Monday, June 30, 2008

VESICA PISCES in your wallet
As to this very crucial construct, we know ancient Pythagoreans
had already established a [ 265 : 153 ] Ratio as to the [CD : AB ]
in the pink figure of the above link. Beyond doubt, the christian
Gospel simply disguises this reference, using a "story" where
Jesus miraculously helps the Apostles to fish in large quantities,
indicating a remnant of "153" fishes. Now:
{ (1 x 1 x 1) + (5 x 5 x 5) + (3 x 3 x 3) = 153 }
However, the ancient Greeks also incorporated GEMATRIA
into their wisdom (Name/Number correspondence). Previously
in "Our Language Is Encoded", I wrote how English is precisely
worded to contain Gematria keys (a=1, b=2, ... , z=26):
[One Two Six=144] [ Four Five Nine=144] {26=God}
[ Three Seven Eight = 144 + 26 ] -by number of letters-

The key Vesica Pisces ratio "265/153" is encoded as well:
[ One Five Three = 131 = "A Vesica Pisces" + 1 ]
[ Two Six Five = 153 - 1 ]

We find 2 further associations to the expression:
[ Vesica = 59 = Dragon ] [ Pisces = 71 = Orion ]
Incredible attention has been reserved to anything related to the
Vesica Pisces in the English language; the christian incorporation
of the Sybil oracle is well-known, rendering "ICHTHUS" as the
"Fish" name whose initials declare Jesus as Our Saviour & God.
This symbol can be seen in the rear of cars today, either with
a "Jesus" written inside it, or as a Yellow Ribbon sign for war
soldiers (in the shape of an elongated "Alpha" greek letter, i.e.
the center of the Vesica Pisces). Besides "Alpha" being the most
generic form of mind-programming, when we translate "Vesica
Pisces" into English we observe (it means "Fish Bladder"):
[ Fish Bladder = 88 = ICHTHUS = 88 = Bloodline ]
Even more remarkable is the fact that some crucial high-profile
names seem to refer directly to the Vesica Pisces. Both Judaism
and Christianity started to coalesce under the wings of Emperor
Caesar Titus Flavius VESPASIANUS. Conspiracy researchers
place him as the beginner of the project to blend the myriad of
polytherist cults of the empire, under the monotheism of a new
Christianity that 3 centuries later would be formally launched by
Emperor Constantine, as the end-result of that succesful project.
[ VESPASIANUS = "VESI_A P_S__ S" ] (fill: ca, i , ce)
Even the official location-state for the new church hints at it:
[ V-AT-ICA-NU-S = "V__ICA_____S" ] (fill: es, pisce)
Our modern day credit-card system, uses the Vesica Pisces
conjoined double-circle as its LOGO, while the name "VISA" is
all too obviously a direct reference to "VESICA", even more so:
Many codes are embedded here:
{ Mastercard = 102 = Windsor} { Visa = 51 = Gotha }
Saxe-Koburg-Gotha is the Windsors real last name, of course.
{ Card = Drac }
If the expression "Master Drac" appears a bit overly nazi or
orionite to your sensibilities, it might just be precisely that:
[ Master = 76 = Fuhrer = 76 = "April 20" ]
April 20 being Hitler's famous birthday, naturally.
[ Third Reich = 102 = Windsor ]
{Third=59=Dragon} {Reich=43=Mark} {Drac=26=God}
At this point you might consider reading my previous post titled
"Who Was Really Hitler?".
At any rate, one knows that from the earliest times, the famous
Vesica Pisces was identified as VENUS (VE...S...). To dispel any
doubt that the name "Vesica Pisces" was encoded in Latin:
[ v -ESIC - a ] while: [ p - ISCE - s ]
Do observe exactly the same 4 letters symmetrically centered.
This brings to mind the universal language of computers, called
the "ASC II":
[ ASCII = "...SICA" + I ] ( ASCII = 41 = Key )
It must not escape your eye, that the expression for "Titus
Vespasianus", for "Ichthus", and the motto of former Pope
JPII -"Totus Tuus"-, all share a common "TUS".
An occultic undertone of the "Vesica Pisces" is rarely mentioned.
Most write about it being a Yoni/Lingam symbol, the Sacred
Vulva, the geometric origin of the Labrys symbol (double-axe)
lately used by the lesbian movement -also a sign for Fascism-,
each Circle representing the Male & Female, and the UNION
or "Marriage" of these Ying/Yang and so forth. But it must
not be forgotten that there's a much deeper and easier to see
sacred meaning; the VESICA PISCES stands for the ECLIPSE,
when the circle of the MOON covers the circle of the SUN, and
the Dark is contained by the Light in the sky. Most people never
figure out the chances of the Moon disk being e-x-a-c-t-l-y the
same , much less even notice the fact itself: the chance of this
being "random" is nil. Thus some "gods" placed the Moon orbit
to precisely produce this same exact size effect. Observe:
As the ECLIPSE is archetipally seen as "THE EYE" event of
the Soul -the perfect circle of the Eye being the perfect circle
of the Sun/Moon- (and famously expressed by Pink Foyd in
"The Dark Side of the Moon" album's esoteric imagery), this
"theology" of "Evil & Good" coming into "UNION" as an occultic
"Marriage" during the ECLIPSE, has bee suggested by some
conspiracy researchers, as the real theology behind the facades,
where a master-race of other origins, plays BOTH "God" and
"Devil", extracting an advantage out of that Double-Circle
(Dark/Light) rigged position, while forcing humanity to "take
sides" on either. Others go to state that whe the Vesica Pisces
is called "The Eye" (even the Eye in the Pyramid), the smaller
ojival vertical shape inside the larger horizontal Vesica, might
be a literal representation of the vertical slit in the Reptilian Eye.
(Do a cursory internet search for Vesica Pisces and see the inner
slit for yourself).
Many books have notoriosuly proposed that the code name
"MARY MAGDALENE" (or "Mary" in general -any of them-),
is the Personification or Incarnation of the Vesica Pisces (or
at least it was the intention of the texts to convey this idea),
and we all know the Moon is the female, as the Sun the male:
[ MOON = 57 = MARY ]
The Moon's not only symbolically linked with the female gender
-as the Menstruation is ruled by the Moon-, just like the Moon
rules over the waters (Ocean is "Mer/Mar" where the name
"Mary" comes from). It doesn't take very long to actually
begin to suspect that the Moon might be an artificially placed
satellite -or maybe artificially relocated natural object-, and
the "gods" have been playing a psycho-sexual POLARITY
THEOLOGY in the form of deeply ingrained occultic images,
using the heavenly objects. Thaty might explains why the old
philosophers considered the "Vesica Pisces" just the beginning
of Creation (DYAD), a construct in a state of Anguish, and they
called it "The Lie", "Distress", and "Ilussion", arguing these 2
circles to be the image of the Conflict and Oposition inherent to
our 3D bi-polar consciousness, the DUALITY.
---Room for meditation, I suppose---.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pornography is WARFARE

