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Symbolism of the Twin "Temple Pillars"

It is no secret nowadays that "David" and "Solomon" were not real
historical figures, but allegorical representations of deeper secrets.
No surprise then, no archaeological finds support their supposed
existence; it is certainly impossible to come up with archaeology
proofs in the form of artifacts, from figures that are nothing else
than linguistic Qabbalah Encryption codes. Even the well educated
'inner circle' Rabbis know this quite well.

The "TEMPLE OF SOLOMON" comprises 2 main Pillars, named the
Pillar of Joachim (or Jachin) and the Pillar of Boaz.

It is my contention that they represent 2 LANGUAGES both built &
structured following the rules of ENCRYPTION, -be them Gematria,
Notarikon, Temurah, or what have you
-, (a=1, b=2, ... , z=26):


[ BOAZ = 44 = QABBALAH ]


The Tower of Babel allegory, speaks of a "tower" made of "language
", aimed at reaching the "heavens". In other words, about a
Process of Encryption that links this Dimension/Density with a
higher one. In my October post "Key No. 153", I exposed how the
english language has been engineered to embed certain encrypted
triangular codes, carefully & painstakingly so (another Key Number
being 144):

[ TWIN PILLARS = 153 ]

[ JACHIN = 1+44 ] [ BOAZ = 44 ]

It seems self-evident to me, that the initials of Joachim (Jachin) and
Boaz, stand for the "Jewish" and "British" languages, as the 2 Pillars.

[ ISRAEL = 64 = "Zero" ] [ ENGLAND = 57 = "Rose" ]
{ Zero ~~~ Eros ~~~ Rose }


In other posts I have shown how the Book of Revelation is encrypted
in ENGLISH, and both the name of the supposed "author" & "place"
of writing are crucial to the Encryption:

[ JOHN = 47 = "Beast" ]

( defining acronyms of the current computer/information age)

The Cipher "Patmos Island" shows itself recursively in many of the
extant Encryptions from the Old Testament as well:




Therefore "Solomon" or "Joachim" represents the "Jewish/Israel",
and "David" or "Boaz" represents "British/USA". This is the main
esoteric alliance that is prefigured in the encrypted allegory.


This is why the Jewish religion is the religion of the "Maker" or
the Origins, while the Christian religion is of the "Redeemer";
this because The Pillar of Joachim is the Maker, and The Pillar
of Boaz is the Redeemer (within the esoteric doctrine of Solomon).
The outer public religions were built & manufactured to conform
with this secret structure.

[ "Pillar of Joachim" is for Jupiter/Sun/Maker/Father ]
[ "Pillar of Boaz" is for Saturn/Moon/Redeemer/Mother ]

Identifying "Joachim" with Jewish/Israel and "Boaz" with British/
USA, can be thus easily confirmed:

[ Moon = 57 = England = Rose ]

SATURN has rings, and the CROWN represents the Rings of Saturn
around the head; there is but only one place on Earth ever known as
"THE CROWN", that is England. Which for this reason also happens
to be famous for its Queens, more than its Kings; esoterically, they
have built/manufactured England, to befit the BOAZ Pillar secret
doctrine. Boaz is also the element WATER, and the British Aisles
are precisely that, islands in the ocean.

What I mean to say, is that it is a lot easier to grasp the history of
the world by learning the secret esoteric doctrine of the "Temple of
Solomon" and its 2 main Pillars Joachim & Boaz, than it is to spend
long years in high school and university, because history is forced
to "fit" into this secret doctrine anyway, whatever the course. You
will know why certain alliances will never be broken, and why some
events follow certain paths, and most notably why certain places and
races take certain names.

On the other hand, it's quite laughable that at this day & age, the key
elite would choose to keep the fable alive, still talking of the "Temple
of Solomon", when in fact they mean the LINGUISTIC TEMPLATE
OF THE SUN (and the Moon). "Sol" means "Sun" in latin/spanish
roots, thus "Temple of Solomon" means "Sun Template", and it is
all intended to convey a secret Qabbalah esoteric Encryption, for the
few on top of the tree, related to a neuro-linguistic process.

