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The Andes & Himalayas connection -Part 1-
Author Mark Vidler in his book "The Star Mirror" demonstrates
how emblematic mountain tops and sacred sites (i.e. pyramids, etc)
align with the passage of the brightest/most famous stars in the sky.
The apparently "random" geography, suddenly acquires a different
perspective, an order M. Vidler demonstrates even tends to include
Isosceles Triangles -(both in the stars as in the geographical tips)-.

Some Creationists will believe this 'proves' their barbaric & pagan
view of the universe, however what this does is recognize that there
is a SELECTIVE HOLOGRAPHIC FRACTAL structure underlying
all things that are SIGNIFICANT. Of course Creationists won't come
even close of suspecting their pagan philosophical roots, much less
will have the slightest idea of what I am talking about.

Thus I'll assume you are an intelligent & sophisticated reader that
most likely has a globe of the world near your desk, on which you
are able to notice how JODPHUR-INDIA is the exact ANTIPODE
of EASTER ISLAND. These are linked by a straight line through
the center of the Earth {}.

Having a globe helps you realize that the ECLIPTIC (the Sun's path
through the year: ) pivotal
point -the farthest from the Equator-, occurs very close to Easter
Island in the S. Hemisphere and Llasa-Tibet in the N. Hemisphere.

Easter Islands belongs to Chile, it sits West of the Chile/Peru coast,
which is the only continental land close to it. Cuzco in Peru as well
as Tiahuanaco & Lake Titicaca in neighbouring Bolivia, of course
were the ceremonial centers of previous civilizations, what we now
call the "Inca Empire". Nevertheless many researchers contend
that both the so-called Inca Empire and Easter Island are nothing
but post-Atlantis settlements. The Peru-Bolivia area is awash with
secret tales about an underground civilization, and the mercenary
Conquistadores knew this quite well, struggling in vain to find the
mythical "Ciudad de los Cesares", laden with gold and paradisaical
advances; at least one of them was killed by the indians by having
him drink molten gold, in punishment for this obsession.

The current official "culture" of disinformation, forbids academically
speaking of former more advanced civilizations, while anybody with
2 inches of forehead & not sold out to the system regards this as self-
evident. There are 2 major implications to this knowledge; 1st being
the descendants of former "disappeared" elites as our current elites
(thus how they acquired their power and monarchy privileges), 2nd
the many CATACLYSMS IN THE PAST that destroyed civilizations
-some of those probably caused by reckless use of highly advanced

Problem with this, being that "highly advanced" technology entails
INTER-PLANETARY civilizations. Constraining the past cultures
merely to our planet Earth, is all too clearly an oxymoron. They
involved stellar/planetary contact, and actually it is in this context
that both the advances and settlements, as well as the cataclysms
(wars, etc.) may be best explained.

It is vox-populi amongst the enlightened crowd, that high mountain
ranges and peaks throughout the Earth, have been used as refuge
in the far past by advanced survivors, going underground to avoid
catastrophe -not the least of which was DNA damage & devolution-.
Humanity seems at the present "2012" Sign of the Times, just to be
awakening from millennia of best termed as Devolved Dark Ages.
Our present DNA shattered to a minimal 2-Strand out of a former
original 12-Strand Template (symbolized by "The 12 Lost Tribes
of Israel" in the "Bible" allegory, geometrically in the shape of the
so-called "Star of David" -i.e. the "Holy Grail" DNA bloodline-).

There is quite a vast amount of fringe material on the POLE SHIFT
scenario, involving not simply a magnetic Shift, but a displacement
of the Earth's surface crust as to the Earth's core. High mountain
ranges as large as the ANDES or the HIMALAYAS, appear to have
been formed very recently and rather abruptly, as opposed to the
current orthodox academic view of them being very long processes
of geological 'gradual-formation'. The Andes is a result of 2 tectonic
plates colliding, yet the finding of high level sea-level fossils seems
to point in the 'abrupt cataclysmic' direction. Even the "Bible" tales
describe an "Ark" landing on top of Mount Ararat in current Turkey
after the "Flood" receded. One must view these fables as allegories
of much more complex past events, related to former civilizations
abruptly disappearing -not just one event, by many and varied-.

