Friday, August 7, 2009


Are we living inside a Repeat Time-Loop as a replay act of
events that transpired in Egypt...?
Let us then look at the Quantum Matrix SOFTWARE in Linguistics, if
that is the case in our extrapolation.
(all numbers in Std. English Gematria: a=1, b=2, ..., z=26).

Emperor Constantine was in charge of enacting the "Final Edit" of
what later became the Bible, and officially initiating Christianity as
the religion of the Roman Empire, transitioning from the Fall of the
Empire, into what became the series of Monarchies better known
as the "Holy Roman Empire" of Europe -from Caesars to European
kings, that is-. Constantine claimed he saw the "Chi-Rho" (PX) sign
in the skies before a decisive battle -elefants also fly...-. The famous
PX is an occultic CODE, meant to signify the closing of a major era
and the opening of a new one.

WINDOWS XP is an in-your-face "Chi Rho" sign (PX), representing
the transition from our present world, into a "New Order". The same
major public announcement of which is also found emblematically in
the Bush dynasty, as well as the Windsor dynasty. The "George W."
code is the end of what was begun by George W(ashington), in the
way that "XP" also symbolizes an era to "E-XP-IRE":


The message is that from here on -after George W. & Elizabeth II-,
a New Order is enacted, signaling the beginning of the global "New
World Order" beyond the Nation-States.

What comes after both, must be regarded as "alien"; this is the ritual
being implemented, through Obama and through Sarah Palin. This is
the "TRANSITION PROCESS". A similar event happened Egypt in
2 separate occasions:
(1). In the figures of AKHENATEN & Nefertiti (and his mother Tiye)
(2). At the death of CLEOPATRA.

The death of Cleopatra ended "Egypt", as it was integrated to the
Roman Empire; this "assimilation" event I believe is what is ritually
being enacted presently via the candidates/presidents, the nation
states being assimilated into the global New World Order.

Akhenaten as Pharaoh Amenhotep IV introduced MONOTHEISM
for the 1st time into Egypt, from which all later monotheist religions

sprung forth; I believe the elite's "replaying" Akhenaten/Nefertiti as
an analogy, the many polytheistic cults symbolizing the current
many Nations, and the one "God" monotheism symbolizing the New
World Order with ONE central government.

Thus the figure of Obama was chosen because he is black "of Africa"
(whether this is fact or not is irrelevant, as symbol he 'is-that', and
the fake Kenyan birth certificate serves only to 'pinpoint' the 'where'
in Africa).

-Kenya representing the Origin of the Nile River in Egypt
in Lake Victoria, Kenya-; "VICTORIA" means a WIN-
(as in WIN-dows", as in "WIN-dsor").

[ "CHI RHO" = 61 = ".DOWS" ]

However, if you observe, "Victoria" is not "Victor", but feminine...!
So we really have to look at the FEMALES in politics, is the message.
Thus we have... Hillary Clinton -failed to be president by an inch,
so to speak-. Akhenaten's wife NEFERTITI then, must contain the
crucial codes; she changed her name to "NEFERNEFERUATEN",
and is thought to have become Pharaoh after Akhenaten's death.

It matters little if this is the case or not, what matters is that this
is the major association with women (whether myth or fact) as in
most prominent positions of power, i.e. the Archetype.

I believe this shift to Females, reinforces the "Transition to New"
systems, a symbol of such shift; Margaret Thatcher started it, as
a prefiguring. If we move 1+Space up in the alphabet, her initials
become "Nefernefer-Uaten"'s initials:

{ "M" & "T" become "N" & "U" }

And in turn these "N.U." initials the UN template -United Nations-.
When we look at the United States today, we see that the previous
event of 911 fits in the same Code:

[ "NEFERUATON" = 119 ]

[ "A September Eleven" = 167 = "A Twin Towers" ]
[ "President George" = 167 ]
[ "USA Pres. Barack Obama" = 167 ]
[ "Change We Can Believe In" = 167 ]


[ "UATEN" = 61 = "CHI RHO" ]

Then of course we have the grossly manufactured figure of one Gov
Sarah Palin spoon-fed to the masses, whose many codes are a clear
case of the fact she was only chosen because of her looks & names.
Her good looks are irrefutably intended to convey the image of both
It's interesting how "TITI" is almost a code for 911 Twin Towers.

