Monday, November 24, 2008

The Time-Lines maze projection

Some people too easily discard GEMATRIA as a state of awareness.
They reason: hey, your post about a Twin Cities Armageddon or the
possibility of WWIII do not seem to become real -(for example)-.

Nevertheless, I counter-punch with a: what is "real" and what "is
not" real...? Is what I might be able to imagine, or what I perhaps
dream, "less real" than this material plane reality...? Do the number
matches and strong concordances of Gematria show just a random
pattern -even though they are objective & immutable-...? What is
random then, if it is so clearly matching & structured...?

Let's say in the classic game between Real Madrid & Barcelona one
of the teams is a definite winner favorite, but the other team decides
to 'balance it out' by buying the referee, thus they end up winning.
Question is: where did the ORIGINAL & TRUE game where the
actual favorite would win... go...? Does this True/Real game simply
"disappear" out of reality...?

This situation is typically slanted towards the legalistic rationale, as
in "unethical" & "unjust" behaviour demands punishment as well
as compensation for the victims. Justice & the Law are appointed
to deal with this type of "situations". Yet, the more you look around
and within, the more you realize this "situations" are happening all
the time everywhere.

So, who are you...? Are you this guy that RESULTED as end-result
of a series of "interventions" both in the form of injustice or sleight
of hand, boycott or favoritism, paying your dues or buying your way
up? Which is your "I"; the way things should have been or the way
things turned out to be due to multiple "interventions" and made-
to-fit agendas imposed by someone...?

Where did the Election that Gore won go...? Where did that country
go...? Where did "you" go within that country and election context...?
Who is really "you", who is the Self...?

Where are your unborn children, out of romances gone haywire, or
where are your stolen medals, or your confiscated riches, or your
paths to success aborted by boycott...?

Is love eternal...? Is it infinite...? Then how come you had several
love mates...? Or could it be that all those are Time-Lines gone by
way of quantum, out of this Time-Line...? What is the "I" / "Self"
within a multiverse of parallel Time-Lines? If every single narrow
and slanted universe is but one possibility of the many that exist
simultaneously, then what is "real"...? Am I or You "real" then...?

See, these things cannot be contemplated using the old & antiquated
way of Linear Logic, where there is only One-Reality, using the age
weary "This-Is-The-Only-Reality-That-Exists" Science, using the
inorganic "This-Is-The-Only-Way-To-Know" Philosophy, that has
become the staple of academic discourse -yawns-. Large portions
of the usual academic discourse and constrained themes, actually
can make a wise person sick (literally so).

I indeed used the expression "state of awarenesss" when referring
to GEMATRIA, because it is more than just a "tool" of knowledge by
direct experience of the meta-physical via the physical altogether,
using LANGUAGE as a "proper lens". Thing is, GEMATRIA lets you
perceive the INNER CONCORDANCE of the seemingly random or
unrelated, by showing you objective patterns of synchronicity that
are inherently embedded in some things named & numbered, but
these patterns do not necessarily manifest in just one reality, as they
might all across the multiverse Time-Lines.

In other words, GEMATRIA's akin to the mythical Ariadne's Thread
given to Theseus as he goes INTO THE LABYRINTH; this means
GEMATRIA lets you sift through Time-Lines, by augmenting the
"Word/Number Common Thread" patterns that do not change even
amidst the game of Interventions/Alterations of Paths.

If "you" exist in different parallel realities, than everything that acts
as your GEMATRIA TEMPLATE will remain unchanged, as sort
of a dice-structure of permutations/combinations, where the ALL
manifests through the PARTIAL CIRCUMSTANCE, in different
possibilities of existence and choice, some of them becoming a true
reality on some quantum frequency plane.

A perfect example of this would be the image of a Tree, with its main
trunk and its main branches out of which smaller branches grow forth
and so on. Isn't it a wonder then, that precisely this Tree image was
used to illustrate the Kabbalah -the Tree of Life-...? The "Paths" of
the "Sephiroths" (Tree of Life), link many TimeLine realities within
a multi-dimensional "map" of Synchronic Resonance through Words
and Numbers, functioning as a mystical Neuro-Linguistic software
of "projection".
I am not advocating Kabbalah; I am referencing it
as a case of a multi-dimensional "map" of "reality-planes", how this
knowledge has been here (within the elite, that is) for a very long
time beyond the accepted official "history".

Therefore understanding and apprehending and elaborating on these
concordances, is not merely a "tool", but a State of Awareness; this
requires a different kind of neural wiring, a higher DNA Strands No.
connectivity, an "updated" psychic operating platform. GEMATRIA
is when the Body Computer gives way to the Infinite Mind, where
the Brain stops "commanding" and links itself to Source, where the
real multi-dimensional input comes from. Thus the "I" begins to
"see" multiple Synchronicities as possibilities and paths, yet within
a pattern framework structure, a "cluster" of linguistic archetypes.

