Monday, November 30, 2009

Pyramids "are" Pole-Shift Markers -part 1-

The term "Pole Shift" is to some misleading; there are various kinds,
the most prevalent concerning an Earth's Crust Displacement, as the
crust 'floats' atop the earth's inner mantles/core. When displacement
occurs, the North & South Poles end up in a different position, as well
as the Equator; the Magnetic Pole Shift is different from this, and it
'may or may not' be related to this event, depending on the theories
accepted, regarding the earth's molten core, which acts like a dynamo
to the full globe -magnetizing it, and effecting a shield against the
solar electromagnetic 'wind' variably pummeling the earth, brought
on by the cyclical solar storms

Another catastrophic scenario can be the tilt in the axis of the earth,
along with some change in planetary orbits, produced by an incoming
stellar object, sort of like a giant billiards ball game, destabilizing the
present stasis of the Solar System and its bodies. All bodies within
the Solar System are regularly hit by asteroid fragments; there are
2 orbit belts composed of multiple small fragments instead of planets.
One is the Kuiper-Belt located outside Neptune's orbit (home to many
asteroids and also the mini-planets Pluto/Haumea/Makemake), the
other is called the "Asteroid Belt" located between Mars & Jupiter,
which some have claimed are the fragmentary remnants of a planet
that exploded -or got hit-, call it Maldek or Tiamat what have you
(Bode's Law of course has a planet precisely at the location of this
extant Asteroid Belt, the 'missing planet' position).

However some claim the Solar System also has other faraway planets
-or maybe a 2nd twin Star to the sun, in an incoming orbit of many
thousand of years, destabilizing dramatically the neat stasis of the
Solar System on each occasion-. Under this scenario, Pole-Shifts and
the discussed possibilities, are therefore a CYCLICAL EVENT.

Finally -but not least of it-, there is the issue of the Galactic Center,
the so-called Black-Hole at the center of our Milky Way, and its
position to our own Solar System, as we rotate around it; this the
famous "2012" theme, and the "Photon Belt" theme, as we hit a new
radiation zone, and allegedly our Sun changes noticeably, affecting
the earth (which many claim is the "real" cause of Global Climate
Change, our industrial pollution excesses just an add-on effect, &
this apparently easy to prove by Sun data, as well as how similar
climate changes are affecting the rest of the planets. To this we
have also to factor in the alleged Weather Modification secret
technologies, whom many claim are continually utilized in for ex
Russia and China, and/or other similar disrupting technologies,
not least of which may also be the massive microwave cellular
and WiFi coverage).

Few realize than in the event of a Pole Shift, it may take a while to
precisely compose an accurate picture of the changes in terms of
crust position in relation for ex to the sky & stars. Once you realize
that while instruments (such as computer aided sky observation)
might not necessarily "be there" in the case of catastrophic events,
the only sure-proof instruments are indeed... giant rock monuments,
perhaps or likely to have precisely been built with these Pole Shift
and catastrophic changes in mind. Question is, By-Whom For-Whom?

As this may not necessarily be the only function of the rock pyramids,
this appears to certainly be an important reason for their design; the
Pyramids of Giza in Egypt are accurately oriented to the main North/
South/East/West cardinal directions, & at the same time positioned
in the biggest Earth Landmass-Location on the earth (defined as the
Latitude & Longitude lines which traverse the largest amount of
solid land).

The Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan/Mexico is almost identical in
base perimeter to the Great Pyramid of Giza, while the ratio of its
height to the perimeter of its base is 4PI, as in the Great Pyramid of
Giza's ratio is 2PI (basically they only differ in height). Teotihuacan's
structures line up along the so-called "Street of the Dead" & beyond,
intended to be a model replica of the Solar System -including Uranus,
Neptune & Pluto, not discovered until 1787/1846/1930 respectively
(rediscovered, that is)-.

The "official" academic version for the history of inhabitants in this
planet is an obtuse and contrived fairy tale no different than Santa
Claus or the Seven Dwarfs children's stories. Besides overwhelming
evidence of previous more advanced civilizations in the form of rock
monuments of archeo-astronomical complexity and impossibility of
construction, actually the most prevalent In-Your-Face evidence of
extant higher knowledge, lies hidden in most "religious" traditions,
their 'literal' narratives merely a cover/carrier for deeper secrets,
heavily laden with archeo-astronomy of a much larger cosmic scale.