Akhenaten & Nefertiti moved the capital of Egypt from Thebes to
Amarna, and this is actually the message being sent regarding the
"Capitals of Nations"; the message of an impending "relocation" of
the Capital(s). So for ex in conspiracy circles it is said that the new
capitals would be in Atlanta & in Denver -(once again whether the
rumour is real or a hoax is irrelevant, the message was sent)-:

[ NEFER = 48 = AMARNA = "A SARAH" ]
Ostensibly so, "AmArnA" is a pun of "AtlAntA" (triple A)

Akhenaten is also "Nefer-Kheperure", and this is where the clue is:

[ "Kheperure" = 107 = "Gov. Sarah P." ]

[ "A Robinson" = 107 = "Soetoro" ]

[ " A Sphynx" = 107 ]

(As to wife Michelle Robinson & Obama's "supposed real last name").
I add to last year's post on Palin's codes, the following:

[ "SPHYNX" ~ "SPHN" ] (S-ara-H P-ali-N, 1st & last initials)
[ "SPHN" = 57 = ENGLAND = SION = ROSE ]
[ "SARAH" = 47 = BEAST ]
[ "S.L.P.H.E.N." = 74 = LUCIFER = JESUS = LONDON ]
(S-ara-H L-ouis-E P-ali-n, 1st & last initials)
[ "SLP" = 47 = BEAST ] (1st. initials)
[ "HEN" = 27= CODE = RED ] (last initials)

This "CODE RED" was announced to the subconscious mind with
maximum intensity & exposure during 911 (last initials in reverse):


That this is no random coincidental code, is attested in the fact that
Palin wore prominently RED dresses; the color RED as a code/sign
finds even further reaffirmation in ref to the "HARLOT" dressed in
Scarlet (Apoc/Rev 17:4 and onward):


This psico-sexual overtone in the use of Sarah Palin's public persona
is not casual, she acts as "Carrier" of Nefertiti & Cleopatra's codes:


Her main name belongs to the 5x5 Grid WatchTower, the pentagon
a symbol of: [ VENUS = 81 = TOWER ]:

---(5 letters each): VENUS / EARTH / MARTE
---(5 letters each): WHITE / HOUSE
---(5 letters each): SARAH PALIN
---(5 letters each): OBAMA / BIDEN
---(5 letters each): W BUSH / LAURA
---(5 letters each): WALES / QUEEN
---(5 letters each): WATCH / TOWER / BIBLE / TRACT
---(5 letters each): MOSES / TORAH / TALMUD / RABBI
---(5 letters each): MOUNT / SINAI / HOREB
---(5 letters each): JESUS / SATAN / DEVIL
---(5 letters each): WORLD / TRADE
---(5 letters each): ISLAM / KORAN
---(5 letters each): MASON / HIRAM
---(5 letters each): ADOLF / REICH
---(5 letters each): BEAST / CROWN / WOMAN

---(5 letters each): ORION / RIGEL
---(5 letters each): CANIS / MAJOR
---(5 letters each): ALHIM / MILAH
---(5 letters each): ALPHA / OMEGA
---(5 letters each): ENOCH / MAGIC

There are many examples of "key" words & names both within the
power game or the astro-theology game, forming part of this Grid;
these are called "WATCHTOWER"s, because they were used by
Sir John Dee during Queen Elizabeth I, as a communication with
extra-dimensional beings, who instructed him how to compose the
magickal grids, even using an alternate secret-cipher language he
called "ENOCHIAN ALPHABET". This is actually how the English
Language was created using a Harmonic Gematria Template, i.e.
to make it "Fractal/Resonant", in other words, Holographic.

Therefore words & names that appear to have no relation between
them -or even appear in the public seen to be "enemies"-, in fact
belong to the same WatchTowers, which can be 3x3/4x4/5x5, etc.

This part of the vast hidden "Neuro-Linguistic" sciences, which are
used by some ET's to robotize humanity, and are in many cases such
a case of blatant mind-control hypnotism, that it is simply pathetic.