In this Computer/Information era, encryptions have been passed
unto the so called "ASCENSION CODE", i.e. the so called "ASC II"
Computer Language; the "Moon" and the "Sun" become the "MS"
of Micro-Soft (while last initials MicrO-SofT" yield "Ordo Templi",
meaning "Order of the Temple"):

[ Moon Sun = 111 = Computer = "Bible Tower" ]

[ "Babel Tower of Language" = 1+191 = Jupiter Saturn ]

Now as to why there are 2 names for The Pillar of Joachim/Jachin,
perhaps this might explain it:

[ JOACHIM = 59 = Dragon ]

Keep in mind the importance of the name NIBIRU or NIBIRUM,
and how it is encrypted in the "INRI" on top of the Cross, meaning
esoterically that the "crucifixion" is actually a figure for the 2012
passage of the "Planet of the Crossing" (Nibirum); while the so
called "Crown of Thorns" is a figure of the PINEAL GLAND portal
gate at the center of the brain, as to its opening/closing (relative
to the Crown Chakra). Precisely why:

[ CROWN = 73 = Britain = United =Kingdom = Egypt ]

Therefore as "JACHIN" contains the Key "IN" prefix, this is no
small detail; this is the reason for this Pillar having 2 names. A
powerful secret is encoded into it, as NIBIRUM is esoterically
the wandering home of the offspring of the Dragon, called the
NEPHALIM, "sons of the Fallen Angels" in the secret lore, who
later were symbolized as the "Seed of CAIN".

We might see this "INRI" or "NIBIRUM" code being more and
more ritualistically displayed in highly emblematic events, as for
example the presidential elections nearing 2012; the republican
ticket consisting of a "CAIN & PALIN", is ample proof of such.

If you have any doubts whatsoever, just pay attention to the 1st.
names: JOHN & SARAH, which stand for JUPITER & SATURN
as the 2 "Pillars" of the "Temple of Solomon".

[ John = 47 = Beast = 47 = Sarah ] (ref. to Apoc/Rev.)

[ JOHN & SARAH = 1+103 = "A JOACHIM & BOAZ" ]


Clearly, JOHN McCAIN represents the Pillar of Joachim/Jachin
(male/the Father), while SARAH PALIN represents the Pillar of
Boaz (female, the Mother). That's why we saw her children paraded
on stage like fetish totems, she was in clear esoteric ritual made to
represent the "Mother" as BOAZ.

Her last name [ PALIN = PINAL ], is almost par the letter E",
an anagram of "PINEAL" (the Pineal/Crown/Crossing), and for
this reason she was made to emphasize her "Christian/Cross" faith.

The closer we get to the "Crossing" Point, the more elaborate and
literal the Qabbalah encryptions get, the more obsessive, intricate,
absurd, slanted, made-to-fit, staged, and choreographed in a secret
script for the few, en-route to the 2012 paradigm.


While most normally assume the famous "Planet of the Crossing"
called Nibiru may make a disastrous passage by the Earth, this
related to the 2012 paradigm, few seem to think of the opposite
possibility, that the secret elite might be trying to enact the so
called "RAISING" of the Earth 3D Planetary Realm, unto the
Lower 4D where NIBIRUM truly dwells.

In other words, the "Resurrection" might be code for this process,
and the "Crown of Thorns" a symbol of a TECHNICAL feat, which
researcher Hari Kumar has equated to the LHC (Large Hadron
Collider in Switzerland).

What might ultimately be the elite's agenda, is to "steal away" the
2012 Process of Ascension, by "SHIFTING" the 3D Earth Realm
to another frequency and quantum state, through a WormHole
that would suck in the whole planet, thus trapping in the human
species as a whole for several more milennia.

This would involve tinkering with the Earth's central magnetic core,
which could result in a massive POLE SHIFT, not simply a "magnetic
shift", but actually a true physical displacement of the Earth's crust
as related to the central core.

Some contend this tinkering with the Earth's core has been secretly
happening, this explaining the steady rise in earthquakes and also
of volcanic eruptions all over the globe.

In a further article pertaining to the "Andes/Himalayas" connection
I will delve more into this subject.

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