We have to simply come to grips with the fact the earth is merely
an OUTPOST of many other cosmic civilizations, and one of many
within the Solar System, throughout its convoluted history, a saga
of transmigrations following both the complexities of cataclysms of
natural cosmic nature as well as "War in the Heavens" ET kind.
Both the "scientific" and "religious/political" establishments, have
dedicated all their efforts to historically & presently conceal these
truths, while themselves at the very top knowing quite well this is
the case.

Thus previous advanced civilizations dwelling both on the earth's
crust and inside the earth itself (for protection), might necessarily
not be conceived as "One Mankind" vs "Visitors", but rather more
complex interactions and Hybridization programmes, spanning
eons of time, whereby you have varied scattered Outposts, some
smaller than others while some more advanced than others, all in
different periods of the earth's natural history. Their technologies
buried in deeper strata of the crust, or wiped out in the case of say
millions of years of antiquity -or hundreds of thousands of years-,
or even PURPOSEFULLY HIDDEN to avoid detection from the
"natives" (what I would sardonically label the "Zoo Strategy").

We might also consider both the possibility of more eco-friendly &
"minimal intervention" technologies, as well as "wearable" techies,
carried away with them as these inhabitants left the earth. Thus
the only easy way to find remnants, in the form of giant monuments
whose exact intention was indeed, to last a very long time, acting
as Time-Capsules and Data-Preservation locations, both for future
civilizations on the planet, and the usual cosmic in/out Wanderers.

In these more accurate scenarios, the logic is to position in specific
locations of high-profile and easy to find spots, certain "VAULTS"
where a storage of knowledge is preserved, protected under rock
monuments and such, or under the earth's crust, as a universal way
of safe-keeping relevant info for the many cosmic Wanderers. But
different earth civilizations at a certain more knowledgeable stage
of their evolution, might engage in "Advanced Technology Hunting",
aware that these Vaults exist and more or less where to find them,
& then when found apply all sorts of Reverse-Engineering methods
to crack them. Some have suggested our later 20th century rapid
technological advancement, has maybe been a result of this hunting.
This a subset possibility of the much larger suspicion of et's aid via
secret treaties kept away from the knowledge of the masses. With
this in mind, we can fathom that not all et's have the same agenda,
some more advanced than others, as some type of technologies can
be quite dissimilar to one another, thus the "Hunting for Secret
Technologies" (be them from the past or present or future) might be
an ever recurring event here on earth, of which we are the smaller
or least relevant of the hunters. WHICH WOULD EXPLAIN WHY

So while some Vaults may be positioned anchored by high-profile
rock monuments like Pyramids, others more sensitive might be
hidden under the earth's crust, intended NOT to be found. Both

logic's may even be inherent in one single location, some knowledge
quite overt, other type of knowledge more concealed or encrypted.

Legend says that the Pyramids of Giza Complex in Egypt contained
no less than 300 "Books" of advanced knowledge, a summary of the
essential cosmic knowledge of those who left the planet previous to
some cataclysms on the earth. It is self-evident beyond a doubt, that
these "Books" were found by certain elites in the far past, and these
as a means to preserve their stay in power, subjecting the rest of the
earth's inhabitants to their wishes and might. However possessing the
"Books" might only provide a few clues, since for ex they might be in
the form of a Digital Library -or any other techno mode-, whereby one
needs to acquire 1st the technology to access the information contained.

It is also quite obvious -once you have realized what has been truly
happening-, that these elites (whom for simplification purposes we
might as well call the "Atlantean Priesthood"), decided to enact a
series of both "Religions" and "Secret Schools of Mysteries" to assure
the transmission & preservation of this knowledge along millennia.
The external public Exoteric Religions, and the internal Esoteric
Mystery Schools, are simply 2 Branches or Chapters of the same
manipulation, basically a Manipulation of Consciousness. In truth
what has been taking place, may be best-termed as "satanic black-
magic" on the part of the few who have hoarded this knowledge, &
misused it (which is simply another way of calling the misuse or
negative application of the Multi-Dimensional Science available).