The concept of "Pendulum/Polarity" or MIRRORS is the most crucial
element, that is why one has to exert great caution when confronted
by a system of belief/ideology that over-emphasizes polarity & such.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Visitors have come and can come to this planet in several ways:

[1]. IN PERSON: (a). By space travel, (b). Via WormHole Portals.
[2]. AS A "WALK-IN": by possessing a person.
[3]. INCARNATING: being born here & reincarnating many times.

However, there are different types of visitors, depending on their
"Nature of Origin", i.e. the DENSITY/DIMENSION they come from;
a Visitor from our 3D Cosmos isn't the same as a visitor from the 4D
realm, different also to a visitor from the 5D realm. Thus there is a
difference being from our own Density/Dimension, as to being from
either an Inter-Dimensional crevice or another Density/Dimension.

Naturally programmes of HYBRIDIZATION render modes [2] & [3]
feasible, otherwise the visitors would be forced to be here only In-
Person, thus typically hiding in Underground Bases only -or in the
Dark Side of the Moon-. Hybridizations have been going on for so
long in history, it becomes almost ridiculous to speak of "Visitors",
when not "they" but "we" are nearly all semi-et's, combined Dna's,
the only difference being that some have more "Blue Blood" than

The idea of "SUBSTATIONS" also applies; for ex we can conceive a
civilization of origin in the constellation Draco, that is involved in a
conquest war in Orion, which utilizes Sirius as closer-to-earth port,
which in turn utilizes Saturn/Jupiter as a port to Mars (or former
extinct planet Maldek), which in turn utilizes the Moon as a port to
the Earth. In these cases, they might want the alternative of a Port
instead of coming into Earth directly, so as not to be detected, etc.
The same logistic applies to any other destination/colony they might
manage or try to come into. In any of the "Substation Ports", the
identical 3 modes apply (In Person/As Walk-In/Incarnating).

It is interesting how the concept of the "TRINITY" corresponds to
these 3 Modes: for ex in the christian Trinity the "Father" would
be the "Et/god" In-Person, the "Holy Ghost" would be as Walk-In
possession, and the "Son" would the Et/god Incarnating here.

In ancient Pre-Patriarchal times, the "Holy Ghost" was irrefutably
viewed as FEMININE ("Mother Goddess"), and the star Sirius, as
well as the planet Venus, as well as the Moon, were emblems of such,
besides the prevalent "Orion Queen" themes; in most latin cultures,
the 3 Stars of Orion's Belt are called "The 3 Mary's", while within
the anglo-saxon cultures the Pleiades are called "The 7 Sisters", as
the same thing applies to some important stars (Spica, etc).

It is clear almost without a doubt, that the shift towards a Male-Only
Patriarchal power structure, was effected TO CONCEAL & CONFUSE
turn also obfuscates awareness about the hidden agenda-.

As I and so many researchers have realized, this "Patriarchy" is but
a MASK, a public facade for the masses & the middle levels; at the
top in the elite apex, the role of the Feminine is revered & used &
practiced just the same today as millennia ago, only in secret. And
this is easily provable simply observing the places of power; the
Tower or Obelisk are icons of Male Energy, as the Dome or Oval
are icons of the Female Energy.

Not only that, the use of the Pentagram or 5-Point Star has since
antiquity been a symbol of Sirius and Venus (or the Moon), just as
the Hexagram and "Star of David" is a symbol of the UNION of the
male & Female Energies (2 triangles inversely conjoined). Thus the
very name "David" is but a mask, when anyone in esoteric circles
knows it is a Hermaphrodite magic icon (and the geometric form of
Water, it crystallizes in "Star of David" hexagrams). Need I mention
that our capital is in the District of Columbia (Goddess Columba, thus
also Columbus the discoverer), while most of our top government is
in the state of Virginia (Virgin/Virgo) & in Maryland (land of Mary)?
And our best known statue is Lady Liberty...