Anyone that hasn't realized that Sex happens in the BRAIN
and our bodies are just virtual "PODS" that act as "sensor
terminals" for the Body-Computer, lacks Introspection and
is in need of some refinement. In India -due to poverty and
lack of food-, plump women proudly exhibiting their 'rolls'
were considered desirable, a proof of their purchasing power.
Thus "sex attraction" is but a complex neural web of implicit
meanings, where... sex... is not really sex. It is mostly the
prime carrier of EGO linguistics; the bigger your addiction to
Ego, the more riddled with "Win" meanings Sex will become.
So Sex starts as a way of calling ATTENTION to yourself, and
some push this to pathological levels. But pretty soon it will
end up being a powerful and addictive "Way of Proving you're
a Winner". Most women are still locked in the Jungle-Program
of seeking the "Best-Genes" for the offspring, which of course
is a certifiable way of BEATING THE COMPETITION. In the
Law of the Jungle, Ego equals Survival; "competition" is then
just their natural way of expressing this instict of preserving the
species. However when Survival isn't real anymore -as in our
present modern life-, still absurdly acting out this quest for the
best genes -as sheer Competition-, is a signal that a large
segment of the female population hasn't really evolved beyond
the appearances. A big jaw, strong shiny white teeth, a reduced
forehead, wide shoulders, muscular buttocks, tall complexion,
etc., are simply physical attributes that "MEAN" their man
has the best genes for the survival of their offspring, thus being
excited by this brute, makes these women a "Winner" in their
Brain-Linguistics of the jungle. Naturally modern translations of
these attributes have long-time kicked in, as in big bank account,
big shiny car, big house, fame, et al. You'll notice I haven't
mentioned the size of the Penis, underpinning of all of the above.
Some women rationalize the obsession with all of the above
-epitomized in a ridiculously large Penis-, by thinking that it is
the penis size what determines their sex intercourse pleasure;
this is patently false, has 100% to do with "Fantasy Excitement".
Women will say things like: "only a really large penis can truly
rub my G-spot at the same time it rubs my clitoris, providing
me with a double Clitoris/Vagina orgasm". But these imaginary
rationales are plain hubris, to cover up the fact that they lack
in the fantasy/imagination department, and they are actually
more attached to brute jungle survival linguistics, than males.
And the more females try to cover up this fact, the more it
becomes self-evident. Candles, oils, music, staging, etc., are
just cover-ups; the bottom line is, they STILL pick as "ideal"
mate the above brute type, and all the softening-image does,
is provide a better 'idea' of themselves. Another example
of this cover-up, is the unusual tendency of women to pick a
partner that resembles a famous actor; in their minds they
"think" this means the guy will have the psychological "deep"
qualities of the screen character, but in reality, they are just
sub-consciously picking a WINNER (picking a famous actor
means beating the competition). By and large therefore, of the
2 genders, women are the least conscious of the underbelly
of their Sexual-Instinct, they tend to "think" the very opposite
of what they are truly choosing, because this gives them a
better image-idea of themselves, as refined & evolved. This
sham of thinking oneself to be more advanced, even becomes
a fad amongst women, as Lesbianism just provide themselves
another form of "validation". Total nonsense; a heck of a lot
of false-lesbians (fad lesbians), are just terminally addicted
Ego-Trippers, acting a thinly disguised Men-Hate to "mean"
they are more evolved, delusionally so. The truth is of course,
that what they should really hate, is THEIR OWN PAST
patterns, of always picking the brutest males, as part of
their still active jungle mental program. A lot of women get
to realize this somehow, usually in the 50's and 60's, way past
their prime and practically into their geriatric years, so it is
a useless realization; 'too little - too late'.
Enter males. Most brute males are still locked in the WARRIOR
template. It's all about their penises, as symbol of their brute
dominance. Sophisticated classical cultures -as in Greece- thus
revered the opposite, small uncircumsized virginal penises, and
proudly exhibited them in naked statues placed conspicuously.
Large penises in that culture were considered low-class and a
proof of your low intellect, and intellect meant most in classical
greek culture. The Philosopher was The-Man, and philosopher
meant the opposite of an Ego-Tripper. However, greeks really
did enjoy the carnal pleasures, particularly sex, nevertheless
did it under the Fantasy/Imagination template of the mind.
Life was quite good in ancient Greece, thus "survival" wasn't
an obsession, civilization had tempered the requirements of
a harsh reality, through Thought and Science. The ideal sexual
partner then, was a refined soft imaginative type of male, a
philosopher, a poet, a thinker, a transcending individual. The
triumph over survival was evident in their penchant for anal
intercourse, sex was not linked to procreation/survival, and
also this type of sex required both extreme Higiene & Health,
another proud peak achievement of that civilization. So see,
"sex" always means something else; thus some greek males
took boys as their partners, signifying sex as an activity of
the mind, not linked to the procreation/survival mode. In
their heads this was not pedophilia, but a show-off of their
triumph over the law of the jungle patterns. Sex as just sheer
distraction, not attached to the "Win" ego attitudes; and sexual
excitement as derived strictly out of fantasy/imagination, not
out of Competition. It is impossible for me to relate to their sex
penchants -the boy thing is beyond me!?-, but I definitely find
their CONCEPT to be quite evolved.
The obsession with abnormally large penises in our present
days, is in this context a clear sign of Devolution. In fact, it
is clear that has transpired in males genetically growing larger
and larger penises. Compared to all previously advanced cultures
everywhere on Earth, be them the greek classical times, the
ancient indo-european arians, the tibetans, the ancient chinese,
the "native" remnants of the Atlantean civilization, etc., the
'desirable' penis size of modern occidental culture, is way larger,
unusually so. Its only match can be found in some African tribes.
If our modern culture of the West comes directly from ancient
Greece (and even the Roman Empire maintained this anti-big
penis attitude even all the way up to the Rennaissance times),
then one must ask about this patent incongruence. Our entire
system of Law and our entire Politics and out entire Science and
Philosophy and Art, comes directly from Greece, sometimes
even literally so (as in the "Republic", or "Democracy", etc.),
then one must properly ask the inevitable: how come then, in
this particular penchant for growing larger-than-life penises,
we differ so much from this cultural tradition...? Way past
the Rennaissance, it was still considered a sign of aristocracy
and well-being, to sport modest penises. When did this change
so dramatically...? The answer is: in the 20th century. This
reversal can be found starting with Prince Albert, the husband
of Queen Victoria. This Queen was a Freudian text-case; while
she married a guy with an exceedingly large penis (his taylor
had to make wonders to hide it) and peculiar sex obsessions,
she developed the "Victorian" sexual repression dogmatics.
But much earlier than that, King James I (yes, the one who
commisioned the english translation of the Bible), was a clear
case of a extremely debauched character, a homosexual who
loved orgies and had intercourse with his young lovers right
in front of people, often abruptly and out of context. We find
similar debauched attitudes in the French monarchies, we
all know that. Thus clearly it was the European Monarchies
after the Rennaisance, that began this sexual devolution into
either more debauched, or more brutish sex. Until we get
to the famous Jack the Ripper times, when the british monarchy
and aristocracy were suspect of being involved in highly
perverse sado-masochistic games (and the son of Prince Abert,
Allbert Victor Duke of Clarence, rumour has it was the leading
figure behind the Ripper cult murders). Then of course we have
the famous "Prince Albert piercing" of the penis, etc.
And we all know how perverse pedophilia -the abusive and
highly traumatic kind- made a monumental comeback in the
20th century, practiced widely by the world's elites in secret.
Even most religious institutions (no, not "just" the catholics...),
were used as disguised fronts for these activities, thus the
logic of the uncomfortable mixing of Education and Religious
orders of all kinds and camps. This revival of pre-classical
greek times of Perverse Sex focused on abuse and a penchant
for abormaly large penises, explains most of what followed. In
pre-classical times, a lot of humanity was involved to the hilt
in massive child sexual traumatic abuse and even child ritual
human sacrifice; this is what is called "The Old Time Religion"
as its core. This is the BACKGROUND GENETIC MEMORY
behind all brute-sex patterns. Satanic elites know this, and they
have deliberatley played this genetic memory card, reviving
both the WARRIOR and the ABUSER, into the 20th century
orgy of giant wars and systematic pornographic industry.
Pornography of course was but an expected Reaction to the
completely unnatural ways set by the Victorian Era, thus
one must also suspect a quite deliberate agenda towards this
expected reaction, on the part of the Queen Victoria elite.
Setting up one extreme to then naturally bounce back to the
other extreme, is Modus-Operandi de rigeur by the elites.
They have systematicaly done such a zillion times. But one
must then realize that the obsession with abnormally large
penises and brutish abussive type of sex, is a TRIGGER of
Extant Genetic Memory of the Human Race; by re-awakening
the brute abuser, they are also awakening the Warrior, because
both are one and the same. In this way, obsessions with larger
and larger penises and brute sex, goes hand in hand with the
mindset behind War and Conquest. Comedian George Carlin
exempified this in his observation of the Neuro-Linguistics
behind the war "totemic" apparatus: missiles and cannons
resemble penises, and Carlin went on to suggest war is but
nothing more than a psycho-sexual extrapolation of "My-Penis-
Is-Larger-Than-Yours". Quite sickly (and laughably) so.
Then society is caught in a sham game of "Peace vs. War",
where the result is rigged. Just like another induced polarity
of "Puritanism vs. Pornography" plays also as a perfect rigged
game; pornography always wins, and Puritanism merely raises
its value, it simply INCREASES THE EXCITEMENT implicit
in pornograhy. We have all been setup to need pornography as
a predictable release from the Victorian Era of rigidly imposed
unnatural and impossble to sustain repression of things sexual.
In this way, the opposite effect of desiring extremely large
penises and to wage permanent Wars of Conquest all over again
as a "normal" state of things, were inextricably tied up. The same
rigged extreme setup was imposed over Germany for instance,
when after WWI impossible-to-meet payment conditions were
setup for the loser germans, and this in turn predictably led to
massive poverty and unsustainable economic strife, out of
which "Hitler" was created (which some rumours say was none
other than the supposedly "dead in 1891" Prince Albert Victor).
Pornography in this context, is an act of Imperial dominance. It
is ot only allowed, but paid-for and promoted from very high,
because it psycho-sexually establishes a typical "Win" image of
"My-Penis-Is-Always-Larger-Than-You". Neuro-Linguistics
of Conquest, applied from the sexual point of view. So showing
off exceedingly large penises and brute sex, is a way of saying
to others, that we "win" and "dominate" the competition.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Future's so bright gotta wear shades!

The Break-Up of Civilization

Atlantis here we go again. I have exposed in other media in
the past, how at each and every time the HUMANS on this
planet reach "Critical-Mass"on their thinking/consciousness,
the plug is pulled and that civilization ends and disappears.
Translated: when Humans do FIGURE-OUT the GAME of
this 3D Reality as a Vampire Feeding ground for 4D negative
beings (i.e. Matrix), the rug is pulled from under them. It can
happen as an individual, even from an early age on if that is
the case, or as a country, or a race, or any sort of group, or
even as a civilization as a whole. The Earth has experienced
MANY previous advanced civilizations, way farther back in
Time than normally admitted. But accepting them would
mean basking in the type of argument I deal with here, it is a
powerful vehicle for realizing the matrix-game. Thus the Past
is veiled, it is rendered as "non-existent", nope, folks nothing
ever happened here before, this is our very own "first try".
First Try...? You gotta be kiddin'...

The Greeks figured it out, Socrates, Plato & company figured
the whole pie; Plato actually used the Metaphor of the Cave
to describe how the Matrix works in our Brain, taken out of the
"Cave of Brahman" in the area of the Pineal Gland in the brain,
which if properly INTERDICTED, determines our "perception
and "idea" of "reality". Socrates -who taught Plato-, was given
the poison cup, and Plato -who taught Aristotle-, was a lot
more fearful and only taught and wrote in metaphors. By the
time of Aristotle, this one figured: "If you can't beat them,
join them,...!?" So naturally all theology and science since him,
are after him. Socrates and Plato conveniently pushed aside.

