, her movie "TITANIC" opened the
same day the Clinton Impeachment started, and she resembled
Monica Lewinsky, sharing much of her name indeed:


The fated ship's name stands for { TITANIC ~ "I.NATI" } as
in "Illuminati" -in reverse-, the historic ship actually owned by
famous illuminati banker J.P. MORGAN who started the Federal
Reserve in the US. Many have contended it was sank deliberately
as a human sacrifice, to "power" their takeover of America. JP
Morgan actually was scheduled to sail in the Titanic -thus many
rich folk also sailed- but he "could not at the last minute". The ship
was to arrive in New York, of course; which takes us to the much
-and ridiculously so- publicized New York Post 'racist' cartoon of
a... Chimp... being shot twice by 2 policemen, also in February. The
New York Post is owned by illuminati Rupert Murdoch (who also
owns FOX -tv & cinema-, MySpace, SKY satellite Tv, Direct TV,
Harper & Collins Publishers, etc etc etc), an australian media tycoon
well known to be a London puppet. The 1997 film "Titanic" was both
produced by Paramount and Fox; the Gematria relation via Kate
Winslet in the "Titanic" to Kate Winslet in "The Reader" is simple:


We also observe a tangent relation between the Jay Leno Super
Bowl ad featuring Car No. 10 & Hwy. 10, and Kate Winslet's name:

{ Kate Winslet = 139 } { Ten = 39 }

The eerie case of Chandra Levy's disappearance in May 2001 did
receive excessive attention, due to her later disclosed affair with
congressman GARY CONDIT -who served in the Intelligence
Committee-, who lost his reelection because of it:

[ LENT = 51 = GARY ]

The date of Feb 25 for ASH WEDNESDAY also carries a 911 Twin
Towers gematria numerology:


In previous posts I exposed synchronicities between the 1997 film
"Deep Impact" (starring Morgan Freeman as black president Tom
Beck, an all too obvious reference to future Obama) trying to steer
humanity through the impact of Comet Wolf-Biederman; later I
exposed gematria on the Flight 1549 crash-landing on the Hudson
River (the plane a Bombardier Dash 8, Continental Airlines):

"A Bombardier Dash 8" = 128 = "A Continental"

"A Pres. Tom Beck" = 128 = "A Wolf-Biederman"

"ASH WEDNESDAY" = 128 = "A Connecticut"

"A Wednesday 2/25" = 128

In my August 2008 post "Or Twin Cities Armageddon", I exposed
some intriguing gematria clues leading to the Minneapolis-St. Paul
TWIN CITIES as possible target of an attack.

If we care to really look at the anomalous story of the New York
POST "misinterpreted" Chimp cartoon, we will 1st. notice that the
policeman is holding a smoking gun, which when viewed sideways
resembles a burning TOWER, and he has just fired TWO shots:

"POLICE" ~~~ "POLIS" ~~~ "PISTOL" ~~~ "POST"

"TWO" ~~~ Two TOWers ~ "TWIN"

The last shown [ "Ash Wednesday" = 128 ] gematria clue, does not
pinpoint the year, whereas the last shown [ "A Wednesday 2/25" =
128 ] by calendar does suggest this year 2009 .

I could go on exposing a myriad synchronicities, but these I believe
will suffice to alert one to the possible "Lent to Easter period" as a
season ripe for an attack on the Usa territory, perhaps not just in
one location, but many simultaneous ones. This concern has been
already shared by some, including one person who did warn of 911
just weeks before. The following links are typical example of such,
in the present weeks:

Simultaneously with the beginning of Lent tomorrow Feb. 25, there
is also the passing of green COMET LULIN, its closest-to-the-Earth
orbit ever at about the distance to Mars:

[ LULIN = 68 = EASTER ]
{ Green = 49 = Chandra }

It is interesting how the name "Comet Lulin" suggests "illuminati":


Friday, February 13, 2009

A definitely weary of "mainstream" Joaquin Phoenix !

Yeah, scroll down a bit and do watch the video of Joaquin at David
Letterman's, it's worth watching...

Flight 1549 turns into Flight 3407

*First read my Jan. 17-2009 post "Please heighten the SuperBowl
area/date security", concerning Flight 1549 on the Hudson.