It is particularly crucial to pay closer attention to the word "WATER",
as it represents the Star of David and also for ex within the egyptian
and christian traditions, was revered as the "Born Again" sacrament,
otherwise known as "Baptism". Why related to Birth/Rebirth...?. As
we see below, by anagram it conceals the word "Marte" (Mars), when
we alternate the mirror-letters "W" & "M":


So that not only the "Water Rituals" of "Baptism" serve to transmit
the secret knowledge of the EXODUS FROM MARS TO EARTH -as
the true meaning of being "Born Again"
- but they also memorialize
the LOSS OF WATER ON MARS, that caused the Exodus. This why
the biblical allegory places the event of the Exodus in the DESERT !
"Crossing the Red Sea" (Red Planet Mars), wandering in the desert,
"Water" as the main icon, it all almost in-your-face tells you the true
story cleverly hidden behind the allegory: Mars is the "desert".

It begs the question: did the water that Mars lost come down to
Earth as the "Deluge"...? Was Mars hit by a 'billiard-ball like object',
causing the mega great divide Mars exhibits as a scar of such...?:

EGYPT's deserted landscape and the red rocky landscapes across the
Red Sea, most closely resemble Mars POST catastrophe. It does not
matter if in ancient times Egypt had plenty of rain, because the point
is, the "biblical" texts are intended to secretly convey the origins in
Mars as their main goal...!

The etymology of the relevant names "ADAM" (means "Red") and
"MOSES" (means "Musa"), also clearly conceal MARS as their focus;
in english even the 1st. & last initials of "M-ose-S" match "M-ar-S" !

Even today egyptians refer to Cairo (where the 3 Pyramids are) as
"MISR", and indeed in old local egyptian Cairo means... Mars! That
Mars got burned somehow is quite apparent, and this in my opinion
is what is behind the "Image of God" as the "BURNING BUSH" in
front of "Moses", the event in Mount Sinai (whose etymology means
"Bush"). The placement of the Bush dynasty at this juncture in time,
clearly intended to mean that we are at a "2nd. Exodus" stage.

It's so eerie how the name "BUSH" when moving back 1-place in the
alphabet becomes: { ATRG = TARG }, leaving out "ET" (Targ-ET);
furthermore, this word "TARGET" seems to be the real meaning of
the british "Order of the "GARTER" (TARGEr). When we look at the
RED logo of the Target stores, they absolutely match the central idea
of the Obama logo (so that its secret code is of a cosmic Target, the
"bridge" or "path" on the Target means "Rendez-Vous/Exodus"):

Now let's rewind back to the great divide giant "scar" in Mars, and
realize how much it resembles the iconic shape of a UFO, as well as
the shape of the famous RED GALERO hat ceremoniously given to
Cardinals in the Catholic Church -and part of their Coat of Arms-;
I'm not the 1st. one to observe that they resemble UFO's, but I am
the 1st. one to also relate it to the giant "scar" in Mars...!:

---(This is what Wikipedia says about the Galero or Gallero hat, do
notice that it's a PILGRIM's hat -the pilgrim means the displaced,
the Wanderer in space. More importantly, the LION is a symbol
if Mars, as the power of Mars through human Royalty, the king.
The word "g-ALER-o" itself has the word "REAL" in its center,
spanish for "Royal"):---

"This hat, called a Galero (or Gallero), was originally a pilgrim's hat
like a sombrero. It was granted in red to cardinals by Pope Innocent
IV at the First Council of Lyon in the 13th century, and was adopted
by heraldry almost immediately. The Galero in various colors and
forms was used in heraldic achievements starting with its adoption
in the arms of bishops in the 16th century. By the 19th century it was
viewed heraldically as specifically 'Catholic' ".

It's so obviously a reference to UFO's, it's almost laughable. But the
word "Galero" (by anagram: "Garle-o") is similar to "Garter", the
UK Order of the Garter (top members only), including the Monarch,
the Prince, 24 fellows, and various supernumerary members:

Keep in mind that the sign of Masonry is a "G" between the Compass
& Square. What I am in no vague terms stating, is that different in
appearance organizations & leaders, have all exactly the same goal,
which is expressed perfectly in the word "TARGET"; they all are in
the phase of enacting a "2nd. Exodus" (both leaving Earth as well
as receiving incoming visitors, In/Out), in a secret game of "Cosmic
Target", which happens at the moment of Galactic Alignment from
2012 onward. The "knots" in their heraldry logos -as Garters-, are
symbols of the SECRETS of this agenda (i.e Gordian Knots). Using
english std. Gematria {a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):


This is the real & true "Great Work" (GW) of the Craft; within the
Catholic Church, the masonic sect "OPUS DEI" presently runs the
show, its latin name meaning "God's Work" (GW). No coincidence
that the Bush dynasty carries the same exact code. From Orion to
Cydonia in Mars, to Earth... and... beyond, their 'Great Work'.