Religions in that sense can be considered attempts made by some
races amongst the survivors, who decided to pass as "gods" unto
the future less evolved earthlings. Each religion proselytising its
own race and DNA, enacting a "royal elite" as rulership, as having
a "god" lineage to justify it. Therefore in the end, they might have
been created to FRANCHISE the DNA & CULTURE of dominant
beyond-Earth advanced groups, as local viceroys of such. We have
a very clear case of this in the rumour about a previous advanced
civilization in MARS, that ended up establishing survivors in part
on Earth, which many claim are the current ruling elites (even the
insufferably proselytist righwing nut Rush Limbaugh actually said
this in one of his radio broadcasts). Because it is simply unavoidable
the fact that most religions ultimately are a Race-War against the
rest of the races, disguised under "spiritual" lingo. And most wars
since immemorial time, have been Religious/Race wars, period.

Therefore if we look again at the Earth's globe with this in mind, we
will observe certain "patterns" regarding the emblematic mountain
ranges and peaks; even the "Bible" says "God" appeared to "Moses"
in Mt. Horeb and/or Mt. Sinai (there is some ambiguity), a "God"
that acts and demands very human things.

In general and given some wide-area proximity, the HIMALAYAS
and the ANDES fall within a reasonable "Antipode", more so when
we include the previous ECLIPTIC observation. These areas have
been until recently (with the exclusion of modern China), sort of the
"cultural antipode" of the current occidental paradigm of progress.

Far on the Atlantic Ocean Argentina's Buenos Aires or further down
South in Chile's Santiago, these capitals embraced modern culture
and the usual power structures dependent on the occident, but the
areas between Cuzco & the Bolivian Altiplano in that section of the
Andes, in many ways have been the equivalent of the situation in the
Himalayas & Tibet. Nearby Lima being the exception, yet Lima was
for a long time not a particularly advanced Latin-American capital.

Then we get to the question of the names; if we read Apoc/Rev 13:1,
there is the solemnly ENCODED: "And it stood upon the Sand of the
", as prelude to the whole "Beast" riddle, which in the previous
post I exposed is largely a 2012 theme. Let's focus on the "Sand (of
the) Sea" code:

[ "ANDES" is a blend of the words "SAND" & "SEA" ]

Thus a location in the Andes is set as Cultural-Antipode of the Rev.
13:18 theme, Time-Marked as in the time of a famous figure, this
public window-framed figure being (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):
Rev. 13:1 means [ 131 = Prince Charles ]

We see this Antipode code confirmed in the following:
[ Andes & Himalayas = 66+66 = "A Prince Charles" ]

In this clearcut way, the encoding sets an "Antipodal" encryption,
contrasting the time-frame/time-marker of the longest lasting
royal leadership of the occident -thus pinpointing the years and
general culture/location of the theme-, against the ancient theme
of the "Old Places of Refuge", because both the Andes & Himalayas
are the icons of such, in the fringe lore of past civilizations. What is
implied in this encoding then, is that another CATACLYSM is to
happen, as a result of what the prophecy/riddle calls "The Beast"
or "Antichrist" agenda.

Speculation has been rife on the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) based
in Switzerland, a CERN venture basically managed by the UK. We
can ascertain without a hint of a doubt, that since the ancient days
of Atlantis, no other technological agenda has pursued a know-how
that can possibly alter the shape of things on a planetary scale; this
does not mean it is necessarily dangerous, yet it has the possibility
of a POLE SHIFT if enough tampering with the Earth's core is truly
pursued. Currently only the aspect of flamboyant "deep physics"
and "theoretical" investigations is publicized, but one can easily find
many websites on the web claiming the rumour of another Earth's
core technology being employed as well (which surfaced during the
China earthquake for example, along the Chaiten in Chile as well).

