Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The 'USELESS-EITHERS': an America turned "Foggy & Blue"...?

A song I wrote a while back opened by asking the eerie question: "What would you do
if the world outside turned foggy & blue...?". Even more eerily so, it was called:
"The End" ("... this is the end of the world as you've known it for a thousand years..."). It was kinda hard to relate to this song back then when things were
rosy, and it was easy to SEE the edges of reality and America. I've always been under
the vivid impression that what we called a Developed nation, is not an economical
standard, but rather the ability to SEE the national identity and purpose, clearly.
So-called undeveloped nations, actually can't see themselves clearly, and this dooms
most of their efforts. As they say, knowing who you really are is the hardest thing to attain in life. Currently, this ability to SEE America's destiny and means of
achieving it, has been lost. Of course it got lost politically way back in 1963
when some decided to kill JFK (and the string of 'eliminations' that followed).
And 2000 didn't help, stealing elections is definitely not a way of seeing one's own
future or destiny. So the neocons stated: enough of this seeng crap, let's just DO
away with the bothersome, the "Useless Eithers", and by contrast, only we will
remain viable. Didn't quite work that way. Now it's back to the Seeing business,
you have first to believe to see, claims Obama. Only belief and hope can help us
SEE again, who we are in the world and universe. However for too many, the last
8 years have been more like the nails in the coffin, and more and more americans wake up in the morning with little desire to rise up and shine. Somehow somewhere
called everywhere, the world starting with America, has turned into the lyrics of my song, and the real question is not what to believe in, or believing We-Can and all that hoopla, but WHAT WOULD YOU DO if the world outside turned foggy & blue. It is
the what-to-DO part, the trouble. What to do with politicians never solving the gas hike rip-off. As they will never really solve the healthcare issue. What to do with
a media that basically dedicates itself to sheer Brainwash of the masses. What to do
with the Sun changes that keep heating the planet's climate. What to do with the
human being who refuses to rise up from Zombiedom. Republicans sell it so easy; only we see -they say- the problem is liberals don't see. So liberals say; it is we who see that they can't see beyond their nose. However, in reality there is no "THEY"
and no "US", and Ego Separation and Limitation keeps defining "reality". We are all
one big devolved bunch, fighting for supremacy, blacks included. And while Sting
saw that there is no political solution to our troubled evolution, the only real
way out of the mess, is through ALTERED FORMS OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Sort of like
growing up all over again. Yes, teen craze flirt and all. Maybe psychedelics et al.

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