The original word for "MARS" in greek was "PIROIS/PYROIS", and
that is how the root morphed into the words Pyrus, Pyre, Pyramid,
Persia, Perseus, Paris, Peru, etc. Not only Paris comes from Mars,
so does Rome, as its mythical founders Romulus & Remus were the
Sons of Mars, and fed from the wolf/canine (Canis Major ~ Sirius).
Also the "Pyrus Cydonia" was the fruit of Good & Evil, & the mother
of all cities in Canaan was... Sidonia. The goddess Europa was none
else than the Sidonian Princess, abducted by Zeus (planet Jupiter)
and taken to Crete (in other words, Earth).

When we look into the global civilization from which all others came
from later, we all arrive at ATLANTIS; it is my contention that this
Atlantis was an Inter-Planetary very advanced civilization, and our
Earth was only one outpost of it. This was during the mythical and
godlike "Golden Age" -which the elite believes is dawning again-:


The core of all elite agendas is the RoseCross or RoseCroix or more
simply called "RosiCrucian"; its symbol a Cross-In-The-Crown; now
the "Crown" as head-dress for the Monarch, means the ZODIAC of
12 Star Signs (the 12 Apostles, 12 Knights, 12 points in the Star of
David) 'within which' we must come to the the Rendez-Vous with
NIBIRU at the moment of the "Cross/Crossing" from the 2012
Galactic Alignment onwards. Everything up to that point, just a
preparation for this all-encompassing event.

Thus there was a "1st. Exodus" from MARS to EARTH, and indeed
when we look at the latin word for Mars, this happens by anagram:


In this way, Earth (Terra/Terra/Teram) is identified with Mars, such
that Humanity (as the elite) came from Mars, that is the idea. It is
quite stunning the way we are not aware of the prevalence of MARS
codes everywhere, for ex (could it be more visible...????):


It seems that besides space and/or wormhole portal travel that was
obviously inherent to the InterPlanetary Atlantean civilization, there
was an extensive use of highly advanced "Energy Grids", which we
call "DODECA GRID"s (see for ex Buckmister Fuller's Geodesic Dome,
just an application of the same said principles to the architectural

These Grids seemed to both have "energized" entire planets, as well
as "Frequency Tuned Modulated" what we call "physical reality", in
a way that 3Density could be fine-tuned or elevated to an in-between
Realm of Manifestation between 3Density & 4Density (the realm of
the et-gods, the "Golden Age"), somewhat more subtle & superior
than our present vibrational state.

We find an impossible-to-miss reference to this, in the Book of Rev/
Apoc in the Bible, supposedly written in one "PATMOS ISLAND" in
the "GREEK DODECANESE SEA". These names/locations, are just
a quite obvious Code for the Energy Grids -the "Sea" is the "Ether",
each planet an "Island" of a certain signature etheric frequency-.
"Greek" is a pun of "Grid", and "Dodecanese" not a pun but a literal
ref to the "DODECA Grid".

After be it cataclysms or inter-planetary wars (or both), these Grids
were deactivated & shut-off, producing what is universally in most
ancient traditions called "THE FALL", associated with the loss & the
dismantling or destruction of all this highly advanced technology, its
direct result a downwards DEVOLUTION OF MANKIND:


We are all descendants of these catastrophes, and the elite believes
itself to be the most "pure" of the descendants, the true "Atlantean
Priesthood"; for ex in the Gospels 'Jesus' calls his apostles & disciples
"You are the SALT of the Earth": [ ATLANTIS ~ SALT ].

Therefore the external public appearance of religion & monarchy and
The-Powers-That-Be, is very different from its inner secret agenda,
which has to do with this highly more advanced SCIENCE, which at a
certain point in the Atlantean Inter-Planetary civilization got twisted
& corrupted into powerful forms of Black Magic & Mind Control, and
this is what to this day the elite still tries to practice at a global
scale, embedding secret Rituals & Kabbalistic codes into all major
events & all things & names of high visibility.