In my previous post, I expanded on the "Temple of Solomon" code:

[ PILLAR = 68 = SHASTA ]

This is notoriously famous for "underground" new-age rumours, Mt.
Shasta (border of California & Oregon) a decidedly "magic" peak:

[ AndeS HimalayaS ~~~ "S.H.A.S." ]

So one can begin to see a code in these emblematic mountain ranges
and sacred places -keep in mind Chris Vidler's work-. Furthermore:

[ LLASA = 45 = REV. ] while [ ANDES = 43 = MARK ]

The "Antipodal" code at work. Many have proposed that "Egypt"
was not just a location but a worldwide kingdom, as remnant of the
old Atlantis. "Akhenaten/Amenhotep 4" seems to be the relevant
code of Egypt as to our modern day hidden agendas (as I've shown
on previous posts). Moving 1+Space up the alphabet:

[ "ANDES" becomes "BOTEP" ]

While on the other hand you don't need to move 1+Space up the
alphabet to see that:

[ HIMAL - AYAS ~~~ "ALHIM" ]

"ALHIM" is of course the very name of "GOD" in Genesis, which is
usually altered/transliterated as "ELOHIM". One of my previous
posts explains this "ALHIM" or "BALHIM" code.

Another "time-frame" Marker, is John McCain, as [CAIN = INCA],
while McCAIN/PALIN/ROMNEY (pronounced ROMNI) all exhibit
the clear NIBIRU prefix. Another "time-frame" Marker is:
[ G. Sarah L. Palin = 118 = Nepal Himalaya ]

It seems to me that besides the famous HAARP secret project in
Alaska, as Mt. McKinley roughly stands on the same meridian as
Nepal, there is something here beyond what meets the eye. If
we add the idea of researcher Hari Kumar, that a specific location

[ KRTM / HLSR = 119 = "A G. Sarah Palin ' ]

"Rakshas" matches the "SHAS" of AndeSHimalayaS & Mt. Shasta.

The Number "119" as Mirror of "911" is interesting; if we take the
"half-mirror" of "2012" as "2102", we observe:

[ 2102 - 911 = 1191 ] as [ 2102 - 991 = 1111 ] and
[ 2012 - 911 = 1101 ]

Is there an "Alteration of Time" between 2012 and 2102...? If we
think in terms of "POLE SHIFT", perhaps we could grasp that:

[ POLE SHIFT ~~~ "S.E.P.T." ]

Thus the key ritual code of "SEPT 11" or "911", seem to resonate
with "POLE SHIFT 2012-2102", more than anything. In fact it
resonates even more with the "time-frame" Markers:

[ "A Pole Shift" = 111 = "New York" = "Sarah L. Palin" ]
[ 2012 - 991-911 = 110 ] (number of floors in the WTC)

There are some of what I would call the "ultimate fringe" worriers,
who even go as far as to suggest that in our future TimeLine, not as
of now but say for ex. in 2102, a high technology event affecting the
TimeLines erupts BACK IN TIME, creating a "Loop" that engulfs as
a "Quantum TimeWave" the preceding times (ours), "re-arranging"
all "events" in subtle ways to "conform", so that "all things acquire"
a "date" and "name" as "adjusted" to the Time-Ripple. This form of
speculation questions the true shape of Reality as Neuro-Linguistic
within/without PROJECTION, in the sense that a Quantum Time
Wave in Reverse "alters" the very fabric of events, through the
"minimal" neuro-linguistic "moves". This implies a shifting Gematria
in constant 'adjustment' to 'fit in' the incoming reverse time wave.
Such speculation of course, should be regarded as amusing science

What matters here, is that there seems to be a veritable dangerous
streak of technological wizardry being employed in the LHC project
as well as HAARP and other perhaps even more secret projects in
Alaska; this is what the codes suggest. In further Part 2 of the same
titled post, I shall expand more on the subject..


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