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The 666 riddle of REV. 13:18

I don't think there is a single famous leader that has not been called
and "proven" to be the "Beast" or "Antichrist"; protestants since the
1500's have been "identifying" this or that Pope as that. Kruschev,
Gorbachev, Reagan, Qaddafi, Hussein, Prince Charles, Kissinger, L.
Maitreya, Bush, Karol Wojtyla, and a long list of notables, share that
in common, they have all been "matched" to the prophecy, even The
Beatles/John Lennon, for that matter. The Lennon case exemplifies
the prevailing ignorance on the subject; some were stunned to find
that [ LENNON = 74 = LUCIFER] with key (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26).
Little did they realize that [ LUCIFER = 74 = JESUS ], as well.

This is a great example because it leads directly into the underbelly
of the issue; notice the Mirror 47/74, as [ BEAST = 47 = JOHN ].
John of course is the name of the supposed "author" of the Book of
Revelation. By the same token, we would conclude John McCain is
the antichrist...!? Yet we see an awful lot of really cheap and utterly
preposterous talk about Obama being the Antichrist; never mind
that there isn't a single Gematria/Number match to his names, just
sheer political hanky-panky, idiotic propaganda. Obama is the 1st.
leader ever to be singled out as the Antichrist without any "proof"
in the form of Gematria/Numerology, that's how low the subject
has gotten and things manipulated !?

However Apoc/Rev is crystal clear on who makes the match: "Let
he who has wisdom/understanding count the number of the name".
No if's, no but's; ONLY those who know GEMATRIA, are given the
riddle to decode, it is not for everyone, or for ignorants on the topic
(Gematria the science of converting words to numbers & viceversa).


The MIRROR 47/74 is indeed the basis of the riddle, both in Number
as well as in Concept; the main Concept involves a "Substitution", or
to stand "In place of", this one of the 2 literal meanings of the greek
"ANTE". It means both being against, as well as being a substitute in
place of. The english translation "ANTI", took only the 1st meaning,
leaving the 2nd out, yet the greek word is "ANTE", to stand before
(the entire New Testament was written in Koine Greek, of course).

The Antichrist then by necessity has to be a CHRISTIAN, passing
for Christ or the like, an impostor. Some people have a funny way of
reading the Gospels; they are an account of a "Jesus" who had a rout
with ORGANIZED RELIGION. If you don't read this, I don't know
what you are reading, perhaps your own mind and imagination. The
Apoc/Rev prophecy, follows this same REPETITION in the so-called
"End-Times", again organized religion opposing enlightenment, as
it takes the "AnteChrist" substitute role. There is absolutely no doubt
about this, from a Gematria point of view -the essential point of view-:

[ JESUS = 74 = LUCIFER ] [ BEAST = 47 ]

The MIRROR 47/74 is the very content of the prophecy, how Jesus
is REVERSED into a Lucifer or Beast, this being the "AnteChrist". It
is not a must to be religious or a Christian, to understand this riddle/
prophecy; this is a universal issue, affecting all just the same:


Personally I am of the opinion the Book of Rev. was merely a carrier
for the riddle, maybe an Instruction Manual to implement it, as some
have suggested lately. Religious writings tend to perpetuate in time,
and this was a perfect time-capsule for the riddle to be passed on.

Apoc/Rev 13:18 gives a number 666 for the Number of the Name of
the Beast; being such an impossibly large number for a name in the
english language, many have resorted to using the Greek or Hebrew
transliterations, or even unusual English Gematria Tables (Aleister
Crowley and a long list of others), this the only way to add up to 666.

this is the "7th SEAL" or Key. What happens is, there is a Split (and
again a Mirror, this time a 3-digit one):

[ 666 = 234 + 432 ]
[ 13 x 18 = 234 ] (thus the "Rev 13: 18" chapter/verse)

Now we see 2 Totals: one 234, another 432; both Totals now more
possible within the english language (admittedly yes, you will need
2 Names to add up to "432", as seen in the next paragraph). This in
itself is the very axis of the riddle, because it describes 2 BEASTS;
one "Beast of the Sea", and one "Beast of the Earth". This split of
666 into 432 and 234 is the key to the riddle, as we shall see.

