Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SEX IN THE NOOSPHERE -the teen NN craze-

Old don juan's know sex happens in the brain -chemicals and neurolingual fantasies-, yet now we get to really test it, on the web. The end of "Reproductory Sex" has been 'it' for quite a while, only now we're entering Out-Of-Body sex exploration. The enormous popularity of the "NN"
(No Nude) teen photo craze is but a glimpse of future behaviours; in order to Re-Template the neuro-linguistic triggers, male web surfers are going back into their teen years, to try to reach a point of puberty-settings, previous to the after-learned patterns; this has not to be confused with Pedophilia, simply another menu item of same-old same-old predator sex drive. Because
for too long, Sex has been brain-patterned after Reproduction/Selection (of best genes for the
offspring, of best protection for the offspring, etc), after Control/Domination (predator/prey),
after Ego Energy Transfer, after Transgression (a lot of gay just get turned on by transgression), and modes of that sort. It's a very bi-polar world indeed, sexwise. The empty search for "most"
of Best-Bid (bigger jaw, wallet, car, penis, taller, stronger, best job, more famous, all those things females are by and large still fixated on, still in jungle-competition mode), has been abandoned
by males since the early 20th century (when big hips/bosom for becoming best mother were discarded and the skinny frail petite became the fave), but women find it hard to abandon their
"Bid Process" business-like attitude towards mating. This discrepancy between genders, has
caused a rift, and this rift has pushed males to the Out-Of-Body fantasy experiences, which inevitably lead them to reclaim their puberty onset reconfiguration patterns, sort of like going
back in time to reprogram a faulty software. Thus the Quest-for-Innocence was born again;
while in ancient times Vestal Virgins were set in Temples to serve the Celibate Priests (as in
the so early Semiramis days), or the "elite" spiritual traveller, the emphasis was on "virgin"
signifying "not married" (i.e. not reproducing) -virgin meant not virgin, but not a... mother-,
nowadays the emphasis is in "NOT A NEGOTIATOR", not a gold-digger, not a seeker of
best-bid for her offspring, not an advantage-collector, not an adapted-hooker. I am of the opinion the teen NN craze, is all about fantasizing about female "Virgins" not yet spoiled by
most prevailing women mind-patterns, rather than a latent pedophile streak. It is MEN
who are trying to re-pattern Women, by going back to a puberty onset time where templates
were not fully manifest, fantasizing about teen-virgin NN females, establishing an Out-Of-Body psychic fantasy connection, where No-Business of any sort can be possible, and only the strict
bare experience of "just mating" in sheer innocence, can truly begin, like for the 1st time. In
other words, if the titty-bar craze used to be a powerful indicator of the lack of FOREPLAY
and men went in to basically satisfy unmet foreplay games (and yet media propaganda kept telling us is is "women" who lack foreplay), now the dissatisfaction with women is almost terminal, and hordes of all types and age of men, are venturing into a seemingly Out-Of-Body fantasy web realm of No Nude innocent flirt, where men can still find the impossible, women in a more pristine mental state. It is ironic that females tend to view this teen craze, as something related to their body aging, rather than the real deal it really is, their mind predator style
patterns. It is not a more pristine innocent body men want, but a more innocent pure mind.
This is the "old" men find in women, that drive them towards the tenn NN craze, and aging
and spoiling of the psyche, a business attitude that has ruined mating and love. But you find
exactly the same theme in nearly all popular music since the '60's on, MALES singing about innocent and pure love or sensual ever since. Conversely, when females became big in the '90's
music scene, you see a heck of a lot of lesbian themes in the songs, once again 'all about them'.
It seems to me, women are the ones not cabable of abandoning the bi-polarity patterns, and entering the universal "being" consciousness, when mating and loving. A lot of men still find
it cool to provide for a wife or to pay a hooker, while most now are rejecting this bi-polar
psychic universe, and are seeking a more "happenstance" genuine pure experience, where
gender or age or income or signority or physical attributes are not "it" anymore. Where the
UNIQUE is the holy grail of the experience, to find a unique female, and thus to feel unique
about the self, and the event itself, and life at large. Unique here means the opposite of business and competition, throwing the rat-race mentality out of the sex bandwagon. No more jungle
patterns, more of the Cloud-9 yet to be discovered. However this is a lopsided purely male
quest, the female camp is still in the jungle advantage/survival seeking mode. You don't see
a lot of females surfing the web trying to find innocent teen NN males, do ya? Often what might
seem "wrong" in the surface, can be the sign of something higher altogether, yet unpatterned.
It is easy for society to label all teen crazed men as "pedophiliacs", while not realizing they are
simply trying to fantasize the hell away from jungle-mindset women bent on business, and in this format perceived as "old" or 'slut/hooker' spoiled. At any rate, perceived as definitely NOT pure and innocent, or genuine. And this is the bottom-line, no one even says a word about.
A large portion of men have spoken via actions; grown and mature women are not the gold
standard anymore. They are viewed as spoiled and mentally old. Enough of cosmetic surgery,
time to evolve mentally and reach a re-programming re-patterning state , is the message.

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