Friday, June 20, 2008

Future's so bright gotta wear shades!

The Break-Up of Civilization

Atlantis here we go again. I have exposed in other media in
the past, how at each and every time the HUMANS on this
planet reach "Critical-Mass"on their thinking/consciousness,
the plug is pulled and that civilization ends and disappears.
Translated: when Humans do FIGURE-OUT the GAME of
this 3D Reality as a Vampire Feeding ground for 4D negative
beings (i.e. Matrix), the rug is pulled from under them. It can
happen as an individual, even from an early age on if that is
the case, or as a country, or a race, or any sort of group, or
even as a civilization as a whole. The Earth has experienced
MANY previous advanced civilizations, way farther back in
Time than normally admitted. But accepting them would
mean basking in the type of argument I deal with here, it is a
powerful vehicle for realizing the matrix-game. Thus the Past
is veiled, it is rendered as "non-existent", nope, folks nothing
ever happened here before, this is our very own "first try".
First Try...? You gotta be kiddin'...

The Greeks figured it out, Socrates, Plato & company figured
the whole pie; Plato actually used the Metaphor of the Cave
to describe how the Matrix works in our Brain, taken out of the
"Cave of Brahman" in the area of the Pineal Gland in the brain,
which if properly INTERDICTED, determines our "perception
and "idea" of "reality". Socrates -who taught Plato-, was given
the poison cup, and Plato -who taught Aristotle-, was a lot
more fearful and only taught and wrote in metaphors. By the
time of Aristotle, this one figured: "If you can't beat them,
join them,...!?" So naturally all theology and science since him,
are after him. Socrates and Plato conveniently pushed aside.

(1) Religion:
Would provide a communion with the divine, a better way
of living the basic premises of the Family/Marriage template.
IN FACT, cheating, divorce, gay lifestyle, pedophilia, porn, and
general distrust between genders, are now at the highest ever.
(2). Politics:
Would layout a positive and workable agreement between
classes, and even-out excessive disparities in power access
and income levels, and provide for a general peace in society.
FACT IS, the 20th century had more massive wars than any
other historic period, income gaps have widened to levels
never imagined before, the underclass if not for television
would have been in revolt decades ago, and there is a general
feeling of being used/abused/robbed by the usual suspects.
(3). Technology:
Would solve all basic crucial survival conundrums such as
food & nutrition, habitat & ecology, health & lifestyle, and
most of the in-between riddles like energy, housing, etc.
FACT IS, famine, pollution, over-population, balkanization
of societies, dramatic increase in diseases, longer working
hours for less pay, general stressed out living, are the norm.
(4). Economics:
Would create new types of balanced monetary systems,
spread of wealth, a stronger middle-class, a more cultured
and educated population with a lot of spare time, where
"fair" systems would erradicate crime and starving classes,
and due progress would be shared by as many as possible.
FACT IS, the planet is laden with rampant crime and
even apartment complexes need to be gated, inequalities
are the rule, corporations act like feudal kings and pillage
as the please, monetary currencies are always on the verge
of a freefall, and economic variables are constantly changed,
taxing the population every few years or so without even
a warning, the term "crisis" an ever-present scenario.
(5). Production:
Would alleviate the gap between growth and supportive
infrastracture, competition would forever drive prices of
produced goods down, efficiency would guarantee the best
ways of satisfying any demand, and 'life would be good'.
FACT IS, Food is on the verge of shortages and rationing,
energy prices are skyrocketing, the world by and large
is still stuck with the same inefficient "solutions" only
under new "management/marketing" dubious techniques.
(6). Medicine:
Would erradicate infections forever, the cure for cancer was
to be found, chronic diseases would be seriously affect but
only a few, and life-expectancy would dramatically extend.
FACT IS, we're in one scary infectious hell, some of those
resistant to any medicine known, all major old diseases
are on a return-curve, and medicine is still beyond the
reach of over 45 million people in the world's richest nation.
(7). Psychology:
Would determine underlying patterns/proclivities that affect
the lives of too many, unfolding an era of psychic "clearing"
that would pave the way for healthier relationships between
peoples, spouses, generations, races, genders, et al.
FACT IS, it's a zoo out there...!? Society has become a hotbed
of rampant psychos and lunatics, control-freaks and deluded
individuals or whole populations is the state-of-things.
(8). (continue to list in your personal journal, all the phony
promises and lies spoon-fed down to you ever since you were
just a child, to justify "faith inthe systems" etc.).

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