The "Beast of the Earth" is described in the riddle as having as well
"2 HORNS", while the "Beast of the Sea" as having 10 Crowns. The
Crown is symbol of MONARCHY, thus unmistakably this last refers
to areas and powers associated with Monarchy, such as Europe. But
since the number "432" is still a bit large for just a single name in
english, when we consider it's made up of "2 HORNS" (meaning 2
leaders), then it includes 2 NAMES for a total of 432, reasonable in
english. The words of the entire riddle have been carefully chosen in
english (not greek) in order to maintain a resonance with the reverse
"AnteChrist" theme -for ex. the 2 beasts & christ as follows-:

[ EARTH & SEA = 77 = CHRIST ]

Morover the "Recursive Integrity" of the riddle is noticeable, as we
contemplate the original Greek word used in Apoc/Rev for "Beast";
this is "THERION", and it literally must be translated as: "WILD
BEAST". Strikingly, the letters of "EARTH" make up "THERION"
when coupled with "ORION":

[ EARTH = THER A ] (blend with half of "O RION")

From this clue we could say this affirms a "Beast of the Earth" as of
human origin, and a "Beast of the Sea" as of Orion origin. The "Sea"
must be thought of as ETHER, or the 4D Dimension/Density, and
all the knowledge/science/powers inherent to that higher realm.

In my previous post "Key No. 153", I explained how the english
language was engineered from a 4D Synchronic Resonant mode, to
be a fractal of triangular structures, the numbers 153 and 144 a
crucial part of the construct.

[ WILD THERYON = 153 ]

This Recursive Pattern is emblematic of 4D embeddings, and as we
know the duration given for the AnteChrist period is "1260 Days":
[ BEAST OF THE SEA = 126 ]

We can indeed trace back the key 2 NAMES/2 BEASTS/ 2 HORNS
fractal pattern, to the previous article about the "TWIN PILLARS"
in the "Temple of Solomon"; the 1st Pillar was named JOACHIM, it
being a fractal of the SUN and JUPITER:


The 2nd Pillar is BOAZ as a fractal of the MOON and SATURN; I
wonder if there is more than meets the eye in these esoteric codes,
as Jupiter is almost like an extinguished TWIN SUN, while perhaps
we could have acquired our MOON from SATURN in ancient times
of cosmic Solar System upheaval (caused by incoming 4D Nibiru?).

Returning to the central Apoc/Rev riddle 666 split, we confirm:

[ APOCALYPSE REVELATION = 234 ] (13x18 = 234)

While [ 13 = ID ] as [ 18 = HEAD ]

Yet that is precisely the content of the Rev 13:18 prophecy, a Mark
on the Head or Hand, acting as an ID in its most basic operation. In
out current Information Age, practically every researcher on the
subject has proposed this "Mark" as related to the COMPUTER
tracking & programming technology. Interestingly, the acronym
"ID" is a fractal of "DAVID", and we know the name for "Win-Dos"
(usually just called the DOS system) as the MicroSoft platform,
is encrypted from the "STAR OF DAVID" ~~~ D.O.S. (in reverse).

Officially of course, DOS is supposed to mean "Driver Operating
System", yet as the same fractal repeats in WINDOWS, we must
not lose sight of the fact "DOS" is TWO" in spanish (fractal for the
2 Names/2 Beasts/2 Horns). Indeed this fractal of "2/TWO/DOS"
pops up in everything of maximum relevance, as in the 911 Twin
Towers; observe how -besides the "11"- World Trade Center as
WTC -when rearranged as TWC- can be almost "completed" as
TWO (just fill in the gap in the "C").

The marriage of esoterics & linguistics (Gematria) as applied to the
new computer informatics, is the aspect you never find anyone in
the religious field ever even fathoming, when analyzing Rev 13:18.
Yet the more you look into the matter from the point of view here
presented, the more obvious it becomes.

