Friday, November 28, 2008

"Bail-Out's" from Hell on the Titanic

In my Sept. 24 "And the Loot Goes On" post, I wrote the following:

"If I was to rate the Bail-Out for sheer insanity -10 the maximum
level of dementia- then 10 is what this Bail-Out ranks. If enacted
it will pass on to history as the 3rd. most disastrous decision, along
with the previous also rushed-through by "emergency" insanities,
the War against Iraq, and the Patriot Act, in the post-2000 era".

More than 2 months later, what have we got...?

The so-called Bail-Out's don't work, sure they are just a disguised
form of corporate looting, and even more scarily: they balloon into
even larger astronomical sums, maybe in the end 4 or 5 times bigger
than the initial shy figure.

It is acknowledged that over the world they comprise aprox. 20% of
the internal GDP of all nations in the globe as a total, as well as 20%
of the investments in nations around the globe.

That such exceedingly large and geo-strategic sums end up being
allocated to the same exact usual suspects that brought forth the
crisis, so that they can continue destroying everything with their
reckless Titanic march straight into the iceberg, makes you wonder
about the mental sanity of the purveyors of the present system, or
about their hidden agendas, or both.

It's ironic that the reason given for the strategy, to allow banks to
be able to continue lending money to people, actually doesn't make
any sense, because if the same amounts were loaned directly to the
people via the governments, the end-goal would be achieved more
efficiently (and justly), less the middle-men which happen to be the

Therefore that argument is a plain lie, and what is truly happening,
is that the financial technocracy is offered a parachute, so they can
continue in the LEADERSHIP, maintaining the very same model
and financial trickery. Taxpayers are NOT saving the countries -as
the media repeats-, but simply saving a certain elite, in order to
continue the same dooomed economic model & monetary system.

The present monetary system is doomed -it's not an If but a When-,
as the shelf-life cycles of the fiat currencies are entering their
eclipse, and the giant Ponzi schemes have reached their tipping

The bottom-line being, that the main populations are being sacrificed
at large, in place of the few financial technocrats. This is the truth of
what's taking place, that no politician will tell you.

The world is actually on the verge of a terrifying new Dark Era akin
to the fall of the Roman Empire, or such. There are ways to avert
this, yet the elites are not enacting the things that really need to be
done, deliberately so. The long coming suspicion of a secret agenda
reduction of the world's population, seems each passing day a more
reasonable explanation for the fall -because it was truly Controlled
Demolition more than anything-.

Evidently so, the very elite is divided, and it seems this happens to
be the dividing issue; some it seems, cannot stomach to participate
in a venture as dark as the one suggested.

Not only the monetary system itself is nearing its end, but also the
cocoon state of consciousness in which the same elites have kept the
masses is nearing its end as well; the advances of science and the
dawning of the Information Age, along with the stunning rebirth of
the holistic multi-dimensional wisdom, will necessarily open the
frontiers to new horizons, away from the Prison-Planet paradigm
that was implemented so far, based on lies and severely impaired
human consciousness.

The truth about the Solar System's real history, about water/life on
Mars & the revelations about our Moon, cannot be forever stopped
and the information suppressed as it is now. The very elites we are
referring to, actually come from Mars in part, then through ancient
highly advanced civilizations here on Earth continued on long after
their demise and fall, unto this very day.

Our planet is but a small part of much larger conflicts spanning eons
of time, as we seem to be an integral twin system of Sirius, or the
like. The elites have figured that the actual truth is so complex and
so far beyond anything that humans can comprehend, that it is best
to keep it secret.

They are wrong; times are ripe for gradual disclosures, but this is
not something that is convenient for the elites, period. So they will
continue playing the same age-old games, of which the game of
Destroy-This-Civilization-Because-It's-Waking-Up seems to be the
most repeated of all. Civilizations have fallen many times before,
civilizations much more advanced than ours, on this very Earth.
There is nothing new to this, and judging by the way the elites are
handling things, this seems to be the direction events point to.

Yet there are many who oppose this, from the top to the bottom of
the pyramid. We are entering a period of Power-Vacuum, that will
either result in the further Devolution and Fall of Mankind, or at its
best in the beginning of a new civilization of higher degree.

The current financial crisis is as the root of this conundrum, and one
way or the other, the consequences will be life-changing for most of
the population. Life will certainly not be the same after the process
is complete.

no way life will continue "more or less" as it is now.

This does not imply "catastrophism", but merely Realism. We are
not going through a Business-As-Usual phase, or a mere correction.
I advocate a correction as a default strategy in the absence of any
serious change; this will end up buying some time, a few years here
and a few more years there.

The implosion of external economics and lifestyles, mirrors the even
worse implosion within the human psyche; the current "reality" is no
longer viable, both in its outward physical manifestation, as in its
inner psychological construct.

The more you change as a person, the better off you will end up; this
is the paradigm at hand. You cannot change the world but you can
change yourself -and maybe those around you-. Everything that has
happened and will continue to happen, does so because humans allow
it to happen, in their present state of consciousness. Those who are
indeed changing themselves for better, are actually going through
"FAST EVOLUTION", and their rate of change will determine the
outcome of the present conundrum.

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