Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Was DENZEL WASHINGTON in "The Bone Collector" a "Destiny" pre-figure of OBAMA?

We all know the Cryptocracy's penchant for placing "messages" and clues in hollywood
films. Denzel Washington stars as a paraplegic criminal investigator who happens to
hit it with... Angelina Jolie. Jolie is no mystery -along with Brad Pitt-, are now
conspicuous CFR / Council of Foreign Relations, bred as future probable leaders;
Mr & Mrs Smith might one day be Mr & Mrs President. Denzel Washington in the film portrays one "Lincoln Rhyme", sort of like a superhuman super-intelligent superhero, as always Denzel does. Sort of like... Abraham Lincoln... was as cult-image. No pun
for Washington DC intended, I assume. Some movies just reek of coincidence, right?
Confronted by Jolie's character with a strong attitude related to her father's
past demise, Denzel gives her the main talking-point of the movie; he himself
he tells her, had parents that could barely read -low quality standard family one would call-, yet he says he stills managed to become one of the best-read police investigators ending up publishing like 7 books, so he tells Jolie you can still have a "DESTINY", unrelated to whatever your parents were, or Dna is. If that doesn't sound like the perfect fantasy advertising for the next Abe Lincoln in Washington, a black superhero turned well-read super-politician, then I'm just imagining stuff. This film dates to 1999, so one must assume plas were already set for Obama then, if there is any hubris of truth to these "imaginary details". You didn't think only the hard-right was using mc and cryptocratic clues, did ya? I think mc is used by the right the center and the left, all the same. Don't you?

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