What we are really looking at then, implies our 3D Earth computer
What the riddle in the prophecy suggests, is that the Leadership in
our 3D Planet has sold out to 4D Beings, by installing a technology
that links directly to a higher 4D Control, for remote programming.

But isn't this precisely the center of the ancient Egyptian theology
of "The Union of the 2 Kingdoms"...? Historians assume they must
be the Upper & Lower Egypt as on the map along the Nile, yet one
has to be a bit thick in the head not to grasp it actually means the
UNION OF THE DUAT & EARTH centered on Egypt (the Duat
being that region in the sky/heavens where we come from and
go after death, i.e. the 4Dimension/Density). In our days the same
linear view of the "United Kingdom" paradigm prevails. However:

[ 73 = Britain = United = Kingdom = Crown = Egypt = Nibiru ]

2 Realms, 2 realities, 2 systems, linked as ONE through computing.
This is seriously confirmed as we observe the cipher contained in
the supposed "place" of writing of the Book of Apoc/Rev:


Stunningly and without a doubt, "Patmos Island" by anagram breaks
up in the most well known acronyms that define our Information &
Computer Age:

"DOS" means "Driver Operating System" (i.e. MicroSoft)
"LAN" means "Linear Aggregated Network
"ISP" means "Internet Service Provider"
"ATM" means "Automated Transfer Machine"

This so far the essence and most crucial elements of the riddle; it is
the gravest of mistakes to go directly into the prophecy trying to
"adapt" numbers to the "name" of a famous person, what I would
call foolish "matchmaking" or make-believe without understanding
the depth and complexity, as well as the FRACTALS and Recursive
Patterns inherent to the 4D Embedding, which is precisely what the
riddle is all about, alerting one to becoming aware of them. People
act like automatons and can be remotely programmed when these
Embeddings are inserted in any linguistic text or any names one
uses routinely. This is where the issue of the "Number of the Name
of the Beast" becomes relevant; but one would not be able to fully
understand what is truly implied (the remote controlling of our 3D
planetary realm, from a higher linked 4D more advanced realm).

The "prophecy" then, is a WARNING ABOUT THE EMBEDDED
DANGERS OF HIGHER LINGUISTICS within normal language;

it alerts about the Fractals and the Recursive Patterns, and it is
unmistakably precise about the connection to Computing.

But this is not what people want to hear; they prefer the age old
superstitious sermons about the old devil and exorcisms and the
like, thinking themselves immune and all others condemned. They
have an exceedingly large appetite for 666 numeric "matches"
to famous world leaders; this is what they crave for, this is what
they see & understand, which is nearly nothing about the content
of Rev. 13:18.

It is rather boring and all too obvious to find matches to key words
or even the 666 number or its two splits -the 234 & 432 numbers-.
For example one may point out that:
[ "10 CROWNS" = 102 = Windsor ]

But isn't it rather obvious that the biggest Monarchy on Earth are
the Windsors...? It doesn't take a genius to match:
[ 234 = "A Prince Charles Windsor" ], or even:
[ 234 = "Pres. George Bush Texas" ]

Anybody with a pc connected to the web can easily find books and
websites dedicated to matching the Prince to the prophecy, mostly
using greek Gematria. Both dynasties have been for long linked to
Apoc/Rev in many ways. Nothing new under the sun, here.

I mean, am I the only one who has read about "Wild Beast" being
the initials of W. Bush...? I also read in a few websites that adding
up the entire full name of Bush Sr. to the entire full name of Bush
Jr. equals 432 (2 Horns). I've read it all; I've seen it all, even Sarah
Palin has more matches than can be fathomed. This obsession is a
form of Celebrity fixation applied to mysticism. Don't believe me?
[ RE. GOV. PALIN = 119 ]
[ SARAH = 47 = BEAST] [ PALIN = 52 = EARTH ]
[ ALASKA = 45 = REV. ]

Aren't these the most famous & most powerful people -at least on
the public eye-...? Haven't so many books been written about all
these famous top figures, many 666 matches in different languages
ascribed to their names...? What is truly needed, is a much deeper
understanding of the TRUE WARNING of this Prophecy/Riddle,
Hijacked by 4D Beings in collusion with 3D Earth elites (the usual
suspects, that's the easy part), in order to "deviate" or "detour"
the TRANSITION from 3D to 4D, into Dimensional Rifts away
from the actual destination of the Ascension.