(1) Religion:
Would provide a communion with the divine, a better way
of living the basic premises of the Family/Marriage template.
IN FACT, cheating, divorce, gay lifestyle, pedophilia, porn, and
general distrust between genders, are now at the highest ever.
(2). Politics:
Would layout a positive and workable agreement between
classes, and even-out excessive disparities in power access
and income levels, and provide for a general peace in society.
FACT IS, the 20th century had more massive wars than any
other historic period, income gaps have widened to levels
never imagined before, the underclass if not for television
would have been in revolt decades ago, and there is a general
feeling of being used/abused/robbed by the usual suspects.
(3). Technology:
Would solve all basic crucial survival conundrums such as
food & nutrition, habitat & ecology, health & lifestyle, and
most of the in-between riddles like energy, housing, etc.
FACT IS, famine, pollution, over-population, balkanization
of societies, dramatic increase in diseases, longer working
hours for less pay, general stressed out living, are the norm.
(4). Economics:
Would create new types of balanced monetary systems,
spread of wealth, a stronger middle-class, a more cultured
and educated population with a lot of spare time, where
"fair" systems would erradicate crime and starving classes,
and due progress would be shared by as many as possible.
FACT IS, the planet is laden with rampant crime and
even apartment complexes need to be gated, inequalities
are the rule, corporations act like feudal kings and pillage
as the please, monetary currencies are always on the verge
of a freefall, and economic variables are constantly changed,
taxing the population every few years or so without even
a warning, the term "crisis" an ever-present scenario.
(5). Production:
Would alleviate the gap between growth and supportive
infrastracture, competition would forever drive prices of
produced goods down, efficiency would guarantee the best
ways of satisfying any demand, and 'life would be good'.
FACT IS, Food is on the verge of shortages and rationing,
energy prices are skyrocketing, the world by and large
is still stuck with the same inefficient "solutions" only
under new "management/marketing" dubious techniques.
(6). Medicine:
Would erradicate infections forever, the cure for cancer was
to be found, chronic diseases would be seriously affect but
only a few, and life-expectancy would dramatically extend.
FACT IS, we're in one scary infectious hell, some of those
resistant to any medicine known, all major old diseases
are on a return-curve, and medicine is still beyond the
reach of over 45 million people in the world's richest nation.
(7). Psychology:
Would determine underlying patterns/proclivities that affect
the lives of too many, unfolding an era of psychic "clearing"
that would pave the way for healthier relationships between
peoples, spouses, generations, races, genders, et al.
FACT IS, it's a zoo out there...!? Society has become a hotbed
of rampant psychos and lunatics, control-freaks and deluded
individuals or whole populations is the state-of-things.
(8). (continue to list in your personal journal, all the phony
promises and lies spoon-fed down to you ever since you were
just a child, to justify "faith inthe systems" etc.).

Sitchin the 'Distractor'

Many have read Zecharia Sitchin's translations of ancient
Sumerian texts, that he says depict et's that came to mine
the Earth for GOLD -as essential for retaining their power
and Dna structure-. However, what is this "Gold"...? Is it
literally the physical powder of gold, or something else for
which Gold is a fractal mineral? Gold conducts. Gold shines.
Gold is the highest metal. So does the CROWN CHAKRA,
after Kundalini life-force exits from the PINEAL GLAND.
It is the Highest chakra, where 'The Shining' happens, and
a Conduit (Inner StarGate) is established as link to subtler
dimensions: the guarded Door to Paradise, the Lost Bridge.
This a Psycho/Sexual esoteric mystery being transmitted
from eons through "Female" (mother goddess) symbology;
the last 2 thousand years it has been cloaked under the so
called "MARY" cipher. There are 3 Pyramids in Giza-Egypt,
& also 3 Cities in ancient Assyria (Osiria) -Nineveh/Resen/
Calah-. Both the great Pyramids and the ancient triad Cities
were built as fractal images of the 3 STARS in ORION's Belt.
A pyramid seen from above is an "X" inscribed in a Square.
The 3 main foundational provinces in Britain were 3 "X"s:
EsseX/SusseX/WesseX ( 3 last initials: XXX). Even as now
XXX stands for porn, the word "SEX" is 3-times repeated
in the 3 provinces, maybe this being the origin of the english
word for SEX...? Meaning: 'Sex' (incarnation) comes from
the '3 Stars' and the '3 Pyramids' and the '3 Cities'...? What
"sex" can be had inside a pyramid? UNLESS A PYRAMID
GLAND AREA OF THE BRAIN, that is. And the ancient
"Trinity" symbology (Nimrod/Semiramis/Tammuz as the
original Sumerian/Assyrian template), actually also being
an anthropomorphic representation -"Incarnation"-of the
same. The KUNDALINI is composed of a Male/Female
dual energy that is awakened at the Lower Sex Chakra
("Lower Sacred Vulva"), and travels up the spine through
various Etheric Paths -and 7 Chakras-, until it UNITES
"weds" again at the Pineal/Pituitary, to be "Born-Again"
in a higher 4D or 5D dimension out of the Crown Chakra.
This "EYE IN THE TRIANGLE" area of the Brain where
the Third Eye ("Eye of Horus") sits, is in the "Cave of
Brahman" where the TAO lies acc. to the orientals, Tao
meaning THE CROSSING ("The Cross") between 3D/4D.
This Tao in the shape of a "Corpus Callosum" as it is called
in Brain science, is the "Upper Sacred Vulva" or as it has
also been called, the "VESICA PISCES". This Vesica Pisces
is the "geometrical" aspect of the same 'Mary/Vulva' myth.
The Vesica Pisces is there to show us how a PENTAGRAM
is constructed using only a Compass & Square, thus the
Sacred Vulva is the Pentagram, and its inherent "GOLDEN
MEAN SECTION" proportions. And here we are at the
real meaning of the "Gold" the old "gods" came to "mine".
The Vesica Pisces was reduced to its minimal form of a
"fish", called the "Ichtus" symbolizing the born Jesus out
of the Virgin vulva, but "Fish" ~ "PHI"sh: Golden Mean
section mathematically defined by the Nymber PHI.

The 2 main terminals of the Kundalini etheric life-forces
are the Lower Vulva and the Upper Sacred Vulva inside
the brain at the Pineal Gland. Thus the "Penis" is fractal
of the "Pineal", and its tip is called the "Gland". As one
of the Kundalini energies is called the "Pingala", while
the other the "Ida". So we have the "Amygdala" at the
base of the brain. And while one of the "3 Mary"s is the
"Virgin Mary" (i.e. ref to the Upper Sacred Vulva), there
is of course the notorious "Mary Magdalen"; Magdala is
"tower", but also there is another translation as 'Migdal'
or 'Magdal', meaning DOVE. In this way we understand
the neeed for Semiramis to be so associated with Doves.
Later on in christian days the 3rd person of the Trinity
was rendered androgynous, called the "Holy Spirit". It is
however represented by a Dove; this code for Semiramis,
and lately Mary Magdalen as the carrier of that occultic
lore. Also observe how the English words "-t-owe-r" &
"d-ove" share an "Ove/Owe", and relate to "OVUM",
the egg inside the Vulva (praises to the Virgin Mary are
sung as "Ave" Maria). It is simply imposssible not to
notice all the Fertility innuendos, both in 3D procreation
terms, as well as the "Incarnation" from 4D or 5D into
our 3D material bodies. Through the Lower Vulva you
are Physically (3D) born, yet through the Upper Sacred
Vulva inside the brain you are "incarnated" (ensoulment).
As well as meaning that through both the Lower Sex Vulva
and the Upper Sacred Vulva, at both terminals you can be
vampirized most, extracting Kundalini at will.

Incarnated & Born... for what purpose, one might ask...?
Enter Zecharia Sitchin, reminding us the ancient scripts
tell the et "gods" needed slaves to mine the Earth for gold
so they Genetically Engineeerid a Slave, the human. But,
if the real meaning for Gold is related to the Golden Mean
Grail at the PINEAL and Crown Chakra, if it refers then
to the KUNDALINI etheric life-force energies inside the
incarnated and ensouled human, isn't the idea behind
"mining" actually just euphemism for VAMPIRISM...?

Isn't in that case the very HUMAN -yes, us-, the actual
SOURCE OF "GOLD" to be "mined"...? And that in order
to maintain this Source of Life-Force to be permanently
"Harvested", then the Human must be endowed with a
"Slave" psychological construct...? So that He himself
"mines" within his own etheric and emotional bodies,
the Kundalini "juices" to be properly pruned/spiced &
ultimately harvested (syphooned off)...? If the "7 main
Chakras correspond to the "7 ENDOCRINE GLANDS",
thus we have a variety of "juices" that can be "cooked"
via "induced" DRAMA/TRAGEDY/STRESS/FEAR, til
they achieve the precise "Etheric Harmonic Frequency"
that will allow for proper harvesting and consumption by
predatory 4D beings (Vampires, the real kind). In this
worse-case scenario, the 3D Earth is a giant Kundalini
factory, where humans are induced to SECRETE menus
of their "juices" in both 3d actual liquid chemicals, and
4D etheric 'juices' (harmonic energies). Please observe
the following encodings {a=1, b=2,..., z=26}:

[ 73 = Britain = United = Kingdom = Crown ]
[ 73 = Nibiru = Egypt = Corner = Stone ]
[ 73 = Israeli = Saxon ]
"Britain Uk" rearranged yields: "Nibiru Tak".

We've all heard about the famous occultic secret lodge
emerged from the Rose-Cross in Britain, the "Golden
Dawn" (Alesiter Crowley, etc.), responsible of creating
Nazism in Germany. Observe the names:

[ 57 =Golden=Pineal=Rose=Sion=England=Mary ]
"England" of course means: "Gen Land".
And "UK" refers to "Marduk".
While "Dawn" means "W. Dna".