In this month's previous post "Deep Impact", I offered the most
simple of Gematria synchronicities, involving the black president
Tom Beck in the film (Morgan Freeman) -a very obvious Obama
archetype-, and the incoming comet "Wolf-Beiderman" -also a very
obvious "WB" Bush archetype of destruction- (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):


Today's events regarding the crash of "Colgan 3407" flight into a
"Clarence Center" house in Buffalo NY, affirm that same message.
This was a Continental Airlines Connection through Colgan Air
flight 3407, while the plane model was a Bombardier Dash 8 Q400:


What is even more disturbing, is the 911 message:


The number of dead passengers in the plane was 44:

[ 44 PASSENGERS = 167 ]

I included long time ago Number 167 as common thread between
Bush & Obama, in my August 13-2008 post "Nostradamus-part 2",
relating to both the old 911 & a "new 911":

167 = "CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN" (Obama's slogan)
167 = "MOHAMMED" HUSSEIN (Obama's 'bad' name in the Web)

So let us combine both Flight 1549 & Flight 3407, see what happens:

[ FLIGHT (15+49) + (34+07) = 167 ]

There is also another quite clear message, as the plane took off from
Newark, meaning "NEW ARK", crashing into a house in Clarence, i.e.
"CLARENCE HOUSE" (the Prince of Wales residence), in Buffalo NY:


Enter the Magic Square of Saturn "492" top row (Mayflower as Ark).
Read my August 19-2008 post "'Magic Square Trinity & 8/8/8":


"Colgan 3407" (as such transmitted through the Control Tower):

[ COLGAN 3+4+0+7 = 66 = FIRE AIR = 66 = TWIN ]

{ A Prince = 66 = Charles } { Newark Clarence = 1 + 66 + 66 }

{ A Colgan Air = 81 = Tower }


Nostradamus "CXQ72": [72=Newark], "Q"400, [CX=27=Code=Red]:

{ worlD tradE centeR } (RED in reverse)

To this add the fact that a widow of a 911 victim was on Flight 3407 !

Is this the planned end-of-the-road for the USA ?

*Later add-on link:
Keywords: deliberate crash to serve push for worldwide currency
& world government: "Use Amerika to bringdown America". The
US needs to necessarily crash first, for this end-goal to materialize.
It is abundantly clear by now that the "new" administration will not
produce any significant change into the current world crisis -which is
only in part financial, it is social/cultural/political/religious
-, and as
such the world will keep steadily moving into a bottom Point-Of-No-
Return, which can be summarized as a continuation of the up-drive
towards the dreaded World War III scenario, as a species-breakup
of consciousness on the part of the elites (seemingly becoming more
demented every day), unsustainable monetary & economic models,
the advent of a group of global 'Big Brother' states, increasingly more
limited Food & Energy resources, very high Unemployment, etc.

The Next-Domino in the spiral is the coming Commercial Real Estate
crash, which will be far worse than the previous Residential one; this
will involve a chain-reaction effect much larger than the previous.

"Official" phony & totally bogus Unemployment figures are hiding
what is rapidly becoming the quintessential 25% Unemployment
of the Great Depression. The REAL UNEMPLOYMENT is likely
around 18.5 % presently; that's when you input those who ceased
looking for a job (not counted), those who lost a part-time job (not
counted), or who held 2 or 3 jobs and lost 1 or 2 while still keeping
at least 1 job. Truth is, even the most optimistic real figure will have
a hard time making it under 14% Unemployment, currently.

The current "Hope" strategy -seeking appeasement of the angry
masses-, will eventually just not wash anymore. The 1st. casualty
will be Law & Order, crime will spike up and the US will simply
become... just another crime dominated society like Mexico. The
2nd. casualty will be Taxes, as people will just not be able to pay
them anymore, etc etc etc -fill in the blank...................-.

The show will soon be over, and the hopeless masses still blindly
clinging to whatever sounds attractive will come to the unavoidable
realization that the elite has scammed them. By then of course the
"higher events" will kick-in motion, surpassing the miniature day
to day folk reality, in the form of WWIII, civil war and such.

