Thursday, November 6, 2008

Next Curve...

Turning the most dangerous curve of Election 2008 has finally been
accomplished; now it's on to the next dangerous curve, the real
Inauguration Day and the 1st. 2 years of the next "transition" style
administration. The country teetered on the brink of a maniacal
demented moronic coup d'etat at the hands of the outgoing goons,
which would have had dramatic impact on the planet as a whole.

It is no secret during the democratic primaries I preferred a safer
Clinton/Obama ticket, that would have insured a MANDATE for
the incoming president; Clinton no doubt guaranteed that, if she
had Obama as Vicepresident. The Bush neocons were fine-tuning
the economic blowback to hit until after the Election; unfortunately
for them -and fortunately for all the rest of us-, they could not
contain it past Sept. 2008, and the October economic meltdown
yielded Obama the necessary Mandate (a Democratic win was a
slam-dunk, we are referring to a Mandate for the next term here).
Had that not occurred, Obama would have only managed to win the
Election, but would have had to carry on without a clear mandate.

Two years ago I predicted Hillary Clinton as the next president, and
Joe Biden as Vicepresident. I also began foreseeing the imperative
need for a THIRD INDEPENDENT PARTY OPTION, as crucial for
the future. In my opinion Ron Paul carried that torch with the most
decisive impetus, and he was the only candidate to actually address
the fundamental conundrum we face, namely the stress-endpoint of
the current Fiat Monetary System, along with the Federal Reserve
(i.e. international bankers) and IRS manipulation and takeout portion
of the national economy.

As we speak, the capacity of every 1 Dollar to return an investment
is at a paltry 20 Cents...!? For every Dollar invested, only 20 Cents
will become real GDP. This means that the current monetary system
-as well as the current economic model-, is exhausted, and nearing
its doom (when a 1 Dollar investment will yield 0 Cents in GDP).

As the top leadership is more concerned with preserving the status-
quo positions than addressing the bottom-line crisis, we've become
nothing else than a MISE-EN-SCENE ECONOMY; "staging" grand
illusions for public consumption, that will somehow momentarily
alleviate the end-point, and extend the shelf-life of the monetary
system a couple of presidential terms more. Our economies are
mainly performing MARKETING, trying to create the illusion that
all is fine & dandy, so that the PERCEPTION of an upturn, will at
some degree create its own reality.

The Bottom-Line is ENTITLEMENTS, which the present economic
model & its monetary laws cannot realistically & sustainably provide,
but such a harsh & inconvenient truth is kept from the masses, who
must cast their vote accordingly. Not that real prosperity for all is
not an achievable goal -because with the present technology it is-,
but that under the current economic model and the Fiat Monetary
System nearing its doom, it is by definition an impossibility.

In other words, "politics" is surgically performed to APPEASE THE
& ITS MONETARY NET, for as long as it can be done -meaning as
long as the elite can get away with it, without the masses completely
realizing the scam yet-.

So while more than understandably we all celebrate merrily in the
passing of the abysmal Bush neocon Junta into oblivion, we must
not lose sight of the fact that the 2-party system is perpetuating
the economic model and the Fiat Monetary System, with moderate
corrections and adaptations.

Sooner or later, we will have to face the music, and get down to the
basics of reinventing the whole economic shebang
. Simply extending
the life-span of the current machinery, will lead to more "corrections"
each more dramatic than the previous one. For quite some time now,
governments have been setup to contain this unstoppable tsunami,
creating mass-consumption "credible rationales" for the continuation
of the fundamentals.

The Bush regime sought to transform the system into a war economy,
inducing momentary upturns. Yet this was based on even larger debt.
It is yet to be seen what will be the "new game" the incoming Obama
administration will rely upon, besides the much publicized run-of-the
mill programs.

One thing is for sure, sooner or later no game will suffice, and we
will have to turn the page unto a new model and new productivity
inducing mechanisms away from the death-grip of the current Fiat
Monetary System, which is by definition based on scarcity & utterly
recessive via automatic inflation/debt, based on making one man's
gain another man's loss, as only a few of the Bankers and the covert
Monarchies on top reap the benefits, while everyone else loses, more
and more so.

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Francisco said...

We (all the World) were lucky that the disaster could not be contained until the ellection process was completed.

Because of this the GOP is now forced to find some new leader that can take them back to power. No one is seen in the mid term, so maybe Obama will be able to be president for two terms.

But they should be careful and not allow much space for the neocons to take control. Unfortunately the economic mess left behind by dubya and his gang will make things extremely tough.