Our history and materialistic education, indoctrinates us to either
"ACT" or "BELIEVE", both just different sides of the same coin, in
the form of Intellectual Materialism, a 'Reductivism' of what's Real,
into a "think-within-the-box" mode, a linear concept mindset, a uni-
dimensional Body-Computer "thinking & perceiving".

If you think that this reality is "ok", you are fit to this reality, you are
a prime Projection. If on the other hand something bothers you, then
you are not in-sync with this frequency field, and its inherent games
of "end-results" tailored by sociopathic behaviour most of the time.
What this means, is that your "Full Self", exists in OTHER frequency
fields, parallel to this, that are more suited to your game, and you are
experiencing "this" just a possibility brought forth via the unethical,
or through some sort of tampering with.

All games in the end, dissolve back into the All-Is-One Field, where
there are no separate "identities" and such, all is one, one is all, all is
nothing, nothing is all, behind all the illusions of momentary "life"
and being "I"; like a droplet of water, you go back into the ocean
where you came from.

"You" is just Infinite Consciousness ("god") Experiencing a Learning
or Learning an Experience; your "self" is just a holographic name and
number template passing as "being", in order to increase the Infinite,
because that's what Infinite means, no end/no limit.

Other realities exist in different quantum frequency ranges, where all
the "missed or "altered" or "original" paths might have taken "you" if
this or that might have happened this or that way through Evolution.
You as a Consciousness are residing in All-Times simultaneously, and
your "Higher Selves" constantly interact and communicate with your
"Lower Selves", as From-The-Future would communicate to the Past.
More evolved resides in our linear perspective as From-The-Future,
and devolved resides in From-The-Past. Yet there is no Time, these
are but dimensional projections within the Grand Illusion.

Everything you dreamed or felt exists in some place/time. Spiritually
evolved persons are "In Tune" with their entire multi-dimensional
selves, across the multiverses, they do live Harmonically within the
many frequency fields Templates. Less evolved persons dwell in a
fractured Template, out of sync with the rest of their experiences
in other universes, unconnected, in dis-harmony.

Nietzsche said that Life would be a mistake without Music, and this
implies that the "glue" that ties the different multiverses, is the law
of common synchronic pattern, of which Music is a crucial 'mover
and shaker', so to speak. Music in itself resonates as a Love fractal
and it "logs on" the experiences Love goes through in its path across
illusory "realities" and within illusory "selves". All that exists is Love
and it is Infinite, and what we call Conciousness is the shape of Love;
nothing else truly exists at all.

In this particular frequency field reality we experience as here-now,
the illusion of the projection takes place inside the brain, in that area
known by Yoga Hindu Mysticism as the CAVE OF BRAHMAN, where
the PINEAL & PITUITARY Glands reside in a cavity at the center of
the brain. The Pineal is a RESONATOR, operating though crystal
fractals, this is how the holographic projection becomes "real" to us.

The Pineal Gland is an extant Third Eye (in some reptiles it still is
a semi-outward eye on top of the skull), receded through Evolution,
and it still shares the same chemicals and cellular structure as the
eyes. Its specific function is to ACT AS A PIEZZO-ELECTRIC or
Light Transducer, converting bio-chemical impulses to electric, or
viceversa, and ultimately converting those to light. This means
that the Pineal Gland is a DECODER, and its coding source resides
beyond 4D physical reality. Within the 3D body, it regulates all
the Endocrine secretions.

The Yogis speak of a supernal light that illuminates the Cave of
Brahman when the Pineal Gland is activated to its now dormant
"Third Eye" function, as gate-Keeper to the Crown Chakra, where
we enter/exit the physical body. This low-frequency/vibe material
body is merely a Genetic-Suit we wear on this short experience.

The chemical Fluoride that is added to the public water supplies, is a
very nasty Brain Suppressor - as it crystallizes in the Pineal Gland-,
rendering it disfunctional and resonating only within a segment of its
full potential. As a Resonator, one has to wonder about the many
frequencies that are constantly targetting humans nowadays, be
them cellular phone and their toxic electric smog tower antennas
scattered through cities, Wi-Fi or Wi-Max invasive frequencies,
or even television and radio; there are also other forms of higher
altitude tampering of the planetary frequency, through semi-secret
projects such as HAARP in Alaska, etc. Such a sensitive organ as the
Pineal, it's easy to suspect gets severely affected by all these. In the
end we "see" and "think" what our Third Eye "constructs" for us.

When the greek philosopher Plato taught in allegory about this reality
being a Projection inside a Cave, he was directly referring to this

fact; Plato was initiated in the Schools of Mystery, and he knew quite
a lot more than he let on.