Finally, we've all heard about the famous Rev 13:18
quote about the number '666'; there it is instructed to
"Count" the "Number". This ironically reminds us of
the title "Count Dracula", so: [ 73 = Count = Number ].
While this may appear irrelevant, it is actually applying
the Mtehod we are instructed to use, to the very words
the Method uses: -"Count" the "Number"-. And:
[ Dracula = 60 = Word = Wales ].

Monday, June 16, 2008

"In 2050, your lover may be a ROBOT"

'"I am talking about loving relationships about 40 years
from now," David Levy, author of the book "Love + sex
with robots", told AFP at an international conference held
last week at the University of Maastricht in the south-
east of the country". "... When there are robots that have
also emotions, personality, consciousness. They can talk to
you, they can make you laugh. They can ... say they love
you just like a human would say 'I love you', and say it as
though they mean it ... Robots as sex toys should already
be on the market within five years, predicted Levy, "a sort
of an upgrade of the sex dolls on sale now".'
You mean, the commercial phase, yep? I thought
the beta phase was here long time ago...
A tiny few men do, such as the late Tim Russert. I mean,
Smiling-While-Talking. And yes, women that do perform
this excrutiating trick, display an IQ as low as the late TR.
Russert moved his head all the time as well, emphasizing
each and every sentence; women tv anchors, move their
heads to the left and right, robotically emphasizing words.
Smiling-While-Talking is actually a 'MUST REQUISITE'
for hiring women in television. But it is clearly not for men
(well, let's keep Tom Cruise out of the discussion). Why is
that, one may ask...? Besides being ridiculously dressed in
pompous 1950's "Stepford garb", why do women have to
obsessively exhibit this perpetual smile on their thick-
layered cosmetic covered faces? Let's forward the riddle
to any decently succesful Don Juan; these types have told
me that being Don Juan may be lots easier than thought,
however expect to arrive home with a severe jaw-pain.
Becase Don Juanism involves the pre-requisite trick of...
-you guessed...!?-... being able to Smile-While-Talking,
all the time smile smile, smile and more smile, smile 'til
you drop (or your pants drop, that is). Fact is, unless you
sport a perpetual smile on your face, women won't give
you the hour of the day. Women MUST see smiles over
every face, otherwise they cringe; you might me be a
serial killer otherwise, or just "men", you now. So, the
tv psychologists determined that if women MUST see a
smile on every face, tv should provide that need; since
women have been practicing this art "as needed", and
smiling to all guys they try to seduce (under the wrong
impression that males -like them-, need to see a smile.
-Hint; guys are focused on other goods...-), it is easy
for the tv industry to find the proper female applicants.
Thus every tv female host indeed, smiles while talking.
We should nickname them all: "Smilingly".

We could comfortably and safely exit the post here, 'less
of course... one ask the follow-up crucial question: WHY
is it that women MUST to see a smile on every face, to
develop a sense of Empathy and Emotional connection?
Aftrer all, smiles are dead easy to fake, like all Don Juan's
in the world do. I betcha out of 4 people smiling at ya, 2
are faking it. This chance increases if it's a female the one
doing the smiling. Like that famous George Strait song:
"...And she leaves you with a SSCHMILE...".

Thing is, a fixed hypnotic Stare coupled with a super extra
snowy porcelain unnaturally white teeth Smile, will open
any female legs in the planet, guaranteed...! Black guys
keep their teeth beyond-perfection and display them non
stop, always in the open; cause they wanna get laid really
bad, and they do know what does the trick. Any internet
dating male who sticks a pic of him without a shiny white
broad smile in his profile, is a moron. Hasn't learned zip.
And conversely, even a moron that posts a white smiling
photo in his profile, will be shuffling dates -and scoring-
in no time. So shiny white smiles are women's Blind-Spot;
that's how all Psychos have carved their way into females,
by smiling incessantly. A succesful Psycho without a dead
-good smile, is like a rock 'n roller without guitar/drums/
mike, useless. If you add a bunch of goofy bland pep talk
about nothing at all, it REALLY helps; that's women's 2nd
Blind-Spot, guys that talk crap. Throw in a flashy car and
the ability to make some payments, like pay the tab and
some good ole wine-and-dine schtick, and you're on your
very own way of becoming that mythic Don Juan. It is not
definitely necessary for you to dress cool, that's optional,
it 'facilitates' but not 'close' the deal; the smile/loose talk
WILL. It "eases" women's stress of inhabiting this planet.
They might get hysterically tense if the female tv anchor
-which is one of them!-, might be unable to smile all the
time; this reminds them, that living on earth is one heck
of a stressful menstruation and pregnancy horror. Baby-
sitting a woman between Birth &d Death on planet earth
is a piece of cake; all you need to do is smile to comfort
her, utter some vague casual words about nothing that'll
force the conversation into a "theme", keep it in the really
simple "nothing" topic -interpersed with plenty of laughs-,
take her out shopping in a car of a level she "deserves",
show up in front of her female acquaintances pretending
you're a GENERIC robot with a "Winner" carved in the
forehead (like: "Manager", "Engineer", etc. -while keep
to yourself the fact that you feel a loser) try to pay for
as many tings in life you possibly pay for her (and never
ever during a fight suggest this is disguised prosttution),
and who knows, she might actually get to really forget
she's under a most tragic spell of tension and stress for
living on earth, and dude maybe tonight you'll get lucky.
Oh.., and don't forget to replace your teeth as you get old,
they will need to be extra super unnaturally shiny white
forever, and bro, buy some painkillers for your jaw after
all that fake smiling that you'll be required to constantly do.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Who was really HITLER...?

We have to start with the case of "Jack the Ripper",
who was it appears, just a code-name for a high-level
british secret society entertaining themselves with
satanic ritual murder. Amongst those -rumour goes-,
was none other than "Prince Albert Victor" Duke of
Clarence and Avon, heir of Prince Albert and Queen
Victoria. Those were the days when that royalty was
still called by its true name "Saxe-Koburg-Gotha"
from Germany, before they changed to "Windsor" in
1917, to appease the masses during WWI. Prince A.V.
was born 1864, and conveniently "died" in 1891 (fact
disputed by many), after a big homosexual scandal in
a brothel involving some high profile politicians; maybe
1 gay scandal and 1 suspicion of being the Ripper, was
one too many 1's for the Crown, who legend says just
sent him out of the country forever in secret. This
satanic clique is thought of as having an obsession
with English Gematria codes, so numeric "signatures"
are thought to be (key: a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):
[ALBERT=58="Jack the"] [RIPPER=82=PAV/ETR]
{pav/etr: full 1st/last initials of PrincE AlberT VictoR}
Then there is the famous "Prince Albert Piercing" in
the Penis gland , unclear referred to him or his father.
Then there is The Ripper letters, with clue lines as:
"Funny Little Games", "They Say I'm a Doctor Now",
"Trade Name", etc:
[ LITTLE GAMES = 123 ]
Full 1st/last initials "Prince Albert Duke of Clarence":
[ "a PADOC/ETEFE = 81 = "Trade Name" ]
1st Duke of Clarence died in the Tower of London:
[ Tower = 81 ]

So if they secretly exiled him for being a bloody psycho,
where did he go...? This is where the rumours lead to
none other than...Hitler. Starting with a striking physical
resemblance, they look IDENTICAL, comparing pics of
"young Hitler". It is of course a strong historical anomaly
that a low-level man like Adolf, with dropout 'education',
definitely low IQ, who was rejected twice at the academy
trying to become a painter, and who came with Hysteria
during his WWI in the front, would become the powerful
and astute manipulator of masses and kings. His parents
Alois & Clara Hitler had 5 children, of which just Adolf &
Paula survived; she lived to old age and changed her name
at Adolf's request during his glory years, so no one knew
he had a sister. She worked as his house tender woman,
died without children in 1960. Was he just ashamed of her
low class, or was she a SIGN his family did not match his
supposed Fuhrer persona, so he hid her...? Their parents
died in 1903 and 1907, Adolf did not register for military
service in 1909, it took 4 years for authorities to catch up
with him. It is unkown where he was, and scanty facts
speak of him showing odd behaviour, depression, crying
looking at the wall. Adolf visited Liverpool in his youth,
had a british cousin/nephew (William Patrick) there. To
make matters worse, there are also strong rumours the
"original" Adolf was actually Baron Rothschild's bastard
grandson, as his grandma was a house/slave of his, and
it is well known he abused her during her entire life.
When during WWI the SS Office of Genealogical Research
decided to propagandize about the nazi leaders glorious
"aryan genetic roots", in shock they discovered this, and
promptly retrieved the project (it meant Adolf was jew).
This 'dark secret' has been cited to explan his hatred for
jews, as psychological projection. However since Hitler's
body "was never found", there is no way to look for DNA
evidence of him traced to the Prince Albert lineage. See?
This would explain -conspiriologists say-, why he could
just not die like everyone else, and some say he never did
die in 1945, but retired to idyllic Bariloche-Argentina, so
beautifully similar to his beloved Bavarian Alps, under the
known protection of Juan Peron (1946 to 1952 and on).

