Thursday, October 2, 2008

The 2-Party show unravels


Predictably, on Biden/Palin's "debate", we once again were treated
to a boring & deliberately too-polite exchange, designed to propel the
Palin "phenom" to credible levels, into the future political arenas of
must-be's. Biden started looking like he hadn't slept in 3 days, green
dry skin and hushed voice, and an unprecedented little-scared-kid
look in his face, after a close encounter with Sasquatch.

Sasquatch embellished herself with the usual totemic fetiches in full
"Stepford Wife" robot code: big pin lapel flag, earrings, a permanent
smile of shiny teeth framed by red lipstick, designer glasses, tight to-
fit dress, premeditated librarian style hairdo, atop her trademark
overly sugary demogogue populist lines & tone inflections sounding
as empty as Dubya's male-Stepford version of same daily dose of
rethorical deceptions.

Every single time either of candidates voiced the trigger-cue words
"mom", or "child/children", or "America/"American people", or "free
/freedom", or "kitchen/home", "family", etc etc etc, the red (female)
and green (male) lines showing the sample-responses of independent
undecided voters, went sky high in approval, irrelevant of what they
were actually saying. And conversely, every single time they engaged
in true analysis and anything resembling serious issues, the lines went
dead as in Flatliner. We have a zombie public who only seem to care
about what respects to their kitchen/homes, their children, and their
paperthin narrow sense of "america" or the flag, their clear delusions
about what education through failed programs can actually and truly
accomplish, and such & such. 'Cause they can "see" the School as clear
as they can "see" their kitchen or kids, thus they assume "education"
means this very thing, this grandilocuent failure.

But more & more so, this is strictly what "Edumacation" means, and
the proof is in Palin's approval ratings...!? If she is a "phenom" then
we as a society are in deep trouble, education-wise. This crowd also
glorifies Palin's parade of kids, as if the rest of the candidates did not
have comparable offspring; are their kids 2nd. class kids...? But then
again Palin's daughter shows an unwanted unwed teen pregnancy;
how can you glorify this in iconic terms, is beyond me. "Here Thelma,
come look, her teen daughter's pregnant like our Lucille & Loretta
are... let me tehya... she's one of us...!?"

Any further elaboration into the inherent complexities & necessary
analysis -i.e. the REAL nature of things and processes- turns them
off into Absent Minded amoebas. They instantly lose interest and
concentration; keep smiling Sarah, more "mom" and "freedom" and
"education" and "america" cue-words... Great, they're awakening
again..., look at that red curve...!? (Fact: Palin mentioned "america"
7 times in her last allotted closing time).

At the end of the "debate", some members of the public expressed a
highly positive perception of Palin as "being real", echoing the exact
words of Hillary Clinton towards her. I get it: we're not electing who's
more competent/intelligent, we are just picking "one of us", another
moron fits-the-bill type. Therefore you have the results of this type
of "leader" visible as consequences of decay all around us everywhere.
This is a subversion of Democracy; if we only keep on choosing
another bubba "one-of-us" type, Bubba-Land will become nightmare,
and it already is, now isn't it more & more so?


Now we have a conservative duo that is By-Method intent on never
answering any complex question, both Cain & Palin adamantly doing
so, utilizing their time-slots to plug in their pre-scripted sloganeering
talking-point repetitions instead. "We will never surrender" is the
childish or robotic "answer" as to how we will exit Iraq, "Less Taxes"
is another childish and robotic "answer" to what will be required to be
sacrificed in budgets during crisis, and so forth. They KNOW the kind
of zombie constituency they are directing their market niche tactics
to, and they execute their repeat-mantras regardless of what's going
on in any conversation, or what's asked to them in a debate. Plug-In,
Plug-In, Plug-In, the public does not think, so why would we engage
in intelligent or fair debate... -they believe-? After all, why bother to
be even living?, as Cain admonished he is "saved & forgiven" already.

What these Frankenstein/Sasquatch's are truly telling us, is that they
are "saved & forgiven" already, and WE ARE NOT. We don't matter,
not even to answer a debate's or media interviewer's questions
. If we
accompany ourselves with our children, they will call this "pimping out
our kids", like they did with Chelsea Clinton. If their kids are unwed
pregnant, that's ok cause they are (you guessed it) "saved & forgiven"
already. None of this matters, they have all the right in their minds
to reduce the level of politics to a game of hypnotic trigger memes, &
whatever we do is "so hateful" while everything they do is "so godly".
Elections are a farce to them, their job is merely to entice stupid
votes, and the rest is 'fakeable' make-believe history.

