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Sitchin the 'Distractor'

Many have read Zecharia Sitchin's translations of ancient
Sumerian texts, that he says depict et's that came to mine
the Earth for GOLD -as essential for retaining their power
and Dna structure-. However, what is this "Gold"...? Is it
literally the physical powder of gold, or something else for
which Gold is a fractal mineral? Gold conducts. Gold shines.
Gold is the highest metal. So does the CROWN CHAKRA,
after Kundalini life-force exits from the PINEAL GLAND.
It is the Highest chakra, where 'The Shining' happens, and
a Conduit (Inner StarGate) is established as link to subtler
dimensions: the guarded Door to Paradise, the Lost Bridge.
This a Psycho/Sexual esoteric mystery being transmitted
from eons through "Female" (mother goddess) symbology;
the last 2 thousand years it has been cloaked under the so
called "MARY" cipher. There are 3 Pyramids in Giza-Egypt,
& also 3 Cities in ancient Assyria (Osiria) -Nineveh/Resen/
Calah-. Both the great Pyramids and the ancient triad Cities
were built as fractal images of the 3 STARS in ORION's Belt.
A pyramid seen from above is an "X" inscribed in a Square.
The 3 main foundational provinces in Britain were 3 "X"s:
EsseX/SusseX/WesseX ( 3 last initials: XXX). Even as now
XXX stands for porn, the word "SEX" is 3-times repeated
in the 3 provinces, maybe this being the origin of the english
word for SEX...? Meaning: 'Sex' (incarnation) comes from
the '3 Stars' and the '3 Pyramids' and the '3 Cities'...? What
"sex" can be had inside a pyramid? UNLESS A PYRAMID
GLAND AREA OF THE BRAIN, that is. And the ancient
"Trinity" symbology (Nimrod/Semiramis/Tammuz as the
original Sumerian/Assyrian template), actually also being
an anthropomorphic representation -"Incarnation"-of the
same. The KUNDALINI is composed of a Male/Female
dual energy that is awakened at the Lower Sex Chakra
("Lower Sacred Vulva"), and travels up the spine through
various Etheric Paths -and 7 Chakras-, until it UNITES
"weds" again at the Pineal/Pituitary, to be "Born-Again"
in a higher 4D or 5D dimension out of the Crown Chakra.
This "EYE IN THE TRIANGLE" area of the Brain where
the Third Eye ("Eye of Horus") sits, is in the "Cave of
Brahman" where the TAO lies acc. to the orientals, Tao
meaning THE CROSSING ("The Cross") between 3D/4D.
This Tao in the shape of a "Corpus Callosum" as it is called
in Brain science, is the "Upper Sacred Vulva" or as it has
also been called, the "VESICA PISCES". This Vesica Pisces
is the "geometrical" aspect of the same 'Mary/Vulva' myth.
The Vesica Pisces is there to show us how a PENTAGRAM
is constructed using only a Compass & Square, thus the
Sacred Vulva is the Pentagram, and its inherent "GOLDEN
MEAN SECTION" proportions. And here we are at the
real meaning of the "Gold" the old "gods" came to "mine".
The Vesica Pisces was reduced to its minimal form of a
"fish", called the "Ichtus" symbolizing the born Jesus out
of the Virgin vulva, but "Fish" ~ "PHI"sh: Golden Mean
section mathematically defined by the Nymber PHI.

The 2 main terminals of the Kundalini etheric life-forces
are the Lower Vulva and the Upper Sacred Vulva inside
the brain at the Pineal Gland. Thus the "Penis" is fractal
of the "Pineal", and its tip is called the "Gland". As one
of the Kundalini energies is called the "Pingala", while
the other the "Ida". So we have the "Amygdala" at the
base of the brain. And while one of the "3 Mary"s is the
"Virgin Mary" (i.e. ref to the Upper Sacred Vulva), there
is of course the notorious "Mary Magdalen"; Magdala is
"tower", but also there is another translation as 'Migdal'
or 'Magdal', meaning DOVE. In this way we understand
the neeed for Semiramis to be so associated with Doves.
Later on in christian days the 3rd person of the Trinity
was rendered androgynous, called the "Holy Spirit". It is
however represented by a Dove; this code for Semiramis,
and lately Mary Magdalen as the carrier of that occultic
lore. Also observe how the English words "-t-owe-r" &
"d-ove" share an "Ove/Owe", and relate to "OVUM",
the egg inside the Vulva (praises to the Virgin Mary are
sung as "Ave" Maria). It is simply imposssible not to
notice all the Fertility innuendos, both in 3D procreation
terms, as well as the "Incarnation" from 4D or 5D into
our 3D material bodies. Through the Lower Vulva you
are Physically (3D) born, yet through the Upper Sacred
Vulva inside the brain you are "incarnated" (ensoulment).
As well as meaning that through both the Lower Sex Vulva
and the Upper Sacred Vulva, at both terminals you can be
vampirized most, extracting Kundalini at will.

Incarnated & Born... for what purpose, one might ask...?
Enter Zecharia Sitchin, reminding us the ancient scripts
tell the et "gods" needed slaves to mine the Earth for gold
so they Genetically Engineeerid a Slave, the human. But,
if the real meaning for Gold is related to the Golden Mean
Grail at the PINEAL and Crown Chakra, if it refers then
to the KUNDALINI etheric life-force energies inside the
incarnated and ensouled human, isn't the idea behind
"mining" actually just euphemism for VAMPIRISM...?

Isn't in that case the very HUMAN -yes, us-, the actual
SOURCE OF "GOLD" to be "mined"...? And that in order
to maintain this Source of Life-Force to be permanently
"Harvested", then the Human must be endowed with a
"Slave" psychological construct...? So that He himself
"mines" within his own etheric and emotional bodies,
the Kundalini "juices" to be properly pruned/spiced &
ultimately harvested (syphooned off)...? If the "7 main
Chakras correspond to the "7 ENDOCRINE GLANDS",
thus we have a variety of "juices" that can be "cooked"
via "induced" DRAMA/TRAGEDY/STRESS/FEAR, til
they achieve the precise "Etheric Harmonic Frequency"
that will allow for proper harvesting and consumption by
predatory 4D beings (Vampires, the real kind). In this
worse-case scenario, the 3D Earth is a giant Kundalini
factory, where humans are induced to SECRETE menus
of their "juices" in both 3d actual liquid chemicals, and
4D etheric 'juices' (harmonic energies). Please observe
the following encodings {a=1, b=2,..., z=26}:

[ 73 = Britain = United = Kingdom = Crown ]
[ 73 = Nibiru = Egypt = Corner = Stone ]
[ 73 = Israeli = Saxon ]
"Britain Uk" rearranged yields: "Nibiru Tak".

We've all heard about the famous occultic secret lodge
emerged from the Rose-Cross in Britain, the "Golden
Dawn" (Alesiter Crowley, etc.), responsible of creating
Nazism in Germany. Observe the names:

[ 57 =Golden=Pineal=Rose=Sion=England=Mary ]
"England" of course means: "Gen Land".
And "UK" refers to "Marduk".
While "Dawn" means "W. Dna".

Finally, we've all heard about the famous Rev 13:18
quote about the number '666'; there it is instructed to
"Count" the "Number". This ironically reminds us of
the title "Count Dracula", so: [ 73 = Count = Number ].
While this may appear irrelevant, it is actually applying
the Mtehod we are instructed to use, to the very words
the Method uses: -"Count" the "Number"-. And:
[ Dracula = 60 = Word = Wales ].

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