Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Wolf that cries Wolf

This Wolf (hint... "W"...) is the Republicans. They are 'scandalized'
by the prospect of an Obama administration that will 'destroy' the
nation, it's Armaggedon Come, the Antichrist, islamofascism, negro
kill white, the communist menace, end of history, you name it. They
are outrageously crying Wolf, when the Wolf... ALREADY CAME,

I remember v-e-r-y v-e-r-y well... the 2000 "Election", when the
only feasible way to go was... Gore. Like it or not, that was the only
feasible and logical way to go. Weeks after Election theft (that didn't
seem to bother republicans a bit, the fact it was a theft) one realtor
friend asked me what I thought about the whole mess; my reply was
surprisingly succinct: "WE'RE DOOMED".

He looked at me like I was joking; he quickly realized I wasn't. I said
it again loud & clear: "WE'RE DOOMED".

I have a video of a Gore-Bush 2000 presidential debate; in it, you
see one George W. crying wolf about a "Gore menace", who would
"increase government" by 20 thousand new employees. Wow, what
a menace that was. Republicans went berserk, we MUST elect "W"
or Gore's 20 thousand new employees will bankrupt the nation...!?

Never mind that their beloved "W" created Homeland Security, and
waged wars til kingdom come, and basically increased the size of our
government to never even imagined proportions. All those new and
SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT JOBS, didn't seem to faze the stubborn
republican mindset. The era of biggest reckless government spending
in modern history began with the fear of Gore creating a paltry 20
thousand government jobs, as a supposed reaction to it...!?

The video of the 2000 debate shows a serene Gore delivering a key
"fork in the road" paradigm of decision for the american people; he
briefly said that we are at a crossroads, where we have to decide if
we would protect and reinvest our (by then) economic surplus, or we
would squander it. You heard that right: he said... SQUANDER IT
under George W. He calmly explained this was the "Main Choice" in
Election 2000.

Gore's crucial big idea was to CREATE NEW FORMS OF RENEWABLE
AVANT-GARDE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES, that would create a vast
amount of good jobs all across the board, and that would propel the
US to the front line of leadership -like in the old glory days-, because
the world was desperately in need of this Energy change.

6 months before that Election 2000, I was already predicting an Oil
price surge to over U$125/barrel; it was easy to foresee Gold would
become "the" one safe investment, as the dollar would weaken, most
of the manufacturing jobs would leave America, and the middle class
would be utterly destroyed (never mind the silly games of dollar up
& downs to "stimulate" our exports). Since the US middle class is the
world's biggest consumer of goods, and the only reason the world has
to keep lending money to the US government, as soon as it would be
gone we would start a new phase of... 2nd class USA country, our role
and status greatly diminished by the impending economic doom, as
well as from the lack of elemental credibility.

Of course people like me were not just correct but very correct, and
what Gore was proposing, to utilize the last US economic surplus to
create a new technology/business to export everywhere, was right
on the money and made all the sense in the world, particularly since
the hi-tech bubble was about to go bust.

So what was the republicans reaction to all this...? THEY VOTED G.
W. B. INTO POWER. Thus, we were indeed... doomed. It seems as
if by Freudian slip they were astrononomically concerned with pres.
Clinton's pecker (as Robbie Robertson sentenced: "Deal with your
own pecker...!?"), and a stain of semen on a blue dress, that was of
"cosmic" magnitude to them, even as to impeach him without proper
constitutional grounds. Thus they weakened & diminished the image
of the US presidency forever & ever, and they did so with egotistic
narcissistic bigotry, and thinly disguised hypocrisy (loudmouthed
republican "impeachers" like Henry Hyde and Newt Gingrich had
affairs of way more damaging nature, of wife-dying-at-the-hospital
kind, I mean; it's simply hard to think of anything more hypocritical).

Voting "W" in was a way for the simple-minded low IQ folk with a
delusional sense of representing "God", of exacting revenge unto a
world of rapid & constant Change. Their retrograde devolution in
social & economical terms, is what we are facing now as end-result.
After all the US population sports a 92 IQ average, and as George
Carlin used to say, the scary part is: this means HALF of the people
are under 92 IQ !?

And this are the same retarded backwards self-righteous people that
later began the pathetic "We're Number Oooooooooonnnnneeeeee...!"
bravado shouting rituals, who are now... Crying Wolf.

Auto companies like Ford 'went Bush', and they hired a former Irak
War country propaganda singer like Toby Keith to advertise for its
trucks; I liked the trucks, I just thought they were being suicidal
by hiring Keith. Steadily the sophisticated trendy buyers started
getting as far from Ford/Toby Keith as they possibly could, so Ford
lost its key market niche, which they had managed to reclaim. Just
because they went political about their business. If a company like
Ford though it was "ethical" to promote "W" and his wars through
its line of cars, then no wonder they are bankrupt now. Talk about
not having a clue. If you "think" you can DISCARD APROX. HALF
OF THE US POPULATION (the liberals and democrats etc.) from

your market of potential buyers by becoming a Bush advocate, then
you don't deserve to be in business anymore. Ford has dug its own
grave, they did it for political reasons, and now they want a bailout.
What's next, Walmart...?

What we need are administrations that do the job of managing the
country FOR ALL (not just for the few top republicans), that are
able to understand the complexities of the 3rd millennia reality and
are not stuck in a 1950's utopia cocoon, we just need auto makers
that deal with the business of making cars and do not venture into
political advertising for a moronic administration, we need a voting
population that is ABLE TO CHANGE and not simply "choose" the
same republican party by automatic reflex. What is democracy if
the voters don't think, ponder & change according to circumstances?
The Automatic/Robot/Fixed vote of republicans voters is an insult
to democracy and to the rest of the voters.

And of course now 8 years later from the 2000 conundrum, we are
all on the same buzztalk: new renewable energy technologies for the
creation of new jobs.

Gee, now that the whole economy has been torn apart and shredded,
now that the government is bankrupt, that the world by & large has
switched to establishing partnerships with the russians and their
alliances, and now they look us like one looks at a geriatric Uncle
Dave gone bonkers. Now that we don't have the money and stability
and global leadership to do such, "now" we decide to do it, when the
obviously right moment to do so was 8 years ago with Gore...!?

One thing is for sure, this Wolf that cries Wolf -the republicans- as
I heard a hobo put it: "Are more dangerous than the communists!".
The communists never destroyed the economy of the richest nation
on Earth, never destroyed the most solid and stable middle class
on the planet, they never lost nearly 40% of the savings of people.
These are things the republicans did; so the hobo was right I guess.

Oh, and there's the BLACKLISTING "detail"; when we have a party
that thinks it is "fair game" to BlackList anybody who is not one of
theirs, and thus turns most of the job market into a club, filling most
positions with morons and retards that exceedingly underperform
(but alas are so godly republican), the comprarison between repubs
and communists, doesn't appear to be that far-fetched.

One thing for sure, as we all too typically engage in calling the WWII
generation "the greatest" one, we must now begin to call this "W" era
of republican rightwing backwards nuts who destroyed this nation:
"the worst" generation. Did all those heroes give their lives just so
that all these present day goons would trample on our freedoms and
obliterate our economy and destroy our leadership...? Let's hope not.

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