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Now You See It, Now You Don't

IGNAZ PAUL VITAL TROXLER was a physician & philosopher with
a political side, mostly based in Basil-Switzerland, who discovered a
so-called "Troxler Fading" visual effect in 1804.

In the link's moving figure , the purplish dots disappear from sight,
being replaced by the single moving green dot alone. Explanations
usually given to this common phenomenon, all vary according to the
specific example. If it involves changing/moving objects such as the
link's figure, then the explanation shifts to stating that "change" will
focus the brain unto itself, eliminating the "static/constant" objects,
in the same way the body's sensory apparatus always gets "used to"
a Fixed Stimuli, making it disappear from perception. That may be
the case of the absence of a Heart Pulse/Beating from our hearing,
or the rest of the stimuli that become "background noise", etc.

However, there are a variety of examples that defy any given logic,
as you can ascertain by yourself; take a common school notebook,
with standard horizontal writing blue lines, etched by 2 rose-colour
vertical lines on each left & right end. If the 2 vertical lines are not
bright red and more overpowering than the blue horizontal lines, it
is very easy to make the rose vertical lines disappear from between
any 2 horizontal blue lines, & then successively between the others,
until most of the rose vertical line will disappear from sight; all you
have to do is stare fixedly at the rose vertical line in between any 2
horizontal blue lines.

In another easy example, just stare at the grout-lines in between the
tiles on your shower/tub walls, they will disappear as well; or better,
stare at yourself in the bathroom mirror standing up unmoving. Just
avoid bright lights, go for soft lighting or natural lighting at a time of
the day of dim luminescence, for greater results. You can make your
face vanish -being "absorbed" by the background-, like in the film
"The Invisible Man"; don't be scared, you can do just the same with
specific parts of the clothes you're wearing, it's not 'You', it's a visual
anomaly at play, the Troxler Fading effect.

Many have experimented at staring at oneself in a mirror, even John
Lennon had a knack for it, by "seeing" morphing-faces in the blurred
mirror image of one's face (this even with brighter lighting).

Official science it seems, rather way too easily slips into the "all is
normal" mode, when trying to explain visual anomalies, be them the
run-of-the mill standard Optical Illusions (see website below) or the
anomaly here described, usually regarded as just another case of
such { }.

Nevertheless a much larger conundrum impendingly looms over these
examples, particularly the Troxler Fading effect in itself. All one has
to consider is the infamous Double-Slit Quantum experiment of old,
and the recent discoveries on how we get to "see", within the dark
cave inside the brain (you might prefer to watch these 2 videos at
the end perhaps, and then later recap the reading once again):
(be sure to follow this 2nd. link to its Part 2, as well)

The 2nd. link videos graphically explain how everything we "see" with
our "eyes" ONLY EXISTS IN THE BRAIN as electrical impulses, way
after the initial optical input of light imprints our eye retina; what

the brain does is "reconstruct" electrical impulses into a VIRTUAL
MODEL of the "reality" that supposedly exists outside, this is all we
truly "see", and it all happens inside the dark cave of the brain. The
video aptly considers the possibility that an interface computer input
could replace the "real" optical light input (or original computer source
altogether), and we could be "seeing" what a computer feeds us (or
what rogue computer interface sources feed us, altering whatever
the "original source" was, into whatever it leads us to "perceive/see"
as "real" out-there.

Now, if you combine the content of both these last 2 link videos, with
the anomaly discovered by Troxler, you might awaken to the bizarre
world of "virtual perception"; for one thing, it has clearly already
been proven that REAFFIRMING inputs such as Sound, when they
are coupled to the visual Troxler Fading effect figures, do compel the
brain to "see again" whatever the experimenter wishes to, in other
words the Sound-Cue becomes the "changing/moving" object cue, to
"restore" the sight of the fading objects in the Troxler effect.

Question is; only sound does this...? Can this be propitiated by say...
WORDS...? Or by... THOUGHTS...? Or by... iconic symbols...? Are

any "cues" apt to do this?

How about substituting sound by FREQUENCIES...? Will they compel
the brain to "see" what the cues tickle it to, while making disappear
into-the-background and from sight what is left 'out-of'cue'...?

In other words, the very real and easiest to detect anomaly of the so-
called Troxler Fading effect, leads into a very deep rabbit-hole, where
the nature of reality as perception comes under questioning.

It's so interesting how Troxler was a friend of none other than the
grand maestro himself, Ludwig Van Beethoven; and also how Troxler
had more than a couple of times "political problems" that forced him
to step down from jobs/positions leading to higher things
. We might
do good in considering the well-known presence of BOYCOTT coming
from the High-Powers-That-Be, both in Beethoven's case as well as his
very friend Troxler. Beethoven was beaten up in "preemptive boycott"
strategy by his father, which ultimately rendered him deaf; greatest
compose of all times beaten so that he would later become deaf...?

If you don't read something strange in this 'coincidence', this article is
not for you, go on and skip merrily along your delusional way. Ludwig
had other strange 'interferences', such as the ill-fated (preemptively
placed...?) woman he obsessed about, who by all means seems to be
the sister of one notorious Clemente Brentano, a lyrical poet that
went into becoming the transcriber/writer of the revelations of one
illiterate nun of later fame called Ann Catherine Emmerich, of vast
influence in later catholicism, or in the very revival of catholicism
should one say. This aborted romance is the subject of the famous
"Immortal Beloved" 1994 film starring Gary Oldman and Isabella
Rosellini, as recount of this fateful episode in Beethoven's life.

It seems to me the friendship between Beethoven and Troxler was not
irrelevant or purely random/accidental; the grand maestro Beethoven
was most definitely "unclogging" the human brain from millennia of
music devolution, while Troxler himself might have stumbled upon a
crucial realization, that all we "see", just happens in the brain, thus
there's no way of telling if the external visual inputs are truly "real"

or not; was he "unclogging" the naive induced beliefs in the-one
objective reality out-there, as espoused by Aristotle to Newton and
beyond into our present, that also encompassed the Church's view of
"only one reality" as totally objectively real -as single prelude to only
one Heaven- (besides the rather bizarre alternatives of Purgatory
and Limbo, as exceptions), just a well...?

It is clear after Socrates death sentence by poison, his disciple Plato
learned to speak in allegories and refrain himself from revealing the
deep secrets of the Greek Schools of Mystery to the initiated masses,
while in turn Plato's disciple -Aristotle-, actually went further and
determined "If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them...!?", teaching an
Objective Reality paradigm, which departed from the fundamental
paradigm in Plato's view of the this "reality" is a PROJECTION in
the CAVE OF BRAHMAN inside the brain -where the main Pineal
and Pituitary glands reside as "seats of the soul" (in the words of

On the other hand people Isasac newton himself was irrefutably an
Insider, a big one some contend, supposedly the Grand Master of
the Priory of Sion (or Order of Sion, from where the Rosicrucians
and Masons came), and certifiably an occultist and researcher of
the other-dimensional, member of the secret Francis Bacon team
which translated the Bible into English (King James I version) and
responsible for the writings signed under the "Shakespeare" nome-

Where people like Beethoven and Troxler synchronically re-opening
the THIRD EYE (Pineal) gateway to higher dimensional realities,
augmenting human consciousness and re-activating the wisdom and
knowledge of ancient times, this a threat to the system-controllers?
After all, most of the great classical music composers of the same
era were totally obsessed with the secret Pythagorean numerology
teachings of Greece, and decidely into Platonic research, this a fact
no one disputes today. Why was Troxler's observation conveniently
pushed aside for almost 200 years, and explained away in too easy
and superficial terms...?

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