[ Atlantean = 88 = Exodus = Bloodline ]
[ Dodeca = 32 = UK ]

Masonry tells of a mythical figure named "HIRAM ABIFF" who came
down (an ET) to build the "Temple of Solomon". Now we are coming
closer to the "Cross in the Crown" Galactic Alignment, and all the
codes lead back to all the same myths & archetypes, the "Temple"
is just an operational symbol/code for the higher science paradigms
needed to come to the Rendez-Vous with Nibiru exactly as needed
(Sol/"Sun Template"):


Of course the last traceable source of all these secret encryptions &
occult knowledge, is EGYPT; it was Pharaoh AKHENATEN of the so
called "18th Dynasty" (thus the "666" verse is Rev 13:18, meaning
from the 13th to the 18th Dynasty in Egypt, the "666" is the Star of
David, the Galactic Alignment) who created Monotheism (its biggest
purveyors the Trinity of Islam/Judaism/Christianity).

Obama in a most open -deliberate- way resembles Akhenaten:

This is intentional, because the Ritual enacted is of an "ET"; Obama
deliberately was chosen because of his "outsider" (born elsewhere,
not known, of black race and very foreign sounding names) nature,
the question of his "blurry" place of birth also intentional, meaning
that Humanity's origins are fuzzy and hard to find, difficult to trace
and figure out.

At the bottom of this present Ritual, is the notion that the USA was
"FROM GEORGE W. TO GEORGE W." (from George Washington
to George W. Bush, just as Great Britain 'was' from Elizabeth I to
Elizabeth II presently -notice Elizabeth one was a REDhead/Mars)
in the sense that the global agenda considers the period after them
a "different phase", what they term the New World Order in full,
the sovereign nations a thing of the past.

In this context, US president No. 44 must be by symbolism a totally
"alien" figure, that reconnects with the Hidden Origin (Mars to Egypt
Exodus). While Bush was playing the AntiChrist archetype, Obama
also plays the same in ritual, as {43=Mark} and {44=Anti}, since
the AntiChrist archetype was prefigured by the elite to mean simply
the advent of the New World Order, nothing more -which in their
script is and agenda of global control via technology, i.e. chips). In
this sense, the rituals are not the "acts" themselves, but merely the
way the elite has of declaring its goals in symbols, and announcing
the inminence of such & such.

By kabbalistic method of Notarikon -codes in initials-, observe how
he 'far-apart' initials of Akhenaten, and the 'near-together' initials
of Barack Obama coincide (when moving 1-Space up in the alphabet,
A becomes B, and N becomes O):


We find a 'whole lot of nothing' in the internet about the so called
fake or absent Birth Certificate of Obama, officially presented as
born in Kenya; I am not sure the "Republic of Kenya" even existed
before 1964 (!?), but all of this is quite deliberate, it is a clear ritual,
a code, a sign. For what? For the (quite evident for those who know
geography & the history of Egypt) fact that THE ORIGIN OF THE
nations-. This what is ritually being "said", that the very ORIGIN
of EGYPT's sacred WATER is in Lake Victoria, thus signifying the
Origin of Human ROYAL Bloodlines; that Obama is Egyptian in the
sense of being a Pharaoh of "Original" blood, i.e. "Akhenaten", but
this surprisingly also involving his wife...!:


She was born:
[ (JAN)+(17)+(1+9+6+4) = 62 = QUEEN = MASON = TORAH ]
Their full names also carry the "Pi" -3.14- (pyramid) code:
[ "Barack Hussein Obama+Michelle+Malia+Sasha = 314 ]
1st. initials also speak Pharaoh. "BaracK HusseiN ObamA" & "MichellE
LavaughN RobinsoN":[ BHO+MLR = 1+67 = "A Pharaoh" ]
Now their last initials are even more interesting:
[ KNA+ENN = 59 = "Dragon" ] {KNA=26="God"} & {ENN=33}
The couple's most used names, full Gematria total:
[ "Barack Hussein Obama"+"Michelle Robinson"=333+3 ]
The daughters "Malia" & "Sasha" also carry the famous "MS" code
(Micro-Soft/Moon-Sun/Magic-Square), and their 1st. & last initials
yield "SAMA" -anybody intending to think this means they are thus
'supporters of Osama' is a lunatic-, this are simply codes.