Of course the opposing team debaters -democrats-, know perfectly
well this duo is intent on never answering a single complex question:
why don't they point that out and pick on them repeatedly then...?
Will they ever utter a word about the fact that Palin preposterously
believes herself to be "speaking in tongues", while visibly her speech
is utterly stupid and folksy at best...? What is behind their failure
to expose the overwhelmingly obvious...?

This on a micro-scale of "debates"; on the much larger macro-scale,
they fail to also expose monumental frauds & deceptions. Why...?


We have a "Good Cop / Bad Cop" playing out, where people are left
with no real option but to vote for the least harmful, the "Good Cop".
Terrified as they may be, that's all they can do, 'cause there are only
2 parties truly allowed to do wide-scale political business.
It's the
2-party state club, and you ain't in it -as George Carlin mocked it-.

The democrats will AMPLIFY their "loser" roles, by carefully doing
all that's necessary to give the illusion the republicans are "So Hard
To Beat", oh... they are so i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e to beat...!? In this
way hardcore totalitarian views are accepted as mainstream & made
to be what is "unavoidable". Yet, it is all STAGED to be that way.

Take the recurring pre-scripted "sexual scandals"; Gary Hart was a
LAWYER, who had a wreckless affair with a model, thus conceding the
1988 election to Bush sr., in practical terms. Bill Clinton if you notice
also a LAWYER, had a wreckless affair with an intern Lewinsky, thus
paving the way for an Impeachment and later fiasco 2000 "election"
favorable to Bush jr. In 2004 John Edwards played the vicepresident
in a pre-designated loser team with Kerry, and to be totally sure he
would not end up being the winner in 2008, he -who happens to be a
Doctor in Law- also had a wreckless affair with a camera lady who
even traveled with him filming the tour.

If at any point in all this you don't get the vivid impression
these lawyers are doing this deliberately to ruin "We the
People's" cause & choices, then you are simply retarded.

Of course they are; they are playing the worn-out "loser" role that by
design they have been assigned to perform as political theater, so the
public at large -We The People- are by contrive over and over again
given the illusion that hardcore totalitarian republicans are "sooooo
hard to beat", and that we have to keep supporting the "Designated
Loser Good Cop" even stronger.

Democrats are always so "fallible"; Obama barely makes it to an over
rated "debate" he's only halfway there in body and mind. His answers
are purposefully weak and over-condescending to McCain. Days later
Biden does his assigned condescending mediocre share with Palin, as
if he was on chloroform during the 1st. part of the debate. Thus now
Sasquatch is a viable & "believable" 21st. century politico of the future.

This sad show has been going on for decades (remember Dukakis?).
The people are meant to accept that "there is no other way and this
is just the way things are". No it ain't; this is contrived and staged to
be in this pre-manufactured way.


Imagine a country where only Coke & Pepsi are all there is to drink,
or Ford & Chevy all there is to drive, or only 2 TV Channels are all
there is to watch, etc. Does this look like a "normal" country to you?

Why then, do most people accept a contrived "reality" of a 2-party
system...? Most people I know are part-liberal & part-conservative
but mostly independent. Perpetuating the staged illusion that "only"
Liberals vs. Conservatives is the only "choice" that exists, is nothing
but blasphemy. It flies in the face of the fact that most people by &
large, are quite clearly a BLEND OF BOTH Liberal/Conservative,
and that choosing between them is like choosing between your liver
and your lung. And so this "manufactured induced split" is just
a form of "Divide & Rule", indoctrinated unto the population with
the abject purpose of weakening them, destroying their Unity.

Both candidates manifesting this "induced split" scenario, did vote
for the same infamous Wall Street Bail-Out, that was opposed in a
passionate way by a never before seen majority of the population
so eloquently vast, that it shrinks by sheer comparison any other
Consensus in history.

Yet we are treated to the same repetition of the old "Look
McCain is so way-out there you better vote me in, or else".

And of course scared crapless, the reasonable majority will serve its
vote to Obama, for no other reason than that. Sure Cain & Sasquatch
would scare the living daylight out of Plato and his Republic, yet an
ever-increasing awareness of being cornered and almost blackmailed
into this silly rigged game, is the consciousness shift no one can deny
is presently occurring at large.

It is the near-end of the fake 2-party club system, and nothing can
stop its doom. A variety of options are entering the landscape, and
they express the more varied intrinsic nature of real constituents.

For the 1st. time, many Conservatives don't like Cain and Palin, just
as also for the 1st. time a lot of Liberals are not happy with Obama
and Biden. If the status-quo parties cannot read this, they are not
just destined to die out, they are already putrefying. We may truly
ask: How many people are really seriously showing up to bother to

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