So goes the CASE OF A SUBSTITUTION, where exiled
heir to the british crown Prince Albert Victor assumes the
identity of one obscure irrelevant Adolf Hitler, chosen not
only based on his name, but on the Rothschild 'dark' blood
lineage (illuminati top players often have bastard offspring
that they place high in "opposite camps", so they control all
sides of every artificially created conflict). Thus Adolf and
Eva Braun did not have offspring neither, that would give
away Dna evidence as well. A strange case of... Zero Dna!?
So the story goes, in Nov 18-1908, young Adolf left his old
address without a forwarding address; enter the famous
"lost years of Adolf". Rumour goes exiled Prince Albert
Victor had been studying Architecture in the meantime
-as it was one of his passions-, thus this would also explain
the inexplicable, that acc. to none other than master architect
of the 3rd Reich -Albert Speer-, Hitler was a "good architect"
(in his own words). How come? Unless he was Prince Albert
student of Architecture of course. He and Speer would go on
to re-design Berlin, a habit still continued up until his very
"death"; models of their majestic urban/arch plans have been
reconstructed, and they are pretty darn good. Never mind
how an obscure low IQ low-class abnormal depressive guy
without any formal education could have achieved such...
Hitler painted as well, and eerily both Arch. & Painting are
2 passions of one Prince Charles. Paula H. had no contact
with Adolf during is 'alone' years and military career; she met
him again in Vienna in the 1920's. During official 12 July '45
interrogation by the allies, she declared: "I never saw him
from 1908 until 1921 (that's 13 years, and she was the only
relative that could identify him). And he added: "I did not
recognize him at first when he walked into the house". Was
she aware he was NOT the original "Adolf". It appears so;
until 2005 it was thought she was a bystander in the nazi
period, only relation to Adolf being her working as his maid
at first, and then he got her a job as secretary in a military
hospital (he gave her their father's military pension as well,
that he had lived-off during his 'alone' years, it was quite a
decent wage). However only in 2005 it was revealed she had
been engaged to one of the most notorious euthanasia doctors,
Dr. Erwin Jekelius, but Adolf did not allow her to marry him.
Docs that prove this are suspected of being fake, but there is
something funky with her "innocent" story. At any rate Adolf
gave the name "Frau Wolf(f)" for her to use per life. And yes,
her own vagaries after her mother's death (1909), are unkown.
Why would anybody forge her docs? Distraction of the truth?
[Paula Hitler=123=Prince Albert=Duke of Clarence]
Did this numerological coincidence keep her alive?

Now on Queen Victoria's side, the british dynasty name is
Was this numerology the reason to choose "Adolf Hitler"
as identity-theft victim on the part of a numbers obsessed
Albert Victor? Let's keep in mind that also there is a Rhyme
relation, as: "r-I-pp-ER" rhymes with "h-I-tl-ER".
And then of course the famous legend of Hitler having been
bisexual in his lost years, a rumour than continued on during
his glory years as Fuhrer, the other nazi leaders nicknamed
his former jail partner after the Putsch (Rudolph Hess)
"Frau Hess" -Mrs. Hess-', for this reason. Psychological
studies conducted by allied intelligence services on Hitler,
state that he had a sexual perversion, wanting to see (and
else) defecate a young woman. The urban lore about Hitler's
lost years in total debauchery, is well-known. The point is,
this woud match a debauched Albert Victor's personality,
both sexually, and his lust for blood. If there's any truth to
any of this, naturally. But other "clues" can be found.

We observe the ritual codename "RIPPER" contains an
all-too-obvious giveaway clue "PR" (PR-ince), whereas the
other "Adolf Hitler" of alleged identity-theft, was born in
April 20: ""a-PR-il". Hitler's birthday was lavishly & ritually
celebrated each year, with famous international dignataries
always invited ceremonially, including Vatican top envoys.
You'll also notice the name for his book "Mein Kampf":
[ MEIN = 41 = DUKE ]
Particularly revealing is the last name he chose her sister
to change to -"Wolf(f)": [ WOLF = 56 = APRIL ]. While
on the other hand he chose for sole partner "Eva Braun":
"Alois" being Adolf''s father. Also eeringly plausible as
another reason to riskily let Paula Hitler live on:
[ PAULA = 51 = GOTHA ]
Prince Albert Victor's last name: "Saxe-Koburg-Gotha".

Besides this, as the "Branau" location-name became then
later a nazi term (New Branau, etc) -for Eva Braun-one
may also conclude the real reason he chose her as partner:
So a distinct picture begins to emerge of this identity-theft
scenario as quite plausible, with Albert Victor methodically
and obsessivelly/ritually laying out all the proper clues his
royal dignity wold merit, for posterity and for enjoyment of
the secret elite. And last -but not least-, the also inexplicable
anomaly of Hitler always carrying in his hand a WHIP; it was
actually a dog-whip, and this could have been a clue as to his
royal former british hunting days, as well as a pun for his
sado-masoquistic excesses. Did the Ripper disguise his knife
inside a dog-whip...? Do the numbers again:
Yes, it helps to observe, reversing "56" to "65" (mirror No.):
[ 65 = PRINCE ]

Saturday, June 14, 2008


The Power-Play elites of the globe, are backed by millenia
of methodic "construction" of archetypal cultural Templates
trickling-down as Monarchies, Esoteric Mystery Schools,
public-open Religions, Races, Traditions, Folklore, Art, and
what-have-you, all seemingly APPARENTLY "different",
and "opposed" to each other, all vying for "Supremacy". Yet
all tied up in the same WAR knot, all justifications for Divide-
and-Conquers, as a "rationale" for permanent "war" and
slaughter and tragedy/pain/drama/intrigue/stress, as but
thinly and cleverly disguised Ritual Human Sacrifice. The
Russian and Chinese "revolutions" slaughtered dozens of
millions, and tortured many millions. Cause you see, as long
as there are "enemies" out there, "opposed" to your reign
"order", you are "perfectly justified" in enacting all atrocities,
aren't ya?. All repressive institutions find justification in the
"need for secrecy" and in existence of "dangerous enemies".
The Bogey-Man scam has a really long history.
BUT IN CLOSER INSPECTION, research on both ancient
history and present conspiracy, without a doubt shows that
behind the apparent figures of different opposed camps, they
all stem from the same sources, and most often are indeed
working together at the Apex point of the pyramids (behind
the public facades, that is). At best, we have a case of inner
"Turf War".
Take the case of the Apocalypse/Revelation prophetic stream.
This book is all-too-obviously just an edit of a much larger
extant ancient greek Mystery School tradition based on the
practice of a Linguistic/Numeric/Geometrical integrated
fractal and advanced science called Gematria. But of course
this is impossible -see?-, since all the elite sponsored academia
forces us to believe that we are the "only" advanced civilization
in history. Pigs fly too. Yet is is self-evident that Gematria and
Kabbalah and Sanskrit, etc, were all extant remnants of a much
more advanced Neuro-Linguistic science, like scattered and
fragmented pieces of broken pottery, like a splintered maze.
The obsession of the esoteric elites with the idea of "TEMPLE"
(re-constructing The Temple), is but a glimpse into their clear
understanding of this devolved process in reverse; what they
are talking in symbols, is about rebuilding the original complete
TEMPLATE, of the previous more advanced science/technology.
Different races and esotericisms and religions and traditions,
simply hold certain "Pieces of the Puzzle", of the broken Original
Template. The Unifying agenda of re-constructing the Template,
has been symbolized in the figure of the SUN CIRCLE.
Solomon Temple means SUN TEMPLATE (Sol is Sun); thus we
have the hidden "theology" of a secret astrological "Sun Cult"
behind practically every religion that exists. In some traditions
the CIRCLE takes is complementary form -the SQUARE-, thus
we have Masonry based on the "Quadrature of the Circle and
the Square", expressed in their Logo of the "Compass & Square".
Which also express the Ying-Yang, Male-Female energy polarity,
as well as the Union of Eastern and Western schools of mystery.
The "G" at the center of the logo is not "Gnosis" as claimed, but
is is a fractal for Geo/Geometry/Gematria/Gland. The Template
"re-configured" in the brain's Pineal Gland, as on the Globe.
Ritually as a copy of the pharaonic Egyptian Head-dress, with
a prominent small Cobra at the center of the forehead, the
"Third Eye" of the Pineal Gland, linked through a "wearable"
implied as a direct crystal connect with the reptilian ORION
origin (Ori-Gen, Orion Genesis/Gen-Isis).
The search for the Template is but merely a hunt for disappeared
ancient lost technologies that provide this link to higher realities.
Now what do you think we are doing messing ourselves in areas
so far away as Israel/Afghanistan/Irak and soon Iran...? Both
erasing all evidence of the unifying origin of all "opposed camps"
-to preserve and maintain the current scams and status quo-,
and searching for advanced ancient technology, particularly the
famous StarGate portals of that area. The Knight Templars
already "cleaned"/wiped out most compromising evidence of the
origins of modern western traditions and religion, out of Jerusalem
and its vicinities during the Medieval Age, and this was the real
motive-agenda for the Crusades, besides recovering technology.
The all powerful creators of modern banking -Knight Templars-,
were intensely hated by the french aristocracy, after they were
discovered in many ocassions secretly meeting with the muslim
"enemy" in the course of the Crusades. The game was over, the
scam exposed, so the Vatican "dissolved" them -which they did
NOT-, they merely relocated to both Scotland, and the Caribbean
(supposedly America wasn't "discovered" yet), and it was from this
last post, that they created the vast "pirate" enterprise (PI Code),
with their skull & bones forming an "X" (CROSS code). But by
then, the Knight Templars had slowly and gradually conspired &
succeeded in morphing a great part of Christianity into a blended
or "Syncretic" mix of muslim/christian (Syncretism is the name
for this process). Thus al kinds of muslim iconography & rituals
began to appear in Europe's religion. Veils for sacred women and
nuns, Towers in churches, Bells ringing for prayer or service, an
emphasis in Repetitive obsessive drone-prayer, strong supression
of secular women and sexuality, a rigid and angry God that justifies
murder and war (jihad), etc etc etc. All these aspects were brought
in by the Templars and their many secret agreements with the
Oriental Mystery Schools, as to allow for invasions of Europe and
so forth, for this Syncretic process to coalesce.
Here & there, little snippets of scattered pieces of evidence of the
COMMON SOURCE of the Apocalyptic tradition, emerge, after the
painstaking Erasure effected by the Inquisition. Some revealing
tiny fragments survive; for example the "Apocalypse of John the
Divine" (Boof of Revelation in the Bible), was supposedly written
in the "Dodecanese (Aegean) Sea" greek Patmos Island. But
this is secret-speak for the "DODECA GRID" of the earth, and I
already showed: [PATMOS ISLAND = DOS LAN ISP ATM].
It's all advanced Code-Instructions for re-building technology.
The initials form "PI" (Pineal/Pyramid, the former old Centers
for Pineal/Dna Attunement by Harmonic Resonance -"Atonement"
as rendered in symbolic 'religion'-). The "Ankh" and the "Pillar of
Djed" were part of this ancient advanced technology. Yet there is
more to the selection of "Patmos Island" as supposed writing
location for the Book of Rev.; some muslim theologians have
declassified that in their secret inner teachings, they hold that
Patmos Island was a center for GENETIC ENGINEERING aprox
6 THOUSAND YEARS AGO. And they secretly teach that the
"White Man" was genetically engineered there at that time. So
I guess I come from Patmos Island... being a "whitey". Now this
is the real secret origin of the secular "Island of Dr. Moreau",
written by a guy certainly in-the-know in elite esoteric circles.
How come then, a tiny speck of an island part of a cluster in the
irrelevant Aegean Sea -called "Patmos Island", ends up showing
up so c-r-u-c-i-a-l-l-y in the "opposed camps" of the muslim
and christian religions...? Of course each camp secretly holds some
keys and codes for what's behind the supposed importance of
the location, while you & me regular folk will n-e-v-e-r get to
figure out the whole-pie, as the elite that controls both camps do.
Until the internet came, and information and knowledge was easily
spread, and a lot of these "opposed camp" secrets began to spill out.