It is therefore very clear there's a ritual aspect & a kabbalistic code
enacted by the present presidential family, nothing is random here;
they are carriers of a "Back to Origin" code, in a rather funny way
this is what his name does: { Barack Obama ~ Back to Mama }.

Through him (them as family), a Ritual of tracing back the hidden
history of Humanity's origins is acted in the subconscious, emphasis
on the Mars/Egypt/Akhenaten saga. In fact, this "Lake Victoria"
code was already prefigured via "Bush", the word taking us directly
to the fleshly encounter of Moses with God as "Burning Bush" at the
Mount Sinai location across the Red Sea, yet at the same time having
a hidden meaning (when moving 1-Space up the alphabet):

{"BUSH"} becomes { "CVTI"="VICT" } i.e. "VICTORIA"

Bush placed it in the realm of kabbalistic letters, as Obama places it
on the geographical Map of Kenya itself. While the word "KENYA"
("AKEN-Y") in itself is shorthand for "AKHEN-ATEN"...!
This researcher goes as far as stating that the Obama family is an
almost literal replica of Pharaoh Akhenaten, his mother (& master
manipulator) Queen Tiye, and 2 of Akhenaten'ss daughters, all of
which acc to him, look very similar. Admittedly a simple Google
search for "Queen Tiye" displays 3 upper images that bear quite
the striking resemblance to Michelle Obama. The Gematria indeed
proves a match: [ "TIYE"=59="KNA+ENN" ], these the before-
mentioned last initials of the 3 names of BaracK HusseiN ObamA
& MichellE LavaughN RobinsoN.

Now the history is funny, because this "AKHEN" went on to worship
for the 1st time the Monotheistic deity he named the "ATEN"; yet if
we put this name Akhen" and his mother's name "Tiye" together, by
Notarikon (code of initials), we obtain the "ATEN":


When we do the same with his wife Nefertiti, we obtain "INAN(a)",
the sumerian supreme Mother Goddess:


Which in turn reminds one of the other maximum high level black
figure in power, Mr. KOFI ANAN of the United Nations. This is a
clear hint we are in the presence of a "Cluster", or a Convergence
of Synchronicity. My point being, that this is not by chance, but by
secret script, in order to convey the "Back to Origins" meaning,
which leads to the "1st. Exodus", a reminder of the "2nd Exodus"
in preparation, from the moment of Galactic Alignment in 2012 on.

The 2000 US Presidential Election was then deliberately "wrong" in
THINGS -so to speak-, while the 2008 Election might have been
the enactment of a subliminal Ritual as follows: we have a "McCain"
that almost literally acts as a "CAIN" (archetype "Traitor"), for this
end publicly appearing as "White Man Defeated", choosing a most
blatantly idiotic Vice-Pres candidate in "Palin" (pun of "PINEAL"
gland) emblematically dressed in RED, signifying a "Return of the
Power from the White Man to the Original Pharaohs of Egypt". Now
I am only implying this is a Ritual, not a "fact", in the sense of adhoc
guilt or such. In other words, a Staged Melodrama of subconscious
deeper resonance. The Atlantean Priests enacting their usual Magic
with the world as their Stage; the goal of the Ritual to in practice
as the Return of the ET Gods of ancient times-.

It seems to me that the pre-planned Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan
(and also perhaps the previous war venture of Russia in the '80's,
into the same exact area), more than being due to "Oil", had a lot
FINDINGS IN THAT REGION, because there is where the origins
and the Written-In-Tablets accounts of the same in the ancient days
are to be rather easily found. It seems to me "someone" is worried
(the elite) that people may find out something "about" the origins.
So yes we may have an Oil & geopolitical interest in the region, but
there appears to be a CONCOMITANT AGENDA of archeology &
history, not revealed to the public.