Plato was well aware this narrow material reality frequency as being
just one of many other projections as well, and he knew this one was
an ALTER of another TimeLine branch; this is why he eloquently used
the cave allegory to illustrate about the "unreal" & "shadowy" nature
of this frequency field. By no means this implies a single reality
projection, this merely a simplification; the truth is there are many
projections, many frequency fields.

This theme links with the overall theme of "The Fall", as an Original
universe template gets hijacked and altered into a false projection,
in a more devolved state. If you observe, the very word "philosophy"
speaks of the wisdom of the origin of words (philos-sophia), this in
the sense of the Knowledge of GEMATRIA as a secret Originator of
; the outward public translatiopn of this is the greek concept
of the LOGOS ("In the Beginning was the Logos..."), which was laid
out by christianity to hide the deeper Gematria implications. Thus
when for ex. in the "Bible" in the book of Genesis "god" SPEAKS
reality into Being, this is a figure for the process of Gematria. The
Kabbalah is the real hidden content of the Bible, and it teaches the
secret esoteric doctrine of reality being "formed" out of the many
Combinations/Permutations of the Sacred Alphabet.

In our current Information Age it is so much easier to apprehend the
true and full extent of the idea; that a Neuro-Linguistic process within
the brain, is what "projects" the illusion of a material reality, in a sort
of Bio-Informatic highly complex computer code of quantum reach.
In a funny way, even the term "LOGOS" eerily suggests a computer
software "Logs" or "Log On" expression; this is akin to the way the
devolved apes in the book/film "The Planet of the Apes" utilized
names of extant ruined buildings and such, within their religious

The 90's film The Matrix and websites/blogs that ask the perennial
question Are We Living in a Computer Simulation?, just pierce the
veil of illusory reality in a generic sense; the rabbit hole goes a lot
deeper, and it involves our own Body Computer as part of the RAM
computing process, linked to higher Coding centers, as the Within/
Without projections manifest. Yet at the heart of the matter, lies a
GEMATRIA ENCRYPTION, that acts as Concordant Template in
the neuro-linguistic process.

This is where the theme of "naming" and "numbering" becomes the
crux of the issue; we have been in a deliberate manner taught that
names are an after-fact event we produce, in utilitary ways. Yet this
is the grand illusion, that Language is nothing else than a social act in
progress, random & devoid of meaning or any reality-inducing inner
power. We are indoctrinated an EXTERNAL VIEW of language, so
that the real Gematria process might occur beyond our very linear
perception of sequences in time
. This is our biggest Blind-Spot, since
it hides the Background Computing process of the projection, making
it look like a "part of the scenery" event; Language is not hidden, it
is merely the aspect of language/Numbers that produce the true
projecting that is hidden from our minds, this the best camouflage.
Hiding things in plain sight, that is. Author Philip K. Dick through a
bizarre series of experiences seemed to pierce a bit into the behind
the curtain; VALIS was a computer hiding as our very surrounding
context. He definitely had a subconscious sense of the Gematria
processes, as his name "Philip" is used to name the main character
in the VALIS saga, named Horselover, which in greek is "Philippos"
-from "philo" and "hippos"-. It is self-evident that "PHI-l-IP" has
a double PHI/PI number reference contained, and that "philo/s"
entails the origin of words. In latin "FILI DEI" means Son of God,
denoting a process of "FORMATION" from the intangible towards
the tangible; this is the true esoteric tradition of christianism way
behind the public facade.

Philip K. Dick then ventured into the deep secret, albeit in a most
semi-demented way; he was thus writing about a TROJAN HORSE
process involving a computer named VALIS who hides as our very
surrounding context, responsible for "manifesting outwardly" things,
i.e. projecting "reality". What he meant is, the context implied as
the LINGUISTIC MENTAL landscape; we see things as we think
them to be, and this happens with the naming/numbering process
as the hidden essence of the recognition of reality.

Therefore VALIS in his bizarre saga, hides "in plain sight" passing
as the surrounding context, that seemingly seems to exist due to
other inherent reasons. It is eerily interesting, how the term he
chose -"VALIS"-, when moving 1+Space in the alphabet, yields:
[ "WBMJT" = 68 = Language ] (a=1, b=2, ... , z=26)

Eeerie because this 5-letter acronym contains a lot of the usual
big-time codes, such as WB (W. Bush, Warren Buffet, William "Bill"
Gates III, etc.), MB (Men in Black, IBM, etc.), MJ (of fame within
the et lore, supposedly a secret elite project), JT (J-esuschris-T),
etc. 5 Letters as well for the Bible, as for ex. the "Watch Tower
Bible Tract" Corp. (each word of 5 letters) that goes by Jehovah's
Witnesses and at the elite level secretly constructs what are called
WatchTowers, of magickal cross-word use, via language embedded
within normal language. This is a Rosicrucian secret society fronting
as a "religion", exploring the "biblical" secret encoding applications.

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