While they have very slowly and gradually declassified bits & pieces
of the old hidden Science & Technology, they have done so by giving
to the masses merely a "3D linear Logic" and 5-Senses-Only Science,
while simulating nothing else exists beyond this way of thinking and
conceiving reality, and even severely punishing those who naturally
possessed a Better-Genetic-Memory of the higher dimensional and
more advanced (calling them witches & so forth).

For a long time, the only higher-reality knowledge allowed, has been
their manufactured "Religions" and "Secret Lodge Wisdom", both
craftily given in deceptive ways, to extend their top-power forever.
There are valid reasons for this strategy -not everything is "evil"
in this respect-; truth is, that large portions of the human pool, are
decidedly territorial and prone to violence & chaos & non-evolved,
becoming in fact a serious menace to more advanced peoples on the
planet-. This type of more legitimate logic, has filtered down for ex
in the form of the many racist supremacy ideologies -in themselves
a smaller isolated aspect of a much larger cosmic struggle-. But since
the full spectrum and depth of the true history of the planet and its
many previous advanced inhabitants has been concealed, the smaller
aspects trickle down in simplified to the extreme versions such as
White (or Black or Yellow etc) Supremacy or the like, losing their
original true meaning and full-spectrum real meaning. All of these
views, are nothing else then "reductivist" mantras of much bigger
and more complex struggles in cosmic terms, as advanced visitors
migrate temporarily to planets of races less evolved, needing to
protect themselves, similarly as we need to protect ourselves from
wildlife -as hard as that may sound, but quite simply so-.

The trouble of course, is when "alleged hybrids" of these then
purport to be more evolved -but may be not-, and such. Which
is at the core of the inherent derived fiasco of the "Monarchies".

We don't "hate" wild animals, there is no need for "hate ideology",
the matter is completely different altogether, and these views have
been trickling down and getting utilized in all kinds of wrong ways,
all the more as they have been applied to fellow humans, and worse,
often by humans who are clearly not more advanced than the rest,
beside shallow appearances or contrived definitions (while indeed
sometimes yes, more advanced people have protected themselves
from less advanced aggressive people, legitimately so, and indeed
they have shown to be more evolved).

Unfortunately for those ignorants who think of themselves as better,
and seek to hoard any trace of knowledge, YOU CANNOT TAKE THE
the laughs, should be reason enough to ponder this in itself is also
part of the raison-d'etre for their design...!? It is impossible to either
hide or destroy completely the Rock Pyramids. No elite priesthood
or con Monarch King could successfully do this, when the structure is
too large & its stone blocks weighing sometimes a 1000 tons -making
it even impossible to take away its parts-. It is patently absurd how
this reason for their existence has been "overlooked", when it is more
than incredibly obvious. The obvious part, that the Builders regarded
human natives as the menace...! This including all the Kings & Priests
and what have you all the same. Whereas true or just a possibility, it
appears to me as quite sardonic, that no one bothers to think of it...
giant rock monuments that cannot be taken apart by theft or hoarding.

Whether it is DEVOLVED or yet UNEVOLVED peoples, in any planet
a similar situation arises every time advanced beings have to leave
the planet and leave behind these Markers & Vaults of knowledge;
these not only have to survive natural cataclysms, but particularly so
need to be able to survive the greed and narrow-mindedness of the
local natives, who will most certainly destroy and/or hide them from
the rest of their fellow beings, or enact preposterous myths regarding
their existence & meaning. Like for ex the "official" academic fable
of the pyramids as "funerary" buildings, and such. Without exception
all of the rock monuments of the far past have been always looted,
both in their contents, as well as the way in which they are horribly
portrayed as meaning what they clearly do no mean (physically and
culturally looted, that is). "Pyramid" derives of "Pyre" (fire) and they
have been as time went by made part of different cults, however
that doesn't mean that these 'later usurpers' are the real builders;
practically all these giant rock monuments are considerably older
than officially we are told they are.