It takes a real moron to think that all this so-called "EndTimes"
or 2012 paradigm, is simply about "Political & Economic" power
-business as usual- the same as in any past centuries, even the
Medieval Ages for that matter; to think that way is to be truly
stuck psychically in the very Middle Ages.

The Rev. Prophecy/Riddle deals with the Information Age and the
upcoming complexities of possessing a science & technology akin to
being "gods". It deals more specifically with our merging into the
4D realm -what is called the Ascension Process-, and how there are
pre-planned and preset agendas from past millennia, ready to "Stop
& Contain" this process from happening, even effecting a Detour or
Hijacking of it unto rogue realms. There is a constant not so subtle
resonance with the allegory of the "Tower of Babel" as a similar
event in the past -perhaps not once, but a few tries-. It is hard to
tell the good from the bad in that allegory, it appears as if it indeed
hides a "Containment from Ascension" on the part of higher beings,
not of positive orientation necessarily, as the Bible wishes to portray.

The religious mindset needs a severe "updating", because as it is,
it is exactly the mindset that is used to lend support to this agenda,
which profits from self-delusions of being "saved", and an ignorance
of the Linguistic Programming technologies currently at play, as
well as the Quantum advances in cutting-edge physics.

The science we are given, is not the ultimate science, nor we are the
"first" of advanced civilizations in this 3D planet; actually the very
present elite, descends directly from previous civilizations that were
more advanced, and it so clearly benefits them that you may never
get to suspect this, or about the higher sciences & technologies that
came along with them. Much easier to believe the Pyramids of Egypt
were built by "slaves using ropes", now does it...?

All these things have happened before, sciences and technologies
merely being "rediscovered"
(declassified, or reverse engineered
from secret artifacts), Time is cyclical and not linear as all previous
known cultures knew -except us-, and even as the Book of Rev.
states, the very "Beast" is a repeat recursive event:


Medieval thinking persons imagine that because the phrase for our
times "Will Be" embeds the initials of W. Bush, that somehow he is
really in charge of all this -whether as the "good guy" in the view of
the Religious Right, or as the "bad guy"-. Havent' they figured out
a little thing called "Time Markers"...?

These 'leaders', these 'elite politicians', are merely RITUAL NAMES
thrown out unto the canvas of social Linguistics, to "Mark" a Time or
an Agenda; in reality they are nothing but talking heads, intended for
you to obsess about them, the more you obsess the larger their mark
or IMPRINT on the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS of the species.

Often times, the families on top have changed their names or chosen
names to try and "match" these very encoded prophecy scripts; it is
all SCRIPTS in the end, scripts for a "reality-in-transition", the
Grand Illusion of "living" the "material" 3D realm, which is nearing
its end-cycle in its present form.

The Religious Right has dominated the discussion about the Book of
Revelation codes, pretty much in the same way the Flat-Earthers
dominated the spiritual/political discussion in the Medieval Ages.
They imbue it with a sense of self-righteousness bordering on the
demented, a fundamentalist approach to Scripture, and a legalistic
way of conceiving "Salvation", that plays right into the hands of the
current Menace, the agenda to "Stop & Contain" the true Ascension
Process, which is both an enlightment and an evolution.

It does not matter at all whether you are religious or not, whether
you are a christian or a free-thinker or free-spirit spiritual type,
the events and agendas inherent to the Revelation Codes, affect
all of us all the same, irrelevant of such. And every day it becomes
clearer that these Codes have been followed to the letter, and its
agendas being implemented. Therefore what matters is simply

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