IS OUR BRAIN "Out of Tune"...?

James Furia is one of the advocates for changing the musical
internationally accepted PITCH for A440, to A432. This is
the Pitch to which the Stradivarius violin was originally
built and tuned to. The issue of the “right” musical Pitch,
is a hot topic, highly contested. And it was also during the
Classical period; renowned classical composers were obsessed
with the old Pythagorean Mystery School, that set the Musical
Scale using a SYNCHRONIC interpretation of the Cosmos, where
numbers /geometry corresponded to NUMEROLOGY, as the study
of Fractal Resonance throughout different realms of reality
(Heaven & Earth mirror), from the point of view of the inter-
relation between numbers and how some Properties in them
remain constant (i.e. Geo-Meaning), and these constants
are viewed as the very Fabric or Structure of the universes;
but also understanding there are certain FIXED MARKERS,
that act as “tuning forks” of the entire number series.
In other words, proportions and rules within numbers and
geometry, are ANCHORED to certain “keys” (Geo-Positioning)
that act as sort of links between levels of reality. So it
is not enough to play the Musical scales to any pitch, they
were supposed to be Anchored at a specific Pitch, for them
to RESONATE harmonically with the rest of the universes.
The Pythagorean School developed the Musical Scale starting
with these “anchors” as Numerological clues, and then went
on into the relationship between those numbers (notes).
But those were the old Pythagorean and Platonic days, were
cycles of the cosmos were synchronized to everything,
through Geometry/Arithmetic/Numerology. Later classical
composers utilized Numerological clues to develop their
preferred movements and styles. This was lost, and the
question of the “right” Pitch (fixed key), became blurred.
By 1917 through 1939 arbitrarily -or conspiratorially-, a
type of “discordant” or capricious Pitch was established
finally at A440. This Pitch bears no Synchronic relation
to anything, be it Numerology, Archeo-Astronomy, or any
of the “sacred numbers” of antiquity.

Thus the “Music of the Spheres” was apparently fragmented
into non-fractal, non-resonant music. Music that plays
unto itself, but dislocated from the Cosmic Order, music
that cannot fully Resonate Harmonically to its true power.
That is more or less what the fringe discussion is about.
However fringe it may appear, it may have more concrete
effect than thought of at first glance.

Our body has its very own “Tuning Fork” located inside the
brain, at the center between the ears, in an area the hindu
mystics call “THE CAVE OF BRAHMAN”, where the PINEAL GLAND
is located. The Pineal is the famous “Third Eye”, that acts
as Transducer between this 3D universe, and Higher worlds
-teach all oriental mystics-, and viceversa. It is in its
more etheric form, an Organic Portal into the Crown Chakra
through which we exit the body. The ancient practice of
Chanting in seemingly every mystic tradition, obeys to the
fact that the Pineal transduces/converts SOUND into LIGHT.
In its physical form, it is sensitive to external light
(through chemical receptors linked to the eyes) and acc.
to light it produces several brain chemicals that basically
define our perception of 'reality' -including the brain
psychedelics and so called “DMT” molecule types-, as well
as our sleep/dream cycles. That is why Descartes called the
Pineal Gland “The Seat of the Soul”. With the Pituitary
Gland it is one of the dipole terminals where the ascending
Kundalini 2 opposed energies called “Pingala and “Ida”, end
their journey upwards the spine and chakras. These 2 kundalini
energies (ying/yang, male/female), “fire up” in sort of a
voltaic arc at the Pineal and Pituitary, “illuminating” the
inner dark “Cave of Brahman” of a light that is beyond 3D
nature. This is where the term “illuminati” (illuminated
ones) comes from. The body and 3D frequency resonance of
the earth environment, are transduced/converted into supra-
natural light that travels beyond the speed of light and
thus leaves the 3D universe through the Crown Chakra out,
connecting with the Higher Selves. Sort of like logging to
multi-dimensional organic internet so to speak, connecting
to the Source -the divine-, through the inner self, via
Harmonic/Fractal Resonance, musically patterned light.

So most opinions converge on the notion that our PINEAL
gland is under a simultaneous attack, that renders it
dysfunctional, non-resonating, bringing down the whole Dna
and Brain capacity along with it. Like a computer being
infected by a virus and delinked from the internet, unable
to properly download/upload and execute. Some say the
current broadcast and microwave cell tower transmissions,
along with the attack of chemicals that sever the Pineal
(it has been proven that Fluoride added to public water,
crystallizes in the Pineal), plus the WRONG MUSICAL PITCH,
ultimately lead to what we would label an “Out of Tune”
brain. In this way, our entire Neuro-Linguistics and normal
Language, as well as our Music and Mental configuration,
is turned unto like a psychic black-hole, incapable of
grasping the synchronic correspondences of the All-Is One.
Thus the self-centered Ego pathology (both personal and
group-collective) is born, teach the orientals.

In a previous column titled “Our Language Is Encrypted”,
I described how the English Language is coded in the 144
marker. But the number “144” is not a casual random number;
it is part of the family of the triangular-related numbers:
[ 144 + 144 + 144 = 432 ] where ( 234 + 432 = 666 )

The number “144” is one of the ‘notables’, along with 153
and 216, that have been used since most remote antiquity,
as encoded in crucial monuments and calendars, as part of
the so called “Archeo-Astronomy” fractal numbers. I offer
a website at the bottom, where you can quickly view the
fractal implications of the A432 Pitch, as opposed to the
“fractally dead” A440 Pitch currently used to tune musical
instruments. You will observe “144” and 216” etc, as integral
harmonic series inherent to this A432 Pitch.
[ ]

Friday, June 13, 2008

The trouble with Future-Shock

Is that most people are utterly unable to figure the more-advanced. In
their heads, most folks tend to visualize extensions of the same-level
Technology or conceptual knowledge we possess today, simply
adorning it, like in those old sci-fi B movies. However more advanced
technologies and knowledge, actually mean LESS of what we now call
“technology”. The more advanced a civilization gets, the more “magic”
it becomes in relation to the previous. Our current mass-industrial
polluting ways, are not necessarily “advanced“. So for example everyone
has heard of previous more advanced civilizations, mainly as Atlantis
in the Atlantic Ocean, and Mu in the Pacific Ocean, that legend says
collapsed and disappeared. That makes for double-trouble; on top of
trying to imagine a type of Harmonic Resonance technology, folk
have to try to imagine a Past more advanced, when official education
and religion have indoctrinated them into believing we are the “first”
civilization on Earth with some minimally advanced level. If you go
to YouTube and search for “CARL MUNCK”, you’ll find more advanced
former knowledge about the earth grid and harmonic positioning, that
on the surface sounds “retro” or plain weird. Yet he is talking about
a science of Harmonic/Fractal Encoding Global Positioning related
to the Energy Grids, through stone monuments that used “INCLUSIVE”
layers of meaning -all recursive unto the monument-, both mathematically
precise and symbolically accurate in fractal language of codes. There is
little doubt these techniques were indeed used to determine exact
position of the monuments, and their shapes and main features, sort of like
4D Mystic-Art meets High-Tech Harmonic Resonance science. This type
of ‘all inclusive’ or ‘cascading’ simultaneous conceptual construction,
still escapes the imagination of most people, who think erroneously “more
advanced” means more material -more 3D-, when in fact it means the
Opposite -more 4D-, more etheric, more “magic” from our perspective.
Thus these civilizations will leave behind less “footprints” in the way we
think those footprint will be (in our petty little B-movie minds), while at
The same leave other type of monument footprints, which our official
Lying or demented academia keeps teachings, were only “funerary
buildings”. Sick bag please, too much Planet of the Apes mentality...