This "Version of Reality" is a Has-Been, there is little doubt about it.
The only uncertain fact is "how" harsh the coming end-of-the-road
will be. It becomes increasingly clear each day, that the elite behind
Obama is mainly vying to stop the breakup of the US nation, and the
larger fracture of the world alliances.

Americans, is this the future of this country...?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Deep Impact"

4 films -at the very least- seem to contain prevalent codes pertaining
the 2000 to 2012 time phase, in the push for a World-Order based on
catastrophes, both man-made as well as cosmic in nature. These are:

"Titanic" (released on Dec 19, 1997), "Deep Impact" (released on May
8, 1998), "Armageddon (released on July 1, 1998), "Eyes Wide Shut"
(released July 16, 1999).

These were framed by the prominent Pres. Clinton Impeachment on
Dec. 19, 1998 (finally acquitted on Feb. 12, 1999), an integral part
of the same exact coding -particularly so to the "Titanic" film-. For
example: { IMPEACHMENT ~~~ IMPACT }.

It's very old news to people 'in-the-know', that certain elites utilize
high-profile films & events to "encode" information about the future;
however we must also factor in the fact that also sometimes it is non
human entities of higher level, who enact the linguistic synchronicities.

If I was to actually list & analyze all the Gematria codes embedded in
these films, this would make for a very extensive post. So let's begin
with the most obvious and immediate; the film "Deep Impact" shows
a BLACK PRESIDENT Tom Beck (acted by Morgan Freeman), such
an all-too-obvious Obama (certainly that wasn't a 'normal' president
in 1998, now was it...?). Comet "Wolf-Beiderman" ("WB") threatens
to hit Earth causing a near human extinction (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):

[ "Pres. Tom Beck" = 1+126 = "Wolf-Beiderman" ]

I purposefully write "127" as "1+126", because Number 126 is such
an obvious Revelation/Apocalypse number. Besides this early match,
we find other instant matches; the film is directed by Mimi Leder &
stars Elijah Wood & Leelee Sobieski as the young survivor couple.
"Elijah" is a rather eerie name choice, being the biggest figure in the
Old Testament (almost an angelic figure). When looking into their
numbers, we see who the survivors are meant to be:

[ Elijah Wood = 102 = Windsor ]
( Wood = 57 = England = 57 = A Comet )
[ Leelee Sobiesky = 1+132 = Extinction ]
( A Prince Charles = 132 )

In the Book of Revelation/Apoc, a star-comet called "WormWood"
falls unto Earth; the human survivors who are chosen amongst all
of mankind are numbered in 144 thousand. The film's director is one
Mimi Leder:

[ Mimi = 44 = Leder = 44 = Leelee ]

So by now you get the point, this is not random; let's look at the title:

[ DEEP IMPACT = 92 ]
( "92" is short for "911")

A "Deep Impact" comet that threatens the extinction of Humanity:

[ Humanity = 111 = New York = 111 = (5+8+98) ]
Film released on 5/8/98.

You catch my drift...? Let's put the 2 same-theme films together:

[ Armageddon A Comet Deep Impact = 234 ]
{ 13 x 18 = 234 } (Rev. 13:18)

[ Elijah Wood & Leelee Sobieski = 1+234 ]

Now here's the thing -most curious, that is-; the "WB" comet (as
in Wolf-Beiderman) is split in 2, the 2nd. piece the one being the
ultimate extinction level impending catastrophe. Now which are the
only american presidents with the same initials "WB" who actually
were father & son, the son being the most lethal & destructive one?
Thus in the film, BLACK PRESIDENT Tom Beck survives both:

[ "tom" ~~~ "obama" ]
[ "beck" ~~~ "barack" ]

Appropriately then, portrayed by Morgan Freeman (freed humanity).
[ Wolf = 56 = Comet ]

Once again in the numbers, the surviving president matches royalty:

[ President Beck = 131 = Prince Charles ]
( Marcus Wolf = 131 ) -discoverer of the comet-

{ Charles Martin Smith = 144 }
(actor -as Marcus Wolf-, also directed for 3 years "Never Cry Wolf").

