Wednesday, April 14, 2010

LHC update: I precisely predicted April 13/14 China earthquake

My previous post on what the Large Hadron Collider really is about,
noticed how the date of its awaited restart on Feb 27-2010 matched
the near-max intensity 8.8 earthquake in Chile that same day.

In that post I proposed that the LHC is tinkering with Space-Time,
extrapolating a "Mirror-Effect" in Time, centered at this Feb 27th
date; the previous Jan 12-2010 earthquake at 7.0 intensity in Haiti,
had to find its mirror "across" the Feb 2th date, "forward" in Time.

Thus the 46 days of difference between these 2 quakes, forward in
time from Feb 27, yield April 14-2010 for an equivalent 7.0 intensity
quake. This is exactly what happened, as the April 13/14 earthquake
in China at varying intensities depending on the China rating (7.1) &
the USA rating (6.9) -average 7.0 intensity-. This proves my model
of extrapolation was 100% precise. Moreover, geog-correlations can
be found -almost an exact match-;

---Haiti's quake epicenter at 72.533 deg West
---Chile's quake epicenter at 72.733 deg West

The April 13/14 quake in China was centered aprox 150 miles NW
of QAMDO, in a sparsely populated rural area (thus the "low" death
toll of around 400 people, 90% of houses totally destroyed).

This general area in China is the Antipode of the epicenter
Maule area of the quake in Chile; in the following Google Antipodas
Map, search for "Talca Chile", as the map shows it clearer than Maule
(they lie in the same place aprox), near south of the central Santiago

You will observe a corresponding Antipode near Xi'An-China, which
lies aprox 500 miles East of the April 13/14 quake near Qamdo. That
is a very good match at a global scale (equivalent of landing within
the state of Texas across the Earth's orb):

An Antipode is the line through the center of the Earth that connects
2 opposite points in the surface of the globe. It has been speculated
that the LHC produces small BlackHoles that supposedly vanish as
soon as they are formed, yet some contend they are really captured
by Gravity, ending up at the center of the Earth, growing up in size
to the point of affecting the Earth's balance & tectonics. The fact that
this Antipode correlation is so evident, separates the LHC as the root
cause from all other suspected, since this Center-of-the-Earth fact
is the single 'fingerprint' of it, so to speak.