Thursday, June 12, 2008


(A phrase was lost in Part I, about Townes father sending him to a
mental institution, for not following in the family "success" careers).
They gave him powerful drugs to break him, yet Townes survived by LIKING
the drugs, a collateral damage he carried throughout life. One can't help
suspect perhaps this family was into ritual sacrifice, Townes but one of
the victims. In Part I we described "LUCK" as a Cheating Strategy of Sleight
-of-Hand, by 4D intrusion into 3D reality. What we call Success & Luck are
inextricably related, tied by the gordian knot of a Win/Lose pathological
consciousness. We can best see cheating and win/lose obsessions more clearly
in the Psychopath, who perpetually enacts rigged Games of control where he
always "wins-by-making-another-lose". But it takes a Psychic to see that
the Psycho is a predator seudo-human acting as Organic Robot Slave for 4D
devolved Vampiric beings, in order to establish "Vampiric Feeding Loops",
full of drama and pain. These feeding loops continue trans-generationally,
operating throughout many lifetimes/incarnations. Unless the human victims
wake-up and realize "The Game", the rigged psycho game, that is. First step
is questioning the nature of the game, and its Win/Lose bipolar disorder.
A Psycho is defined by a peculiar anomaly, the incapacity to LEARN FROM
MISTAKES; this learning from errors is crucial to evolution, thus the
Psycho is definitely not evolving, albeit might be becoming more powerful,
the more robotic and/or devolved he gets. So the Psycho goes into complex
and elaborate and intricate RITUALS loaded with a sense of "Divine" or
"Superior" belief in himself, due to the fact that he cannot 'log-in' his
mistakes (i.e. f*ck-ups) as "bad", but by faulty software, only can save
them in memory as "good"; however these f*ck-ups are so horribly distinct,
that in order to rationalize them, he must MAKE THEM SACRED, acts to be
forever ritually repeated, as "proofs" of his divine/superior nature and
"destiny". Otherwise, they would just be what they really are, f*ck-ups
(but he is unable to compute them as such). Thus welcome to the land of
ritual sacrifice and the sacred divine. Actually, the Human Collective
Unconscious has been for eons ruled by these notions, a Psychopath's lair.
You go back in time, and everywhere/everyone in the planet, has been
ostensibly practicing the "old-time religion" of human sacrifice, even
of children. This is the dark secret kept hidden from history lessons
and conveniently pushed under the rug in archeology. There are sacrificial
burials everywhere, massive, grotesque. It is no secret now, that most
big churches have bee built on top of former Temples of sacrifice; the
mexicans complain about former pyramids leveled to build cathedrals.
But same pattern is seen pattern everywhere. Indeed, the previous Temple
was merely built on top of the oldest previous one. WHY, is the question.
Because GAMES ARE RIGGED; sacrifical locations turned "temples" were
located in specific points of the Earth-Grid, where 4D magnetic or Ley
Lines would provide the maximum etheric "effect" of PSIONIC TRANSFER
of organic life-force energy from one to another, or from that temple
spot to the total grid. This "sacrifice to the gods" has been the rule
in ancient times everywhere by everyone, and it hasn't stopped. It has
been lately "sanitized", at best. Our religions have turned Ritual Human
Sacrifice into theologies incorporating this in other ways; the Blood
"cleansing" becomes the Water "cleansing", etc. Sacrifice of animals
is still by and large practiced in the muslim world. And all but utterly
uninformed people, know that the world's ruling elites still practice
human sacrifice routinely. But there is a long declining-in-degree
menu of sacrifice options; my point has been so far, to show how the
Win/Lose psychological pathology, is but a thinly disguised version of
the same -maybe "bloodless", but just as painful and slowly damaging,
more like a cancer than a stabbing-. Our penchant for sports comes from
Nero's and Caligula's Coliseum mass spectacles, where the only way for
the Gladiator to keep living, was to kill all others. Anyone vacationing
in Cancun-Mexico has been to the nightly re-enactment of their famous
ball game, where the losers were sacrificed. Both Religion and Sports
come in RITUAL terms, directy from Human Sacrifice, thus from VAMPIRES.
I am not referring here to the mastery of Muhammad Ali or Zinedine Zidane,
or to the Ethics implicit in religious teachings, I am talking about
what is sef-evident, that the RITUALS, are just sanitized re-enactments
of a long and continued vampiric practice of Ritual Sacrifice, where one
"Wins" the Life-Force that another "Loses". Then all this is broadcast
through media etc etc etc. All ROBBING you of part of your Psionic Energy,
by inducing you to THINK of them, to FOCUS your consciousness on them,
to even "Believe" in them, as super-heroes, as super-saviours, as super-
champions, where in reality, they have been artificially placed, they have
have been rigged to become "winners" and "rulers" so that by definition
-each and every single time you think of them and even breathe practically-,
you are the pre-determined L-O-S-E-R..!? Therefore as you believe all this
"reality" setup as such, you CONSENT subconsciously in being robbed of
your Psionic Energy -of your Life Force-, which gets syphoned-off of you.
And all of this of course, leads to the veritable conundrum of the famous
"STOCKHOLM SYNDROME", where the abused (the vampirized) identifies with
the abuser (the vampire). Because the abused sees no way-out and chooses
to "adapt' to his predicament, by siding and even adoring the abuser.
Thinking this will yield him benefits, but this is the tragic mistake;
and this mistake has to be logged-in as such, otherwise not realizing or
recognizing the deadly mistake, leads to Psychopathy, i.e becoming a vampire
oneself in turn. Thus the legend of all those bitten, becoming vampires
also. But the biting, is a Psychic bite, it's an acceptance of the vampire
conditioning scenarios, validated as "reality", and even idealized. A
"reality" you are conditioned to love and follow, to make it your 'own'.
But the Deep-High truth is, these vampire scenarios as "planetary reality",
are actually WHAT YOU MUST CONQUER by going thorugh them, in order to
learn to evolve, by not falling into the Stockholm Syndrome loops, -or
worse- not refusing to log-in the mistake that is your consent; in
other words, evolving by LEARNING NOT TO BE A VAMPIRE, and rejecting the
pyschological psycho construct of the vampire consciousness. Humanity
has to go through this first, in order to evolve and transcend it. But
by and large, the very existence of wars as industrial-scale ritual
sacrifice, shows that a large portion of humanity are in it to the
hilt. Because never as in the 20th century, have in the last 6 thousand
years more mass ritual sacrifices been enacted under the cover of "war".
The hundreds of millions sacrificed in this way in the 20th century, are
no sign of evolution.

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