The real "Da Vinci" Code; Book of Rev as Blueprint

The idea that the Book of Revelation is not so much prophecy but rather a
Blueprint or instructional Agenda to enact, has been growing in interest.
This in part became more obvious as research shifted from the traditional
Symbolic Interpretation methods, to linguistic GEMATRIA ENCODING
-and in modern English, that is-. Even before we open the book itself, the
‘outside’ keywords are evidently encoded. Supposedly written by a “John
The Divine” in “Patmos Island” in the Aegean Sea (a=1, b=2, …, z=26):
[ JOHN = 47 = Beast ]
The initials to “Patmos Island” are “PI” (like the number Pi=3.14...)
More strikingly so, it’s easy to spot the “ATM” in it, but rearranging letters:
One begins to get the eerie feeling, that perhaps the capricious choosing of the
4 famous acronyms of the computer/internet age, was done secretly different.
---“DOS”: is the “Win-Dos” of most computers (Driver Operating System)
---”LAN”: is the computer network (Linear Aggregated Network)
---”ISP”: is the web (Internet Service Provider)
---”ATM”; is electronic money (Automatic Transfer Machine)
The name of the book in transliterated greek is “Apocalipsis”, or most often
rendered English version “Apocalypse”, commonly known as “Revelation”:
But if we go to the most famous Chapter 13 Verse 18 (called ‘Rev 13:18‘):
[ ID = 13] while [ HEAD = 18 ]
So that the very content of that crucial ‘666’ passage -that an Id track mark is
to be placed in the head-, is already encrypted in the Chapter/Verse numbers.
Furthermore, {Rev=45} reducing (4+5=9=I), therefore:
[ REV 13;18] is elemental code for [ I M R ]
This is all too-evidently code for the original “Beast” figure, “NIMROD”, the
so-called 1st King of the Earth in Babylonia, the origin of all Mystery Religion,
Nimrod is ORION, as he is called “The Mighty Hunter” in the Bible itself, as
ORION is the Great Hunter. Albert Mackey in “History of Freemasonry” says
that “The legend of the Craft in the Old Constitutions refers to NIMROD as
One of the Founders of Freemasonry”. Nimrod was the head in the original
Trinity: “Nimrod (Father) Semiramis (Mother) Tammuz” (Son) in the oldest
trace of that religious concept. Later on as Women were suppressed the Mother
Goddess as Semiramis, was changed to the “Holy Spirit” (no gender). This
Holy Ghost concept emanated from the Kabbalistic “Shekinah”, although in
Kabbalah this SHE-KINAH was still Feminine. “Nimrod” of course is Proto-
Type of the much later Roman Emperor “Nero”, who was the original ‘666’
Name/Number (his letters in Hebrew yield 666 and/or 616), but the oldest
archetype or cast, was definitely NIMROD. Thus Nimrod is the Agenda, to
“resurrect” the ancient NIMROD in his full power, when he was the “Hunter
of Souls” (the great vampire), as the Bible describes him. NIMROD/ORION
Therefore, is the “Beast” that “Was, Is Not, but Will Ascend from the Abyss”.
and the real agenda is the RETURN OF NIMROD’s high-tech empire, where
Vampirism takes a mass-scale industrial technocratic form.
[ MASONRY = “NYMRO.” (Nimrod Assyria)
As to the suppressed Mother-Goddes aspect of the original Trinity, that is the
“3 Mary’s”, as the 3-Stars in Orion’s Belt are called in most regions of the
Earth. Robert Bauval discovered that the 3 Pyramids in Giza, are a ground
Mirror of Orion’s Belt in the sky. However, also in Assyria the 3 famous
ancient cities of “Calah Resen Niniveh”, were also a mirror of Orion’s Belt.
Orion has been syndicated as the origin of the ShapeShifter vampiric beings.
REV 13;18 consists of 2 conjoined ciphers:
[ 666 = 234 + 432 ]
---“234” is the Gematria number for the “Beast of the Sea”
---”432” is the Gematria number of the 2-Horns of the “Beast of the Earth”
THE BEAST OF THE EARTH is a “Father” and a “Son”.
Because the “666” cipher is archetype of the TRINITY.
So you have a “Father”/”Son”/”Mother”.
The name “MARY” comes from “MAR” (Sea). The city named “Cairo” in
Egypt where the Giza pyramids are located, means “MARS”.
European Monarchies originate in the MEROVINGIAN dynasty (aprox 500
AD), as one historical Merovech who legend syas was a Hybrid son of a SEA
Monster called the Quinotaur (quino~pentagram) and a woman -“Mer” is
French for “Mar” (Sea)-. Behind the scenes, the secret alliance between
Religion and Monarchy, was affirmed by a false parallel legend, that of a
Descendance from Jesus and Mary Magdalene, who became the Merovingian
Kings, and later the kings of most European countries, “The Divine” kings.
Thus the code implicit in the “John The Divine” supposed author of the Book
Of Revelation. This lie was sheer propaganda to anoint them as rulers forever.
And this monarchic propaganda is to this day still spread in “The Da Vinci Code”.
To disract form the vampiric overtone of the original Trinity/Monarchy as in
“Nimrod Semiramis Tammuz, the real Orion hybrids. The catholic 18th century
famous visionary (Mel Gibsons Passon film taken out of her supposed visi0ns)
Anne Katherine Emmerich, in a crucial passage describing an angelic apparition
Before the Vurgin Mary’s birth, said the angel wrote the name “MIRIAM” on
the wall, thus later her mother called her “Mary”. But observe:
[ SEMIRAMIS ] ~ [ se - MIRAMI -s ] (Mirami = Miriam)
Thus “Miram” is code for “Semiramis”. The name “Isis” also contained:
Thomas Aquina was the most famous church theologian whose definite work’s
called the “Summa Theologica”, but observe the name “Tammuz” in reverse:
[ TAMMUZ ] reversed is [ “ZUMMA T.” ]
Many have suggested that the code-name “Nimrod” is also ref. to “NIBIRU”.
And of course the famous “Resurrection of HIRAM Abiff” is the center
piece Ritual of Masonry; but observe both “Mary” and “Nimrod” encoded:
[ HIRAM ] reversed is [ MARIH ] and you find [ IMR ] in Hiram.
So that the Resurrection f Hiram A., is code for the return of Nimrod and
Semiramis, in other words, of the original Mystery Religion Trinity’s reign.
Naturally the expression “Mystery Religion” comes form the Book of Rev.
itself in its depiction of Babylonia, and its initial coincide with Rev 13;18.
[ M R ] is [ 13 18 ].
As the word “MYSTERY” once again (if it wasn’t redundantly clear by now)
yields code for “MARY” (Mery) and “NIMROD” (Ymr).
However the emphasis of research nowadays, is to show how all these encodings
Actually suggest a Blueprint or instructional Agenda, rather than a prophecy.
So that the ones in-the-know in the elite, can ENACT them. Like we all now
clearly see the religious fundamentalist fanatics are actually working to create
Armageddon, believing that in doing so, they are fulfilling “God’s Work”.
And finally -in case you haven’t noticed yet-:
[ MASONRY = MARY SON ] (Mary’s Son).
And there are “3 Mary’s”, 3-Stars in Orion’s Belt, 3 Pyramids, 3 Cities.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our LANGUAGE is Encrypted

Our current modern English language is vastly superior to any, and also
has developed exponentially ever since its inception, when in less than
200 years, it did away with the supremacy of the then prevailing French
and the clerical/administrative/scholarly Latin, in Occident. It is so well
suited for Music, it surpasses any other by a long shot, and that in part
explains the music boom of our country and England since the 30’s on.
Sir John Dee during the reign of Elizabeth I, started some really strange
explorations in language, leading to his “Enochian Alphabet“, that he
claimed he used to communicate daily with other-dimensional entities.
Writing all missives to the Queen under the famous “For Your Eyes Only”
later popularized by writer Ian Fleming in the Bond series (2 eyes and
spectacles forming the 007). And he designed/wrote all the Laws for the
Colonies, that are pretty much the current law here to this day. Around
that time the “Shakespeare” series of works began to surface; it’s dead-
obvious The Bard authorship was but a clumsy cover. “Shake the Spear”
was actually a PROJECT, composed of the same high-caliber team that
conducted the Bible translation to English. Isaac Newton was part of that
cache, and indeed he wrote a book about the Book of Revelation (currently
available for sale if you search); he actually developed Integral Calculus
as part of his obsession with DECODING the Bible (Prob/Stat), since it was
no secret amongst the esoteric elite, that the Scriptures are encrypted texts.
Any serious Rabbi will tell you the Torah contains “4 Layers of Meaning”,
the literal is but the surface onion-peel. In other words, a Kabbalah text.
Kabbalah resurfaced big-time in Europe at that very time, and both the
“Shake-Spear” and “Bible” projects, were part of that revival. And these
Projects were meant to advance the English Language to the top, and make
it the undisputed best tool of development. A lot of fringe researchers claim
English is “downloaded” idiomatics, brought from more advanced dimensions,
and/or a more advanced PAST. At any rate, John Dee was definitely working
along these lines. Thing is, a guy I know discovered the following key; if you
use the “Std. English Gematria” (a=1, b=2,…, z=26), by number of letters:
[ ONE TWO SIX = 144 ]
[ FOUR FIVE NINE = 144 ]
[THREE SEVEN EIGHT = 144 + 26 ] {God=26}
This type of hidden keys would CONTAIN FRACTALS in “numeric form”,
supposedly imbuing English of a multi-dimensional “Harmonic Resonance”:
[ 73 = Britain = United = Kingdom = Crown ]
[ 73 = Egypt = The Nile = A River = Corner = Stone ]
Main goal of the Joint-Project of the “Shake-Spear” and “Bible” team, was to
create a “DIRECT=CIPHER” fractal-connection between Egypt and the new
Anglo-Saxon world, via Language. However laughable to some this might
be, I don’t recall ever seeing PYRAMIDS on the American landscape. Yet
there’s one in the Dollar Bill, with the Independence date engraved in it.


