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IS OUR BRAIN "Out of Tune"...?

James Furia is one of the advocates for changing the musical
internationally accepted PITCH for A440, to A432. This is
the Pitch to which the Stradivarius violin was originally
built and tuned to. The issue of the “right” musical Pitch,
is a hot topic, highly contested. And it was also during the
Classical period; renowned classical composers were obsessed
with the old Pythagorean Mystery School, that set the Musical
Scale using a SYNCHRONIC interpretation of the Cosmos, where
numbers /geometry corresponded to NUMEROLOGY, as the study
of Fractal Resonance throughout different realms of reality
(Heaven & Earth mirror), from the point of view of the inter-
relation between numbers and how some Properties in them
remain constant (i.e. Geo-Meaning), and these constants
are viewed as the very Fabric or Structure of the universes;
but also understanding there are certain FIXED MARKERS,
that act as “tuning forks” of the entire number series.
In other words, proportions and rules within numbers and
geometry, are ANCHORED to certain “keys” (Geo-Positioning)
that act as sort of links between levels of reality. So it
is not enough to play the Musical scales to any pitch, they
were supposed to be Anchored at a specific Pitch, for them
to RESONATE harmonically with the rest of the universes.
The Pythagorean School developed the Musical Scale starting
with these “anchors” as Numerological clues, and then went
on into the relationship between those numbers (notes).
But those were the old Pythagorean and Platonic days, were
cycles of the cosmos were synchronized to everything,
through Geometry/Arithmetic/Numerology. Later classical
composers utilized Numerological clues to develop their
preferred movements and styles. This was lost, and the
question of the “right” Pitch (fixed key), became blurred.
By 1917 through 1939 arbitrarily -or conspiratorially-, a
type of “discordant” or capricious Pitch was established
finally at A440. This Pitch bears no Synchronic relation
to anything, be it Numerology, Archeo-Astronomy, or any
of the “sacred numbers” of antiquity.

Thus the “Music of the Spheres” was apparently fragmented
into non-fractal, non-resonant music. Music that plays
unto itself, but dislocated from the Cosmic Order, music
that cannot fully Resonate Harmonically to its true power.
That is more or less what the fringe discussion is about.
However fringe it may appear, it may have more concrete
effect than thought of at first glance.

Our body has its very own “Tuning Fork” located inside the
brain, at the center between the ears, in an area the hindu
mystics call “THE CAVE OF BRAHMAN”, where the PINEAL GLAND
is located. The Pineal is the famous “Third Eye”, that acts
as Transducer between this 3D universe, and Higher worlds
-teach all oriental mystics-, and viceversa. It is in its
more etheric form, an Organic Portal into the Crown Chakra
through which we exit the body. The ancient practice of
Chanting in seemingly every mystic tradition, obeys to the
fact that the Pineal transduces/converts SOUND into LIGHT.
In its physical form, it is sensitive to external light
(through chemical receptors linked to the eyes) and acc.
to light it produces several brain chemicals that basically
define our perception of 'reality' -including the brain
psychedelics and so called “DMT” molecule types-, as well
as our sleep/dream cycles. That is why Descartes called the
Pineal Gland “The Seat of the Soul”. With the Pituitary
Gland it is one of the dipole terminals where the ascending
Kundalini 2 opposed energies called “Pingala and “Ida”, end
their journey upwards the spine and chakras. These 2 kundalini
energies (ying/yang, male/female), “fire up” in sort of a
voltaic arc at the Pineal and Pituitary, “illuminating” the
inner dark “Cave of Brahman” of a light that is beyond 3D
nature. This is where the term “illuminati” (illuminated
ones) comes from. The body and 3D frequency resonance of
the earth environment, are transduced/converted into supra-
natural light that travels beyond the speed of light and
thus leaves the 3D universe through the Crown Chakra out,
connecting with the Higher Selves. Sort of like logging to
multi-dimensional organic internet so to speak, connecting
to the Source -the divine-, through the inner self, via
Harmonic/Fractal Resonance, musically patterned light.

So most opinions converge on the notion that our PINEAL
gland is under a simultaneous attack, that renders it
dysfunctional, non-resonating, bringing down the whole Dna
and Brain capacity along with it. Like a computer being
infected by a virus and delinked from the internet, unable
to properly download/upload and execute. Some say the
current broadcast and microwave cell tower transmissions,
along with the attack of chemicals that sever the Pineal
(it has been proven that Fluoride added to public water,
crystallizes in the Pineal), plus the WRONG MUSICAL PITCH,
ultimately lead to what we would label an “Out of Tune”
brain. In this way, our entire Neuro-Linguistics and normal
Language, as well as our Music and Mental configuration,
is turned unto like a psychic black-hole, incapable of
grasping the synchronic correspondences of the All-Is One.
Thus the self-centered Ego pathology (both personal and
group-collective) is born, teach the orientals.

In a previous column titled “Our Language Is Encrypted”,
I described how the English Language is coded in the 144
marker. But the number “144” is not a casual random number;
it is part of the family of the triangular-related numbers:
[ 144 + 144 + 144 = 432 ] where ( 234 + 432 = 666 )

The number “144” is one of the ‘notables’, along with 153
and 216, that have been used since most remote antiquity,
as encoded in crucial monuments and calendars, as part of
the so called “Archeo-Astronomy” fractal numbers. I offer
a website at the bottom, where you can quickly view the
fractal implications of the A432 Pitch, as opposed to the
“fractally dead” A440 Pitch currently used to tune musical
instruments. You will observe “144” and 216” etc, as integral
harmonic series inherent to this A432 Pitch.
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