Saturday, November 8, 2008

Transient Manifestations of a Deeper Yearning

This defining moment in history is not about Obama, or Ron Paul for
that matter. These are merely transient manifestations of a deeper

What yearning -you may ask- that is...? This is that moment in the
collective pathos, as singer-songwriter poet Leonard Cohen best put
it, where we get to abandon our "masterpiece", so that the real
masterpiece may begin

Intrinsic to this spiritual surge, is the rising quest for MEANING in
our social or personal enterprise we call living. Meaning most often
comes attached to WISDOM, this the unstoppable corollary to our
Information Age, knowledge but the prelude to the realization.

Humanity as a collective species has been for too long involved with
"thinking" from the body computer -mainly the brain-, a distinction
David Icke pointed out, as opposed to KNOWING from BEING.

Our body computer lends itself to "thinking", while Knowing comes
from Being, you cannot know what you are not, truly. Yet we ARE
that which we yearn to know, simply because we are an Infinite
Consciousness inhabiting a body computer, experiencing a moment
in evolution.

So we KNOW what our Consciousness is; Wisdom the Introspection
we make, of that knowing. Everything else is AMNESIA. Humanity
is presently struggling to lift this veil of Amnesia, in multiple forms
and experiences

More & more, the old paradigms (illusions) of what we "are" begin
to be replaced with the Memory of what we have always been. We
are Love, this is not something we do but what we are. Definitions
of "being" this or that -high class/low class, master/slave, wealthy/
poor, etc.-, start to gradually fade away into oblivion, being replaced
by the main feature... the Wise and the Wise-not's. In other words,
those who ARE themselves and know who/what they are, and those
who still feed the addiction of what we do "think" we are, based on
sheer egotic illusions; the latter revolve & spin around an inexistent
center unconnected to the Infinite Consciousness, venturing into
endless fantasies of "separation" and the "I" anchored to a material
body, playing Games of Limitation 'til kingdom come.

As the same Leonard Cohen sang, deep into melodrama spiderwebs
of "I need you, I don't need you, and all of that jiving around".

Translate: "I need" this, "I need" that, I need" this much, "I need"
it all, etc etc. Here's my successful lifestyle -which I need so much-,
here's my university & post-graduate degrees -which oh I need so
much that I can't live without them-, here's my spouse or sexual
partner -which I need desperately-, here's my nationality -which I
need to assert "where I come from"-, here's my genetic race -which
I need to prove my heritage-, here are my doings and proofs of my
stature -which I need so much to feel worthy-, here my offspring
-which I need to feel my blood is "going someplace after my time"-.

What a needy species we seem to think we "are". Wisdom & True
Knowledge as another "need", become another one in the long line
of "needs", when we consider them as the "wisdom industry", just
one more product to sell & sell. As Bob Dylan sang: "Everybody's
got something to sell" (in the bootleg song "Except You").

When we apply these illusory "needs" to the confines of relationships
or politics or economic interactions, the results are DISASTROUS.
Needs stemming from the "thinking" of the body computer going
haywire in a frantic COMPETITION to be No. 1.

But we are already No. 1, because we ARE Infinite Consciousness.
There is no "need" to prove it, or rationalize contrived "Strategies
& Tactics" towards those "End-Goals". Thomas Merton inspired
by Gandhi, wrote of "The Violence of Doing",
as the bottom-line
terminal illness of our modern (or post-modern) society, the raison
d-etre of our implosion.

While on the surface the excesses of consumerism and unrelenting
enrichment without concern for the earth and human environment
may seem to suggest, and the insane obsession with expansion &
growth of productivity & finance may seem to suggest that this is
just a question of fine-tuning the "proper" ideology, on a deeper
level these are projections of the said illness, as the REACTION
to these explicits a Change of Consciousness, rather than a shift
in "policies".

The Bush/Cheney administration has come to epitomize the worst
aspects of these excesses and intrinsic lack of ethical standards, but
ultimately this in turn represents what we "WERE NOT" ever, as
different from what we ARE/WILL BE -evolved consciousness-.

We laugh at the Palin family's hillbilly shopping rampage, yet they
just manifest externally what our own condition truly is, albeit on
a more pronounced manner, to make it more perceptible to us.
Mirror oh mirror where art thou...?

Bush or Palin was us, & by rejecting them, we choose to become
what we ARE, instead of the prefab SCRIPT-LIFE we were led to
"think" and "believe" we "were". All these exterior happenings, are
Introspective Projections of our own Delusions & Infatuations made
to become stereotypically enhanced/exaggerated in order for us
to remember that is not truly us as we are, and move on into our
real inner self, away from these false identity constructs.

It is not so much that we "need to do" things anew, as much as we
must STOP doing so many illusory things, plans, agendas, and the
like. In the mid 90's I wrote a little book of poems properly titled
"THISMUSTOP", that underpins this entire commentary. We as
individuals and as a society, must stop the dementia of simulating
what we are not. This is the true transition presently taking place,

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