(A phrase was lost in Part I, about Townes father sending him to a
mental institution, for not following in the family "success" careers).
They gave him powerful drugs to break him, yet Townes survived by LIKING
the drugs, a collateral damage he carried throughout life. One can't help
suspect perhaps this family was into ritual sacrifice, Townes but one of
the victims. In Part I we described "LUCK" as a Cheating Strategy of Sleight
-of-Hand, by 4D intrusion into 3D reality. What we call Success & Luck are
inextricably related, tied by the gordian knot of a Win/Lose pathological
consciousness. We can best see cheating and win/lose obsessions more clearly
in the Psychopath, who perpetually enacts rigged Games of control where he
always "wins-by-making-another-lose". But it takes a Psychic to see that
the Psycho is a predator seudo-human acting as Organic Robot Slave for 4D
devolved Vampiric beings, in order to establish "Vampiric Feeding Loops",
full of drama and pain. These feeding loops continue trans-generationally,
operating throughout many lifetimes/incarnations. Unless the human victims
wake-up and realize "The Game", the rigged psycho game, that is. First step
is questioning the nature of the game, and its Win/Lose bipolar disorder.
A Psycho is defined by a peculiar anomaly, the incapacity to LEARN FROM
MISTAKES; this learning from errors is crucial to evolution, thus the
Psycho is definitely not evolving, albeit might be becoming more powerful,
the more robotic and/or devolved he gets. So the Psycho goes into complex
and elaborate and intricate RITUALS loaded with a sense of "Divine" or
"Superior" belief in himself, due to the fact that he cannot 'log-in' his
mistakes (i.e. f*ck-ups) as "bad", but by faulty software, only can save
them in memory as "good"; however these f*ck-ups are so horribly distinct,
that in order to rationalize them, he must MAKE THEM SACRED, acts to be
forever ritually repeated, as "proofs" of his divine/superior nature and
"destiny". Otherwise, they would just be what they really are, f*ck-ups
(but he is unable to compute them as such). Thus welcome to the land of
ritual sacrifice and the sacred divine. Actually, the Human Collective
Unconscious has been for eons ruled by these notions, a Psychopath's lair.
You go back in time, and everywhere/everyone in the planet, has been
ostensibly practicing the "old-time religion" of human sacrifice, even
of children. This is the dark secret kept hidden from history lessons
and conveniently pushed under the rug in archeology. There are sacrificial
burials everywhere, massive, grotesque. It is no secret now, that most
big churches have bee built on top of former Temples of sacrifice; the
mexicans complain about former pyramids leveled to build cathedrals.
But same pattern is seen pattern everywhere. Indeed, the previous Temple
was merely built on top of the oldest previous one. WHY, is the question.
Because GAMES ARE RIGGED; sacrifical locations turned "temples" were
located in specific points of the Earth-Grid, where 4D magnetic or Ley
Lines would provide the maximum etheric "effect" of PSIONIC TRANSFER
of organic life-force energy from one to another, or from that temple
spot to the total grid. This "sacrifice to the gods" has been the rule
in ancient times everywhere by everyone, and it hasn't stopped. It has
been lately "sanitized", at best. Our religions have turned Ritual Human
Sacrifice into theologies incorporating this in other ways; the Blood
"cleansing" becomes the Water "cleansing", etc. Sacrifice of animals
is still by and large practiced in the muslim world. And all but utterly
uninformed people, know that the world's ruling elites still practice
human sacrifice routinely. But there is a long declining-in-degree
menu of sacrifice options; my point has been so far, to show how the
Win/Lose psychological pathology, is but a thinly disguised version of
the same -maybe "bloodless", but just as painful and slowly damaging,
more like a cancer than a stabbing-. Our penchant for sports comes from
Nero's and Caligula's Coliseum mass spectacles, where the only way for
the Gladiator to keep living, was to kill all others. Anyone vacationing
in Cancun-Mexico has been to the nightly re-enactment of their famous
ball game, where the losers were sacrificed. Both Religion and Sports
come in RITUAL terms, directy from Human Sacrifice, thus from VAMPIRES.
I am not referring here to the mastery of Muhammad Ali or Zinedine Zidane,
or to the Ethics implicit in religious teachings, I am talking about
what is sef-evident, that the RITUALS, are just sanitized re-enactments
of a long and continued vampiric practice of Ritual Sacrifice, where one
"Wins" the Life-Force that another "Loses". Then all this is broadcast
through media etc etc etc. All ROBBING you of part of your Psionic Energy,
by inducing you to THINK of them, to FOCUS your consciousness on them,
to even "Believe" in them, as super-heroes, as super-saviours, as super-
champions, where in reality, they have been artificially placed, they have
have been rigged to become "winners" and "rulers" so that by definition
-each and every single time you think of them and even breathe practically-,
you are the pre-determined L-O-S-E-R..!? Therefore as you believe all this
"reality" setup as such, you CONSENT subconsciously in being robbed of
your Psionic Energy -of your Life Force-, which gets syphoned-off of you.
And all of this of course, leads to the veritable conundrum of the famous
"STOCKHOLM SYNDROME", where the abused (the vampirized) identifies with
the abuser (the vampire). Because the abused sees no way-out and chooses
to "adapt' to his predicament, by siding and even adoring the abuser.
Thinking this will yield him benefits, but this is the tragic mistake;
and this mistake has to be logged-in as such, otherwise not realizing or
recognizing the deadly mistake, leads to Psychopathy, i.e becoming a vampire
oneself in turn. Thus the legend of all those bitten, becoming vampires
also. But the biting, is a Psychic bite, it's an acceptance of the vampire
conditioning scenarios, validated as "reality", and even idealized. A
"reality" you are conditioned to love and follow, to make it your 'own'.
But the Deep-High truth is, these vampire scenarios as "planetary reality",
are actually WHAT YOU MUST CONQUER by going thorugh them, in order to
learn to evolve, by not falling into the Stockholm Syndrome loops, -or
worse- not refusing to log-in the mistake that is your consent; in
other words, evolving by LEARNING NOT TO BE A VAMPIRE, and rejecting the
pyschological psycho construct of the vampire consciousness. Humanity
has to go through this first, in order to evolve and transcend it. But
by and large, the very existence of wars as industrial-scale ritual
sacrifice, shows that a large portion of humanity are in it to the
hilt. Because never as in the 20th century, have in the last 6 thousand
years more mass ritual sacrifices been enacted under the cover of "war".
The hundreds of millions sacrificed in this way in the 20th century, are
no sign of evolution.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I was a young dude when I knew the late great Townes Van Zandt back in
'81. He did treat me exceedingly well, so I paid close attention when much
later on he got obsessed with Poker and would let himself lose, so others
could win. Because Townes had a rare keen insight into "reality". He said
GAMES are setup so that the only way to WIN is to make others LOSE. Duh...
Duh if you didn't know about Townes glorius Hyperbole talk; what he meant
was that Games are an appetizer/foreplay antechamber for Vampires. And the
act of CHEATING plays a central part in the vampiric consciousness. Townes
was definitely even inmersed in the topic of how NUMBERS can be a Sleight-
of-Hand filter, his last recorded album cover feaures dices and cards and
numbers prominently, like in a dream, particularly the notorius Number 153
[(1x1x1)+(5x5x5)+(3x3x3)=153], also featured in the Miracle Fishing allegory
in the New Testament. See, Sports are essentially a Number thing, and american
sports in particular, are obsessed with High Yield number results, as opposed
to the world's biggest & greatest sport -soccer-, for example. The ancient
Greeks who developed practically all our Knowledge foundation, studied Numbers
and Geometry, plus something called "Gematria" in their Secret Schools, most
notably the School of Numerology of one influential Pythagoras. He created
the Musical Scale, specifically using clues from Numerology/Gematria, which
are conspicuously 'not' taught today whenever (if ever) they teach any of
Pythagoras accomplishments. The well know Hypothenuse Theorem for ex., actually
was an Esoteric Construction, the 'mathematical' side of it was but a corollary.
Yet that corollary is "all" they teach us in school or college. Why...?
Because there's a lot more than meets the eye concerning GAMES & NUMBERS.
"Everybody knows that the dice are loaded, everybody knows that the captain
lied", sang Leonard Cohen in 1987. The concept underneath Townes Van Zandt's
seemingly casual pun observation, is that through GAMES & NUMBERS applied
to a "Win/Lose" field scenario, the human Collective Unconscious is taken
over, as "POWER" in the form of Psionic Energy is TRANSFERRED to the "Winner".
More power even, the more the Game is rigged or slanted. Townes caught on
this fact, and practiced a Reverse-Slant strategy, letting himself lose in
Poker. He was boicoting the vampirized Collective Unconscious, one game at a
time; he was "breaking the spell" so-to-speak, breaking the chain, dismantling
the whole logic (and actual magick) supporting the games "Win/Lose" structure.
By reversing the MEANING of "Win" or "Lose" he was DeConstructing the Vampiric
overlords major league hold of the human minds, in this 3D planet realm.
Because Townes knew that "Luck" exists, only it is a different thing than
thought of; luck is the Sleight-of-Hand interdiction of 3D reality, from
the vantage point of 4D reality. Thus if you "like" your Luck, you'll be
on your way to being a vamire yourself, by baby-steps. So Townes saw this,
refused it, declined the baby-steps and veered off. Like he had done his
whole life anyway, ever since as a youngster he noticed how slanted things
were against him -starting with his dad who careers-. You don't "win" the game
-seems to say Townes-, you DESPISE the game. The ONLY WAY of not (de)'evolving'
towards becoming a 4D Vampire, is to abandon the Games altogether, by not
following the "Win'Lose' logic and life scenarios. ---Thank you Townes!---.