The film of course was produced by Paramount:

[ Paramount = 119 ]

Leelee Sobiesky plays one "Sarah Hortchner", so: { Hortchner = 91 }.
If you google-search "Deep Impact", you will notice that on Wikipedia
the film poster says: "HEAVEN and Earth are About to COLLIDE", in
huge letters compared to the small letters of the film's title placed at
the bottom (HEAVEN/COLLIDE emphasized). What you have to do
is take the last 3-letters of each word ("VEN" and IDE") to get the oh
so clear 911 clue (while "Leelee" is shortened as "ELE"):


In the film "Deep Impact", reporter Jenny Lerner is investigating
a political scandal through an informer named "Ellie", which she
later discovers is an acronym for "E.L.E." (Extinction Level Event).
This is an impossible-to-miss precise 911 clue ("eleven"), as:

[ extinction levEL EVENt ]

In the last posts I showed how the street that leads directly into the
WTC Ground Zero is DEY St. ("DEI"), and how this code was carried
also in the DE-le-Y Plaza hit on JFK, as "harveY leE oswalD"s last
initials prove (chosen as patsy because of his name).

This is also a pun on "Day" (pronounced "Dey") as in... "MAY DAY",
the code for maximum emergency (as 911 is in telephones). Thus
the release date of the film on "May 8, 1998" is a pun of "May Day"
("May Dey/Dei"). Of course "Dei" is "Opus Dei", the cryptocratic
secretive ultra-rightwing 'catholic' (allegedly at least) organization.
In the film Elijah Wood plays Leo Beiderman (the teenager that
co-discovers the comet):

[ Beiderman = 71 = Opus ]

You will notice that the last of the 4 films presented on top, is Stanley
Kubrick's last work titled "Eyes WIDE Shut"; observe the "DEI" at
the center. It is common in children's jokes, to present the 2 eyes
as the letter "I" repeated (as for ex. a Steven Seagall film of the mid
'90's included it, joking on how to spell Mississippi); by this I mean
that the word "EYES" can be most elementally be rendered as "II",
which is of course... both the Twin Towers, and the date 11 of Sept.

[ E ye S W id E S hu T ]
{ "ESSE" + "WT" }

It is interesting that the 1st. & last initials form the code for Britain's
Mercia founding provinces (Essex/Sussex/Wessex - the 3 pyramids,
the 3 stars in Orion's Belt) as "ESSE", while at the same time giving
away the "WT(C)" -World Trade Center- code. More intriguingly
so, the center letters yield the emblematic name for the brainwash
program associated with the practices described in the film (its very
theme, that is):

[ "ye id hu" = 72 = Monarch ]

Now I don't have any personal info. on Kubrick practicing Gematria,
however he was well-known to be abnormally meticulous and even
obsessed with written notes and labels and such (boxes of his are
kept at a museum, illustrating this peculiar penchant); it is not far
fetched to suspect him being british living in the UK, to be a part of
the secret esoteric networks. After all, his "Clockwork Orange" film
is indeed about brainwashing techniques and such. Also, his 'sudden
death' after finishing "Eyes Wide Shut" and before he could go on
fully ahead with the "AI" film, suggests he may have not included
all the embedded codes perhaps ordered to him.

"Eyes Wide Shut" naturally, occurs in Manhattan, New York...!

His next film "AI" was done/completed by DreamWorks (Steven
Spielberg), who also co-produced "Deep Impact":

[ DreamWorks = 1+126 = Wolf Beiderman = Pres Tom Beck ]

Reporter turned main news anchor Jenny Lerner is played by Tea
Leoni, who -not surprisingly, now that you know the real plot-, dies!:

[ Tea Leoni = 81 = Tower ]
(Tea Leoni dies, means Twin Towers fall).

In keeping with the Revelation/Apoc. tone, the spacecraft sent to
destroy the comet Wolf-Beiderman is named "MESSIAH".

If you do not notice the in-your-face resemblance of the vertically
sinking ship with people falling down into the void as to the Twin
Towers event with people falling into the void -in the film "Titanic"-,
I'm afraid you are a bit slow in the 'noticing things 'department...!?

Would it be too stressful to your tired & overworked mind, to ask
it to pay attention to obvious things like "Kate Winslet" (in the film
"Titanic") resembling Monica "Lewinsky"...?:


I mean, how much more obvious than this it has to get, for you to
realize something funky is going on, neuro-linguistically speaking?