After all, wasn't that Saddam Hussein guy building replica palaces
of Babylon and such...? Wasn't he not becoming infatuated with
being Nebuchadnezzar reincarnated...? Yes he was...! Therefore,
what was the R-E-A-L reason the Bush gang went after him...?
I believe that Saddam actually was involved in Archeology and
the reconstruction of history (to his wishes), and merely bluffing
to his belicose neighbors about bio-weapons, to keep them at bay
and in fear -so he could go on with his real archeology business-.
Voila!, it was recently found, that he was just bluffing...

Perhaps not only "historical artifacts" and "written accounts" is
all that's to be treasured in that area, but as many have suggested,
also the presence of ancient Atlantean (i.e. Inter-Planetary) ET
higher technology -the maximum booty, that is-. After all and in
retrospect to WWII, what is the REAL reason for Israel as "must
be" country in that area...? It seems more & more to me, that since
1938 on, this whole Israel must-be-a-country amongst arabs there,
that neccesitated WWII to justify it, is such gross Overkill, that at
the very least the official geo-political & religious/racial explanations
appear rather insufficient. Maybe that's why some have mentioned
the presence of a big dimensional PORTAL in that area.

In a decidely more fringe note, when we utilize the Greek Gematria
in the offhand way of looking for the "Greek Value" of the "English
Words" (as letters transliterated from English to Greek, some letters
have no transliteration), some very unusual things happen. When we
use the following GREEK ISOPSEPHIA CALCULATOR, we have to
enter in the 1st. rectangle English words (1 or many) and click at the
right of the underlying rectangle's black space to retrieve the value
in Greek numerology:

If you insert "Pharaoh Amenhotep IV Egypt" (the pharaonic name/
title of Akhenaten) it gives ytou a "1931" value in Greek; thing is,
if you insert either "Bill Gates MicroSoft" or "A USA XLVI pres
Barack Obama" it also gives you "1931".

For ex if you insert "Margaret Thatcher" it gives "1332" (666+666).
If you insert "Barack Obama Joe Biden" it gives "444".
"William Gates" gives "1430", while his 1st & last initials "WGMS"
gives "1043" (which is eerie, comsidering "Patmos Island"=143,
in std english Gematria). "Prince Charles Windsor" gives "1943",
while "Windsor" gives "1234". "Windsor House" gives "1917" , an
irony considering that's the year they changed their name to
Windsor. "United States" gives "1775" -yes, just one year off

Regarding "911" concordances, "England United Kingdom" gives the
scary "1109", "Wojtyla" gives "1901", "Prince of Wales" gives "1911",
"Giza Egypt" gives "1109", the book ofRev/Apoc famous expression
for the Beast: "Seven Heads & Ten Crowns" gives "2119". But also
"Barack Hussein Obama Michelle Robinson" gives "1911" (just like
"Prince of Wales")...!? Even worse, "United Kingdom Great Gritain
England" gives "1991", same as "Joseph Ratzinger, Benedict XVI" !

Which leads us to the current Pope as perhaps also another Code?
Back to std. english Gematria (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26), indeed:



So whenever we read or think "Mary & Joseph" from the Gospel, by
subliminal we are subconsciously identifying them as that country,
in the rational sense that they "must be" their descendance...!?

So it seems, the ancient Atlantean Priests have gone a very long way
into our current time, and still use their magic sciences to influence
power & world affairs as they see fit, but covertly.

It does not matter how far we go back int time, the concordances of
their kabbalistic tools appear just the same. For ex take the word
"UFO"; we have to assume that it is a new word, devoid of any old
connotations. Yet the essence of the Old Testament is in the mighty
TEN COMMANDMENTS, & when moving 1-Space up the alphabet
we discover that:

{"TEN"} becomes {"UFO"}

But then again, the supposed deliverer himself:


So you see, everything is Hidden-In-Plain-Sight, yet very far away
from your intellectual perception. Everything important is encoded
to a great degree of detail & specificity, both in words as in actions
or events. We are supposed to believe that when one Sinclair guy
during the Democratic Primaries in 2008 began to accuse Obama of
being gay, that this is "random"; yet when we look into Akhenaten's
archetype, we easily discover he is ostensible HERMAPHRODITE,
and this very iconic sign is what was being RITUALIZED during the
"Sinclair episode", it was merely a way of reaffirming the Ritual of
Akhenaten, nothing more, nothing less.